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🎥 | [Movie Column] Two contrasting movies about love, "Ammonite Awakening" and "Palm Springs"


[Movie column] Two contrasting movies about love, "Ammonite Awakening" and "Palm Springs"

If you write the contents roughly
Therefore, you can enjoy the drama of Sansha Sanyo, and the insert songs that match the story, such as "Wen the Morning Comes" (Hall & Oates), are quite elaborate.

This week we'll be introducing two contrasting films that will be released on April 19th.First of all, by the sea in the southwestern part of England in the XNUMXth century ... → Continue reading

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Sansha Sanba

"Sansha Sanba』(Sansha-sanyo) isCherry AraibyJapan Of4 comic strip cartoonthe work.HoubunshaIssue of "Manga Time Kirara"so2003From April issue2019Serialized until September issue[1][2]..This is the longest serialized work in the magazine,Manga Time OriginalIt is also the last serialized work that has continued since the special issue era.

In addition, the sister magazine "Manga Time Kirara CaratBut from the June 2003 issue20071 month number[3]Was serialized up to.

2015In the October 9 issue of "Manga Time Kirara" published on September 9, "Unconfirmed progressive』Since it will be his second workAnimeWas announced[4].. Among the "Manga Time Kirara" series works, the period from the start of serialization to the start of animation is the longest.


3人の女子高生とその周りの人達によるドタバタギャグストーリー。タイトルは四文字熟語「三者三Mr」から。本来の意味であるそれぞれ性格の違う3人ということに加え、3人ともに「leafIt comes from the fact that the character "" is attached to the name.


