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🎥 | Small Marshmallow Man Appearance Paul Rudd Surprised "Ghostbusters / Afterlife" Special Video


Massive appearance of small marshmallows Paul Rudd surprised "Ghostbusters / Afterlife" special video

If you write the contents roughly
The marshmallows became roasted marshmallows themselves and took unexpected actions such as being sandwiched between chocolates.

Is it the legitimate sequel "Ghostbusters / Afterlife" for the first time in about 30 years in the "Ghostbusters" series? → Continue reading

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Ghost Busters

"Ghost Busters』(Ghostbusters) Is1984 OfAmerican movies.. 4 guysExterminate ghostsBet onSFcomedy.Ivan Reitmandirected by.

What is Ghostbusters?JapaneseIt means "ghost extermination person".1984Recorded a big hit with No. 1 box office revenue in North America and No. 7 in history (at that time), all over the worldSocial phenomenonCausedRay Parker Jr.Theme song of the same name "Ghostbusters" sung byGhostbusters) Was also a big hit.

1989In the sequel "Ghostbusters 2],2016TorebootEditionGhostbusters (2016 movie)Was released.2020New work in July "Ghostbusters/AfterlifeWill be released[4][5].


ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfColumbia UniversityでParanormal,幽 霊・ Dr. Peter Wenkmann, who was studying spiritual bodies (Bill Murray), Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Acroid), Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) Three dull researchers.One day, after being unilaterally discontinued from research expenses and being expelled from the university as "wasting expenses", he opened a company "Ghostbusters" that scientifically handles all paranormal phenomena and exterminates ghosts. ..At first, there was no money and the number of requests was close to zero, but Dina suffers from a mysterious phenomenon at home (Dina (Sigourney Weaver) Asked for an investigation, and Peter fell in love at first sight.The business was a big hit, triggered by the ghost extermination at a certain hotelMedia,AdministrationWinston, a new member, became busy and was noticed byErnie Hudson) Is also added.

Meanwhile, a mysterious giant spiritual energy was approaching.Its true identity is Gozer (Slavitza Jovan), the god of destruction, with two guard dogs, the female "Gate God Zul" and the male "Key God Binz", and Dina and her neighbor Lewis (Luis).Rick Moranis) Is obsessed.Ghostbusters were in great shape with the addition of newcomer Winston, but Walter Peck, director of the City Environmental Protection Agency (William atherton) Was noticed, the power of the ghost storage in the basement was turned off, and a big explosion occurred, and the ghost broke through the roof of the building from the storage and escaped, and it began to appear all over New York.

Ghostbusters are detained on suspicion of possessing explosives, but Gozer is resurrected when Dina possessed by "God of the Gate Zul" and Lewis possessed by "Binz, the God of Keys" meet, and the two live. The skyscraper was specially designed by Ivo, a believer in a secret society who worships Gozer and prays for the end of the world, and finds out that the roof was a point of contact between another dimension and the real world. The four are Mayor Lenny (David Margulies) Is called and resumes activities to put an end to the ghostly turmoil.Around that time, an explosion occurred in the building where Dina lived, covered with black clouds, and Gozer was about to appear.And when Lewis reaches the building and encounters Dina, the four Ghostbusters also invade the building and reach the upper floors where Dina and his friends are.Then Gozer revives and appears in front of the four, urging him to choose a method of destruction.At that moment, what happened to Dr. Raymond's mind was Marshmallow Man (Marshmallow Man), And Gozer becomes a giant marshmallow man and begins to destroy the city. The four take a dangerous bet to cross and fire a special weapon for exterminating ghosts, the Proton Pack, destroy the temple on the roof of the building, and exterminate Marshmallow Man-Gozer.Dina and Lewis are also rescued.Ghostbusters were welcomed by the people as the hero who saved New York.


