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🧑‍🎨 | Sakamoto Cable operates "Sengoku BASARA" wrapping train

Photo Sakamoto Cable's "Sengoku BASARA" wrapping train

Sakamoto Cable operates "Sengoku BASARA" wrapping train

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You can also enjoy the in-car guidance broadcast by Kazuya Nakai, the voice actor of Date Masamune of "Sengoku BASARA".

Hieizan Railway will run "Sengoku BASARA" on the Sakamoto Cable from April 2021 (Sat) to December 4 (Sun), 3. → Continue reading

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In-car guidance broadcast

Date Masamune

Date Masamune(Date / Idate[1][2] Masamune)DewakuniMutsu OfMilitary commander-Sengoku Daimyo.DateThe 17th head of the family.Early modern lordasSendai DomainThe first feudal lord of.

The childhood name is Bontenmaru.After his death, from the name of the law貞山It was honored as public.Smallpox suffered from childhood (smallpox) With the right eyeblindnessThen,One eyeSince it became, it has the nickname of "single-eyed dragon" in posterity.


From birth to first team

EirokuFebruary 10, 8 (1567May 9),DewakuniYonezawa CastleSo, Mr. Date, the 16th head of the familyTeremune Date OfLegitimate manAs a regular roomMogami YoshimoriDaughter of·Yoshihime(Yoshimitsu MogamiWas born from (younger sister).Childhood nameBrahma丸。

Tensho5 years(1577) September 11,Former clothesdo itDate MasamuneIs named.Although Bontenmaru resigned, he was ordered to be stronger than his father, Date Masamune."Masamune" is the 9th head of the Muromachi period, whose father, Terumune, is said to be the ancestor of the Date clan.Date MasamuneIt was named after it, and is often called Date Masamune to distinguish it from Date Masamune.Also in historical materialsAuthenticThere are some that are written as, but this is a clerical error or a mistake for distinction.Until thenGeneral AshikagaAlthough it has been customary to receive one letter from[Note 1]At that time, Masamune's genpukuOda NobunagaWas banished from KyoYoshiaki AshikagaI didn't ask for a letter from.

Tensho 7 (1579)June,Tamura KiyoakiThere will be more consultations on marriage ceremonies, and the date of the littering and the guardianship of the road will be adjusted.That winter, when Date Masamune was 13, he was a Sengoku daimyo in Sendo.Miharu Castlemain·Tamura KiyoakiDaughter, then 12 years oldMegohime(Same as Date MasamuneDate SectTheGreat-grandfatherWelcome to the main room.Date districtYanagawa CastleThe litter was taken over atAchievement-Endo MotonobuProtected by others, deep in the snowItaya PassAvoidKosaka Pass,Shichikashuku,Niijuku PassThroughYonezawa CastleI entered.

Tensho 9 (1581) In early May, the adjacent Sengoku daimyoSomaIn a battle withIgu-gunGo toFirst teamTo decorate.Also, from around this time, on behalf of TerumuneTamura,Mr. NanaI am in charge of diplomacy withMoritaka TakashiWas sent reinforcements in the battle against the Soma clan because of Masamune's efforts.[3].

From the inheritance of the family to the battle of Suriagehara

Tensho 12 (1584) In October, he inherited the family reign due to the retreat of his father, Date Terumune.[4], Became the 17th head of the Date clan.At this time, Masamune offered to decline because of his youth, but he took over the family reign at the recommendation of Ichimon and Shigeomi.[5]..The official record of the Sendai domain, "Date Jike Record," describes the inheritance of the family as an event between October 10th and 6nd. October 22th[6] So, the first look at the document issued by Masamune's owner was on October 10, and I heard the news of Terumune's retreat.Ishikawa AkimitsuAnswers to inquiries from (Terumune's younger brother)[7] This estimate seems to be almost accurate.

About this change of headSeiji KobayashiTerumune once was after Aizu's Ashina Moritaka was assassinated by his vassals on October 10th.Ashina MoriujiMy second son (Moritaka's adopted father)Kojiro) A letter showing a plan to adopt Mr. Sori when he grows up[8] Moritaka's deceased child who was born in September because he had exchangedAshina Kameoumaru(Kamewaka. Kobayashi is called "Kamewakamaru". My mother is Terumune's younger sister.HikohimeInstead of Terumune's nephew), he planned to send his son, Kojiro, to Ashina's head.But in HitachiYoshitake SatakeIn opposition to this, a letter supporting the inheritance of the Kameoumaru family against the Ashina clan[9] It is claimed that Kojiro's plan to enter the temple failed due to the sending of the letter, which led to the retreat of Terumune and the destruction of the alliance with Ashina by Date Masamune.[10]..On the other hand, Kazutaka Kakiuchi said that Masamune had the intention of repairing his relationship with Ashina immediately after he succeeded to the family head, and that Terumune's retreat was more of an accidental death of the owner of the neighboring country than the problem of Ashina's family head. Seeing the confusion that accompanies it, he says that he decided to switch to the next head while he was still alive in order to avoid these risks.[11].

Obama Castlemain·Ouchi Sadatsuna TheNihonmatsu Castlemain·Yoshitsugu HatakeyamaAnd join handsTamuraWas out of control of.Mr. Ouchi asked for Mr. Ashina's support, and Mr. Tamura asked for Mr. Date's support.In response to this situation, Ashina Moritaka and Yoshitsugu Hatakeyama approached the father and son of Date Terumune to reconcile Tamura and Ouchi.[12]..On the other hand, Terumune, who had been involved in diplomacy with Ashina before the succession of the family, was also trying to mediate the peace between Ashina, Iwaki and Tamura.[13]..However, the former was rejected by Masamune, the son-in-law of Tamura, and the latter was not accepted by Ashina after the death of Moritaka.The failure of the reconciliation between Mr. Date / Tamura and Mr. Ashina / Ouchi will put an end to the long-standing alliance between Mr. Date and Mr. Ashina.

