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🎥 | Kenichi Endo reveals the evolution of "The Supporting Actors" treatment "Ren Osugi is also surprised"


Kenichi Endo reveals the evolution of "The Supporting Actors" treatment "Ren Osugi is also surprised"

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Finally, Matsushige said, "During the TV series, Ren Osugi suddenly disappeared from us and I couldn't believe it. It's been three years now, but I still can't believe it.

The first day stage greeting of the movie "By Players-What if 100 supporting characters make a movie-" (released on April 4) is 9 ... → Continue reading

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Ren Osugi

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Ren Osugi(Osugi Ren,1951〈Showa26 years>May 9[2] - 2018〈Heisei30 years>May 2[3]) IsJapan OfAn actor,talent..His real name is Takashi Osugi.[4].TokushimaKomatsushimaBackground[5].Meiji UniversityDropout[4].. Height 178 cm, weight 72 kg[2].Blood TypeIs B type.ZaccoBelongs. The eldest sonPhotographers OfShunpei Osugi[1]..Another name is "Man with 300 faces""Chameleon actor'[6][7].



1951May 9,TokushimaKomatsushimaGrowing up in an educator's home. The youngest of four siblings[8].. Mother is京都 OfGinkakuji TempleWas by the side ofBoarding houseDaughter, 3 years older than her fatherUnnie wifewas.My fatherKyoto UniversityI lived in the boarding house while I was in school, and at that time I became friends and tied up.[9][10]..My father is 38 years oldKomatsushima City Komatsushima Junior High School Ofhead teacherSelected forTokushima Prefectural Komatsushima Nishi High School,Tokushima Prefectural Tomioka East High School,Tokushima Prefectural Joto High SchoolServed as the principal of[8][9]..I also gave a commemorative lecture when Komatsushima Junior High School celebrated its 2016th anniversary in 70 because my father was the principal of Komatsushima Junior High School.[11].. At the age of 12, my father transferred to Tokushima Prefectural Tomioka Higashi High School, and on the same siteTea ceremony clubAnd girlsDormitoryMove to the principal's official residence in between. Lived there for 4 years[9]..Therefore, until the 5th grade of elementary schoolKomatsushima City Chiyo Elementary SchoolEnrolled in, 6th grade elementary schoolTomioka Elementary School, In junior high schoolTomioka Junior High SchoolIt means that he was enrolled in. At the age of 16, my father was transferred to Tokushima Prefectural Joto High School, and the family moved to the official residence of Joto High School.And myselfTokushima Prefectural Johoku High SchoolGo on to school and graduate[12].

Encounter with theatrical company activities

1970 eraWas popular withYukio Ninagawa,Shuji Terayama,KarajuroIn 1973, he attended the theater magazine "New playWas published inShogo OtaImpressed by the article, I applied for an advertisement for recruiting members of the theater company in Ota and was hired as a trainee.[4]..When applyingMeiji UniversityDropped out[4]..June of the same year, at the age of 6Minoru BetsuyakuHe made his stage debut in the role of "Customer A who comes to buy a whore" in the work "Mon".[4].. Entered the transformation theater founded by Shogo Ota at the age of 1974 in 23.[13]..Starting from "silence drama", which is performed by walking quietly on the stage without dialogue[13], Started full-scale activities as a stage actor, and devoted himself to activities at the transformation theater.The theater's performance "Komachi Fuden"Kishida Drama AwardHas been awarded[14].

Shimozumi era

In 1980New toho movie OfPink movieDebuted as a movie actor in "Bondage Sacrifice"[4][15].Nikkatsu romantic pornAnd began to actively appear in pink movies such as Shintoho movie.

In 1983, directed by Yojiro Takita, "Continuous rapeWas evaluated for his acting ability and won the Pink Ribbon Award for Best Actor at the "ZOOM-UP Film Festival" of the same year.[4]..Also, in 1984,Suo MasayukiDirector'sOzu movieRespect work "Perverted family brother's wife』, 33 years old at that time[4] Osugi played the role of an old man over 60 years old, and his acting crazy in the tranquility and his unique relationship with Kaoru Kaze were highly evaluated.After that, he appeared in many pink movies, but in 1988Shuji KataokaWith the director's "Subway Serial Rape: Mistress Hunting" at the end, he devoted himself to activities in the transformation theater, ahead of appearing in a pink movie.[4].

However, the transformation theater was disbanded in 1988.[14]..Osugi lost his base of activity at the age of 37,Akio MiyazawaAppearance in works and works by Shogo Ota,Ryo IwamatsuIn the workNaoto TakenakaHe continued to work in the theater world, including collaborations with.

A turning point as an actor

After 1989, he wanted to enter the movie world again, but he couldn't find the role he wanted.V cinemaHe continued to make a lot of appearances and secure income.