Main character

Yoko Nishikawa
sound - Yu Wakui
本作の主人公。16歳→17歳。クラス:1年2組→2年2組。テレビアニメでは彼女の視点で描かれている[Note 1]..Usually in black high socksBrown OfloafersI am going to school wearing.Birthday is August 8th.Blood type is A type.
Commonly called "Yoko'[Note 2]..The only daughter of the (former) millionaire Nishikawa family from Mannenrou Jogakuin, a super-lady school.The chorus part is alto.
Former young lady, but now poor after her father's company went bankrupt[5]..Straight hair with a lady-like cut (so-calledPrincess cut..It features long sideburns (tone for monochrome and purple for color).Haircut is done by Yamaji.The style is often the best of the three (Futaba, Teru, Yoko).The way of speaking is still like a young lady[Note 3]However, the poor life is gradually coming to the board, and my recent favorite is mayonnaise.
Because of his clumsy personality, he has no friends in the class yet (except because Futaba and Teru are in different classes), and people who know Yoko's past are surprised to find out that they have friends.I'm not good at cooking, and I used to say, "I should burn meat, etc.", but I've improved a little by learning from Futaba.It's quite spicy on the mountain road.
Because he was a young lady, he didn't know the common people and the world, so even if Futaba lied to him, he was often fooled into saying "I see" and "After all !!" ).There are some places that are not familiar to the world yet, but I am trying to do my best positively without giving up, and later at a pastry shop run by SonobePart-time jobWill start.However, he is a hard worker who is constantly worried because his father is dreaming.I'm uncomfortable with Serina (the anime doesn't describe it and treats it as a friend).
He is good at exercising, and he has the best result of endurance running and can jump 4m by long jump.The body is soft.
Odagiri Futaba
Voice- Mai Kanazawa
16歳→17歳。1年3組→2年3組。漫画では彼女の視点で描かれている。普段はwhite OfHigh socksTotagTheresneakersI am going to school wearing.Birthday is May 5nd.Blood type is B type.
A gluttony girl who has transferred to Chuo Girls' High School and has many gluttony records, she does not gain weight no matter how much she eats, and maintains a decent style.The body is stiff.
On the first day of transfer, I became friends with Teru Hayama, and with Yoko Nishikawa, who was eating lunch with Teru, I became friends with that connection.
It features a brown (solid color in monochrome) shortcut that splashes outside.He challenges gluttony challenges in various places and holds numerous records.Refused to challengeBanThe ability to become a store.He is greedy for eating, especially meat.I often buy and eat with pocket money.I was once told by Sakura that she had no female power because of her gluttony.There is no lottery luck.幽 霊,Ghost storyIs not very good at it.The reason seems to be "because ghosts can't be beaten (it's unlikely to win)".It seems that aliens are confident that they can win because they have substance, and they are not scared.Except for gluttony, it can be said that he is the most ordinary person in this work.
His hobbies and special skills are not only eating but also cooking, but because of his usual gluttony character, Teru and Yoko couldn't believe it at all (Teru laughed at "the most boring gag in Futaba's life". After that, I made a steak and showed my actual skill, and it was finally acknowledged.
I'm good at hitting Yama in the test, so my grades are high.Actually, he is super-tone deaf (I am aware of it).
Since the transfer student setting does not make sense after the first episode, it is cut in the anime version[6].
Teru Hayama
Voice- Ayaka Imamura(TV anime version) / Maya Yoshioka(Kirara Fantasia[Note 4])
16歳→17歳。1年3組→2年2組。双葉のクラスメイト(進級後は葉子のクラスメイト)で、金色のBraidメガネが特徴の委員長(進級後は芹奈を委員長に推薦し、自分は副委員長に収まった)。普段はCream OfKnee socksToblackI'm going to school wearing one-strap shoes.Birthday is December 12th.Blood type is AB type.
Contrary to his adult-looking appearance, he is angry and sometimes spits poison, and is often treated as a devil by Futaba and Yoko because he is scared when he gets angry.The trademark braid glasses are calculated to get good reviews from teachers and neighbors.On the other hand, he is a big animal lover and his dream is to create the Hayama Animal Kingdom.Bell (full name is Beelzebub) (Voice- Katsuta ShioriI have a cat named).
Although his grades are excellent, he is not good at exercising in general and gets sick as soon as he runs a marathon.Although he has no physical strength, he is strong enough not to be injured even if he fails in the vaulting box and is involved in the collapse.I am concerned that I have no breasts compared to Futaba and Yoko.
As mentioned above, he has a two-sided personality and a poisonous tongue, but recently he has been exclusively engaged in the role of Tsukkomi because the people around him are more eccentric.Although it is a point earner, it is very caring, so it seems that students from other classes and schools are quite good at it, and it is unconditionally kind to animals in particular.

