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📺 | The theme song for "Kamen Rider Genms" is Hiroyuki Takami "Things that don't sing together are out of print"


The theme song for "Kamen Rider Genms" is Hiroyuki Takami "Things that are not sung together are out of print"

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This time, Hiroyuki Takami, who played the father of Kuroto Dan in the TV series "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid" and transformed into Kamen Rider Kronos, and also sang the insert songs "Wish in the dark" and "JUSTICE". It was announced that he would be in charge of the theme song.

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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Kamen Rider series > Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Heisei Kamen Rider Series
First workKamen Rider Ghost2015/10
-March 2016
First workKamen Rider Ex-Aid2016/10
-March 2017
First workKamen Rider Build2017/9
-March 2018

"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid(Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, European notation:KAMEN RIDER EX-AID) Is2016May 10から2017May 8Until,TV Asahi seriesAt every Sunday 8:00-8:30 (JST) All 45 episodes were broadcast,ToeiProductionSpecial effects TV dramaThe name of the work and the hero that the hero transforms into during the work.

The catch phrase is "Game Start!""Change your destiny with no continue !!. "


Heisei Kamen Rider SeriesIn the 18th work45th anniversary of Kamen Rider's birth[1][2]In this work, "Kamen Rider's design, etc."ゲームTo the stage of the storyhospitalIs adopted[3].


The Kamen Rider of this work isSD characterIt is characterized by transforming from level 1 of three heads like this to life-sized level 2.[3]In addition,gogglesThe design that imitates the eyes and hair with eyes is also a characteristic design that deviates from the image of the conventional Kamen Rider.[4].. ProducerTakamori OmoriAccording to the report, one of the aims is to make people think that they are not "Kamen Rider", and they are strongly conscious of being accepted by children rather than "Kamen Rider-ness".[4][Annotation 2]..Also, in the same yearSuper squadron series40st workAnimal squadron Zyuohger]pixelIs incorporated as a design motif, so it has an anime-like design with the intention of differentiating it from the same work.[4][5].

Many Kamen Riders of this work have appeared from the beginning[5]At the time of the press release, in addition to Ex-Aid, two Kamen Riders of Brave Snipe have appeared.Producer Omori states that the current game has become a multiplayer rider due to the mainstream of competition and co-op play.[5].

Ex-Aid's English notation isEX-AIDBut this means the ultimateEXtreme(Extreme) and means rescueAIDIt is a coined word that is multiplied by (aid).[6].

The story focuses on drawing the drama on the Kamen Rider side rather than the guest episode, and it is also important to make it an impactful development every time.[7]..The first cool is the movie "Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider』, Because it was decided to reveal a part of the mystery of Emu, it became a story that developed quickly according to it[7]..Omori and Takahashi say that the roadmap after the first and second episodes were confirmed in the interview after the broadcast was almost realized.[8][9].

It is emphasized that the character settings have two sides, such as the main character, Emu Hojo, whose personality changes when the game is played, and Asuna Kashino, who has two faces / Poppy Pipopapo.[10]..On the other hand, in the previous work, the theme was family, and in both the previous work and the previous work, the relatives on the Kamen Rider side were the enemy bosses, so in order to avoid the same pattern, Eimu's family relationship is drawn at all. Not[9]..However, since the underlying theme of Kamen Rider is "parent killing," Masamune Dan, the father of characters other than the main character, has been selected as the boss.[11].

The movie version released on August 2017, 8 was positioned as the "true ending" of this work, and the concept was similar to this, "Movie version Kamen Rider Ryuki EPISODE FINAL(2002), Omori says that he is aiming to create works that gradually change the way he sees the movie by watching the TV series after the movie is released.[12]..The title of this movie version is "Movie version Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True EndingIt was also announced that the TV series will end with all 45 episodes at the completion announcement event of the same work announced.[13].


The motif of "game" is the previous work "Kamen Rider DriveWas proposed by Omori at the time of planning, but it was rejected because it was not the age when the main target children were playing games.[4][5][14]..Although there were many dissenting opinions when planning this work, Omori now says "Yokai watch』Hit and the spread of smartphone games, there are many opportunities for children to come into contact with the game, and the game has become familiar to a wide range of generations, such as the generation where parents are experiencing computer games. Insisted and adopted[4][5][14].

The element of "medical care" isComputer virusからウ イ ル スIs due to the association of the producerTakamori OmoriPositions this at the core of the drama part[5]..Since there are reality of surgery and treatment and feud of power in the hospital in the conventional medical drama, it is difficult for Kamen Rider whose setting itself belongs to fantasy to draw a perfect format, so the doctor became the main character. , The theme of "saving people", the way of thinking between characters, and the way of thinking of doctors for vulnerable people affected by illness[15]..Regarding medical depictions, since it is a children's program, it is not possible to draw vivid depictions such as surgery, but there is reality such as performing locations at actual hospitals and using real medical equipment for photography under the guidance of medical supervision. Serving as a depiction[10]..Also, the main directorShojiro NakazawaIdeally tells children that hospitals are not a scary place[10].. The reason why the motifs of "game" and "medical care" are combined is that the way of treating life in each is the opposite.[16].

Also, because it is a multiplayer rider, there is also an element of "professional wrestling", fans are in each player, and one of them loses and looks uncool, but we will try to revive and derive advantageous conditions later, or new The story of teaming up with other friends and reversing is reflected in the rider's life.[15].

Omori said that the main character, Eimu, and the enemy, Parad, are the same person.Kamen Rider DriveIt was thought from the beginning that it was a development of the impression that Shinnosuke and Hart had when shooting "I'm basically doing the same thing."[17].

Kamen Rider Chronicle, which is the central element of the latter half of the story, was planned to be included in the story from the beginning of the project, but it was removed from the development before and after the medical element was added to the project.[8]..However, Omori and Takahashi shared the image of starting the Chronicle edition when Reito left, and it was officially adopted as an element necessary to draw Parad as a villain.[8]..Omori states that when portraying Kamen Rider Chronicles, he paid the most attention to setting the stage in reality rather than entering the game world.[8].


10 games (episodes 1-12)[18]
AD2016, Unidentified born from a game bugComputer virusBug star virusInfects peopleBugster virus infection(Common nameGame disease) Was occurring.The Japanese government that received thisHoly City University HospitalToCyber ​​Lifesaving Center (commonly known as CR)Warrior to set up and defeat BugsterKamen RiderWe have begun to convene doctors who are suitable for transforming into CR.
A young intern doctor working at the Holy City University HospitalEmu HojoPatient develops game disease.Emu is one of the Kamen RidersKamen Rider Ex-AidBecome a conformer ofGenius gamer MFind a good bug star with a CR agentAsuna Kano / Poppy PipopapoHe claims to be M and transforms into Ex-Aid.Defeat Bugster and succeed in treating the patient[ep 1]..Immediately after that, the directorHaima KagamiSon and lover himselfMomose OhimeGenius surgeon lost due to game diseaseKamen Rider Brave / Kamen Rider BraveArrived at CR.Hisai, who thinks that only the treatment should be completed without considering the patient's emotions, and Emu, who tries to cure both the patient's mind and body, are in conflict, and Emu is a CR doctor because of his opposition to Hisai. Decide to become[ep 2].
In front of such two people, a mass disappearance of humans by a bug star five years agoZero dayA former radiologist who was deprived of his doctor's license while fighting as a member of CR at the time.Hanaya Taiga / Kamen Rider Snipe, A medical examiner with a past who lost a friend due to his own announcementKiriya Kujo / Kamen Rider LaserAppears to fulfill their purpose[ep 3][ep 4]..And he is the CEO of Genmu Corporation, a game company that created the Kamen Rider transformation system.Kuroto Dan / Kamen Rider GenmAlso hides his identity and starts activities in the form of encouraging Bugster.Meanwhile, Kiriya notices Genm's true identity earlier than other Kamen Riders, and asks Reito for his purpose.Reito said that he would be a Kamen Rider himself to find out the truth in order to find out why Bugster was born in this world.[ep 5], It's a lie, the real purpose is the ultimate gameKamen Rider ChronicleWas to create.Emu and his friends clear 10 games by defeating Genm, but Genm does not die even if the game is over, and the new GashatDangerous Zombie GashatTo complete.Then, unravel the transformation in front of Emu and talk about their true identity and their purpose.[ep 6].
After that, Reito's father, who was arrested for zero-day responsibility, independently investigated the past of Eimu for a long time.Tan ZhengzongIt was Kiriya who arrived at the truth by meeting with him, but Reito transformed.Kamen Rider Genm Level XDefeated by Emu Hojo and disappears before telling the truth to Emu Hojo[ep 7].
Emu's Secret Edition (Episode 13-24)[18][19]
Ministry of HealthKyotaro HinataThe deputies announced the existence of bugsters and CRs that were state secrets.Around the same time, after completing three months of pediatric training, Emu was conducting surgical training under Hisai, but he could not forget the disappearance of Kiriya.
Reito himself started collecting the gashats of other riders.Emu is defeated by his anger at Genm, and Hisai confiscates Gashat.Parad appears in front of such Emu and invites him to quit the doctor and immerse himself in the game, but Emu refuses this.Parad entrusts Emu with a large amount of bugster virus to develop a new gashat received from Reito and disappears.Emu uses a black gashat to confront Genm, who was fighting Brave and Snipe, but a large amount of Bugster virus causes an abnormality in his body.However, as Emu suppressed it, the black gashatMighty Brothers XX GashatChanges toKamen Rider Ex-Aid Level X / Level XXTransform into[ep 8].
On the other hand, Oga is a girl who knows the past of Eimu.Nico SaibaAsks me to "defeat Gamer M".Oga has long doubted that Emu's personality will change during battle, and secretly collects blood from Emu after the battle with Bugster and inspects it.[ep 9]..As a result, he realizes that he is a patient with game disease, and Emu is told by Reito that he is the first patient in the world of game disease.In order to hide this fact from Emu with Hisai who was hiding and listening to this fact, he tried to attack Ex-Aid and separate the Bugster virus from Emu, but Parad newly TransformedKamen Rider ParadoxEncounter the obstruction of[ep 10].
Emu, who was wondering from the actions of Hisai and his words and Reito's words, "Isn't Hisai hiding something?" Asked Hisai, but couldn't get an answer.Meanwhile, Parad angers Reito, who thinks of a strategy that decoys Bugster.Then, in order to cut off his pleasure of "fighting Eimu", Reito revealed that Eimu was infected with a game disease, and when he heard that, Eimu developed a game disease and began to disappear. End up[ep 11]..However, Emu does not disappear and M personality always appears, and he tries to defeat Bugster like a game without worrying about the patient.Hisai, who was angry with Emu, uses Bugster and Genm instead of Emu.Fantasy gamerFrom GenmGashat Gear Dual βTake awayKamen Rider Brave Level 50Transform into and defeat Bugster to treat the patient.Emu who saw that figure also returned to his original personality[ep 12]..However, Emu, who remembers when he developed a game disease and his personality changed to M, was trapped in the fear that "if he transforms again, his body will be taken over by the bug star again", and he will take Gashat. You can't even start it.However, the words that Hisai threw at me, who changed to M's personality and became only interested in fighting Bugster,Kamen Rider Snipe Level 50Emu, who remembered his aspirations as a doctor with the provocation of Oga, overcame his fear and decided to fight to save the patient.[ep 13].
Meanwhile, Eimu meets Masamune and finds out that Zhang himself, who caused the zero-day, is Reito.Reito develops a game disease while the hideout is discovered by the Ministry of Health and is cornered.Reito is transported to CR by Emu's complaint.Reito confesses that he was the one who infected Eimu with the Bugster virus 16 years ago, and created the current Bugster virus based on the Bugster virus taken out of Eimu's body.Emu defeats Bugster, who was hiding in Reito's body, but Reito developed a game disease because he made a self-made performance to avoid being arrested by the Ministry of Health, and said, "Save the patient as a doctor." It used the feelings of Emu.Reito isLevel XEmu Hojo's gamer driver is corrupted by the power of Genm who has evolved into, and the Bugster virus is used to occupy Genmu Corporation and return to the president.[ep 14]. But,Small star workDeveloped by Kiriya in the silver gashat of the "game to defeat immortal zombies"ReprogrammingInstall the data.By adding the power of Emu Hojo, a new gashatMaximum Mighty X GashatEmu uses a gamer driver entrusted by Kiriya,Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level 99Transformed into.Reprogramming succeeds in blocking the transformation by erasing Genm's immortal ability and bugster virus antibodies.Emu convinces Reito, but when Parad appears there, he returns the death data stored in the Dangerous Zombie Gashat, and Reito reveals his obsession with life and ambitions while playing the game. It became over and disappeared.Emu was weeping, saying, "I couldn't make Reito smile," although he gained some peace from the disappearance of Reito.[ep 15].
Emu, who has recovered from the shock of Reito's disappearance due to Parad, completes three months of surgical training.Meanwhile, a band group developed a game disease.Emu suddenly appeared "KyurangerIn collaboration with Lucky / Sisi Red, one of the injured band members is transported to CR after fighting three bugsters.In front of the hospital room, Asuna is the new president of Genmu Corporation, who came to visit the band members.Amagasaki KoiFace to face.Koi invites her to become a diva in a new game betting on the company's luck on behalf of a hospitalized band group, and uses her mysterious abilities to brainwash her.Parad completes the Kamen Rider Chronicle by introducing graphites revived using Poppy and Gashakon Bug Weiser as game characters.[ep 16].
Kamen Rider Chronicle Edition (Episode 25-40)[19]
Emu is newly in charge of internal medicine, but he was concerned about Poppy, who suddenly disappeared.When countless emergency calls came in and headed to the scene, the general publicRide playerTransformed into, and was fighting bug stars as a player of Kamen Rider Chronicle.Furthermore, Poppy appears as a navigator of the game and tries to steal the equipment of the rare characters Kamen Rider as a strategy for the game.Ride players who robbed Ex-Aid of equipment fight Bugster, but a paradox appears there and makes the ride players game over and disappears.In Eimu, who reveals his anger, Parad says that Kamen Rider Chronicle is "a game in which bugsters destroy humanity, not humans who capture bugsters."[ep 17].
The Ministry of Health notified the collection and ban on the use of chronicles while hiding the fact of disappearance.He also gives a waiting order to Emu and Hisai.However, Emu ignores the waiting order to treat the patient and tries to stop the ride players.However, Poppy appeared that the rescue act was a violation, andKamen Rider PoppyTransforms into and interferes with Emu Hojo.Even so, Emu expressed his desire to "save as many patients as possible in front of him, even if he was not trusted by the patients," and defeated Bugster with Hisai and Oga to help the ride players. Succeed in treating the disease.And Kyotaro also receives the thoughts of Emu Hojo and announces the fact that the player disappears to the world[ep 18].
However, Koi said, "The disappearance of the player is a temporary production, not a defect." "If you defeat the ultimate bug star, Las Boss, you can revive all the disappeared players." By announcing that, ordinary people will transform into ride players again and participate in the game.Emu and Hisai try to stop the player from fighting the bug star, but Nico appears there andRide player NicoWhen transformed into, defeat the bug star,Gashat TrophyTo get.However, Nico develops another bug star game disease. Even though he was hospitalized in CR, Nico escaped without permission after receiving a report of the appearance of a bug star.Emu and his friends try to stop Nico, but love appears there andLove Rica Bug StarAnd overwhelm Emu and others.Nico also struggles with the bug star and releases the transformation.Oga, who opened his heart to Nico for the first time, instead defeats Bugster and cures Nico's game disease.[ep 19].
Emu and his friends rush to the scene when they are informed that the paradox has appeared, but Poppy appears there and attacks Emu and his friends.Emu succeeds in regaining her memory by reprogramming Poppy's bad gene, but Parad forcibly takes Poppy away.In addition, a patient who developed Poppy's game disease appeared, and Emu, who was confused, insisted that "the only way to cure the patient is to defeat Poppy."Brave, Snipe and Nico attack Poppy.Emu couldn't kill Poppy, so he stopped fighting the paradox and headed for Poppy, daringly hit him hard to find out her true intentions, and by doing so, he regained his smile, and the game was cleared.This completely cures the patient's game illness, but Parad gets into his body with resentment that Eimu does not show any serious fighting attitude with himself, and changes to the personality of Gamer M.Hisai and Oga are surprised that Emu has transformed into a paradox in front of him, but he transforms and confronts him in an attempt to expel Parad from his body, but he is dismissed.Emu, who has released the transformation, disappears after telling Poppies that "I will quit the doctor".[ep 19][ep 20].
Parad is a bug star born from Eimu's body, and Kamen Rider Chronicle is also Reito in order to fulfill his desire to "fight his host Eimu". It is revealed that it was a game that was requested to be developed by.Emu tries to reprogram and eliminate Parado in order to treat his game disease, but this causes Emu's gene to be integrated into Parado.Parad that became able to use the gamer driverKamen Rider Paradox Level 99Then, not only Level 50 Brave and Snipe, but also Level 99 Ex-Aid was forced to untransform, and Parad took over Emu's body again and left somewhere.On the other hand, Poppy can control the gamer driver and game disease hidden by Reito in his childhood, relying on the memory of his infected host.Level 0Transform intoProtomity Action X Gashat OriginTo discover[ep 21].
Parad awakens Emu by attacking Poppy in front of Emu, and begins a single combat between level 99s.At first, the battle seemed to be even, but because Parad was good at one, Ex-Aid was defeated.It was a paradox trying to give Emu the final blow, but thereKamen Rider Genm Level 0Appears and blocks the paradox, preventing assimilation with Emu and withdrawing the paradox.It was Reito who was transformed into Genm by Poppy who revived as a bug star from the world of Protomity Action X.[ep 22].
Poppy asks Reito to fight with Emu and his friends to stop Kamen Rider Chronicle, but Emu refuses to allow Reito to use human life as if it were a game.Reito tries to defeat Paradox by ignoring Poppy's words, but receives Poppy's feelings of gratitude for giving birth and protects her from the paradox attack.After seeing it, Emu chooses to fight with Reito and overwhelms the paradox.Finally, Emu and his friends, who captured the beginner and intermediate bugsters, challenged the advanced stage where Parado and his friends were waiting.On the other hand, Hisai also secretly begins to hold hope that Kohime will also be resurrected as Reito revives as a bug star.[ep 23].
The ultimate bug star who is the last boss of Kamen Rider ChronicleGemdeusIs a legendary warrior to captureKamen Rider KronosHowever, only those who have complete antibodies to the Bugster virus can transform into Kronos.Emu and his friends challenge Paradox, Graphite, and Lavrica without the help of Kronos.However, Masamune who was released suddenly appeared and transformed into Kronos.Stop timePauseUse the ability of to completely extinguish Lavrica.Furthermore, he declares that he will manage the Kamen Rider Chronicle himself.[ep 24].
Masamune asks Hisai to cooperate with the operation of the Chronicle with the Protodragon Night Hunter Z Gashat, which contains Ohime's data, as a reward.Emu, who was furious at Masamune trying to grasp the fate of not only human beings but also Bugster, cooperated with Hisai and Reito to reprogram his antibody so that he could not transform into a Kamen Rider. Try to defeat.Pause measures were successful and reprogramming was nearing success, but Brave interfered with reprogramming to Kronos and left with Kronos.[ep 25]..Furthermore, the gamer driver is recovered from Eimu who is capturing the bug star.Emu criticizes Emu's mischief at Hisai's doctor, who puts the patient's life at risk, but Hisai revives Kohime with the expectation that she will be deprived of her qualifications as a Kamen Rider and her doctor's license. And convey his own determination.Meanwhile, Parad and Graphite try to capture Kronos.Gemdeus virusAnd graphite starts culturing in its own body.Then, the pose of Kronos is sealed by the Gemdeus virus, but the resurrected Kiriya Kujo is transformed.Kamen Rider Laser TurboAppears, nullifies the Gemdeus virus, and the Parad and Graphite operations fail.[ep 26].
Kiriya gives a positive opinion not only to Masamune who tries to grasp the fate of humanity and Bugster, but also to Kamen Rider Chronicle who puts many human beings in danger of disappearing, and Eimu gives his life as a doctor. I am shocked to see him look like a different person from his respected Kiriya.Even so, Emu, who believes that Kiriya is a companion, tries to restore Kiriya to his sanity by reprogramming, but Kiriya confesses that he is cooperating with Masamune on his own initiative and is shocked. Whispering a word in Emu's ear, Emu, who was furious at the word, hits Kiriya and challenges the battle.[ep 27]..On the other hand, Reito can literally be invincible to counter Kronos.High Palm Tekiga ShutHowever, it is robbed by Kronos.Emu regains the power of genius gamer M by integrating with Parad, and uses Hyper Muteki Gashat, which was regained by Kiriya, who was playing against them.Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Muteki GamerTransforms into and rejects Kronos.In addition, Kiriya, who returned to CR, brought in Protoga Shut and succeeded in regaining everything.Around that time, Masamune, who lacked calmness and leeway due to the defeat of Emu, took Kohime's data as a hostage and ordered Hisai to make Ex-Aid out of print.[ep 28].
Hisai was against Masamune's command, but Masamune's command was to cure Emu's game illness by erasing Parad and deprive him of his ability to transform into Ex-Aid.HisaiTaddle Legacy GashatUsingKamen Rider Brave Level 100Transformed into.It overwhelms the paradox, but fails.On the other hand, in order to revive the human beings preserved in Protoga Shut, Masamune's Kamen Rider ChronicleMaster GashatEmu, Poppy, and Kiriya try to recover from Masamune, but find out that Hisai is trying to eliminate Parad and head for Hisai.Hisai was fighting Parad and Graphite, but Snipe also participated there.Snipe tries to defeat Graphite, but is forced to release the transformation, suffers a fatal injury by being attacked in a living state, and falls into an unconscious serious condition.[ep 29].
Oga was taken to the emergency department and underwent surgery, but only a genius surgeon, Hisai, had to succeed in the surgery.After being contacted by Ashima, Hisai will have an operation, but Masamune will order him to erase Kohime's data if the operation is not unsuccessful.On the other hand, Emu tries to steal Ohime's data from Masamune, but Masamune says that if Emu transforms, Ohime's data will disappear, and he came up with the idea of ​​extinguishing Kamen Rider, which has no commercial value. Masamune continues to attack Emu, who cannot resist.However, Hisai appears there, telling her that she has completed Oga's surgery against her orders in order to fulfill her desire to "become the best doctor in the world" rather than the life of the princess. ..Ohime's data is erased by Masamune, but Hisai cooperates with Eimu to overwhelm Kronos.Hisai apologized to Oga for his actions and attitudes and returned to CR.[ep 30].
On the other hand, Masamune tries to defeat Parad in order to deprive Emu of his transformation ability, but he is disturbed by Emu.However, Masamune infects Nico with the game disease of Gemdeus and tries to defeat Parad with Emu's own hands.Emu was prepared to lose his transformation ability and fought Parad, and it seemed that he had been defeated.[ep 31], Resurrected by taking in Parad just before its disappearance to remind Parado of the fear of death.Fearful Parad escapes from Eimu and disappears, but when he finds out that he has a "heart to understand the feeling of being killed", he reappears to Eimu and takes the lives of many people. I apologize for coming.Emu accepts that he will carry your sins with him, and says, "Fight now, not to take your life, but to protect it." Parad accepts this and becomes a companion.The two head to Masamune, finally defeat Kronos in co-op play, and succeed in destroying Master Gashat.However, his eyes glowed strangely as if to react to Masamune's anger,ResetAwakened to the power of.The Master Gashat that should have been destroyed will be restored, and the Hyper Muteki Gashat and Proto Gashat will also disappear.[ep 32].
True Ending (Episode 41-45)[20]
Due to the effects of the reset, the Hyper Muteki Gashat disappeared, and Emu and his friends lost their way to capture Kronos.He goes to Graphite, who has the Gemdeus virus, which is the only strategy, and asks him to fight with him, but Graphite refuses.Hisai and Oga fight against Graphite and win in order to settle the cause of the past.Cronus appears at the tip of Nico's attempt to pierce Graphite, and Graphite refuses to help him.Graphite dares to be attacked by Nico and disappears.By collecting all the Gashat Trophy, he tries to summon Gemdeus, but Cronus tries to reset again to prevent it.However, Reito is newsaveEx-Aid using Hyper Muteki Gashat, which has been completed with added functions, blocks it, and Gemdeus, the last boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle, descends in front of Emu and others.[ep 33].
Many people were infected with the summoned Gemdeus because the program was rewritten by Masamune to spread the Gemdeus virus.Kiriya infects Reito and himself with the Gemdeus virus, creating a Gemdeus vaccine in Reito's body.Doctor Mighty XX GashatTo complete.Ex-Aid then uses its gashat to suppress the Gemdeus virus and alleviate outbreaks.However, when Kamen Rider Chronicle was defeated by Kronos who was not good at being captured, Masamune used the Gashakon Bugweiser II to capture Gemdeus data into his body and gained the power of both Gemdeus and Kronos. Transformed into a bug star.The true last boss of Kamen Rider ChronicleGemdeus CronusWill be[ep 34].
As a result of Masamune becoming Gemdeus Kronos, many citizens, including Kiriya, develop game disease again.Masamune takes Nico, who has the right to challenge the true Las Boss, to the game area dedicated to Las Boss and tries to transform it into Kronos, but Oga appears there and transforms into Kronos instead of Nico.However, he is forced to struggle in front of the power of Gemdeus Kronos, and the transformation is released.Developed by Reito therecheatUsing the code, Emu and Hisai appear in the game area, and three people defeat Gemdeus Kronos.But Gemdeus Cronus is a further formSuper GemdeusEvolves into a bug star virus that transforms game disease patients[ep 35].
As a large-scale pandemic continues with bugster-virused game disease patients, Poppy produces a Gemdeus vaccine by inserting Doctor Mighty XX Gashat into his body to save people and cure people's game disease. Disappear.Emu and his friends separate Masamune and Gemdeus with the power to separate Level 1 bugsters and humans.Gemdeus disappears when Parad sacrifices his body, but Parad himself disappears, and Emu loses the ability to transform into Exaid.[ep 36].
When Emu lost his transformation ability, Masamune was proud to win and transformed into Kronos again to defeat all the riders.Then, while Cronus tried to attack Emu while the pose was activated, Emu suddenly awakened and half-destroyed Gashakon Bug Weiser II.As a result, Kronos, who lost his ability to pose and was weakened by the virus being suppressed by Parad, was attacked by all riders and defeated.Masamune squeezed his last power, stabbed Master Gashat in his chest, and disappeared, saying, "The Last Judgment was given."
The conquest of Kamen Rider Chronicle completely cured all game sick patients, and CR was able to recapture Protoga Shut, which had been robbed by Masamune, but Masamune was able to restore the disappeared people as Master Gashat. It becomes difficult because it destroyed.Still, Emu believes that the disappeared people will be able to be revived by medical progress, and vows to continue fighting game diseases.
Poppy also revived by culturing her fragments that Reito grabbed in Reito's body, and Parado also revived when he was infected with Emu again and held hands again, and Emu was encouraging. I was confronting the game disease with my friends.[ep 37].