Entering the 40s, as part of various steps upTakeshi KitanoBy the directorSonatine』(1993) auditioned and passed despite being late[4][16]..However, what was initially given was a mere phone number of the Yakuza office, which was a minor role without a line in the script, but in response to Takeshi's instruction to "do everything with ad lib", Osugi played the collection of loan sharks. Takeshi was impressed with the performance of "Umeena, this person", and when he rewrote the script and made the role bigger, he said "I did well until the end".[17]..The acting in this work was a turning point and gained popularity as one of the acting groups in the movie world.[4][18].SATURDAYDirector'sBullet runnerIn 1997, the day after his appearance, the director's "Postman Bruce"soOsaka Film Festival-Hochi Film AwardAwarded. From 1998 to 1999, director Takeshi Kitano's "HANA-BI],Kentaro OtaniDirector "Abeck Montmari",Yoichi SaiDemonstrated his ability in the director's "Dog, Running DOG RACE" etc.1999The name became widely recognized as he won many domestic movie awards for supporting actors and increased his appearance as a leading actor and cast in TV dramas in addition to movies.

After that, a person who lives at the bottom of society from a group of great people,public securityFrom a detectiveSystem disruptor, From a solid office workerホ ー ム レ ス, From the principal to the yakuza, from the good person to the narrow person, from the sincere father / husband to the decadent bad middle-aged, from the psycho-colored abnormal personality reminiscent of mental abnormalities[13]・ Playing various roles, including erotic characters,Man with 300 faces[4][19]Get nicknames such as "Chameleon".After that,Tomoe Takahashi,Nakamura Genji,Suo Masayuki,Youjiro Takita,Kiyoshi Kurosawa,Kazuyuki Izutsu,Ryuichi HirokiFrom directors from pink movies such as Takeshi Kitano, SABU, Toshiyuki Suzuki,Isomura Ichiji,Takashi Komatsu,Takashi Miike,Masayuki OchiaiHe has appeared in many directorial works in the Japanese film industry.

He also cooperated with young filmmakers.At that timeNiigataIn response to a project proposal by director Genta Tadashi, who was only one high school student, an amateur self-produced short film "Black canary』As the leading role, appearing with a small reward,Waseda UniversityとKeio UniversityAppeared in the self-produced movie "Mogera Wogura" centered on students from Japan.

From the movieNHK taiga drama,NHK serial TV novel,2-hour drama, V-cinema,Indies, DocumentaryNarration, Appeared in various genres, including variety shows, foreign films in Asia, and domestic and foreign collaborative films.There were many of them, and they were doing extremely energetic activities as a representative of supporting players.[20].

From XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayBS FujiFor the first time inCrown programBecomeTravel program"Ren Osugi』Started broadcasting[21]..The first broadcast will be a walk around Tokushima prefecture, the hometown of Osugi, and will be broadcast 1 times (including one special version broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting) for about 2018 years until the sudden death in 5. Was done.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNippon TV"New Year" broadcast on the systemGurunai!GochiIt was announced that he would appear regularly in the popular corner "Gourmet Chicken Race Gochi ni Naru! 2" at the new member super big game 18 announcement SP! ", And the first regular in the terrestrial variety show was decided.[22].. First time on August 2017, 8[23] Won the perfect prize of 100 million yen[24], 9st place in the perfect prize even for the broadcast on September 7th of the same year.Achieved the first feat of winning the perfect award for two consecutive weeks in Gochi history[25].. Joined "Gochi" members at the same timeNaomi WatanabeFrom "RenrenWas called[26].


February 2018, 2 Midnight, starring drama ``By Players-If the role of Naiwaki lives on an uninhabited island on TV Tokyo Dora-I was staying for the locationChibaFuttsuI had a stomachache at a hotel inside, and I was taken to an emergency hospital by taxi accompanied by a person involved in the program.[27]..By the time he arrived, he was already in a serious condition, and transportation to a general hospital was considered, but intensive care was continued at the hospital's judgment that "treatment was not in time".[28]Later, his condition deteriorated, and the same yearMay 23:53 am,Acute heart failureの た め にChibaChibaEternal sleep at the hospital[29][3][30].. Was 66 years old[31]..He died while being watched by his family, drama officials, and office officials who rushed to the hospital.[32].

On this day (20th), I took pictures and interviewed all day, but there was no change in my physical condition and it progressed smoothly.[33]After the end, we had dinner together with the co-stars.

The funeral and farewell ceremony is held only by family members and close relatives at the will of Osugi himself.[34], Farewell party on April 4thFarewell!GontakureWas opened (detailsLater).

CommandmentsIs "Yuzukiin Rensokyu Takanobu(Yuge Tsukinren Sokyu Koshinji)'[35][36][37].

