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🤖 | Anime "Getter Robo Arc" will be broadcast on TV in July.The first cast ban is lifted, Yuma Uchida plays the role of the main character, Ryu Takuma


Anime "Getter Robo Arc" will be broadcast on TV in July.The first cast ban is lifted, Yuma Uchida plays the role of the main character, Ryu Takuma

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This theme song is said to be a gem of a robot song with a profound and powerful sound that can be said to be the culmination of the JAM Project, which has also been in charge of many OVA "Getter Robo" theme songs.

The TV anime "Getter Robo Arc" whose production was announced in November last year.In the first report, "11 summer animation" ... → Continue reading


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JAM Project

JAM Project(JAM Project)Japan OfAnime songSinger group.. Abbreviations include "JAM" and "JAM Pro". BelongsRecord company TheBANDAI NAMCO ARTS(LantisLabel). NumerousAnime-ゲーム-Special effectsI'm in charge of the song.


Ichiro MizukiIt was formed by the call of "I want to keep the good old" anime song soul "in the 21st century." Behind this is the topic of anime and game theme songs at the time of formation.ArtistsDoes not fit the content of the workTie-upI was skeptical about the tendency for songs (all anime and game songs are tie-ups between works and artists) to be appointed.

The official name is ``Japan Animationsong Makers Project(Japan Animation Song Makers Project) ".

To the initial membersANTHEM,AnimetalWas active inEizo SakamotoI was active on a hard routeLazyThe influence of Kageyama et al. Is strong, and many songs areJapanese heavy metal,Hard RockQuite close to. The live is also high in tension, close to the enthusiasm of heavy metal live. Experienced backing bandYougo Kono,Munetaka Higuchi,Soru Toru,Atsushi Yokozeki,Koichi Terasawa,Hiroya Fukuda,Nuno Bettencourt,Takasaki AkiraThere are many people related to hard rock and heavy metal.

The producerShunji Inoue(Lantis representative and LazyKeyboardist).

Recently, tours around the worldAnimetal USAHe is active not only in Japan but also in the world, such as performing joint live performances with.


Current regular member

Semi-regular member

  • Ricardo Cruz(Irregular participation from "Hot air! Gale! Cyberstar")

Past members

Yearly record


  • May 7 Shibuya Egg-manAt, the JAM Project establishment press conference will be held with the initial members of Ichiro Mizuki, Hironobu Kageyama, Rica Matsumoto, Eizo Sakamoto, and Masaaki Endoh. At the beginning of the formation, "THE night also』(Nippon TVHe also appeared several times.


  • Hiroshi joins in June.
  • August Ichiro Mizuki declares a part-time job, and he is no longer a regular member and draws a line from the public activities of JAM Project.


  • March 3th A press conference to announce new members will be held, and Masami Okui and Yoshiki Fukuyama will join. At the same time, Eizo Sakamoto is suspended. On his own site, he says "graduation" as a real withdrawal.
  • December An audition will be held for new members. The result of the audition was that there were no subscribers, but with this as a trigger, Ricardo Cruz, who lives in Brazil, attracted attention and joined as a new member. Since he does not live in Japan, recordings and live performances are treated as semi-regular for irregular participation.



  • April TV anime "Steel God JeegIchiro Mizuki participated in the OP theme song "STORMBRINGER" and will be active as the first JAM Project since he declared part-time.
  • November Announced that the world tour will be held throughout 11.


  • AnimediaAs a project to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the first issue of the album, "No Border Audition" will be held to select people who will participate in the recording of the album with chorus.
  • January 1 The first original single "No Border", which is not a tie-up for anime and games, will be released.
  • February 2 On the way back from the "JAPAN FLIGHT 11 No Border Nagoya Performance", the members and staff of JAM Project caused a nuisance to passengers by running out of control and making loud noises after drinking beer in the car. In response to the indication, there was an incident in which leader Kageyama apologized on the official website bulletin board.[1]
  • March 3 Yoshiki Fukuyama falls and breaks his right clavicle when the encore of "JAPAN FLIGHT 2 No Border Tokyo Performance" appears. Subsequent performances were also injured.
  • April 4 Rica Matsumoto announces a temporary suspension of activities at JAM Project on the JAM Project site. As of 7, Matsumoto has not been active as a JAM Project since this day, so he is virtually withdrawn. (But he said, "I want to sing with everyone in JAM again."TwitterIs speaking at. Also, according to Matsumoto's blog in September 2010 and Twitter in April 9, it seems that he wanted to participate in the 2016th anniversary live and the 4th anniversary live. )
  • June 6st World tour "JAM Project WORLD FLIGHT 1 No Border" startedTaiwan UniversitySuccessful first overseas performance at.
  • August 8 Participated in Animelo Summer Live 31 -Challenge-, but Okui did not participate due to herpes zoster.
  • October 10nd The best album "JAM Project WORLD FLIGHT 2 BEST SELECTION" (LZM-2008) is released only overseas.


  • June 6 First at the tour final of "Hurricane Tour 12 Gate of the Future"Nippon BudokanPerform a one-man live at. It mobilized about 8000 people.


  • January 1st With the 1th anniversary of the formation, the first completely original album "MAXIMIZER ~ Decade of Evolution ~"[Note 1]And publish information on tour live.
  • May 2 CLUB CITTA'The 10th anniversary event "JAM Party 10th Anniversary New Year Party" will be held at. Video comments and quiz corners / mini-lives of people closely related to JAM Project were held. In addition, the part of the shout of "TRANSFORMERS EVO." Was publicly recorded using the voice of the audience.
  • April 4 "Only One" Mandarin version of JAM Project is in China 30Shanghai International ExpoDecided to be the best song for 2009.
  • February 6 "MAXIMIZER ~ Decade of Evolution ~Will be released, and three performances will be decided in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and overseas.
  • June 6-26 Masami Okui on the above MAXIMIZER tourAcute vocal cord inflammationTochigi performance on the 26th and 27th due to doctor stopSendaiI missed the performance[2].. The two performances were performed by four men except Okui, and all the members were in charge of Okui's part separately.
  • September 9 MAXIMIZER Tour Budokan Performance Day 17Ichiro Mizuki-Eizo Sakamoto-Ricardo CruzAppeared as a guest. It is the first time in eight years that Sakamoto has participated in the JAM Project live tour since "JAM second mission EVOLUTION".


  • 1 month 25 day · 30 day QatarHeld atAFC Asian Cup 2011"VICTORY" was used as the Japan national team victory BGM in the semi-final Japan-Korea match (January 1) and the final Japan-Australia match (January 25).[3][4].. This song selectionAsian Football FederationIt is said that it is due to the person in charge of[5].. On January 1th, on the official page of JAM Project, "I am very honored" from JAM Project.Japan national football teamCongratulatory comment was posted to[6].
  • Since July 7th, a radio program called "GO! GO! GOING! Radio" has been held every week in the corner of "Weekly MUSIC PUNCH", and member Endo was the DJ. It was a program in which each member appeared as a guest every week and had a chat. At the beginning of the program, the tour was scheduled to end, but it will continue until March 9. The program was renewed from January 2013, and DJs were replaced.
  • From October 10nd, the "JAM Project LIVE 22-2011 GO! GO! GOING !!-Immortal ZIPANG- / ARIGATO TO MODA CHI" tour has started.


