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🎥 | Kiko Mizuhara "If it doesn't work, let's quit the actor"

Kiko Mizuhara cranking in the photo movie "She"!Photo: Mami Matsubayashi

Kiko Mizuhara "If it doesn't work, let's quit the actor"

If you write the contents roughly
"For example, if you make such statements or expressions, you will lose commercials, you will not be able to work ... I think that is the case, but since I am a one-time life, I am not a profit and loss account, but myself. If you feel like expressing yourself, I want to do it without regrets, "said Suwon.

Kiko Mizuhara made her debut as an actor in the movie "Norwegian Wood" in 2010 while working as a model.That… → Continue reading

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