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🎥 | Minami Hamabe, ecstatic expression! "Movie Bet Kegurui" sequel scene cut & special video

Photo Minami Hamabe – (C) Homura Kawamoto / Toru Naomura / SQUARE ENIX (C) 2021 “Movie Bet Kegurui 2” Production Committee

Minami Hamabe, ecstatic expression! "Movie Bet Kegurui" sequel scene cut & special video

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In addition, a special video "The crazy charm of" Kakegurui "" was released.

From "Movie Bet Kegurui Desperate Russian Roulette" (released on April 4), Yumeko Jabami played by Minami Hamabe ... → Continue reading

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"Betting kegurui] (Or Kegurui)Homura Kawamoto(Original),Toru NaomuraBy (drawing)Japan OfComicthe work. 『Monthly Gangan JOKER』(ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エ) Serialized from April 2014 issue. The subtitles are "○ women" and "○ women". It is a school gambling story that is held at a prestigious school where wealthy students who have adopted their own class system attend, and Kawamoto who is in charge of the original posted it in Shintosha.Dominium ~ Extreme Color Girl Gambling Den ~] Is the prototype.

2 timesNext Coming Manga AwardIn the comics category, it is ranked third. As of June 3, the cumulative circulation of the series has exceeded 2021 million.[1].



VS Saotome Ari
A prestigious school that has been in business for 122 years,Hundred Kao GakuenIs a prestigious school where many children from the upper class and political and business circles attend. There is a student council president who has overwhelming gambling skills.Kirari MomokuUnder the rule, it was dominated by a class system of gambling among students. there,Serpent's YumekoSaid a girl will be transferred to another school. Yumeko Snake looks like a gentle genius, but in reality she is a genuine gambling enthusiast.Betting keguruiMet.
Immediately after the transfer, a classmate who divides the two-year flower groupMei SaotomeYumeko, who was challenged by, was able to carry a debt of 120 million yen in "Voting Rock Paper Scissors", but smashed meri's Ikasama to win and won her a debt of 880 million yen. A classmate who is treated as "livestock" under the name "Pochi"Ryota SuzuiYumeko, who was apologized for having been involved in Mekari's cheeks, gives Ryota 500 million yen to escape from the "livestock".
VS Emperor Itsuki
The next day, my parents' house was a first-year student at a major toy maker.Emperor ItsukiYumeko, who was challenged by, suffers a loss of 2,000 million yen due to "double nervous breakdown". Itsuki tells Yumeko to apply for a rematch to bet his raw nails, and the second race begins. However, Yumeko has already seen Ikasama's squid and has a great victory. Ikasama crying and admitting defeat to Yumeko, who urged the third round of betting on raw nails, stating that Ikasama, who was placed on the card, could damage the credibility of his parents' house.
VS Nishitoin Yuriko
One week later, Yumeko goes to visit the Traditional Culture Study Group. Mei, who became "livestock" at that time, is a student council officer and chairman of the Traditional Culture Study Group.Yuriko NishitoinAnd had an "official match". However, Mei eventually suffers a massive loss of 4,960 million yen. Yuriko then applied to Yumeko for the original gambling game "Life or Death", and Yumeko was happy to accept.
Yumeko notices Yuriko's sickness and then pursues Yuriko. However, at that time, Kirari and the student council president intervene in the game. Yumeko was defeated by Kirari, who was caught in advance by the cheerleader.3 million yenHe bears a huge amount of debt and becomes "livestock".
Debt Consolidation Meeting (Volume 2)
Yumeko and Meri fully participated in the debt consolidation meeting held by the student council to repay the debt. As a result of the combination by the student council, 2 peopleJun Watari-Nana budAlong with this, they will face off in a gambling "2 Indian Poker" game.
Meri successfully used the hole of the rules specified by the student council, and in cooperation with Yumeko, she set Kito in a trap and won a big win. Obtain 2 million yen in cash and repay all debts that have been reduced to 6,000 million yen according to the rule of "replacing debts" (The reason why the remaining 1,000 million yen is "I don't want to make a loan to Yumeko") And transferred the full amount to Yumeko).

Student Council Officer

VS raw delusion (3 volumes)
Yumeko, who has become a "livestock" after completing the debt consolidation meeting, heads to Kirari for an "official match" in order to gamble with Kirari, who has been eager for some time. However, along the way, the student council officer and the beautification chairmanRaw Shima DelusionWas confined with Suzui and applied for a gambling "ESP game".
Yumeko accepts the game under the conditions of "up to 3 sets of games," "Suzui is the dealer," and "the loser pays the winner 10 billion yen." However, the delusion was competing under the condition of "winning and being killed by Yumeko." However, Yumeko broke through the idea of ​​this delusion and brought the game to the draw of "Don't shoot". The delusion was called "just dying," and he looked down on contempt.
VS Yumemi Yumemi (4 volumes)
Concerned that the authority of the student council will be shaken by the existence of Yumeko, the student council is also active as an idol with one of the officersYumemi YumemiWill represent Yumeko on behalf of the student council, and will be asked to co-star with a project called "First-class idol decision battle Buttoi tomo!". Yumeko agreed, but if Yumeko was defeated, the content of the "life planning table" was changed to "form a idol debut by forming a unit with Yumemi". Yumemi was convinced that he would win, but he was defeated due to his mistakes and bad luck.
VS Kaede Ueda (5 volumes)
After the project was over, Yumeko confessed to the audience that "someone sent her a fan letter that Yumemi broke and tried to fall into Yumemi." Yumemi is the student council accountingKaede MameutaI affirm. Yumeko requested Mameuta to gamble under the school's style of saying, "The winner of gambling is justice." Although Mameda refuses, Yumeko's right to use the "official game" will inevitably lead to a gambling "chosen poker" game.
Yumeko's chips will soon be exhausted, as Mameita was overwhelmingly over financially. However, with the cooperation of Emperor Itsuki, the game continues. In the end, Mameida was defeated because he had despised the Emperor. Yumeko is cash3000 million yenAnd obtain the right to decide Mameuta's life.
VS Seika Igarashi (6 volumes)
Of the student council secretary who witnessed the second consecutive loss of the student council officerSeika IgarashiImmediately after the confrontation ended and the audience withdrew, Yumeko who shakes the authority of the student council "Plague godScreams. Also, she sees Kirari, who promises loyalty, and talks with Yumeko happily, and she has an unbearable humiliation. Seika who decides to apply applies for gambling to Yumeko.
Kirari, who was happily watching the interaction between the two, proposes a gambling "door tower" to the two. Seika believed in his courage and talent and proceeded with a superiority, but was defeated by Yumeko who understood the mechanism of the tower and discovered a shortcut. However, Kirari bought Seika's "rationality" and recommended that Seika be his secretary.
In the anime version, gambling starts when the live announcement of the public goods game of the student council elections in the 2nd term was made, and when it was recognized as "the plague god" by watching Kirari and Yumeko's interaction. Also, after the confrontation with Mameuta in the first term, a tarot game between Kirari and Yumeko is played.

Student council election

VS Erimi Ebi (Volume 7)
The day after Yumeko won the student council officer three times in a row. Kirari disbands the student council and announces the election to elect a new student council president. In this election, the votes are exchanged by gambling instead of voting, and the student who gets the most votes during the 3-day election period becomes the student council president. At the same time, at this election, the main character is the Momoku family where Kirari belongs.Bakuro ClanThere will be a battle for the trace of the new head family.
Yumeko, who has paid off all the debts, returns the "livestock" and hopes to bet on gambling with Kirari in the student council election. Meanwhile, one of the Hyakugoku clanErimi EbiAsks Yumeko for a match in the gambling "finger cutting guillotine". A match with three people, including a delusion that happened to be there by chance, was established, and Yumeko, who ultimately became the only winner, won two votes. On the other hand, Mei is the current vice chairman of the student council.Peach lyricaReceive a call.
Mei Ryota vs Ryota VS Gan San San / Yo Gan Sanri (8 volumes)
Then Yumeko is a member of the Hyakugoku clan.Three lustsとSanguiCompete against and against the gambling "Nim Zero Type". Suzui also participated at the request of the person. However, in the middle of the game, Yumeko's physical condition deteriorates due to the poison that Sanso had prepared. Mei Ari, who heard about the situation, rushed in and took the place of Yumeko. Mei immediately realizes the nature behind gambling and wins. Sanrei was defeated in the election campaign because Sankei forced the defeat on Sanri and incurred a large amount of debt.
Public goods game (9 volumes)
With the fast pace of votes for Kirari Momokuri, Yumeko and Yumeko aim to gather votes to compete on an equal footing.Etc.Planned gambling. Sora no does not directly participate in gambling as a torsoBone eater miraslavaとOgre thornParticipated. Yumeko called on Itsuki and Masuita, and a gambling "public goods game" was held by five people.
Under the rule that everyone could be defeated (one player wins Sorakuno who is the body), Masuita awakens again in the process of identifying the traitor, and the exiled Miraslava is defeated. Itsuki ranked first in the gambling. However, under certain conditions, Itsuki bets on Sadarakuno and "outer horse," and Itsuki, who is defeated, is forced to retire from the election campaign.
Yumeko Yumemi VS Famous Kawaru (10 volumes)
Japanese Hollywood actress before Yumeko and YumemiFamous KawaruAppears for gambling. The identity of the Hyakugoku clanWaraku Gourdwas. A big fanYumemi YumemiIs treated like an air by her, and pride is applied to the performance competition. The match was decided to be a two-to-one match between Yumeko Yumemi vs. the famous pair.
Three-game performance in the public gambling event "ACTIVE STATION". In the course of the second match, Yumemi was impressed by her ability and acting ability, and lost the desire to win. As a result, Yumeko and Yumemi cannot fight together in the third match, and Yumeko "fights alone" and "I do not want to win" Yumemi took the form of a victory, but at the end of the last "I do not want to win Must defeat Yumemi's actions and cannot be read.
Lyrica Momoku VS Rin Ogui, Thorn Ogui (Vol. 11)
As for Ririka, who continues to plead with Meuri for wanting to be a friend, she proposes to gambling a member of the Hyakugoku clan as a condition. Lyric firstNozomi KoukiThe scammer who overwhelmsRin OguiTake on the game. Lyrica, Rin, and Rin's attendant with a constitution that cannot lieOgre thornIn addition, Mei Ari and Nozomi are going to watch the game because 6 people including Ari Meiko's classmates, Kyuko, Yukaku, and Mitori will be gambling. At first, Lyrica seemed to be at a disadvantage due to the conspiracy of five people, but with the exposure of Rin's deception and Rin's habit of not trusting others, he overwhelmedly wins. The trap that was set by Rin was further scratched and destroyed, and Lyrica was fine and recognized by Mei as a friend.


Betting kegurui

main character

Yumeko Jabami
Voice- Saori Hayami(Television Animation),Mamiko Noto(TV commercial) / performance- Minami beach[2]
Of this workhero.. Private Kao Gakuen student, 2nd year Kagumi. A transfer student of unknown identity, a representative of the Gabaku family.
Height: 166 cm, long black hairPrincess cutと巨乳Is a beautiful girl. Left handthumbToringI am wearing.
Normally behave[Note 1]However, the reality is that a gamble addict with a devastating thought who prefers "extreme gambling at risk" to an abnormal extent.
student councilParents have already passed away, according to a background survey by.University hospitalThere is an older sister who is hospitalized in Yumeko, and it seems that Yumeko is responsible for all the hospital charges, but the source of the funds is unknown. However, the funds brought to the school seemed to be only 1 million yen that was shown in the first match with Mei Saotome.
I usually use soft and polite language, but sometimes it has implications.HateI often buy the other side of the line to say that. However, many of them are measures to confuse the other person's thoughts, and the person himself is aware.
Have a genius who is far away from the ordinaryIkasamaA natural gambler who unfortunately demonstrates his outstanding abilities, such as the insight to instantly detect and tricks, the memory to remember even the smallest things, and the bargaining technique to guide the other party at will with skillful words.He is also dexterous and has the skill to control the dice roll, but he has a weakness that his motor nerves are dull and he has no physical strength. In "Kakegurui (provisional)"WasabiEntered a large amountsushiIt was also drawn that she finished eating without changing her complexion.
Although he shows a cold side to the game, he sacrifices the gambling that "the loser loses, but the winner gets the fairness of the rules", and he is a thorough purifier who pays attention to the loser penalty against himself and others. On the other hand, he hates humans who make utterances such as "giving a little hope to weakened opponents and driving further despair", and especially dislikes ignoring rules and destroying games with immediate pleasure.
Immediately after the transfer, he won popularity in the class due to his appearance, and Mei took on the challenge of the "voting rock-paper-scissors" game and returned. After that, he tries to play against Saitoin, but loses a huge debt of 3 million yen when he loses due to cheating by the student council. However, even that situation is considered as "the right to challenge the student council officer who is a top-class gambler", and he does not use the large amount of money received from Meri for repayment. (Because it will be collected instead of <described later>). After that, he used that right, which was supposed to be used by the student council president, Momoragi Kirari, against Kaede Mameda, who did not try to climb on the stage of gambling. Obtained over 1 billion yen (increased "Maebuta Kaede's life", but entrusted him with the resignation).
Although he was poisoned and fell in the early stages of the game when he played in the student council election campaign, he invited Suzui to call me Ari as a substitute and called for victory.
I often take close-knit skinships with my friends Ryota Suzui and Ari Mei.Especially in the case of Meiari, she refuses to kiss her with all her might.In addition, he was not indifferent to Suzui, and on the way back from being pointed out that his relationship with delusion was "dependence" rather than "trust", he acted asking for his true intentions, and Yumemi Yumemi held his hand and deredere. When I saw him, he smiled and gave off a black atmosphere mixed with jealousy.
In the student council election, I talked to Ryota with a member who belongs to the Hyakugoku clan that is the same as Momokuro Kirari.
Saotome Mei (with maiden)
Voice- Miumi Tanaka / Performance- Aoi Morikawa[3]
Extra editionThe main character of "Bet Kegurui Sou". Private Kao Gakuen student, 2nd year Kagumi. Height: 162 cm, birthday is March 3[4].
BlondeTwin tailIs a beautiful girl. Contrary to his pretty appearance, his head rotates quickly and he has a good ability to grasp the essence of the game, so the overall specifications are high.
With a high-handed personality and a strong antipathy, and sometimes showing a stance of grasping his/her future even if he opposes profits, his inner sense of aspiration is hot. I usually use the tone that seems to be high school girls, but it changes to a rough tone at the time of competition or when I get furious.
At the beginning, Ryota Suzui for 500 million yendebtHaruhi, who dropped it into the "livestock" (but Ryota is the top 100 "livestock" in the bottom XNUMX). Until he moved to another school, Yumeko Gaburo reigned at the top of the class, but after being defeated by her in “Vote-Janken”, she fell into “livestock/Mike” and became bullied by herself. After that, in order to regain his position and pride, he challenges Yuriko Nishitoin in the "official game", but he loses again without seeing Ikasama.
At the debt consolidation rally, he teamed up with Yumeko to win a big victory.He returned the accumulated debt and the status of "livestock", and his skill was bought by Kirari Momobami and invited to the student organization.However, he listens to his thoughts on "livestock" and refuses politely.In the spin-off "Kakegurui (provisional)", it is funny to write as much as you like "pick up 3 million yen" and "become big tits" on the invalid "life plan" and then return it to Runa Yomozuki. Was drawn.
In the student council election campaign, Suzui was called while the vice-chairman was gambling, and he suddenly faced Yumeko's sister, Yakui and Yokuro, on behalf of Yumeko. Although Yumeko who fell down due to poison was overwhelmingly disadvantageous in the fact that she was hostage, she spotted Gil Breath Shuffle, which was the dealer Runa Yokuzuki, in one shot, and further revealed Suzui's card. Overwhelmed the sisters who were careful with such measures and won the serum against poison and saved Yumeko. At that time, he is whispering to Yumeko who is sleeping that she has the ambition to become a student council president.
At first, he showed a veto reaction to Yumeko, who had forced himself into a difficult situation, but after cooperating at the debt consolidation big meeting, he became a friend in a way that he was pushed out. Also, although he was treating Ryota Suzui disrespectfully, he was displeased with the appearance of being pleased by Yumeko's guide, and sometimes he turned his face red to see him. It seems that he has been favored for a long time[Note 2].. Occasionally there are opportunities to face Yumeko over Ryota Suzui.
In the extra edition "Kakegurui So", it is revealed that he is from a general household.As a transfer student from high school, he was defeated when his classmates challenged him to play a "millionaire in a short time" with a playing card with a reading code.I'm in trouble, but I use a trick to reverse it.From there furthercasinoEven though he succeeded in earning 30 yen a day, he lost even his operating capital because he lost to Aoi Mibuomi, a student council treasurer who had challenged him for being careless. As a result, Aoi's plan to crush the student council president was revealed, and due to lack of funds, he became a collaborator. However, he was reluctant to see Aoi's true nature after the entrance examination for the Yoshisaki-kai. He unilaterally declares separation, but he loses to the gambling with Juraku at the tip of the bank, and in the process he borrows 500 million yen from Kurume of Zensakikai. As a result, he was forced to choose between the two, whether to enter the Yoshisaki-kai or to be a livestock dedicated to Juraku. We played against them at the gambling place and won the worst situation.
In addition, in the main part of "Kakegurui-Sou", the evil side of "Kakegurui-Bet" hides the noise, and the gentle side of others' thoughts is strongly drawn.[Note 3].. The time series is one year before the introduction of Yumeko.
Ryota Suzui
Voice- Tokutake Tatsuya / Performance- Takasugi Mashiro[5]
Commentator of this work[Note 4].. Hundred Kao Gakuen Student, 2nd Year Kagumi.Class Committee[Note 5], Height: 173 cm.
The owner of one of the few general thoughts in this work, which is an outrageous gambler. He has a kind hearted personality, but he has a small heart and no genius.[Note 6].
It is "conscientious existence" in the work, and 2 million yen that arrived at my own hand without taking retaliation against Mei Saotome who fell into "livestock"checkIs returned without hesitation. In addition, because of the modest position of "third party", it is not uncommon to be dissatisfied with the fact that other people often treat him as a mob character. On the contrary, his goodness is a favorable human attraction for Yumeko Snake and Meari. And a very rare trait is that while most characters move "for themselves," they can act "for someone."
At first, she was defeated by Mei Ali in "poker" and fell to the worst 100th on the borderline, becoming "livestock and pochi". After that, he will spend a lot of school life, but the situation will change completely due to Yumeko's transfer to a new school.
Since he was a class committee member, he was asked to guide Yumeko to the school. At that time, explain about the class system and gambling in the school and think about Yumeko. However, at the time of the "voting rock-paper-scissors", one side of Meuri was in charge. When Yumeko knew that she knew about it after she was settled, she apologized and tried to leave the school, but "thank you for the exciting gambling."
After witnessing Yumeko's overwhelming genius, she will have great trust in her. Also, as the story progresses, he begins to be fond of Yumeko, but it is becoming a good mood with Meri, and in the end relations with neither have progressed.
In the student council election, Yumeko worried that she would challenge herself to the election with Sangui and Sangui, and offered herself to participate in the election. Even when Yumeko was in danger due to her greedy poison, she adhered to Yumeko's instruction that "it would be interesting to hear Mei's words" and contributed to the victory.