Kamen Rider makeover

Hosei Eimu(Emu / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Of this workhero..A fledgling working at the Holy City University Hospitalmedical intern[21][22]..From episodes 1 to 12Pediatrics, From episodes 13 to 24surgical, From episode 25Internal medicineResponsible.
variousゲームMaster and geniusGamerMHave a handle[Annotation 3].. Eighteen years old[21][23].. Blood typeAB typeRh +[23][ep 9].
Traffic accident at the age of 8[Annotation 4]From the experience of being saved by Kyotaro before coming to the Ministry of Health, he began to aim to become a doctor, saying, "I want to save someone."He sealed himself as a gamer, took a college entrance exam six years ago, and became a trainee.[ep 10].
A good young man who usually treats patients cheerfully, but when he starts a game or when he transforms and fights, his personality changes and the first person changes from "I" to "I".[24]..At that time, he often smiles and has a warlike and calm personality.However, in many scenes, there are many scenes where the personality changes to M without starting the game.[Annotation 5]..According to Nico, the former first person was "I", which is currently only for games, and "I" was not used.[Annotation 6][Annotation 7].
A good young man who thinks about the patient first from past experience and wants to heal both the mind and body, but he often fails because he is immature in medical knowledge, skills, and awareness as a medical professional.[Annotation 8]..Because of the hurry, even though he is a medical person, he often falls or gets injured and gets angry by nurses, and sometimes he is disappointed by his child, but the bugster virus is stressful. See through to multiply by[ep 2]The insight is high.
Then, while confronting the game disease many times, he will regain the health of the patient and protect his smile as a strong belief and determination in the face of any difficulty.
A boy who was a patient who was in charge of himself was infected with the Bugster virus, so he used the gamer driver that Tomorrow had without permission and became an ex-aid.[ep 1]..In the second episode, Hisai came to CR, so I thought about quitting CR, but I doubted his idea and decided to concurrently serve as CR and pediatrics to save the patient.[ep 2].
I lost the battle with Oga and was robbed of Mighty Action X Gashat, but I think it's good because I saved the patient[ep 3], With the help of Kiriya, he successfully regained Gashat, but he regrets knowing that his story of fighting for a friend who lost his life on zero-day was a lie.[ep 4], He often loses because of his friendly personality, and Reito describes his heart as "like a crystal".[ep 38].
Kyotaro, a lifesaver, is infected with the Bugster virus.He says that he will cure it, and he uses the Dragon Knight Hunter Z Gashat, which is based on cooperative play with four people, but he runs out of control without controlling his power, and as a result, defeats the Dark Graphite Bug Star. I can't do it and I get hurt[ep 6]..After returning, Kyotaro advised the importance of team medical care and reflected on his pride.By burning other disorganized riders and attacking themselves, the Dragon Knight Hunter Z Gashat is separated, and by taking the form of a battle, four people defeated the Dark Graphite Bug Star.[ep 39]..After that, he repelled once when he saw the attitude of doubting Kyotaro of Kiriya, but when he made the Dragon Knight Hunter Z Gashat runaway in the battle against Genm, he succeeded in controlling it by Kiriya's words, so he decided to trust it. did.And by defeating Genm with 4 riders, he knows that Genm is Reito.[ep 40].
After losing Kiriya, he hates Reito who killed him, and because of that, he confiscated all Gashats due to the runaway during the operation.[Annotation 9], If it is a normal human passed from Parad, it is used by changing it to Mighty Brothers XX Gashat by letting the black Gashat, which is eaten by a large amount of Bugster virus and dies instantly, take in its own data.[ep 8].
In order to transform into a Kamen Rider, you have to undergo adaptive surgery, but only Emu can transform without undergoing that surgery.[ep 5]..Furthermore, in episode 14, the blood was secretly collected and examined, and it was found that he was infected with the game disease.[ep 9]..Actually, one year before Zero Day, I was hospitalized because I broke my body all night in preparation for a competition game tournament, and at that time I was planning to artificially generate a bug star.Michihiko ZaizenParad separated from the body and developed a game disease as a laboratory table for the members of the Next Genome Research Institute.[23][Annotation 10]It has also become clear that it became the first onset of game disease in humankind, but he has lost his memory.[Annotation 11], Because I don't know that I'm infected with a game illness, I often have headaches that are a sign of a game illness even after combat.[ep 10].
Then, wondering about the abnormalities of his own body, he asks Hisai, but his words become muddy.Then, in the battle with Genm and others, Reito finally told him that he was infected with a game disease, and he was shocked and completely developed the game disease.[ep 11], Has become M's personality without disappearing[ep 12]..Then, the patient's treatment is left to Hisai and he concentrates on fighting the bug star like a game, but he returns to his original personality in response to his feelings as a doctor.[ep 12]..However, the reason why the bug star did not appear from Emu's body remains unknown, "If you try to transform into a Kamen Rider (or activate Gashat), you will develop a game disease again and become M. I can't transform because of the fear of "I'm going to do it."However, he was blasted by Snipe (Oga) who fights against Vernier Bugster, and by remembering his desire to "save the patient's life as a doctor and restore the patient's smile", he dispelled his fear and transformed into level XX. Withdrew Genm[ep 13].
Since I spent most of my childhood alone, I dreamed of new game ideas and characters, and the idea of ​​"a duo of orange and green heroes" was the catalyst for the creation of Mighty Brothers XX Gashat. found[23].
He was jealous of sending a fan letter to Reito 16 years ago with ideas for a new game, and playing the trial version of "Mighty Action C" sent by Reito to become the prototype of the Bugster virus. It turns out that he was infected and had undergone surgery by Zaizen, who was asked by Reito after the game tournament six years ago.[ep 14], Treats Reito, but his plan corrodes the gamer driver and makes him untransformable[ep 14]Also, using the gamer driver who is a keepsake of Kiriya, by putting his own data in the silver gashat entrusted by Hisai, it is changed to maximum mighty X gashat.[Annotation 12], Succeeded in defeating Genm (Reito) at level 99[ep 15].
Nico has been aiming for a relentless defeat since winning the game tournament six years ago, but it became clear that the cause was the possessed Parad.Until then, she was rejected by her violent attitude, and Emu was the first patient to smile, but she apologized shortly after the truth was discovered.
He was upset by Poppy, who had become an enemy in the brainwashing of Loverika (love), but succeeded in regaining Poppy from Parad's hand by disabling the brainwashing by reprogramming.[ep 20], Possessed by Parad who was angry that he would not fight himself forever, and found out that Parad was Baxter who infected himself[ep 21].
In fact, the personalities of Parad and M were originally held by Eimu as a child.I want friends to play games withParad was born from the idea that Eimu was infected with the Bugster virus and was cultivated in his own body for 10 years. When he was separated from the virus, he inherited his personality as M, and was born with a physical body while sharing the spirit with Eimu.He also tells us that Reito told him the truth and that he didn't disappear due to the game disease because Parad was prevented by fusing with Emu.[ep 21].
Reunited with Kiriya, who was resurrected in the form of Masamune's minions, but learned that he was on the side of Masamune at his own will, exposing his hostility.[ep 27]..He gets Hyper Muteki Gashat from Reito to counter Kronos, but he cannot transform because he lost the power of genius gamer M due to the influence of reprogramming Parado before, and Hyper Muteki Gashat is also robbed by Kronos. It ends up.He teams up with Parad to prevent the Kronos capture quest, but Kiriya appears there and is disturbed.After Kiriya regains Hyper Muteki Gashat, he reveals that he was pretending to be an enemy.[Annotation 13], Revived the personality of genius gamer M by injecting parad into his body using Gashakon Bugweiser II, transformed into Muteki gamer, overwhelmed Kronos and forced to withdraw[ep 28].
When Nico was infected with Gemdeus virus by Masamune, he could not abandon the patient as a doctor, and he challenged the battle to settle with Parad as promised before to clear Kamen Rider Chronicle, and lost his transformation ability. Defeat him with preparedness[ep 31]..The purpose was to make Parad understand the fear of death, and he had taken Parad into his body just before it disappeared.And he attaches a promise with Parad that he will fight together to save human lives from now on.[ep 32].
In order to stop the pandemic caused by Gemdeus, and to separate Gemdeus with other friends in order to fulfill the level 1 role that Poppy once taught, to separate Gemdeus, but lost the ability to transform into Exaid due to Parad's self-sacrifice. I thought it was[ep 36]In fact, he was infected with Parad again before his disappearance and had not lost his ability to transform.Then he defeated Kamen Rider Kronos and regained Protoga Shut.After that, he held a press conference with Kyotaro and shared his views on how to revive those who disappeared by converting them into data.[ep 37].
Became a pediatrician at the climax of "True Ending".
  • At the beginning of the project, it was only a gamer setting, but with the addition of the element of "medical care" to the program, there was an opinion that "the main character should also be a doctor", the setting of a trainee doctor was added, and the original setting was also added. Became a dual personality character to make use of[7]..Emu's initial settings are reflected in Parado[9].
  • The actual pediatrician may wear an apron, but from the judgment that it looks like a nursery teacher, Eimu's costume expresses the pediatrician's character by attaching a mascot etc. to the white coat.[10].
Mirror Aya(Kagami Hiiro / Kamen Rider Brave
Work at Holy City University Hospitalsurgeon..The first person is usually "I", but at work it becomes "I"[25].
A genius surgeon who graduated from a university outside Japan by skipping[21]Although he is young and has a certain skill as he is called a "surgeon who does not fail", he has a high pride and is confident.Growing up as an elite, I'm not familiar with games[22][Annotation 14]..The same year as Emu[21]..The habit is "No thank you"[26]..The conforming people are not called "residents (Emu)", "unlicensed doctors (Oga)", "medical examiners (Kiriya)", and "president (Reito)". Or by title[Annotation 15][25]However, in episode 38, Masamune was described as "in this world.gun".However, in episode 23, Emu is called "Emu" by the name.[ep 15]Also, in the 38th episode after breaking up with Masamune, I called Oga "Hanaya-sensei".[ep 30]..In the following episode 39, he took such a humorous attitude, but at the request of the person himself, he changed the tone to the previous name.[27][Annotation 16].
Worked at a prestigious hospital in the United States, but returned to Japan to become a Kamen Rider[ep 1], CR affiliation cardiovascular surgeon[26]Will fight the bug star as[28][29]..I have multiple qualifications other than cardiac surgery[ep 9].
Losing the little princess on zero-day became a trauma, which led to "not touching the patient's personal feelings", that is, "it is not good to go deep into the patient's inner feelings and slow down the surgical decision." Is the creed[25]In a situation where a bug star has taken a hostage, healing the patient (defeating the bug star) is the highest priority over the life of the hostage.From that idea, it seems that the idea of ​​"I want to cure the patient" does not change, although it conflicts with Emu.[ep 2][Annotation 17]In episode 18, when asked why Emu demanded Gashat, he expressed his feelings toward the patient for the first time, saying, "I want to cure the patient (Emu) in front of me."[ep 11].
Five years ago, her lover, Ohime Momose, developed a game disease, and she disappeared because she failed to defeat the graphite separated from her in the operation at that time.[ep 41]..For that reason, I am hostile to myself.[ep 3]This made me decide to become a Kamen Rider myself[ep 41]Actually, I was blaming myself for killing Ohime, who made her feel stressed because she was coldly hitting Ohime, but by resenting Oga who made her disappear. I was looking away from the truth[ep 26]..Even when transformed, if Oga (Snipe) is nearby, he will try to fight him without dealing with Bugster.[ep 3][ep 4]Sometimes.He also had a fierce revenge on Graphite, the direct soul of Ohime, and forgot about himself and was obsessed with defeating him rather than the patient.[ep 41], Put an end to the cause by defeating the Dark Graphite Bugster with other riders[ep 39].
After the 13th episode, he will be Emu's instructor who will enter the surgical training.
In the 15th episode, he learns from the conversation between Oga and Reito that Emu is a patient with a game illness, and tries to tell him about it. If you know that you are a patient, Emu will be shocked and overstressed, and the symptoms of the game disease will rapidly progress and worsen and disappear. "[ep 10]..After that, he tries to cure his game illness by challenging the battle so that Eimu will not be distracted by the truth.Emu was told the truth by Reito without any reason, and Emu developed a game disease, but he escaped the disappearance.After that, capture the fantasy gamer used by Genm without transforming, rob Genm of Gashat Gear Dual β, transform to Brave Level 50 and succeed in treating the patient.[ep 12]However, he was injured in the battle with Paradox without mastering the power of level 50, and he was treated by Oga and was told to "give Gashat Gear Dual β", but he did not allow the case of Ohime, so he grabbed him. However, in response to Oga's words, "Can I continue to operate with my injured body and become like me?", I give him Gashat Gear Dual β.[ep 13].
When treating a detective who was in the same situation as himself, I heard that Emu Hojo "relieves the remorse of those who disappeared due to Reito's ambitions" in the battle with Genm (Reito) at that time. I changed my mind about him[ep 42], Persuaded Emu Hojo to treat Reito even if he was about to be taken by the officers of the Ministry of Health.[ep 14]..Then, I found the reprogramming data from the computer left by Kiriya and installed the data on the new Gashat that I was trying to complete, but it failed to start.[ep 14]..After that, remembering that Emu had previously created Mighty Brothers XX Gashat, he entrusted Emu with a silver gashat.[ep 15].
His attitude toward him has softened to some extent, such as recovering from the shock of Reito's disappearance and praising Emu Hojo, who completed three months of surgical training. Emu, who calls on Aya and Oga to cooperate in the treatment of the band group who developed the game disease, refused, saying, "Don't tell me that you are a trainee," and "I don't remember becoming a friend (with Emu)." Was[ep 16].
With the resurrection of Reito, he secretly obtained the gashat trophy of the explosive motorcycle, with the hope that the little princess who had disappeared due to the game disease would be revived.[ep 23]..Then, he finds out that the human data that disappeared from Reito is in the corresponding Protoga Shut, but knows that the Proto Gashat was stolen by Masamune.[ep 25]..After that, Masamune who appeared asked for cooperation as a subordinate of Masamune for the operation of Kamen Rider Chronicle, but refused it.However, when Masamune presented Protodragon Night Hunter Z Gashat as a reward, he secretly became a subordinate of Masamune, and when Masamune was about to be reprogrammed by Emu, he interfered with it and left Emu and his friends.[ep 25]..After that, at the request of Masamune again, he robbed Emu's gamer driver of Kiriya and reunited with Kohime who was incompletely regenerated as a reward for his success.[ep 26]..However, this time Masamune is given further orders to regain her consciousness and receives Taddle Legacy Gashat from him.[ep 27]I couldn't use Gashat because I was at a loss[ep 28]..After that, he was overwhelmed by Muteki gamers and threatened by resentful Masamune, "If you do not make Ex-Aid out of print, you will erase Ohime."[ep 28]..Although he refuses to do it as a doctor, he is ordered to "defeat Perfect Knockout (Parado) and take away his transformation ability" and solidifies his determination to reach Brave Level 100 and challenge Parado.[ep 29]..Because he failed to deal with it, Masamune ordered him to "fail on purpose in the operation of Oga, or erase Ohime", but as a doctor he could not abandon his disappearing life and succeeded in the operation. The princess's data is erased.After that, he broke up with Masamune and returned to CR, and apologized to Oga who regained consciousness and reconciled the attitude he had taken so far.[ep 30].
He calls him "Poppy Pipopapo" regardless of his appearance, and he says "Call me tomorrow when he looks like this" and says "It doesn't matter which one" he says.[ep 2].
Originally I was not good at it, but I like sweets because I was influenced by Ohime.[30]And at a fixed time every day as a means of recovering from fatigueSweetsEtc. are taken as "sugar supplement"[25][Annotation 18]. Also,cakeWhenever you eat something like that, Hisai says "female"knifeforkI'm eating it as if I had surgery[25][Annotation 19]Especially, the time of carving is remarkable.
  • The name means "Hero's Book", which also means "Brave" in the RPG game.[7][25].
  • About the character of HisaiShojiro NakazawaIs not two-sided unlike other characters, and is supposed to be the most protagonist character in the first place.[10]..At the beginning of the project, it was set as a doctor who values ​​life for Emu, a gamer who does not understand the importance of life.[9].
  • At first, Seto, who plays Hisai, emphasized the "Tsundere" part, and as a sign of being confident, he walked with his chest bent and always put his hands in his pockets.[25]..It speaks in a lower voice than the ground voice, and the volume is increased or decreased depending on the emotion, based on the whispering voice to make it sound blunt.[25].
Hanaya Taiga(Hanaya / Kamen Rider Snipe / Kamen Rider Kronos (Taiga Hanaya Ver.)
A dark doctor who has been stripped of his doctor's license[21][22].1987May 11birth[33]29 years old[34]..Blood type is AB[35]..For black hairmeshCharacterized by a hairstyle mixed with gray hair like[Annotation 20]..The first person is "I".The conforming person is called "Ex-Aid (Emu)", "Brave (Hisai)", "Laser (Kiriya)", "Genm (Reito)" instead of the name after transformation.[35][Annotation 15][Annotation 21]..Also, when provoking people,Air AquartI have a habit of doing.
Formerly a radiotherapy department who worked at the Holy City University HospitalRadiologistSo, five years ago, he was selected as the first Kamen Rider of humankind and belonged to CR and fought as a Kamen Rider, but he failed to defeat Graphite because he was drowned in the game, resulting in the death of the patient Ohime.[ep 3][ep 41]As a result, his doctor's license was stripped, and the gamer driver and Gashat were confiscated and CR was banished.[Annotation 22][28][35]..Since then, he has been working as an unlicensed dark doctor at an abandoned hospital and trading foreign exchange.[Annotation 23], Was estranged from hospital officials, and was not liked by Tomorrow as he abandoned Kamen Rider's mission.[ep 3].
However, at the end of the second episode, Reito called it "the development cost of a new game".[Annotation 24]Paying for a deal and buying a gamer driver and a bang bang shooting gashat[ep 2][35].
From the case of Ohime, there is a connection with Hisai and Graphite, and when confronting Graphite, he says, "I will return the debt five years ago."[29][ep 3].
The side effects of using Protoga Shut in the past eroded my body, and I was stripped of my doctor's license in a zero-day case. Should fight as a Kamen Rider. "[35].
Parad was asked "Who will clear the 10 games first?", So he is relentlessly seeking Gashat.[Annotation 25]Also, in order not to transform Emu and Hisai into Kamen Rider from his idea mentioned above.[35]He often bets on Gashat.Although the purpose is to collect Rider Gashat rather than to save the patient[ep 3], (Although it was a false illness) There is also one side where the heart as a doctor remains, such as conducting a serious examination of Nico.
When he was called by Kiriya, Nico Saiba suddenly appeared in front of him and asked him to "defeat Gamer M (Emu)" and rushed to Ex-Aid, but Kiriya disappeared. Witness and find out that the opponent was Genm Level X (Reito)[ep 7]..Later, Ex-Aid split into two at double-action gamer level XX, and from Nico's story, he was suspicious of Emu's identity, and as a result of secretly collecting blood and examining it, he was infected with game disease. locate[ep 9].
Learn from Reito that Emu is the first onset of game disease[Annotation 26]And attack him with Brave to stop the progression of his game illness[ep 10].
Nico developed a game disease[ep 10], She is seriously angry at her trying to transform into "play" due to the cause of the stress (described later), saying that the battle in the treatment of game diseases is not play but her own life.[ep 43]..Her treatment eventually succeeds with the paradox[ep 43].
Takes Gashat Gear Dual β from Hisai, who was hurt in the battle with the paradox, and transforms into Snipe Level 50.[Annotation 27], Defeat the vernier bug star[ep 13].
Overwhelmed in the battle with Genm Level X and recaptures Bang Bang Shooting Gashat, but asks to create a "game to kill immortal zombies" to defeat the immortal Genm[ep 42]..While rejecting the new game proposal proposed by the work and installing the reprogramming data left by Kiriya brought by Hisai to the new gashat, with Genm X's alter ego used by Reito Being attacked by the Bugster virus.At that time, he hands the Gashat Gear Dual β to Hisai and tries to activate the new Gashat, but fails and the transformation is released.After that, when Reito occupied Genmu Corporation, he muttered, "It's the completion of a black company."[ep 14].
Even after Reito disappeared, his intention to get all the gashats remained unchanged, and Emu refused to ask for cooperation in the treatment of the band group who developed the game disease. He approached Hisai, "Who will defeat the three bugsters, let's bet each other's gashat and compete."[ep 16].
I am honestly grateful to Nico for calling me the "doctor" who was deprived of my doctor's license, and since then I have been in a close relationship.[35].
After Zero-day, he hated Hisai as a princess, and kept him from going off the road.[38]When Hisai, who turned over to Masamune, confessed his feelings for Ohime and his sins, he regretted, "I should have resented only me," and stopped Eimu trying to stop Hisai.[ep 26].. Engaged with Graphite to settle five years ago, but defeated and fatally injured[ep 29], Saved by Hisai's emergency surgery[ep 30]..He was trying to get up by pushing his injured body to save Nico, who was infected with Gemdeus's game disease, but he was reprimanded by Hisai and stopped.[ep 31].
When the number of people infected with game disease spread due to the influence of the Gemdeus virus, he rushed to support Hisai and others and encouraged mothers who were worried about their children, but I once abandoned my doctor's license. He revealed that he was himself and had no intention of returning to the doctor.[ep 34]..Then, using two Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashats, he transformed into Kronos.[ep 35].
After the battle was over, at the request of Hisai, medical activities as a game disease specialist were approved as a special measure, and the game disease specialist "Hanaya Clinic" was opened in the dark hospital that was originally used.[ep 37][39].
Initially, despite the fact that the cause of stress for the infected person is a doctor, there are also ruthless aspects such as approaching in a white coat and forcibly trying to isolate the bugster virus, and fighting the bugster in front of the infected person.[ep 3], Emu's attitude toward the patient was ridiculed as "playing doctor".On the other hand, after acting with Nico, he began to show a comical side, and in episode 17, he misunderstood the juju burger.[ep 44], It became clear in episode 20 that ghosts are not good at it[ep 13].
Like Hisai, tomorrow Na is called "Poppy Pipopapo".
  • Initially it was planned to have a different name, but because the sound resembled "Parado", it became "Flower House".[35][Annotation 28]..Since all Kamen Riders cannot distinguish characters from doctors, they were set as "dark doctors" with different behavioral principles.[7].
  • About appearance and settings, etc.black JackThe main character ofblack JackAlthough similarities with[40], Toei official website denies this[41].
  • In the first script of the TV series, the hair was not planned to be white, but by making it white, I thought about a spin-off (described later) that depicts the process up to that point.[42]..In addition, there was a plan to whiten all the hair at the stage of costume matching, but it became the current hairstyle because it became attractive by partially whitening the hair.[42].
  • Matsumoto, who plays Oga, didn't know at first how he was stripped of his doctor's license and why he said, "Give me Gashat," so he decided to be a selfish and violent man, thrust his hand into his pocket, and felt irreverent. I try to speak with the tone of the voice lower than the ground voice so that I can walk with my chin up and look down.[35].
Danto(Dango and / Kamen Rider Genm
Genmu Corporation, the game company that developed the game that controls the rider systemCEO[21][43]..Launched CR in collaboration with the Ministry of Health[28]..I also have a connection with Tomorrow Na (Poppy Pipopapo), and I get information on riders including Ex-Aid from her at any time. 30 years old[44]..First person is "I"[Annotation 29]..Until the identity was discovered, it was uniformly called the "President", but after it was discovered, it was called "Genm" or "Reito".Until the 11th episode, the rider's transformant was called "Mr. XX", but after revealing his true nature, he began to call his opponent by his full name.He has a very high level of determination, such as not hesitating to let Ex-Aid defeat himself and collect death data.
While ostensibly supporting the battle of Kamen Riders, in return for the large amount of game development fund provided in the second episode, Hanaya University, who was disqualified as a doctor's license and Kamen Rider five years ago. Giving me a gamer driver and a bang bang shooting gas shut easily, etc.[Annotation 30], There are some speculations other than the annihilation of bugsters[28](Later turned out to be the production of Kamen Rider Chronicle).
I still have the 5 types of protoga shuts that caused the bug that caused the zero-day five years ago, and I am holding a weakness to the self who knows it.[ep 45]..His father, Masamune Dan, was arrested for being held responsible for the outbreak of the Bugster virus, but in reality 16 years ago.2000 issueImmediately after, it turned out that he was the person who discovered the bug star virus created by a slight malfunction of the computer.[45].
Its true identity was a transformant of Kamen Rider Genm, who colluded with Bugster's Parad and Graphite.[ep 38]..Also, it seems that he does not care about the side effects of using Protoga Shut.After revealing his identity to Emu Hojo, he also called himself a "game master", and he recognized that it was an illegal game for Gashats he did not know and Gashats developed by people other than himself, and collected them. I am targeting.