Tensho 13 (1585) When you attack Ashina Hibara in May, Ouchi territory in AugustOdemori CastleHe is advancing troops, stroking and slashing as a show to neighboring countries, killing everyone in the castle.Yoshitsugu, who saw the fall of Ouchi Sadatsuna up close, offered a consensus, and was relieved that only five villages were designated as Nihonmatsu territory due to the intercession of Terumune.However, Terumune is abducted when he is sent off by Yoshitsugu, who has come to thank him for his relief.Masamune, who was out for falconry at that time, hurriedly returned to pursue Yoshitsugu and fired a gun to kill all of Terumune and others.Regarding this case, the falconry forces[14]There is also a theory that Masamune's plot to kill his father is based on the fact that he was armed with a gun for some reason.[15].

after that,First seven daysAfter completing the memorial service, he surrounded Nihonmatsu Castle in the name of Terumune's mourning battle. On November 11, with about 17 South Oshu Hou Allied Forces led by Mr. Satake who gathered to rescue Nihonmatsu CastleAdachi-gunI crashed at Hitotoribashi.The inferior Date Army quickly rushed, and Masamune himself was in a critical situation, such as being hit by a ball.rear guardOld vassal who served asOniwa SatsukisaiSucceeded in retreating due to the defense of the abandoned body, and barely escaped from the predicament by the withdrawal of the Satake army the next day (Battle of Hitotoribashi).

In March of this year,Emperor Masachika TheOda Nobunaga OfHieizan grilledBurned down byEnryakuji TempleIn exchange for donations, Masamune was asked to be appointed as Mimasaka Mamoru to help rebuild the Nemoto Nakado.However, Masamune met in August of the same year because it was difficult for Masamune to help due to the tension in the surrounding situation.Shoren-inOfficially notified the messenger of Mimasaka Mamoru's decline (although it is possible that Mimasaka Mamoru was treated as a downgrade for Mr. Date, who has been named Sakyo Daio by successive owners since Tanemune).[16]..However, at this timePurposeOral proclamationFloated in the air at the Shoren-in Temple, which was trying to mediate this matter, and more than 80 years have passed since Masamune's death.Kyoho7 years(1722) From the Shoren-in Temple to the Sendai feudal lordDate YoshimuraBecause it was handed over to the Date clan and the Shoren-in monastery at the time of Kyoho, Masamune declined the emperor's intentions. It seems that he misunderstood that he could not communicate because of the war.)[17].

In April 14, Masamune ran for himself and surrounded Nihonmatsu Castle, and Hatakeyama was the owner.King MaruStand up and desperately resist. In July, a consensus was reached between Mr. Date and Mr. Ashina through the mediation of Yoshitane Soma, and the King Maru surrendered Nihonmatsu Castle and went into exile under Mr. Ashina in Aizu.As a result, Mr. Hatakeyama Nihonmatsu was virtually destroyed.After that, Masamune proceeded with a consensus with Mr. Satake and other princes of the South Oshu region, and once restored peace.However, when Ashina Kamewakamaru died suddenly at the age of three in November, Yoshishige Satake was his own child.義広Was supported by Ashina's head.However, while Yoshishige obtained consent for Yoshihiro's support from Mr. Yuki Shirakawa and Mr. Iwaki in advance, he did not give any notice to Masamune, who was supposed to have his younger brother Kojiro.Masamune, who saw this as Mr. Satake's intention to eliminate Mr. Date, decided to confront Mr. Satake in full.[18].

Tensho 15 (1587)June,Kanpaku-Hideyoshi ToyotomiFor the lords of Kanto and Oshu, especially Mr. Hojo in Kanto and Mr. Date in Oshu.Sociable order(Private war ban) was issued.However, Masamune ignored Hideyoshi's orders and continued the war.

Tensho 16 (1588) February, northMr. OsakiHe intervened in internal conflicts throughout the house and invaded 1 soldiers,Haru KurokawaWas defeated due to the separation of Osaki and the strong resistance of Osaki.Uncle who was strengthening the antipathy to MasamuneYoshimitsu MogamiParticipated in the war on the side of Yoshimitsu's brother-in-law, Osaki, and was attacked at the top of the Date territory (Battle of Osaki).At the same time, take advantage of the Battle of Osaki to the southern part of Date territoryMr. Nana・ Mr. Soma invades and is dropped (Battle of Koriyama).But on the Southern FrontAchievementSucceeded in arranging the Ouchi Sadatsuna, and on the Northern Front, the mother who broke with Mr. Mogami in May.YoshihimeThe war was stopped due to the begging of, and the posture was rebuilt. In July, a consensus was reached with Mr. Mogami and Mr. Ashina, and he escaped from the predicament and succeeded in securing the territory of Mr. Tamura, the parents' home of Megohime (Tamura punishment). Shows Kyojun to Toyotomi Hideyoshi through September[19]Hideyoshi sought a superiority in the first half of the 17th year of Tensho[20].

Tensho 17 (1589) On February 2, Masamune broke his left leg due to a fall and entered medical treatment.[Note 2]..In April, Tsunetaka Iwaki began invading Tamura territory, and Yoshitane Soma responded.Masamune, who healed his injuries, finally set out in May, but when he learned that Ashina's (younger brother of Ouchi Sadatsuna) had returned to Masamune, he turned around and headed for Aizu. From May to JuneAizu OfYoshihiroFight withMt. BandaisanI broke it at the foot of Suriagehara (Battle of Suriuehara).The defeated YoshihiroKurokawa CastleAbandoned and escaped to the Satake clan, where his parents' family, Ashina as a Sengoku daimyo, was destroyed.Around this time, Mr. Satake, who was reluctant to intervene in Oshu in compliance with the Sou Safe Order,Yoshichika Yuki・ Akimitsu Ishikawa, Tsunetaka Iwaki and others turned to Dategata one after another and belonged to Masamune, and they continued to resist.Mr. NikaidoEtc. were destroyed by Masamune.Hideyoshi revealed that he would be sent to Ou if he did not withdraw from Aizu, as he was rebelled against Kyojun and Sou.[22].

At this time Masamune is nowFukushima OfNakadori districtAizu area,andYamagata OfOkitama district,MiyagiIt occupies the southern part of Japan and has built one of the largest territorial scales in Japan.In addition to this, the aboveYuuki ShirakawaThe various powerful tribes in the inner part of the southern land, and the present northern part of Miyagi prefectureIwateMr. Osaki who controlled a part ofKasaiWas under the influence of Masamune[Note 3].

Odawara Battle and Toyotomi Administration

In November 17th, when Mr. Gohojo invaded the Sanada territory, Mr. Toyotomi decided to conquer it.Masamune has been around since the days of his father, Date TerumuneMr. GohojoBecause he was in an alliance with Hideyoshi, he was wondering whether to fight Hideyoshi or join Odawara until just before.