After death

Correspondence after death[38]
  • "The Supporting Actors", which was being filmed, was co-starredKenichi Endo,Tomorrow Taguchi,Yutaka Matsushige,Mitsuishi Lab.However, he told the staff directly that "I'll manage our schedule so I'll manage to do it until the final episode," and continue shooting.[28].. In the third episode broadcast on the 21st, a memorial comment was sent jointly by the four people at the beginning.[39]..After that, by modifying the script of the part of Osugi's appearance scene that was left unshot, he survived the schedule as originally planned until the final broadcast on March 3.
  • August 2- TV Asahisystem"Tetsuko's room],Initial broadcast scheduleAs a memorial feature, we re-edited and broadcast the episodes in which Osugi appeared as a guest (2000, 2005).[40].
  • February 2-Broadcast the 22rd round of "Gochi 19" (recorded on February 3) of "Guru Nai", a regular appearance on NTV[41][42]..In the program, a memorial message was played at the beginning and the end, and at the end, a face photo of Gochi 19 appeared was also played.[43][44][45][46][47].
  • February 2-TV TOKYO series "Tokoro's school doesn't teach you!』Guest appearance.A face photo and a memorial message flowed at the end of the program[48].
  • February 2-BS Asahi broadcasts a memorial broadcast of "Tetsuko's Room" (the same time as the one broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting on the 24nd) at 13:30-14:00.[49]).Then at 14:00 --15:00, "The Interview-Portrait of Top Runner-Was broadcast for the second time in two years (broadcast on March 2, 2, interviewer: Haruhiko Tateno)[49][50]).
  • August 2- TV OsakaRebroadcast of "Night Play TKO-Adult Cross-Industry Exchange Meeting-" (Kansai Local, July 2017, 7) in which Osugi appeared.In addition, Osugi narrated "Classroom in the Sky-Sichuan, China, Hope at an altitude of 30m-" (December 3000, 2009,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series) was rebroadcast[51].
  • February 2-BS Fuji's regular crown "Ren Osugi's Ren Pop-Let's walk Kamakura to improve luck in 25!-" (Recorded on December 2018, 2017, January 12, 8Fuji Television Network, IncBroadcast on).What was originally scheduled to be broadcast on March 3 was moved up in a hurry.A memorial message was sent at the beginning and the end of the program as well.[52][53]..Also, on March 3, the first broadcast "Walking in Tokushima Prefecture" will be held.Shikoku BroadcastingBroadcast on (JRT, Nippon Television Network System)[54].
  • August 2- Kansai TVThen at 16:55 --17:25, "pacific saury no Manma』Osugi appearance times rebroadcast[55] .
  • February 2-At TV TOKYO, the movie "HANA-BI』Broadcast special edition[56][57].
  • March 3-Nippon Television "another sky』Guest appearance times broadcast[58]..1 month before death South Korea-BusanWhen I visitedI'm sorry, but I want to live a little longer.I mean, I have something I want to do a little more. Even at the age of 66, I have a lot of hope.In addition to his life as an actor, he also talked about his own death.[59]..Osugi died before the recording of the studio talk, so the moderator at the beginning of the programKoji ImadaAnd the assistant (at that time)Nakajo AyamiAll togetherMourning clothesAppeared in appearance, after Imada explained the background of the broadcast decision, it became a form composed of documentary images throughout the whole story[59].
  • August 3- Nagoya Television Broadcasting (Materu)In the drama "The last train to NagoyaAs a special edition of the series, "Memorial for Ren Osugi-The Last Train to Nagoya-The Story of the Owner of a Ramen Shop-" (14: 00-15: 23) was broadcast.[60]..The following day, the 13th (midnight on the 12th), the broadcast "Last train to Nagoya 2018』, The 9th episode, which is the final appearance story of Osugi's series, was broadcast[60](All are local to Tokai 3 prefectures).Producer but made a memorial comment[61][62]..Also cooperating with the dramaNagoya RailwayFrom March 3th to 6th,Meitetsu 6000 seriesIn memory of Osugi in 6036 formationSystem boardPosted[63](Komaki LineandSeto Lineexcept for[62]).
  • August 3- NHK SpecialAppeared in the reproduction drama of "Meltdown File.07 AI Thorough Analysis All Records of Nuclear Accident"[64].
  • March 3-Semi-regular (as Toji Kinugasa) TV Asahi series "Partner season16 ”final broadcast.I was planning to appear at the same time, and I had finished some shooting,Tetsuta SugimotoWas retaken as a substitute[65] .
  • For three weeks from April 4th to April 8nd, "Thank you Ren Osugi" Ren Osugi "" was broadcast on BS Fuji as a special program of "Ren Osugi".[66].. On June 9DVD-BOXWas released as[21].
  • SKY PerfecTV!However, for a month from the 3th, three days after his death, he featured a movie / TV drama in which Osugi appeared.[67].
  • Many mourning voices were received from the program co-stars and the entertainment world for the sudden news.[68][69][70].
  • Osugi's local soccer club, J2 LeagueTokushima VoltisIssued a memorial message to Osugi on the official website on February 2th.2018 J2 LeagueHome opening gameFagiano OkayamaBattle (Tokushima Prefecture Naruto Sports Park Athletic Field)(aliasNaruto/Otsuka Sports Park Pocari Sweat Stadium), A book stand was set up in the stadium, a silent prayer for Osugi was held at the stadium before the kick-off, and Tokushima Vortis players and officials wore a mourning badge and faced the match.[71].
  • OsugiCMEach company that was in charge of appearance and narration (Japanese sea bass,Daito contract,Non-room[38]) Posted a memorial message on the official website.
  • movies"Outrage Final ChapterThe performance in 』was evaluated, Yutaka Matsushige,Nao Omori,Pierre Taki,Tokio KanedaWith27th Tokyo Sports Film Awards・ Received the Supporting Actor Award. The award ceremony was held on February 2th[72].
  • May 10In the movie "Teacher』(Dai Sakodirected by)[73],May 10[Note 1]In the movie "Drops of love』(Naoki Sekidirected by)[74]Has been released. The performance in "Teacher" was highly evaluated.20194th on April 8thJapanese Film Professional AwardHas been selected as the leading actor award[75].
  • As of November 2018, 11, the agency Zacco will end its management work.[76], The website "Osugi Ren Memorial Hall" opened on February 2019, 2[77]..In addition, about half of the actors other than Osugi who belonged to Zacco are offices newly opened by the company's manager.Our SkyTransferred to.