Until the identity of Genm was revealed, he had a generous, bright and soft demeanor in front of Eimu and his friends.[43], It's just acting, the nature is a ruthless and selfish personality that does not choose the means for the purpose, and if it is for the purpose, not only other riders and bugsters, but even their own life is a piece Deemed and sacrificed calmly.In addition, he often shows crazy and arrogant words and deeds, such as ridiculing himself as a "god."
In addition, he takes a light look at the thing called "life" and thinks that even his own mother's life can be continued like a game, instead of respecting life as a doctor like Emu Hojo, Nico is Masamune. Even when he was infected with Gemdeus's game disease by his strategy, he was criticized by Kiriya and Poppy for saying that he could continue as a bug star like himself.
Even if he jumps lightly from a high place or injures his back, he has high physical ability such as overwhelming Exaid and forcing him to release his transformation.
While hiding his identity as Genm and contacting Emu and others, he collects data on riders and supports bugsters who fight against riders.[ep 41]..When Kiriya, who witnessed the transformation, was about to reveal her true identity, she escaped the difficulty with Parad's assistant sword.[ep 46].
Then, after completing the first stage of collecting the actual battle data of 10 gashats, in episode 11, he said, "The source of the game disease is black exeid", and Kyotaro Hinata and other Ministry of Health are making the bug star virus. And tell them to carry out the game disease patient from CR.He brought out a set of Proto Gashats and a new Gashat, and said goodbye to Genmu Corporation.It was an attempt to retrieve death data from patients with Gaming disease in order to complete the new Gashat.However, the operation failed, the Shakariki Sports Gashat was robbed, and the rider gauge became 0.But that is the true purpose, and by collecting death data from himself with the Gashakon Bugweiser, he completes the Dangerous Zombie Gashat.At that time, there was no reason to hide his identity, so he exposed the name Kamen Rider Genm and his identity as Dan Kuroto to other riders, and the purpose was "the ultimate game.[Annotation 31]To make it. "He revealed to Emu Hojo that the Bugster virus was already lurking in many human bodies, and that everyone was at risk of developing a game disease. It's up to you to save (people infected with the virus) "and disappear.[ep 40].
Transformed into Kamen Rider Genm Zombie Gamer Level X with a bugle driver and Dangerous Zombie Gashat, and forced the game over to shut down Kiriya who was approaching the truth.It also turned out that the ultimate game we were aiming for was Kamen Rider Chronicle.[ep 7]..After burying him, he mentions that it will be a world that cannot live without the existence of Kamen Rider Chronicle.[ep 8].
When the Ministry of Health announced the existence of Kamen Rider and Bugster to the public, he said, "There is no one who can compete with me," and secretly dreamed that "only while working on the development of Kamen Rider Chronicle." After disappearing from the corporation, the site of the office of Genmu Corporation at the time of its launch is used as a hideout.[46]..In addition, by gaining the power of an immortal zombie that transcends death, he decided that "Kamen Rider's test play is no longer necessary" and embarked on the recovery of Eimu, Hisai, and Oga's Gashat. ..Parad hands a black gashat containing a large amount of bugster virus to use it for a bugster to develop a new gashat, but Parad hands the gashat to Eimu.[ep 8]..The Mighty Brothers XX Gashat that changed it is a Gashat that the game master himself did not intend, and because it has more power than his transforming level X, it is subject to deletion unlike other Gashats, and it is often forever. Appearing in front of a dream is taking the actual battle data[ep 9][ep 10].
There is some contact with Eimu 16 years ago[ep 7]I also know that Emu is the first person to develop the bug star virus in the world.[Annotation 32]..In addition, he is the person who recommended tomorrow Na to make the genius gamer M (Emu) a doctor of CR.[ep 42].
While respecting Gashat, he disregards Bugster, and after Parad recovers Jujuberger Gashat from Ex-Aid, defeats Bagamon Bugster at the critical end.[ep 44], Because I have defeated the Motors Bug Star as an obsolete[Annotation 33], Buy Parad's wrath.He is defeated by him who has transformed into a paradox, but cuts off his enjoyment as "a punishment for me" (excessive stress on Emu and extinguishes it so that Emu cannot fight Emu) Therefore, Emu tells himself that he is infected with a game disease.[ep 11]..As expected, Emu develops a game disease, but it does not disappear and he regrets it.[ep 12].
In fact, despite being the person who caused Zero Day five years ago, he was imposing responsibility on his father Masamune, saying that "I can not be arrested until I complete the ultimate game", and also collect bug star data At the same time, it turned out that he had obtained his own death data in the battle so far, he received the last lethal damage in the battle with Exaid, and when he obtained the death data, it was impossible to measure Level X (X) Evolve into[ep 42].
16 years ago, Reito, who was involved in game development at Genmu Corporation when his father Masamune was running, was proud of his talent to generate ideas for blockbuster games one after another while being a junior high school student. When I witnessed several new game ideas that were different from those of Reito, which was written in the letter sent as a fan letter from Eimu, "There are other people with excellent talents besides myself. I was keenly aware of it and was jealous of that talent.Eventually, Reito thought, "If you use the bug star virus, you can develop a completely new game," Reito gave a disc of the trial version game "Mighty Action C" that incorporates the bug star virus as a thank-you for the fan letter for the experiment. I sent it to Eimu and made a cause for Eimu who played the game to be infected with the bug star virus.Then, when he visited the venue of the fighting game tournament where Eimu and Nico competed for the championship six years ago, he was convinced that the bugster virus was culturing in Eimu's body and grew up from his body. Asked Michihiko Zaizen for surgery to remove the bug star virus[ep 14]After awakening the personality of genius gamer M (Parado), he was recommended as a CR doctor.
After being sniffed by the Ministry of Health, he was infected with Charlie Bugster's Bugster virus to save time and hid himself in CR.Then, he confesses to Emu with tears the truth mentioned above, and deliberately causes Emu to defeat Charlie Bugster to obtain data.Then, when he transformed into Genm X and corrupted the gamer driver of Eimu with the evolved critical dead and made it impossible to transform, he followed the bug star virus and occupied Genmu Corporation and returned to CEO[ep 14].
Even though the police officers who surrounded Genmu Corporation are destroyed,Kiriya's keepsakeThe rider gauge is revived by Ex-Aid Level 99, which Emu transformed using the Gamer Driver and Maximum Mighty X Gashat, and the transformation is canceled by continuous attacks with Snipe Level 50.Even so, he hesitated to take Reito's life, and he argued that Emu's "I want you to atone for my sins" and said, "It is you who are guilty of me, who are the gods." Many people who happened to be there before they escaped are infected with the bugster virus by using the Gashacon Bugweiser to quickly create a bugster, but the bugster is not born as expected and it causes frustration.In the second battle with Emu, who was stopped by Brave and Snipe who rushed to the place after receiving an emergency call, and transformed into Ex-Aid level 99, all the antibodies of the bug star virus in the body were reprogrammed. It will be programmed and you will lose your transformation ability[ep 15].
At the end, Parad robbed Gashakon Bugweiser and Dangerous Zombie Gashat, and he exposed him to the zombie virus.[47][48], The game was over, shouting "My dream is immortal"[ep 15]..After that, it was thought that it had completely disappeared, but it existed as data in Protomity Action X Gashat Origin, which he had developed as a countermeasure against the infection of the Bugster virus when he was a child.Poppy, who discovered him by chance, returned to Reito's appearance by wearing a gamer driver, but at first he was in a state of self-consciousness such as repeating only the line "I am immortal ...", but Poppy By inserting Protomity Action X Gashat Origin into the gamer driver, the personality of his life dwells, and he is revived as a bug star Genm Level 0.[ep 22], He will cooperate with Poppy because his purpose to take revenge on Parad and the power of level 0 are in agreement with Poppy who tries to prevent assimilation with Parad and save Emu.However, his personality had not changed at all from his life, such as ignoring the promise with Poppy and prioritizing revenge on Parad over the rescue of Emu Hojo, and pushing out the self who pressed for an explanation of the reason for the resurrection. ..However, if he revived as a bug star and showed behavior or attitude that did not suit Poppy's intention, it would be absorbed by Gashakon Bug Weiser II.[ep 22].
After the resurrectionKuroto Dan(ShindankurotoSelf-proclaimed[Annotation 34], He was obsessed with overthrowing the paradox and repeated his solo actions, but when he heard Poppy's words of gratitude, he remembered his memories with his mother when he tried to protect himself from the attack of the paradox, and on the contrary, the game was over. It disappeared next to it, but it was revived by continuing with the ability of Protomity Action X Gashat Origin.[ep 23].
When he declared to the paradox, "I won't let Poppy get rid of it. She's the life I created!", Emu, who had criticized his thoughts, understood Continue as "time to atone for his sins" and sin. Although he does not forgive, he rejected the paradox by fighting together.After that, present to CR people[Annotation 35]And revealed that the data of the disappeared people is stored in the prototype that corresponds to the infected bugster virus.[ep 23].
Then, as he faces the final battle with the Parads, he is shocked to learn that his father, Masamune, was using and controlling the Kamen Rider Chronicle he had created.[ep 24][ep 25]..However, in order to counter Kronos, a Hyper Muteki Gashat is created.[ep 26][ep 27].
Emu, who tries to defeat Parad to save Nico, opposes "Prioritize the capture of Kronos" because he refuses to waste his Hyper Muteki Gashat.In the end, Emu defeats Parad and screams in grief.[ep 31]After that, I am relieved that Parad was safe.[ep 32]..Then, he challenges Kronos with other riders to stop Kronos, but for fear of being robbed of Hyper Muteki Gashat, only one person dismisses.[ep 32]..After that, when Hyper Muteki Gashat disappeared due to the influence of reset, we created a new Hyper Muteki Gashat equipped with a save function with the cooperation of Emu while continuing every time he died from overwork.[ep 33].
Kiriya was exposed to the Gemdeus virus, consumed a lot of life, succeeded in making a Gemdeus vaccine in the body while fighting the laser turbo, and made Doctor Mighty XX Gashat, but Kiriya made a Gashakon bug. Absorbed by Weiser II and detained by officials of the Ministry of Health.However, as a special measure due to the achievement of creating the Gemdeus vaccine, it is conditional.[Annotation 36]Will continue to be managed by CR.LaterDan Kuroto God(Dankuro and ShinBecome self-proclaimed[ep 34].
In episode 43, Emu and his friends, who are trying to save Nico, take out a transaction to go out with the permission of the Ministry of Health instead of letting them enter the game area created by Cronus, and create a cheat code to Emu. And send Hisai to the game area[ep 35]..When I learned that Poppy had produced a vaccine at the expense of himself and disappeared in order to save the game disease patients who had been transformed into the bugster virus by the ability of Super Gemdeus, he said, "Without my permission as a game master. I don't allow it to disappear without permission. "[ep 36]However, the poppy fragments that remained in him are cultivated in the body and revived.[ep 37].
  • Producer Omori initially assumed that it was a cool and cool second character, but stated that the character went out of control after acting in episode 5 of Tetsuya Iwanaga.[49], It is said that the direction of the role of the script Takahashi was also decided[43].
  • After the resurrection, it is said that it has returned to the performance when the identity of the black Ex-Aid around 11 episodes was known, but since it became level 0, it is said that the part that was conscious of zombie-likeness is reduced.[43]..Initially it was a revival in about 40 episodes[43].
"Kamen Sentai Gorider"
It disappeared in the 23rd episode of the TV series, but I made it so that I could be revived in the unlikely event that it disappeared.ContinueIs impossibleUnreasonable gameInside, I was lurking in the guise of Kazuma Kenzaki[Annotation 37]..He tried to capture the despair of the summoned riders and try to revive him, but Emu uncovered his true identity and a real Kenzaki appeared in the game world, and the power of the joker destroyed the game world.
After that, he gains power by taking in the power of Totema, but Baron who became a Gorider defeats Totema, and he himself receives a deadly attack of Gorider Bazooka with Ex-Aid and returns to the original zombie gamer figure.After all, he tries to destroy the game world itself with the non-dead Exaid and Blade, but the action is blocked by Laser Baron Marika Another Agito who is trying to return them to the real world. It disappeared with four people.
Asuna Kano(Kari no Asuna
Of this workheroine..Hygiene Ministry Agent and CRnurse..The first person is "I". The name "Kano Asuna" is an anagram of "Temporary Nurse", and its identity is Doremifa Beat, a music game in the play.[Annotation 38]A benign bug star modeled after Poppy Pipopapo, the mascot character of[ep 7]..From the 13th episode, the color of the nurse clothes has changed from white to pink.
Employees dispatched from the Ministry of Health to the Cyber ​​Lifesaving Center (CR)[50]I usually act as a nurse, but "Costume change![Annotation 39]The game area inside the arcade for the Doremifa Beat game center, which is installed in a corner of the CR at the same time as the shout of "Cyber ​​World"[51]) Poppy's room[52]When you enter, you will return to the appearance of Poppy Pipopapo.
In episode 11, while Emu and the patient were being transferred, Genm attacked him, but the four major riders defeated Genm and learned that he was Reito.
I didn't really think about Taiga Hanaya because he left CR, and when I met him again, he called him "He" and even felt hostile.[ep 3].
I was unaware of Emu's game illness, but in episode 17, I witnessed Emu's eyes glowing red when he was defeated by Genm.[ep 44], In episode 18, after receiving a report from Oga, Hisai told me that Emu was a game illness because he was wondering.[ep 11].
When Hisai, Reito, and Kiriya called him "Poppy Pipopapo" when he was in the form of Tomorrow, he reflexively answered with Poppy's tension. Call me, "he said tomorrow with a calm appearance.[ep 2][ep 38]..However, even after that, he may speak in a poppy tone when he appears tomorrow.
In CR, he is in a higher position than the person in charge, Ashima.[29].
  • I am conscious of speaking naturally, entering from the voice as a separate performance with Hoppy[51]..I try to make use of subtle changes in facial expressions by using a hairstyle with eyebrows to give a strong human touch.[51]..In episode 24, as a movement that seems to be tomorrow, I am making a gesture to take out the ballpoint pen in my chest pocket to take notes when receiving a call.[51].
Poppy Pipopapo / Kamen Rider Poppy
A game character that supports Kamen Rider and is the original appearance of Asuna, but in reality it is a benign bug star born from Doremifa Beat.[ep 7]..It features pink hair and colorful costumes.The personality also changes from the career woman style of tomorrow's time to a light tension.This easy-going and cheerful personality is her origin, and as mentioned above, her personality as Asuna is almost acting.Even when she looks like Na tomorrow, she says "Costume change!"
It returns to this figure when it enters the housing of Doremifa Beat, but it is also possible to go out to the real world with the substance as it is.[46][ep 2][Annotation 40]..You can also freely enter and exit the game area.
For habits, use words with pa lines such as "Piyoru" when disappointed and "Pippepopopanic" when confused.[Annotation 41].
You can turn your forks and knives into huge energy waves to fight the Bugster virus, or use energy items like riders.[ep 7].
I intended to keep it a secret that I was a bug star, but it seems that Emu and Hisai had been aware of it for a long time.[ep 7].
In episode 24, the brainwashing of Amagasaki, the new president of Genmu Corporation, heads for Parad and becomes the enemy character of Kamen Rider Chronicle.[ep 16]..He acted as an image character in the commercials for Kamen Rider Chronicle, and while acting as a navigator in the game, he also acted as a penalty for those who committed violations.Also, because it was incorporated as an enemy character that fights Kamen Rider (including the ride player), in episode 28 it attacked not only Ex-Aid and Brave but also the ride player.[ep 20].
Transform into Kamen Rider Poppy in Episode 25 using the Bugle Driver II and Tokimeki Crisis Gashat received from love in Episode 26[ep 18].
According to Parad, Poppy was a personality programmed by Genm (Reito) when he was cooperating with CR, and he returned to his original personality when the data was reset and initialized by the brainwashing of love.[51][ep 18].
Since being brainwashed, his attitude toward Emu and his friends has changed, ignoring the call from Ex-Aid in episode 25, and stopping the game illness patient from challenging Kamen Rider Chronicle to cure the illness on his own in episode 26. After telling that the act of Ex-Aid (Emu) trying to violate the rules, he transformed into Kamen Rider Poppy, and Snipe (Oga) who decided that Poppy was an enemy and launched an attack was forced to release the transformation.[ep 18]..Also, while I belonged to CR, I was concerned about game disease patients like Eimu, but after brainwashing, I pretended to be upset even if the ride players who were game over in "Kamen Rider Chronicle" disappeared. I was delighted to see on TV news the sight of many people buying the game without showing it, and not knowing the reality of Kamen Rider Chronicle.
Eimu notices the smile he shows when he sees Oga and Nico, and he regains his memory by being reprogrammed by Ex-Aid.However, Emu's actions made him smile and the game was cleared, so the onset of the game disease was completely cured and he returned to Emu's friends again.[ep 20]..Acting alone to save Emu who helped him, he used it as a hideout after revealing his true identity as Genm, relying on the memory of his infected host, Dan Sakurako16. Heading to the headquarters of Emu Corporation a year ago.There, he discovers the sixth gamer driver, Protomity Action X Gashat Origin, and Level 6 Manual that Reito hid as a countermeasure against bug star virus infection.[ep 21].
Then, even though he activated Protomity Action X Gashat Origin with Bugle Driver II, he could not transform, so he discovered Reito who became a bug star virus by entering the game world as Poppy, and after awakening him, he was awakened. Transform to Genm Level 0[ep 22].
Reito's host is Reito's mother when she hears the words of her mother who tried to revive her son who disappeared by Kamen Rider Chronicle and said, "I will challenge a game that I am not used to for children." Recalling that, I thought that Poppy had taken over Sakurako's memory as data because he was about to die, but Reito was just a test bench to test his talent as a "god". Disappointed to know[ep 23].
After that, Reito, who set out on his own initiative to take revenge on Paradox, ignored his command and transformed into Kamen Rider Poppy, attacking him and giving up, but immediately after that, thanks to Reito for creating himself. He was converted to cooperate with Eimu and his friends by letting Reito hear the heartbeat of him by hugging him from the paradox attack that tried to erase himself as well as expressing his feelings to humans.[ep 23].
In order to stop a large-scale pandemic, Dr. Mighty XX Gashat is inserted into himself to generate and spread the Gemdeus vaccine at the expense of himself, throwing the last words and smiles at Emu and others, and disappearing once[ep 36]However, Reito revives by culturing his own virus that remained in him in the body.[ep 37][53].
  • The concept of the character is "Moe"Character"[10]..Matsuda who plays is as an image of the characterKyary Pamyu Pamyu,Hatsune ミク,Arale NorimakiAre listed[54].
  • At the beginning of the project, the game character Poppy Pipopapo was set as a heroine different from the conventional one, but with the addition of the element of "medical care" to the program, the opinion that "nurse is the heroine" was raised and tomorrow apart from Poppy. Na was added[7]..After that, in the double heroine, Poppy is about to die because one of them will be overshadowed, but Takahashi, the main writer, suggested that the two be the same person, and this was adopted.[7]..The setting that Poppy is a bug star was supposed to be mentioned in the second episode, but it was cut off due to the scale and carried over to the 2th episode.[7].
  • Taking advantage of Matsuda's own slightly quirky voice, he exaggerates the part as a game character and listens to his own voice so that he becomes poppy.[51]..I try not to put out my eyebrows so as not to show humanity[51]..At the time of brainwashing, I try to make it feel unnatural by making it look like a smile by making it with a healthy poppy tone.[51].
  • In the scene of talking through the monitor, we are shooting at the same time in the same set so that we can act while actually talking.[10].
  • In the Kamen Rider series, it is the first ever "Kamen Rider in which the heroine transforms with a special belt in the main part of the TV series".[51].
Kiriya Kujo(Kujo Kiriya / Kamen Rider Laser / Kamen Rider Laser Turbo
East KantoInspection Medical OfficeMedical examiner belonging to[21][28]..He wears a red leather jacket over an aloha shirt.When he was revived as a bug star, which will be described later, he wore a black leather jacket when he was a member of Masamune, but after returning to CR, he wore the original red leather jacket.After officially becoming a CR doctor in episode 42, he began to wear a lab coat. He is a person who can't eat, such as listening to the doctors of CR, and even lie calmly for the purpose. 27 years old[55].A type[56]..As you can see, I like Hawaii, and my favorite food is Loco Moco.[56]..I'm not good at black coffee, so I put a lot of stick sugar and milk.[39].. He has a good mouth, such as preferring to use the expressions "ride" and "ride", and his habit is "Have you been able to ride?"The first person is "I" and "I".Other riders are calling their names abandoned.
He is good at investigating, and while searching for the cause of death of unknown cause with excellent information gathering and insight, he arrived at the existence of the bug star virus and game disease, and while observing the battle between the rider and the bug star. He himself will devote himself to the battle with Bugster.After forming a cooperative relationship with Emu on the condition that Emu regains Mighty Action X Gashat, which was robbed by Oga, he came into full-scale contact with CR.
Actually, three years before the story started, I grasped the truth of Zero Day, and as a trade-off condition that does not tell the truth of Zero Day, I get a blasting bike Gashat and a gamer driver from Reito.He said he had a friend who was sacrificed on zero-day, and made contact with Emu Hojo and other CR members to participate in the battle between the rider and the bug star.[ep 4], I formed a combination with Emu because it is not possible to demonstrate its true value without a driver at level 2, and the real purpose was to obtain a sample to investigate the identity of the bug star.[ep 4]..At that time, he said that no friend was killed on zero-day, but in reality, three years ago, he announced a game illness to a friend named Jungo Aihara, which made him desperate and gave him appropriate treatment. There is a past that I lost in a traffic accident[ep 46]After that, I started to hide my true self, lie with a tuned personality, and hide the truth.[56].
In the process of searching for a game disease patient (graphite) who stole Gashat, he learns the true identity of Genm, but Eimu et al. Give false information that the game disease patient is Genm's true identity.After that, during the fighting battle with Genm, he provoked Genm by saying "I know the true identity", but on the contrary, he was completely beaten up.[ep 38]..After that, he was hospitalized to heal his injuries, but he was brought to CR because a patient in the next bed developed a game disease.[ep 47][ep 46]..Then, when Emu announced the game illness to the patient, he overlapped it with his past and advised that "telling the truth can upset your life."Together, they chased Collabos Bugster, got the last-minute sword fight, transformed into level 3, declared that Reito was Genm's true identity, and tried to reveal Genm's true identity in front of Eimu and Hisai. However, because Parad has been replaced by Reito, Hisai and his friends have been labeled as liars, including the cause of Jungo's death mentioned above.However, Emu, who accepts it gracefully and believes in himself, advises him that he is a little suspicious of others and leaves.[ep 46]..After that, he challenged Reito to rematch, asked why he himself fought as a Kamen Rider, learned that his purpose was to find out the mystery of the birth of Bugster, and at the same time Eimu was a rider without undergoing adaptive surgery. Know that you are transforming into[ep 5]..After that, he investigated the surgery that Emu had undergone 16 years ago, and told Kyotaro, "Is it really a lifesaver?I continued the investigation after that, but I did not hear Kyotaro's bad reputation.[ep 39][ep 40].
Then, when he scolded Ex-Aid who had run away with the power of Dragon Knight Hunter Z Gashat and stopped the runaway, he decided to believe in Kyotaro's belief in Emu and chose to fight with him. Called "Emu" for the first time.Later, it was discovered that Genm was Reito, and other riders and poppies proved that his words were true.[ep 40].
I met Masamune Dan, the former president of Genmu Corporation, who is serving a prison, and the purpose of Reito and "the point of contact between Eimu and Reito 16 years ago" and "Eimu who has not undergone conforming surgery for gamer drivers" Learn why you can transform into a Kamen Rider.After that, he tried to convene Emu and others to inform him, but he was overtaken by Reito, and he lost at the end of the battle with Kamen Rider Genm Level X who transformed, and the rider gauge was exhausted and the game It will be over.At the end, he entrusted the gamer driver and the explosive bike Gashat to Emu who rushed late, and disappeared leaving behind saying "You are you as long as you are smiling" and "You should change your destiny".[ep 7][57]..At this time, his data was saved in the Plot Bombing Bike Gashat.
In fact, I left behind the contact point between Reito and Emu mentioned above, the fact that Reito was the person who caused the zero-day, and the reprogramming data to eradicate the bug star virus.[Annotation 42], It turns out that it was erased because it entrusted everything to Emu, a carrier who has the antibody of the bugster virus progenitor[ep 14].