Hideyoshi's siege of Odawara (Odawara Seiji) In the 18th year of Tensho (1590) In May, under ToyotomiAsano NagamasaWas urged to join Odawara, and when Masamune left Aizu on May 5, he passed through Yonezawa and Oguni and became an ally.Uesugi KagekatsuEchigo and Shinano provinces, which are the territories ofKai countryI arrived at Odawara via.Considering the number of Hideyoshi's troops mobilized, Masamune belonged to Hideyoshi, and although Hideyoshi confiscated the Aizu territory, he was relieved of the Date clan's main territory of 72 stones (generally the territory at the time of the inheritance of the family).At this time, I came to the question of late arrivalMaeda ToshiieRaniSen no RikyuHe offered to receive tea instruction from Hideyoshi and others.It is said that this act was done by knowing Hideyoshi's flashy personality.Shortly after Masamune belonged to Hideyoshi,Hojo Ujimasa-HojoParent and child surrender to Hideyoshi, HideyoshiUtsunomiyaOshu(Utsunomiya) Was performed.Hideyoshi's unification of Japan was achieved here, but Masamune lost the territory of Aizu and was reduced to about 13 stones in 72 counties of Mutsu Dewa.thisUtsunomiyaIn the land ofSoyaHit the lineTokicho Nakamura[Note 4]It is said that he met with.

The following year, Tensho 19 (1591)Gamo Ujisatoと と も にKasai OsakiHowever, it is revealed that Masamune himself was inciting a riot.This originated from Ujisato's acquisition of a letter addressed to Ikki, which is said to have been "written by Masamune."Also, in Kyoto, it was rumored that Mrs. Masamune sent her hostage to Kyoto as a fake, and that Masamune's nobori and flags were erected in the castle where the riot was standing, and it reached Hideyoshi's ears. Was there.Masamune, who was summoned, went up and was allowed to explain to Hideyoshi that the letter of sedition was fake, but it was the base.Nagai-Nobuo-DateGiven 6 counties in Kasai and Osaki, which were devastated in a riot instead of 13 counties including, from 72 stones in Yonezawa CastleTamatsukuriIwadezawa Castle (castle nameIwadeyama CastleIt was reduced to 58 stones.Around this time, Hideyoshi gave him the surname of Hashiba, and Masamune called him "Hashiba Osaki Samurai" because Iwadeyama Castle, which was the base of the castle, was the former territory of Mr. Osaki.[26].

Bunroku2 years(1593), Hideyoshi'sThe role of BunrokuServe.The war costumes that Masamune customized to the Date clan's troops during his service were very gorgeous and became a rumor on the way to Kamiraku. There are records that it was an army of 3,000 or 1,500.It is said that the residents of Kyoto, who were quietly watching over the passage of other troops, cheered for the splendid military uniform of Date.Since then, he has pointed to people who like and dress flashy clothes.Dater(Dattemono) "[Note 5]Is told.On the Korean PeninsulaLightWhen the Japanese army built a castle on the southern coast of Korea during peace talks with him, he refused to provide troops from Hideyoshi and actively participated in the construction, even though he was exempted from the general contract.By the way, MasamuneThe role of KeichoHas not participated in.

After the second year of Bunroku, Nagamasa AsanoAgencyWith Date MasamuneToyotomi AdministrationHowever, in a letter dated August 5, 8th year of Bunroku, Masamune could not stand the attitude of Nagamasa and sent an insulation letter to declare a diplomatic relationship.[27]..Belonging to Hideyoshi from early onFive old peopleUnlike the daimyo who were chosen as the Daimyo, Masamune was the last daimyo to belong to, such as allied with Mr. Hojo and confronted with Hideyoshi, so it was not heavily used by the Toyotomi administration.

Bunroku 4 years (1595), Kampaku suspected of rebellion by HideyoshiToyotomi ShujiWas seppuku.The area around Masamune, who was close to Hideji, became tense, and at this time Mogami Yoshiaki's daughter, a maternal cousin,KomahimeHad just moved to Tokyo to become Hidetsugu's concubine, but was executed with Hideji's wife and children.Masamune was also suspected of being involved in the rebellion by Hideyoshi,Iyo countryI was about to be ordered to reduce the number of seals toKageyasu Yume-Muneyuki NakajimaIn the end, he was pardoned, partly because of his direct appeal.However, at the co-signing of 19 senior vassals in Tokyo, if Masamune is suspected of rebellion, he will immediately retire and pledge to take over the family reign to Hyogoro (Hidemune).

After Hideyoshi's death, Masamune and the Council of Five EldersTokugawa IeyasuBreaks the will of Hideyoshi, who was a world-renowned man,Keicho4 years(1599), Masamune's eldest daughterGoro HachihimeAnd the sixth son of IeyasuTadaki MatsudairaWas engaged.There is a theory that Ieyasu, Masamune, and other daimyo can't argue the pros and cons of a private marriage that violates the law, as long as the basic historical materials of the tradition are used as the authority.The settlement of this issue was settled without penalties, and it was not possible to operate it strictly because the law was not established, such as the existence of a will to replace the late Hideyoshi could not be clarified.The myth that Ieyasu's marginal problem is regarded as an illegal private marriage is unilateral and lacks objectivity.[28].

Battle of Sekigahara and the top team

5th year of Keicho after the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi1600), Ieyasu of AizuUesugi KagekatsuWhen the army of subjugation is launched, it will be protected by July 7th.Shiroishi CastleWas regained.Ieyasu has a chance to leave KinaiFive magistrates OfMitsunari IshidaRagaTerumoto MoriIeyasu, who had been heading north to Oyama, Shimotsuke Province (currently Tochigi Prefecture), returned to the west because he raised troops against Ieyasu as general general.The following month, Ieyasu confiscated Masamune at the time of the transfer of Mt. City Museum / Kura) is being sent.This is MasamuneSouthern interest rateIn order to obtain permission to invade the territory of Waga, Hiranuki, and Hei, Mr. Nanbu was urgently appealing to Ieyasu for being familiar with the Western Army. It was a thing.