Farewell party "Farewell! Gontakure"

On April 4th, a farewell party "Farewell! Gontakure"ButAoyama Funeral Hall, TokyoOpened at[78][79], About 1700 people attended[80].

Four people who co-starred in "The Supporting Actors" who took care of the end also attended,Tomorrow TaguchiRead the condolences on behalf of him and looked back on the time he spent with Osugi.[35]..Some of Taguchi's condolences are as follows.

I just miss Ren.And I'm lonely.The feeling of loss that you are gone is ridiculously great and I'm just at a loss.I am stunned because I suddenly lost my dear best friend.Mr. Ren died once, but I hope he will come back after a few years and come back as an actor again.Mr. Ren, please be sure to come back to us.
—Tomorowo Taguchi, "Farewell! Gontakure" (April 2018, 4)[35]

"I series trilogy』(Kansai TV production drama) Or “War of lie』(同) And many other co-stars in his own starring workTakeshi KusagiWith condolences

"I'm not there anymore, it's sly, really.I regret it over and over again, and I asked him over and over again why he was too early, and at the end he just laughed in that low voice and Ren's smile remained.It's really sly.
Let's have fun together again.After all I want to play with Ren again.Let's do a drama, a movie, a stage, etc.And again, bring your guitar to the sea that Ren brought to you, and let's sing your favorite song together.Please wait for a while until then.Ren Osugi, I sincerely pray for your soul.

— Tsuyoshi Kusanagi ("Farewell! Gontakure" (April 2018, 4)[36]Than)

I shook my voice and spared goodbye[36].

The eldest son, Junpei, also saidI felt once again how I was standing on the scene.""I really respected him as a person rather than as a father.When I lost it, I realized how much I liked him.In addition to saying, "My wife, Hiromi, who is the president of the agency Zacco, also said,"I would like to send "I'm doing fine there too. See you again!"Commented[37].

In addition, the altar was decorated with a Tokushima Vortis uniform number 10 with the name "REN" with a member's card.[81] In addition, at the fan booth, the uniforms worn by "Gochi" were exhibited with badges for the number of times the top pass and the perfect prize were given.[82].

Substitute / successor

The following are the people who took over the roles after Osugi's death.








KasatomiBook "Aru ga Mama ni" (1992,World Culture) Was impressed[20], My favorite word (motto) is "As it is'[91] "Fly before you see it."

The stage name "Ren" comes from KichijojiforkHeavyweightTakada WatariIn the eldest son ofSteel guitarIs a playerTakada RenIt was borrowed from the name of[5].

I was so particular about glasses that I had as many glasses as there were roles, and I owned more than 200 glasses at home.[92][93].

I love pets and the title of the official blogScottish FoldIt is taken from "Torako" of "Torako" and "Fu" of Chihuahua.[93]..In addition, Torako Yui is a cat who co-starred in the 2008 movie "Nekonade".


I like walking,Road bikeAloneShimokitazawa,Shinjuku,ShibuyaI went out at will[13] In addition, it is said that it was the first city to become familiar with after moving to Tokyo at the age of 18.KichijojiHe said he visited often[93]..My main hobbies are music and sports, folk in music and sportsサ ッ カ ーI love you[94].

Also, in his 50s, he will play "The man who started surfing after retirement" in the movie "Life on the Longboard", as a role-making.TanegashimaでsurfingSurfing has become one of my hobbies because of my experience of training hard.[15].

In addition, listening to music, instrumental music (guitarandBruce Harp),TennisSuch.