Ghost Busters

Dr. Peter Wenkmann
Act:Bill Murray
A frivolous and cold-hearted personality who always tries to persuade women with Kuchihaccho.psychologyとParapsychologyI have a PhD.I was studying paranormal phenomena with my colleagues at the university, but I openly persuaded the woman who participated in the perspective experiment from the bottom of my heart, and set up an electric shock to another male participant.[Note 1]However, the attitude toward research is negligence itself, and such a work attitude also causes the university to be deprived of teaching qualifications.
At first, he made a fool of his friends, but he thought that he could make money by witnessing evil spirits in the library, so he founded Ghostbusters with Raymond's parents' home as a source of funds.
Dr. Ray Stantz
Act:Dan Acroid
Known as "Ray".Peter's alumni and paranormalGeek..He studies ghosts from a scientific point of view, but when he encounters ghosts, which is the most timid of the members, he stands up in fear.Inspired by Peter, he secures his parents' home to fund the opening of Ghostbusters.I've loved marshmallows since I was a kid, and that taste became a ghost in the final stages.
Dr. Egon Spengler
Act:Harold Ramis
Peter's alumni, mainly in charge of developing mechanics for ghost extermination.He wears round-rimmed glasses and is dressed in a suit.He has a solid personality among the members.Of business suspensionEnforcementAppeared in, and tried to refuse Walter, who ordered the ghost vault to be turned off, saying, "If you turn off the power, there is a risk of explosion," but he was treated as "Don't speak gracefully!"
Winston Zeddemore
Act:Ernie Hudson
Ghostbusters went on sale and was newly hired due to labor shortages.The only physical and African member of the group.He entered the Busters for a higher salary than his interest in ghosts, but within two weeks of hiring and the appearance of Gozer, he became convinced of the existence of ghosts.He has a good gatai and is big, but he has a timid personality that is not inferior to Raymond.


Dana Barrett
Act:Sigourney Weaver
The first performer to ask the Busters.At first, he was troubled by the suspicious noise of his home, but gradually he was obsessed with the "God of the Gate, Zulu" lurking in the condominium.Initially of Petersexual harassmentI was frustrated by what he said, but gradually he forgave Peter and became a lover.After being obsessed with Zulu, he transforms into a glossy atmosphere and awaits "The Key God, Binz".
Louis tully
Act:Rick Moranis
Accountant.A man who lives in the same apartment as Dina, he has a passion for Dina.A stupid man who is a weirdo who is not good at communication and who is easy to step on something. There is one aspect that is not good, such as fast-forwarding a 20-minute gymnastics program and completing the gymnastics in 10 minutes.One day, he is obsessed with "Bints, the god of keys" who suddenly appeared while having a party in his room.The most comic relief character in the work.
Janine Melnitz
Act:Annie Potts
The receptionist of Ghostbusters.At first, I had some spare time due to the lack of requests, but as Ghostbusters began to take off, I had no rest.It seems that he has a favor for Igon.
Walter peck
Act:William atherton
Director of the City Environmental Protection Agency.The operation of GhostbustersEnvironmentCome to the office to investigate whether you are considering.I tried to see the ghost vault but was refused, sopolice officerとPower companyCome back to the office with a human being.He unilaterally handed down a business suspension order, ignored Peter's advice, turned off the power, and created a cause for the stored ghosts to overflow throughout New York.
After New York's turmoil, the mayor, who chose to trust Ghostbusters after suffering, still flirts with them as illegal workers, but is kicked out.
After that, he was present at the scene where the marshmallows were rampaging, but in the end, the wreckage of the marshmallows that had been disassembled by being defeated by Ghostbusters fell on them, and they were painted with marshmallows.
The name is teased by Peter and Ray, who are rebellious, because of their overwhelming high-pressure attitude. There were also scenes where people were called "pecker", "This man has no dick." (Dick means "penis" other than the person's name), etc.


The ghost is scientifically interpreted in the work, and it is described as a translucent tangible psychic body.When any ghost appears in the play, it will be in that placeSlimeLeaves a form of mucus.There are 8 ghosts.

Library ghost
An old woman's ghost haunting the New York City Library.I fly books and organizing cards into the air, but usually I read books quietly.When reading is disturbed, it becomes a terrifying appearance.
(English edition)
Ray says Agree Little Spud (ugly littlepotato).A green luminescent ghost that haunts luxury hotels and flattens anything.It does no harm to the person itself other than applying mucus.
Teller dog
The guard dog of "Gozer's Temple" on the roof of Dana's mansion.Female "Gate God Zul"And the male"Key God BinzThere were two of them, and they were possessed by Dana and Lewis.
God of destruction Gozer
Bringing an end to the worldHittiteGod of.It can take any form and transforms into a marshmallow man to destroy the world.
Marshmallow man
Depicted on a staypaft marshmallow bag that floats on Raymond's headMascot characterIs a huge ghost about 34 meters (112 ft) tall.Walk around and destroy the city of New York with your own face.There was also a bag of staypaft marshmallows in Dina's kitchen.
Appeared in Raymond's bedDream GhostAppeared from the subway entranceSubway ghost, In the form of a rotten mummy driving dangerously in a taxiTaxi ghostSuch.