September of the same year,Battle of SekigaharaOutbreak.Uesugi family Shigeomi of the Western ArmyNaoe KanetsuguWhen the army under the command of the eastern army invades the territory of the Mogami clan of the East Army (Keicho Dewa Battle), Masamune, who belonged to the East Army, received a request for help from Mr. Mogami and his uncleRusu MasakageDispatched 3,000 troops under the command ofOniniwa TsunamotoCaptured Katta-gun in the Uesugi territory[Note 6]..When the Battle of Sekigahara ended with the victory of the Tokugawa clan and Kanetsugu Naoe also lost to Mogami Yoshiaki and fled to Yonezawa, Masamune himself led his soldiers to recapture Date and Shinobu districts.Kunimi PassGo south beyond, on October 10thFukushima CastlemainShigecho HonjoClash with the army of.In the field battle of the representative of the palace, he went on a powerful reconnaissanceYoshikatsu DaihojiAlthough he defeated the Uesugi army under the command of (Shigenaga's child), in the subsequent Fukushima castle siege, he failed in the siege due to the strong defense of Shigenaga, and the supply line was cut off by the Uesugi army's separate team, so the next day Withdrew to (so-called military records of posterity)Battle of MatsukawaModel).

After this, he sent troops to capture Fukushima Castle several times until around the spring of the following year, but in the end he could not recover from the failure of the beginning of the war and was able to recapture the old 6 counties.MutsuKarita-gunThere were only 2 stones.In addition, Masamune occurred in the southern territoryTadachika WagaIncites a riot byMuneo ShiraishiIt was discovered that they had invaded 4,000 soldiers in the southern territory to support their loyal parents.Ikki Iwasaki).Although this case was finally unquestioned, all the additions of Masamune's desired prizes were rejected, and the territory became 60 stones (later).Omi countryHitachi countryIn a small territoryEnclaveWith the addition of 2 stones, it will be 62 stones).

Sendai Kaifu and Keicho Mission to Europe

After the Battle of Sekigahara, Masamune, who obtained permission from Ieyasu Tokugawa, was in Keicho 6 (XNUMXth year of Keicho).1601), The castleSendaiMoved tocityAnd started construction of the castle town.Date Masamune is the ancestor hereSendai DomainWas born.Kokudaka 62stoneIs KagaMaeda, SatsumaShimazuIt is the third largest in Japan after Ieyasu (however, initially, Ieyasu's second son,Hideyasu YukiAs the feudal lordFukui DomainSince there were 67 stones, it is not the third place in the whole country).The Tokugawa Shogunate gave him the surname of Matsudaira and named him "Mutsu Matsudaira".[29].

Sendai Castle TheYamashiroAlthough it is a defense that uses the natural terrain, the castle town of Sendai is a full-scale development, so it was a major construction that mobilized a total of 100 million people.Forty-eight pavilions were set up and vassals were placed under the rule of the domain.

Masamune is with the Sendai DomainEspana18th year of Keicho (Pacific trade)1613), In Sendai territory, Espanaking-フ ェ リ ペ 3 世Envoy ofSebastian VizcainoWith the cooperation ofGalleon-San Juan BautistaWas built.When Masamune got the approval of Ieyasu,Louis SoteroWas appointed as a diplomatic envoy, and a vassalHasekura180 people in a rowNueva Espana(メキシコ), Espana, andRomeDispatched to (Keicho Eurasian Embassy).

Keicho 8 years (1603) After that, there will be more relationships with the Bakushin.The approach to the Bakushin was a part of gathering information, and he was crushed by various gifts and worked hard at banquets, songs, tea ceremonies, Noh spectacles, etc.[30].

Keicho 18 years (1613)Takada CastleThe letter sent from Masamune, who was in Echigo Province, to Megohime for the purpose of making a contract, talks about the seasonal feeling of spring and autumn, the vegetation of natural nature, and Kacho Fugetsu, based on the sense of impermanence of Buddhism. The wording is noble, such as quoting "Pillow grass child" and "Takashi grass" and ending with a phrase of "Hana no En" in "Genji Monogatari".It turns out that the couple was far from being estranged, but rather a relationship that conveys a complicated image.[31].

Osaka team

Keicho 19 years (1614)ofOsaka winter teamIn (the role of Osaka), he was appointed as the Yamatoguchi front.After the consensus was reached, the Date Army will be in charge of the outer moat reclamation work.In December of that year, from Shogun HidetadaIyo countryUwa-gunWas given a territory, and later by Hidemune, the eldest sonUwajima DomainBecame a clan of.The following year, in the Siege of Osaka in the 20th year of Keicho,Battle of DomyojiMotoji GotoI fought with them.Mototsugu is in the Date clanKatakura ShigenagaIt is said that he was injured and suicided after being attacked by.The Yamato front, which destroyed the Goto corps at Komatsuyama, a key point at Domyojiguchi, advances troops to Honor Tamura, but here the Date corpsNobushige Sanada(Yukimura) was forced to retreat in response to the counterattack.On the other handMizuno KatsunariHas repeatedly requested Masamune to re-attack Sanada's corps, but Masamune refused all of this due to lack of ammunition and injuries to soldiers, and finally Masamune himself went to Katsunari's team and refused the request. ..For this reason, Yukimura is relaxed.Osaka CastleHe turned back and ridiculed, "Although it seems to be one million in the Kanto region, there is no Han dynasty."

In addition, during the battle in Masamune Village, Masamune slaughtered three members of the Mizuno clan and robbed the Mizuno clan's horse, but Katsunari ambushed Masamune's army and killed the soldiers and regained the horse.However, Masamune did not disagree with this.[32].

According to one theory, the following May 5thBattle of TennojiMasamune marched to Senbaguchi andAll AkashiMizuno Katsushige who was engaged with the corpsJimbo AishigeIt is said that about 300 people were killed on their side (there is a theory that it occurred at the Battle of Domyoji on the 6th).The Jinbo corps was wiped out, and Aimo himself was killed and his vassals protested Masamune through Masaru Mizuno and others, but Masamune reopened and said, "Because the Jinbo corps was completely destroyed by the Akashi corps, to prevent my army from being involved in this. I had no choice but to dispose of it. There is no distinction between enemy and ally in Date's military law "(" "Vol. XNUMX).