Few people other than the members of Emu Hojo and CR know that Kiriya was defeated by Genm and disappeared, and it is recognized by the world as "unknown (or no communication)". Teori[ep 42][ep 14], His colleague Nishiwaki was unaware of his death.
At the end of the 34th episode, he is revived as a bug star by the power of Kronos, and unravels his transformation and reveals his true identity in front of Emu and his friends.After the resurrection, he felt gratitude to Masamune who revived himself, and showed cold words and actions such as affirming Kamen Rider Chronicle.[ep 27], It was a performance that kept Masamune off guard, and helped him to regain Hyper Muteki Gashat from Masamune and transform himself into an Emu Hojo Muteki gamer.After that, he returns to CR with Protoga Shut, which contains the data of those who disappeared in the game that was also taken from Masamune.[ep 28].
For Reito, Emu used the reprogramming data he left behind in his lifetime to slay the enemy, so I will not forgive him by believing in Emu's judgment, but he chose a way to cooperate and the effect of the reset. He is also witnessing the redevelopment of Hyper Muteki Gashat, which disappeared in.
In addition, he may look like an older brother to Hisai, who has been spending more time with him since he was with Masamune.[58].
Due to the achievement of creating the Gemdeus vaccine using Reito, he will officially belong to CR.[ep 34]..However, he developed a game disease because he was exposed to the Gemdeus virus in the battle with Reito, and the virus was activated and transformed into a Bugster virus due to the evolution of Gemdeus Cronus into a super Gemdeus.[ep 35]..However, it is restored by the Gemdeus vaccine produced by Poppy.[ep 36].
After the battle was over, Ashima was appointed as the person in charge of the new drug development business jointly with Genmu Corporation, and along with the work that became the new president of Genmu Corporation, he is developing a vaccine exclusively for the bug star virus from the pathological point of view.[ep 37].
In addition, it was reprogrammed by the attack of God Mighty Maximum X Gashat in "Genm VS Laser", and became the world's first bug star to regenerate the human body.
  • Since all Kamen Riders cannot distinguish characters from doctors, they were set as "medical examiners" with different behavioral principles.[7]..At the planning stage, it was set as a mysterious person, but since the cast was decided to be Hayato Onozuka, it was changed to a person who is close to others, reflecting the character of Onozuka himself.[7].
  • Initially, there were no plans to re-appear, but there were many voices hoping for the revival of Kiriya, and since there were no new characters that were scheduled to appear at the same time as Kamen Rider Paradox, it was decided to re-appear.[9].
  • Because it is a laser with a motorcycle motif, the motorcycle is selected by kicking from moving with the foot, side kicking up to 10 episodes, roundhouse kick from 11 episodes, all kicking in "Heisei Generations" In action[56]..When he was resurrected and was attached to Masamune, it was a rough front kick, and after returning to Emu Hojo, he returned to the original one-turn roundhouse kick.[59].
Parad / Kamen Rider Paradox
Bugster Staff[21]..The first person is "I".Like Oga, the fitters other than Emu are called "Brave", "Laser", and "Genm" by the name of the rider who transforms, not by the name.Emu is also called "M".Even if it remains human, it has the power to overcome it by putting up a purple barrier in the explosion.A clever brain sect, he often plays games from Genmu Corporation.[ep 1].
When I feel uplifted, I have a habit of "don't get excited", but when I get excited or show anger, I get a habit of "filling my heart", and I enjoy fighting with Kamen Rider as a game.[60]..On the other hand, when the excitement is disappointing, he says, "I don't want to be shy" or "I'm gonna be shy."For that reason, he was stopping graphite, which was eager to eliminate Kamen Rider.Also, when Reito was driven into the battle between Emu and Reito, he appeared in front of Emu and others by pretending to be a Genm wearer instead of him, and he was wearing Genm. Emu and his friends misunderstood him as a person, and he lost the credibility of Kiriya who knew the identity of Genm.[ep 46]..As will be described later, he is in contact with Eimu every time, and has an extraordinary obsession with him.In addition, sometimes Bugster, let alone his collaborator, Reito himself, has the risk of mercilessly attacking and unilaterally beating him if it becomes an obstacle to him.I often interpret things as if they were puzzle games.
Reito handed me to use a black gashat containing a large amount of bugster virus for the bugster in order to take experimental data for a control system of a huge amount of data to make his own gashat. Eimu tells Eimu, "Defeat Genm. Change your fate."[ep 8].
Brave (Hisai) and Snipe (Oga) who learned that Emu is a game disease patient restrained Revol Bugster who was trying to break into the place where he was engaged with Ex-Aid with a chain and in front of three people Appearing, transforming into a Kamen Rider Paradox using the Gashat Gear Dual handed over by Reito as a Kamen Rider Chronicle's arm leveling, showing the power to overwhelm 3 riders[ep 10].
The reason why I cooperate with Reito until I get tired of it is to enjoy Kamen Rider Chronicle as a player.[ep 43], It seems that they are not cooperating as a sense of companionship.Therefore, what was handed down by Reito[Annotation 43]After ignoring and acting arbitrarily, and after transforming into a Kamen Rider, he has shown an eager attitude to fight Ex-Aid (Emu), saying, "I will not forgive anyone who interferes with my enjoyment." He is talking, and in some cases he is willing to fight Bugster and Genm.In episode 16, during the battle with Ex-Aid Level XX, he was furious that he was attacked by Revol Bugster from behind, and defeated Revol Bugster who disturbed his enjoyment with a knockout critical smash, and as a result Nico's It was decided to cure the game disease[ep 43].
During the first stage, Collabos Bugster was defeated by the riders and robbed of Gashat, but Graphite was furious and said, "The important thing is the data from the fellow (Bugster)."[ep 41], Collusion with Reito, fanning graphite and letting Kamen Riders defeat it[ep 39]After becoming a Kamen Rider, he defeated Revol Bugster, who interfered with his enjoyment during the battle with Ex-Aid, ignoring Genm's restraint.[ep 43]Therefore, there are many scenes where even bugsters continue to enjoy themselves at the expense of them.However, he and Genm (Reito) recover Juju Burger Gashat from Emu, but he resents him because Reito defeats Bagamon Bugster at his own discretion.[ep 44]Also, Reito, who used the Motors Bugster as a decoy, said, "What do you think the Bugster is!"Transforms into a paradox to prevent Emu from trying to stop him, overwhelming Genm (Reito)[ep 11]..At that time, it is pointed out by Reito that he eliminated the revolving bug star, but it is "in the process of playing the game seriously according to the rules", which is different from Reito's act.[Annotation 44]Claim[ep 11].
After the final battle with Genm, Emu, who hesitates to take Reito's life, insists that "Erase Genm with your power", but he did not kill Reito, so "The ending that seems to be a loser to the loser" As a result, he robs Reito, who has become incapable of transforming, from Gashakon Bugweiser and Dangerous Zombie Gashat, and exposes him to the zombie virus.[47][48], Extinguished Reito[ep 15].
Its identity was separated by Zaizen's hands from the body of Eimu who suffered from a game disease when Reito played a game incorporating the bug star virus 16 years ago at the time of zero day.[Annotation 45], Eimu himself as a child had himselfI want a friend who wants to enjoy the game togetherIt is the first bug star (virus) in the world to reflect the desire, and at the same timeThe original M personality itselfIs.When Emu himself was furious at Bagamon's death, Parad also expressed his dislike for Reito because he shared his consciousness with Emu.Parad himself has the characteristic of taking over Emu and manipulating Emu himself on his own initiative.[Annotation 46]..Emu himself was told the truth by Reito and did not disappear due to his own game illness, but he was able to maintain his existence with M's personality, because Parad himself dwells in Emu's body and disappears. This is because it was prevented before it happened.Also, five years ago, Emu changed from a gamer to a doctor because he returned to his original personality due to the fact that Parad was separated from Emu's body by the surgery of Zaizen and others.He prioritizes fighting his host, Emu, and declares that he has prepared the Kamen Rider Chronicle for that purpose.After telling Emu and his friends who possessed the above truth, and letting Emu himself understand it, he became Ex-Aid Level XX R and fought against Ex-Aid Level XX L (Emu) to achieve the Maximum Mighty Critical Finish. Upon receiving it, he succeeded in incorporating the Emu Hojo gene that was shared with each other into his own body by reprogramming, and became a bug star with a human gene.Furthermore, in that state, using a gamer driver that can only be handled by humans, it becomes paradox level 5 and overwhelms the ex-aids.[ep 21].
After that, he tried to get rid of Poppy as a traitor, and by doing so, he managed to confront Emu and his long-cherished desire to "protect someone".And even if the level is the same, Emu is a gamer because of his own influence, so he tries to defeat Ex-Aid (Emu) and try to stop it, but it is disturbed by Genm level 0.After that, Emu takes the policy of having the ending (defeat) with his own hands as a loser.And Emu who got the right to challenge the advanced bug star said, "Play is over", and for the world controlled by bug star, he tries to make a final decision with Graphite bug star and Lavrika bug star. , The decisive battle is interrupted by the invasion of Kronos.And he was surprised and conscious that the complete disappearance of the Lavrika Bugster overturned their conventional wisdom that the perfect Bugster would be revived no matter how many times it was defeated. Frightened by the fear of death that had not been done, graphite made him realize that his original purpose was to defeat Eimu, and that Eimu and Reito captured the ability of Kronos's pose. Look and recover[ep 25].
When transforming into a Muteki gamer, he temporarily teams up with Emu on the condition that "instead of cooperating, he will capture Kronos and then settle."[ep 28], In order to deprive Masamune of that power as a threat to the transformation ability of Eimu's Ex-Aid, it is targeted as an out-of-print target.Then, overwhelmed by Kronos, the fear of "death" grows again.She shakes it off and tries to defeat Kronos with her own hands, but Emu, who wants to save Nico, is challenged by the former promise.Overwhelmed by the power of Muteki gamers, he is defeated by Ex-Aid while being frightened that he will die.[ep 31]..It seemed that it had disappeared as it was, but in fact it was taken into his body just before it disappeared by Emu.After that, when he faced death, he learned the preciousness of life and the fear of death, reflected on what he had done so far, and made him realize that he had a heart. Vow to fight together to capture Kronos together[ep 32]..And by becoming friends, Emu and his friends win the Perfect Puzzle and the Knockout Fighter Gashat Trophy.[ep 33].
Inspired by Poppy and Graphite fighting for their lives, as a compensation as a bug star himself[62], Cooperate with Emu and others who fight at level 1 to separate Gemdeus and Masamune.Using the Gemdeus vaccine (Dr. Mighty XX Gashat), the movement of the super Gemdeus is stopped and a gap is created to pierce the stop, but it clings to the Gemdeus after separation as it is, and continues to flow the vaccine without considering damage to itself with Gemdeus. Disappear.At the end, leave the words "I was able to play a game with you ... I had a lot of fun" in Eimu[ep 36]However, just before it disappeared, a part of Parad's data re-entered Emu, so it was cultivated in the body and separated from Emu and revived.[ep 37][62].
  • The setting that "the main character and the enemy are the same person" was conceived by Omori as the relationship between Shinnosuke Tomari and Hart at the end of the previous work "Kamen Rider Drive", but at that time there was a hint in particular. Since it wasn't there, I didn't come up with a plan, but incorporated it as an element that seems to be a Kamen Rider in this work.[9].
  • The character image of not understanding the importance of life reflects the setting of Eimu before the setting of the doctor at the beginning of the project was added.[9].
  • The movement of the hand in episode 23 is an ad-lib of Kai, which means "erase".[63].
Nico Saiba(Saiba Nico / Ride player Nico
psychedelicHigh school girl dressed in fashion[Annotation 47]A girl with an annual income of 1 million. Eighteen years old[64]..The first person is "I[Annotation 48]".Mighty tin badges are worn all over the body.With a cheeky and prideful personality, he suddenly rushes to Oga's hospital with a carry case containing his clothes and tries to stay in the hospital as "I will be hospitalized only until he defeats Emu". It is very selfish and freewheeling.There are also short tempers, so if you don't like it, you will show a quarreling and aggressive victorious attitude toward everyone.[65]..He knows the past before Emu's internship, and calls Emu "M".I rushed to the abandoned hospital of Oga, which I found on the Internet, and requested that "Gamer M (Emu) be knocked down".[65].
After that, he simmered himself in not showing his attitude to fight Emu, and stole the gamer driver and Bang Bang Shooting Gashat from Oga in an attempt to defeat Emu with his own hands.Then, after calling Emu with a false emergency call, he unilaterally offered a game game, and when he started Bang Bang Shooting Gashat in an attempt to transform into a Kamen Rider, the bug star virus hidden in his body was activated. It causes game disease and is transported to CR.[ep 10].
She is also known as "Genius Gamer N" and appeared in the audience seats of the game tournament where Emu was participating a year before Zero Day.[ep 10][ep 43]..Eimu, who was his opponent in the final of the fighting game tournament, was resented as the only person in his game life who suffered a defeat and hurt his pride, aiming to overthrow him for a long time.
Nico's onset of game disease was due to the stress of Eimu's victory in the game, so Revol Bugster, who separated from her body, recognizes Ex-Aid as an ally. , Ex-Aid's attack didn't work at all, and he was on the side of defending him in battle with other riders.[ep 10][ep 43].
Even if I get sick of a game, I want to transform myself to overthrow Eimu without discipline, but I tell Oga, "We are not playing. I'm fighting for it. "Even so, I didn't change my attitude, but when I was taken to the game area where we are fighting tomorrow, I tasted it and recklessly responded to Genm with a mop, and snipe ( Made me create an opportunity to revive (Oga)[ep 43].
Even after the game illness was cured, the hostility towards Emu remained unchanged, leaving behind abandoned lines saying, "My doctor (Oga) will definitely beat me."[Annotation 49][ep 43], Acting with Oga.
I didn't know that Emu was suffering from a game disease until Reito revealed that fact in episode 18, and in the following episode 19, "I lost the game six years ago was M (Emu). ), But it may have been a bug star hiding inside M (Emu)'s body. "Since then, he has continued to take a negative attitude toward Emu, though not as much as before, but as speculated later in episode 6, Parad, who was hiding in Emu's body, was the real opponent he lost. Knowing that he was an M, he decided to apologize to Emu and declared war on Parad as well.[ep 21].
After the 27th episode, use Kamen Rider Chronicle GashatRide player NicoTransformed into[ep 19], I was collecting gashat trophies in cooperation with Oga.
Masamune's Conspiracy in Episode 39[Annotation 50]Infected with Gemdeus virus.At that time, he apologized to Emu for his words and actions.[ep 31]..He also told Oga, "I didn't want to beat Gamer M, I might just have wanted to fight a strong opponent."[ep 32]..After that, the game disease was completely cured by the influence of the reset, and the graphite was stopped.[ep 33].
When the number of people infected with game disease spread due to Gemdeus in episode 42, he rushed to Hisai and others with Oga to encourage children infected with game disease and became interested in the work of doctors.[ep 34].
In episode 43, Kamen Rider Chronicle gained the right to challenge Gemdeus, so he was taken to the game area by Masamune Dan, and was forced to transform into Kronos.[ep 35].
After the disappearance of Masamune, he was discharged from the hospital and lived in high school, but due to the fact that he was alone and the desire to be close to the people who fight game illness, he graduated from high school safely at the end of the final episode. After that, I visited Oga's hospital to seek a medical office job.[ep 37][64]..As a professional gamer, he earned enough to "play and live for the rest of his life," according to a friend, but he said that his savings were invested in the shares of Genmu Corporation, which became a major shareholder.[64][39].
He traveled to the United States with his rival Luke Kidman in "Brave & Snipe" and is active as a professional gamer, but he is still in a relationship, such as having Oga travel to the United States just because he had a cold.
  • In the 12th episode, which will be the first appearance, in order to leave Nico's character strongly, he makes an "M" with the back pieces of both hands and poses with both hands on his face.[65].
  • The check skirt I usually wore is similar to the high school uniform skirt I wore in the final episode.[36].
Masamune Dan(I'm Masamun / Kamen Rider Kronos
Reito's father.The first person is "I".In the chart of Sakurako in episode 31, she was 2011 years old as of April 4, 4.[39].. Five years ago, he was the first CEO of Genmu Corporation, but the game was discontinued because a bug occurred in 5 games announced by the company and the bug star virus infected the test player.He has been ostensibly arrested for being liable for the virus infection, and in fact he was forced to take responsibility by Reito.[ep 42], Genmu Corporation is in danger of bankruptcy[66]..He admitted to the police that he had made a mistake about the zero-day case, but made only vague statements about the details.
Kiriya who visited the prison while in prison, the purpose of Reito and "the point of contact between Eimu and Reito 16 years ago" and "the reason why Eimu who has not undergone conforming surgery of the gamer driver can transform into a Kamen Rider Speak[ep 7].
After that, tell Emu and Tomorrow who came to the visit everything and ask them to stop Reito's runaway.[ep 42].
It turned out that the Zero-day case was due to Reito, and as soon as he was released in episode 32, he returned to the CEO of Genmu Corporation.While being welcomed by employees who had doubts about the policy of love, Koi himself was unconvinced and repulsed, but when he found the Gashakon Bugweiser II hidden on the desk, his identity was Bugster. Notice that.After that, he suddenly rushes into the final battle between Rider and Bugster and tries to prevent the end of Kamen Rider Chronicle.The reality is that he has a ruthless and rationalistic personality that does not feel human and always evaluates only by commercial value, considering both Kamen Rider and Bugster as "commodities".[Annotation 51]..Due to its nature, it recognizes the bug star's ability and Reito as a product, and always calls it only by the gashat name used by the transformant or the game name in which the bug star appears.[67][Annotation 52]..He manages Genmu Corporation as a white company to the last, and apart from measuring the other party only by the commercial value, when negotiating with the other party, "compensate for labor and form a company by grasping the human heart. Based on the idea of ​​"doing", he is also good at grasping the human hearts of others by demanding compensation according to labor and rewards corresponding to it.From the above personality, even though it has no humanity, it has a high degree of charisma, so it is very popular with employees.
Its purpose isKamen Rider Chronicle must be loved as content that will last foreverBased on the idea, "manage and judge both Kamen Rider and Bugster", and it was all his scenario that Reito noticed Emu and Parad started Kamen Rider Chronicle.[68]..Also, he himself is the same as EimuI had an antibody against the bug star virusHe was a person who was infected with the Bugster virus 16 years ago and wore complete antibodies to all Bugster viruses to meet the conditions of transforming into Kronos while in prison.Then, after telling the truth, by using Gashakon Bug Weiser II and Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat, he transforms into Kamen Rider Kronos.By unilaterally overwhelming the rider and the bug star with the ability of the pose and completely extinguishing the Lavrica bug star (according to himself, "Tokimeki Crisis is out of print"), he will manage the new Kamen Rider Chronicle in the future. Declare to be a person[ep 24].
As an operator, like Poppy when he was brainwashed, Kamen Rider's act of helping the ride player is taboo, but he is reluctant to reduce the player's population too much due to disappearance, and the extra bug star is Master Ga It has a policy of deleting and adjusting by shutting.Also, at first I didn't like to hurt the product Kamen Rider unnecessarily.[ep 25]Starting with the decision to out-of-print Parado, which is a troublesome existence, we will set out a policy to out-of-print all Kamen Riders with no commercial value[ep 30]..Furthermore, with the decision to expand overseas, we decided to make new human resources Kamen Rider, and we have decided that all current Kamen Riders have no commercial value anymore.[ep 32]..Employees have been told that they will "promote Kamen Rider Chronicles to save those who have disappeared," but in reality they have no intention of saving those who have disappeared.[ep 28], Aiming to rule all humankind as "manager of life" and "rule of the world".
Instead of Reito, he was sentenced to just give him time to complete "my" Kamen Rider Chronicle, and he was preparing to deploy the original purpose of Kamen Rider Chronicle to the whole world.[ep 25].
Steal Proto Gashat from the Ministry of Health and use Proto Dragonite Hunter Z Gashat as a reward to request cooperation from Hisai and use it as his right arm.[ep 25]In addition, Kiriya Kujo was revived as a Kamen Rider Laser Turbo and made into the right arm.[ep 27]..In addition, in order to make Hisai compete with the Ex-Aids, he handed over a new gashat, Taddle Legacy Gashat, and from now on, Hisai will be called "Taddle Legacy".[ep 27]..He robs Reito's Hyper Muteki Gashat during the battle and gives it to Kiriya as a reward, but when he is informed that he has cooperated with himself, Eimu recovers Gashat.Then, he was overwhelmed by Ex-Aid who became a Muteki gamer and was defeated.[ep 28]..However, because Hisai refused, he ordered that Emu's game disease be completely cured by defeating Parad and that he should take away the ability to transform into Ex-Aid.[ep 29]..In addition, when he was fatally injured by graphite, he threatened to "fail the operation on purpose" and tried to get rid of the big self who judged that it had no commercial value, but he saved the betrayal big self. Even though Ohime's data is erased, it makes Hisai decide to break up with herself.[ep 30].
In order to convince Emu to defeat Parad, Nico is infected with the Gemdeus virus, and in order to help him, he has the option of defeating advanced bugsters Parad and Graphite in order to capture Gemdeus.However, in fact, if you save Nico, Parad will disappear, Emu's transformation ability will be lost, and if you save Parado, Nico will disappear, and Masamune will have to choose the former if he is a doctor, Emu. He had the idea that he wouldn't get it, and looked down on Parad as "an enemy character born to be defeated by humans."[ep 31]..However, Emu and Parad, who fought together to save Nico, destroyed his master gashat, but the ability to reset restores the master gashat by rewinding the time to the state before the hypermuteki gashat was made. And extinguished Hyper Muteki Gashat[ep 32]..However, as a condition of the business alliance, he lost the gamer driver he had stolen from Hisai and others for the reset.Johnny MaximaSince the gamer driver presented by Kamen Rider was not provided, the overseas expansion of Kamen Rider Chronicle will be blank.In addition, the reset is invalidated by the revived Muteki gamer Ex-Aid equipped with a save function, and Emu Hojo who captured graphite can descend the last boss Gemdeus.[ep 33]However, Gemdeus himself had tampered with his thinking routine to spread the Gemdeus virus, which increased the number of people infected with game diseases.When Gemdeus was about to be defeated by the Ex-Aids, he defeated Gemdeus himself and took in the Gemdeus virus into his body via the Gashakon Bugweiser II, gaining the power of both Gemdeus and Kronos. Transforms into a bug star, Gemdeus Chronos, and becomes the true last boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle.[ep 34]..After that, Nico was taken to the game area and forced to transform into Kronos as a challenge to the true Las Boss, but it was stopped by the determination of the abandonment of Oga.[ep 35]..And, although overwhelmed by the team medical care of Emu, Hisai, and Oga, he evolves into a super Gemdeus by the power of obsession. It is overwhelming with enormous destructive power against four riders, but it is forcibly separated from Gemdeus by Ex-Aid Brave Snipe Laser Genm transformed into Level 3, and Gemdeus by the action of Parad's abandonment. Can be completely extinguished.However, at the same time, Parad disappeared, and Eimu was convinced of his superiority by losing the ability to transform into Exaid and the power of Hyper Muteki.[ep 36]..However, since Emu was infected with Parad again, he did not lose his transformation ability, and Emu completely destroyed Gashakon Bugweiser II and Master Gashat, and was overwhelmed by the riders who transformed into Level 2 Mighty of Ex-Aid. Defeated by a critical strike.At that time, the Gashakon Bug Weiser II was completely destroyed.Even so, he did not apologize or confess his actions, and as the final referee, he told Emu and his friends, "You are the blasphemy of life, and you are the blasphemy of life." After declining the means to restore the disappeared people by inserting them into the blasphemy, he muttered, "The last referee was given," and self-infected with the Bugster virus and disappeared.[ep 37].
  • Since the relatives on the Kamen Rider side were the enemy bosses in both the previous work and the previous work, Omori was against making the same pattern, but because it depicts Ex-Aid fighting "human malice" instead of the game character, Masamune was positioned as a boss[9]..Omori emphasizes the professional position of the relationship between Reito and Masamune rather than the parent-child relationship, and says that there was no problem if the relationship was between the previous president and the new president instead of the parent-child relationship.[9].
  • Takahashi was described as a cold character when he first appeared, but when he reappeared, he changed his direction to a "lovable villain" that reflected Reito's character.[9], It is an expression on the boundary between serious and comical[69].
  • It was Kimizu's own judgment that he played in a lower voice than usual, and he was conscious of the villainousness, such as speaking slowly even in a tense situation and making a neat tone like entering a lowercase letter. Has become[69]..In episode 40, the parasol is held by the director Kamihoriuchi, who usually sees Kimizu holding it.[69].