Equipment / mechanic / design

Proton pack
Used by Busterslaserapparatus.SmallReactorIt was in a state where it had not been tested yet when it was first used.It is used to catch ghosts, but it may also serve as a gun or it may be wrapped around a ghost.When two or more rays are crossedprotonIt becomes a powerful force due to the change of, and there is a danger of explosion.
Storage device
A box used by Busters to capture ghosts.It emits light from the inside.
Dedicated vehicle for Busters.The number is ECTO-1.On a white bodyサ イ レ ンEquipped with a flashing light, the symbol No Ghost mark is drawn on the door part.Raymond gets what was originally sold at a used car store for $ 4800.
Ghostbusters Headquarters
Old exFire departmentBusters headquarters renovated.Paul at the time of dispatchSliding stick) And go down.
A vault that stores ghosts in the Busters headquarters.The ghost is tied up by a ray of light, but the ghost jumps out because the security bureau turns off the power.
No Ghost mark
The logo mark on the signboard and vehicle of the Busters headquarters.It is also the symbol mark of this work itself.The design is such that the diagonal line prohibition mark on the circle blocks the ghost.The diagonal line is originally upward to the right, but in the advertisement of this work in Japan, it was flipped horizontally to the right according to the actual road signs in Japan (closed roads, parking prohibited, etc.).


Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Fuji Television Network, IncVersionTV AsahiVersionSoftware version
Dr. Peter WenkmannBill MurrayHideki NodaTsutomu HiuraYasuhara Yoshito
Dr. Ray StantzDan AcroidKatsuyuki HoriTaichiro HirokawaTetsuaki Genda
Dr. Egon SpenglerHarold RamisToshiaki NishizawaShinji OgawaUshiyama Shigeru[Note 2]
Dana BarrettSigourney WeaverTajima ReikoHiroko SuzukiYui Komazuka
Louis tullyRick MoranisRyoichi YamaguchiToyama KeiTakagi Wataru
Janine MelnitzAnnie PottsYoshiko FujitaShinoda Adachi
Winston ZeddemoreErnie HudsonGalactic ManjoTetsuaki GendaMasashi Sugawara[Note 3]
Walter peckWilliam athertonShinji OgawaMichio HasamaJunpei Morita
Mayor of New York, Lenny ClutchDavid MarguliesIchiro MurakoshiHanshinToshihiko Kojima
ArchbishopTom McDermottMasaaki TsukadaKoichi KitamuraAtsushi Ii
Police CommissionerNorman MatlockFujimoto JoeShozo IizukaYutaka Nakano
Hotel managerMichael ensignRokuro NayaTakeshi AonoHiroshi Iwasaki
SchoolboyStephen TashRyo HorikawaTsukuiMasakazu Suzuki
SchoolgirlJennifer LanyonMasako Katsuo
LibrarianJohn RothmanAkira MurayamaTakashi NakakiSmall Man
LibrarianAlice DrummondSho SaitoSuwon Rin
JailerReginald VelJohnsonAkimoto YosukeMasaaki TsukadaHiroshi Iwasaki
The RealtorRhoda JaminyaniAkiko TakeguchiYoko Yano
Tall womanGene KasemAi Sato
Larry KingLarry King(Person)Akimoto YosukeYoshito Ishinami
GozerSlavitza Jovan (act)Suwon Rin
Paddy Edwards (voice)
OtherKishino Kazuhiko
Akira Shimada
Eriko Mitsuno
Masayuki Kato
Reiko Yamada
Ruriko Hashimoto
Horii Shingo
Keiko Sonoda
Takami Umeda
ShowKawamura ChangpingTadashi TsuboiEriko Kimura
翻 訳Chiseko TakashimaKatsushige Hirata
EffectEndo Takao
Toshiya Sakurai
AdjustmentHideyasu Iizuka
Song selectionTojo Beppu Sei
ResponsibleAkira Sakai
Insert song translationToshikazu Ochiai
CommentaryTadao TakashimaYodogawa Nagaharu
ProductionTohoku ShinshaGlow visionTohoku Shinsha
First broadcast1987/10/3
"Golden movie theater"
"Sunday Western Theater"
First recorded on DVD

* The "30th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX" released by Sony Pictures Entertainment will include the next work "Ghostbusters 2".4KIn addition to the main disc using the master, a bonus Blu-ray containing dubbed versions of the Fuji TV version (100 minutes) and the TV Asahi version (93 minutes) using the HD broadcast version of the video is included.