Elephant KashimashiKnown as a fan of[95]In the 40s, not just listening to musicTomorrow TaguchiInvited toInstrumental musicI started practicingRen Osugi BandAnd the unit with Tomorowo TaguchiHar'G KAITELS(Hazy Kytels) "(meaning" shameful ones ")guitar,Bruce HarpPick up70 eraHe plays folk songs and co-stars with KAZ BAND.
movies"ROCKERS』Is showing off the narration.In Tokushima, he also sang original songs such as "I want to eat Tokushima ramen" and "As it is".[96].
サ ッ カ ー
In high schoolサ ッ カ ーEnrolled in the club[97]I like soccer so much that I moved to Kawasaki's apartment just because there was a soccer field in front of me when I was laying down.[98]..Self-proclaimed "Kamamoto-(I.e.The child of the first soccer boom in the golden duo era "[13]..He also said that he was "a dream is still a professional soccer player."As an individual playerAtsushi YanagisawaHe is a big fan of Japan and is familiar with everything from domestic leagues to overseas leagues.On a talk showTamoriWhen he co-starred with him, he surprised the venue by saying, "If you watch soccer, you can watch it from morning till night all day long."[99].
Hometown in Tokushima prefecture, where you are fromJ League-Tokushima VoltisAn enthusiastic fan of the team, the predecessor of professional organizationOtsuka FCI have been enthusiastically supporting since the times[97]..After becoming a celebrity, I was often offered invitation tickets and special seats, but I never received them, and because I support them privately, I got a ticket behind the goal where enthusiastic fans gather. At the games held in the Kanto area, it was witnessed that he took a bus or train and visited by himself, sometimes standing and cheering.[100]..VortisJ1 promotion playoffsDecember 2013, 12, who fought the final[97] Is a TV Asahi drama "Emergency interrogation roomIt was the shooting day ofAmami YukiWith the cooperation of co-stars including, the shooting was finished at 3:20 pm (before the start of the game), and the final was held.National StadiumI was able to rush to[101]..Vortis was demoted to J2014 again in 2, and Osugi died in 1 without seeing a return to J2018, but on December 2020, 12.Omiya ArdijaWhen I decided to promote to J7 for the first time in 1 years in the war and on December 12thAvispa FukuokaWhen Vortis decided to win the J2 for the first time in the match, the Vortis player put up a uniform with Osugi's name after the match, and the relationship between the two is still deep after death.[102].
In addition, a private soccer team "Private soccer team" with more than 100 members such as producers, movie directors and big actorsSardine clubParticipated as a founder[13], With a uniform number of captain number "10"[97] I was focusing on participating in games 1-2 times a month.[13].
The depth of knowledge about soccer was widely known, and he was often invited to soccer-related TV programs. Made in 2001FIFA Confederations Cup Japan-Korea TournamentThen, I was invited as a special guest for all 6 games against Japan, and I was also present as a guest.Arsene Wenger(At that time =Arsenal FCDirector, exNagoya Grampus Eight(Director) said, "Mr. Osugi, I saw your movie" HANA-BI "in Paris. I cried at that movie." "I thought the power of the movie was amazing." Talking about[103].
In 2010, he was a 9th junior in the high school soccer club at that time.FC TokyoWas the director ofFukuhiro JoWe had a talk with and decorated the beginning of "FC Tokyo Fan Book 2010".




