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🎥 | Mei Nagano and Kei Tanaka play the role of a parent-child in-law who is close to the age Satomi Ishihara plays the role of the first mother "And the baton was handed over" movie adaptation


Mei Nagano and Kei Tanaka play the role of a parent-child in-law who is close to the age Satomi Ishihara plays the role of the first mother "And the baton was handed over" movie adaptation

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■ Satomi Ishihara
Rika, who I play, is a very fearless and mysterious character that is a little difficult to understand, so I read the script thinking it would be difficult to play.

Kouji Seo's novel "And the baton was handed over", which won the 2019 Japan Booksellers' Award, was made into a movie on October 10th ... → Continue reading

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Difficult screenplay

Satomi Ishihara

Satomi Ishihara(Satomi Ishihara,1986Showa61 years>May 12[1] -) isJapan Ofactress.TokyoBackground[1].HoriproAffiliation[4].


2002, 27thHoripro Talent Scout CaravanAfter winning the "Pure Girl 2002" Grand Prix[5]Started acting as an actress in earnest[6].. Even before participating in the audition, the actor of the Horipro affiliate, which is the current entertainment agencyTraining schoolIsHoripro Improvement AcademyBelong to (5th gen),Kuniko IshigamiThe movie "Ishigami Kuniko"Ho Gi La La''When you get off the boat, her island],EntertainmentHave experience in activities[7](Officially "Satomi IshiharaFirst appeared in "Name"My grandpa] As the debut work[8]).

2003,You are a pet』(TBSRole of Rumi Shibusawa[9]First appearance in serial drama[10].. same year,NHK OfContinuous tv novel"Teru Teru FamilyWas appointed as the heroine, Fuyuko Iwata[11].. After thatWATER BOYS 2』(Fuji Television Network, IncAppeared in many dramas, movies, etc., and gained popularity.

2005,NHK taiga drama"Yoshitsune] To the heroineShizu GozenAppeared as a role[12].

2006,Ns' blue』(Fuji TV series) starring the first commercial drama series[13].. In the fall of the same year,Miracle person"ofHelen KellerChallenge the stage for the first time with a role[14].

2008,CatchStage of production, production "Bakumatsu Junjoden"ofOkita SojiSecond stage appearance as a character[15].

2009,Voice ~The voice of a lifeless person~』(Fuji TV system)Due by March 9thFirst appearance in the drama[16], Plays the heroine Kanako Kubo[17].. Same autumn,Inoue HisashiPerformed as the heroine, Takiko Taguchi, on the newly-written stage ""[18][19].

2010, Special drama "Clouds on the slope』(NHK) To Akiyama Kiko (Akiyama MasayukiWife)[20].

Every yearMay 3In 2014 (36 magazines in total), the “Cover Girl Award” was chosen to select the women who often showed the magazine cover in commemoration of “Magazine Day”[21]2015 (about 26 magazines)[22] Is selected for the grand prize for the second consecutive year.

2015,5 → 9 ~ A monk who fell in love with me ~』(Fuji TV series) starred in the 9th drama in the first month[23].

August 2021, 2,New coronavirusThe infection to[24].

Private life

2020May 10Announced through his agency that he plans to marry an ordinary man of the same generation within the same year.Ishihara explained in the engagement statement, "I was convinced that I could overcome any difficulties while sharing various things with him," starring the drama "Ansang Cinderella Hospital Pharmacy Prescription(Fuji TV) ended at the end of the previous month, and the work was completed, so it was decided to announce the marriage.[2][3]..This marriage is the marriage of an innocent actress who is Arasa and unmarried at this point, and among fans, on the Internet, "Satomi RossIt became a noisy and shocked the world.[25]..In addition, although the entertainment world intends to continue performing arts activities without retiring after marriage, the next day2021Since there is information that he refused to play a major role, it seems that there is a possibility that performing arts activities will be practically restricted after marriage in order to be compatible with the housewife business for the time being.[26](On the other hand, it is reported that a private office was established in May 2020.[27]).The following year 2021 that the marriage registration was submitted within the same yearMay 1Announced through the agency[28]..The time to submit the marriage registration has not been disclosed.[29].


The origin of the current stage name is the reverse of the "raw stone" that was attached as it is a rough stone, and the hiragana notation is the surname "Ishihara" and the lower name "Satomi" that was bright and beautiful.[30].

Including those by the role name,singerWork is inexperienced. I've sung in entertainment, and in the NHK series TV novel "Teruteru Family"Man selling happiness"When"The season of love”Was sung solo[31].

Officially for reporting the activity when Ishihara appeared in "Teruteru Family"Website"Satomi's Osaka Diary" opened.Crank upThe diary was left as it was for the subsequent activity report of Goishihara, and continued as "Satomi Diary".2012May 6"Satomi Diary"Amoeba blogIt was relocated to the official blog "Satomi Diary", but it is closed now. Also,Instagram,Facebook,TwitterHas been announced to be spoofing[32][33].

In dramas, movies, and theatres, I try to make makeup myself[34].

ActressMatsumoto MarikaAnd often appear on Instagram etc.[35].

I like traveling a lot, and while traveling between work, I am rushing overseas.[36].

Since my mother got married at the age of 26, I once said that I wanted to get married by that time.[37]However, in reality, he got married in his mid-30s.


Movie (Award History)

TV drama (award history)

Other (Awards)


TaiziIs the main character or the main character.


TV drama

Documentary program

  • The 63rd year of the atomic bomb (August 2008, 8, TV Asahi)[82]
  • The power of travel "Mime, emotions without words, Satomi Ishihara Paris" (April 2012, 4,NHK BS Premium
  • Satomi Ishihara's Travels in Southern Germany: Forests, People and Art... A Challenge Story for Tomorrow (December 2012, 12,BS Asahi
  • Satomi Ishihara My beloved New York (October 2013, 10,BS Nippon Television
  • The scary story that really happened(December 2014, 8,Fuji Television Network, Inc
  • NHK Special"70 years after World War II Portrait of Nippon-Over 70 years after World War II-What Japanese people can do" (NHK General, August 2015, 8)[83]
  • Satomi Ishihara, a 28-year-old trip: In love with the land of Africa (December 2015, 12, NHK General)
  • Satomi Ishihara To Africa and Kenya Children who lose their lives due to water 24-hour TV 39 special edition, full overseas report (October 2016, 10, BS Nippon Television)[84]
  • 24 Hours TV 40 Love Saves the Earth (2017-8 August 26, Nippon TV)-Charity Personality
  • Satomi Ishihara's Shopping Trip in Spain (January 2019, 1,Kansai TVProduction, Fuji TV series)[85]
  • Satomi Ishihara's Spinning Trip in Greece (January 2020, 1, Kansai TV production, Fuji TV affiliate)[86]

Music program

  • MUSIC☆HERO (January 2019, 1, TBS)-MC[87]

Radio program


Web drama


Theater animation

music clip

fashion show


Image character



Photo album

Magazine serialization


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