  • On March 3, he appeared as a representative of Japan at "Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival".
  • June 6nd Appeared in "Japan Animation Stage" at Expo 2, Yeosu, South Korea.
  • Before dawn on June 6, Yoshiki Fukuyama is announced to be suspended due to poor physical condition.[7].. Therefore, "Animetal USA x JAM Project" Japan-US ANI-SON Summit "JAPAN TOUR" and "JAM Project Latin America LIVE TOUR 2012"[Note 2]The live performances such as were performed by four people without Fukuyama, and the other members were in charge of the Fukuyama part separately.
  • Animetal USAA joint tour with "Animetal USA x JAM Project" Japan-US ANI-SON Summit "JAPAN TOUR" will be held on June 6, 12, 13, and 15.
  • From 7 month 1 day,Nico Nico DougaThe application for the joint project "Discover you in niconico" has started.
  • From July 7th to July 15nd, a tour "JAM Project Latin America LIVE TOUR 7" will be held in four countries: Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile.
  • Yoshiki Fukuyama returns at Michinoku Anison Festival 10-Eastern Gale on October 7th.
  • December 12st Act Against AIDS 1 Appeared in "Anison AAA Vol.2012" and acted as a host.


  • March 2Osaka Castle HallThen, on December 2Yokohama ArenaThe first solo premium live "JAM Project Premium LIVE 2013 THE MONSTER'S PARTY" was held at.
  • The solo live tour "JAM Project LIVE TOUR 11-8 THUMB RISE AGAIN" has started on November 2013th.


  • "JAM Project LIVE TOUR 11-8 THUMB RISE AGAIN" which started on November 2013th last year will end on April 2014th.
  • Appeared in "Animelo Summer Live 8 -ONENESS-" held at Saitama Super Arena on August 29th. It was the first appearance in about 2014 years since "Animelo Summer Live 2011 -rainbow-" which appeared on August 8th and 27th, 28.
  • Participated in Lantis Festival 15, the 2014th anniversary of Lantis


  • Participated in the Lantis Festival Singapore performance [~ Anison World Tour ~ Lantis Festival 3] on March 28th. He also participated in the Shanghai performances on April 2015th and April 4th.
  • Announced that STRONG BEST ALBUM and STRONG BOX will be released on September 5th on May 1st. On the same day, the music video for JAM Project --SKILL-9-was released. At the same time, the 9th anniversary live will be held.
  • On July 7th, STRONG BEST ALBUM "JAM Project 8th Anniversary STRONG BEST ALBUM MOTTO! MOTTO !! -15-" will be the first high-quality CD for Lantis and the artist himself.UHQCDでの発売となることが発表された[8].
  • On August 8th, it was announced that the free live "THE STRONGER'S PARK" will be held in Yoyogi, Tokyo on the day of the release of STRONG BEST ALBUM.
  • On August 8th, "JAM Project 19th Anniversary STRONG BEST ALBUM MOTTO! MOTTO !! -15-"High resolutionIt was announced that the sound source will be distributed on September 9, the same day as the album release (after that, high resolution sound sources including past sound sources will also be distributed).
  • On September 9th, due to the approaching typhoon, the Tokyo Yoyogi free live "THE STRONGER'S PARK" scheduled to be held on September 8th was announced as canceled. The next day, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting: The emergency special program "THE STRONGER'S Big Broadcasting" was broadcast live. Other members are appearing, except for Okui, who is in poor physical condition. The transfer performance "THE STRONGER'S PARK" -REVENGE- scheduled to be held on the outdoor stage of Yoyogi Park on September 9 was also announced on the day.
  • The first single "" with MV was released on October 10st.
  • Original animation "Cyborg 009 VS DevilmanThe OP / ED theme song "Cyborg 009 ~ Nine Cyborg Soldiers ~ / DEVILMIND ~ Ai wa Riki ~" will be released on November 11th for mail order only. In addition, the pre-delivery of the music started on October 6, which is the start date of the animation, and it was also pre-sold at the screening theater.
  • March 11Kobe World Memorial HallThen, on December 11Yokohama ArenaThe 15th anniversary live "15th Anniversary Premium LIVE THE STRONGER'S PARTY" was held at.


  • Released the 6th original album "AREA Z" on June 29th. Also, a live tour bearing this album title will be held on July 4th.Shiga Prefectural Cultural Industry Exchange CenterStart from. For the first time in 8 yearsShanghaiWe had a solo concert at. Photographing was also permitted on this tour (althoughSmartphoneas well as the Mobile phoneShooting only with MCacousticcorner,Encore(Shooting in and recording / recording throughout the live is prohibited)[9].
  • 7月2日、JAM Projectは米・ロサンゼルスの「Anisong World Matsuri」に出演した[10].
  • On November 11, the smartphone application "JAM Project" MOTTO! MOTTO !! App "" was released.


  • On March 3st, the second single "" with MV was released.
  • 8月11日、JAM Projectは米・ワシントンD.C.の「Anisong World Matsuri」に出演した[11].
  • May 10[Note 3]Released the 5th original album "TOKYO DIVE"[12].. This is the first time that JAM Project has released an original album for the second consecutive year.
  • From November 11nd, a live tour will be held with the title of the original album "TOKYO DIVE". It will be a year-long tour until 2.


  • An Asian live tour will be held from May 5th. The first JAM Project performance in Guangzhou and Chengdu will be held.
  • Participated in "Animelo Summer Live 8 -OK!-" On August 26th. This is the first time in four years since "Animelo Summer Live 2018 -ONENESS-" in 2014. As "THE MONSTERS"μ'sof"Snow halation」をサプライズバンドカバー演奏[13].


  • March 1th and March 13thZepp Osaka BaysideSo, on January 1th and January 25thToyosu PIT"SPECIAL LIVE 2019 A-ROCK" was held at.
    The first day is "Early numbers" and the second day is "Later numbers". The first day is centered on the songs of the first half, and the second day is centered on the songs of the second half. There were also new attempts such as the DJ KG corner.
  • June 6 Participated in "23th Anniversary Live Lantis Festival 20 A ・ R ・ I ・ G ・ A ・ T ・ O ANISONG".
  • 7月17日、Zepp Tokyoにて結成20周年スペシャルライブ「JAM PARTY 2019 〜20周年に向け「エイエイオー!」を開催。



  • January 1 Delivery Live HouseNISSIN FOODS POWER STATION [REBOOT]Participated in the anime song live event "Lantis Live 3DAYS: 1st.day"[14]
  • February 2 The first documentary film "GET OVER -JAM Project THE MOVIE-" was released at movie theaters nationwide to commemorate the 26th anniversary of its formation. The screening will be limited to 20 weeks.



