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🎥 | [Movie column] Two movies depicting the paranormal phenomenon "Theatrical version signal long-term unresolved case investigation team" "Homunculus"


[Movie column] Two movies depicting the paranormal phenomenon "Theatrical version signal long-term unresolved case investigation team" "Homunculus"

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The scriptwriter of the Korean drama unexpectedly referred to this movie ...

This week, I would like to introduce two movies depicting the paranormal phenomenon that will be released from April XNUMXnd.First, remake the Korean drama ... → Continue reading

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Korean drama

Korean drama(Kankoku Drama)South KoreaMade in (Korea)TV dramaThat. Abbreviation isKorean dora.

In the genre for Korean dramasHistorical dramaMay be included, but in this paper we will focus on contemporary drama.


There are many dark themes as a whole, and the theme is "secret of birth" or "half brother".Soap operaMost of the styles are used, and the main characters are often set as extreme poverty or millionaires or presidents.[Note 1].. It is also characteristic that there are many faction fights among the characters, especially in historical drama worksMr. LeeMany factions have been fought during the period because many factions have been fighting.

The genre of the work is narrow overall, and it is a standard in Japan and other countries.Criminal drama,School drama,MysteryThere are almost no works[1].

Have experience in performing arts in KoreaFueki YukoAccording toAudienceSaid that they value their opinions very much. If there is a plan to anticipate future developments in magazines, etc.Electronic bulletin boardIt seems that he always cares about writing.For this reason, the characters who were scheduled to die may not die depending on the opinion of the viewer, and vice versa.[2]..Therefore the script[Note 2]Is handed over to the performer just before shooting, and the production environment is very harsh, such as recording during the day of broadcasting, and in addition, because the number of broadcasts is large (described later), it is not uncommon for actors and staff to collapse, and in bad timesDeath from overworkThere are cases[3].

The drama is broadcast for 1 to 60 minutes per episode, which is often broadcast twice a week.In addition, it will be broadcast 70 days a week at 2:19 on weekdays with 1 to 40 minutes per episode.Obi dramaThere is also (Il Il Drama). The number of stories in one work is long, and the feature-length drama equivalent to one course in Japan is called the "miniseries," and about 1 episodes of il-il dramas are often broadcast.

Most of the worksKorea Broadcasting Corporation(KBS),Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc. (MBC),SBSIt is produced by the three major TV stations ofCJ ENM(tvN,OCN),JTBCThere are also works produced by.

"Lover", "Love Age", "Good Morning God", "Boys Over Flowers], [Dragon cherry], [Haken's dignity","the home maid Mita","MotherThere are also many Korean dramas that remake Japanese works. On the other hand, there are also examples of remakes of Korean dramas in Japan.You're a beautiful man], [Hotelier], [TWO WEEKS"Such).

Korean drama award

South Korea has many awards for Korean dramas and an award ceremony is held.

Korean drama in Japan

How it was broadcast

1996In October, TXN Kyushu (now the commercial TV station in Fukuoka)TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting), in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the opening of the station,Korean Culture BroadcastIn the field of (MBC), he has broadcast three dramas called "mini series". At that time, only some fans saw it, and the audience rating was not so good, but those worksChoi Soo Jung,Han Suk Kyu,Kim hessA core actor who supported the modern Korean entertainment world was performing. Among them, Han Sok Kyu movieShuriIt became a big hit in Japan and became known all over Japan,KNTVSuch asSatellite broadcastingMany works have started to be broadcast on the Korean channel.

April-September 2003,NHKBS2In April 2004,NHK GeneralWas broadcast byWinter sonataDue to the boom of “”, the number of broadcast works and stations broadcasting will increase at once.

From the latter half of the 2000s to the early 2010s, terrestrial/BS broadcasting stations broadcast all Korean dramas due to the popularity of "Winter Sonata" mentioned above and low broadcasting fees. But in 2011インターネットA lot of criticism has come to the TV station's preoccupation with Korean Wave (Fuji TV turmoil in 2011, August 2011, 8,LDP OfSatsuki KatayamaCongressmanHirose MichisadaCommercial broadcastingFor the chairman,Great East Japan EarthquakeLater, the party's general affairs subcommittee called for consideration of the increasing number of Korean dramas during the daytime of terrestrial broadcasting.[6].