Surrounding people

Nishiyama Serina
Voice- Machico
Futaba and Teru's classmates → Yoko and Teru's classmates. 16 years old.Pink long hair.Birthday is July 7rd.Blood type is A type.Visual acuity is 23 for both eyes.Although he was aiming for the position of chairman of both Bunbu and Budo, he is looking at Teru as an enemy because he was blocked by Teru and his grades did not reach one step. I was in the position of chairman).I hate to lose, and every time I hit him, I couldn't win with my mouth and hunger, and I was fighting back.Also, in front of Teru and other classmates, Teru is politely called "Hayama-san", but when there is no one or others, he is called "Hayama" by his surname.
Like Teru, he loves animals and has had a cat, so he received a kitten that was abandoned from Teru, who should have been hostile.Since then, he has been fond of the cat, and in the story of the cat, there are scenes where he gets along with Teru.The cat's name is El (full name is Eta Amei style) (voice-).
There is a pure side, such as being very pleased to honestly believe what the fortune-teller (Yoko's father) told me.There are also clumsy places where you can't take pictures or cook well.Sometimes I have a temporary part-time job at Sonobe's shop.He is one of the few common sense characters among the characters in this work, which has many weirdos.
Asako Kondo
Voice- Suzuki Aina
Nowadays, unlike Serina, she is no longer particularly hostile, so her relationship with Teru and Futaba is not so bad.She may be alone on her days off, mainly because she works with Serina.After promotion, the class will be different from Serina, and the chances of acting together at school are decreasing.[Note 5].
Shino Sonobe
Voice- Rika Momoka
Former Nishikawa familyMaid..Currently, he is the manager of the pastry shop "Secret Garden".Yoko is at that storePart-time jobTo start. Appeared from Volume 5.It always looks like a dead fish and has a very small mouth.Birthday is February 2th.Blood type is O type.
I lost my job as a maid and was studying to open a confectionery store that I had dreamed of, but I was introduced to Yamaji, who was working part-time because there was no property.It is quiet and has few facial expressions and words, so it looks unfriendly.Very polite on the surface, but actually quite a weirdo.It feels like a pleasure to be on the side of using Yoko, who used to serve, but at the same time, it seems that he feels uncomfortable to be treated as a boss.Sometimes called "manager" by Yoko.
It doesn't go well with Yamaji, and often fights beyond human knowledge.The appearance age does not seem to be much different from Futaba's, but in reality it is in their early thirties.According to him, "the body shape has not changed at all since the time of compulsory education."He is also good at sewing, and sometimes infiltrates Futaba's high school with his own uniform.He seems to be dull and can eat spicy curry and dubious mushrooms, but he couldn't stand the singing voice of the cherry blossoms.I'm not good at Hayama Hikaru, who loses his pace.Perhaps because of his goddamn and bizarre personality and abilities, he is often suspected to be an outsider youkai.
Mitsutsugu Yamaji
Voice- Kenji Akabane
23 years old.Former servant of the Nishikawa family.A stalker-like person who appears everywhere Yoko is, from FutabaMountain G(G iscockroachIs called).He has a gentlemanly personality and the first person is "I".Birthday is November 11th.Blood type is A type.He succeeded his servant after his grandfather died, but was dismissed due to the fall of the Nishikawa family and is nowPart-time worker..He is studying various things to become a servant and has many qualifications.Yoko has been serving Yoko's father in the Nishikawa family since she was a child, and has been supporting Yoko's parents and children for many years.
I have been told that I will be promoted to a full-time employee because I can work well at a part-time job, but I think it is my mission to protect Yoko, so I will continue to work as a part-time worker.Always respect Yoko and "Yoko-sama rather than myself" is the creed.It is often preached by Yoko to force the people around Yoko to do that.When you feel the words and actions that slander Yoko, they appear out of nowhere and blow murder to the other party, when Yoko calls, rings your finger, blows a dog whistle, etc., they appear instantly, completely erase the sign, etc. Has a special skill of.Futaba and Teru sometimes make me feel uncomfortable because I handle everything so dexterously.
I have acquaintance with school teachers and will not be kicked out even if I am in the school.We often deliver leftovers from part-time jobs and products that are close to the expiration date to Yoko.It is my greatest joy to be praised by Yoko.There is masochist suspicion.It was later discovered that he actually lives in the room next to the same apartment as Yoko.