★: Starring, ☆: Main cast, MUJI: General movie, (V): V-cinema, (P): Porn movie

Movie 1980s

  • 1980
    • Bondage sacrifice(P) (New toho movie / Tomoe TakahashiDirector) --First appearance in the movie
    • Woman of Rumor Hold me until morning (P) (Nikkatsu / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Metamorphosis (secret) obstetrics and gynecology★ (P) (Shintoho Movie / Watanabe MamoruDirector) --First starring
    • Mrs. Ascension (P)Okura movie / Director Yuzuru Ichimura)
    • Woman Tarashikomi (P) (Million Films / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Female college student geki shooting peel off (P) (Million Films / Seiji Izumidirected by)
    • Married woman, office lady, female student Aim and attack (P) (Shintoho movie / Nakamura Genjidirected by)
    • Bizarre! Assault Case (P) (Million Films / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Girl Mistress (P) (Shintoho Movie / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • OL metamorphosis (renamed: ONANIE climax) (P) (Shintoho movie / Isomura Ichijidirected by)
    • Young wife assault panting (P) (Million Films / Director Hiroki Hirakawa)
  • 1981
    • Oyster empire (ATG / Kazuyuki IzutsuDirector) --First appearance in a general movie
    • Uniform Prostitution Shocking Clinic (P) (Professional Taka / Director Seiji Izumi)
    • Lower body report Feels hot (P) (Contemporary video planning / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Scarlet Prostitute (P) (Million Films / Director Genji Nakamura)
    • Female College Student Indecent Campus (P) (Okura movie / Director Chiaki Kamata)
    • Intimidation assault (P) (Shintoho movie / Director Iizumi)
    • Document Porn Weeping at Tongue Technique (P) (Contemporary Video Planning / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Female teacher chain and bondage (renamed: chain production, assault classroom tied up) (P) (Shintoho movie / director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Document Porn Molester Addictive (P) (Contemporary Video Planning / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Tied up a new wife (P) (Shintoho movie / directed by Banmei Takahashi)
  • 1982
    • Document Porn Chase Housewife Prostitution! (P) (Watanabe Pro / Director Genji Nakamura)
    • Indecent dance rope★ (P) (Toei Central Film / Director Kaoru Umezawa) --Starring
    • Porn Document Turkish Express (P) (Watanabe Pro / Director Genji Nakamura)
    • 17-year-old confession persistently (P) (Toei Central Film / Director Kaoru Umezawa)
    • Molester Train Continue More (Renamed: Molester Train Good Feelings) (P) (Shintoho Movie / Youjiro Takitadirected by)
    • Kidnapping! Married Woman Torture (P) (Million Films / Director Genji Nakamura)
    • Stealing Dirty Assault (P) (Shintoho Movie / Director Kohoku Kitazawa)
    • Agony! Abnormal experience (P) (OP Eiga / Director Iizumi)
    • TATTOO <tattoo> available (ATG / Banmei Takahashi)
    • Attack and commit (P) (OP Eiga / Director Iizumi)
    • Red Revenge Rape (P) (Million Films / Director Kazuyuki Izutsu)
    • Mrs. Beast Color Rope (P) (Shintoho Movie / Director Kaoru Umezawa)
    • Weekend shuffle (Joy pack film / Director Genji Nakamura)
    • Harlem Valentine's Day (Joypack Film / Izumiya Shigerudirected by)
    • 狼 (Joypack Film / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Sexual cruelty! Uncovering a woman (P) (Million Films / Director Genji Nakamura)
  • 1983
    • Continuous rape★ (P) (Shintoho Movie / Director Yojiro Takita) --Starring, 1983 "ZOOM-UP Film Festival" Pink Ribbon Award Leading Actor Award
    • Notice assault Commit! Stab! (P) (Toei Central Film / Shuji Kataokadirected by)
    • Abuse Slave Girl (P) (Shintoho Movie / Director Banmei Takahashi)
    • Big Cock Legend Beautiful Mystery★ (P) (ENK Promotion / Director Genji Nakamura) --Starring Makio Mitani
    • Attacked housing complex wife (P) (Shintoho movie / Director Kohoku Kitazawa)
    • Continuous assault (P) (Shintoho movie / Director Yoshiho Fukuoka)
    • Mobile prostitution is good (P) (Toei Central Film / Mototsugu Watanabe /Shuji Kataoka/ Director Yosuke Nishida)
    • Assault of new wife midday (P) (Shintoho movie / Director Kaoru Umezawa)
    • Bokura no Kisetsu (P) (ENK Promotion / Ryuichi Hirokidirected by)
    • Oniroku Dan Beauty Rope Makeup(P) (Nikkatsu / Katsuhiko Fujiidirected by)
  • 1984
    • Scanty Doll Freshly taken off scent (P) (Nikkatsu ・NCP / Director Toshiyuki Mizutani)-The role of Shukichi Yajima
    • Lower body syndrome (P) (Nikkatsu / Director Genji Nakamura)
    • Female College Student Mansion Rape (P) (Shintoho Movie / Director Hiromi Yamaoka)
    • Molester and Skirt (P) (Nikkatsu / Director Ryuichi Hiroki)
    • Days of Lust Ecstasy (P) (Nikkatsu / Director Itsumichi Isomura)
    • Young Wife Metamorphosis (P) (Million Films / Hitoshi Ishikawadirected by)
    • Goodbye Boy (P) (ENK Pro / Director Yojiro Takita)
    • Perverted family brother's wife☆ (P) (Kokuei / Shintoho Movie / Suo MasayukiDirector) --The role of Shukichi Mamiya
    • Assault of alleged red bullets (P) (Shintoho movie / directed by Shuji Kataoka)
    • Sacrifice of the Holy Beast (P) (Shintoho Movie / Maro Akajidirected by)
    • Lynch Beast Play★ (P) (Million Films / Director Kaoru Umezawa) --Starring
    • Married Woman Rape (P) (Shintoho Movie / Kazuo Komizudirected by)
    • Teacher, don't light my body (P) (Nikkatsu / Director Ryuichi Hiroki)
    • SM tattoo production (P) (Shintoho movie / directed by Shuji Kataoka)
    • Geki shooting game! Rape (P) (Toei Central Film / Director Shuji Kataoka)
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    • Subway Serial Rape (P) (Nikkatsu / Director Shuji Kataoka)
    • One shot in a molester train (P) (Shintoho movie / Director Yojiro Takita)
  • 1987
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  • 1988
    • Subway Serial Rape Mistress Hunting (P) (Nikkatsu / Director Shuji Kataoka)
  • 1989
    • Fancy dance (Daiei / Director Masayuki Suo)-Airplane passenger role (friendship appearance)