Immediately after this, this rumor generated various interests and speculations, and in the storybook ("Namba Senki"), the theory that the Goto corps was shooting at the resting Jimbo corps without telling them, and the ally with jealousy There is also a theory that says.However, there is no record that Masamune was accused of this case, and the record of the Shogunate ("Hiromasa Shigeo's family history』) Also states that" (Jimbo Aishige) will fight hard and die ", and hearsay that the shogunate silently killed the protest in consideration of Masamune, or that the Mizuno clan had a tail fin. It is possible that there was a possibility (for details)Jimbo AishigeSee section).

The second son of Sanada Yukimura, who became an enemy in this battle.Sanada Morinobu,Nagasokabe MorikachiSistersAkohimeAnd his sonShibata AsahiServed the Date clan.

Late years

After the world settled down, I focused exclusively on the development of the territory, and laterSadayama moatと 呼 ば れ るcanalHas been maintained.Kitakami RiverThe watershed was organized and cultivated to create a breadbasket that continues to the present day.As a result, the Sendai Domain secured an agricultural output equivalent to 62 stones (Kanei Sokenchi), while the surface height was 74 stones.Culturally, we actively introduced the upper culture, invited engineers and carpenters, and created a style that added the characteristics of northern countries to the majestic splendor characteristic of Momoyama culture.National treasure OfOsaki Hachiman Shrine,Zuiyoji Temple,AlsoShiogama Shrine,Mutsu-Kokubunji YakushidoI left a building such as.Furthermore, an engineer living in OmiKawamura SonbeiAt the mouth of the Kitakami RiverIshinomaki PortWas provided.As a result, the sea route from Ishinomaki through the Kitakami River basin water transportEdoRiceThe system to export is ready.Sendai rice was exported to Edo from 9, and at its peak, it was described in "Enka Gold Rush" as "Ima Edo one-third is Oshu rice."

When Ieyasu diedTadaki MatsudairaBecame a reformer, and the eldest daughter who was married to TadateruGoro HachihimeDivorced and returned to his parents' house.Japanese spirit uproarThen, a confrontation with Hidemune, who was the lord of the Uwajima domain, caused a turmoil involving the shogunate, and at one point Masamune offered to return the Uwajima domain to the shogunate, but later settled.Masamune is the third generationTokugawa IemitsuI served until that time,KaneiIemitsu in 12Change of attendanceWhen he promulgated the system and stated that he would treat various daimyo as vassals in the future, Masamune went ahead and offered to subdue Masamune if he was against his life, so no one could oppose it. lost.Iemitsu has 10 for self-defense by Date MasamunematchlockGave[33]..During the reign of Iemitsu, most of the warlords who were actually running around the battlefield had died, but Masamune worked hard without failing to visit Edo even as he grew older, so Iemitsu became Masamune. Was called "Date's Father" and was longing for it.It is said that he was sometimes begged by Iemitsu to tell old stories of the Warring States period, such as memories and battles with Hideyoshi and Ieyasu.

Masamune was concerned about his health,Kanei11 years(1634) Around that time, I started complaining of poor physical condition such as loss of appetite and difficulty in swallowing.On April 13, 1636, Masamune strolled around the castle after finishing the ceremony of the Hoharuin to mourn his mother Yoshihime, and put up a cane on Keigamine and said, "Burial here after death." ..That is laterZuihodenIs[33].. Masamune, who departed for a change of attendance on the 2th, two days later, suddenly worsened his condition, and in Koriyama where he stayed, he was unable to eat anything due to vomiting due to difficulty swallowing. By the time he entered Edo on the 20th, he was fasting and had swelling in his abdomen.Iemitsu went to Masamune to push his illness to the Date clan on May 28st.Upper houseI went to visit Masamune.Masamune went to Gyozui to prepare himself and welcomed Iemitsu.However, when I returned to the back after the appearance, I had to go on while resting many times, relying on the cane.[33].

May 5, the time of the rabbit (24 am) died.Year-round70 (death 68 years old).Cause of deathEsophageal cancer(Esophageal cardia cancer) and cancerousperitonitisHas been determined to be a complication of[33].. Befitting the name of "Dateo", he was willing to not show his wife and children to death at the time of his death. On May 5thDate TadamuneInheritance to the deceased was allowed.The body isBandageIt was put in a wooden coffin as it was, packed with mercury, lime, and salt for antiseptic treatment, placed in a basket, and returned to Sendai on June 6 by the Daimyo procession as it was during his lifetime.Martial deathWhoVassal15 person,陪 虪Five people.The shogunate ordered people to mourn on the 5th in Edo and the 7rd in Kyoto.This was unusual outside of the three families.

ResignationThe phrase is "Go ahead of the moon of the unclouded heart and illuminate the darkness of the floating world. "


Origin of the eyepatch

In the portrait of Masamune, the right eye blinded by smallpox is cloudy and wide open, and the healthy left eye is wider open.There is also a portrait in which the right eye is drawn black according to Masamune's wishes during his lifetime.Also, from Masamune's idea that "even if I lost it due to illness, it is unfortunate that I lost one eye from my parents", the wooden statues and paintings made after death have both eyes slightly smaller. Has been done.

In fiction where Masamune appears, he often wears an eyepatch, but in reality, various records that actually exist do not seem to cover his eyes.[34]..The custom of an actor acting as Masamune covering his right eye with a sword-shaped eyepatch when acting began in the 1942 movie "Date Masamune".[35].

In recent years, some works do not cover the right eye[Note 7]However, the sword-shaped eyepatch has become synonymous with Masamune in his creations, and the 2016 TV drama "Sanadamaru』Adopted an eclectic idea of ​​white bandages as" I do not know who "while emphasizing historical evidence[36].

Origin of "single-eyed dragon"

Date Masamune is nicknamed "Solitary Dragon" by Confucian scholars in the late Edo period.Yori SanyoIt goes back to the Chinese poetry given by[37]..After the death of SanyoTempo12 years(1841), One of the 15 heads of "Sanyo Jueju" contained in "Sanyo's Manuscript" has the title of Masamune.First year of Tenpo (1830) Is said to be the work.

