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📺 | The final season of "The Walking Dead" will start broadcasting on August 8nd!

24 episodes left until the photo is completed ...! – Images from “The Walking Dead” Season 10 – AMC / Photofest / Getty Images

The final season of "The Walking Dead" will start broadcasting on August 8nd!

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Drama showrunner Angela Kang said in a statement, "The additional episodes of Season 10 were small, character-focused, but Season 11 is bigger than ever," the story tells on a scale suitable for the finale. Notice that it will be deployed.

The US AMC station will announce Season 4, the final season of the drama "The Walking Dead," on August 11, local time. → Continue reading

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Show runner

Show runner(British: showrunner or show runner) Is mainlyThe United States of Americaとカナダ OfTV programProduction[Note 1]Refers to the person who actually takes command of the site (site manager)Industry term.

The expression "show runner" is sometimes used in the television industry other than the United States and Canada[Note 2]However, since it is not a phenomenon that can be called a custom, the following applies to the case of the United States and Canada unless otherwise specified.


Staff rolls don't have a title of "Show Runner", but in general,executive producer(Executive Producer) AscreditHowever, not all production directors are show runners. For example, 5 production conductors[Note 3]Despite being credited, most showrunners are only one or two of them.

initially,producerIs the production manager, but the title is "Producer"[Note 4]The number of staff with the number of employees has increased year by year, and there are more and more cases in which there are only “executive producers” who should lead them, and their actual roles are various. Therefore, as a term that clearly refers to "person who actually conducts production on site"Show runnerIs used. In short, what is a show runner?Field bossIs that[1].

Show runner draws on his headvisionBased on (long-term outlook, overall picture, blueprint), the story stage (world view), character setting, detailed story development, etc. are decided. Mystery solving and undisclosed elements (spoiler) Is best understood by the show runners, which is why interviews andAudio commentaryAppearance frequency is higher than other producers.

Usually of a showcreator(Planner/creator)Pilot versionThe script writers of (Episode 1) (both are often the same) become show runners as they are, or joint show runners with other writers/producers, but there are exceptions.[1].. Some of theSpin-off showFor example, there are those who also serve as show runners for multiple programs. In addition, the show runner may change for some reason.

Notation in Japanese

"showrunner”Is “in Japanese mediaShow runner'[2][3][4]Or "Show runner'[5]Is written. In addition, "Script Conductor'[2][5],Production Chief'[3]Or "Production manager'[4]It may be described as.

Showrunner definition and history

A show runner is literally a "program (Show) Is managed and operated (run)”[1], That is, the boss of the production site, and the position is higher than the director[1].

From the 1950s to the 1960s, production studios were in charge of planning, producing, and managing TV programs. The writers were mostly contract writers, and they rarely participated in creating the big picture. It is also an experienced studio executive who promotes new programs, and such executivesChief producerIt was customary to take production command as[6].

In the late 1970s,The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Etc., an attempt was made to let the scriptwriter write freely, which breaks the conventional pattern. Right from that time, the viewers also said, "There is more depth.characterとplotCame to ask. Therefore, the popular drama "1980s"Hill street blues, Etc., attach importance to the flow of the entire program, and have come to have staff writers. And as the importance of the scriptwriter increased, the work of production gradually became entrusted, and eventually the scriptwriters who planned a new program and were left as the producer as it was (writer-executive producer) Appeared[6].

However, with the increase in the number of staff in the name of “producer”, a term that refers to “the person who actually partitions the program and has the final decision-making authority on the spot” is needed, and the expression “show runner” was introduced in the latter half of the 1980s. was born[6].

"varietyThe magazine first used the term "show runner" in 1992.[6].

1995,New York Times』\PaperJohn Wells("ER emergency room," at the time) was his responsibility to "determine all the important things about the screenplay, tone, attitude, appearance and direction of the show".[6].

after that,インターネットWith the spread ofOnline communityWere born one after another and were worshiped as if they were the show itself. Showrunners may appear in these communities, and in 2011, such "interactive showrunners" (interactive showrunner) Column articleNew YorkThe media is getting more attention, such as being published in magazines[6].

