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🧑‍🎨 | Restoration Manga Sanctuary “Tokiwa-sou” Museum 將 Opened in July


Reconstruction Manga Holy Land "Tokiwa-ban" Museum, opened in July

[Kyodosha June 6 Denden] 關本factor《鐵臂Adoki》, etc.莊MAN 畫 Museum” July 28th, open to the outside, June 1982th, open to the public. Responsible Museum Luck Discussion Debate Leading Man Manga House Tomoko Nakamaki Display: “Tokiwa era era era era. World-wide Japanese Man wa wa wa te budding period. Due to the area between the two areas, it is a 7-ply, half-price, rice-like, two-story wooden structure. Outside of Tezuka, Fujiko F. Fujio Kazu, the author of "A-A dream", and Fujiya Akahaka, the author of "Genius Ugura" author. Museum Nebula Deferent literary piece Ryokan Ryokan exterior, Kaoru Jinbaru Large and small architecturally added lacquer spots and Japanese traces. 7 Displayed by 樓 Displayed by a powdered spectacle, a sneak-eyed magazine 《Manno Shonen 》Shonen, returned exhibition literary work Tatezuka's work 《Haraki Knight》 like protagonists, Tokyo police station Ikebukuro police station writer .. After the public release of Komiko, a habitual manor Eiko Mizuno revered in 6 due to a ceremonial memorial service: “Nagashi 27 Kotokki Immersion Manga, Takuya Tanya Statue Tendou Ikashi.” Intense, Shiojima district July 4 Construction plan of the end of construction. 據稱收到很多多 giveaway material Japanese work, the return of all the national nations 2 million yuan (about RMB 1 million). The museum was built in the Tokiwa Tokiwa area, near Minami Nagasaki Hanasaki Park, first opened in March, but postponed due to the influence of the new crown epidemic. Commitment system for face-to-face public opening, 1958-year-old resident network acceptance deposit. (End) → Continue reading

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