Hideki Yokomaki

Meat leg back

Nakahara Waka uncollected cloud rain

Hebei Satoshi Dokoku Ryu

An English-style lonely person who lays down a maki
It occurs on the back of the meat and holds the army
Nakahara also hasn't stopped the cloud rain yet
Hebei all return single-eyed dragon
Annotation by Yasushi Ito "Annotation of Sanyo's Manuscript Poetry"
Translated by Ranjo Ichi and Ito Yoshizo Note "Rai Sanyo Shisho" Iwanami Shoten <Iwanami Bunko>, 1944

"Single-eyed dragon" was originally from ChinaAt the end of the dynasty, he was one of the chiefs of the warlords who were assigned to various places, and was touted as the strongest military among them.Li KeyongIt is the name of.For example, "Shiji TsushoVolume 255 says, "All the generals are afraid of this. It's a squint at a glance. Tokito, this is called a monocular dragon."However, the kanji "Makoto" has the meaning of "one eye cannot be seen" and the meaning of "one eye is smaller than the other", and it is not clear which one was Li Keyong.It belongs to Sanyo's poetic originality that the one-eyed Date Masamune was dared to be compared to Li Keyong.

The phrase "Maki" is "Hoko (halberd)", and Wei'sCao Cao Battle of the Red WallBased on the legend that the weapon was put under the armpit and the poem was given in front ofNorthern Song Dynasty OfSu ShiIs based on the fact that he praised him as a hero of the first generation by singing "Former Ode on the Wall" as "Sake Rinko, Yokomaki Fu, Yuya Koichisei".It is said that Masamune is the only hero in Japan who excels in both literary and military arts comparable to Cao Cao.

The phrase is also a hero of the Three KingdomsRyu-biBased on the story of "Mourning of the flesh", it is said that such a hero Masamune also began to mourn the fact that he had become sick with the arrival of peace.

The phrase "ZhongyuanIsYellow RiverRefers to the middle basin, the capital of TangChang'an・ Vice capitalLuoyangIs an area that includes ancient timesYindynasty·weekIt has prospered as the center of Chinese civilization since the dynasty.At that time, a warlord who was a lifelong enemy for Li KeyongZhu QuanzhongWas under the control of.Zhu Wen later robbed the Tang dynasty of the throne and his own dynastyLater LiangTo establish.Here, it is a metaphor for the Kinki region of Japan as a center of politics, economy, and culture. "Cloud rain" is a metaphor for war.

The conclusion "Kahoku" is the currentHebei ProvinceThe area on the north side of the Yellow River, not the land of Li Keyong, is the home of Li Keyong (currently Shinyang).Shanxi ProvinceTaiyuan City) Was north of the Yellow River with respect to Zhongyuan.Here is a metaphor for the Tohoku region of Japan.If Nakahara's war does not end, that is,Oda Nobunaga,Hideyoshi HashibaSanyo regrets that Masamune was "born late", saying that the entire Tohoku region must have been under the control of Masamune if the unification of the world had not progressed so rapidly. ..

In addition, Masamune is a one-eyed performer.満海The legend that it is the rebirth of a superior is said to be in the last years of Keicho during the lifetime of Masamune, at the latest in Keicho 19 (1614) Was known[38].

Feud with younger brother

The 4th feudal lord of the Sendai domain during the Edo periodDate Tsunamura"The great-grandson of Masamune" made "Date Haruie record], He was about to be poisoned by Yoshihime, who was tempted by his brother Mogami Yoshiaki before joining Odawara.Date KojiroIt is written that Yoshihime fled to her parents' house because she killed her, and this was a popular theory.However, in reality, Yoshihime has remained in the Date clan since then, and mothers and children have been intimately exchanging letters since Masamune's dispatch to Korea.Yoshihime is my parents' houseYamagata CastleIt has already become clear from the primary sources that it was four years later that he suddenly went out.[39](Detail isYoshihimereference).The true identity of this "attempted poisoning case" is also a madness theory for the elimination of anti-political denominations.

Loyalty to the Tokugawa family

The third shogun Iemitsu is from KyotoNijo CastleWhen he went to Japan, he gave Date a total of purple horses that were not allowed even by the three families.When Masamune went to bed, he arranged for a doctor and had temples and shrines in Edo pray for healing, and Iemitsu himself came to visit him three days before his death.When Masamune died, he mourned more than when his father Hidetada died, and was banned from killing and playing for seven days in Edo and three days in Kyoto.

1628(Kanei 5th year) On March 3, MasamuneTokugawa HidetadaWas invited to the Edo mansion of the Sendai domain to serve.At this time, Masamune himself carried the set in front of Hidetada, but at that time Hidetada's aideNaito MasashigeHowever, he said, "I want Date-den to taste taster."Masamune responded by saying, "I have been told that I can't say anything about it. Masamune's person will go up the table by himself. It was 10 years ago, and even XNUMX years ago, that poisoning the Hanakizo Gozen was done with poison over the Japanese god. I never dreamed that I should kill and serve. "It's a taster," he said in a rage.In other words, XNUMX years ago1618In (4th year of Genna), he was willing to rebel (because the foundation of the Tokugawa Shogunate was not yet rock solid), but even then, Masamune did not do anything like poisoning, but with a spear. He is harshly rebuking Masamune for trying to fight.

Fame in Europe

Hasekura TsunenagaEspanaDuring the military alliance negotiations with the Kingフ ェ リ ペ 3 世"Masamune has power, and he is a brave man who admits that he should be an emperor," he said.

Hasekura Tsunenaga also had an audience with the Pope.The historical fact that the Japanese of this era had an audience with the Pope was a remarkable achievement in the history of Japanese diplomacy, and it is still in Spain.Coria del RioThere are people who are presumed to be descendants of the Sendai domain who stayed in the area.They give their surname "Hapon" which means "Japan"[40].

World trade-in ambition

According to the military memorial "Tooku Laozi Night Story", Masamune will fight with the Shogunate army for the world, and the decisive battle with the Shogunate army will be called "Sendai Gojin's touch and internal test". It is said that he was planning an exercise on the map, that is, a strategy, in preparation for the event.Specifically, the Natori River will be artificially destroyed to flood the Sendai Plain, and the Shogunate forces to avoid the water will be invited to Mt. Aoba, where Sendai Castle is built, Mt. Dainenji, and Mt.With the abundant funds saved in the Oshu rice distribution, the Ronin were mercenaryized and organized, and the exhausted Shogunate army was pursued to Edo and won.

