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🎥 | A collaboration project between "XNUMX Bridges" starring Chadwick Boseman and the mysterious YouTuber City Boys!


A collaboration project between "XNUMX Bridges" starring Chadwick Boseman and the mysterious YouTuber City Boys!

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This time, we will hold an original video creation and distribution and a talk event about the action "21 Bridges" starring Chadwick Boseman.

HUMAX Cinema Co., Ltd. will be releasing "4 Bridges" at Shibuya HUMAX Cinema from April 9th ​​(Friday). → Continue reading


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21 bridge

"21 bridge』(21 Bridges) Is2019 OfThe United States of America OfThriller movie.. The director(English edition), StarringChadwick BozemanServed.


Veterans Michael Trujillo and Ray Jackson were committing a crime.One day, the two are a few kilograms hidden in the winery.cocaineI undertook the task of stealing.However, the winery contained an unusual amount of cocaine.The two realized something was wrong, but it was too late and the policemen arrived there. The two and the policemen went into a shootout, and Ray killed several policemen.Michael yelled at Ray, but he had no choice but to escape.afterwards,New York City PoliceOrdered Detective Andre Davis to investigate the case.

Andre struggled every day to catch up with his father, who had made outstanding achievements as a police officer.Andre made a name for himself by shooting the criminal who killed the policeman, but he thought, "It was unavoidable to shoot the criminal, not justice or revenge."

アンドレは、ニューヨーク市警85分署署長のマッケナ警部の命令で、署長と同じ85分署の麻薬取締班のフランキー・バーンズ刑事とタッグを組むことになる。2人が捜査に着手した矢先、FBIInvestigators (Batchco and Dugan) have intervened in the investigation.Despite being disturbed, the two managed to get permission from the city authorities, the FBI, and the police until 2 am the next day.マ ン ハ ッ タ ンI succeeded in blocking the area.

Around that time, Ray and Michael threaten Bush, the liaison, and meet with the job client (Hawk).Hawk introduced him to money laundering contractor Adi and went to Adi's hideout to get money and fake ID.In response to the request, Adi said, "Tomorrow morning,MiamiLet's leave for. "Bush was then shot dead by an FBI agent who rushed to the club "Pan Am."Arriving late, Andre discovers that Batchco has placed his gun beside Bush's corpse and camouflaged self-defense.Soon after, Andre was informed that "a team led by Assistant Police Officer Kelly has located Adi's home."When Andre heard that, he felt uncomfortable, saying, "The investigation is proceeding too smoothly."


Detective of the New York Police Department Murder Division.Although excellent, the fact that he shot and killed the criminal who killed the police officer in the past has been regarded as a problem.
Detective of the drug control team of the 85th branch office.Single mother.Team up with Andre.
Police Chief of the New York Police Department 85 Branch.Ask Andre to resolve the case and have Frankie team up as a partner.
Veterans robber.A smart man.
Veterans robber.He is a companion and guardian of Michael, the brother of his best friend who died in the war.
A man who undertakes money laundering.
  • Triano Bush-
Hawk's liaison.
Client of drug robbery.
Andre's mother.
  • Lee-
  • Investigator Batchco-
  • Investigator Dugan-
  • Assistant Police Officer Kelly-


2018On July 7th, Chadwick Boseman made a movie "17 BridgesThere was a report that it was decided to appear in[5].. September 9th, of this workMain shootingHas begun[6].. On the 26th, it was reported that JK Simmons, Sienna Miller and Taylor Kitsch were appointed.[7].. In October, Keith David, Stephan James, Jamie Newman and others were cast.[8][9][10].

On March 2019, 3, it was reported that Henry Jackman and Alex Belcher will be working on the songs used in this work.[11].. Aug. 11,Sony classicalOf this worksoundtrackReleased[12].

Public / Marketing

On April 2019, 4, the official poster of this work was released.At that time, the title of this work is "17 BridgesTo21 Bridges』Changed to[13].. The official trailer of this work was released on the 25th[14].

Initially, this work was scheduled to be released nationwide on July 2019, 7,[15]Later, the release date was postponed from September 9th to November 27nd of the same year.[16][17].

performance income

This work is "Frozen 2"as well as"A detour to happinessIt was released in the same week as ”, and was expected to earn around $ 970 million on the first weekend of the release, but this prediction was correct.[18].. On November 2019, 11, this work was released at 22 halls in the United States, earned $ 2665 million on the first weekend of the release, and ranked 925th in the weekend box office revenue ranking for the first time.[19].


Critics' evaluation of this work remains mediocre.Movie criticism accumulation siteRHas 99 reviews, with a critic approval rating of 48% and an average score of 10 out of 5.36.A summary of the critics' views by the site is that "21 Bridges has enough elements to deal with, but if you hire good actors, it should be a more attractive piece. Is[20]. Also,MetacriticHas 32 reviews, with a weighted average of 51/100[21]..In addition, this work is B +[22].


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