On the back of the cover of the book, there is an extra manga called "Super Servant Yamaji-san" (excluding 10 volumes. The title isToshiko Shibashiof"Super Maid Chirumi』Parody).
Hikaru Hayama
Voice- Asuka Nishi
Good luck with the lottery (just hitting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes of the lottery at the same time), and often hitting strange things such as lucky draws and sweepstakes.It's okay to be hot, and I won the patience tournament.Actually, he is a hidden eater, and he seems to be unaware that he is full because he is always dumb.I love my sister Teru and want to protect her.
Yu Takezono
Voice- Haruka Watanabe
The son of Yoko's father's friend.Rich elementary school student. 10 years old. 5th grade.Birthday is July 7th.Blood type is A type.I call Yoko an older sister and I miss her.
Yoko insists that she has been engaged since she was a child, but Yoko thinks only about her childhood promise.Therefore, he plans to give Yoko things and invite Yoko to travel, but he does not proceed as expected because the people around him also follow him.However, she seems to like Yoko really, and no matter how depressed she is, she recovers as soon as she is thanked by Yoko.
Not happy with Yoko's mountain road, she engages in insidious exchanges like a bride-in-law.I'm not good at cherry blossoms of my classmates.
Sakura Usuda
Voice- Summer vegetables
Futaba's sister and Yu's classmate.Black long hair.Birthday is September 9th.Blood type is B type.The first person is "Sakura".He has a very positive personality, basically interprets most things in a way that suits him, and recovers quickly even if he has a hard time.He boasted that happiness can be bought with money, and makes a fierce attack.
At first I was afraid of Teru, but since I received the angry advice, I have come to respect him completely.Therefore, the behavior is escalating more and more.He is the character who is the most damaging to him, and is a stalker for him.I am good at swimming because I go to a swimming school.
Although he is aiming to be an idol, he has a threatening tone deafness that surpasses even Futaba, and he was not aware of it until he was forced to recognize it.
Yu and Sakura are different works of the same author, "Mionikki』Also appears.
Kazumasa Tsuji (Beginning of Tsuji)
A male student at a nearby high school (called "Higashi High School").One year older than Futaba and others.Height 155 cm.Birthday is May 5th.Blood type is O type.The hairstyle is a light blue natural perm (the initial setting is gray) and has a neutral look.Gluttony was his specialty, but because Futaba broke all the records, he unilaterally sees Futaba as a rival.I am concerned that I am shorter than a person.
Thinking of Teru as "a cute girl who loves animals and is kind and has no bad points", she falls in love with her without knowing her black nature.
I'm not smart and I can't remember Yoko's name.Resistant to cold.Curry is pork.Another work of the same author "Happy Trails!], And belongs to a club activity called "Handyman".
Tsuji Sasame
Voice- Chiemi Tanaka
Ichibu's younger sister, Yoko's classmate (Futaba's classmate after promotion).Birthday is March 3th.Blood type is O type.It looks like my brother.A childish, fairly simple and deceptive personality.He is hostile to Futaba, who defeated him by eating big, which is his only special skill, and like his brother, he abandons Futaba with his full name.
I have a longing for Yoko, but I think she is hated.I try to get along with Yoko, but it doesn't go well because my brain has a narrow tolerance and I tend to panic.The bad things are usually blamed on Futaba.
I'm not as smart as my brother.The chorus part is soprano.Curry is chicken.He is a brother complex and often worries about his brother.
Full stomach
The owner of Futaba and Ichibu's favorite restaurant, "Satoshi Shokudo".Often offers a gluttonous "challenge menu".KyowaIt looks like a Chinese person, but he is actually Japanese.Another work of the same author, "Yukasshi』Also appears.
Nishikawa Cosei
Voice- Koichi Toshima
Yoko's father. 39 years old and young in appearance.Birthday is January 1st.Blood type is A type.Since the failure of the business, the whereabouts have only been sent to Yoko, but it appeared a while after the serialization started (1 volumes in the book).It's unclear what he was doing during that time, but "I was doing anything" seems to be correct.As you can see, he doesn't seem to like his job, but he has a free-spirited and very tired personality.
He had excellent insight because of his life experience, and he used it as a fortune-teller, but he made a loan to buy an expensive crystal ball, and it seems that he is the person who destroyed the house.Very sweet for Yoko. In Volume 12, he became the manager of the Takezono Group hotel.
Satomi Sumire