Kamen Rider officials

Haima Kagami(Kagami is now
The director of the Holy City University Hospital and the father of Hisai[22].. Also responsible for CR[6]..The first person is "I".
He treats Emu, who is a trainee, with a dignified attitude, but he speaks with honorifics to Asuna and takes an attitude that is inferior to Poppy. There is an opportunistic aspect of changing attitudes blatantly by looking at the position.He was quite sweet to Hisai, but his reaction was not good and he didn't listen to his sermon.However, Hisai also looked at his father's back and decided to pursue a medical career, so he has a respect for his father, although he does not usually talk about it.[ep 24]..He seemed to know something about Emu not having undergone adaptive surgery, and was very upset when Hisai pointed out that.However, he didn't know that the reason was that he had a game disease, and he was surprised to hear the story of Hisai, but he was convinced by the story itself.In one case of Bugamon Bugster, he understood the story of Emu and Poppy that "Bagamon is not a bad bugster", and Hisai who encountered Bagamon in CR did "Bugster excision surgery" without asking the circumstances. When I was about to start, I kept him away from Bugamon with Emu.
In episode 32, he transformed into a ride player with the desire to save Ohime, and tomorrow Na said, "I'm usually in good shape, but when I do it, I'm a person who does it."At the same time, he was infected with the Bugster virus of Lovelica Bugster, but it was completely cured when Kronos defeated Lovelica Bugster.[ep 24].
In "Novel Kamen Rider Ex-Aid", it became clear that the mirror family was a family of doctors who continued from his great-grandfather for generations, and that he himself was a surgeon like Hisai and was called "a surgeon with the hand of God". ..By the way, my wife is also a veterinarian and is called a "miracle veterinarian."
Kyotaro Hinata(Hinata Kyotaro
Deputy Director-General of the Minister of Health and a former doctor.The first person is "I".Responsible for bug star countermeasures[6]In order to prevent the recurrence of the zero-day tragedy five years ago, Kuroto Dan of Genmu Corporation was asked to develop a transformation system for Kamen Riders, and CR was founded.At the same time, he sternly ordered tomorrow, "Don't repeat the tragedy of five years ago."[ep 1]Send her to the Holy City University Hospital to find the genius gamer M[22]..He is a benefactor who saved the life of his childhood dream, and is loved by him as "Kyotaro-sensei".
When he was infected with game disease by graphite and was taken to CR, Kiriya, who had doubts about the surgery 16 years ago, asked, "Is it really a lifesaver?"[ep 6]..Emu Hojo saves from game illness in episode 10[ep 39].
The fact of the virus spread of the game disease was hidden by the information manipulation of the media, but in response to the spread of rumors starting with the runaway of graphite in the 9th episode, the "bug star" to the world in the 13th episode And announced the existence of "Masked Rider"[ep 8].
Knowing that the newly released Kamen Rider Chronicle by Genmu Corporation is causing a large-scale infection of the game disease, while calling for the recovery of the Kamen Rider Chronicle through the media, the game is over with the Kamen Rider Chronicle to avoid confusion. The fact that the player disappears is hidden, and Eimu and the CR doctors are ordered to wait.At the subsequent press conference, he called for cooperation in the voluntary recovery of Kamen Rider Chronicle, but did not talk about the detailed reason, and even if the reporters asked about the relationship between CR and Genmu Corporation, he did not answer at all and forcibly held the conference. I try to end it, but I heard from my subordinates that Eimu ignored the waiting order to treat the patient with game disease, and the fact is that the player who is game over with Kamen Rider Chronicle will disappear. After confessing, he complained, "I want you to believe in CR doctors."[ep 18].
At the request of Emu after the battle was over, he held a press conference to talk about future measures for people who disappeared as data.[ep 37].
Nishikikoji Mizuki(Nishiki Koji Mizuki[70]-Masachika Town Satsuki(Ogimachi Satsuki[Annotation 53]
A duo of female nurses from the Holy City University Hospital.Hisai's assistant.We also support surgery.
Only in the second episode, he helped Brave transform into handing a scalpel to the surgeon in the operation, and in the tenth episode, he also took care of Hisai who was injured in the battle with the Dark Graphite Bug Star.[ep 39].
In "Kamen Rider Brave", it was revealed that he was indebted to him because he was involved in a gas explosion accident several years ago and was helped by Hisai at that time, and he has reached the present.[ep 48].
Momose Ohime(Momose Saki
deceased.Although he was Hisai's lover, he developed a game disease five years ago and was parasitized by a graphite bug star.Oga, who was the doctor in charge, fought against the separated Graphite Bugster, but was defeated, so he disappeared leaving the words "Become the best doctor in the world" in Hisai watching by his side.[ep 41].
Her data was in the Protodragonite Hunter Z Gashat because she was parasitized by graphite, but was transferred by Masamune to the Gashakon Bugweiser II.
It will be revived as a reward commensurate with Hisai's labor from Masamune, but it will not be perfect, it will just repeat the words left at the time of extinction, "Become the best doctor in the world", and it will be completely revived. More Kronos power was needed to make it[ep 26]..However, the data was erased by Masamune because Hisai succeeded in the operation contrary to Masamune's order to "fail on purpose in the operation of Oga".[ep 30]..However, due to the effect of the reset, the surrounding play situation was restored, but it was not mentioned in the TV series whether the data was restored, but in "Brave & Snipe" the lock was released and Reito It was stated that it had been restored by Reito, and it will be restored again for a limited time.However, it disappears when Loverika is defeated by Brave (Hisai), and it is the third farewell.
At first, Hisai misunderstood that she was enthusiastic about studying and went away without knowing about the game illness, but in Eimu she played a game so that Hisai could concentrate on her studies. The misunderstanding was once resolved by being told that he was silent about his illness.[ep 41]..Also, on her anniversary, Hisai always visits her parents' house.[ep 29].
In addition, there is a clause that Hisai thinks that "Ohime disappeared due to the failure of Oga", and the disappearance of Kohime is a situation where Hisai says "Doctor has only one failure, but it is irreparable." It is an opportunity to embrace the idea that "Failure is not allowed."[ep 13]..However, in episode 34, Hisai, who betrayed the members of CR to revive Ohime using Protodragon Night Hunter Z Gashat, and attached to the Kronos (Masamune) camp interfered with the operation of the game disease patient. When he was criticized by Eimu, he said, "I was looking away from reality by continuing to resent the unlicensed doctor (Oga)," and then "qualification as a masked rider and a doctor's license." He confessed his desire to regain her (Ohime) smile, even if she disobeyed the words "Become the best doctor in the world" left by Ohime just before she let go and disappeared.[ep 26].
Jungo Aihara(Aihara Jungo
deceased.Kiriya's colleague and friend, but as a result of being notified by Kiriya that he was infected with a game disease, he became desperate and escaped and died in a traffic accident.[Annotation 54]..Kiriya still deeply regrets this, and has since come to the idea that "it can be saved by not telling the truth (lying)".[ep 46].
Sakurako Dan(Dan Sakurako
Masamune's wife and Reito's mother.In the chart of episode 31, he was 2011 years old as of April 4, 4.[39]..Although he had a short life expectancy, Reito was infected with Doremifabeat's Bugster virus and disappeared.Poppy Pipopapo's host, Poppy has taken over her memory[ep 23].
Made by Koboshi(Spill
A man who works in the development department of Genmu Corporation.After the disappearance of Reito, he was infected with a game disease by his own juju burger gashat, and produced a bugamon bug star.However, it builds a friendly relationship with Bagamon Bugster and creates an opportunity to inform Emu and others of the existence of a good bugster.[ep 44].
However, Genm (Reito) extinguished the Bugamon Bugster, and then Reito again infected him with a game disease, giving birth to Motors Bugster.However, it was only used as a decoy for Emu Hojo, and soon after the Motors Bugster was defeated by Reito, the game disease was completely cured.
After that, I started developing new game software triggered by the words left by Bagamon Bugster, but I could not make the game I expected.In the 21st episode, I was asked to develop a "game to kill immortal zombies" to capture Genm Level X, who is immortal with a lot of money piled up on me.[ep 42]Developed Gashat, but was immediately rejected by Oga and Nico because the content was the RPG "Bose of Terra" in which a zombie-making Buddhahood appeared and the rhythm game "Chant de Pokupoku".[ep 14].
After the disappearance of Masamune, he was appointed president of Genmu Corporation by the appointment of Nico, a major shareholder.[ep 37].
"Movie version Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending"
Tell Reito and Kiriya about Makina Vision.

Characters of other works

Lucky / Sisi Red
Appearance work-"Space squadron kyurenja"
Appeared in Episode 24.
Kamen Rider Build
Appearance work-"Kamen Rider Build"
Appeared in episode 44.Kamen Rider looking for Ex-Aid.Appearing in front of Genm, he misunderstood it as Ex-Aid and launched an attack.

Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Kamen Rider transforms Emu Hojo.The genre isAction games.
Kamen Rider Brave
Kamen Rider that transforms Kamen Rider.The genre isRole playing games.
Kamen Rider Snipe
Kamen Rider who transforms Taiga Hanaya.The genre isGun shooting games.
Kamen Rider Laser
Kamen Rider that Kiriya Kujo transforms into.The genre is racing games.
Kamen Rider Genm
A Kamen Rider that transforms Dan Kuroto.The genre is an action game like Ex-Aid.
Initially it was called "Black Ex-Aid".
Kamen Rider Poppy
A Kamen Rider that transforms Poppy Pipopapo.The genre is romance games.
Kamen Rider Paradox
Kamen Rider that Parado transforms.The genre is puzzle games and fighting games.
Kamen Rider Kronos
Kamen Rider transformed by Masamune Dan.The genre is survival games.
Ride player
A figure of a Kamen Rider Chronicle player transforming.
The appearance of Nico Saiba transformedRide player NicoCalled.


The enemy in this work.A new species of tiny size that grows by directly infecting the human bodyComputer virus[45]..By taking in humans who have developed game disease by multiplying in the body due to stress of infected humans or activation of gashatDigital 3DHugeBug Star UnionMaterialize as[71]..However, humans infected with complete graphite are not taken up by Bugster, and the Bugstar Union materializes in a separated form.Also,Influenza virusOnce defeated, a bug star can be leveled up, separated from an infected person, and materialized without going through the bug star union.The further evolved Bugster takes over the infected person's body and materializes it.

Multiple combatants when separated from infected by ridersBug star virusAnd hit the monsterBagsterSeparately work.

Confirmation of infection is specialStethoscopeGame scopeIt is done using.

In episode 22, Reito created the extant bugster virus 16 years ago using the virus that grew and collected in the body of Eimu, who became the first person infected with the bugster virus in the world. It has been found[45].

Until the time of episode 24, Reito mainly used Bugster as a tool to fulfill his ambition to "complete the ultimate game, Kamen Rider Chronicle", but Parad disappeared. After that, he completes the Kamen Rider Chronicle in the form of taking over his work.In the following episode 25, he and the revived graphites began to take action to destroy humanity using the Kamen Rider Chronicle, which introduced Poppy Pipopapo, who was brainwashed in love, as a game character.[ep 17]..However, Reito's father Masamune, who returned to the president of Genmu Corporation in episode 32, tried to prevent Parado's plan even on the side of Parado and Bugster who are trying to destroy humanity using Kamen Rider Chronicle. Kamen Rider Chronicle is transformed into Kamen Rider Chronos and intervened in order to spread Kamen Rider Chronicle as a product of Genmu Corporation to the whole world without belonging to the CR side. Declared to be the operator of the Chronicle[ep 24]..Immediately after that, Masamune managed not only Bugster but also Kamen Rider independently, and Parad and others not only took the initiative of Kamen Rider Chronicle, which was used for the purpose of "destroying humanity", but also their destiny. Was also held by Kronos (Masamune)[ep 25].

Bugster virus infection (game disease)
Illness caused by extreme stress in humans infected with the Bugster virus through games[45]..After the initial symptoms such as dizziness, fever, and cough, noise gradually runs on the body, and when the eyes glow red, the body is taken over by the bug star and it is huge.Bug Star UnionIt transforms into.If this happens, a Level 1 Kamen Rider will need to separate the Bugster.
When the bug star is separated from the infected person, the infected person gradually becomes transparent, and if the bug star cannot be defeated as it is, it will eventually disappear. It is necessary to annihilate the monster), but there are also bugsters such as Poppy and Bagamon that will not disappear if certain clear conditions are met.[Annotation 55]In the case of Parado, because it is a bug star created as a playmate of Emu, Emu did not disappear and separated, so when Reito told him that he had a game disease, Parado was Emu. Parad says that he relieved the stress by entering his body, but it was up to Parad to save or kill Emu.
It may occur with diseases that are not caused by the bug star virus (cancer, etc.)[ep 9], Multiple humans may develop at the same time[ep 16].
In addition, the bug star virus usually does not spread from person to person.[ep 8], Initially sprayed by GemdeusGemdeus virusHowever, due to the evolution of Masamune from Gemdeus Kronos to Super Gemdeus, those infected with Gemdeus virus transformed into Bugster virus after re-onset, and were exposed to the Bugster virus. Those who have been infected will soon be transformed into the Bugster virus by contact infection, and as a result, a large-scale pandemic will occur centered on Gemdeus.
In the final episode, Eimu explained to the media that the state of extinction due to game disease was "a symptom of'game disease that seems to have died'."
Bug Star Union[72]
A figure in which the propagated bug star virus takes in infected people, embodies and combines them, and becomes huge.The shape can be freely changed by rearranging the binding pattern.Level 1 Rider Isolation Surgery Isolates from Infected Persons and Turns into Phantom Bugster and Combatant Bugster Virus[45]..In the case of a level-up bug star, it does not change to this form, and it separates at the same time as the onset of the disease or takes in an infected person and becomes a monster.It can also be rebuilt by a myriad of bugster viruses.

Bug star (monster)

A monster of the Bugster virus that parasitized an infected person.After taking in the infected person and materializing it, it becomes a life-sized monster by being separated from the infected person.It is possible to become a phantom in the form of a hologram even during parasitism, but it cannot act unless it proliferates to some extent and develops a game disease and materializes.By attacking the person or place that is the source of stress for the infected person, and increasing the stress of the infected person to reach the peak of proliferation, it is possible to become a perfect body capable of permanent activities regardless of the presence of the infected person. Acting for the purpose of becoming a perfect and ruler of the world[71][45][Annotation 56]..In addition, Bugster, who became a perfect body, holds a memory about the human being who was his host (graphite says "save data"), for example, a perfect body at the same time as the disappearance of Hisai's lover, Kohime Momose. Graphite, which became, retains her own memory until just before the disappearance of Ohime.[ep 41][ep 20]..In addition, the once-perfect Bugster can be revived many times using the Gashakon Bugweiser, but Reito was unaware of this.However, the Bugster, who was defeated during the pose by Kronos, cannot be revived even if it is a perfect body, and will die completely.Although he speaks the same language as humans, no bugster with a human form has been identified except Poppy Pipopapo (Tomorrow's Na), Parado, Graphite, and Lavrica (Love).In addition, humans such as Reito who are over the game will be revived with the body of a bug star.

Basically, the bug star reads the data of the game and turns it into a monster based on the appearance of the boss character of the game.[Annotation 57]..Also, when you level up, some parts will change.After being defeated, the upgraded bugsters are collected by Genm using the Gashakon Bugweiser and used as data for the Kamen Rider Chronicle.

Bugsters have different personalities and tones inherited from individual to individual, and sometimes, especially with regard to paradox and love, they sometimes act according to their personality and personal feelings rather than the mission of the bugster.

In addition, the fighting power of the upgraded bugster, which was level 18 to 3 until the 5th episode, has jumped to the level 19 at once from the 30th episode, and it takes over the body of the infected person and materializes, but the energy is When it expires, it returns to its original human form.

Collabos Bug Star
An unusual type of bugster born from infection of two bugsters per patient[Annotation 58]..Slots on the crown of the bodyCollaboration slot readerIt takes in game data directly from the level 3 rider gashat inserted in, and has armor corresponding to it and 3 times the fighting ability of normal bug star virus.When the gashat comes off, the armor disappears and weakens.
  • It is a variation with parts based on the design of the body[73].
Bug star virus
In this workCombatant..When a level 1 rider separates a bug star from an infected person, it transforms into a humanoid and is born multiple times, equipped with costumes and weapons that match the main bug star.When Gemdeus Kronos evolved into Super Gemdeus, all Gemdeus virus-infected persons were transformed into Bugster virus, and the infection was spread by contact infection.
"Kamen Rider Ghost』\ It has appeared in advance in the final episode.

Regular character

Parad / Kamen Rider Paradox
#Kamen Rider TransformerSee section.
Poppy Pipopapo / Kamen Rider Poppy
#Kamen Rider TransformerSee section.
Bugster Captain[6]..The first person is "I".Like Oga, the conforming person is not the name "Exaid (Emu)", "Brave (Hisai)", "Laser (Kiriya)", "Genm (Reito)" but the name of the rider who transforms. I'm calling.
It uses the same type of Gashacon Bugweiser used by Genm to spread the Bugster virus and monitor the condition of infected persons.It was parasitic on Ohime, who was Hisai's lover, but it has materialized in the real world by driving her to death.[Annotation 59]..Although he advocates the early elimination of Kamen Rider, he is stopped by Parad who wants to enjoy the game and Reito who gives top priority to data collection.
Steal four types of gashats, including Gekitotsu Robots Gashat, from Genmu Corporation, and then contact Emu and others under the guise of being infected with a game disease.[ep 38]..At first, he was thought to be the same person as Genm, but he revealed his true nature and overwhelmed Kamen Rider.
After that, Reito accused him of engaging with Kamen Rider without permission against the plan, and the Gashakon Bug Weiser was confiscated.[ep 46]..However, listening to the conversation between Reito and Parado, he steals Protodragon Night Hunter Z Gashat in search of more power.[Annotation 60], Insert into your body and become a dark graphite bug star[ep 5]..However, after that, he was invited to the game area by Emu's plan, and after fighting as a dark graphite bug star with four riders who became level 5 there, at the end he was defeated and exploded by being attacked by four people at the same time.[ep 39].
Because it was a perfect body[74], Resurrected by Parad after the disappearance of Reito, and has become the character of Kamen Rider Chronicle.After that, he appears in front of Oga and Nico and provokes Oga to participate in the Kamen Rider Chronicle.
In episode 34, in order to counter Kronos, he enters the world of Kamen Rider Chronicle and cultivates the Gemdeus virus obtained from the Gemdeus data in his own body.And the pose of Kronos is sealed, but it is disturbed by the laser turbo[Annotation 61][ep 26]..After that, it was weakened by the influence of the Gemdeus virus.[ep 27]However, the body eventually adapts to the Gemdeus virus.In addition, the power of Gemdeus will make Kronos's pose ineffective, and you will be able to move freely even in the game area where the time is stopped.[ep 31].
However, due to the effects of the reset of Kronos, the Gemdeus virus returned to the situation where it was spreading in the body, and it was weakened again, and Poppy and Parad appeared there and asked for cooperation, but he chose to live as a bug star. Reject this.And with pride, he tries to fight against Hisai and Oga, but when Cronus breaks in and tries to protect himself, he is furious that the battle has been smeared with mud.Refuse this and withdraw him[Annotation 62], Ride player Nico who rushed in received the special move on purpose and disappeared completely.With a faint smile at the time of disappearance, he reached the end of fulfilling his true feelings as an enemy character.[ep 33].
Graphite bug star[Annotation 63]
A monster that transforms graphite with the Gashakon Bug Weiser.The game that became the motif of the appearanceDragon Night Hunter Z OfDragon Warrior Graphite.
Double-edged weapon like a sharp dragon fangGraphite fang[76]Holds, stores energy in the double blade, and shoots an X-shaped red slashing waveFurious Dragon FangI have the technique.He also wears a bug star buckle on his waist.
Dark graphite bug star
Graphite is a strengthened version of Graphite Bugster that transforms by inserting Protodragonite Hunter Z Gashat into itself and capturing the data of Gashat.Using graphite fangs as weapons as in the normal form,Dododo Black Dragon SwordIt emits a jet-black wave called.Enhanced versionDodododo Black Dragon SwordThere is also.
Glen Graphite Bug Star (Level 99)
The revived graphite is transformed by the Gashakon Bug Weiser and is a strengthened version of the Graphite Bug Star that has evolved transcendentally.The overall combat power is 20 times that of the Dark Graphite Bug Star.Glen Graphite Fang[Annotation 64]As a weapon, the special move isTranscendental mystery Dodo Dodo Dodo Guren Bakuryu Sword[Annotation 65]It emits a crimson wave called.Also, in episode 41, the level was exceeded due to the influence of the Gemdeus virus, and the enhanced versionDodododododododododododo Guren Bakuryu Sword[Annotation 66]Was released.
Amagasaki Koi(Amagasaki Ren
A man who became CEO of Genmu Corporation after Reito disappeared.The first person is "I".In the president's office, there are narcissist and ugly places such as decorating one's own photo and occasionally looking in the mirror.The inscription on the right is "I LOVE YOU all over the world".He himself is a bug star and can exert special abilities without becoming a monster.Therefore, I was not surprised to know that Asuna was a bug star, but on the contrary, I was treated as a gentleman by inviting him to the diva of the new game (Kamen Rider Chronicle), but it is connected with Parad, and the purpose of coming to CR is also Poppy's memory. This was to initialize and brainwash and add to the Bugster camp.
In episode 25, he avoided answering the pursuit of the reasons for launching Hisai and Oga's Kamen Rider Chronicle because of corporate secrets, and also said, "I want more people to enjoy Kamen Rider Chronicle. "Isn't it boring in a one-sided game (in favor of the bug star side)?"[ep 17].
In episode 27, Kyotaro's interview that the player who was game over in the Kamen Rider Chronicle in the previous episode 26 will disappear.[ep 18]As a countermeasure against the decrease in the number of game participants due to the game, if the player's disappearance is a production and not a defect through the TV broadcast, and if the game is completely conquered, all the players who have disappeared by then will be revived. Disseminate information that you can make it.Several employees of Genmu Corporation, who were confused by the means, submitted their resignations, but refused to do so and went on a rampage to throw away their resignations in front of them.Nico was included in the general public who took part in the game by swallowing the information, which made me angry.When he was grabbed by Oga who got into Genmu Corporation, he yelled at the suit because it wrinkled and at the same time released something like a shock wave from his mouth, and he realized that he was a bug star.Then, when he appeared in front of Emu Hojo, Hisai, and Nico who headed for the place where the vernier bug star appeared, he revealed his identity as a bug star, but when he was cursed by Nico, he made a "heart break". I was resting for a while[ep 19]However, in opposition to Masamune's release and reappointment as president of Genmu Corporation, he advises that the Gashacon Bugweiser II designed for Bugster will disappear when humans use it.In the decisive battle with Kamen Riders, the ability to nullify the attack was nullified by the reprogramming of Ex-Aid, and Masamune rushed in at the moment when Asuna and Nico tried to move to stab Todome.He transforms into Kamen Rider Kronos, and I'm surprised that it's okay for humans to wear the Gashakon Bug Weiser II.At the end, Kronos was cut off as "no commercial value", defeated by his critical crusades, and died while the time was stopped by the pose, so it disappeared completely as it was.Also, since Kronos, who defeated Lavrica, is not a ride player, the crushing crisis gashat trophy that became the motif of Lavrica did not appear, and the game itself was judged to be out of print.[ep 24]However, in episode 39, Masamune gave Emu the crushing crisis gashat trophy as a prepayment for the success fee to defeat Parad.[ep 31].
In "Brave & Snipe", Masamune was defeated, and the time of death that had stopped was restored, so Reito recultured and infected Luke, which restored it. It was defeated again by Hisai and Oga.
Love Rica Bug Star
Amagasaki Koi is a monster who transforms into a Gashakon Bug Weiser.The game that became the motif of the appearanceTokimeki Crisis..The host is unknown, but it is already perfect.
In your game field, if you do not convey your charm to the opposite sex, the normal attack of the invoker will be nullified, and if you do not raise your liking, the attack will not work.However, if you lose your liking, you will be damaged.Also composed of bugster virus in maid clothesLovely GirlsIt is also possible to damage the opponent by the power by releasing attractive lines that raise the liking for the surroundings called.On the other hand, if another person has a higher liking than Lavrica herself, the liking will turn to that direction, and it is not necessarily true to Lavrica.Stretch the ivy of the rose to restrain and attack the enemy.
In the reprogramming of Ex-Aid Level 99 during the decisive battle with Kamen Riders, the disappearance of Lovely Girls invalidated the ability to nullify the attack, and the attack came to hit.

Last Boss

Gemdeus Bugster
The ultimate bug star as the last boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle, a god of omnipotence and omnipotence that surpasses the power of every game.
Its existence is unknown to Parad and other senior bugsters, and only Reito knows it.
Weapon is a treasure swordDeus rusherAnd treasure shieldDeus Lampert..Has physical strength and self-healing ability equivalent to 50 rider gauges.It is also possible to activate the special abilities of each bug star, which is the enemy character of Kamen Rider Chronicle.Demonstrated fighting ability that surpassed even Kronos, and fought evenly with Muteki gamers and Perfect knockout gamers[78][Annotation 67]..More powerful than the regular bug star virusGemdeus virusHas the power to spray.The Gemdeus virus is so powerful that it cannot be suppressed even by the suppressive effect of the level 0 virus, and it also infects bugsters who do not normally develop the game disease itself.
Because Masamune rewrote Gemdeus's thinking routine to spread the Gemdeus virus, he was reborn as something different from his original role.
It is cornered by Ex-Aid using Dr. Mighty XX Gashat, which was developed in collaboration with Reito and Kiriya, but the data is taken in by Masamune just before being defeated.As a result, although the people infected with the virus recovered temporarily, the game disease recurred due to the influence of Masamune becoming Gemdeus Kronos, and immediately after Gemdeus Kronos evolved into Super Gemdeus, it transformed into the Bugster virus.
At the end, it was separated from Masamune by the paradox using Ex-Aids who became level 1 and Dr. Mighty XX Gashat, and disappeared with the paradox.
In the stage "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage", he gained the ability to damage Muteki and forced Muteki gamers to untransform for the first time.
  • The design isTotemaColor change[73]..Since it is a bug star that is a collection of elements of various game characters, the image of the last boss is boiled down.[73]..It has a somewhat old motif such as dragons, wings, armor and multiple faces, and the hair is tied up so that it has a mysterious atmosphere, intentionally loses balance and loses eyes, and is paired with Exaid and other riders. The characteristic cartoon-like eyes are lined up next to the head.[73].
Super Gemdeus
Gemdeus Cronus is awakened and evolved by stress.Weapon is a telescopic arm that fires explosive light bulletsDeus FafnirAnd a huge sword extending from the torsoDeus Caliber..Has more combat ability than Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer[79], Physical strength has also increased to 999 rider gauges.Even if the body is injured, it will be repaired immediately because the Gemdeus virus is rapidly cultured in the body.Also, from the mouths of both hands, each bug star who is the enemy character of Kamen Rider Chronicle is created, and a huge game area is developed in the city.It is also possible to optionally return to the appearance of Gemdeus Cronus and Masamune.
In episode 34, this form appeared as data, and Graphite obtained the Gemdeus virus.
Gemdeus Muteki[80]
Appeared in "Final Stage".The evil warrior that Gemdeus is taking.Since it was created based on the antibody of Muteki Gamer, it has the strength to crush the power of Muteki Gamer, and it is an enemy that can be defeated only by combining the power of all game riders.

Bug star items

Gashakon Bug Weiser
A pad-type tool owned by Bugster.The appearance and function are the same as those used by Genm.Graphite and love (Lavlica) are used to transform and spread the bugster virus.After the graphite is defeated, Parad owns it and keeps the defeated bugsters by the riders.
Pad mode[81]
A mode for spreading the Bugster virus.It is possible to monitor the condition of infected people. By pressing the B button, the bug star virus is spread, and after pressing the A button, "cultureIn the case of graphite, it transforms into a bug star by attaching it to the grip parts equipped on the right arm, and in the case of love, it transforms in pad mode.
The transformation voice is "Infection!Let's game!Bad game!Dead game!Watcha Name !? The Bug Star!. "