ス タ ッ フ

TV broadcast history

Number of timesTV stationProgram nameAirdateDubbed version
First timeFuji Television Network, IncGolden movie theater1987May 10Fuji TV version
2 thTV AsahiSunday Western Theater1989May 4TV Asahi version
3 thFuji Television Network, IncGolden movie theater1993May 12Fuji TV version
4 thNippon TVFriday road show1996May 2Unknown
5 th1997May 11
6 thFuji Television Network, IncGolden movie theater1999May 12Fuji TV version
7 thTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Afternoon road show2003May 1[Note 4]Unknown
8 th2006May 5[Note 4]
9 th2009May 7[Note 4]TV Asahi version
10 th2011May 3
11 thNippon TVFriday Road SHOW!2016May 8Software version

The 11th broadcast was a high-quality version to commemorate the release of the reboot version.


Initially, in the script stage, the leading role, Dr. Wenkmann,John BelushiWas supposed to play, but due to his sudden deathBill MurrayWill play.Also,Rick MoranisLouis Tully, who was originally a comedianJohn candyWas being consulted.Candy is the theme song of this workPVToCameo appearanceare doing.

For the role of Igon Spengler, who is also the "brain" of Ghostbusters,Chevy Chase,Christopher Walken,Michael keaton,Jeff Goldblum,John Lithgow,Christopher Lloyd,Nick Nolte,Kevin Kline,Dustin Hoffman,William hurt,Richard Dreyfuss,James Woods,Malcolm McDowellWas consulted.However, because he originally participated in the script and is familiar with the character,Harold RamisPlayed the same role.

The black Winston Zedmore, who later came as a rookie Ghostbusters,Eddie MurphyIt was said that he was planning, but Murphy was filmed at the same time.Beverly Hills Cop』Because I gave priority toErnie HudsonPlayed.Before himGregory Hines,Billy Dee Williams,Richard PryorWas also a candidate.

Initially known as "Pee Wee Herman" for the role of GozerPaul Rubens,David Bowie,John TravoltaWas also a candidate, but in the endユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アPlayed by Slavitza Jovan, a model of.


Arista RecordsThansoundtrackIs on sale.Ray Parker Jr.Theme song by "Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters)Ghostbusters) ”Is characterized by an impressive bassline and catchy shouts, and the single song isBillboard Hot 100Recorded No. 3 for 1 consecutive weeks in the same yearAcademy Song AwardWas nominated for.In Japan, the single "Ghostbusters"OriconNo. 1984 on the Western single chart for 9 consecutive weeks from September 17, 6[6], Soundtrack album No. 1984 on the Oricon Western music album chart for 10 consecutive weeks from October 1, 2[6]Was won.

Of the theme songPVHas appeared in this workBill MurrayIn addition to members includingChevy Chase,Melissa Gilbert,George Wendt,John candy,Danny DeVito,Peter falk,Teri Garr,Irene Cara,Al Franken,Carly SimonA gorgeous face is making a cameo appearance.

Initially, the movie peopleHuey Lewis & The NewsSong "I Want a New Drug (I Want a New Drug)"(album"Sports』Recorded)" was offered to be used in the movie,Huey LewisRefuses this.Instead, a movie-related person had Parker make the theme song under the direction of "with the same image as this song."As a result, Lewis has many similarities to the songs, including the baseline.plagiarismBut later both sides have to mention the originalsettlementdoing[7][8].

In addition, the British bandMFrom Robin Scott, his song "Pop Music (Pop Music)Pop Muzik) ”, But this song was released in 1979, even earlier than“ I Want ~ ”, and since this song and“ I Want ~ ”are not a little similar, There is a theory that it is highly possible that Lewis also made a song with reference to this song.