Hundred Kao Gakuen Student Council

Kirari Momobami
Voice- Sawashiro Miyuki / Performance- Ikeda Eliza[6]
Private Kao Gakuen The 3th Student Council President, XNUMXrd year Kagumi. The strongest gambler, along with Yumeko Snake, is the representative of the Momoji family.
Height: 166 cm,BraidIt has a very characteristic hairstyle in which the twin tails of are wrapped in a loop. "Certain things that I have never seen (with my own eyes)" are very curious[Note 7].. Yumeko's crazy thought owner, who has a cold-hearted personality and constantly repeats crazy behavior.
About two years before the story began, he inherited the title of the owner of the Momoji family, the main family of the Hyakugoku family, and turned his attention to the private Hyakukao Gakuen, where the children of powerful people all over the country pass, and defeated the former student council president by gambling. , Take the seat of student council president. Since then, it has carried out "reform" to build up the class system and the "livestock" and "payment" systems.
By establishing the current system,政治家,BusinessmanI am trying to grasp the whole of Japan, etc., and try to fit the whole of Japan, but from Kirari's perspectiveAquariumIt's just like managing a company, and with the appearance of Yumeko there, she completely changes her mind.
All the students gathered together, not to mention the Hyakugakuya branch family, and held a student presidential election with a bet on the seat of the student council and the head of the bachelor.
Momokuri Lyrica (Momobami Lyrica)
Voice-Miyuki Sawashiro / Performance- Ikeda Eliza
Vice Chairman of the Private Hyakukao Gakuen Student Council, 3rd year Kagumi. Height: 166 cm,maskA woman who wears a hat and is always close to Kirari Momokuri without saying a word. However, when he speaks, he sounds like a man. Kirari and his face are two gourds, and from Mei AriGeminiI was accused of it (after that, Rin Ogiwa said they were twins.[7]). At the time of Yumemi Yumemi's gambling, he secretly replaced Kirari and participated in the meeting of the owner of the Momoku family. Nobody noticed the change except Yumeko. It has the unobtrusive character opposite to Kirari. At the time of the student council election, a place was set up for Yumeko Serpent and "Sangui" and "Sanri" to be ordered by someone.
In "Kakegurui (provisional)", you can go out with Kirari's pranksOkiriIt was drawn in a funny manner, such as being absorbed in.
Yukitsuki Runa (Don't get along)
Voice- Mayu Udono / Performance- Natsume Mito[8]
Private Kao Gakuen student, 3rd year Peony Gumi. Student council officer, election management chairperson.
Height: 130 cm,costumeWear a hoodie like this (which corresponds to the expression of a costume), while playing the game.ConfectioneryAre eating I explained to the student, Mei Saotome, about the “life planning table” that can be used as a substitute for repayment by managing the subsequent life of a person who has borrowed money to the student council that is judged to be repayable.
Although he behaves as a young child, he is one of those who does not know what he is thinking because he sometimes behaves like a ruthless trick star. With deep thought.
In the student council election, he serves as chairman of the election management committee. In addition, he served as a dealer in the match between Yumeko and Sangui and Sangui, and proposed the gambling "Nim Zero Shiki". While the sisters ruled the place with poison, the gambling was made "absolutely neutral" by crafting the shuffle so that "what you notice becomes advantageous".
Igarashi Sayaka
Voice- Ayaka Fukuhara / Performance- Yurika Nakamura[8]
Private Hyakukao Gakuen student, 2nd year Yamachakagumi. student councilSecretaryOf Momokuro Kirarisecretary, Height: 160 cm.
Debt consolidation big meetingModerator, And served as a dealer for the game of the table of Yumeko Snake. Always calm and decent, he has long black hair side pony and black eyes without highlights. Yumeko is wary of being out of control with a profitable account.
He is fascinated by Kirari and thinks that "all officers should lie flat on the chairman."I don't understand Kirari's thoughts, but I'm strongly attracted to her because I can't understand her, and Kirari's nature of respecting Seika's "reason" is "things that I can't understand." It is loved as.
Yumeko has long been regarded as dangerous to disturb the school's harmony. Immediately after she defeated Mameta, "all that make up each other (In the case of Tsinghua, "Become Kirari and a red stranger" = "Kirari I can't stay by my side”) (In the case of Yumeko, I can't gamble because of “= expulsion from the school”)”, but when I try to gamble at the “Tower Tower”, I lose At the same time as the edge is cut off, you will be penalized to jump off the fifth floor of the tower. However, because the door selected at that time was the "correct answer door", he saved his life, and was later invited as a "red stranger" by the secretary again, and accepted it.
He is an enrollment student from high school and has achieved the best academic achievement in the country. Yuriko Nishitoin described the side that he was "only" studying as a mere academic fool, but it is said that delusion is the madness that "only" does. In comic bonus manga, when Kirari was suggested to change her hairstyle for fun, she might have overturned the imagination of the student council president in anticipation of Mohican.
The number of appearances in "Kakegurui (provisional)" is quite large, and he is mainly in charge of Tsukkomi.
Raw Shima Delusion
Voice- Mariya Ise / Performance- Miki Yanagi[8]
The main character of the extra edition "Kakegurui Delusion".Private Hyakukaou Gakuen student, 2nd year Sasanqua group, student organization officer, beautification chairman.
Height: 170 cm, left eyeEye patchAnd countlessEarringsIs a feature. Four eyes[Note 8].. Even in the same series of eccentrics and eccentrics, a prominent monster character. On the other hand, he has a high level of observing ability, such as seeing through the human nature of Seika Igarashi, and he has made a wedge in the relationship between Yumeko Snake and Ryota Suzui.
I asked Jun Watanabe, who was involved in Yumeko, who became a "livestock", to gamble Russian roulette, and eventually returned. She became interested in her because she was thanked by Yumeko.
Russian rouletteUse forRotary handgunIs the real thing, and the most pleasing thing to bear the risk of life and death. After abandoning the merits, it seems that self-defeating acts of self-destruction are stopped by Kirari Momokuri because there is a rule that if you do it poorly you may die.
I have an eye patch because I lost my gambling with the student council president, Kirari, and paid my left eye as a substitute for stakes. This event excites the delusion who couldn't get excited about gambling until then, and makes Kirari become the "best woman".
Gambling Yumeko with either a real rotary pistol, which could cause death. Naturally, Ikasama was prepared, but in fact, I prepared it so that it was easy to see through, and my victory condition was a catastrophic thing to die. Yumeko, who saw all of these things, called her "just dying," and as a result of winning in a way that dispelled all that hope, she became the goddess. However, from the point of view of Yumeko, she is a little disliked and disliked because she can only be seen as "a woman who has no value as an apostate who does not even try to establish a gambling rule solely for her own satisfaction." In extra editions such as bonus comics in books, I proposed a gambling in which either one would die as usual and was rejected and depressed, or awakened to a little masochism (simple pain and torture have already graduated, The other person = seeking Yumeko) and a comical appearance.
At the later student council election, participated with Yumeko in the "Thimble-cutting Guillotine" designed by Erumi Eboku. I was thrilled to be able to gamble again with Yumeko, but I was happy to proceed, but at the end I was furious that the guillotine's blade did not fall because I violated the rule because I violated the rule because of self-satisfaction, but conversely I ruled. Yumeko was angry at her movements, which she ignored, and was attacked by three and a half rows. In the comic manga of the comic, I tried to keep the relationship with Yumeko by softening Ryota, but it was stopped by Mei Saotome, and even the passing Yumeko was disrespected and ignored. I started to cry.
After that, he participated in "Large Summarization" (it seems that he was entrusted with a vote by the beautification committee). The purpose of the participation is to defeat Yumeko and gamble for life by betting votes. Won Yuriko in the first round, but lost to Yumeko in the second round. Yumeko points out that "I only see gambling as a process," after seeing through my tricks.
Yuriko Nishinoin
Voice- Nara fruit forest / Performance- Natsumi Okamoto[8]
Private Kao Gakuen student, 3rd year Kikugumi. student councilGeneral affairs, Chairman of the Study Group on Traditional Culture. Height: 163 cm, with threadEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs a characteristic female student. A daughter of a famous family with a long history who is said to have formed a flow in Heiankyo.
In the club room of the study group, Pochi Mike's revival called "Official Battle" is being held, and it became the opponent of "Official Battle" of Mari Saotome who became "Mike" with a premium of 1,000 million yen. The approach was dismissed by Yumeko Snake as "the same as Yami finance", and the human evaluation is also called "minimum" "below bottom" "like a dung"[Note 9].
Normally he behaves in a resolute manner, but he also shows a small and humane side, and a large amount of "payment" is given to the student council to prevent the members belonging to his own study group from becoming "livestock". The story of how he paid and became an officer is told in the story[Note 10].
The characteristic of her cheating is that "the winning percentage certainly increases, but it does not mean that we can certainly win." For her, who has a lot of money to take on many battles, such an imperfect cheat is enough to earn enough money to maintain her position if she wins with a higher probability than her opponent. In addition, the situation that "Yuriko Nishitoin won't definitely win" because it is incomplete also plays a role as a smoke screen, blunting Ikasama's conviction and caution.
At the time of the match with Yumeko, it was decided that Ikasama would be ruined by the fact that it was discovered that Ikasama, and eventually how to bet, would win. However, the student council in a place where he didn't even know himself was to avoid the defeat, even though it was ridiculous due to the extraordinary level of cheating that the school building had already been installed. However, it was taken out with the help of the student council, and in the end it was not possible to beat Yumeko, in other words, it can be said that it is practically a defeat.
I am concerned about the Hyakugoku clan who was called in the later student council election, and I appealed to Kirari Momoji to reconsider, but other officers did not accept it, but I struggle to maintain the current situation It was defeated by Greed and Yogoku Sanri (actually, the defeat was caused by being sick by being poisoned by Sangre).
After that, he was entrusted with the votes of the members of the Traditional Culture Study Group, and then participated in "Large Summarization". However, he loses the delusion in the first round.
Yumemi Yumemi (Yumemi Yumemi)
Voice- Yu Serizawa / Performance- Matsumura Sayuri(Nogizaka46)
Hundred Kao Gakuen students, 2nd year Momogumi. student councilpublic relations.. Height: 161 cm, a gorgeous beautiful girl with bright eyes and two-sided up, often with ☆ in the eyes and endings. I'm an indie idol,video siteHas recorded over 300 million views. At student council meetings and live performances, he is acting like a idol with a smile, and he does not lose his attitude to cherish his fans, although he is not genuine because of his professionalism and practical interests. On the other hand, I am dissatisfied with the fans who don't listen to the songs because they put too much effort into their support, and at the dressing room, they make a big break and curse with all their might.
Dream isAmericaAcademy awardsBy winning the award, I think that the idol activity is just a foothold. Though the thoughts towards the purpose are sincere and genuine, I feel that I am completely behind schedule from the standpoint of being an "idol in the present situation" because of that dream, and I am thinking of becoming an actress after becoming a top idol with the power of the school. The ability as an idol is real without needing the help of the school, and Ari Saotome, who was indifferent, participated in the live once and is really addicted.
A female student named Saori is on the side as a manager. For Saori, Yumemi Yumemi's dream is her dream, and when she feels like she is dying, she sheds tears.
Reverse yourself who gambled with the wisdom of somebodyIntimidationI was resentful at Yumeko Snake, and I bet each other's lives with the intention of letting them do pillow sales, etc. in addition to the stake of 5,000 million yen (until threatened, I would normally pair them up). They win and lose in the ninth battle called "Bato Itomo", but they are defeated due to the slight skimming prepared by the craftsmanship of "someone" (Note that if Yumemi Yumemi does his best, all nine battles) Was supposed to win almost certainly, but was intentionally defeated 5 out of 3 times because of the drama). After that, "I had a dream that I couldn't come true if I lost to this gambling because of my bad luck", but according to the conditions of the gambling, I released the abusive words to the fans mentioned above, but after accepting the real intention of Yumemi, I continued the fans. You will get nothing by giving me something.
After the defeat, the flow was to end, but he decided to reveal the truth by pursuing Yumeko and persuading Saori. Identify the person who might have produced this situation.
In the election campaign, he teamed up with Yumeko and played against the actress, Waku Gaku, who she admired. Although he tried to win, he was shown the difference in talent as an actress, and admitted that he was not an enemy, and tried to defeat him refreshingly. However, Yumeko rejected the attitude and the team broke up. At the end of the conflict, he chose an undesired victory rather than the desired defeat, so he finally wins the cooperation of Yumeko again.
After that, he participates in "Great Aggregation" and engages with Mei in the first round. He hunted down with his good acting and threatened, but was defeated by the induction of Meri and lost all his votes.
Kaede Mameuta
Voice- Tomokazu Sugita,Yuasa Kaede(Childhood) / Performance- Nakagawa Taishi[8]
Private Kao Gakuen student, Kikyo group for 2 years. student councilAccounting.. Height: 180 cm, the only male student in the current student council. A cold-hearted character who speaks harsh words to seniors. According to Seika Igarashi, he seems to be particular about power.
The person who arranged the various things related to Yumemi Yumemi mentioned above. If Yumemi Yumemi was defeated, the number of rivals in power battle would be reduced, and if Yumeko Snake was defeated, he would make the arrangement for the game. However, when he was exposed as a suspect, he was forced to stand on the front stage. Still within his expectations,evidenceAlthough he denounces the doubt with a resolute attitude because there is no such thing, Yumeko, who was a gambling crazy beyond expectations, challenges the "official match".
"Yumeko will have an official match with the student council president", so it was a bit stunned because it was unexpectedly unexpected, but she immediately recovered so that her personality could be taken into account and presented by the student council vice president. Challenge "choice poker". Although Itsuki is called Yumeko's patron on the way, he tries to grasp the flow of the game with the "royal road" that takes into account the amount of 30 billion yen used for accounting and Yumeko's gambling madness. However, there was an unexpected occurrence that the student council's vice president was Kirari Momokubi, and he was allowed to borrow 100 billion yen that secured his life, and he was a game to bet his life as well. Will be forced to challenge. As a result, I was deceived and defeated because Itsuki was not a "patron who was only giving money" but a "gambler in the game" (more specifically, it was put on the heat up of the venue, Yumeko also pointed out that he was derailing the "royal road." 30 billion yen + Lost the right to decide my life, the position of executiveDismissalThe hair becomes pure white because it became.
After that, he is taken to the medical office and lives in bed under the care of Itsuki. I could not see any bullish attitude before, and it completely disappeared. He returned to gambling in the election game "Public Goods Game" due to "matching numbers", but he had no motivation. However, with the advice of the same participant, Yumeko, he regained a clear side of his mind and perfectly deduced Itsuki's clever measures.
Itsuki was buying that ambition and wouldn't make it bad if he robbed her of her life.