the term

Game scope[82][45]
A stethoscope-type item owned by a CR doctor.In addition to detecting game disease infections, it also has a function for communicating between game scopes and receiving emergency reports from the Ministry of Health.[45]..When held over the patient, a monitor showing the degree of infection and symptoms appeared in the air, but in the case of Emu, only a sandstorm was displayed.Also, by connecting to a personal computer, it can be used as a substitute for a microscope, and the reaction can be confirmed from the blood of an infected person.
If you are infected with a normal bugster virus, the corresponding symbol will be displayed, but if you are infected using Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat, you will see the deformed head of the bugster that is the source of infection. ..
  • Design motifStethoscopeAnd game console controller[83]..The tube part of the shooting prop was prepared in three different lengths according to the height of the actor.[83].
Zero day
A mass disappearance of humans by a bug star caused by a bug in Protoga Shut five years before the story begins.Taking this incident as an opportunity, a gamer driver and a rider gashat were developed, and the Ministry of Health and Genmu Corporation cooperated to establish a cyber lifesaving center at the Holy City University Hospital.At that time, Taiga Hanaya, who was a radiologist at the time, was selected as a Kamen Rider Snipe.
The ostensible trigger was a bug that occurred in 10 Protogashats that Genmu Corporation was about to release when it was run by Masamune, and it became a bug star virus and infected test players. However, in reality, Reito, who discovered the Bugster virus, found that Gashat, which was intentionally infected with the virus, was used.
It wasn't Reito, who infected Protoga Shut with the Bugster virus, who was actually arrested and detained in the form of being held responsible for this zero-day, but Reito's father, who was the president of Genmu Corporation at the time. In Masamune, Eimu, who met Reito after meeting Masamune in prison in episode 21, pointed out that "you (Reito) took the place of your father."[ep 42]..However, in episode 33, the true intention of Masamune being arrested and detained was that his son, Reito, who had excellent talent for devising and developing new games, was arrested and "completed the Kamen Rider Chronicle. Masamune, who was worried that his ambition to "expand to the whole world" would be hindered, took advantage of Reito's desire to "do not want to be caught by the police", and Reito developed and completed "my" Kamen Rider Chronicle. It turned out that it was intentionally replaced in order to earn time until it was made to do[ep 25].
Conformity person
Refers to a person who administers a small amount of Bugster virus into the body and undergoes adaptive surgery to make antibodies and transforms into a Kamen Rider.[45]..As an exception, Emu, the world's first bugster virus-infected person, has transformed without adaptive surgery.[45]Besides, any bug star with human genes such as Reito, Parad, and Kiriya can be transformed into Kamen Rider.
Those who are selected as candidates for conformity must undergo various tests as tests before conformity surgery, and in one of the VR aptitude tests, the candidate wears special goggles and virtual space Enter, Gashacon Weapon[Annotation 68]Use to fight the bug star virus[ep 49].
However, the Ministry of Health has been informed that a doctor belonging to CR has taken actions such as obstructing the fight with Bugster, which is the source of infection for patients who have developed game disease, who are qualified to transform into Kamen Rider as a conforming person. If known, the doctor will not only be disqualified as a Kamen Rider, but will also be expelled from the CR and, in some cases, severely punished by being stripped of his doctor's license.[ep 26].
In episode 23, Genm was unable to transform because his body's bugster virus antibody was removed by his ex-aid level 99 reprogramming ability, and he was no longer a fitter. Since it was revived as a bug star with a former human gene, it became possible to transform again.
Game area
A special space that materializes the data that spreads around by the space generator built into the rider gas shut.
Since each rider can change the area by the stage select function of the Kimewaza slot holder, use it to expand the area to a place where the general public will not be damaged, and transfer the user, bug star, and surrounding people. It may be made to do.If you have changed the area, when you cancel the transformation, it will be ejected from that area and returned to the original place, so in case of emergency you can escape the crisis by canceling the transformation yourself.
Ministry of Health
A fictitious government agency governing public health[46]..Supports Kamen Rider and Cyber ​​Lifesaving Center (CR)[50]..It was a game disease epidemic that was considered a confidential matter because it was secretly researching measures against bug star, but it became difficult for bug star witnesses to manipulate information due to the large number of infected people caused by graphite, and game disease. Will be announced[46].
Holy City University Hospital
A large general hospital headed by Ashima[50]..Emu and Hisai are working.
Deep underground, there is a CR, which is also a special area for treating patients with game disease.
Cyber ​​Lifesaving Center
Known as CR (abbreviation for Cyberbrain Room)[82]). A special area established deep underground in the Holy City University Hospital, which was established five years ago with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health.[29][46][50]..Its existence was kept secret by those in the hospital, but since Emu was accompanied by Emu when he accommodated the infected person (the boy of the patient that Emu is in charge of), Emu knows its existence. Became[ep 1].
The person in charge is Ashima, but tomorrow Na is in a higher position than him.[29].
Doremifa beat housing for hospital rooms and medical offices that isolate, treat, and hospitalize people infected with the Bugster virus[Annotation 69]Etc. are installed[46].
When an emergency call comes in, he rushes to the patient with a white and black scooter with "AID" written in red.
Genmu Corporation
A company whose CEO is Reito.The origin of the name is Masamune's "fantasyIs also equal toComes from the grand ambition of "making it the best game company in the world"[39].
Apparently, it is a company that develops game software and amusement products, but with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health, it developed gamer drivers and rider gashats and provided them to the Ministry of Health.[21][43]..The employees were unaware of Reito's plans.
At the time of Zero-day, Reito's father, Masamune, was the president, but he was arrested for being responsible for the case and was in danger of going bankrupt at one point.
After the disappearance of Reito, the Ministry of Health will take action.[ep 7]According to Koboshi's story in episode 18, a new president was appointed to replace the disappeared Reito, and a new game was developed centered on the work that became the person in charge of the development department. It was decided[ep 11].
In episode 22, he was attacked by Genm and hijacked the president's office, but in episode 23, Parad extinguished Reito (Genm).In the following episode 24, it was revealed that the new president who took office in place of Reito was Koi Amagasaki, and that the new game betting on company luck was also Kamen Rider Chronicle.
The employees of Genmu Corporation did not know at all until they heard Kyotaro's press conference in episode 26 that Kamen Rider Chronicle, which should have been developed to improve the company's trends, is a game that directly affects human life.[ep 18]In the following episode 27, an employee who knew the actual situation of Kamen Rider Chronicle felt uneasy about the future of the company and submitted a resignation request to the president's love, but love showed a margin that "the company will not collapse" , Abandoned the resignation request in front of the employee[ep 19].
Masamune, who was released in episode 32, was reappointed as president.Since then, employees have accepted Masamune's statement of "to help those who have disappeared" and are in favor of promoting Kamen Rider Chronicles.
Kamen Rider Chronicle
A new game that Genm was trying to complete using data from all Gashats and 10 Bugsters.The English notation is "KAMEN RIDER CHRONICLE".On the screen of Reito's personal computer under development, the title written in English and the level 1 silhouettes of multiple Kamen Riders are displayed.
Regarding the genre and content of the game, Reito says, "The ultimate survival game in which the general public transforms into a Kamen Rider and fights for survival with monsters that appear in the real world."[ep 11][ep 42], The game screen revealed in episode 21 has paradoxes and upgraded bugsters as enemies, and ride players are displayed in addition to Ex-Aid Brave Snipe.[ep 42].
As a test player for this game, CR doctors and others were being developed by Reito by collecting battle data.[43].
After the disappearance of Reito, Parad took over, and at the end of episode 24, 10 bugsters were gathered by the resurrection of graphite and the brainwashing of Poppy Pipopapo, and the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat was completed.[ep 16].
Players will fight all 13 bugsters from beginner to advanced and get a clear proof = gashat trophy.The Gashat Trophy is a game design that corresponds to the bug star whose label part has been defeated.
The beginner bugsters are Salty bugster, Arambra bugster, Revol bugster, Motors bugster, and Charlie bugster, and the intermediate bugsters are Gutton bugster, Poppy Pipopapo (Masked Rider Poppy), Vernia bugster, Kaiden. Four bugsters, advanced bugsters are Lavrika Parad (Masked Rider Paradox)[Annotation 70]-It is divided into 3 graphite bodies and each difficulty level, the game area is expanded over a wide area in the city, and bug stars appear randomly.
By capturing all the bugsters and collecting all the gashat trophies, the ultimate bugster Gemdeus who is the last boss will come down, and it will be possible to become Kamen Rider Kronos and challenge the battle against Gemdeus, and defeat Gemdeus. If you do, the game will be cleared.
In this game, Ex-Aid Brave Snipe is set as a rare character who has the items necessary for capturing the game (Gashat, Gashacon Weapon, etc.), and the ride players also attack them.[ep 17]..In addition, Ex-Aids are considered to be rare characters who fight against ride players, and it is considered a rule violation for Ex-Aids to support ride players who fight against Bugster, and the game area blinks red at the same time as the warning sound sounds.[ep 18]..Also, even if the Ex-Aids defeat the Bugster, they will be revived again.[Annotation 71]The ride player (mainly Nico) and the gashat trophy are important to the Ex-Aid Brave Snipe, as the ride player must defeat the Bugster to win the gashat trophy.[Annotation 72]..You can also get a Gashat Trophy by attaching a bug star to be captured to your side.
Kamen Rider Chronicle's Gashat is so popular that the stock price of Genmu Corporation soars despite no prior notice, but on the other hand, non-conforming ordinary people launch Gashat. Immediately after that, it causes a situation in which game diseases develop one after another.In addition, ostensibly, it has been announced as the ultimate real experience game that fuses real and virtual, a game in which humans capture (defeat) Bugster, but in reality, Parad is a game in which Bugstar captures (destroys) humans. Invented by, the ride player transformant who lost to Bugster and Paradox in this game and became game over disappears like Kamen Rider, and it is impossible to continue (revive).[ep 17].
Even if you have developed a game disease in the past and the treatment is completed by the Kamen Rider (including Paradox) defeating the Bug Star, if you activate the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat and transform into a ride player, the Bug Star The game disease develops regardless of the victory or defeat of the battle with.Also, even if the bug star that causes the game disease is defeated by the ride player who developed the game disease or other Kamen Riders (including Ex-Aids) and the treatment is completed, that ride player (general person who transformed into) Will carry the risk of developing game disease semi-permanently unless you let go of Gashat[ep 19].
Information by the Ministry of Health that confirmed the danger was disclosed and a recall was announced, and the number of players decreased sharply at one point due to the spread of information by players helped by Emu Hojo and others.[ep 18], It is announced that all the players who disappeared will be revived when the game is cleared due to love appointed as the new president of Genmu Corporation.As a result, the game will start the game for a wide range of people who have lost their lovers and families, and the number of players will increase further.[ep 19].
At the end of episode 31, Emu and his friends have a beginner-intermediate bug star gashat trophy.[ep 23]In the following episode 32, he engages with senior bugsters Parad and others, but Masamune, who returned to the president of Genmu Corporation, said, "Kamen Rider Chronicle must be a game that has been loved for a long time all over the world." Because of this, it was not good for Ex-Aids to try to end Kamen Rider Chronicles early, and after invading, they transformed into Kronos, and not only Ex-Aids and other Kamen Riders (excluding Nico and Poppy) but also Parados and Bugsters. Also attacked and declared himself to be the operator of Kamen Rider Chronicle.[ep 24]..Since then, Masamune has managed the behavior of Kamen Rider and Bugster, and by setting the Master Gashat of Kamen Rider Chronicle on a special machine in the president's office, it will appear in Kamen Rider Chronicle with the touch of a button. It also turns out that certain bugsters can be extinguished or regenerated[ep 25]..In addition, Masamune will carry out a campaign called Kronos Strategy Quest to capture the extremely rare character Kronos, and promote further sales promotion.[ep 28]..However, it was just an operation to increase the new player population by defeating Kronos and disappearing those who participated in the quest.
Then, because graphite was captured in episode 41, all the gashat trophies were gathered, and the last boss, Gemdeus, descended.


The starring Iijima is the first starring of this work as the first appearance in a TV drama.[54].


Voice appearance

  • Rider Gashat Voice- Kageyama Hironobu[84]
  • Narration, Koi Amagasaki (partial voice), Loverika Bugster, Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat Voice, Gashakon Bug Weiser II / Bugle Driver II Voice- Junichi Suwabe (2 - 45)[84]
  • Collabos Bugster, Baxter Virus-Kazumi Komine[84]


Suit actor

The Kamen Rider of this work is in charge of level 1 and level 2 by separate suit actors, for example, the suit actor of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is in charge of level 2 and later by Seiji Takaiwa and level 1 by Satoshi Fujita respectively. Is[97]..This is the first time Fujita has played the leading role Kamen Rider.[97].

In addition, level 1 of each rider is played by Fujita and Jiro Uchikawa in turn.[98].

ス タ ッ フ

The producer on the Toei side said, "Kamen Rider DriveTakahito Omori, who was in charge of[3][5]..The main writer says "Kamen Rider Drive Secret Mission type TOKUJO, And this work will be the first participation in the TV series, Yuya Takahashi, the pilot version director is "Masked Rider Wizard』Since then, Shojiro Nakazawa is in charge of each[3][5]..Regarding the reason for Takahashi's appointment, Omori has assembled in the past two worksRiku SanjoHe says that he had the desire to break away from his dependence on and pursue a year with a scriptwriter who is close in age to himself.[4][5]..In addition, this work is the first time that Omori has teamed up with Nakazawa since becoming the chief producer.[4].

Ats-, Takehito Shimizu, and Toru Watanabe are in charge of the music in the play, but all three are the first to work with the drama of the video work, and as many as three composers are in charge of the music for the same TV work. Is the first in the history of the Kamen Rider series[113].

The creature design is "Kamen Rider WBy Katsuya Terada, who was in charge of designing the dopant in[114][22].


Theme song
Lyrics- Kanata Okajima,Daichi Miura / Composition- Carpainter, Kanata Okajima / Arrangement-UTA, Carpainter / Song- Daichi Miura[115]
In episodes 1/12/15-24/45, there is no opening video and the cast credits are displayed at the opening and the staff credits are displayed at the ending.[Annotation 85].
In addition to the newly produced opening video from the 25th episode, the video has been added and changed in some broadcast times according to the development in the play.
第1・15・18 - 24話ではエンディング曲として使用され、第4・12・16・17・32・45話では挿入歌として使用された[Annotation 86].
The CD was released on January 2017, 1, and became the first CD in the Daichi Miura and Kamen Rider series to reach No. 18 on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly charts.[116][117].
Salty tried to attack Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Yoyogi performance by performing this song at the performance of "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2017 (RE) PLAY" at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium held on January 1, 22. Bugster and three Bugster viruses have also appeared.On February 2016rd of the same year, the same station's "Music Station], Daichi Miura appeared and performed this song.Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and three bugster viruses also appeared on the program[118].
Also, on December 12st of the same yearNHKWas broadcast onThe 68th NHK Red and White Singing BattleHowever, although Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and other riders did not appear, the song was shown.
Insert song
"Let's try together" (13-15)
Lyrics- BOUNCEBACK& kenko-p / Composition / Arrangement- Hirofumi Hibino / song - Kamen Rider GIRLS
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (double action gamer) theme song.
"Wish in the dark" (17, 18)
Lyrics-Kyasu Morizuki &Mio Aoyama / Composition-Takehito Shimizu / Arrangement-Toru Watanabe / Song-Hiroyuki Takami
Kamen Rider Genm (Zombie Gamer Level X) theme song.
"PEOPLE GAME" (24-26)
Lyrics --Yuya Takahashi / Composition: Katsumi Onishi / Arrangement --Toru Watanabe & ats- / Song --Poppy Pipopapo (CV: Ruka Matsuda)
Image song of Kamen Rider Chronicle.
"Real Game" (29)
Lyrics- Takayuki Tazawa / Composition- Keiichi Miyako / Arrangement/Song- Rayflower
Kamen Rider Paradox theme song.
"JUSTICE" (33)
Lyrics --Mio Aoyama / Composition --Natsumi / Arrangement --Takehito Shimizu & Toru Watanabe / Song --Hiroyuki Takami
Kamen Rider Kronos theme song.At the beginning of episode 40, there is a scene where Masamune is singing a humming song.
"Time of Victory" (36)
Lyrics --Misa Kuwatani & Kyasu Morizuki / Composition --Misa Kuwatani / Arrangement --ats- / Song --Kamen Rider GIRLS
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Muteki Gamer) theme song.
"Pimple pel(12)
Lyrics --Poppy Pierpont / Composition --James Pierpont / Arrangement --Toru Watanabe / Song --Poppy Pierpont (CV: Ruka Matsuda)

Related CD

The theme song CD is "EXCITESee.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Original TV Soundtrack
Released August 2017, 8. A set of 16 CDs.In addition to the regular version, a limited number of "DX Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat" bundled version (included in "Wish in the dark" and "PEOPLE GAME") will be released.
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid TV Theme Song & Insert Song Best Song Collection
Released August 2017, 8.Includes theme song and insert song.Of the songs included, "Beyond the Wind" and "Stomy Story" (both Kamen Rider GIRLS) are unused during the production.

Broadcast schedule

  • Throughout almost the entire story, the subtitles include English or English words in part.
  • As a production at the end of each time, the words "See you Next game" on the black sandstorm[Annotation 87]Is displayed.In the final episode, there was no black sandstorm, and "THE GAME IS FOREVER" was displayed on the edge of the screen.
  • The script is omitted because Yuya Takahashi is in charge of all the stories.[119].
AirdateBroadcast timessubtitleAppearance Bug Stardirected by
20161002 Day1I'm a Kamen Rider!
  • Salty Bug Star (Voice- Go Maeda
  • Bug Star Union
  • Graphite bug star
Shojiro Nakazawa
1009 Day2The two geniuses are no thank you?
  • Arambra Bugster (Voice- Oki Matsumoto
  • Bug Star Union
  • Graphite bug star
May 103The banned guy is coming!Koichi Sakamoto
May 104The name of the operation is Dash!
May 105All gathered, clash Crash!
  • Collabos Bug Star (Gekitotsu Robots)
  • Graphite bug star
Kyohei Yamaguchi
[Annotation 88]May 116Engrave the heartbeat in the heart!
  • Collabos Bug Star (Doremifa Beat)
  • Graphite bug star
May 117The secret of Some lie!
  • Collabos Bug Star (barely sword fight)
  • Collabos Bug Star (Jet Combat)
Shojiro Nakazawa
May 118Men, Fly high!
  • Collabos Bug Star (Jet Combat)
1204 Day9Blow the Dragon!
  • Dark graphite bug star
Morota Satoshi
May 1210Uneven Doctors!
May 1211Who's Black Kamen Rider?
  • Salty Bug Star (Level 3)
Kyohei Yamaguchi
May 1212Christmas special edition
Targeted silver Xmas!
20170108 Day
[Annotation 89]
  • Arambra Bugster (Level 5)
Shojiro Nakazawa
May 114We're Kamen Rider!
May 115A new challenger appears!
  • Revol Bug Star (Level 5)
Morota Satoshi
May 116Overthrow M Paradox
205 Day17Non-standard BURGSTER?Kyohei Yamaguchi
May 218Uncovered truth!
  • Motors Bug Star (Level 5)
May 219Fantasy suddenly !?Shojiro Nakazawa
May 220Take off from headwinds!
305 Day21Track mystery!Morota Satoshi
May 322A structured history!
  • Charlie Bugster (Level 30) (Voice- Yuki Anai
May 323Extreme dead or alive!-Kyohei Yamaguchi
May 324With ambition, go together!
  • Motors Bug Star (Level 20)
  • Gutton Bugster (Level 40)
  • Kaiden Bugster (Level 40)
402 Day25Start New game!
  • Salty Bug Star (Level 10)
  • Arambra Bugster
Shojiro Nakazawa
409 Day26Players betting on survival
May 427Love & peace dedicated to the winner!
  • Love Rica Bug Star
  • Revol Bug Star
  • Vernier bug star
Morota Satoshi
May 428Beyond Identity-
May 429We're me !?Kyohei Yamaguchi
507 Day30The strongest VS the strongest!
  • Motors Bugster
May 531Forbidden Continue !?
  • Charlie Bugster
Yoshihisa Uehoriuchi
May 532Judgment given!
  • Love Rica Bug Star
  • Glen Graphite Bug Star (Level 99)
May 533Company reorganization!
  • Salty Bug Star
  • Glen Graphite Bug Star (Level 99)
Naomi Tamura
604 Day34Fulfilled rebirth!
  • Gutton Bugster
  • Glen Graphite Bug Star (Level 99)
May 635Rescue your partner!
  • Arambra Bugster
Kyohei Yamaguchi
[Annotation 90]May 636Completely invincible GAMER!-
702 Day37Prepared for White knight!
  • Kaiden Bugster (Level 60)
  • Glen Graphite Bug Star (Level 99)
Morota Satoshi
709 Day38Tears period
  • Glen Graphite Bug Star (Level 99)
May 739Goodbye me!-Yoshihisa Uehoriuchi
May 740Fateful reboot!
May 741Reset game!
  • Glen Graphite Bug Star (Level 99)
Kyohei Yamaguchi
[Annotation 91]806 Day42God advent!
[Annotation 92]Month 13 days43White coat license-Shojiro Nakazawa
[Annotation 93]May 844The last smile
  • Gemdeus Bugster
    • Super Gemdeus (Voice-Hiroyuki Takami)
  • Play bug star[Annotation 94]
May 845Endless GAME-

Online delivery

Delivery periodDelivery timeDelivery siteRemarks
March 2016, 10-Updated every Sunday 8:30Toei special effects official fan clubAlways delivered after delivery

Other media development

For details on movies, TV special works, and home video game software, refer to each item.

Special leading video

Preceding PV delivered on YouTube "Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official" on August 2016, 8 before the TV series broadcast.Unlike the previous work "Ghost", it is a video that summarizes the characters and story introduction.


"Movie version Kamen Rider Ghost 100: The spirit of the eye and the moment of ghost fate』(2016May 8Release)
"Kamen Rider Ghost』Independent work.Ex-Aid Level 2 is the first in the TV series.Iijima is the voice of Ex-Aid, but because the cast was not announced at the time of release, it was written as "???" in the cast credit.
"Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider』(2016May 12Release)
A crossover work focusing on this work and "Kamen Rider Ghost".From the 8th to 13th episodes of the TV series, which is the time of release, the video of the same work was used for the OP.
"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Super Hero Wars』(2017May 3Release)
Kamen Rider seriesSuper squadron seriesA crossover work that mainly focuses on.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending』(2017May 8Release)
A single work of this work.The video of the same work was used for the OP from the 41th to 44nd episodes of the TV series, which is the release time.
"Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider』(2017May 12Release)
"Kamen Rider Build] And a crossover work with this work as the main.Some images of this work are used.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Build Be The One』(2018May 8Release)
A solo work of "Kamen Rider Build".Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2, Gemdeus Bugster appears in the epilogue.
"Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Anniversary Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER』(2018May 12Release)
"Kamen Rider Geo] And "Kamen Rider Build" as the main crossover work.Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2 appears.In addition, Laser Bike Gamer Level 2 and Bug Star Virus have also appeared.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer』(2019May 7Release)
A solo work of "Kamen Rider Zio".Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Action Gamer Level 2, Muteki Gamer) is now available.

V cinema

Part.I "Kamen Rider Brave & Snipe" (released March 2018, 3)
Part.II "Kamen Rider Paradox with Poppy" (released April 2018, 4)
Part.III "Kamen Rider Genm VS Laser" (released April 2018, 4)
In this work, a later Tan set in the world two years after the movie version "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid True Ending" is drawn.[120]..It was released in theaters in early spring 2018 before its release.

Other TV series

"Kamen Rider Ghost"
In addition to the appearance of Ex-Aid in the special edition of episode 50, Kamen Rider Genm (black Ex-Aid) also appears in the special edition of episodes 49 and 50.
"Space squadron kyurenja"
Emu Hojo / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid will appear as a guest in episode 7 as a special to commemorate the release of the "Super Super Hero Taisen" movie.Lucky / Sisi Red from Kyuranger will appear as a guest on the 24th episode of "Ex-Aid" broadcast on the same day.
"Kamen Rider Zio"
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid appears in the world of 2068 as one of the statues of successive Heisei Kamen Riders.
Emu Hojo appears in the EP02 epilogue. Emu Hojo / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider Brave appeared in EP03 / 04, and other bug stars also appeared. Dan Kuroto appears in the EP08 epilogue.In addition, Dan Kuroto appeared in EP09 / 10,Another O'sTransform into[121].. In EP42, Kamen Rider Brave summoned to Kamen Rider Diend, in EP48, Revol Bugster and Bugster Virus appear, and there is a description that people who escape from the attack of the Phantom Army of successive Heisei Riders are infected with Bugster Virus. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 and Gemdeus Bugster appear in LAST (final episode).

Web distribution drama

"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Bren"
"Kamen Rider Drive』Spin-off work.Glen Graphite Bug Star is here.