  • After the fall of Osaka Gojin in the second year of Genna.At Sendai Dema no Yu, the camp is on display.At this time, Mr. Sadayama (Masamune) for the internal examination.The wives and children in the house are taken away.NowSendai RiverAt the upper side of Fujitsuka Kaoru, he placed his finger on the cough at Fujitsuka.Mima is exposed from Gourabayashi to Sunaoshi.The southern mountain of the Tanegashima Yakuzo.The flag is laid on Nikamine.At the internal test with the opponent.To the land from the phalanx and the back forest.You can see the weather.
    (Sendai River (currentNatori River) To flood the southern part of Sendai to prevent the advance of the Shogunate army, and to lure the Shogunate army into a narrow area to intercept it, while instigating a group of people behind the Shogunate army and disturbing the rear. )
  • Underwrite a large army.Gokaimeyuki Goichi.By any chanceOn the right is a written note.Mima is invaded to Yokogawa muscle.The place and the declaration that it takes.Natural fate is also unlucky.At the end of the dayZuiyoji TempleIt's okay to collect it at the Bodhisattva.
    (If Masamune was defeated by the Shogunate army, he intended to commit suicide at Zuiganji Temple in Matsushima.) — Excerpt from "Tooku Laozi Night Story"

Religious Faith

Be a teacherRinzai sectMyoshinji TempleHigh priest of the schoolToraya SotsuIn addition to being influenced by Myoshinji Temple and becoming a Dadanetsu, at the recommendation of TorayaMatsushimaZuiganji Enfukuzenji Temple (Revived Enfukuji Temple)Zuiyoji Temple), And the temple prospered throughout the Edo period under the patronage of the Date clan.It is said that he prayed for victory at Daisenji Temple and changed the issue to Zenshoji Temple because he actually won.[41].. laterTsunamuneIs named after Furihime in the concubineKoshoji TempleIt has been changed.


He had various hobbies, and in the Taihei era, he was devoted to these and did not waste even one day in his later years, so in posterityCultural personIt is also evaluated as.


at firstMilitary resourcesDevelopment is the main focus, and Iwadeyama's specialtyFrozen tofuAnd natto (Zunda) Was developed after Masamune's research.Sendai CastleFortificationOn the occasionmiso"Goensogura" was built in the castle to manufactureChikushi countryCalled craftsmen fromSendai misoIs considered to be the beginning of[42][43].misoThis is said to be the first time that a large-scale production system has been established.

After the end of the Warring States period, the demand for troops decreased,DiningI changed my purpose to mastering cooking and continued my cooking research.

In "Date Masamune's Famous Words"A feast is to casually serve seasonal dishes, cook them yourself, and entertain them.Masamune's view of cooking is left behind.This maxim impressed many posterity cooks regardless of Japanese, Western, or Chinese, and in addition to Miyagi Cooking and Confectionery College, which is based on the Date clan's brewery.Hattori Nutrition CollegeIt is also quoted in the school lessons.From Masamune's passion for cooking, there is a theory that today's Sendai specialty is the idea of ​​Masamune.Zunda-an,Bamboo fish pasteIs a typical example, but Sasa Kamaboko is said to have been born in the middle of the Edo period according to the materials of the Miyagi Prefectural Fisheries Experimental Station.

liqueurI also like it very muchMunenori YagyuWe invited the craftsmen introduced in the article to build a brewery (liquor store) in Sendai Castle.[44]He didn't seem to be strong in alcohol, so he broke his promise to meet with Hidetada, the second shogun, due to a hangover (he pretended to be a false illness). There are many failure stories involved.


I've been learning since I was youngcanIn addition to making Oku Kosho a disciple of a taiko master, he himself plays taiko in front of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Iemitsu.It is said that in his later years, the cost of using Noh was more than 3 stones a year.Kita Shichitayu NaganoAlthough he made efforts to avoid closing the gate, he also caused troubles such as bringing back the actor who returned because of poor performance and ordering to start over.

When Hideyoshi held a poetry in Yoshino and the warlords wrote poetry, Masamune was the most familiar with waka poetry.These 5 necks are left by hand[45]..Regarding poetry talentRyotaro ShibaIn the short story "Shonen on Horseback", "As a famous military commander in history, ancient ChinaCao CaoIt is also comparable to the two, and the fact that their poetic spirit is not reflected in their politician side is also common to them. "

tea ceremonyDevoted toFuruta OribeHe is also a tea master who learned from.In his later years, he accompanied Shogun Hidetada and Iemitsu's tea party.

IncenseI also like it, and I have an autographed incense record.[46].

Chinese poetryHe is also familiar with the game, and is especially famous for the "Drunk Catchphrase" that he left behind in his later years.

Horse-riding boy over-the-top white hair many remnants heavenly forgiveness (written text) Horse-riding boy over-the-top with many white hair lingering heavenly forgiveness Two thousand

The first three phrases can be interpreted as "I ran through the battlefield on a horse when I was young, but the world became flat and I had more gray hair. Although the remaining life given to heaven remains." The last phrase is "Don't have fun, what should I do?" Or "Don't have fun, what should I do?" There are two different lessons and interpretations.It is possible that Masamune himself made it so that both could be taken, but it is a big mystery left by Masamune.


Momoyama cultureThe architecture and armor (Sendai body) are affected.

Regarding the calligraphyYuhitsuI often wrote by myself without relying on.In addition to official texts, many books such as contact with vassals, thank-you notes, and hobby records remain in modern times.[46][47][48][49].Monogram TheWagtailHowever, he made a hole in the eye part with a needle, and insisted that there was no hole in the Kao of the secret book, which is said to have instigated the rebellion, and made Hideyoshi admit that it was a forged document.Since he was excellent in writing, the truth is unknown because he uses multiple Kao properly depending on the relationship with the other party.In a letter informing his vassals of the situation when he first met Hideyoshi, he wrote a correction saying that Kao was wrong.[45].

It is said that he also liked paintingShiogama CityAn autographed painting is preserved in the old house of[50].

Japanese swordaboutShokudaikiri Mitsutada,Hiromitsu Ogurikara,Kokugoku line,TsurumaruIn addition to collecting various famous swords,KnifemanThe first Sendai national package[51] TheMasatoshi EchinakaI was putting effort into learning from.However, it is said that it was treated as a political item such as a symbol of the Date clan or a gift, not just a work of art.[52].

Health law

The regimen has changed, and one side of the kotatsu was opened in winter.Even if I woke up early in the morning, I was particular about not getting up until the person on the side went to wake me up on time.I was always concerned about my physical health.