Other students

Emperor Itsuki
Voice- Yuki Wakai / Performance- Ruka Matsuda[8]
Private Kao Academy student, 1st year Kagumi. Former student council officer, Fuki chairman. One of Japan's leading toy makersThe presidentdaughterThe only daughter.
Height: 158 cm, permedBrown hairShort ofボ ブTohair bandIs characterized by nails. As a raw nail collector, my hobby is to peel off the raw nails of people who have been defeated in gambling and collect them as nails.
Manufactured at homePlaying cardsI am good at gambling using. With that money, he paid a large amount of "payment" to join the student council. We challenge Yumeko Snake to "double nervous breakdown".
He uses the family business to prepare Trump for Trump, but conversely because Yumeko saw it, ``If you do not want to lose the reputation of your parents' house, stick your mutual nails and continue the game'' implicitly You will be threatened (as a result, Yumeko lost interest and saw the appearance of crying and apologizing).
After that, the student council was fired, and the purpose of admission to become an officer to make connections in the political and business world was destroyed. Therefore, I promise to cooperate with Yumeko on the condition that Yumeko crushes the current student council and has a new student council president and myself as an officer.
It was Kaede Mameda who brought her into the student council, and they seemed to have kindly favored each other, but in the end they were regarded as "lack of ability." Yumeko participated in a gambling with Kaede as requested, and after a fierce raise battle of betting each other's lives, the result was that Kaede's calculations were upset with her real acting and preparedness, and she won. After that, he was cursing all-you-can-eat for him who became literally white, but Yumeko advised him to bow his head and carry him away. After that, he tried to care for him.
In the election campaign, participated in the "public goods game" with Yumeko. A trap with a gap between rules is used to insert a bone-eating miraslava and finish the game in 1st place. However, he lost a large number of votes because he was defeated by a gambling secretly going with Gakujorono to save Masuida (but it was a "victory" for her), and he declared his departure from the election.
Jun Kiwatari
Voice- Egawa Hiroo / Performance- Yuma Yamoto[8]
Private Kao Gakuen student, Tsubaki Gumi for 2 years. Height: 183 cm,Prefectural governorIs a son of, and has a strong consciousness that he is the controlling side. On the other hand, he shows no reluctance to touch the body directly, even though he is mentally irritated.BullyingI am doing a lot of work.
Appeared at a debt consolidation meeting. I didn't have any particular debt, but I lied to my friend that I had borrowed 1,000 million yen, told the friend that the student council would pay 1,000 million yen, and when I got the first place in the game, I was called debt relief. He plans to make money by drawing money from the student council without effort. However, she was defeated by Mei Saotome and Yumeko Snake. Seika Igarashi is a place where he tried to hit him because he was ridiculed by Mei after he had to take Yumeko's huge debt of 1 million yen.stun gun(Tsinghua repeatedly cautioned against acts of violence).
Even though the "livestock" Nanabi buds are used for cheating, the contents are so small that they are immediately noticed by Yumeko. Even after lagging behind Mei's bluff, he was tossed to the end in the game, such as exposing his own hands even after becoming a cheating silent game. It should be noted that this combination was intentionally decided by Tsinghua to put either he, who would become a politician in the future, or Yumeko, whose identity is unknown, under his control.
At first, it was drawn as a daunting face, but it collapsed after exposing the dwarf nature.[Note 11].
In the election, he sold 35 votes he earned by gambling with Yumeko to Tsinghua for 2 million yen, and paid off his debt (the shortfall was covered by cash). At that time, he was thin and lacking the shadow of his first appearance, saying that he will never gamble again.
In the live-action drama & movie, after losing to Yumeko & Meari at the debt consolidation rally, he became a member of the village, an anti-student organization and anti-gambling group led by Amane Murasame.After becoming a member of the village, the wording becomes polite.
Nanami bud
Voice- Yuka Iguchi / Performance- Princess Matsumoto[8]
Private Kao Gakuen student, Tsubaki Gumi for 2 years. Height: 149 cm, because my parents' home is not wealthy, I cannot pay the “payment fee” and become “livestock” immediately after entering the school. furtherprimary schoolLosing the will to resist the current situation because the long hair that had been stretched from was cut by Jun Watanabe just because he wanted to cut it. After that, he was exploited by Jun, and he was made to cooperate with him at the debt consolidation meeting.
In the final race, Jun had the chance to venge unilaterally, and he was agitated by Yumeko Snake and succeeded in falling him to the bottom. After all, the debt remained unchanged as he was fooled by Yumeko, but he was also grateful to Yumeko for deciding to leave the "livestock" and move forward.
Voice- Shimizu Haruka / Performance- Kitahara sail summer
Private Kao Gakuen student, member of the Traditional Culture Study Group. He served as the pendulum of a vase in the "official match" with Mei Ari in the study group and in the game with Yumeko.
Members carry piercings (hidden in fake moles) in their hands only for cheating. In the official game, only one magnet was put into the sword, and the pendulum had magnetism in its hands, and it was cheating, but Yumeko found it.
Voice- Shoji Umeka / Performance- Someno
Unknown surname, private Hyakukao Gakuen student, 2nd year Momogumi, Yumemi Yumemimanager.
Yumemi, who is the daughter of a big producer and wants to use this connection, is selected as the manager. I recommended Yumemi to Yumemi, who was particular about the dream of being an actress, with the feeling that "I want to see a scenery I have never seen."
Shinnoji Temple
Voice- Nobuyuki fist / Performance- Mizuki Maehara
Name unknown, private 3 Kao Gakuen student, 2rd year Kagumi (XNUMXnd year for live-action drama), Yumemi Yumemi's fan club president. He was an enthusiastic fan, and took the lead in supporting Yumemi's true nature.
Jomaru Horo
Voice- Takeyasu Koyasu
Private Kao Academy student. With a deeply engraved face, it is famous as "the school's most beautiful form."
In the election campaign, he is a powerful person who is ranked 9th in the intermediate results, but to KirariTexas Hold'emAnd lost all the votes.
Yamato Inaho (Yamato Inaho)
Voice- Nanami Yamashita
Private Kao Academy student. A student who served as an election committee member in the student council election. It's wearing a costume hoodie, similar to the chairman of the board of elections, Runa Yukizuki (all other board members seem to be wearing the same outfit). Served as a dealer in an election campaign by Yumeko Snake, Delusion of Shima, and Erimi Mushibi of "Thick-cutting Guillotine". In addition, he is also a dealer at the gambling of Mei Saotome and Lyrica.
Uru Rumia
Voice- Reina Ueda
Private Kao Academy student. A student who served as an election committee member in the student council election.PenguinHe wears a hoodie that looks like a costume. There is a habit of lengthening the endings strangely (often called "irritable speaking method"). Served as a dealer for election campaigns by Yumeko Snake and Ibaru Oguri.
Kurodura Kurara
Private Kao Academy student. A student who served as an election committee member in a student council election. He wears a snake-like hoodie.
In the gambling that Oguri Rin set up, a fake who deceived her name was acting as a dealer. In addition, it is drawn as a bonus comic, along with tracking down the fake Kurara.
After that, when I served as a dealer in "Great Aggregation", I attached a tag saying "I am the real thing."
Kaori Kaoruzaki
Private Kao Academy student. He was the host of the election campaign "ACTIVE STATION" by Yumemi, Yumeko, and Warakuku.
Nitobe Kyu
Performance- Akira Onodera
Live-action drama & movie original character.Private Hyakukaou Gakuen student, 2nd year, news club.
Akibi Jueri
Performance- Haruka Fukuhara
Live-action drama & movie original character.Private Hyakukaou Gakuen student, 2 years.An executive of Village, an anti-student organization and anti-gambling group led by Amane Murasame.Attempts to destroy the Student Organization Inside School and the Student President.
Amane Murasame
Performance- Miyazawa Ice Fish
Live-action drama & movie original character.Private Hyakukaou Gakuen student, 3 years.The leader of the village, an anti-student organization and anti-gambling group.Attempts to eliminate gambling from the school.
Inuhachi Tomu
Performance- Marika Ito
Live-action drama & movie original character.Private Hyakukaou Gakuen student, 2 years.