Movie 1990s

Movie 2000s

Movie 2010s

TV drama

Tales of the Unusual Story Series (Fuji TV)

  • face(1992)
  • Samurai slashes (1992)
  • 1994 winter special edition War of words(1994)
  • Special edition in the fall of 1994 Love only for you (1994) --Inspector Takahata
  • 1995 winter special edition Last smoker(1995)
  • 1996 Spring Special Edition injury(1996) --Detective Akasegawa
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  • 1997 Autumn Special Edition Woman is not dead (1997) --Meguro Isamu
  • 1998 Spring Special Edition Woman after 5 minutes(1998)
  • Autumn 1998 Special Edition Junior High School Teacher (1998)
  • 1999 Fall Special Edition I am an actress(1999)
  • 2001 SMAP Special Edition 13th guest(2001) --Seiichi Narasaki
  • 2002 Spring Special Edition Night train man(2002)
  • 2003 Spring Special Edition Shadowland(2003)
  • Autumn 2003 Special Edition When Shadows Overlap (2003) --Genzo Washida

Friday Entertainment (Fuji TV)

Friday Prestige (Fuji TV)

Tuesday Suspense Theater (NTV)

  • Kibiji murder case(Kindai Eiga Kyokai, 1989) --Kamiya
  • Attorney Mt. Asahidake Nosuke 1. Truthful Ensemble (International Television, 1989)
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  • Proof of Absence (Kindai Eiga Kyokai, 1991)-Criminal
  • Kumon Legal Counseling Center7. Confession (1997) --As Sakaki
  • Shape of the moon(May 1998) --Detective Tani
  • Bitter Night (June 1999)-Takeshi Mogi
  • Forbidden Two (August 2000, 8) -As Shigeaki Kiuchi
  • Shivering Hands (September 2003, 9)-Seiichi Tayama

Monday Drama Special → Monday Mystery Theater → Monday Golden (TBS)

Saturday Wide Theater (TV Asahi / Asahi Broadcasting)

* Is produced by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.

Saturday Prime (TV Asahi / Asahi Broadcasting)

* Is produced by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation.

Wednesday Mystery 9 (TV Tokyo)

Drama 1980s, 1990s

Drama 2000s

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Documentary program

NTV series
TBS series
  • Legend of uniform number 10
  • Verses of the gods
  • The Sea of ​​Hometown "~ Japan for Hideko Mizusaki ~"
  • 22 timesJNN co-produced program"Become a Road Traveler-A 200km Trip to the Sanctuary-" (January 2012, 1,Ai TVProduction)-Narration
    • Ai TV 20th Anniversary Program Becoming a Road Traveler-Spain and Shikoku Pilgrimage Trip- (December 2012, 12, Ai TV Production) --Navigator
  • Chojiro Nitta Grand total of 100 years-Learn from its life and foresight- (October 2013, 10 (Ai TV production), November 28, 2013 (BS-TBS))-Guide
TV Tokyo series
  • TV TOKYO 45th Anniversary 6 Nights Special Program 4th "The Other Side of the Tunnel Was Our Paradise" (March 2009, 3) --Narration
  • Ren Osugi goes to the world of Italian soccer Approaching the true face of hero Maldini (December 2009, 12,BS Japan)-Navigator
  • (2007-2012/2018,TV Osaka) - Narration[51]
  • Night train travelogue-Ren Osugi's nostalgic journey of sake and tears- (October 2013, 10, BS Japan) --Navigator
Fuji TV series
  • Overseas Sports Documentary Special (July 2015, 7) --Navigator[94]


TV commercial




  • A man with a face of 300 on-site workers (Genbamon) (October 2001) Magazine house / September 2018 Bunshun library) --The first newly written autobiographical essay.The paperback edition released after his death also includes a special contribution by his wife, which he wrote based on the "unpublished notebook" discovered after Osugi's death.[169].
  • Gontakure goes (October 2003) Shinko Music) --Magazine "Music and peopleThis is a compilation of the essay "Gontacre goes" that is being serialized (at the time of release).


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外部 リンク

TV program

TV program(TV Bangumi) isTelevision broadcastingSent bycontent(program)ofGeneric termThat is.


The contents of TV programs are extremely diverse,Broadcaster OfcharacterIt also depends onTerrestrial wavebroadcastIs a general formation,Satellite broadcastingSpecial store type organization is generally seen.

Of concrete TV programsNameabout,List of TV programschecking ...

Classification of TV programs

Television program classification by broadcasting law

In Article 5 of the Broadcasting Act, "type of broadcast program" is "Liberal Arts Program,Educational program,News program,Entertainment programEtc.”. Also, in Article 106, eachBroadcasterIn Japan, it is obligatory to "harmonize with each other" for each type.

And in Article 107 of the law, eachTV stationIs required to set and publish "standards of broadcast program types".Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) each 4 types excluding "etc."[1],Private broadcastingThere are 4 types at each TV stationMail order"When"Other) Added (example →[2][3]) Is used as a standard for publication.