Smoker, regularly 3 times daily after waking up, noon, before sleeptobacco(At that time, I took cigarettes as a medicine).For relics, favoriteSmoke tubeThere is (Kiseru).

Date Masamune Five Confucian Training

Since the Meiji era, what is said to be the lesson of Date Masamune has been disseminated as a myth.

These are from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji eraMito Mitsukuni,HayashikodairaAs a lesson of Date Masamune, the first volume of the 27th volume of "Kokoso Magazine" in XNUMX, "Sendai Komon Masamune's lesson", is included in the historical materials related to Date. I can't find any basis[53].


  • Kunimune DateIn "Date Family History Story" written by (a direct descendant of Masamune)Emperor MeijiSaid Masamune, "I learned the path of a military commander, was familiar with academics, and ordered negotiations with consideration for foreign circumstances. A military commander who excels in Bunbu is really Masamune." Has been done.
  • "Wolong Plum" in Kyogamine Historical Park was opened in 54.1979) Was transplanted from the site of Wakabayashi Castle when the Zuihoden was rebuilt.MasamuneDaihiganji TempleIt was in the garden when I visited Hideo, a younger brother who was in the mountains as a disciple of the 13th Kaiho.白萩I like it and want it, and instead give Wolongume to Daihiganji Temple ("I'll leave it to Sokake, leave it to the folds, and proceed with Kosode Ichi. I've come to the meeting, and I've met my dreams. Even though I'm innocent, the white Hagi in the garden is even more spectacular, and I'm hoping for it. It's a sign. It's a sign with a grace sound. Awesome words Matsudaira Rikuokumori August Hiroshi Kao Higanji Temple in the same inn. ").
  • Meiwa7 years(1770) In the military memoir "Date Secret" written by Sendai Domain Mikio Date, he was engaged in separation and incitement work under Masamune.Black shin width groupThere was a group of ninjas.The name of a real vassal of Date is borrowed from the names of people related to the Kuroshimi-gumi, but there is no description of the name Kuroshimi-gumi or a similar group in the first-class historical materials.
  • There is a small species of eggplant called Date Masamune, named after Masamune's childhood name.It is a variety developed by crossing Kubota eggplant and Sendai Naga eggplant mainly by Yonezawa City Agricultural Cooperative. It is said to be resistant to diseases and of good quality, and when pickled, it turns bright blue.YonezawaThen, it is often made at home as a summer tradition.
  • 2018 OfMiss WorldDate Masamune, who was selected to represent Japan, is the 21st generation of Masamune's direct line.Descendants[54].

Official position history


The Date clan has often relocated their headquarters from ancient times, but during the Masamune era, the number of relocations was the highest due to the expansion of the territory and the relationship with the Toyotomi and Tokugawa administrations.

  1. Yonezawa Castle(YamagataYonezawa) --Tensho 12 (1584) -Tensho 17 (1589)
  2. Kurokawa Castle(Fukushima PrefectureAizuwakamatsu) --Tensho 17 (1589) -Tensho 18 (1590)
  3. Yonezawa Castle-Tensho 18 (1590) -Tensho 19 (1591)
  4. Iwadeyama Castle(MiyagiOsaki) --Tensho 19 (1591) -Keicho 5 (1601)
  5. Sendai Castle(Miyagi PrefectureSendai cityAoba-ku) --Keicho 5th year (1601) -Kanei 4th year (1627)
  6. Wakabayashi Castle(Sendai, Miyagi PrefectureWakabayashi Ward) --Kanei 4th year (1627) -Kanei 13th year (1636)






Cemetery / relics


The graveyardSendai cityAoba-kuUnder the sacred houseZuihoden(Zuihoden).. others,Rank Wakabayashi WardAramachi OfShodenanMatsushima Town OfZuiyoji TempleKyotoKyoto CityMyoshinji TempleTowerHantoinAs a god in Aobamachi, Aoba-kuAoba ShrineIt is enshrined in.Also, the memorial tomb is like other daimyo.KoyasanIt is in the inner temple.

Zuihoden was built by Date Tadamune in the 14th year of Kanei after Masamune's death.1637) It was erected in October.Showa6 years(1931) OldNational treasureIt was designated as, but in 20 (XNUMX)1945) Was burnt down in the war, and the current Zuihoden was in 54.1979) Was rebuilt by Sendai City.

Prior to reconstruction, 49 (1974) Was excavated, and the height was 159.4 cm (average height at that time) from the academic survey of the ashes, and from the hair of the ashes.Blood TypeWas found to be type B.Periodontal diseaseAll but the left and right canines of the upper jaw were missing.Tensho17 years(1589), Which seems to have been when he fell in Yonezawa and broke his bone.fibulaTraces of fractures were also found[57]..Also, as a burial itemTadao,armor,MakieWas givenSuzuri-bako,pencil, Sundial and magnet, flash mirror,Smoke tube, Silver pendant, golden brooch (Rosary), Etc., about 30 points have been confirmed[58].


  • Black lacquer five-piece toseigusoku (Sendai City MuseumCollection) --A jet-black armor helmet with a large crescent moon on the placket[59]

Works on the theme of Date Masamune

Short story
Reading novel
  • "Ask for the story and historic sites of Date Masamune" (Author:Yutaro Takeuchi
  • "The man who tossed Hideyoshi and Ieyasu Date Masamune" (Author:Tsutomu Hasegawa
  • "Date Masamune-Unknown Real Image" ("History Date Masamune") (Author:Tetsuo Owada
Biography for children
  • "Date Masamune, the Sengoku Period" (Author:Takuya Hamano
  • "Japanese in the Storm Series 14 Date Masamune" (Author:Yoshihiro Matsunaga
  • "Date Masamune Reader" (Author: Date Masamune Reader Editorial Board)
TV drama
  • "History Group Image Series 19 Date Masamune [Ambition and Roar of a Single-eyed Dragon]" (Gakken
  • "History group image series [Sengoku] selection Date Masamune [Summary of male material of the dragon with a single eye]" (Gakken)
  • "History close-up person Date Masamune's last Sengoku daimyo monocular dragon's ability and ambition" (World Culture
  • "The ancestors who made history Weekly 100 people in Japan No.007 Date Masamune ”(DeAGOSTINI


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