"Daily Gendai"In the summer of 2012,Takeshima problemIt is said that viewers' departure from the Korean Wave has progressed due to overheating[7].

Broadcast frame

Movement at terrestrial key station

Current status

At terrestrial key stations, it was sometimes broadcast at affiliated stations around 27:XNUMX in the middle of the night.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.However, since 2012, although it is in the Kanto area,Hallyu Premier] Is being broadcast on weekday mornings at 8 o'clock. TV TOKYO affiliated stations have also set local drama broadcast slots in Asia including Korea on weekday mornings.

Past movement

TV Asahi Friday night dramaIn 2002, in the frame ofAll about EveWas started,Local station,Independent UHF station, Was broadcast mainly on satellite broadcasting, but in 2004Terrestrial waveBroadcastKey stationIsNippon TVBut"Dramatic korean wave"Fuji Television Network, IncBut"Saturday wide, Korean wave hourWe have set up specialized broadcasting slots for each. However, there are big shackles such as low audience rating and long-term broadcasting, and in September 1, about a year later, both special frames for private terrestrial broadcasting ended.

It was Fuji TV that once abolished the broadcasting frame, but from January 2010, 1 ``Hallyu α"(Monday~Friday It was revived in the form of 14:07 to 15:25, and was broadcast for about two and a half years. “Korean α” is a blockbuster work on the first broadcastMy name is kim samsung], complete uncut version,JapaneseWith subtitlesBilingual broadcastingIn addition to the innovative broadcast format, new footage from Fuji Television (for performersInterview, The description of works, etc.) was included in order to differentiate from the Korean drama broadcasting slots of other stations. According to the Fuji TV organization department that produced the same frame, the broadcasting frame was revived with the intention of "delivering the interestingness of Korean dramas to viewers again"[8].

TBS The2010May 4からWednesdayAt 21:XNUMXWednesday TheaterIn the frameIris』Broadcast was started, and it was the first commercial broadcast to broadcast a Korean drama at golden time. furtherTBS(Kanto local only) is also broadcasting Korean dramas in the "Korean ☆ Select" frame from Monday to Friday from 10:05 to 11:00, but it will end in March 2014.[9].

2011 years,Nippon TV OfYoshinobu KosugiA director (at that time, the current president) said that he would not broadcast terrestrial because Korean dramas are superior to their own.[Note 3].

Movement at the terrestrial independent station

Independent stationThen, because the program can be purchased cheaply,Cost performanceIt is still used as a content for filling in TV frames for the reason that it is excellent, and it broadcasts many Korean dramas.
There was also a period when most of the terrestrial broadcasts were Korean dramas.TOKYO MXThen, the 11-minute drama broadcast on weekdays at 13:14, 13:14, and 30:XNUMX, and broadcast at XNUMX:XNUMX and XNUMX:XNUMX, has virtually no new broadcast in Japan.Lunch DoraThe frame is filled with holes. In KantoChiba Television BroadcastOn weekdaysObi dramaAs a frame, a 30-minute drama has two frames in the morning and night, and a one-hour dramaDay-Tue・There are 3 slots with water, and the number of bottles has run out for a whileSaitama,tvkHowever, it is still broadcasting.
Tokai OfGifu Chan,Kansai OfSun TV,Kyoto Broadcasting (KBS Kyoto)So, there are more than two broadcasting slots per week.

Movement in satellite broadcasting

Many BS broadcasts are broadcasting many works. EspeciallyBS Nippon Television,BS AsahiIn addition to the work that is broadcast once a week,bandThere are a few works broadcast on. Also,BS JapanBut the moon~ThursdayHas 4 works and 1 has been broadcast on Friday.
In CS broadcasting,Satellite theaterMost channels dealing with TV dramas, beginning with, have been broadcast domestically as well as Korean dramas. Also, the meaning of broadcasting for Koreans living in Japan was strong.KNTVAfter the Korean wave boom, the number of Korean drama with Japanese subtitles increased, and in 2006, the So-net channelAsian dramatic TVChanged the name to increase the number of Asian dramas and broadcast Korean KBS TV for internationalKBS WorldHas advanced to Japan.