Bakuro Clan

Toro Eating Rakuno
Voice- Megumi Ban[9]
Todoroki representative, generation after generationLibraIs a business. I am lamewheelchairIs riding on. She has a calm and calm personality, and has bought the role of a branch house. I have a long relationship with Momokuro Kirari and Momokuro Lyrica, and I am not happy about Kirari trying to shake the balance of the Hyakugoku clan, but I have a close relationship with Lyrika.
We have properly acquired the votes and have won more votes than Kirari in the final interim announcement. In addition, it can be seen that Sotouma gambling, which predicts who will win in the "public goods game" and "mass aggregation", is being sponsored and winning votes and money.
Tomi eating Yumi
Voice- Inoue Haruno[10]
A dark-skinned girl who accompanies Todoroku Shoakuno. It seems that only "genki" is good.
Erimi Mushibami
Voice- Ayana Taketatsu[11]
Representative of the porridge family, for generationstortureIs a business.Gothic lolitaA girl from Odeye who is dressed in fashion and holds a stuffed animal named "Imomussi-kun". Those who are not interested, such as Ryota Suzui, are called mobs and are treated as children by other representatives. Using the torture device that three people always carry around with the accidental raw Shima delusion that challenged the game to kill Yumeko Snake firstguillotineTo win the game. Since I was preparing a guillotine with an iron plate for safety, at the beginning I was slowly moving forward, but I was overwhelmed by fear that the iron plate was removed from the words of Yumeko and two people who were willing to move forward, and I was overwhelmed by fear. Yumeko was crying in the provocation of Yumeko, but she finally got defeated, but after being defeated, Yumeko praised her for her attitude, and admitted her accordingly. Even in the gambling introduction in the 2th volume of the book, it was said that it was unlucky to choose two opponents who are the “most crazy duo” who could never pull out their fingers.
Participated in the "Great Summarization" with the vote handed down from Yoshimitsu. He lost to Yumeko in the first round, but he put a trick on the card because of his three desires.
In comics bonus manga, he failed to try to use a torture tool to overcome the delusion and overcome it. In addition, he also comforts the delusion that is limited to Yumeko, as if he is not a bad villain to the outsider.
Participated in a 2-vote auction in the second season of the TV version.
Miyo Inba
Voice- Uchiyama Yumi[12]
Representatives of the invaders, for generationsPharmaceuticalIs a business. It features long hair that extends to the waist and a bangs that hangs one. Although ostensibly has a polite aspect, its true nature is a ruthless personality.
In the student council election, he teamed up with Yohiku Sanri and won the vote with an innocent tactic that controls the game by poisoning opponents.
Even when playing against Yumeko Jabami, Yumeko is poisoned and dropped.However, she is tossed by the brain play of Mary Saotome who pitched instead of Yumeko, and is cornered on the contrary.So he forced Sanri to defeat because he was better.However, after that, he revealed that he had intentionally dropped it so that Sanri would not be in danger.
In "Large Aggregation," Ikasa is used to mark cards with Emi. Ikasama wins the thorn in the first round. However, in the second round, Mei-Ari was able to spot Ikasama, and if he proceeded as it was, it was revealed that his defeat was confirmed. Therefore, he takes the poison himself and puts the condition that he will not take the antidote unless Mei abandons his victory. Mei once tried to accept the condition, but was defeated by the intervention of another person while gambling because he was made to take antidote by Sanri who came in.
Participated in a 2-vote auction in the second season of the TV version.
Sunri Yohimi
Voice- Rumi Okubo[13]
Representatives of the Yanggu family have been making a business of "pharmaceutical" for generations.Dumpling headIs a feature. An unfriendly personality.
Engaku Sankan is a real sister,eye contactAlthough he has a deep bond that allows him to communicate with each other, he becomes an adopted daughter of the Yokuro family, who had no children at the time, due to the Hyakugoku clan who judged it a threat. He trusts his sister absolutely, and when he is two, he leaves it to his judgment. In the student council election, he proceeded with the battle in cooperation with Sankei, but lost his mind when he played with Mei Saotome, borrowed 1 more votes than all school students, and was virtually defeated from the election. In addition, he will be poisoned twice by his own rules and will be sick. At that time, he decided to lose himself for his sister, but just before that, he was psychologically shocked by his sister's extortion.
In "Great Aggregation", I rushed into the gambling venue to stop Sansei from trying to win in exchange for his own life. I took an antidote with all my heart to save my sister's life.
Participated in a 2-vote auction in the second season of the TV version.
Waraku Eat Sumika
Voice- Takagaki Ayahi[14]
From generation to generation"EntertainmentIs a representative of the Waraku eater. Face with bangsMASKSI hide it in.
The truth isFamous Kawaru (Natori Kawaru)America playing an active part under the nameHollywoodIs an actress. Come to school for the election. Yumemi Yumemi and Gambling "ACTIVE STATION" compete with Yumeko's proposal. In the early stages, Yumemi's strategy was easily reversed and Yumemi was criticized as "too much licking the actress." However, he was admired for Yumemi's determination to break his finger for acting later. In the end, he lost to Yumemi who decided to be prepared, and called on Yumemi to say "I'm waiting in Hollywood" and encouraged him.
I had to return to the United States in the middle of an election race, and handed over the votes I had earned to Emi, who I usually love, and left the school.
Bone eating miraslava (Honeynami miraslava)
Voice- Mitsuki Saiga[15]
Representative of the bone lover. From generation to generation"clean upIs a business. FatherJapanese, The motherRussian,half.. Big breasts are characteristicreturnee children.bilingualFluent inJapaneseとRussianSpeak at. It seems that he was investigating "Saburo Family" by Yumeko Saburo.
Participated in a gambling "public goods game" with Yumeko and others in the election campaign. However, he fell into the trap of Emperor Itsuki pretending to be a conspiracy and dropped out, and paid 100 votes to Gakujo Rakuno as a penalty. However, he praised Itsuki, who succeeded in deceiving himself, who should not be a machinate due to the nature of his earning business, and confirmed his "friendship." After that, I hoped that Sakurano would reach the top of the clan.
Participated in a 2-vote auction in the second season of the TV version.
Rin Ogai
Voice- Ishida Akira[16]
Representative of Ogiya. From generation to generation"scamIs a business. The only male representative in the Hyakugoku clan.
Issued a pseudo-currency "Scumcoin" that can be exchanged for votes and gold. By setting the exchange rate for coins and gold as "Votes held by Rin Ogura x 1 yen", a large number of votes were obtained from general students who were not interested in the election.
ChildhoodWithout bubblingSo he holds a complex against Kirari who didn't reveal his cheeks but did not reveal it, and is concerned about winning in his own way.
Participated in a 2-vote auction in the second season of the TV version.
Ogura thorns
Voice- Yoshimasa Hosoya[17]
A man who follows Rin Ogui. The branch family of the Ogui family. A tall, thorn-shaped hair band and a collar, which at first glance seems to be bad, but there is a certain amount of common sense that it is good for people. I swore allegiance to Rin.
He was unable to lie physiologically and was treated as a heresy by the Ogaki family, whose main business was "fraud". However, I am grateful that Rin has prepared a situation in which he does not have to lie. On the other hand, I'm worried that Rin might be lying to me in a place I didn't know.
When you participate in "Great Aggregation", you should bet a large amount and bet to make you think "You have strong hands because you are an honest person". In the first round, he had a good fight against Sangre, but he was finally defeated.
In the second version of the TV version, he participates in a 2-vote auction and owns a tablet that can bid.
Nozomi Komabi (Nozomi Kobami)
Voice- Sayaka Kitahara[18]
From generation to generation"金融The representative of the Komaiku family, whose business is It features a twin tail,St BernardActing with.
Although he is a hard worker in everything, he is a fool who is honest and easily deceived. Since he has exchanged his votes for scumcoin, he has dropped out of the real election. However, I was deeply moved by what Lyrica said to be "equal", and bought an intermediary for gambling between Lyrica and Rin.
In the second episode epilogue on TV, she is challenging Gambling Lyrica for student council election gambling.
× Rei Batsuba
Voice- Park Lumei[19]
The second character of the TV anime.
Men'sThe female student who did the job.
He is a member of the Hyakugoku clan, but he has moved in as a caretaker and is not a representative.
According to Kirari Momobami, it is suggested that the × eater is a “stray person” who has been exiled from the Hyakushoku clan, and may have a grudge against the Hyakushoku clan.However, it was brought in by Eating Sadakurano as insurance against Kirari.
Although he had long hair when he was young, he lost the name of the clan after losing the match with the clan, and was treated like a domestic animal by being stamped with a cross and a letter in his hands.It was Yumeko's sister who reached out to her, but when she saw that Yumeko's sister lost the game with the clan and was in the same situation as herself, she cut off her hair and became the top of the clan. Determined to stand in.However, the name of the original clan has not been revealed.
While providing support such as arranging election battles for the Hyakugoku clan, he helps many students who are unfairly treated by gambling in the private Hyakukao Gakuen, and becomes a longing target. Also, by receiving words of gratitude and thank-you gifts from those students and Suzui, and touching their kindness, it is possible to see some delusions that make them feel confused.
In the final stage, he invited the student council, Hyakugoku clan, Yumeko, Suzui, and others with a black invitation to start an auctioneer 100-vote auction. The large number of votes submitted were gathered by the votes of many unfairly treated students that I have helped. Even though he was an auctioneer, he participated in the auction himself and was cheating to raise the number of bids. Looking at Yumeko's actions, which had been negotiating to buy 100 votes, which is a product, for 30 billion yen, she changed her hairstyle and eyes to embody her own raison turtle. Yumeko's intention was to continue the auction and obtain more votes, but due to Yumeko's ploy, everyone in the venue stopped bidding with one vote, so all the votes were lost and the auction ended.
After understanding the meaning of Yumeko's betting frenzy and the meaning of Yumeko's sister's words after the end of the auction, she challenged Yumeko for a one-time coin toss bet with her own family name, but she was defeated without being able to hit both sides. .. However, when she woke up to a positive way of life, Kirari allowed her to give her her family name again, and after that she spent her school life wearing women's uniforms and wearing feminine makeup.

Bet Kegurui So

For the people who appeared in the above, refer to each item.

Main person (so)

Hanatemari Tsuzura
Performance- Shiori Akita
The commentary for the main story. Private Kao Gakuen student, 1st year Kagumi. Ari SaotomeChildhood friend.
A beautiful girl with long, loosely wavy black hair and droopy eyes. Hobby調理,knittingとピ ア ノPlay Enrolled in the private Hyakukao Gakuen from the middle school.
Although he was born of a wealthy family, he had no courage to stand up to other students and he was willing to become a "livestock". However, with the help of Mei Ari, he will return the "livestock" and work with her.
Since then, she has secretly longed for Mei as the "prince".lilyThere are depictions reminiscent of attributes. In addition, there was a fact that I was unknowingly ignorant of the opposite sex, and I could not understand the meaning of "staying" at the coupling party described later, so I noticed it only when I was told.
Yukimi Togakushi
Performance- Minori Hagiwara
Another commentator of the main story, a private Hyakukao Gakuen student, a third year student. Literary manager.
Beautiful girl with black-rimmed eyeglasses and bob hair with bounced back hair. The first person is "I". Cheerful and cheerful personality. The library preparation room was the second room, and although it was also acting as a gambling place, it was "the least popular gambling place in the school". Therefore, without paying the fee for using the betting place, he was defeated in the gambling with Mei Saotome proposed by the student council, and he was given the right to use the betting place. However, as a club room, she petitioned Meuri for approval and asked for consent. As a gambling costumeMaidSuggested clothes.

Hundred Kao Gakuen Student Council (Sou)

Juraku Sachiko
Performance- Nagai Tan
Private Kao Gakuen student, 3rd grade. Student council officer, Fuki chairman.
Of gracefully acting silver hairCool beauty.. Ruthlesssadist.
With the aim of controlling the students he likes, he now wears a collar on a female student named "Miku Sado" and uses it as her own "livestock" (the collar is visible in public places). Put it in a place that doesn't exist). In addition, recently, she likes Meri and plans to make it "livestock".
He is very good at seeing someone's lie through his facial expressions and gestures. Demonstrating that ability, he won the gambling with Mei without cheating.
Mibuomi Aoi
Performance- Yuto Sano
Private Hyakukaou Gakuen student, 3rd grade.Student Organization Executive Officer, Treasurer.Heian periodJapan's leading, lasting more than 1,000 yearsFamousI'm from
Tall and refreshingTwink.. An elusive personality that cannot be grasped. Although it seems to be frivolous, it shows one of the best cuts in the work, such as easily discovering the clever sword that Mei has set up.
Having bought that skill, he has been a student council accountant since the first grade. It seems that he contributed greatly to the appointment of Kirari's student council president, but he is planning to crush the student council president behind it, and he is the president of the secret organization "Zenshokai" to crush the student council system. ..
A cheerful and bright personality. He has an indistinguishable interaction with "livestock" and has a great deal of hope from the surroundings, but the reality is that he is a cold-hearted person who ruthlessly discards losers.Realist.. He has a divorced relationship with his wife, Sakiyo, who has no interest in her.
Miharu Taki Saki (Miharu Taki Sakura)
Performance- Erika Ikuta(Nogizaka46)
Private Kao Gakuen student, 3rd grade. Student council officer, beautification chairman, former officer of "Sakizaki-kai". Like Aoi, she is from one of Japan's most famous families.
Long black hairポ ニ ー テ ー ルOld-fashioned tied toYamato Nadeshiko.. He has a straightforward personality, and has been a councilor of "Yoshisakikai" as Aoi's right arm. With outstanding analytical ability, he took the means to reverse the opponent's cheats, and Mei was not alone.
I first met Aoi in the middle ages. Since then, he has been working hard to become a “befit for Aoi”, but he was defeated by Meiri and others, and his councilor was fired. Saki himself fell in love with Aoi without the convenience of each other, and even if he knew his intention, he had not lost his feelings.
When first appearedslenderHowever, when reappearingGlamourPainted on.


Kurume walnut
Private Kao Gakuen student, two-year tower group. "Sakizaki-kai" officer. Ari Saotome's teammate at the coupling party. It looks like a gal and looks like a butterfly on the chestタ ト ゥ ーIs put. He said he didn't participate in the coupling party with a particular purpose, and he said he could aim for a boyfriend or money. He became a team member of Meuri and lent me money to participate in the second round. Before the start of the second round, Mei suspected that he suspected all the team members and betrayed the strategy he had set up in advance, but it was already folded.
When gambling with Juraku Sachiko, I loaned 500 million yen to Meari, who had run out of money. According to him, it was his personal feeling, not to get him to join Yoshisaki-kai. Also, in exchange for getting the repayment extended, it requests entry into the Literature Department.
Apply for an official match with Juraku Sachiko at the "decision" during the Ryoran Festival.
Shimotsuki Okuri
Private Kao Academy student, 1st year Kagumi. I am a library member.
Since entering the secondary school as a scholarship student, he has excellent results. Because it has "intuition image memory" that remembers what you see as it is,textbookI remember each phrase exactly. In addition comicsThe Constitution of JapanI recited the whole stage of.
Invited by Aoi Mibu, he becomes an officer of "Zensakikai". Sincerely agreeing to the "Sakizaki-kai" and the philosophy of Mibuomi, he is hostile to Mei Saotome, who refuses the invitation to join.
At the "Rise" during the Ryoran Festival, as an official match against Kirari MomokuKoikoiAlthough he applies for a match in, he suffers a catastrophic loss.
Naoko Taugagasou, Naoko Ogato, Houko Taugagasou
Private Kao Academy student, second grader. Twin sisters, Naoko is my sister, and Naoko is my sister. Both sisters are officers of “Yoshisakikai”.
Belong tosoft ballThe club room is used as a betting area. He has the "through" sign that allows sisters to communicate with each other, and the technique of stealing the sign cultivated through club activities.
The betting fee at the gambling place is not "money" but "become friends of the sisters", but this is to secure personnel who give priority to the sisters. By using it, the purpose is to deprive Mibuomi of the position of chairman of "Zensakikai".
Apply for the official match with Yuriko Nishitoin at the "Rise" during the Ryoran Festival.
Rokujo Eneru
Private Kao Gakuen student, 3rd grade. "Yoshisakikai" is an executive director of the photography department. A student named Shimizu is on the side as an assistant.
At the order of the student council executive officer Mibuomi, he tries to seize the literary department as a "student council officer". However, because I like Mari Hanate as a subject, I propose a gambling "voyeur baseball fist" for my own purpose.
Apply for an official match with Yumemi Yumemi at the "Riseki" during the Ryoran Festival.
Top and bottom calm (Kamishimo Nagi)
Performance- Inukai Takashi
Private Kao Gakuen student, two-year building. "Yoshizaki-kai" officer. While he uses a lot of tricks and cheats, he is good at reading human psychology after analyzing past behavior. He is a little self-centered, and disobeys the instructions of Mibuomi and visits the literary club for the purpose of obstructing business at the "Ranran Festival" and wins a huge gambling event.
Sotaro Ibuki
Private Kao Gakuen student, two-year tower group. "Sakizaki-kai" officer. I am the director of the Kendo club. My parents' house is a major general contractor, but when I fell into livestock for a while, I didn't rely on my parents' house because I wanted to raise myself. He was helped up and down where he was entwined by his seniors, and was invited to the "Yoshisakikai." The attitude towards gambling is solid.

