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🎥 | Takeru Sato starring "To those who were not protected" 2nd cast announcement Eita Nagayama, Naoto Ogata and a total of 13 people

Photograph movie "To those who were not protected" 2nd cast team (C) 2021 Movie "To those who were not protected" Production Committee

Announcement of the second cast of "To those who were not protected" starring Takeru Sato Eita Nagayama, Naoto Ogata and a total of 2 people

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In addition, Naomi Nishida, Shohei Uno, Hideko Hara, Daisuke Kuroda, Seiji Chihara will appear.

As the second cast of the movie "To those who couldn't be protected" starring actor Takeru Sato and co-starring with Hiroshi Abe ... → Continue reading

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Naomi Nishida

Naomi Nishida(Naomi Nishida,1970[1]May 2 -) isJapan Ofactress,talent.HiroshimaFukuyama CityI'm from BelongsThe officeSince 2007Dull cow club.Blood TypeIs B type.Fukuyama City Fukuyama High School,Cultural Costume Institutegraduate.


モデルAs women's fashion magazines "", "", "an ・ an, Etc., andnon-no], It was ranked high in the magazine's favorability ranking.

1993 TV dramaOur ole!』Turn into an actress in the wake of her appearance.

movies"Secret garden』\ I have a friendship with the appearanceYaguchi FumiyasuHe has appeared regularly in the director's work.

Yuji NakaeIn the director's work, "Nabbie's love''Hotel HibiscusI have been receiving offers in quick succession.

2005On July 7, the marriage was revealed on the official website.In the same year, he announced that he would continue to work after marriage and that his husband was a shoe designer.May 7Enrolled in.2007December 9, the movie "Shanghai at nightAnnounced that she was 4 months pregnant at the stage greeting on the first day of2008May 4I gave birth to a girl.


TV drama


Nippon TV


Fuji Television Network, Inc

TV Asahi

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.


Imagica BS

Delivery drama

  • I'm in Mari (March 2017, 3,FOD) --As Eriko Yoshizaki
  • Aobaya table(April 2018, 4-,)-Starring Haruko Aoba
  • (July 2018, 11-September 30, 12,GYAO!) --The role of a mysterious woman, Setsuko
  • HuluOriginal story It's your turn-Counterattack-"Beyond the Door" Room 304 (Started distribution on August 2019, 8, Hulu) --Mariko Nikaido







  • Tachikawa 71-year-old rebel child (February 2007, 2, NHK BS)
  • Yuko Hirose's happy DVD "Aloha no Mahou" (released July 2007, 7)
  • Document 72 hours(2015, NHK General TV) Narrative
    • Akabane / Odenya Elegy (February 2015, 2)
    • Candy shop, children's small universe (May 2015, 5)
    • Shitamachi, Tokyo Men's and Women's Dancehall (July 2015, 7)
  • Documentary movie "How to Forget Sorrow Documentary of Nogizaka46(2015, Toho Imaging Division)
  • AGF Presents Going to the roots of Japan!MatayoshiRomance ~ What is the mystery of unknown water ~ (September 2016, 9 Fuji TV)
  • I want to go all the way !! Yamamoto KojiTrip to Seto Island (November 2017, 11, TV Asahi affiliated Chushikoku block broadcasting station:Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting-Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting-Ehime Asahi TV-Hiroshima Home TV)
  • Tears of the incident "To my father who said he wanted to die ~Western part Suicide Accessory Case ~ ”(August 2019, 8, NHK General TV)
  • Hobby Doki! "Living in Japan" (October 2019, 10-November 7, NHK E-Tele) Talking from the 11st to the 25th, the 1th (final) appearance
  • Human Monogatari "All about youth-To you of the" lost generation "-" (February 2020, 2, NHK General TV)