Show runner work

The show runner was originallyWriterIn many cases, he writes the script himself by integrating the contents of the screenplay conference, and gives instructions to the scriptwriter who is in charge of each episode. In case of serial drama, eachSeasonDetermine the overall storyline through or over a number of seasons and coordinate the overall flow.

Others, negotiation/negotiation with the upper part of the production company and broadcasting network, balance of budget and expenditure, hiring/dismissing staff,castingからpublic relationsUp to now, the work of show runners is diverse, and both an artistic sense and a business sense are required, but if the role is expressed in one word, it is "to make the program successful".[1].

Planning and devising

Production team leadership


public relations

Other producers

Show runner example

If the organizer is not a show runner

It is customary for program planners (creators) to act as show runners or joint show runners, but this is not always the case.[1].. Concrete examples such as resigning the plan and recreating the pilot version, leaving creators, if the creators are too busy to control the scene, leaving the program halfway due to disagreement with the production company or broadcasting station, moving to another program etc. Introduce.

  • "LOSTWas originallyABCfrom""cast awayBy requesting a new program such asJeffrey LieberPlanned a project called “Nowhere” and wrote a pilot version of the script. However, that isRobinson drifting recordIt was only a rehabilitation of 』, ABC decided that it is impossible to continue for several seasons, ABCJJ AbramsAsk for repair. Abrams launches a new screenplay with science fiction settings, mystery elements and backstoryDamon LinderovHe also co-authored and directed the pilot version. After making the pilot version, AbramsMission: Impossible 3It was decided to debut as a theatrical film director with "," and he left the scene of "LOST. Lindelov, who had no experience as a show runner, once said:Detective Nash BridgesThe teacher who debuted as a screenwriterCarlton CuesAsk for cooperation. Since then, the two have served as joint show runners until the end of the show. The former planner, Lieber, is credited as a co-creator, but has nothing to do with the actual production.[7][8][9]
  • "Young SupermanWas planned and devisedAlfred GuffとMiles MillerThe two of them were co-show runners while also writing the screenplay, but when the production of the 2th season was over, they dropped out of the program completely without clarifying the reason.[10].. Two and a half years later, Gaff and Miller said,Warner BrothersOf an affiliated companyThe WB,TUnfairly cheap license fee for "Young Superman"Broadcast rightWas given (Vertical integration) Without renegotiation, and in other marketsTyingSaleSet a license fee for a relatively low popularity program higher than that for "Young Superman". As a result,Revenue, And eventually the rewards for us have decreased."[11].. By the way, Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson have been appointed as show runners for the eighth season. All four participated as screenwriters from the second season and had been promoted to production command by the seventh season. After that, Slavkin and Swimmer released a new program "Melrose Place』(2009 version) was decided to serve as a show runner. From the 9th season onwards, Souders and Peterson will continue as co-show runners[12].
  • "Super naturalIsEric KripkiPlanned and devised, and wrote the script himself, and served as a show runner until the end of the fifth season. As for Kripki himself, the story was completed at that time,TKlipki said, "Since the 6th season, he will play a role as a show runner.Sera GambleI will give it to you." By the way, Sera Gamble had been participating in the scripting team since the first season, but from the third season the title of "producer" was added, and he was promoted to production executive command from the fifth season. An inside joke about "Responsibility of Serra Gamble as a show runner" is included in Episode 1 of the 3th season.[Note 5].. However, Kripki was not completely absent, and is credited as an "executive consultant" as of the seventh season.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Many TV programs in the United States have been filmed in Canada or have Canadian actors appearing on them, and the TV industry in both countries is closely connected.
  2. ^ "Doctor Who』(The United Kingdom), "Orthoros dog』(Japan)Such.
  3. ^ Depending on the program, there may be more than 10 "executive producers" including mid-career entry and promotion ("24 -TWENTY FOUR-"Such).
  4. ^ In the original language, there are "executive producer", "co-executive producer", "supervising producer", "consulting producer", "line producer", "co-producer", and unmarked "producer", but the specific division of roles is unclear. .. In addition, the title "○ Producer" may be presented as a condition for performing negotiations (or renewing a performance contract) such that a leading actor is given a foil or part of the broadcasting fee is added to the performance fee.
  5. ^ Eric Kripki also made a guest appearance in the episode.


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