Other people

Hinako Sakuma
Yoko's mother.deceased.Its existence was revealed in the novel version.
Futaba's mother
Voice- Shizuku Fujita
Futaba's mother.Rarely appears.Real name unknown.
Sei Sakabe
Voice- Eriko Matsui
Another work of the same author "Seinaru Megumi』The hero. "Soda water with strawberry』Also appeared.Yoko's middle school alumni.When I visited the Sonobe store, I happened to meet Yoko, who was working part-time.
Sekiguchi Nonoka (Is it Sekiguchi?)
Voice- M ・ A ・ O
A character from another work by the same author, "Soda Water with Strawberries". Also appeared in "Seinaru Megumi".Yoko's middle school alumni.
Hiyori Ichiyanagi (Hiyori Ichiyanagi)
Voice- Tomoyo Kurosawa
A character from another work by the same author, Seinaru Megumi.Holy Mother's Cousin.

Relationship with other works

As below,This work is set in the same area as several other works by Cherry Arai.It is suggested that.

  • Sakura and Yu said, "MionikkiIs a classmate of Mine Maeda, the main character of the movie.
  • Futaba says "Yukasshi』Maeda Yuka's shop to shop.
  • Yuka's younger brother, Katsuki Maeda, is working part-time at "Satoshi Shokudo," which is the favorite restaurant of Futaba and Ichibu.
  • One bud is "Happy Trails!』Student of the stage" Toko ", Katsuki is a classmate.
  • Mayuko Tadokoro, who appears in "Happy Trails!", Appears as a client to the "handyman" to which Ichime belongs, and has a conversation with Yoko.
  • Yamaji says, "There used to be an execution chamber around here," and in "Mionikki."test of courageThe park used forwonderful daysIt is said that the park that Kaoru Okada often uses was an execution chamber in the past.
  • Yoko said,Seinaru MegumiI attended the same Mazeka Jogakuin as the main character, Sei Jinbe.In addition, Hokai High School, where Sei is currently attending, is located in the city next to Chuo Girls' High School, which is the stage of this work.In addition, in the 11th volume of the book, the story of Sei and Hiyori visiting the pastry shop in Sonobe and serving Yoko is recorded, as well as this work and "Seinaru Megumi", "Soda water with strawberry』(Sekiguchi Nonoka), the relationship centered on the rosemary is posted.

Bibliographic information

A total of 14 volumes have been published by Houbunsha as "Manga Time KR Comics".Also,Houbunsha KR BunkoThanNovelizeThe work is on sale.

Television Animation

2016From August to NovemberTOKYO MXIt was broadcast elsewhere.Character DesignThe latest issue of the original is adopted[6].

ス タ ッ フ

  • Original- Cherry Arai(Houbunsha"Manga Time Kirara"Serial)
  • directed by - Yasuhiro Kimura
  • Series composition / script- Hideaki Koyasu
  • Character design-Atsushi Yamazaki
  • Art Director-Masaaki Kawaguchi (Episode 1-Episode 4), Aiko Taira (Episode 5-)
  • Color design-Yuka Ito
  • Cinematographer-Kunihiko Ito
  • Edit-Daisuke Hiraki
  • Sound Director- Masaki Tsuchiya
  • Sound effect- Hiromune Kurahashi
  • musics - Shuhei Mutsuki
  • Music Producer-Masataka Mikami
  • Music production- Toho
  • Chief Producer-Yoshihiro Furusawa
  • Producers-Takashi Yoshizawa, Masumi Takeuchi, Makoto Kusano, Atsushi Yoshikawa
  • Animation Producer-Shota Umehara
  • Animation production - Video studio
  • Production-Sansha Sanyo Production Committee

Theme song

Opening theme "Clover ♣ Kakumesion"[Note 6]
Lyrics / Composition --Asuka Ogura / Arrangement-- beef / Song-Triple ♣ Feeling [Yoko Nishikawa (Yu Wakui), Futaba Odagiri (Mai Kanazawa), Teru Hayama (Ayaka Imamura)]
It was used for the ending in episode 12.
Ending theme "Guchoki Parade"[Note 7](Episode 1-Episode 11)
Lyrics- Maeda Kanro / Composition-Motokiyo / Arrangement- Watanabe Chel / Song-Triple ♣ Feeling [Yoko Nishikawa (Yu Wakui), Futaba Odagiri (Mai Kanazawa), Teru Hayama (Ayaka Imamura)]
Insert song "School is it!" (Episode 12)
Lyrics / Composition --Iori Momose / Arrangement --Mr. Yoshida / Song --Triple ♣ Feeling [Yoko Nishikawa (Yu Wakui), Futaba Odagiri (Mai Kanazawa), Teru Hayama (Ayaka Imamura)]