* Songs not included in the best album (as of August 2020, 8)

PieRelease datetitlerecorded musicStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2000th of February 7Become a gale"Become a gale"


2nd2000th of February 11Danger Zone"Danger Zone"
"It's Emotion" (sung by M Rie)
3rd2000th of February 12STORM"STORM"


4th2001th of February 4SOUL TAKER"SOUL TAKER"

"KI / ZU / NA"

5th2001th of February 4Steel savior"Steel Savior"


LACM-401075 bit
6th2001th of February 9FIRE WARS


7th2001th of February 10CRUSH GEAR FIGHT !!"CRUSH GEAR FIGHT !!"
"It's love !! ~ Let's connect the gear ~"
8th Over the Top! "Over the Top!"

"In my Heart"

9th2001th of February 11LADY FIGHTER!"LADY FIGHTER!"

"Red thread of fate"

10th2002th of February 4Wind EAGLE"Wind EAGLE"
"Alright now!"
"CRUSH GEAR FIGHT !! (remix version)"
11th2002th of February 4GO !!"GO !!"


LACM-405172 bit
12th2002th of February 7 GET UP CRUSH FIGHTER! "GET UP CRUSH FIGHTER!"
"Alright now! (Movie Re-mix ver.)"
13th2002th of February 10 Lamenting Rosario "Mourning Rosario!"
"Gojin! God Gravion (feat. Masaaki Endoh)"
LACM-407558 bit
14th2003th of February 2 Go! Go! Rescue "GO! GO! Rescue"
"March of Rescue Hero"
15th2003th of February 4Little wing"Little Wing" "In the Chaos"LACM-408945 bit
17th2003th of February 8The Gate of the Hell"The Gate of the Hell"
"Sleep, warrior ..."
"Genie visit !!"
LACM-409888 bit
18th2003th of February 9Destination"Destination"

"Promise-Oath to the future-"

19th2004th of February 1Beni no Fang"Red Fang"

"Flame Emperor God! Sol Gravion !!"

LACM-411937 bit
20th2004th of February 4VICTORY"VICTORY"

"Promised Land"

LACM-412738 bit

"No Serenity"

LACM-412864 bit
22nd2004th of February 5 TRAVEL "VOYAGER"LACM-413388 bit
23rd2004th of February 11 Marginal battle "Limited Battle"

"Battle Communication !!"

LACM-4165115 bit
24th2005th of February 6 Labyrinth Prisoner "Prisoner of the Labyrinth"
"Hot air! Gale! Cyberstar"
LACM-419568 bit
25th2005th of February 8 GONG"GONG"

"Brother in Faith"

LACM-421022 bit
26th2006th of February 1Garo ~ SAVIOR IN THE DARK ~"Garo ~ SAVIOR IN THE DARK ~"
"Fencer of GOLD"
LACM-422541 bit
27th2006th of February 11 Break Out "Break Out"

"The everlasting"

LACM-431024 bit
28th2007th of February 2RISING FORCE"RISING FORCE"

"Fight to the end ~ Holy War ~"

LACM-434440 bit
29th2007th of February 4STORMBRINGER"STORM BRINGER"

"Dead or Alive"

LACM-436071 bit
30thDivine love"Divine love"


LACM-436174 bit
31st2007th of February 8Rocks"Rocks"


LACM-440036 bit
32nd2008th of February 1No Border"No Border"


LACM-445244 bit
33rd2008th of February 9Crest of “Z's”"Crest of" Z's ""

"Cosmic Dance"

LACM-453040 bit
34th2008th of February 10Hello Win! ~ Curious On Demand ~"Harroder Win! ~ Curious On Demand ~"
LACM-453676 bit
35th2009th of February 3Space Roller Coaster GO GO!"Space Roller Coaster GO GO!"
"Astamania ~ na !!"
LACM-4576115 bit
36th2009th of February 5Rescue fire"Rescue Fire"

"Three Souls"

LACM-461762 bit
37th2009th of February 8Guardian-The guardian"Guardian-The guardian"


LACM-463245 bit
38th2009th of February 10Battle No Limit!"Battle No Limit!"

"Bonds of Friendship"

LACM-465456 bit
39th2009th of February 10Adventure King ~ Across the Legendary kingdom ~"Adventure King ~ Across the Legendary kingdom ~"
"BIG BANG EXPLOSION ~ Song for Ragnarok Party ~"
"Across the Legendary kingdom"
(Symphonic ver.) "
LACM-466118 bit
40th2009th of February 11Bombing completed! Rescue Fire"Bombing completed! Rescue fire"
"Come on, Gaia Leon"
LACM-466663 bit
LACM-465447 bit
42nd2010th of February 10MAXON"MAXON"


LACM-475036 bit
43rd2011th of February 2Vanguard"Vanguard"

"Go! Stand up!"

LACM-479053 bit
44th2011th of February 4NOAH"NOAH"


LACM-480340 bit
45th2011th of February 10Believe in my existence"Believe in my existence"
"Dream feeling yah! yah! yah!"
LACM-486019 bit
46th2012th of February 1My name is Garo"My name is Garo"
"PROMISE ~ Without you ~"
LACM-489622 bit
47th2012th of February 4LIMIT BREAK"LIMIT BREAK"
"Fight! Fight! Fighting!"
LACM-492242 bit
48th2012th of February 5Steel resistance"Steel Resistance"

"The advent of Genesis"

LACM-492341 bit
49th2012th of February 12Wings of the legend"Wings of the legend"


LACM-1404037 bit
50th2013th of February 1Dream sketch"Dream sketch"
"Kimiomofu-To only one of you"
LACM-1405075 bit
51st2013th of February 7RIP ~ Friend, sleep quietly ~"RIP ~ Friend, sleep quietly ~"

"Oath to the future"

LACM-1410051 bit
52nd2013th of February 7Immediate touch ~ Trigger of Crisis ~"Immediate touch ~ Trigger of Crisis ~"
LACM-1412046 bit
53rd2014th of February 4Rebellion ~ Rebellion Warriors ~"Rebellion ~ Rebellion Warriors ~"


LACM-1420940 bit
54thBreakthrough"Break through"

"Maverick ~ Awakened Beast ~"

LACM-1421044 bit
55th2014th of February 8Thunder Fang ~ Tusk of thunder ~
/ my memory, your memory
"Thunder Fang ~ Tusk of thunder ~"
"My memory, your memory"
LACM-1427053 bit
56th2014th of February 10Engraved flame — DIVINE FLAME —"Flame stamp -DIVINE FLAME-"


LACM-1428052 bit
57th2015th of February 2BB"BB"
"Light of recollection"
LACM-1430062 bit
58th2015th of February 4The final round
"Decisive Battle the Final Round"