Other students (so)

Aiura Heart
Performance- Riko Fukumoto
Private Kao Academy student, 1st year Kagumi.
It features a curled twin tail. With an arrogant personality,Scholarship studentGambling is brought in to smash Mei Saotome, but the result is defeated. After that, he embraces all his classmates and sets up a gambling that puts Mei in the position, but loses again. After all, he began to be disdained by the class and became isolated from the surroundings.
Mikura Sado
Performance- Misaki Sasaki(Hinatazaka46)
Private Kao Gakuen student, first grader.
It is used as a “livestock” exclusively for Sachiko Juraku.CollarBeing always on by, and making the pleasure of following Juraku's orders the best thing. He also served as a coupling party dealer as an assistant to Juraku's school affairs.
I'm jealous of Juraku's interest in Saotome Meari, and I'm hoping that soon after Meuri becomes a "livestock," I'm tired of throwing it away. In fact, I have no idea that I may be tired of myself.
Inui Chitose
Private Kao Gakuen student, 3rd year Peony Gumi. Ari Saotome's teammate at the coupling party. Although he has participated in several coupling parties in the past, he seems to have not reached a romantic relationship. Even though she became a member of Mei's team at the coupling party, she betrayed for the reward from the other team and once defeated her. However, she was defeated because she couldn't read it because Meri, who read the trick, took very subtle and incomplete measures.
Performance (in the end)
Hundred Kao Gakuen students[20],Sophomore. Large enterpriseSojiHowever, his disappointing appearance and ambitions have been a disaster, and he is not popular at all. Participated in a coupling party with four handsome waist purses aiming at the "privilege" of the game. Cooperated with a plan to establish a couple on condition that they were given a reward to Chitose Inui. I liked Hanate Kazutsuru, but in the first round he formed a couple with Togakushi Yukemi for that measure. When Yukimi confessed himself to "staying overnight" in the second round, it was leaked from Chitose, but due to the plan of Mei Saotome, the couple was not established. Although he was able to complete the meal of the "privilege" in the first round, it was pointed out by Meuri on the spot that he had a disgusting personality.
After that, he seems to have a favor with Mei, and he is trying to approach it often.
Ruricho Nadeshiko
Private Kao Gakuen student, 3rd grade. Chairman of the Classic Study Group.
With a high-handed personality, there are only walnuts who can be called friends. The walnuts have earned the reputation of being poor at advertising/considered/arrogant.
Having lost a spell at a piano competition, I used it to practice at home to polish my arms.StanwayAims to buy a piano.
Fuen Ruri
A student who serves as an election commissioner.Wearing a wolf-like hoodie.He was the dealer of the gambling "Kunitori Battle" between Aoi Mibu and the literary club, and managed the accompanying foreign horse gambling.

Bet Kegurui Delusion

For the people who appeared in the above, refer to each item.

Main person (delusion)

Naruto Ayame
Private Kao Academy student.
Gambling in the school owed him a lot of debt, and in despair, when he tried to jump off the roof, he encountered a raw delusion (resulting in suicide on the spot). After that, in the gambling that Delusion's suggestion would cancel the debt if he wins, he wakes up to be atrocious because he was threatened with a lack of preparedness. I am so delusional about that that I am forced to join the beautification committee.

Other students (delusion)

Nana Otori
Private Kao Academy student.
I used cheatingblack JackTo win the gambling, to bring debts to opponents including Ayame, and to repay themprostitutionWas trying to compel you. However, she was forced to swallow the gambling that she proposed due to the delusion of raw Shima, and lost it, so the debt of Ayame was erased.
Furthermore, as a result of the delusion reporting the prostitution to the student council, the student council takes over all the debt for Otori, and the prostitution route is broken. Forced gambling that either despairs and either Ayame or Delusion dies, but it is avoided by Ayame's ingenuity. Finally, due to the delusion of compassion, he is admitted to the beautification committee.
Nao Habuki
Private Kao Academy student, beautification vice-chairperson.
He simmers in the unrestrained and lazy attitude of raw Shima delusion, and sets up a gambling with Ayame as a player in order to deprive the chairman of the beautification chair from the flow of the story. After playing tricks, he had an advantage in the game, but was finally defeated by Ayame's seemingly catastrophic action.
In essence, the depth of delusion is acknowledged, and it is revealed in the monologue that he has a love for delusion.
Terumi Kurimu
Hundred Kao Gakuen students, 1st year Sancha Kagumi.
I am the leader of a bad group on the premises.Due to the violence of group members, the loss of gambling has been reduced to 1,700 million yen.Propose gambling to Wet Feather, betting on paying the loss.I was aiming to abstain from the opponent with Russian roulette using a real gun, but it was broken due to the challenge of Delusion and Ayame.In addition, Ikasama is overwhelmed by the extreme delusion that it was a gambling that does not pose any danger to anyone, and loses the fighting spirit.


"Kakegurui" gambling

Voting rock-paper-scissors
A gambling game where Mei Saotome challenged Yumeko Snake, a card game for two players. The creator is Mei Saotome.
Ask 30 classmates to write one of "Goo Choki Par" on a blank card, and post it in a ballot box so that it cannot be seen by game players. Then, the player takes out three cards from the ballot box and confronts them.
Other than that, it is the same as the normal rule, if the issued card is Aiko, it is Janken again, and if the third card is Aiko, it is a draw and a rematch. In addition, the three cards drawn by the player may not necessarily be the three types of "Goo Choki Par". One of the features of this game is the "inequality" caused by such unlucky deduction.
The chip rate was 1 yen per piece during the film.
Double nervous breakdown
A card game for gambling and two-player battles where Itsuki Emperor challenged Yumeko Snake. Anomalous nerve weakness that uses two cards from the same deck at the same time. The creator is Emperor Itsuki.
Unlike the normal rule, if both "mark" and "number" do not match, it is not recognized as a pair. If you have one pair, you can draw again. The total number of cards is 1, so the player who takes the majority of 1 (104 pairs) cards first wins.
The usual winning strategy in this game is to have a 103 in 1 chance of winning by luck or remembering the placement of cards.
The chip rate was 1 yen per piece during the film.
Life or death
A game that combines the roulette game and Ding Hanbok, which is carried out by the traditional culture study group, which is a gambling that Mei Saotome and Yumeko Jabuki challenged Yuriko Nishitoin. The inventor is Yuriko Nishitoin.
Put 10 pieces of the jar that imitate a sword into the jar and swing it down on the roulette wheel. Then, the composition of predicting whether or not any of the 30 numbered holes on the board have been stuck.
The greatest feature of this game is that if the sword is stuck upwards, the magnification is 30 times as "raw", and if it is stuck downwards it is "dead" and the magnification is minus 30 times.
The wager chips are decided by agreement between both players before the game. The stake chips become their own when they become "live", but when they are "dead" or "missed", they are passed on to the opponent. If both players are out of place, no money will be transferred with no deduction.
When one player loses chips, the loser pays the winner the difference.
2 Indian Poker
It was held at a debt consolidation meeting held by the student council. Jun Kiwatari, Nanami Bud, Yumeko Snake and Mei Saotome, a card game for 4 players. The inventor is Seika Igarashi.
The player receives 10 chips before the game. The value of one chip is the debt that the player declared to the student council divided by 1 (if the declared amount is 10 million yen, the value of one chip is 100 yen). The value of the chip does not change even if the chip moves to another player due to the battle, and it is fixed at 1/10 of the debt declaration amount of the player originally possessed per card.
Compete with four people selected by the student council. Uses 4 playing cards excluding the joker and face cards. Two cards are distributed by the dealer, and only the first one is seen. Do not look at the second one yourself, but disclose it to other players. You win or lose depending on the strong role you can play with these two cards. The roles are strong in the order of “pair (same numbers are the same)”, “mark (same marks are the same)” and “pig (no numbers or marks are the same)”. You will win. Card change is not possible.
You can make bet call fold raises just like you do in poker. Up to 1 chips can be bet in one game. In addition, every participant must pay one of their chips as a entry fee for each game (if you don't have your own chips, pay with another player's chips).
Play all 10 games, and compete for the ranking according to the final chip acquisition amount (regardless of the number of chips). The player who ranked first will be repayed by the student council on behalf of their debt so that the declared debt will be the same as the debt of the player with the least amount. Below, the 1nd place is the second lowest debt amount, the 2rd place is the 2rd lowest debt amount, and the 3th place player carries the highest debt amount. If the debt increases, the difference will be borne by the student council. In addition, if the player with the lowest declared debt amounted to 3st place in the game, the debt will be exempted and the entire amount will be repaid from the student council.
Early in the explanation phase, Ikasama did not ask and the student council declared non-intervention, which means that even if they lied during the self-reporting stage, the student council did not say anything. When the declared amount is higher than the original debt, the difference between the original debt and the original debt is passed to any person as a check if the rank is higher. Even if the amount is XNUMX million units, there is no exception. This is because the main purpose is to collect all the debts that have arisen between the students in the student council and to hold the reins of many children and daughters on campus.
ESP games
Gambling, a card game and a Russian roulette game, in which Delusion of Shima challenged Yumeko Snake. The inventor is a delusion of Shima.
The player and the dealer are divided into different closed rooms. The state of the two rooms is relayed via a camera and a monitor. The player can see only the dealer's hand, but the dealer can see the player's entire room.
First, each player gets their own six-arm revolver gun and loads as many bullets as they like (it doesn't matter if they don't have any bullets). Then put each other's guns in the same box. Each gun is the same and is indistinguishable from the outside.
5 cards for dealers and playersESP cardIs distributed (marks are circles, squares, stars, crosses, waves). The dealer arranges the five cards face down in any order. After confirming the situation on the monitor, the player arranges five cards in the same manner face down.
After the dealer discloses the card, the player's card is revealed. The player who has the same number of aligned cards wins, and the difference in the number of matched cards is the point of victory.
The winning player takes out one gun from the box and pulls the trigger toward the opponent for the number of points. If the number of matched cards is the same, if there is no bullet, or if the bullet does not hit the opponent, the game is restarted from the place where the bullet can be inserted. The person who receives the bullet even with one shot is the loser of the game.
Originally it is a rule to repeat the game until the win or loss is decided, but in this volume, due to the proposal and negotiations between Yumeko Snake and Ikushima, "up to 3 sets" "If a bullet does not hit, outside The rule that "the other party pulls the trigger as much as I did" was added.
First-class idol decision match "Bato Itomo!"
Yumemi Yumemi's gambling challenged Yumeko the Serpent. The creator is Yumemi Yumemi.
Held after Yumemi's live on campus. Yumemi diverted what was originally planned for TV.
Players challenge 9 pre-made games. The winner of each game can mark one 3x3 square with his own mark.○ × GameThe final winner is the player who has their marks aligned vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, as in.
The type of game is determined by rolling the dice alternately. The games that appeared in the play are as follows. Yumemi Yumemi (with a few exceptions) is able to win a full score in all of these.
Cardiopulmonary check
Vital capacityCompete for more.
Idol Song Intro Quiz
The winner is who plays the intro of the song selected by the audience and guesses what song.
Gachinko Singing Confrontation!
Download the song scoring app to the smartphone of the audience selected by the dice. Sing a song specified in advance, and the one with the better scoring result will be the winner. Yumemi is her own song "Pure Love Poker", Yumeko Snake is "I'm honored”
Handy fan!
Predict the birth month of the audience specified by the dice. If both sides are off, the winner is the one whose birth month is closer.
The original plan was to fill the entire venue with fans of Yumemisu, and to make a victory by completely remembering the personal information collected in advance, but Ryota Suzui and 3 others were mixed in. It wasn't the only win of the nine games.
Keep your poker face!
MustardContains the includedTakoyakiThe one who eats and realizes it will be defeated.
Exclude the limit
Bubbling without one joker and two aces. The winner is the one with the pair A first.
Choice Poker
A card game for two-player battles that combines gambling, poker, and high & low, where Yumeko Serpent challenges Kaede Mameda. The inventor is Kirari Momoku.
Chips are extremely high-rate gambling for 1 million yen each, and have a blue ceiling for the "official match". There are 1,000 cards including one Joker. The contents and strengths of the roles are the same as in normal poker, and the joker is treated as a wild card so that the strongest role is guaranteed.
After one card change, you can only "bet" to decide the first number and "raise" to accumulate more chips from there. Therefore, the player with more sheets is given the right to decide "strong order" or "weak order". After that, if you open each other's cards and the "strong order" is selected, the player who has a strong role as in normal poker wins, and if the "weak order" is selected, the weak role is the opposite. The player who owns will win.
In the “weak order”, the hand closer to the pig is stronger, so even if the card is poor, the advantage and disadvantage can be controlled by the number of chips.
In addition, it is possible to add chips later to the extent that you can pay even if your chips run out. Even if you can not prepare cash on the spot, if it is recognized that you can finance with your own financial resources, it is acceptable.
Door tower
The gambling that Seika Igarashi challenged Yumeko Snake. It was held at a tower built by Kirari Momoji on campus for this gambling. The inventor is Kirari Momoku.
TowerColumnIt is a five-story building, and the game starts with the fifth floor as the starting point. Compete for the speed of getting back to the 5th floor after getting off to the 5st floor.
There are two ways to move between floors: two ladders installed on each floor and a middle staircase that directly connects the first and fifth floors. Doors with monitors are installed at the entrances to ladders and stairs, and at the six sides of each floor. However, opening the side door is just connected to the outside, and it is extremely difficult to aim at the first floor from there. Questions that can be answered numerically are displayed on the monitor, and if you answer correctly, the door will open automatically.
Each player alternately selects a door, answers a question, and moves to a hierarchical level. The time limit is 5 minutes, after which the door will automatically close.
As a proof that you got to the first floor, it was displayed beside the middle stairs on the first floorYuriVictory of the player who brought the flowers of 5th floor to the first floor. Interfering acts such as intentionally hiding flowers are prohibited.
A gambling game in which Ebumi Erimo challenges Yumeko Snake, a game that uses torture tools that he always carries with him. It will be done by three people who happened to be in the gambling place with raw Shima delusion. The inventor is Erimi Mushi.
After putting each player's finger into the guillotine stand, cut 1 strings with scissors, one by one for each player in turn. Only one is connected to the guillotine blade, and the blade falls when cut. Guillotine's fall is that regardless of winning or losing, those who pull out their fingers early will lose, and the guillotine will be courageous if they are prepared to drop their fingers.
However, in reality, a safety iron plate was installed between the guillotine and the fingers, so that Emi could enjoy the appearance of the other person who was frightened without knowing it.
Nim zero type
Gambling used by Elena Yumeko, Ryota Suzui, Sangyi Yin and Sanri Yoji in election campaigns. Gambling is performed by using 0 cards with "1", "2", "3" and "10" written on each, for a total of 40 cards. The creator is Rui Yomotsuki.
First, deal 4 cards to each player. After checking your hand, you bet how many votes you will bet, and when everyone agrees, the number of votes bet in that round is determined. It is also possible to fold. In addition, you can bet more than you have by offering debt for your votes. Players who did not fold play cards one by one in order. It ends when the sum of the numbers on the field becomes 1 or more, and the player who last issued the card loses. The loser pays the first betting number to the field and distributes it to other players. It seems that fractions will be rounded down. Repeat this 10 times.
In the play, by the three desires and three reasons, "The loser applied poison.Mt. TsurugisanThe rule of "stick your finger to" was added. Also, the dealer Runa has eliminated the bias in the numbers by performing a special shuffle called "Gilbreath Shuffle".
Select left or right
The gambling that Momoriku Lyrica brought to Mei Saotome. A simple thing to guess which hand has a chip (vote). The creator is Lyrica Momoku.
It was a proposal on the condition that Ririka gets one vote from Meari if Mei missed it, and if it hits, Ririka gives Meuri 1 votes.
Mei once refused the match, but was called by Suzui and suddenly faced up with the Yin and Yokuro sisters.
Fan club limited emergency rock-paper-scissors competition
Yumemi Yumemi in the electionフ ァ ンWent toRock-paper-scissorsgame. The creator is Yumemi Yumemi.
Betting is 1 vote per person, plus 1 vote if you win. The loser is a disappointing prize, with YumemiCheckYou can take a picture.
Public goods games
Gambling used in the election campaign by Yumeko Snake, Itsuki Ogawa, Thorn Ogura, Miraslava Osashi, and Kaede Izuta.Game theoryInPublic financeToFree riderIs a betting game for five players, using the approach to as an idea. The inventor is Mia Uru.
First, the participantsSilver coinReceive 5 each. Next, one person can move to another room, and five silver coins can be freely distributed and placed in the "tax box" where all can put silver coins or the "private property box" where only the person can put silver coins. Since the inside of each BOX cannot be seen, other participants cannot know how much and how much they were put in. Once you enter the room, you cannot take out silver coins, so you must consume them and leave the room. When everyone has finished inserting, the dealer will distribute the silver coins as follows.
・The silver coins in the "Private property box" arePrivate propertyBecomes
・Double the number of silver coins placed in the “tax box” and divide them into equal amounts as a personal property to all (allocated to those who do not have silver coins in the “tax box”).
The flow up to here is 1 turn, and this is done 5 turns. At the end of the 5th turn, those who have 40 or more private assets will be given 1 votes, 100 votes, and 30 votes from the 3st place according to the number of votes from Sorakuno (4 votes for 0th and below). ). However, those who have less than 40 pieces of private property will give Jorakuno 100 votes.
Also, a player can open a "council" before the start of the turn and exile one player from gambling only once if there is support for three or more people. Exiled players are excluded from gambling and all personal propertyConfiscationBecomes
An event-type gambling that was held as an election battle with Yumemi, Yumeko, and Waraku eater. The motif isMusic Station.. Perform 3 gambling that requires acting skills.
Live song showdown
Gambling proposed by Yumeko and Yumemi. Each one sings, and the one with the most votes from the audience, the judges, wins. The winning team gets 30 votes. Yumeko and Yumemi are "Two Pair Maidens" written by Yumemi, and Wakuraku is "Amazing Grace”
Skinny Des Macaron
Gambling proposed by Warakuku. The winning team gets 30 votes.
Both sides have threeMacaronEat in order. Each contains one spicy macaron (Des macaron), and guess which macaron the opponent eats is a desmacaron. The team that wins less often wins.
Suwasanto Trois
Gambling proposed by Yomogetsu. The winning team gets 100 votes.
52 decks without the joker are used as the deck, and the player first draws one card from the deck and only the player confirms. The numbers are treated as they are, and the picture cards are treated as 1.
After confirming, put the card in the reading area (at this time, you can lie). Repeat this in order so that the total value of the field does not exceed "63".
If you decide that your turn is close to 63, declare a "pass" and the game ends. After that, you can't put cards. In this way, one by one exits, and when it becomes the last one, the place tag is disclosed. If the true total is 1 or less, the last remaining person wins, and if it exceeds 63, only the last remaining person loses.
戦 争
The gambling was performed by six members: Momokuro Lyrica, Oguro Rin, Oguba Thorn, and Mei's classmates Anko, Yukuri, and Mitori. The inventor is Rin Ogui.
Each player selects "attack" or "defense" respectively. In the case of "attack", it doesn't matter how many players other than yourself are selected. If you select "Defense", the cost will be minus 5 points, and 1 point will be added to other players. When all players have been selected, the results will be disclosed.
In addition to the selection, a "request" can be sent to other players. The receiving player can reply whether to accept the "request", but there is no penalty for not complying with the "request".
If you are "attacking" a player who has selected "attack", 10 points will be added to the player who "attacked", and 10 points will be deducted for the player who "attacked". If you are "attacking" a player who has selected "Defense", add 10 points to the player who "defenses" and deduct 10 points from the player who "attack".
The game ends when someone gives up or after 10 turns. Minus payment is calculated by one point = 1 vote / 1 scum coin / 1 million yen.
Rock-paper-scissors poker
Gambling held at "Great Summarization" sponsored by Seika Igarashi. A tournament battle between Yumeko Snake, Mei Saotome, Delusion of Shima, Yuriko Nishitoin, Yumemi Yumemi, Erimi Meguro, Sankoku Goku, and Ogre Ibaraki. The state of gambling is being broadcast live to all schools by the suggestion of Tokujo Rakuno.
Cards with 21 pictures of "Goo", "Choki" and "Par" are used. The package says "only one in the world", and in "Great Aggregation", the same card set is used in all battles.
First, deal 2 cards to each of the two players. After one change, turn down one card called "head". After each player pays the "compulsory participation fee (blind)", betting is performed in the same manner as normal poker. When the bet amount is decided, first open the "head" and win by winning the standard rock-paper-scissors rules. If it was Aiko, open the remaining hand and win more if you have the same card as the "head". This is repeated 5 times, and the player who has more votes at the end becomes the final winner. If either of the votes in your possession runs out on the way, it will end at that point.
In addition, when discarding a card for a change, the card may be face up or face down.
Fate tarot card
Original gambling for the TV anime version. In the 12th episode (final episode), Yumeko Snake suggested it to Kirari Momoji.Tarot cardTo use. The inventor is Kirari Momoku.
First of the tarot cardMajor Arcana22 people are lined up in a circle, and each of them draws a card.
Use the card number as the score and add up the scores of the three cards.
At that time, if the card is in the correct position, it is counted as plus, and if it is in the opposite position, it is counted as minus.
The victory or defeat is decided by the positive or negative of the total value of the three cards (in the work, if it is positive, Yumeko is positive, if it is negative Kirari wins, if 3 is a draw).
Incidentally,FoolWhen the card of is played, the win or loss is decided by the position of the fool, regardless of the score of other cards.
100 vote auction
Gambling of the second term of the TV anime version. Use student council election votes. The inventor is X Zero.
The condition for the auction to continue is to be able to see each other in the same venue, including auctioneers, and auctioneers can also bid. The seller of the votes is anonymous in principle. Also, changes to the rules will be allowed if all participants agree. Rigging with other bidders is prohibited.
Bid starts from one vote under the auctioneer's moderation, bidders enter the number of bid votes on the tablet at hand to bid, and when no other bidders appear, the bid is awarded. However, the number of votes submitted at one time is 1, and all votes used for bidding are paid to Auctioneer.
The auction ends when all auctionion tickets are gone.
coin toss
Gambling of the second term of the TV anime version. The inventor is Lyrica Momoku.
Bet on whether to get the name of the clan or discard it, and hit the front and back of the coins tossed.