Computer games

A PC game was released with the hit of this work,JapanEven in JapanNESIt was also ported to and released.However, the Family Computer version is a monotonous game in which the race mode starts frequently every time you move.[9], Specifications that are difficult to understand what to do, and you can increase your money endlesslyバ グOr ending message is not displayed correctly and only "Riri" is displayed on the black screen[Note 5]There are also many problems.In the English version, a bug has been fixed and characters praising the player are displayed, but "CONGLATURATION!!! YOU HAVE COMPLETED A GREAT GAME. AND PROOVED THE JUSTICE OF OUR CULTURE. NOW GO AND REST OUR HEROES! (Original Sic) "is full of typographical errors[Note 6]..In addition, the above-mentioned "Riri" is a garbled character in the "OO" part of "PROOVED" in the same sentence.

Besides this,1990Togenesis(Mega drive) Version is also on sale[11].

The American version of the Data East arcade game "Labyrinth Hunter G" has become "True Ghostbusters".Kotobuki System's Game Boy software "Mickey Mouse IV Magic Labyrinth" has also been remodeled into "True Ghostbusters".


In 1986(English edition)からTable talk RPGWas released.

In the world of this game, Ghostbusters is franchised, and players become employees of Ghostbusters and work to exterminate ghosts.In this gameGamemasterIs called the "ghost master".

Novel version

  • "Movie Novel Ghostbusters Hachamecha Fraidy Cat"
    Author:Tamiki Iguchi,Kodansha X BunkoReleased in November 1984.ISBN-978 4061900202
    Novelize of the main part of the movie.From the perspective of Wenkmann, he talks about the process of forming Ghostbusters and the extermination of Gozer.

Television Animation

In the United States1986から1991ToTelevision Animationseries"(English edition)Was being broadcast.All 140 episodes.

In Japan, a dubbed version was released as a video, but it is difficult to watch because it is currently out of print for some times.

As of 2018,NetflixThe subtitled version is distributed at.[12]


Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Dr. Peter WenkmannLorenzo Music
Dave Courier
Chiba Shigeru
Dr. Ray StantzFrank welkerUshiyama Shigeru
Dr. Egon SpenglerMaurice LamarshTetsuaki Genda
Winston ZeddemoreArsenio Hall
Buster Jones
Shinya Otaki
Janine MelnitzLaura Summer
Cass Sousie
Shinoda Adachi
SlimerFrank welkerKoichi Yamadera
Louis tullyRoger bumpas
Mayor Lenny ClutchFrank welker
Hal smith
Stay Puft Marshmallow ManFrank welker
John Stocker
Walter peckMaurice Lamarsh

ス タ ッ フ


  • The base of ExxonMobil is the 1959 Cadillac Ambulance.What was actually used as an ambulance is being remodeled for shooting.The stretcher that came with the proton pack is used as it is for the stand.
  • The design and operation of Marshmallow Man is a Japanese special make-up artist.Etsuko Egawa Was in charge.
  • User interface markup languageXULThe name (Zuul) comes from the character Zuul in this work.
  • ア ッ プ ルHowever, as a video for the company, "Bluebusters (Blue is)" which is a parody of this workIBM(Meaning) ”was being produced.The story is about replacing a ghost with an IBM computer and Apple getting rid of it.[13]
  • Since this work became a big hit in Japan, it is used for homage and parody in various media.



注 釈

  1. ^ The participants were women and men, and they were kind to women even if they made a mistake, but when men made a mistake, they gave an electric shock as if they were saying, "It's totally different."As a result, the man escaped as if he couldn't keep up with such an experiment, even though he had some clairvoyance.
  2. ^ DVDs released in the past include "Rokuro NayaThere is something that is misrepresented as.In addition, the barn is in charge of the same role in the second work instead of this work.
  3. ^ Some DVDs released in the past are misrepresented as "Akira Otsuka".Akio OtsukaIt is presumed that this is a mistake, but Otsuka is in charge of the same role in the second work instead of this work.
  4. ^ a b c The next dayFirst workWas broadcast.
  5. ^ The publisher Tokuma Shoten used this ending bug to treat the two letters "Riri" as a "secret password".Family Computer MagazineI was planning a gift at[10].
  6. ^ "CONGLATURATION" has L and R reversed, and "PROOVED" has one more O.


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