LACM-1434054 bit
59th2015th of February 7EMERGE ~ Jet Black Wings ~"EMERGE ~ Jet Black Wings ~"
"The Light of Life-Like a Little Flower-"
LACM-1437076 bit
60th2015th of February 10THE HERO !! ~ Light an angry fist ~"THE HERO !! ~ Light an angry fist ~"
"Shoot the Monster!"
LACM-14405 (Artist Edition)
LACM-14406 (Anime Edition)
19 bit
61st2015th of February 11Cyborg 009 ~ Nine Cyborg Soldiers ~
/ DEVILMIND ~ Love is power ~
"Cyborg 009 ~ Nine Cyborg Soldiers ~"
"DEVIL MIND ~ Love is power ~"
62nd2015th of February 12Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~"Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~ JAM Project Ver."
"Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~ Kageyama Hironobu Ver."
"Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~ Hiroshi Kitadani Ver."
"Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~ Masami Okui Ver."
"Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~ Yoshiki Fukuyama Ver."
"Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~ Masaaki Endoh Ver."
LACM-1442544 bit
63rd2016th of February 2Moon flower"Moon flower"
"Ronare Babisami"
LACM-1445065 bit
64th2016th of February 7Shining Storm ~ Like a fiery fire ~"Shining Storm ~ Like a fiery fire ~"
"Heaven's Door"
"The Hero of God Geki ~ KISHIN ~"
LACM-1451570 bit
65th2016th of February 11The Brave"The Brave"
"Vagabond ~ Wind and wandering days ~"
LACM-1455050 bit
66th2017th of February 2DRAGON FLAME"DRAGON FLAME"
"The end of the wandering wilderness"
LACM-1457570 bit
67th2017th of February 3THE EXCEEDER


LACM-14580 (normal version)
LACM-34580 (First Press Limited Edition)
61 bit
68th2018th of February 4Warriors of steel"Steel Warriors" "The Oath ~ Dawn Oath ~"LACM-1474062 bit
69th2019th of February 4Uncrowned Greatest Hero"Silence Apostle"
"Piano Madness No. 4-Phantom Hymn"
LACM-14854 (Artist Edition)
LACM-14855 (Anime Edition)
50 bit
70thTread on the Tiger's Tail
/ DD ~ Dimension Driver ~
"Tread on the Tiger's Tail"
"DD ~ Dimension Driver ~"
"Tread on the Tiger's Tail (English ver.)"
"Tread on the Tiger's Tail (Chinese ver.)"
"Tread on the Tiger's Tail (Korean ver.)"
LACM-1485660 bit
71stScheduled for December 2021, 7Bloodlines ~ Fateful Lineage ~"Bloodlines ~ Fateful Lineage ~"LACM-24126


Original album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2002th of February 3JAM FIRST PROCESSVICL-60843Out of range
2nd2010th of February 6MAXIMIZER ~ Decade of Evolution ~LACA-1500118 bit
3rd2013th of February 10THUMB RISE AGAINLACA-1534021 bit
4th2016th of February 6AREA ZLACA-1555523 bit
5th2017th of February 10TOKYO DIVELACA-1567024 bit
6th2020th of February 1 The Age of Dragon KnightsLACA-1579640 bit

Best album

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2002th of February 3BEST Project ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION ~LACA-509280 bit
2nd2003th of February 9FREEDOM ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION II ~LACA-520059 bit
3rd2004th of February 9JAM-ISM ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION III ~LACA-532087 bit
4th2006th of February 4Olympia ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION IV ~LACA-550037 bit
5th2007th of February 7Big Bang ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION V ~LACA-565039 bit
6th2008th of February 8Get over the Border ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION VI ~LACA-579524 bit
7th2009th of February 11SEVENTH EXPLOSION ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION VII ~LACA-598038 bit
8th2011th of February 5GOING ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION VIII ~LACA-1512012 bit
9th2012th of February 11THE MONSTERS ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION IX ~LACA-1525024 bit
10th2014th of February 7X cures Earth ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION X ~LACA-1542028 bit
11th2015th of February 6X less force ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION XI ~LACA-1549021 bit
--2015th of February 9JAM Project 15th Anniversary STRONG BEST ALBUM MOTTO! MOTTO !! -2015-LACA-1550015 bit
12th2016th of February 11THUNDERBIRD ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION XII ~LACA-1560030 bit
13th2018th of February 10A-ROCK ~ JAM Project BEST COLLECTION XIII ~LACA-1574324 bit


PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2010th of February 12JAM Project 10th Anniversary Complete BOXLACA-9190 ~ 643 bit
2nd2015th of February 9JAM Project 15th Anniversary STRONG BOXLACA-3550010 bit
3rd2020th of February 1JAM Project 20th Anniversary Complete BOXLACA-9700 ~ 2087 bit

Limited distribution

PieRelease datetitleContents
1st2017th of February 6
  1. AREA Z ~ Song for J-Riders ~ (AREA Z Live Edition)
  2. The Brave (AREA Z Live Edition)
  3. Moon Flower (AREA Z Live Edition)
  4. Treasure in the sky (AREA Z Live Edition)
  5. Shining Storm ~ Like a fiery fire ~ (AREA Z Live Edition)
  6. Marginal Battle (AREA Z Live Edition)
2nd2018th of February 6Steel Warriors ~ ASIA TOUR Special Edition ~
  1. Warriors of steel
  2. Warriors of Steel ~ Chinese ver. ~
  3. Warriors of Steel ~ Korean ver. ~

Video work

  • January 2004, 1 JAM Project LIVE Shake. Return to the Chaos.
  • February 2005, 2 JAM Project 23th Live VICTORY
  • April 2006, 4 JAM Project KING GONG
  • July 2007, 7 JAM Project JAPAN CIRCUIT 4 Break Out
  • August 2008, 8 JAM Project JAPAN FLIGHT 6 No Border
  • September 2009th / December 9th, 25 JAM Project Hurricane Tour 12 Gate of the Future
  • January 2011th / April 1th, 26 JAM Project LIVE 2010 MAXIMIZER ~ Decade of Evolution ~
  • July 2012th / August 7st, 18 JAM Project LIVE 8 ~ 1 GO! GO! GOING !! ~ Immortal ZIPANG ~
  • July 2013, 7 JAM Project Premium LIVE 24 THE MONSTER'S PARTY
  • July 2014, 7 JAM Project LIVE TOUR 23-2013 THUMB RISE AGAIN
  • May 2016, 5 JAM Project 11th Anniversary Premium LIVE THE STRONGER'S PARTY
  • May 2017, 5 JAM Project LIVE TOUR 24 ~ AREA Z ~
  • September 2018, 9 JAM Project JAPAN TOUR 19-2017 TOKYO DIVE

Planning board, etc.