Gambling of "Kakegurui-Sou"

A card game for a two-player battle, where Aiura Shin challenges gambling Saotome Mei. The creator is Shin Aiura.
The basic rules are normalMillionaireSame as (3 is the weakest, A, 2 and the Joker are strong in that order). However, as a local rule, 3 can only be issued as a winning card against the Joker.
There are 5 cards to hand. You must issue one card at a time (no more than two cards such as pairs or stairs). The person who loses his or her hand first becomes a millionaire, and the one who loses becomes a poor person. After the second game, after the hand is distributed, the weakest millionaire card and the poorest strongest card are replaced, and then the game begins with the poor first.
The stakes will be determined by mutual agreement in this game, one game at a time. If you win the poor, you'll receive twice the stake.
Three Hit Dice
Gambling proposed by Yukiko Juraku to Mei Saotome and Yukemi Togakushi, betting on the right to use the gambling room in the second library. The inventor is Sachiko Juraku.
The player anticipates three consecutive six-sided dice. The 6, 3, and 1 rolls are treated as "D (DOWN)", and the 2, 3, and 4 rolls are treated as "U (UP)." Each player writes the three alphabets on a card and hands it to the dealer.
After the dealer has checked the cards, roll the dice until either consecutive roll is made. The winner is the one with the three expected outcomes.
For example, if A's expectation is "UDD", B's expectation is "DUD", and the dice roll is "2, 4, 5, 3, 1", the third to fifth throws "UDD". Is established, and A wins.
Magic dice game
Gambling for holding a new gambling place in the second library preparation room. The creator is Mei Saotome.
There are three types of dice, black, white and red, and the customer chooses the dice they like. Then the dealer selects one of the remaining dice. The one with the larger roll is the winner. If the customer wins, the bet is doubled and returns, but if the dealer wins, the dealer receives the bet.
Up to 1 times per person per day due to the campaign period.
Coupling party
A gambling party that boasts 50 times. A popular event with a total of more than 5,000 participants, with a stake of 100 million yen.
Mei Saotome, Tsumari Haneda, Yukumi Togakushi, Chitose Inui and Kurumi Kurume, 5 men and 1 men each enclose a table, and each one chooses the "desired opponent" (only as a game). First, write on the card whether the male side accepts or does not accept confession from that person (it is not possible to accept confession from multiple persons). After the dealer collects the man's card, he fills out the card to the woman and confesses. A confession for a woman is accepted if the man accepting the confession accepts the confession. This is repeated for 5 people, and finally the couple formed by the dealer is announced. Note that the selection of the confession destination is managed by the order sheet number entered in advance.
When a couple is formed, the man wins, and all the women who select the man pay the bet to the man. Men who do not form a couple will be defeated and bets on women. When a man pays, it is unclear whether the man pays to the chosen partner or the woman chooses to pay.
On the male side, there is a possibility of getting more, but the win rate is 2%, which is a slight disadvantage, and because it is difficult for women to gather at the marriage party,Phone Number-Meal・You can significantly reduce your stakes by promising either a one-day date or overnight stay as the price in case of defeat (ratio is 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1 respectively). Since this is a penalty at the time of defeat, it does not need to be fulfilled if it wins, and it seems that it is possible to waive the right from the male side.
The confession and the formation of a couple are just contents of the game and there is no compulsory force. So, if you are not convinced whether or not a couple is formed, you can challenge the extra war that will be held immediately afterwards (however, the stake will be doubled).
Treasure hunt in the club
Gambling with Mei Saotome betting on "Yoshizaki-kai" to qualify for Misaki Takisaki. The dealer is Sachiko Juraku.
Mei, Hanate Tetsuzuzu and Togakushi Yukimi challenged Miharu Takisaki to the search game where Sachiko first found the "treasure" hidden somewhere inside the club. A paper called a "treasure map" is distributed to each player. Also, in addition to the original "treasure", each room of the club buildingMapThere is a treasure chest with hints for reading.
Test battle game
Love heartroutine examGambling and participants who took place later were all members of the 1st year Hanagumi class. The creator is Shin Aiura.
The tournament method is one-on-one with the dealers in contact. The player first draws the "attendance number card" and then chooses one subject he/she likes. The test result of the student with the attendance number becomes the score as it is, and the one with the higher score wins. This is repeated, and the last one to win is the final winner.
The participation fee is 1 yen, and the final winner can win a total of 30 yen. In addition, as a side prize, it is obligatory to assume the role of class member of the 1st year Kagumi.
Doubt Poker
Invented by Mei Saotome at the time of resumption of the gambling,DoubtとpokerComplex game.
Bet call fold raises are similar to regular closed poker. One card change.
Players who do not fold declare their hand. At this time, you may declare a different role from the actual hand.
When everyone's declaration is over, move on to whether or not to “dout” clockwise from the parent. You can reveal the hand of a particular player by paying the same amount as the stake. When the selection of "Doubt" is completed by all the members, it is decided to win or lose.
Players who aren't "dout" are as originally declared and do not need to reveal their hands. Players who "dout" will be in the hand of the hand. However, if the disclosed hand is not the same as the declared hand, it will be defeated regardless of the hand. Comparing this, the player with the best role wins and receives all the stakes on the field.
Hidden command game
The gambling that the Taigagasu sisters proposed to Mei Saotome, Mikura Sado, and Okuri Shimotsuki. The creators are the sisters of Taigagasu.
Distribute one deck of playing cards to each player. The player who became the parent draws 1 out of all 50 "rules cards" in which the rules for playing cards are written, and selects one from them. That card becomes the "rule" for this round.
Then, select one card from the deck in order from the parent and put it into play. The parent declares "match" (clear) to the issued card if it matches "rule", and "not matches (non-clear)" otherwise. When the child issues a "match" card, he or she will get one point. If "no match", no score will be obtained, and the child will be excluded from the "rule" judgment. Parents get 1 point for each card played, regardless of whether they match or not.
A child can declare "exposed" only once in each player's round, regardless of their turn. Declare the contents of the "Rules" of this round, and if you win, you will get 1 points. There is no penalty for making mistakes. The round ends when "exposure" hits, the parent is changed, and the next round is started. However, if no one can hit the "rule" at the stage where it is two turns, the parent will be forfeited the score of the round and will be penalized with -1 points. After 10 rounds of this, the difference in goals will be the final ranking.
StealBaseball fist
The gambling that Eri Rokujo has proposed to Tamari and Togakushi.
A group of two people will be in charge of the "photographer (photographer)" and "subject (model)" respectively.
First, each team arranges rooms in a "house" where the subject moves. The "living room" with four sides as doors is in the center, and four rooms with two sides as doors and four rooms without doors are freely arranged in a 2 x 4 square. Each room has a name, but the only thing that is relevant in the game is the "entrance" that is the starting point. The walls without doors are inaccessible. The opening and closing status of the door is also reflected in the actual "house" set up in the booth of the photography department.
The subject of each team starts from the "entrance" set by their team. The subject undresses once from his/her clothes (shoes/socks are once on both feet/no ornaments allowed). If you cannot undress, you will be defeated. After that, the subject rolls a dice on the tablet and moves through the room as many as the number of eyes. The result is open to all participants. It is impossible to return to the original room.
The photographer then specifies one room in the other team's "house" and activates the camera placed in that room. Designate this room with a number from 1-1. At this time, if the room containing the subject is specified, the team with the photographer is defeated because the voyeur noticed the subject.
After that, the cameras that have been activated so far shoot all at once as "voyeur time". At this time, if the subject is in a room where the camera has already been activated, the team with the subject is defeated due to successful voyeur shooting.
This is one turn and repeats until the losing team is confirmed.
Thousand gold
The gambling that Ruri Toriko proposed to Meari.
When it's your turn, take the desired number of coins from the box containing 1 300-yen coins and 50-yen 300-yen coins and put them in your savings box. Insert within 10 seconds after the other party says "Please". It is forbidden to make noise to turn off the sound of coins. After that, the piggy bankPrecision balancePut on.
When the piggy bank is placed on the balance, both sides can answer "the total number of coins in the two piggy banks" (both have no right to answer in the first attack). After the answers are established, check the contents of each other's piggy banks. If the answer is correct, you will receive 2 times your stake from your opponent, and if you answer incorrectly, you will pay 5 times your stake to your opponent.
If there is no answer after 5 round trips, it becomes a flow.
Little max
Gambling opened by the literary club at Ryoransai. The inventor is Spelling and Yukimi.
When it's your turn, roll two 6-sided dice in the cup and see only yourself. After that, the cup is passed to the next player and the result is declared. At this time, you may declare a different result than the one that actually appeared.
Players with a cup around can declare a "dout". In that case, check the result and if the result is different from the declared result, the previous player drops out of the game. However, if it matches the declared result, the doubt player drops out of the game. If you don't "doubt", reroll the dice and roll the cup to the next player to declare a roll. However, at this time, the declaration must be stronger than the one declared by the previous person (the strength of the result will be described later).
The outcomes are "Little Max (combination of "2/1")", "Pair (the numbers on the dice are the same)" and "Pig (the numbers on the dice are not the same except Little Max)". The strength of the pigs is compared with the higher one (for example, if "4" and "3", "5" is stronger).
The player who does not drop to the end becomes the final winner.
Full count blackjack
A gambling game where Mei Saotome and Nagisa are in battle. The betting charges are "non-participation in the decision" and "Mari Saotome's character". The inventor is Sachiko Juraku.
Each player receives 13 "A to K" playing cards and 5 chips. In the preparatory stage, make 3 pairs of 2 or 3 hands in 5 minutes (to avoid the number of the opponent, put a blank card for each of the 2 hands). Card handling and strengthblack JackAccording to, treat "A" as 1 or 11, and "J, Q, K" as 10. "Natural BJ (A and 10-K)" is the strongest role, and other than that, the total number of cards is close to 21.
Put out 5 roles in any order of each player and betting for each game. Minimum bet is 1. If either folds, there is no need to disclose the winning combination. The winner is the one who has the most chips at the end of the five games.
Limit dice
Gambling where Miharu Takisaki and Sotaro Ibuki face off. The betting charges are "withdrawing from the literary department" and "beautification chairperson status". The inventor is Sachiko Juraku.
Each player rolls the dice at the same time (the opponent's result cannot be confirmed). If the result is "1 to 5," add 1 point. If "6" is given, the score is fixed at 0 regardless of the number of points until then, and the score will not increase thereafter. However, you can continue to roll the dice to put pressure on your opponent. Players can declare a "stop" at any time, and the winner with the higher score at the time they both "stop".
Regarding this gambling, the rule that the player who cheated when the dealers Sachiko and Mikura discovered cheating was defeated was urgently added.
Country theft battle
Gambling proposed by Aoi Mibu to the literary club. The inventor is Aoi Mibu.
Compared to the numbers using one deck of playing cards. Deal 1 cards to each player as hands. Then, place three cards face up on each player's field. The player in turn places one card from his or her hand face down on one of his or her rows. If the third and subsequent cards are placed in the same row, all cards except the last card must be face up.
When each player has 5 cards in hand, reveal all cards. The player with the highest total number of cards in the opposite row wins, and the player who has won at least two of the three rows wins the round. The total number of cards is calculated as shown in the figure, but only "A" is treated as "3" or "Can be offset by one of the opponent's row picture cards (JK) and treated as 2" be able to. Perform 1 rounds, and the one with the most rounds won will be the final winner.
Regarding this gambling, a rule was added that when Imaisama's opponent or the Election Commissioner finds out, Ikasama's suggestion can be cancelled.