Internet tvABEMA (formerlyAbemaTV) In December 2016, "Korean-Chinese" channel[11], "K WORLD" Channel in June 2017[12]Is opened, and you can watch Korean dramas for free under the Internet environment.

Broadcast format

When the Korean drama is broadcast in Japan for the first time, it is the original title and it is a temporary title, so after the title (original title)[13]Is always included, and the official title is a DVD orインターネットAtPayVideo distributionIt is decided by the start decision of. NHK's "Asian Drama Hour" (Before September 2020, 9, "Korean Drama Hour"[Note 4]) Is broadcast in the same way.

Other than NHK/WOWOWCommercial broadcastIn an unnatural place at the stationCMIs often entered, but this is because in the early 2010s South Korea was forbidden by law in the CM during the program (CM is broadcast at the beginning and end of the program collectively). In addition, the broadcast time scale that is not constant every time has to be adjusted to the "fixed time scale" according to the default broadcast frame when broadcasting in Japan, so some scenes are also cut. As a result, the viewers may rush to the broadcasters for an opinion that they want to watch it without any cuts.Winter sonata","Oath of court lady Chungmu(Odaicho now) is a "complete version" and has been realized with uncut subtitles (the same applies to Fuji TV "Korean α"). The TVQ mentioned above also revealed that it was difficult for them to produce the Japanese version in the coverage of other media at that time.

JapanesedubbingAs for, most of the works are madeEnglish-speaking countries(America-The United KingdomUnlike the drama of () etc., basically high-profile works and works broadcast on NHK are basically produced, but middle-sized and lower works are often not produced,DVDThe proof is that no even dubbed voice is recorded. In the past, dubbing in Japanese was also produced for works that were broadcast on the ground wave of Fuji TV.

Japanese dubbing is the main voiceMultiplex audio broadcasting(Bilingual broadcast), without dubbingJapanese subtitlesWith the fact that broadcasts have become common, the above-mentioned "Korean alpha" is the first bilingual broadcast to be translated into a different voice from the dubbed voice.字幕Since it was broadcast with, and the method spread to other commercial broadcasting stations such as TV Tokyo, all commercial broadcasting bilingual Korean dramas have subtitles in principle. "Heaven stairsWhen the Korean dramas of the past, which were being broadcast on Fuji TV, such as "" and "You are beautiful," are re-broadcast on the Korean Wave α, they are still subtitled. In the case of NHK, because it is the only TV broadcast in Japan of Korean dramas that it broadcasts without subtitles different from dubbed audio,TeletextWe are competing by setting (subtitle broadcasting),Deaf personIn consideration of the above, it is directly generated from the voice dubbing.

Pokemon shockFrom the measures ofDiscoIf there is a scene where the light flashes rapidly, such as a scene at a concert venue, etc., “At the beginning of the program or at that scene, “Because the light flashes so strongly, please watch the room brightly and try to leave the room.” Such a warningtelopIs also displayed on some programs.

Work list

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注 釈

  1. ^ This was produced and aired in Japan in the 1970s.Red series"(TBSSystem) and "Candy candy"(TV AsahiIt is said that the influence of (system) is great.
  2. ^ This script is not a so-called bound one, and a piece of paper with a specific part written in fragments is often handed over.
  3. ^ " I think that if there is extremely good software, I will broadcast it, but at the moment, I judge that there is no software that broadcasts on the ground wave. I think the drama that we produce has more power. '[10]
  4. ^ Beginning with "Winter Sonata," "Dae Jang Geum's Oath" was the first historical drama to be broadcast. "Spring waltzIs the last contemporary drama, and since then it has been narrowed down to historical drama before Joseon.in the meantime,Japan-Korea relationsIn the UK and as it gets worseChugokuThere was a time when the frame itself was interrupted in the broadcast of the contemporary drama. "The moon holding the sun"ofre-air(Formally, it is not a rebroadcast) was the final work of the Korean drama hour.


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