  • May 2001, 5 Super Robot Wars Alpha Original Story D-23
    • Hot air gale cybuster EDGEWIRED featuring Masaaki Endoh and Eizo Sakamoto
  • November 2003, 11 Masaaki Endoh "CHAKURIKU !!"
    • HAPPY ICECREAM with JAM Project
  • 2005th of February 5 Muv-Luv Alternative Insertion song Collection / Oricon highest rank 40th
    1. Roar to the future
    2. Wings
    3. Carry on
    4. Roar to the future (instrumental)
    5. Wings (instrumental)
    6. Carry on (instrumental)
  • March 2006, 3 Emblem / Oricon Highest 8th
    1. Emblem ~ To the Nameless Heroes ~ featuring Hironobu Kageyama
    2. CLOWN featuring Masaaki Endoh
    3. With undecorated tears ... featuring Hiroshi Kitadani
    4. Become blue featuring Yoshiki Fukuyama
    5. Emblem ~ To the Nameless Heroes ~ (off vocal version)
    6. CLOWN (off vocal version)
    7. With undecorated tears ... (off vocal version)
    8. Be blue (off vocal version)
  • 2007th of February 7 DRAGON STORM 2007(DRAGON GATE Match venue limited release single)
    • DRAGON STORM 2007
  • 2007th of February 12 Lucky Star Re-Mix 002 ~ "Lucky Star Kiwami, Ah" [Yanyo] ~ / Oricon highest rank 5th
    • JAM got it! Sailor Fuku
  • December 2008, 12 SUPER ROBOT WARS JAM Project SONGS / Oricon highest rank 25th
    1. Steel savior
    2. POWER
    3. GO !!
    5. SKILL
    7. VICTORY
    8. Promised land
    9. GONG
    10. Brother in Faith
    11. Rocks
    12. Portal
    13. Crest of “Z's”
    14. Cosmic Dance
  • March 2009, 3 TV Anime "The Girl Who Leapt Through Space" Original Soundtrack Vol.25
    • MAJESTIC OVERTURE with JAM Project
  • 2009th of February 7 Nico Nico Douga Selection ~ Waste of talent ~ / Oricon highest rank 38th
    • Memories are ok! (JAM Project verison)
  • 2009th of February 12 Gundam Tribute from Lantis / Oricon highest rank 35th
    • Sorrowful warrior
  • April 2011, 4 JAM Project Symphonic Album Victoria Cross / Oricon highest rank 6th
    1. VICTORY
    2. Elements
    3. Vanguard
    4. Garo ~ SAVIOR IN THE DARK ~
    5. Always be with you
    7. Rescue fire
    8. Steel savior
    9. GONG
    10. SKILL
    11. HERO
  • May 2011, 5 Valkyria Chronicles 11 Sound & Song Collection on the Battlefield
    • The song of a soldier chasing the wind
  • September 2013, 9 Garo Golden Songbook Garo Soul / Oricon Highest 25th
    • Garo ~ SAVIOR IN THE DARK ~
    • Fencer of GOLD
    • GARO-MAKAISENKI- with JAM Project
    • My name is Garo
    • PROMISE ~ Without you ~
    • Wind ~ Departure Poem ~
  • November 2013, 11 Tatsunoko Production x Lantis Tribute Album
    • Great voyage to the future ~ Great voyage ~
  • August 2015, 8 Garo Golden Songbook II Garo Heart / Oricon Highest 5th
    • Immediate touch ~ Trigger of Crisis ~
    • Wildflowers
    • Thunder Fang ~ Tusk of thunder ~
    • my memory, your memory
    • Engraved flame -DIVINE FLAME-
    • Name is GARO ~ The messenger of light ~
    • Garo ~ SAVIOR IN THE DARK ~
  • 2017th of February 3 ALI PROJECT "Yoshiya Call Gaiden" / Oricon highest rank 33rd
    • Yasushi Gaiden (Chorus)
  • October 2017, 10 Garo Golden Songbook III Garo Hibiki / Oricon Highest 18th
    • BB
    • EMERGE ~ Jet Black Wings ~
    • GARO is HERE!
    • Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~
    • Moon flower
  • 2017th of February 10 One with Wings ~Not an angel Just a dreamer~
  • 2019th of February 5 Sphere 10th Anniversary Album "" / Oricon highest 9th
    • Steel Victress with JAM Project
  • September 2020, 9 Garo Golden Songbook IV Garo / Oricon Highest 23th
    • Blade ~ the divine blade ~
    • EMG
    • Kami no Kiba ~ The Fang of Apocalypse ~
    • Hitohira
    • Beyond the mourning
    • Thunder Fang-Moon Rainbow Traveler-
    • Versus Road ~ Unrealistic Survival ~