Gambling of "Kakegurui Delusion"

Hand knife trick
Gambling that Shima Shima proposed to Ayame Nyuwa and Nana Otori.
Between the left hand of Delusion, the base of the thumb, the base of the index finger, the base of the thumb, the base of the middle finger, the base of the thumb, and so on.compassI will poke at. The player who wins more times in one minute wins.
It should be noted that, since there is no reference in the rule explanation that "the compass must not stick in the hand of the delusion", only the pure speed determines the win or loss of the game.
Gambling proposed by Ai Habuki to Nao Shima and Ayame Nyuwa.
Direct love shuffles 1 card with "○" and 2 cards with "x", and Ayame chooses 1 after lining up. If the selected card is "○", Ayame wins, if "X", it is defeated.
The minimum bet is 1 million yen. If you win, it will triple and return, but if you lose, you will receive it as it is.
Passive Russian roulette
Gambling proposed by Terumi Sumi Kurigiri to Raw Shima Delusion and Ayame Nyuwa.
In the first attack, you can put only one bullet in any place of the 5 round revolver gun. For the second attack, specify the desired number from "1 to 1", and for the first attack, rotate the revolver by the specified number. Then shoot a handgun at yourself. If the bullet does not come out, rotate the revolver by the specified number and shoot again. If four shots are successful, the first attack and the second attack are switched. When the bullet comes out, the shooting player is defeated.
Instant chinchiro
Gambling proposed by Yuma Shima to Yuriko Nishitoin.
Divided into first and second attacks, each with 3 dice, alternately throwing into the bowl. The player who has the highest total of six throws wins.
The dice must be at least 3 spins (less than that, a foul loss). If the die is out of the bowl, it is invalid and the result is 0.
Chicken circle
Gambling that Shima Shima proposed to three people who had wet feathers, swords, and delusions.
Use a sheet on which a circular plate with numbers "1 to 30" is drawn. Each player chooses a number and places his or her finger on it.
The game is started by placing the piece that serves as the mark at 1. Draw cards one by one in order and move the pieces by the number that appears. The player who draws the card must stab the number on the piece with a knife. After that, the number at which the frame stopped is excluded.
The loss of the team with the player who released the finger first. It is forbidden to release your finger after it is confirmed that the frame will stop at your number.
Hanging bingo games
Gambling that Mai Shima Delusion proposed to Otori Nana.
Each player distributes one bingo card and hangs his neck on the hanging machine. Each time a hole is made in the bingo card, that number is added as a "hanging point". For the player who has a bingo, the rope that hangs up to the suspension point x 1 cm is pulled. Wait for 0.1 minutes as it is, and if you are still conscious, continue the game with both cards and hanging points carried over. Loss of consciousness ・The dead person becomes the loser.
Only Otori can use the right of "change" to exchange the bingo card and hanging point with the opponent at any time once during the game. However, it is prohibited to use it at the timing of bingo establishment.
Kill or die
A gambling that Nana Otori forced Ayame Nureha and Ai Habuna to sneak in with the consent of Nao Shima.
First, Ayame and Naoi are restrained to the machine for hanging the neck. Delusion chooses either Ayame or Naoi. Those who are not selected will be released as is. The selected person will be handed a handgun and will be given the opportunity to fire once. If you can hit the delusion with a bullet, you will be released. If you can't hit it, the rope will be pulled forcibly.

Gambling of "Kakegurui (provisional)"

Sushi Russian roulette
Gambling proposed by Mei Saotome to Yumeko Snake. The one who eats 10 prepared sushi alternately, and loses the "lost" with a large amount of wasabi first loses. Ryota Suzui says, "The one you often see on TV."
In fact, all 10 pieces contain wasabi, and one of them contains half the amount of wasabi. Mei says, “Essentially, don't show up on your face even if you eat it.”
Hot Oden game
Gambling proposed by Kaede Mameda for Emperor Itsuki. It is better to eat hot oden alternately and say "hot" first. According to Itsuki, "I just copied what I was doing on TV."
Yumeko's gambling is so famous that he says, "If you ask 10 people, you will know that you know 10 people." (Mei Ari and Seika Igarashi didn't know). According to Tori Kirari, it used to be called "Unyaranupetta". Use something like a vase with arms attached. Other details are unknown.
Daruma-san, the determined pose
Gambling invented by Yumeko. In addition to the usual "Daruma-san has fallen", an element "competiting the attractiveness of the pose at the moment of rest" has been added.

the term

Hundred Kao Gakuen
The main stage of this work. It is a prestigious school that has been established for 122 years and has many children of the upper class and political and business circles.
Approximately two years before the main story started, due to reforms launched by the current student council president, Kirari Momokuri, the school is dominated by a gambling class system. All students 2.
The main axis. A class system that is centrally managed by the student council. Strong people gather envy, weak people are treated as "livestock", and discriminated.
In "Kakegurui Delusion", the reason why gambling ability is required at this school is "Many are children of influential people in the political and business world, so you can let someone do it with money or power such as studying and sports.Psychological warfareThe strength of the game at the time of tactics and bargaining is evaluated. It is said that.
Debts incurred by gambling can be divided between student and student council. Especially in the case of debt to the student council, it is said that collection is severe, and if it is judged that the amount cannot be repaid, a "life plan table" will be sent.
A common name when the student council considers a student to be a "non-cooperative student" when "payment" is in the bottom 100. It is obligatory to lower the tag with the ranking from the bottom from the neck. The name is said to be "Pochi" for boys and "Mike" for girls, and they are treated discriminatory within the school.VetoThere is no such thing, and if you go against it, you will receive retaliation from the student council. "Livestock" can be canceled by paying a uniform "special payment" of 100 million yen to the student council.
It should be noted that "payment" seems to include debts to the student council, and Yumeko Snake who had a debt of 3 million yen became the first place at a stretch even though it was shortly transferred, so I was worried When Ryota Suzui handed over 1,000 million yen to Yumeko, he said, "I can't make a special payment, but it will be a source of gambling."
Also, students who become "livestock" have the right to challenge gambling to anyone once in an "official match". If the stakes are within common sense, students who apply for the challenge are not allowed to refuse the match. However, by convention, student council officers are challenged on the blue ceiling (that is, it is possible to gamble with a large amount of stakes. Therefore, a big game aiming for one reversal from "livestock" is held. Or).
Life plan
Penalty imposed by the student council for debtors who are unable to repay.
The content is a schoolgraduateIt describes in detail about where to go to later, the marriage partner, and even the timing of giving birth. Also, it seems that the student council will not collect it unless this "life plan" is withdrawn.
The plan is only "after graduating from school", so if you repay by then, it will not be fulfilled. In addition, the decision-making authority is limited to the student council president Kirari Tohoku.
As mentioned above, the ultimate trafficking that forces the life of the debtor. With the power of Kirari and others, rather than "must do", she has a level of "force whatever she does".
According to the life plan of the film, Mei Saotome was supposed to get engaged with a far older council member.
Hyakugoku clan (Momobami Ichizoku)
The Momoji family, headed by Kirari Momokuri, is the main family, and it is a family with many branch families, and many of them have high social status. The last name always contains "Oku", and the Serpent family of Yumeko Serpent also hits the branch family.
A famous family that has continued for over XNUMX years since the Heian period. Has a strong voice in the upper class. Aoi Mibu is the son.
Miharu Takiya
A well-known family with a strong voice like the Mibuomi family. Miharu Takisaki is the son.

Spin off cartoon

Bet Kegurui Twin (or Kegurui Twin)
"Monthly Gangan JOKER" serialized from October 2015 issue. The drawing is Katsura Saiki.
Bet Kegurui (provisional) (or Kegurui parenthesis)
``Monthly Gangan JOKER'' January 2017 issue, ``Manga UP!] Serialized from December 2016, 12. The drawing is Taku Kawamura.
Bet Kegurui Delusion (or Kegurui Midari)
"Manga UP!" serialized from February 2017, 2 to May 21, 2020. DrawingYuichi Hiiragi.

Bibliographic information



  • Homura Kawamoto, Toru Naomura (Original) / Hikaru Takeno (Author), Square Enix <Gangan Comics JOKER>

fan Book

  • Homura Kawamoto, Toru Naomura (Original) / Hikaru Takeno (Author) "Bet Kegurui Ai" Square Enix <Gangan Comics JOKER>, Volume 1 already published (as of January 2018, 1)
    1. Published October 2018, 1,ISBN 978-4-7575-5598-3

Television Animation

The first period is from July to September 1Every day broadcasting-TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[21][22][23][24][25].. In the second term, the title is "Bet Kegurui No No], and BS broadcasting stationBS Nippon Televisionchange to[26]Broadcast on January-March 2019[27].

At the beginning of the broadcast, there is an expression "gambling is depicted in this program. Betting is prohibited by law." "Parents are kindly requested to watch children and adolescents." Is displayed.

Issue 1

TV animation was announced on February 2017, 2[28].. The original student council officer has been animated up to the middle of the 3 consecutive battles (Kaedu Ueda battle), the final story is an original story of the original animation by Homura Kawamoto.[23][24][25].. Appear in the final storyTarot cardDirector Yuichiro Hayashi was in charge of the director in 2014.Garo <GARO> -Engraved Flame-Is the original author ofKeita AmemiyaIs in charge of[29]He said that he designed not only 4 pieces to be shown in the work but 22 pieces in total[30].

The week after the episode 5 was broadcasted by the production station Mainichi Broadcasting and the affiliated station.RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System OfWorld landWith the suspension of broadcasting by relay, at other stationsSaori Hayami,Miumi Tanaka,Tokutake TatsuyaThe special number "1st episode retrospective broadcast special with cast commentary" that appeared by voice was broadcast[31].

Leaving a strong impact with a unique world view and face art,Audience ratingIs up to 3%,Midnight animeRecorded a very high number as[32](Unknown which broadcasting station has the audience rating).

Issue 2

August 2018, 1,Shinjuku Cultural CenterAnnounced production on stage of special event "Private Hyakukao Gakuen Cultural Festival"[33][34].. August 8, same year, additional announcement of the second term title, broadcasting time, staff etc.[27].. On November 11, the same year, based on the original "Student Presidential Election Edition", it was announced that some original elements will be included, such as the appearance of the anime original character "X Goku Zero".[26].. Subsequently, from the same month 26th to December 12th, a promotion was made to release 6 cast members who played the members of the "Baby Clan" appearing from this term one by one every day.[26][19].. The original character of "X Goku Zero" is in charge of the original drawing by Naomura, and the episode involving her is completely supervised by the original author Kawamoto.[35].

ス タ ッ フ

Issue 1[36]Issue 2[37]
OriginalHomura Kawamoto,Toru Naomura
directed byYuichiro Hayashi
Matsuda Kiyoshi
Series compositionYasuko Kobayashi
Character DesignManabu Akita
Art directorMatsuda Haruka
Masanobu Nomura
Art settingAmata Toshiki
Color designChikako KamadaAyako Suenaga
CGI DirectorOrder of applicationOkuno Moto
CinematographerTakashi Yanagida
EditKiyoshi HiroseTakemiya Mutsumi
Sound directorAkiko Fujita
Music producerJunnosuke Sato
Takashi Murakami
Music productionDIVE II entertainmentavex pictures
Chief producerMaruyama Hiroo, Ryuji Abe, Tetsuya Endo, Kazue Kaniwa
Hiroyuki Tanaka, Moriharu AndoKanji Ogo, Masao Ito
producerYounkai, Shota Komatsu, Soji Miyagi, Hideo Momota, Akiko Nabeiwa
Takashi Murakami, Shoichi Hotta, Tomoyo KamijiImafukutaro, Hasegawa Yoshinori, Fukuda Masao
Production"Bet Kegurui" Production Committee"Bet Kegurui XX" Production Committee

Theme song

Opening theme
Song titleLyricsCompositionArrangersong
Issue 1Deal with the devil[38]ryoTia
Issue 2Kono Yubitomare[39]Onoue sentenceShirasuke YusukeJUNNA
Ending theme (composition/arrangement- TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND)
Song titleLyricssong
Phase 1 (other than episode 9)LAYon-theLINE[38]TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUNDD-selections
Issue 2AlegriA[19]
Episode 1Russian roulette in loveHomura KawamotoSerpent Yumeko (Saori Hayami) & Yumemi Yumemi (Yu Serizawa)
Insert song
Song titleLyricsCompositionArrangersong
Episode 2Deal with the devilryoTia
Episode 2Two Pair MaidenHomura KawamotoTECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUNDYumeko Jabami (Saori Hayami) & Yumemi Yumemi (Yu Serizawa)
Amazing GraceWaraku Gyoku (Takagaki Ayahi)