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitleStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing director
Episode 1It ’s bread ears.Yasuhiro KimuraAtsushi Yamazaki, Hiroyuki OguraAtsushi Yamazaki
Motohiro Taniguchi
Episode 2What's good for your body isn't deliciousYatabe TokoYumi Ikeda
Episode 3It tasted like a maidYasuhiro KimuraDogawa SetumAtsuko Takahashi, Tomoko Miyagawa
Yuichi Hisagi
Episode 4Rather worth livingOshima edge
Episode 5I don't have any moreDogawa SetumMoeka Soraga
Episode 6Vegetable meat meat meat meat meat meat fishSeishiro NagayaDaisuke Kitagawa, Hideaki Matsuoka
Shuji Mizutake
Atsushi Soga
Episode 7Not enough XNUMX yenShinya IinoMakoto Yasumura, Hiroyuki OguraAtsushi Yamazaki
Motohiro Taniguchi
Episode 8I can catch a lotDogawa Setum
Shin Wakabayashi
Dogawa SetumMarumi Sugita, Mai Watanabe
Akira Hamaguchi
Episode 9Curry is the second dayShin MisawaTakayuki YamamotoMasumi Hattori, Eiko Yamada
Episode 10Day to eat chicken and cakeShinya IinoOshima En, Soraga Moeka
Makoto Yasumura
Episode 11The day when you eat chocolateMasato JimboMasatoyo TakadaYuko Yahiro, Mizuho Fukuda
Episode 12Bread ears are graduatingYasuhiro KimuraAtsushi Yamazaki, Motohiro Taniguchi
Akira Hamaguchi, Hiroyuki Ogura
1Mushrooms are good for your bodyKyohei SuzukiYuma Yokomatsu, Masami Goda
Ippei Masui
Atsushi Soga
2High-class Japanese beef tasting partyYukari Takeuchi
3The woman who can do itYuma Yokomatsu, Ippei Masui


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[8]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [9] Remarks
2016May 4 - May 6 Monday 0:00-0:30 (Sunday midnight) TOKYO MX Tokyo
AT-X All over Japan Participation in production committee / With repeat broadcast
Monday 0:30-1:00 (Sunday midnight) BS11 All over Japan "ANIME +"frame
2016May 4 - May 6 Tuesday 1:00-1:30 (Monday midnight) KBS Kyoto Kyoto
Sun TV Hyogo


rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
12016/6/29Episode 1-Episode 2TBR-26111DTDV-26117D
22016/7/13Episode 3-Episode 4TBR-26112DTDV-26118D
32016/8/17Episode 5-Episode 6TBR-26113DTDV-26119D
42016/9/14Episode 7-Episode 8TBR-26114DTDV-26120D
52016/10/12Episode 9-Episode 10TBR-26115DTDV-26121D
62016/11/16Episode 11-Episode 12TBR-26116DTDV-26122D


Kirara Fantasia
DricomApp game for smartphones by. From the spring of 2019, Yoko Nishikawa, Futaba Odagiri, and Teru Hayama will participate as characters.[7].. In the April Fool's video limited to April 2019, 4, Yamaji played with other Kirara boys, and the content of Sansha Sanyo has their own gimmick.


Eizan Electric Railway
The head mark of this work was attached and the inside of the car was wrapped.Deo 720 seriesBut in 2016May 5Operated from to the end of September[10].


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注 釈

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