2000Become a galeOVAExdriver』OP theme song
CRAZY REVOLUTIONOVA "Ex-Driver" insert song
Danger ZoneTheme song for the animated movie "Ex-Driver Clip"
STORMOVAShin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo』OP theme song
RISINGOVA "Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo" ED theme song
2001SOUL TAKERTV anime 'The Soul Taker』OP theme song
Steel saviorPS gameSuper Robot Wars α Gaiden』OP theme song
POWERPS game "Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden" ED theme song
FIRE WARSOVAMazinkaiser』OP theme song
TWISTEROVA "Mazinkaiser" ED theme song
CRUSH GEAR FIGHT !!TV anime 'Fierce battle! Crash gear TURBO』OP theme song
It's love !! ~ Let's connect the gear ~TV anime "Gekito! Crash Gear TURBO" ED theme song
Over the Top!PS2 game "Armored G Breaker ~ Legend of Claudia ~』OP theme song
In my HeartPS2 game "Armored Armed G Breaker-Legend of Claudia-" ED theme song
LADY FIGHTER!PS2 game "Sunrise Hero Tan 2』OP theme song
Thread of fatePS2 game "Sunrise Hero Tan 2" ED theme song
2002Wind EAGLETV anime "Gekito! Crash Gear TURBO" insert song
Alright now!TV anime "Gekito! Crash Gear TURBO" image song
GO !!PS2 game "Super Robot War IMPACT』OP theme song
DEPARTUREPS2 game "Super Robot Wars IMPACT" ED theme song
GET UP CRUSH FIGHTER!Movie version animationFierce fight! Crash gear TURBO ~ Kaiserburn's challenge! ~"Insert song
Alright now! (Movie Remix Version)Theme song for the animated movie "Gekito! Crush Gear TORBO ~ Kaizaburn's Challenge ~"
Lamenting RosarioTV anime 'Super Heavy God Gravion』OP theme song
God of God! God GravionTV anime "Gravion" insert song
2003Go! Go! RescueTV anime 'Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue』OP theme song
March of Rescue HeroTV anime "Sort! Machine Robo Rescue" ED theme song
Little wingTV anime 'Scrapped Princess』OP theme song
In the ChaosTV anime 'Galaxy angel(3rd term) ”Grand ED theme song
SKILLPS2 game "Second Super Robot War α』OP theme song
FOREVER & EVERPS2 game "2nd Super Robot Wars α" ED theme song
The Gate of the HellOVAMajin Kaiser ~ Death Fight! Dark General ~』OP theme song
Sleep warrior ...OVA "Mazinkaiser ~ Death Fight! Dark General ~" ED theme song
Genie visit !!OVA "Mazinkaiser ~ Death Fight! Dark General ~" Insert Song
DestinationPS2 game "Sunrise World War from Sunrise Hero Tan』OP theme song
Promise ~ Oath to the future ~PS2 game "Sunrise World War from Sunrise Hero Tan" ED theme song
2004Beni no FangTV anime 'Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei』OP theme song
Flame Emperor God! Sol Gravion !!Insert song for TV anime "Gravion Zwei"
VICTORYPS2 game "Super Robot Wars MX』OP theme song
Promised landPS2 game "Super Robot Wars MX" ED theme song
DRAGONOVANew getter robo』OP theme song
No SerenityOVA "New Getter Robo" ED theme song
TRAVELTV anime 'Panda set』OP theme song
VOYAGER (instrumental)TV anime "Panda-Z" ED song
Marginal battleTV anime 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX』ED theme song
2005Roar to the futurePC game "Muv-Luv Alternative"Insert song
Labyrinth PrisonerOVASuper Robot Wars ORIGINAL GENERATION THE ANIMATION』OP theme song
Hot air! Gale! CybusterOVA "Super Robot Wars ORIGINAL GENERATION THE ANIMATION" insert song
GONGPS2 game "3rd Super Robot Wars α To the Ending Galaxy』OP theme song
Brother in FaithPS2 game "3rd Super Robot War α To the end of the galaxy" ED theme song
2006Garo ~ SAVIOR IN THE DARK ~TV drama "Garo <GARO>』OP theme song
Emblem ~ To the Nameless Heroes ~Television Animation"Rejuvenating Sky -RESCUE WINGS-"Ending theme
CLOWNInsert song for TV anime "Reviving Sky -RESCUE WINGS-"
Be blueInsert song for TV anime "Reviving Sky -RESCUE WINGS-"
Protect youOVA "Super Robot Wars ORIGINAL GENERATION THE ANIMATION" Episode 1 ED theme song
Name of the TruthOVA "Super Robot Wars ORIGINAL GENERATION THE ANIMATION" Episode 2 ED theme song
Requiem of the starry skyOVA "Super Robot Wars ORIGINAL GENERATION THE ANIMATION" Episode 3 ED theme song
Break OutTV anime 'Super Robot Wars OG -Divine Wars-』OP theme song
2007RISING FORCETV Anime "Super Robot Wars OG -Divine Wars-" Super Spirit Inspired Theme Song
Fight to the end ~ Holy War ~TV anime "Super Robot Wars OG -Divine Wars-" image song
STORMBRINGERTV anime 'Steel God Jeeg』OP theme song
Dead or AliveTV anime "Kotetsushin Jeeg" insert song
Divine loveTV anime 'Saint Beast ~Koin Epic Angel Tan~』OP theme song
IN FATEPS2 game "Saint Beast ~ Spiral Chapter ~" OP theme song
DRAGON STORM 2007wrestlingGroup"DRAGON GATE2007-Official Theme Song
Name ~ Your name is ~Pc games"Muv-Luv Alternative" Aban Theme
SalvagePS2 game "Galaxy Angel II Infinite Corridor Key" Grand Ending Theme
RocksPS2 game "Super Robot Wars OG ORIGINAL GENERATIONS』OP theme song
PortalPS2 game "Super Robot Wars OG ORIGINAL GENERATIONS" ED theme song
2008Legend of the HeroesCard games"Shonen Sunday vs Shonen Magazine" theme song
SHURAKIOriginal figure"Shuraki" theme song
NEW GENERATION! ~ KOBE to the WORLD ~Professional wrestling group "DRAGON GATE" 2008 --Official theme song
Crest of “Z's”PS2 game "Super Robot War Z』OP theme song
Cosmic DancePS2 game "Super Robot Wars Z" ED theme song
Hello Win! ~ Curious On Demand ~TV anime 'Sgt. Frog』OP theme song
Haru Reruya !!TV anime "Keroro Gunso" ED theme song
2009Space Roller Coaster GO GO!Movie version animationKero 0 Departure! Everyone gathered !!] Theme song
Rescue fireTV drama "Tomica Hero Rescue Fire』OP theme song
Three SoulsInsert song for TV drama "Tomica Hero Rescue Fire"
Guardian-The guardianTV anime 'Shin Mazinger Shock! Z on television ”OP theme song
Battle No Limit!TV anime 'Battle Spirits Shonen Geki Dan』OP theme song
Adventure King ~ Across the Legendary kingdom ~online game"Ragnarok Online World Cup 2009 ”image song
BIG BANG EXPLOSION ~ Song for Ragnarok Party ~Online game "Ragnarok Online" image song
Bombing completed! Rescue FireTV drama "Tomica Hero Rescue Fire" new OP theme song
Come on, Gaia LeonInsert song for TV drama "Tomica Hero Rescue Fire"
2010TRANSFORMERS EVO.TV anime 'Transformers animated』OP theme song
MAXIMIZERTV TOKYO "Aniso-plus』August 2010 opening theme
MAXONTV anime 'Super Robot Wars OG -The Inspector-』OP theme song
Fang Wolf ~ SAVIOR IN THE DARK ~ RED REQUIEM ver.Movie version"Garo <GARO> ~ RED REQUIEM ~』Ending theme song
2011VanguardTV anime 'Card Fight!! Vanguard』\ First term OP theme song
NOAHPSP gameWWII Super Robot Wars Z: World Break』OP theme song
WishPSP game "2nd Super Robot Wars Z II" ED theme song
Meteor LoversTV anime "Super Robot Wars OG -The Inspector-" new OP theme song
Sword of bulletsPachislot "Gravion" theme song
Countdown to Hikarigood smile Company"10th Anniversary" Song / CM Song
The song of a soldier chasing the windOVAValkyria Chronicles 3 for Whom"Insert song
Believe in my existenceTV anime "Card Fight !! Vanguard" late OP theme song
PREDESTINATIONTV drama "Garo <MAKAISENKI>』\ Early ED theme song
2012My name is GaroTV drama "GARO-MAKAISENKI-" late OP theme song
PROMISE ~ Without you ~TV drama "GARO-MAKAISENKI-" late ED theme song
LIMIT BREAKTV anime 'Card Fight !! Vanguard Asia Circuit Edition』OP theme song
Steel resistancePSP gameWWII Super Robot Wars Z Resurrection』OP theme song
The advent of genesisPSP game "2nd Super Robot Wars Z II" ED theme song
metamorphosis"Muv-Luv Alternative" for Xbox 360 New OP Aban Theme
Overlord's sword""Theme song
Overlord"CR Fever Ha-LORD-2" theme song
Glorious Days ~ 10th anniversary of Ragnarok ~"Ragnarok Online" 10th Anniversary Song
Wings of the LegendPS3 game "Second Super Robot War OG』OP theme song
BabelPS3 game "2nd Super Robot Wars OG" ED theme song
2013THE MONSTERSTV anime 'Bravery.] Nico Nico Douga Special Edition OP Theme Song
Believe ~ Eternal Link ~TV anime "Senyu. 』ED theme song
Dream sketchTV anime 'Bakuman.』3rd series ED theme song
Strike aheadTheme song for Japanese anime "BATU GAIDEN-THE RETURN OF ASI-" for Indian TV
RIP ~ Friend, sleep quietly ~Movie version animation "Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Chapter 6" ED theme song
Victory SoulV jump"20th Anniversary" song
Immediate touch ~ Trigger of Crisis ~Special effects drama "Fang Wolf <GARO> ~ The one who illuminates the darkness ~』Late OP
PLATONICSpecial effects drama "GARO-The one who illuminates the darkness-" Late ED
WildflowersMovie version"Fang Wolf Gaiden Peach Phantom Whistle] Theme song
Wind ~ Departure Poem ~Movie version"Garo <GARO> ~ Soho no Maryu ~] Theme song
Great voyage to the future ~ Great voyage ~Tatsunoko Pro"50th Anniversary" Anniversary Song
2014BreakthroughTV anime 'Nobunaga the Fool』OP theme song
Maverick ~ Awakened Beast ~TV anime "Nobunaga the Fool" insert song
Rebellion ~ Rebellion Warriors ~Software for PS3 & PS Vita "Third Super Robot Wars Z Tokoku Hen』OP theme song
PRAY FOR YOUPS3 & PS Vita software "3rd Super Robot War Z Jigoku Hen" ED theme song
storm""Theme song
Kiminomotohepachinko"Sea monkey"Theme song
My style JUSTICENico Nico Douga"JAM Project" Discover you in niconico "" winner collaboration song
Thunder Fang ~ Tusk of thunder ~Special effects TV drama "Fang Wolf <GARO> — Makai no Hana —"Opening theme
my memory, your memoryThe ending theme of the special effects TV drama "GARO-Makai no Hana-"
ZERO —BLACK BLOOD—Special effects movie "Zero: Black Blood — BLACK BLOOD—"Opening theme
Engraved flame — DIVINE FLAME —TV anime 'Garo <GARO> — Stamp of Fire —"Opening theme
2015BBLate opening theme for the TV anime "GARO-The Engraving of Fire-"
The final roundSoftware for PS3 & PS Vita "Third Super Robot War Z Zigoku Hen』OP theme song
END OF HEAVENPS3 & PS Vita software "3rd Super Robot War Z Tengoku Hen" ED theme song
Generation!TV anime 'Card Fight!! Vanguard G』Late opening theme
Burning roar ~ Legend of GAMERA ~"" theme song
BUDDY IN SOULPachinko "Umizaru" theme song
Rescue missionPachinko "Umizaru" theme song
Mission execution!Pachinko "Umizaru" theme song
EMERGE ~ Jet Black Wings ~TV series "Fang Wolf <GARO> —GOLDSTORM—Sho] 2nd Cool OP theme song
Name is GARO ~ The messenger of light ~CR 『Garo <GARO> Become golden" Theme song
THE HERO !! ~ Light an angry fist ~TV anime 'One Punch Man』OP theme song
Cyborg 009 ~ Nine Cyborg Soldiers ~Movie version animationCyborg 009 VS Devilman』OP theme song
DEVILMIND ~ Love is power ~Movie version animation "Cyborg 009 VS Devilman" ED theme song
Guren no Tsuki ~ Hidden Dark Story ~TV anime 'Garo -Guren no Moon-』OP theme song
2016Moon flowerTV anime "Garo: The Crimson Moon-" late OP theme song
Blade ~ the divine blade ~Movie version"Garo <GARO> —DIVINE FLAME—] Theme song
Shining Storm ~ Like a fiery fire ~Software for PS3 & PS4 "Super Robot Wars OG Moon Duelers』OP theme song
Heaven's DoorPS3 & PS4 software "Super Robot Wars OG Moon Duelers" ED theme song
The Hero of God Geki ~ KISHIN ~Pachinko "" exclusive song
AREA Z ~ Song for J-Riders ~Institute"All Japan Business Federation Cycling Federation(JBCF)J Pro Tour』Official song
The BraveTV drama"The Seven Heroes Guided by the Hero Yoshihiko』OP theme song
GARO is HERE !!CR 『Garo Makai no Hana] Theme song
2017DRAGON FLAMETV drama "Zero: Dragon Blood -ZERO- -DRAGON BLOOD-』OP theme song
THE EXCEEDERSoftware for PS4 & PS Vita "Super Robot War V』OP theme song
NEW BLUEPS4 & PS Vita software "Super Robot Wars V" ED theme song
Gowan punchTV anime "One Punch Man" Saitama image song
EMGTV anime 'Garo -VANISHING LINE-』OP theme song
Burning Blue ~ Blue Flame Soldier ~TV anime "One Punch Man" Genos image song
2018Kami no Kiba ~ The Fang of Apocalypse ~Movie version"Garo <GARO> Kamino Fang -KAMINOKIBA-』Opening theme song
The future of victory-when-Theme song for the novella special effects movie "HE-LOW"
Afterimage revengerTV anime "One Punch Man" Sonic image song
Warriors of steelSoftware for PS4 & PS Vita "Super Robot War X』OP theme song
The Oath ~ Oath of Dawn ~PS4 & PS Vita software "Super Robot Wars X" ED theme song
ENTER THE HEROESTV anime "One Punch Man" hero image song
HitohiraMovie version animation "Thin ink cherry tree -GARO-』Ending theme song
Beyond the mourningTV drama "Kami no Kiba -JINGA-』Opening theme song
2019DD ~ Dimension Driver ~Smartphone app "Super Robot War DD] Theme song
Tread on the Tiger's TailSoftware for PS4 & Nintendo Switch "Super Robot War T』OP theme song
RESETPS4 & Nintendo Switch software "Super Robot Wars T" ED theme song
Uncrowned Greatest HeroTV anime "One Punch Man" XNUMXnd OP theme song
Returner ~ Revival Legend ~Web animation "Battle Spirits Saga Brave] Main theme song
The future of victory-when-Theme song for the novella special effects movie "HE-LOW THE SECOND"
Thunder Fang-Moon Rainbow Traveler-Movie version"Garo <GARO> -Tsukirainbow Traveler-』Ending theme song
2020Freaking out! ~ Resurrection Oipunk ~PS4 / Xbox One "ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS" OP theme song
Versus Road ~ Unrealistic Survival ~TV drama "GARO -VERSUS ROAD-』Ending theme song
LIGHTNING DARKCR 『P Garo Saezima Kouga XX"Theme song
2021Bloodlines ~ Fateful Lineage ~TV anime 'Getter Robo Arc』OP theme song