Documentary/Liberal Arts Program

  • NHK BS A song that carved the centuryBohemian RhapsodyMurder case (April 2002, 4) as an investigator
  • Fuji TV 2002 Journey to Independence (December 2002, 12)
  • NHK BS Hey, Japan Hiroshima Prefecture (December 2002, 12)
  • NHK General "NHK Special・ Women and Men-The Sex of Understanding the Latest Science "(January 2009, 1, 11, 12)- Toshio KakeiCo-starring
  • NHK Education "Master it!・ Naomi Nishida's Kyoto Institute ”(August-September 2010) Reporter

Variety program

  • "Pu" Suma(February 2011, 2 TV Asahi)- Tomohisa YamashitaLato guest
  • LIFE!(2012 --NHK)
    • LIFE! ~ Conte devoted to life ~ (September 2012, 9, December 1, 12) NHKBS Premium)
    • LIFE! ~ Conte devoted to life ~ series-1 (June 2013, 6 --March 18, 2014 NHK General TV)
    • LIFE! Kouhaku Uta Gassen Large Set Special (December 2013, 12 NHK General TV)
    • LIFE! ~ Conte devoted to life ~ series-2 (April 2014, 4-September 3, NHK General TV)
    • LIFE! 2014 Se Red and White Collaboration SP (December 2014, 12 NHK General TV)
    • LIFE! ~ Conte devoted to life ~ series-3 (April 2015, 4-September 2, NHK General TV)
    • LIFE! ~ Conte devoted to life ~ series-4 (April 2016, 4 --March 7, 2017 NHK General TV)
  • Street TV haunts! Hinadandan Gourmet Dramatic Before After Get the super rare ingredients that Hiroshima is proud of and let the master transform the food into a super horse gourmet SP (August 2019, 8,China broadcasting) --Mountain team (Knob& Naomi Nishida)



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外部 リンク

Seiji Chihara

Seiji Chihara(Chihara Seiji,1970(45)May 1 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,Businessman.. Comedy combinationChihara BrothersIn charge of Tsukkomi.The real name and old stage nameSeiji Chihara(Chihara Seiji).Height 181 cm, weight 75 kg[1].KyotoFukuchiyama CityI'm fromYoshimoto KogyoBelongs.

Fukuchiyama Commercial High School (currentlyFukuchiyama Seibi High School)graduate.NSC8th gen. After enrolling in NSC, his younger brother Hiroshi Chihara (who was withdrawn at the time)Chihara Junior), Comedy combinationChihara BrothersFormed.2007, The stage name was officially changed to Seiji Chihara.


2002Naturalization[2]. ThatwifeI got married as a fan of Haseiji.

There is no delicacy, but on the other hand it is sociable[3], It is said that both humans and animals can be understood.World famous Filipino professional boxerManny PacquiaoI loved it so much that I slammed Pacquiao after the match in Macau into the hotel and took a two-shot photo.[4]..Also, for a period of timeFacebookHowever, soon after "friends" reached the limit, Facebook was closed.[5].

In recent years, I run a restaurant[6], Presides over a dance school and expands the field of activities[7].

In 2015, when he kickboarded in private, he broke his right back, injured his ribs, and injured his left hand with a sprain.[8].

In the regular eraDiscovered in villages around the world!The corner "Seiji Chihara is going to meet all the Japanese living in 54 African countries!" Has been in the corner since 2008.Currently, there are 2019 countries as of the broadcast on March 3, 26.

Professional baseball TheHanshin TigersIt is a fan of.

Appearance work

TV variety

Programs currently appearing
Programs that have appeared in the past

TV drama



Web tv



V cinema

  • Hagure Reporter This is the Social Affairs Department of Osaka (1996)


  • Gasatsu Power (August 2016, 8,Shogakukan Yoshimoto New Book, ISBN-978-4-09-823502-5)[17]
  • I was surprised when I asked a professional!How about Japan? (June 2019, 6, Yoshimoto Books, ISBN25-978-4-8470-9732)[18]


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外部 リンク


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