[Tips] series

A general term for a group of "Ex-Aid" short dramas that are developed in a medium separate from television and movies.The back episode of each rider, which is not drawn in the TV series, is revealed.

"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid [Tips] Virtual Operations"
From October 2016, after the first episode of the TV series was broadcastYouTube・ Currently being distributed on the official Bandai channel.It consists of two parts: a mini-drama of all five episodes, which is a spin-off of the TV series that checks the abilities of riders in line with the story progress of the TV series, and an information corner that also introduces games and toys, which will be described later.
ス タ ッ フ
  • Director-Kazuya Kamihoriuchi
Number of storiessubtitleDelivery date
Episode 1Ex-Aid EditionLet's try Poppy Pipopapo!Ganba Rising1002 Day
Episode 2SnipeLet's try Poppy Pipopapo!Ganba Rising # 2May 10
Episode 3Brave editionLet's try Poppy Pipopapo!Ganba Rising # 3May 10
Episode 4Laser editionLet's try Poppy Pipopapo!Ganba Rising # 4May 10
Episode 5Genm editionLet's try Poppy Pipopapo!Ganba Rising # 51106 Day
"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid [Tips] Kamen Rider Genm"
A spin-off movie featuring Kuroto Dan / Kamen Rider Genm, which is being distributed on YouTube Toei Tokusatsu YouTube Official in January 2017.Winter movie versionThe story that continues from.For more informationKamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pacman vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider #Kamen Rider Ex-Aid [Tips] Kamen Rider GenmSee.
"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid [Tips] Kamen Rider Snipe Episode ZERO"
A spin-off movie featuring Taiga Hanaya / Kamen Rider Snipe, which is recorded as a video privilege in the "Ex-Aid" Blu-ray COLLECTION (2017BOX in total) that will be released sequentially from April 4.[122]..It is revealed that he fought as a CR rider when he was a radiologist, which was fragmented in the flashback scene in the TV series, and eventually he was stripped of his doctor's license.[122].
Shooting was done in parallel with episodes 15-18 of the TV series[123]..In the fourth episode, a later story of the final episode is also drawn, but since the content is based on the concept of the final episode at the time of shooting, it has a range of interpretation.[123].
Hanaya Taiga / Kamen Rider Snipe
The main character of the same work.Working as a radiologist in the radiotherapy department at the Seito University Hospital, his talent is capable of diagnosing and treating cancer, which is rare in the world, and patients come from all over the country. Was proud of its popularity[ep 49].
One day, he discovers that the bug star virus was lurking in the body of Sasami Hishinuma, who was in charge of it, with a general medical device.After that, in anticipation of that talent, Reito summons him as a warrior / Kamen Rider Snipe who fights against Bugster, but refuses to prioritize his work as a radiologist.[ep 49]..Although he was worried that Maki, who remained in CR instead of himself, had lost contact with him, he told himself that he would be working hard at CR.However, two weeks after the message was lost with Maki, Asuna, who changed her blood phase and visited the radiology department, informed her that Sasami's condition, which should have been treated for cancer, changed suddenly.As soon as I rushed into CR with Na tomorrow, I witness Maki, who loaded a gamer driver with a prototype bang bang shooting gas shut, vomits blood and collapses in an attempt to transform into a snipe in Sasami's hospital room.[ep 49].
From the story of Reito and Asuna, I learned that Maki, who was rejected for the aptitude test, was assigned to CR as a supporter, and yet he tried to transform himself into a Kamen Rider in order to save Sasami.Then, instead of Maki, he transformed into a prototype, and after curing Sasami's game disease, asked Reito for a suitable operation.[ep 50]..After that, in an attempt to cure the little princess who developed the game disease, she tried to transform into a protosnipe, but suffered from the side effects of protogashat and witnessed Maki who tried to stop herself disappear in front of her.[ep 50].
At first, I spoke in honorifics to the people around me (except for my friend Maki).[ep 49][ep 50], With the disappearance of Maki, it becomes the current personality and behavior[ep 51].
The Ministry of Health prohibits him from becoming a Kamen Rider, but in response to Kohime's desire to "meet Hisai," he transforms into a prototype with the strict punishment, and fights against graphite separated from her, but is defeated. To do.As a result, not only was Ohime unable to be prevented from disappearing, but she was also stripped of her doctor's license because she was considered to have "not followed the instructions from the Ministry of Health and prioritized the game over her duties as a radiologist." Was also expelled and banished from CR due to Ashima's intention that "I can't keep the big self without a doctor's license".Losing all of her friend Maki, her patient Ohime, and her doctor's license led to desperation and whitening of part of her hair.[ep 51].
Jiro Maki(Makijiro
PathologistHe is a friend of mine and a senior of Ohime.He accused Oga, who prioritized the work of a radiologist, as "I'm just scared of things that the genius can't handle," and volunteered for Kamen Rider on his behalf, but to save Sasami. Attempted to transform into a snipe with a body that has not undergone adaptive surgery, leading to a critical condition[ep 49]..Then, he tries to stop the big self who tried to transform to save the little princess, but develops a game disease and disappears.[ep 50].
Resurrected in the epilogue of episode 4 and put on a white coat on Oga[ep 52].
Kuroto Dan / Kamen Rider Genm
Scout the big self who discovered the bug star virus[ep 49].
When he talks to the scouted Oga himself, he is called "Hanaya-sensei" and speaks in a polite tone.Behind the scenes, however, even before Ohime was transported to CR, she was eager to achieve the goal of creating the complete Bugster with Parad, and her body was eroded by the side effects of Protoga Shut. I'm on the sidelines knowing that I'm there[ep 50].
Then, when he used the Gashakon Bug Weiser himself to separate graphite from Ohime, he made a self-made play that said, "I was robbed of the driver and Gashat from my soul." By deliberately stressing her, she advanced her game illness and forced her to disappear.[ep 51].
  • Taiga Hanaya / Kamen Rider Snipe-Ukyo Matsumoto
  • Asuna Kano / Poppy Pipopapo-Ruka Matsuda
  • Kuroto Dan / Kamen Rider Genm-Tetsuya Iwanaga
  • Makijiro- Masaki Kaji
  • Parad-Shouma Kai
  • Graphite Bug Star-Shoma Machii
  • Ohime Momose-Kana Nakagawa
  • Sasami Hishinuma- Akira Tanaka
  • Sasami's mother- Michiko Makino
Suit actor
  • Kei Fujita
  • Eitoku
  • Yuya Nawada
  • Jiro Uchikawa
  • Kotaro Ujiji
ス タ ッ フ
"Televi-kun Super Battle DVD Kamen Rider Ex-Aid [Tips] Kamen Rider Laser"
TV-kun February 2017 issue (released December 6, 2017) All applicants service DVD[125]..Later, the service will be implemented in the July issue (released on June 7st).[126].
The story of Eimu challenging the treasure hunt game "Bomb Search Treasure" left by Kiriya.
Kiriya Kujo / Kamen Rider Laser
The main character of the same work. Appeared as a navigating character in "Bakusou Treasure".At the end, he wears a black leather jacket that he wore when he was revived in the TV series.
Kamen Rider Genm
In this work, Reito himself appears not as a transformed figure, but as a Genm-type security program in "Bakusou Treasure".
the term
Bomb search treasure
A treasure hunt RPG game developed as a prototype of the Kamen Rider Chronicle that was left on Kiriya's personal computer.Laser appears as a navigation character, and while searching for the treasure Protoga Shut, Motors Bugster appears as an enemy character, and Genm appears as a security program to protect Protoga Shut.
  • Kiriya Kujo / Kamen Rider Laser-Hayato Onozuka
  • Emu Hojo / Kamen Rider Exaid --Hiroki Iijima
  • Kagami Hisai / Kamen Rider Brave-Toshiki Seto
  • Asuna Kano / Poppy Pipopapo-Ruka Matsuda
Voice appearance
  • Motors Bug Star-Shintaro Ohata
Suit actor
  • Jiro Uchikawa
  • Seiji Takaiwa
  • Atsushi Watanabe
  • Eitoku
  • Shigeki Ito
ス タ ッ フ
  • Director-Nobuhiro Suzumura[125]
  • Screenplay-Mizuto Takano[125]
  • Screenplay supervision-Yuya Takahashi[125]
"Televi-kun Super Battle DVD Kamen Rider Ex-Aid [Tips] Kamen Rider Paradox"
Televi-kun December 2017 issue (released on November 12, 2017) and "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Super Complete Works" (published in December 11) "Super Battle DVD as Ex-Aid" produced as a service for all applicants The final edition.
It is a later story of "Heisei Generations FINAL" and at the same time it is an introduction to the aforementioned V-cinema.
Parad / Kamen Rider Paradox
The main character of the same work.Aiming to capture "Nazoto Kirabirinsu" developed by Reito with Emu.
As he changed his mind, he developed "Nazotoki Labyrinth" and urged Emu and Parado to capture it.However, they escaped from prison after completing the capture.
Hatena Bug Star
A bug star that appeared as the gatekeeper of "Nazotoki Labyrinth". It looks similar to the individual that appeared in "Heisei Generations", but it has numbers all over its body and cannot be damaged unless it hits a specific number.
the term
Nazotoki Labyrinth
A mystery-solving game developed by Reito, which is to decipher the three codes placed in various places and rescue the captive Poppy.
  • Parad / Kamen Rider Paradox-Shouma Kai
  • Emu Hojo / Kamen Rider Exaid --Hiroki Iijima
  • Kuroto Dan-Tetsuya Iwanaga
  • Asuna Kano / Poppy Pipopapo-Ruka Matsuda
Voice appearance
Suit actor
  • Kazuya Okada
  • Seiji Takaiwa
  • Hiroshi Nakata
  • Okamoto Jiro
  • Eitoku
  • Atsushi Watanabe
ス タ ッ フ
  • Director-Nobuhiro Suzumura
  • Screenplay-Yuya Takahashi

Other web distribution spin-offs

"Kamen Rider Brave ~ Survive!Resurrection Beast Rider Squad! ~ ”
Original work of Kagami Hisai / Kamen Rider Brave, which will be distributed at Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club from February 2017, 2.[122]..It depicts the unknown battle between Beast Rider Squad and Brave and other doctor riders led by Kamen Rider Takeshi Asakura.In addition to revealing Hisai's past, the original Gashat Night of Safari Gashat will also appear.Emu Hojo, the main character of the TV series, does not transform into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid in this work. In the entire history of "Novel Kamen Rider Ex-Aid", it is a time series between episodes 14 and 15.
Beast Rider Squad
The original beast-based rider team of the same work led by Takeshi Asakura[Annotation 96].
  • Since the appearance of the Night of Safari Gashat was decided from the beginning of the project, it was an animal motif and was broadcast at the same time.Animal squadron ZyuohgerThere was also a plan to co-star with[127], TV Asahi ProducerKaji AtsushiKamen Rider with an animal motif was selected as an enemy character by a suggestion from[123]..Director Nobuhiro Suzumura blurs out whether Kamen Riders other than the King Snake are the same person as the original.[123]..On the other hand, the four other than the King Snake are like copies with only the data reproduced.It is considered that it is due to scientific power beyond the common sense of Foundation X that it is possible to confirm actions and behaviors that can only be thought of as the person himself.[128]..Initially, a plot of a story set in an abandoned hospital was submitted.[127], TV Asahi producer Shintaro Kurita said, "Because it will be the first original work of the Toei special effects fan club, I want to add a surprise element that makes the members happy."[127]..The four people lined up in front of King Dark said,Kamen Rider X』Imagine the early GOD villain corps[129].
Takeshi Asakura / Kamen Rider King Snake
Beast Rider Squad leader.About AsakuraKamen Rider Ryuki # 13 Kamen RidersFor the King SnakeIntroducing Kamen Rider Ryuki Kamen Rider #Kamen Rider King SnakeSee each.
  • "Kamen Rider RyukiIt will be the 15th anniversary of 』, so it is an original castTakashi HaginoPlayed by[123].. Since it is difficult to describe the violence at the time of "Ryuki" in the TV situation as of 2017, it is also intended to be described in the same work that is a distribution work.[123]..In the play, in addition to the lines in "Ryuki", "Hagino starring"Super Light Warrior ChampsThere are also lines that are conscious of[123]..As for the hairstyle, Hagino who plays was in his 40s, so a wig was prepared instead of dyeing hair, but Hagino volunteered to dye the hair as it was at that time because it did not fit the image.[130][123]..The costumes used at the time of "Ryuki"[130].
  • On the other hand, he acted as a suit actor for the King Snake in "Ryuki".Okamoto JiroIs "Space squadron kyurenjaBecause it was not possible to make adjustments while appearing in "Ryuki", he was going around with the king snake played by Okamoto as a Kamen Rider Ryuki in "Ryuki".Seiji TakaiwaServed as a suit actor for the King Snake[123].
King dark
It gives instructions to the Beast Riders, but it was actually a hologram.For more informationKing darkSee.
Foundation X Researcher
A man with a duralumin case labeled "X".When I got the battle data of the Night of Safari Gashat for a grand plan, I left somewhere.About Foundation XFoundation XSee.
  • Kagami Hisai / Kamen Rider Brave-Toshiki Seto
  • Emu Hojo-Hiroki Iijima
  • Asuna Kano / Poppy Pipopapo-Ruka Matsuda
  • Mizuki-Megumi Mizoguchi
  • Satsuki-Mayuna Saburi
  • Takeshi Asakura / Takeshi Asakura- Takashi Hagino
Voice appearance
Suit actor
  • Atsushi Watanabe
  • Kamen Rider Oh Snake[133][130][123] -Seiji Takaiwa
  • Kazuya Okada
ス タ ッ フ
  • Director-Nobuhiro Suzumura
  • Screenplay-Mizuno Takano
  • Screenplay supervision-Yuya Takahashi
  • Action Director-Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (Japan Action Enterprise)
"Kamen Sentai Gorider"
A spin-off work of "Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Super Hero Taisen". From March 2017, 3au video pathOriginal distribution drama distributed in[134].
"Kamen Rider Genms-The Presidents-"
The first part will be delivered on April 2021, 4 and the second part will be delivered on April 11, 4 at the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club.With Dan Kuroto as the main character, "Kamen Rider Zero One』, One of the president riders, Tianjin 垓 also appears[135].
Originally, it was a tweet on April 2018, 4 on the official Twitter of "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid".2020It was a lie tweet that the same work was released and released at the same time.[136]Was announced to be actually produced on April 2021, 4[137].
Tianjin 垓 / Kamen Rider Souther
Characters from "Zero One".Kamen Rider Zero One # Tianjin 垓andKamen Rider Zero One #Kamen Rider SoutherSee.
The place where the new company was established is infected with the "worst bug star virus".
The original Souther has a golden body, but in this work it is black.
厘 (Rin)
Tianjin's secretary, Huma Gear (humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence).About human gearKamen Rider Zero One #TermsSee.
  • Kuroto Dan / Kamen Rider Genm-Tetsuya Iwanaga
  • Tianjin 垓 / Kamen Rider Souther- Sakuragi Nachi
  • 厘- Meadows Maira
  • Masamune Dan / Kamen Rider Kronos-Hiroyuki Takami
ス タ ッ フ
  • Director-Satoshi Morota
  • Screenplay-Yuya Takahashi
Theme song
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --Go Sakabe / Song --Hiroyuki Takami[138]


"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid ~ Mighty Novel X ~"
Written by: Yuya Takahashi.Kodansha character library(Kodansha) Released on November 2018, 6.
As a time series, the story is drawn three years after V-Cinema "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Trilogy Another Ending" (3).
Limited edition will be released at the same time.In addition, Iijima, who plays Eimu, and Iwanaga, who plays Reito, send testimonials to the attached obi.
Production process
At the beginning of writing, it was supposed to be a time series one week after V-Cinema, but it was set three years later at the request of Omori, "Do not feel uncomfortable even if the actor is old when it is visualized." became.
Eimu's past is set by the fact that Iijima showed a dry and nihilistic expression while shooting the TV series, and the imagination swelled, "Is it really just an accident?"[139].
Emu Hojo / Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
The main character of the same work.Mighty Novel X fails to capture and goes missing.Past eternal dreams have also appeared as NPCs for Mighty Novel X.
He lost his mother before he became aware of it, and in his childhood he was unable to make friends due to repeated transfers due to Kiyonaga's transfer, and he spent only the game healing. At the age of eight, he wanted to reset his life like a game and tried to commit suicide and jumped out onto the road, but he was treated by Hinata and ended in an attempt.
From those circumstances, he grew up empty inside and acted like a saint prince to deceive himself.Reito likens the darkness of his heart to a crystal.
Hojo Kiyonaga(Hojo Kiyonaga / Kamen Rider Genm
Emu's father.Development manager of "Medical Trick", the largest medical device manufacturer in Japan.
In 2000, he was afraid that medical equipment would break down just before the problem occurred, and he repeatedly devised countermeasures by repeating virtual simulations in various parts of Japan, but the simulations produced the original bugster virus and leaked it.
Masamune Dan was informed of the danger of the virus and was developing a treatment device together.When Emu was infected, he learned of Masamune's true nature and tried to break the ties, but he was threatened with "accusing him of creating the bugster virus" and continued to cooperate.
Due to the above-mentioned busyness, he had almost no time to interact with Emu, and Emu's attempt to commit suicide cooled the relationship and made promises of non-interference with each other.
He created Mighty Novel X before it disappeared in "Another Ending", and set the drone so that it would reach Emu Hojo three years later.
When Kuroto ** disappears, the program is built in so that the bug star virus is fused with oneself in Protomity Action X Gashat Origin, and the events that occurred in the same work can be grasped by sharing the memory. doing.
Kuroto **(Crotopy / Dan Kuroto II(Dankuro and Two / Kamen Rider Genm
A backup of Mighty Novel X's Bugster virus and Reito created by Dan Reito.When Emu launched Mighty Novel X Gashat, Emu and Parad suffered from a game disease and materialized from the bug star virus.Reito's memories and abilities are faithfully copied.The appearance is a black humanoid with a purple line, and when the infected person approaches extinction, he acquires a human body that looks the same as Reito.
He is in charge of the navigating character of Mighty Novel X, and acts with the aim of becoming the second Reito by extinguishing Emu.
the term
Mighty Novel X
A game created by Kuroto Dan with the power of God Maximum Mighty X.A novel game that recreates the life of Emu.
The spots where important events happened in Emu's life are scattered as novel spots, and the event starts by going to the novel spots in the real world and wearing a driver, and Emu is invited to a special game area. It is a mechanism that leads to clearing by re-experiencing the life of the world and choosing the right choice at the turning point from there.


"Kamen Rider Information Program Poppy Pipopapo's Room"
In October 2016, after the first episode of the TV series was broadcast, it is being distributed on YouTube / Toei Toei Special Effects YouTube Official and Toei Toei Fan Club at any time (updated once a week at around 10:1 until the end of 2016, 1 times in total).
Poppy Pipopapo (Ruka Matsuda) and Akira Shinomiya (Kamen Rider entertainer) who also appeared in "Ame Talk!"Ojin Osborne) Has sent out information on all Kamen Riders that appear not only in Ex-Aid.
"Ame Talk, a talk show of the Death After the Rain!(Plan "Kamen Rider Entertainer")
In the first broadcast on August 2016, 8, the broadcast of this work was announced for the first time as a terrestrial broadcast, and Ex-Aid Level 4 appeared in the recording studio.At that time, MCAfter the rainFrom the performers includingRoboconYeah! ""Yuru Chara"Yanka"TsukkomiReceived or stunned by comedians[140]..In addition, the professional wrestler who was one of the guestsHiroshi TanahashiThis was the trigger for the movie "Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend RiderWill appear in[141][142].
"Amethyoke on Sunday!(Plan "Kamen Rider Entertainer")
2016May 11In the second broadcast (total from "Ame Talk!"), Ex-Aid Level 2 and Ghost Ore Soul will be the guest's based on the contents of the second.Takashi Tanaka(Un Girls) And a special short video[Annotation 98]Was broadcast[143]Later, the starring Iijima appeared in the recording studio.
NTT DoCoMoCM "Hoshi Pro" series (2018-2019)
In the first "The Story of the Beginning" edition, only one scene of Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 1 appears.In the second edition, "Everyone's Expectations," there is a scene where Poppy appears on the back cover of a magazine. CM featuring Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer in "Shining Soba CM"[144].


"Kamen Rider Battle Ganba Rising"(arcade)
Rider Gashat and Buttoba Soul medal interlocking from the first Gashat Henshin[145].
"Kamen Rider Buttoba Soul(Gashapon vending machine)
Capsule vending machine lottery attached to the game housingGashapon..It corresponds to Ganba Rising. The first 100 people will receive an Ex-Aid medal as a bonus for visitors to "Kamen Rider Ghost 40 Eyes and the Moment of Ghost Fate", and the medal has appeared in the play.[146].
"All Kamen Rider Rider Revolution』(Nintendo 3DS
Ex-Aid and Brave appeared from this work[147].
"Mighty Action X"
Bonus download game.
"Narelunder! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid" (Arcade)
Ex-Aid can be used with the version upgrade in October 2016 instead of a new housing.Drive & ghost can still be used.
"Kamen Rider Transend Heroes(App)
A renewal version from "Kamen Rider Storm Heroes".
"Kamen Rider Battle Rush(App)
"Kamen Rider Atsume(App, 3DS)
"Defeat!Rider Kick ”(app)
"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid x Bike Rider(App)
"Kamen Rider Climax Fighters(PlayStation 4)
"Kamen Rider Climax Scramble Zio" (Nintendo Switch)
"battle spirit"(Trading card game)
Ex-Aid riders and monsters will participate in the second collaboration booster with Kamen Rider released in September 2018. XX Rare is currently the only XX Rare Sokai God Nexus in collaboration with Kamen Rider, Kuroto Dan.

Rebroadcast on CS / independent station

CS broadcasting
TV morning channel 1… June 2017 --August, November --(Monday / Tuesday 6:8 --11:17 etc.)
Independent station
Sun TV…2018May 4 - May 6(Monday-Thursday 7:00-7:30)
Saitama… May 2018, 5 --April 6, 2019 (Sunday 4:28 --13:00)[148]


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