Performance yearformtitleAppearanceSupport memberPerformance scale/venueset list
2001One shotJAM Fight! Live in JAPANIchiro Mizuki
Kageyama Hironobu
Rika Matsumoto
Eizo Sakamoto
Masaaki Endo
All 1 performances
2002JAM second mission EVOLUTIONIchiro Mizuki
Kageyama Hironobu
Rika Matsumoto
Eizo Sakamoto
Masaaki Endo
Hiroshi Kitadani
All 1 performances
2003JAM Project 3rd LIVE tremor
~ Return to the Chaos ~
Kageyama Hironobu
Rika Matsumoto
Masaaki Endo
Hiroshi Kitadani
Okui Masami
Yoshiki Fukuyama
All 1 performances
May 9 Shibuya Public Hall
2004JAM Project 4th LIVE VICTORY
~ A once in a lifetime chance ~
2005JAM Project 5th Anniversary LIVE KING GONG
2007TourJAM Project LIVE JAPAN CIRCUIT 2007 Break Out
2008JAM Project LIVE JAPAN FLIGHT 2008 No Border
JAM Project WORLD FLIGHT 2008 No BorderKageyama Hironobu
Masaaki Endo
Hiroshi Kitadani
Okui Masami
Yoshiki Fukuyama
2009JAM Project Hurricane Tour 2009
Gate of the Future
2010JAM Project LIVE 2010 10th Anniversary Tour
MAXIMIZER ~ Decade of Evolution ~
2011 to 2012JAM Project LIVE 2011-2012
GO! GO! GOING! ~ Immortal ZIPANG ~
JAM Project LIVE 2011-2012
2012JAM Project Latin America LIVE TOUR 2012
Kageyama Hironobu
Masaaki Endo
Hiroshi Kitadani
Okui Masami
Ricardo Cruz
2013One shotJAM Project Premium LIVE 2013
Kageyama Hironobu
Masaaki Endo
Hiroshi Kitadani
Okui Masami
Yoshiki Fukuyama
2013 to 2014TourJAM Project LIVE TOUR 2013-2014
2015One shotJAM Project 15th Anniversary Premium LIVE
2016TourJAM Project LIVE TOUR 2016 ~ AREA Z ~
2017 to 2018JAM Project JAPAN TOUR 2017-2018
2018JAM Project ASIA TOUR 2018
2019One shotJAM Project Special Live 2019
2020TourJAM Project LIVE 2020 20th Anniversary Tour
The Age of Dragon Knights