In addition, although there are definitions of the contents of educational programs and educational programs in Article 2 of the Act, there are no definitions of news programs and entertainment programs, and it is entrusted to voluntary publication of this "standard for the type of broadcast program".

In this announcement, it is usually the case that one program also serves as a combination of any of the above four to six types. For the fiscal year ending April 1, 4Nippon TVTake, for example,ZIP!''Information Live MiyaneyaIs a program that belongs to any type of entertainment, news, culture, and education.Go! AnpanmanAre published as entertainment/education programs.[4].

Other TV program categories

Type announcement based on the above broadcasting law,Audience ratingSetting TV program category items, such as survey categories (described later), is an important business.

These classifications do not take the method of deciding the items in advance and then dividing all the programs into either one, but categorizing the programs having some similar composite properties as one type. May be done in. As a result, programs having similar configurations may belong to a plurality of classifications, or the classification destination may differ depending on the classifier.

For example,talentQuestions from the textbookquizIf there is a program that solves asQuiz showHowever, in the case of the above-mentioned legally required classification type announcement,quizIt may be possible to classify it as an "educational program" by paying attention to the main composition of "", and paying attention to the performer "talent"Entertainment showsIt can be classified as "entertainment program" or it can be classified as "educational program" for young people, focusing on the subject of broadcasting by paying attention to "examination questions from textbooks".

In addition, even if a program is born that does not belong to any of the items set so far, it is not possible to increase or expand the item because it causes difficulty in statistics, so it is classified as a place that does not fit as a result. Sometimes.

Type of TV program

Classification by broadcast content

Liberal Arts Program

Educational program

NHK educational TVFor all generations, represented byEducationA program to perform.

News program

Some are for the whole country and some are for the region. Many TV stations have news programsNews agencyProduced by. Because of the nature of televisions that convey information instantly in images, often from news sitesRelay broadcastIs performed.

Information program

Entertainment program

Programs with complex content

Classification by broadcast target

Program for children

Classification by broadcasting method/organization

Classification by length of broadcast time

Classification by broadcast time

Other classification

Problems of Regional Disparity in Japanese Terrestrial Television Programs

1950 eraIn Japan in the first halfCommercial broadcastWith the start of TV broadcasting, gradually in various placesLocal bureauA series of open stations, especiallyHeisei New BureauWith the opening rush of the broadcast, the broadcasting target area was expanded, but still "Terrestrial waveIn the complete form of a "TV commercial"Nationwide (simultaneous) broadcastHas not been realized. this isPublic broadcastingIsNHK Broadcasting lawIt is obligatory to cover all over Japan by the government, but it is not in each commercial broadcasting station.

In addition,2000BS digital broadcasting stations (BS Nippon Television,BS Asahi,BS-TBS,BS Japan,BS Fuji) Was opened, it was expected that "national broadcasting of commercial TV programs" which would not be possible by terrestrial broadcasting would be possible, but in BS digital broadcastingCopyrightManagement group (Japan Music Business Association-Japan Music Copyright Association(JASRAC) etc.), it is the current situation that there are few programs that are performing "simultaneous terrestrial/BS simultaneous or delayed nets" for each series due to reasons such as rights processing.

As if to back it up,Nippon TVAnime and eachcontentFormer business managerannouncer OfFunakoshi MasashiIs "The strongest content for TV stations is terrestrial broadcasting programs"[6].

TV Tokyo series

Key stationEspecially inTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. TheAffiliated stationsIs overwhelmingly small compared to other series, with only 6 stations including TV Tokyo (the smallest among the four major networksTV Asahi seriesBut with a total of 24 stations, the difference is 4 times), which is one of the factors that widen the gap between metropolitan areas and rural areas. Local stations in "areas without affiliated stations", Chukyo/Kansai area (in both areas, affiliated stationsPrefectural broadcastfor,Wide areaCannot cover the whole area[Annotation 1]) For independent stationsBan salesSome programs are online, but only some of them are online. Also, depending on the program, there are not a few programs that are limited to only affiliated stations.

In 2007OsakaIs a regional stationTV Osaka OfKyoto-HyogoExpansion of the broadcasting area to the whole area,Miyagi-Shizuoka-HiroshimaThe president at that time announced the plan to open affiliated stations to, but no specific progress has been made since then.[7].

Significance of existence of TV programs

Every day broadcasting(MBS) Tokyo branchtv setI belong to the formation department and currentlyTelevision AnimationIn charge ofMaruyama HirooCommented that "TV programs are passive media," "TV is a medium of randomness," and that "programs that you happen to see have the potential to attract viewers." "Continuous broadcast on TV There is a strong tendency to actively watch, saying that "creating an opportunity to meet" by doingインターネットClaims a big difference from the show[8].


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注 釈

  1. ^ Especially in the case of TV Osaka, the main Kansai areaGovernment-designated cityIsKobe City,Kyoto CityHowever, there are many areas that are difficult to receive.


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