  • Lantis Presents JAM ProjectChara Radio(2006, 4 times in total)
  • Lantis Presents JAM Project Chara Radio Business Trip Version (2006)
  • JAM Project Power of Noborder (2007-2008,A & G Super RADIO SHOW ~ Anispa! ~Inner corner)
  • JAM Project's "GO! GO! GOING! Radio" (2011-2013,Date FMOther "Weekly MUSIC PANCH!" Corner, 2013,Super A & G +[15]
  • bayfm Starting STYLE !! ~ Countdown to Lantis matsuri ~ (2019-,bayfm

tv set

  • JAM Project Live "Shinshin ~ Return to The Chaos ~ in Shibuya Public Hall" (TV Asahi, Broadcast on November 2003, 11)
  • JAM Project Live 2008-No Border- Daiichi Kosho Star Karaoke version (Dai-ichi Kosho Star Karaoke, Broadcast on November 2008, 5)
  • JAM Project Live 2008-No Border- Kids Station version (Kids station, Broadcast on November 2008, 5)
  • MUSIC JAPAN New Century Anison SP.2(NHK, January 2010, 1, February 10, 2) Appearance
  • MUSIC JAPAN New Century Anison SP.4(NHK, January 2011, 1, March 16, June 3, 6) Appearance
  • Aniso-plus(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd., September 2010, 9) Appearance
  • Nonfiction W"No Border ANISON ~ A song of Japan that resonates with the world ~" (WOWOW, November 2010, 11 First broadcast)
  • Mezamashi TV (Fuji Television Network, Inc, Appeared on November 2011, 11)
  • JAM Project Special ~ GO! GO! GOING !! ~ (MUSIC ON! TV, November 2011, 12 First broadcast)
  • JAM Project Acoustic Special road to Budokan (Dai-ichi Kosho Star Karaoke, November 2012, 1 First broadcast)
  • JAM Project LIVE GO! GO! GOING !! ~ Immortal ZIPANG ~ Part XNUMX (Kids station, November 2012, 1 First broadcast)
  • JAM Project LIVE GO! GO! GOING !! ~ Immortal ZIPANG ~ Part 2012 (Kids Station, first broadcast on January 1, 17)
  • J-MELO(NHK World TV, December 2012, 12, etc.)
  • Lantis 15th Anniversary Special Program-People who continue to run in the anime song industry- (January 2014 TOKYO MX and others)
  • TOKYO Anime Park 15th Anniversary Live Lantis Festival (November 2014, 11) Fuji Television NEXT
  • The biggest festival in the history of anime songs ~ Anime Rosa Summer Live 2014 ~ Vol.1 "1st Day Part 2014" (November 11, 16) NHK BS Premium
  • BREAK OUT (TV Asahi, March 2016, 3, September 12, 2016 Appeared only in Kageyama, Endo, Kitada, unreleased talk on September 9)
  • Why Did You Come to Japan? ~ ★ The moped bike trip is complete ★ Celebration! 4th year rush 2 hours 5 minutes special ~ (Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. (November 2016, 4)
  • TVBS Global Chubunon Rakujo Ryo (Broadcast in Taiwan.)


GET OVER -JAM Project THE MOVIE- (Production:Tohoku Shinsha distribution:Toho Imaging Division February 2021, 2-Broadcast on March 26)


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注 釈

  1. ^ The first original album is "JAM FIRST PROCESS", but the word "completely original album" is used because the lyrics and composition were completely done by ourselves.
  2. ^ Ricardo Cruz also participated in Latin America LIVE TOUR 2012.
  3. ^ Postponed from the originally scheduled September 9th.
  4. ^ i ☆ Ris,Azumi Inoue,Wake Up, Girls!,Maaya Uchida,Akira Kushida,GRANRODEO,Isao Sasaki,Hiro Shimono,Konomi Suzuki,Kenichi Suzumura,Ayana Taketatsu,Chihara Minori,TRUE CODE,Toyonaga Toshiyuki,Nakagawa Shoko,Wataru Hatano,Mitsuko Horie,Ichiro Mizuki,Minami,Mimori Suzuko,May'n,Chihiro YonekuraParticipate with.
  5. ^ "Little Wing (Acoustic Ver.)" At the Osaka performance.
  6. ^ In charge of domestic performances except Sapporo.
  7. ^ In charge of overseas performances and Sapporo performances only.
  8. ^ Only in charge of performances in Guangzhou and Chengdu, China.
  9. ^ The July 7th Tokyo performance and the September 18th Yokohama performance were non-audience distribution performances.


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