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing director
Issue 1
Episode XNUMXWoman named YumekoYasuko KobayashiYuichiro HayashiYuichiro HayashiMiyako KamiyaManabu Akita
Episode XNUMXBoring womanTakashi Kobayashi
  • Tomoyuki Kitamura
  • Takashi Kawashima
Episode XNUMXWoman of yarnUedashi Shigeru
  • Daisuke Niinuma
  • Shiro Shibata
Manabu Akita
Episode XNUMXWoman who became a livestockKoji SekoKazuki Ohashi
  • Hideaki Matsuoka
  • Yuko Kato
  • Rie Aoki
  • Shuji Takahara
Episode XNUMXWoman who became humanYasunori Goto
  • Kenji Hattori
  • Kazuyuki Iidai
  • Toyohiro Okada
  • Shiro Shibata
  • Daisuke Niinuma
Episode 6Woman invitingYasuko KobayashiTakashi Kobayashi
  • Yuko Kato
  • Rie Aoki
  • Ai Otsuka
  • Takasawa Mika
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Toshie Ikezu
  • Kwon Yong Sang
  • Kasano Mitsushi
  • Yuko Kato
  • Manabu Akita
Episode XNUMXWomen who refuseKoichiro Kuroda
  • Daisuke Niinuma
  • Hideaki Matsuoka
  • Nishino Rie
  • Yuuji Hamada
  • Akiko Nakano
Manabu Akita
Episode XNUMXWoman dancing in loveMurakoshi ShigeruSakai MunehisaYasunori Goto
  • Takasawa Mika
  • Shiro Shibata
  • Rie Aoki
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Koizumi Hatei
  • Yuko Kato
  • Daisuke Niinuma
  • Noriko Ito
  • Miwa Oshima
  • Mika Saito
Episode XNUMXDreaming womanKonosuke Uda
  • Rie Aoki
  • Ai Otsuka
  • Yuko Kato
  • Hideaki Matsuoka
  • Nishino Rie
  • Jiro Mashima
  • Kenji Hattori
  • Rie Nishimura
  • Manabu Akita
  • Yuko Kato
Episode XNUMXWoman to chooseKoji SekoTakashi KawabataYasunori Goto
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Shiro Shibata
  • Shuji Takahara
  • Mika Takazawa
  • Daisuke Niinuma
Manabu Akita
Episode XNUMXWoman betting on lifeNobuyoshi Arai
  • Koizumi Hatei
  • Yuko Kato
  • Rie Aoki
  • Jiro Mashima
  • Ai Otsuka
  • Hideaki Matsuoka
Rie Nishimura
Episode XNUMXKakegurui woman bettingYasuko KobayashiYuichiro Hayashi
  • Manabu Akita
  • Shinichi Wada
  • Shiro Shibata
  • Shuji Takahara
  • Takasawa Mika
  • Hideaki Matsuoka
  • Nishino Rie
  • Yuko Kato
  • Rie Aoki
Manabu Akita
Issue 2
Episode XNUMXRe-bi gambling mad woman TachiYasuko KobayashiMatsuda Kiyoshi
  • Shiro Shibata
  • Kim zehyun
Manabu Akita
Episode XNUMXWomen of the Bakuro ClanMatsuda KiyoshiKenji Takahashi
Episode XNUMXDon't touch this womanTeruko UtsumiHitomi Ezoe
  • Nii Manabu
  • Ishida Chinatsu
Episode XNUMXWomen who communicateYasuhiro Shigeru
  • Yasuhiro Shigeru
  • Kang Tae-sik
  • Kim Bo-kyoung
  • Hong Yu-mi
  • Lee Min-bae
  • Jang Sang-mi
Episode XNUMXChanging womanMurakoshi ShigeruTakayuki Iwa
  • Kim Min-Sun
  • Yuki Nishihata
  • Ryu Seung-Cheol
  • Jang Gil-Yong
  • Hwang Il-jin
  • Woo Jin-Woo
Kim zehyun
Episode 6Hollywood star womanKenji Takahashi
  • Shiro Shibata
  • Yuko Kato
Manabu Akita
Episode XNUMXBetrayal womanKazuaki KanedaMie Oishi
  • Yoichi Shimizu
  • Shuji Takahara
  • Kim zehyun
  • Shuji Takahara
Episode XNUMXUnbeatable womanTakashi Igari
  • Nii Manabu
  • Ishida Chinatsu
Shuji Takahara
Episode XNUMXWoman nearbyKoji SekoTakashi Kawabata
  • Yasunori Goto
  • Kim Sang-yeob
  • Jang Gil-Yong
  • Hwang Il-jin
  • Hong Yu-mi
Kim zehyun
Episode XNUMXWoman of reasonYui MatsubayashiHidekazu Hara
  • Shoko Yasuda
  • Rie Aoki
  • Yoichi Shimizu
Manabu Akita
Episode XNUMXWoman carrying xMurakoshi ShigeruYuichiro HayashiTakeshi Sato
  • Shiro Shibata
  • Yuko Kato
  • Nii Manabu
  • Ishida Chinatsu
Shuji Takahara
Episode XNUMXZero WomanYasuko KobayashiMatsuda Kiyoshi
  • Nii Manabu
  • Ishida Chinatsu
  • Rie Aoki
  • Shoko Yasuda
Manabu Akita


Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[40]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [41] Remarks
May 2017-June 7, 1 Saturday 22: 00 - 22: 30 TOKYO MX Tokyo
May 2017-June 7, 2 Sunday 2:38-3:08 (Saturday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area Production participation /Anime shower] Part 2 / Special program not broadcast
May 2017-June 7, 3 Monday 2:00-2:30 (Sunday midnight) BS11 All over Japan BS broadcasting /ANIME +"frame
May 2017-June 7, 6 Thursday 2:30-3:00 (Wednesday midnight) RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System Fukuoka No special broadcast
Thursday 3:05-3:35 (Wednesday midnight) TV Aichi Aichi
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[42]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [41] Remarks
May 2019-June 1, 9 Wednesday 2:30-3:00 (Tuesday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area Production participation / Subtitled broadcasting / "Anime Special Zone" Part 1
May 2019-June 1, 10 Thursday 3:05-3:35 (Wednesday midnight) TV Aichi Aichi
May 2019-June 1, 13 Sunday 23:30-Monday 0:00 TOKYO MX Tokyo
BS Nippon Television All over Japan BS broadcasting
May 2019-June 1, 14 Monday 2:25-2:55 (Sunday midnight) RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System Fukuoka Subtitled broadcasting

On the internet,NetflixIt is exclusively distributed at, and the first term is distributed every Sunday from July 1 to September 2017, 7[40], The second term was delivered every Thursday from January 2, 2019[42].


rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
Issue 1[43]
12017/10/13Episode 1-Episode 2EYXA-11508EYBA-11507
22017/11/10Episode 3-Episode 4EYXA-11510EYBA-11509
32017/12/15Episode 5-Episode 6EYXA-11512EYBA-11511
42018/1/12Episode 7-Episode 8EYXA-11514EYBA-11513
52018/2/9Episode 9-Episode 10EYXA-11516EYBA-11515
62018/3/9Episode 11-Episode 12EYXA-11518EYBA-11517
Issue 2[44]
上2019/5/17Episode 1-Episode 6EYXA-12121 / B
under2019/6/28Episode 7-Episode 12EYXA-12122 / B

Picture drama

Blu-ray & DVD Animated short animation of the 1st, 1st, 3rd, and 5th volumes. Episode 1 NarrationFujii Jun.

Recording volumesubtitleStoryboardAnimation directorTotal drawing director
Volume 1Maid Cafe HyakukaoTakashi IshidaJunpei TanakaYuko Kato
Maid cafe Hyakukao 2
Volume 3Nekomimi Gakuen HyakukaoYuko Kato
Ai Otsuka
Nekomimi Gakuen Hyakukao 2
Volume 5Student council ☆ cafe planShuji Takahara-


Original soundtrack "Bet Kegurui no Oto -Notes for" kakegurui "-" --Released on January 2018, 1, standard part number EYCA-24-11733 (4 discs)[45]

Web radio

"Bet of Poti and Mike Kegurui RadioIs from September 2017, 9 to June 7, 2019HiBiKi Radio StationShows delivered by[46][47].. Personality is the role of Mei SaotomeMiumi TanakaAnd Ryota SuzuiTokutake Tatsuya.


A smartphone game based on TV animationBetting kegurui cheating roadWill be distributed from November 2018, 11[27].. Delivery will end on March 2020, 3[48].. The genre issimulation.

TV drama


From March 2021, 3, the previous day's Tan "Bet Kegurui Twin" will be released.Amazon Prime VideoAll 8 episodes were exclusively distributed every Friday, 2 episodes each[49][50].

Cast (TV drama)

Betting kegurui


Bet Kegurui So

Theme song (TV drama)

Opening theme "One or eight"[52]
Songwriting - Tsuno Yonesaki / song - Re: versed(Universal J)
The song was produced in response to an order from the director's English professor for a "rolled up feeling"[53].. Also, for the opening, the cast will match the song for each story,Lip-syncVideo has been inserted[52].
season1 theme song "Strawberry Feels'
song - BIGMAMA(Universal J)
season2 theme song ""
Song-BIGMAMA (Universal J)
Insert song "Around me in your pocket"
Lyrics- Homura Kawamoto / Composition- Unknown Ru / Song-Yumeko Jabami & Yumemi Yumemi
Kakegurui Twin Theme Song "Retrograde'
song - Aki Sakiyama

Production/Promotion (TV drama)

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayEvery day broadcastingBy the production ofTBSBroadcasting on the same affiliated station including "DramaismIn the frameLive actionTV drama announced[54].. On November 11th, I will play the role of YumekoMinami beachIs announced, the appearance and comments of the beach in Yumeko's costume, and the director'sEnglish studyCommented on the beach from[2].. Also, on December 12st, the role of Ryota SuzuiTakasugi MashiroWas announced, and the appearance and comments of Takasugi in Ryota's costume and comments from Britain to Takasugi were reported.[5]In addition, on December 12, I will play the role of Mei SaotomeAoi MorikawaWas announced, and the appearance and comments of Morikawa in Mei's costume and comments from the UK to Morikawa were reported.[3].

On December 2017, 12, the main visual with the beach, Takasugi, and Morikawa was announced.[55].. Also, on December 12 of the same year, a scene photograph of the first episode was announced.[56]In addition, on January 2018, 1, the role of Kaede Mameta as an additional castNakagawa Taishi, Seika IgarashiYurika Nakamura, Rui YukitsukiNatsume Mito, The role of Emperor ItsukiRuka Matsuda, Yuriko NishitoinNatsumi Okamoto, The role of Jun KitoYuma Yamoto, The role of Nana BudPrincess Matsumoto, The delusion of ShimaMiki YanagiIt was announced that each character will play, and the visuals dressed as each character were also released[8].

A trailer on January 2018, 1YouTubePublished in[57].. In addition, the special screening of the first episode was held on January 1th of the same year.GagaHeld at the head office screening room, beach, Takasugi, Morikawa gave a stage greeting[58].

From the person Ryota and Mei are working onKyogen spinningWhen turning to, he turns to the camera and exaggeratedly explains, while acting such that people other than them stop and Kyogen turning separates from the character himself.

The shooting of Hyakukao GakuenBunshokan(Yamagata Prefectural Museum)[59].

August 2018, 8,Kagura"Season 2" production announced at Blu-ray/DVD BOX release commemorative event[60].

Reverberation (TV drama)

Da Vinci NewsAccording to the audience, the first episode of season1 was well received by viewers for the scenes that were conscious of acting on the beach and the original story.[61].

Broadcast schedule (TV drama)

season1 (2018)
Each storyAirdatedirected by
Episode 12018/1/15English study
Episode 2May 1Hidetomo, Katsuhito Mogi
Episode 3May 1Katsuhito Mogi
Episode 4205 Day
Episode 5May 2Katsuhito Mogi, Yasuyuki Fukako
Episode 6May 2Yasuyuki Fukasako
Episode 7May 2
Episode 8305 DayEnglish study
Episode 9May 3
Episode 10May 3
season2 (2019)
Each storyAirdatedirected by
Every day broadcastingTBS
Episode 12019/401 Day403 DayShinya Nagano
Episode 2408 DayMay 4
Episode 3May 4May 4Shinya Nagano
Katsuhito Mogi
Episode 4May 4Katsuhito Mogi
The last episode ofMay 4501 Day

Broadcasting station (TV drama)

TBS series / season1 Broadcast period and broadcast time
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [41] Remarks
May 2018-June 1, 15 Monday 0:50-1:20 (Sunday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area Production Bureau
May 2018-June 1, 17 Wednesday 1:28-1:58 (Tuesday midnight) TBS TV Kanto wide area
May 2018-June 1, 19 Friday 1:28-1:58 (Thursday midnight) IBC Iwate Broadcasting Iwate
May 2018-June 1, 26 Friday 0:56-1:26 (Thursday midnight) Ai TV Ehime
May 2018-June 2, 7 Wednesday 1:25-1:55 (Tuesday midnight) TV You Yamagata Yamagata
May 2018-June 2, 9 Friday 0:51-1:21 (Thursday midnight) Shizuoka broadcasting Shizuoka
May 2018-June 2, 9 Friday 0:56-1:26 (Thursday midnight) Kumamoto Broadcasting Kumamoto
May 2018-June 2, 13
September 2018, 4, September 13, 4
Tuesday 1:31-2:02 (Monday midnight)
Friday 1:29-1:59 (Thursday midnight)
Friday 1:59-2:30 (Thursday midnight)
CBC TV Chukyo wide area
May 2018-June 2, 15 Thursday 1:30-2:00 (Wednesday midnight) Hokuriku Broadcasting Ishikawa
May 2018-June 2, 20 Tuesday 0:58-1:28 (Monday midnight) Aomori TV Aomori
May 2018-June 3, 7 Wednesday 1:35-2:05 (Tuesday midnight) Tohoku Broadcasting Miyagi
May 2018-June 3, 12 Monday 0:50-1:20 (Sunday midnight) Sanin Broadcasting Tottori-Shimane
May 2018-June 3, 13 Tuesday 2:05-2:35 (Monday midnight) Shinetsu Broadcasting Nagano
May 2018-June 3, 21 Wednesday 1:30-2:00 (Tuesday midnight) RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System Fukuoka
May 2018-June 3, 26 Monday 0:50-1:20 (Sunday midnight) Oita Broadcasting Oita
May 2018-June 4, 3 Tuesday 1:27-1:57 (Monday midnight) Hokkaido Broadcasting Hokkaido[Note 14]
May 2018-June 6, 9 Saturday 1:45-2:15 (Friday midnight) China broadcasting Hiroshima[Note 14]
May 2018-June 10, 4 Thursday 1:20-1:50 (Wednesday midnight) Sanyo Broadcasting Okayama-Kagawa[Note 14]
May 2019-June 1, 2 Wednesday 2:00-3:00 (Tuesday midnight)
Thursday 0:45-3:15 (Wednesday midnight)
Friday 1:45-3:15 (Thursday midnight)
Broadcasting System of Niigata Niigata[Note 14]
May 2019-June 1, 12 Saturday 0:55-1:25 (Friday midnight) Miyazakihoso Miyazaki[Note 14]
May 2019-June 8, 28 Wednesday 1:06-1:35 (Tuesday midnight) TV Yamaguchi Yamaguchi [Note 14]
TBS series / season2 Broadcast period and broadcast time
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [41] Remarks
May 2019-June 4, 1 Monday 0:50-1:20 (Sunday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area Production Bureau
May 2019-June 4, 3 Wednesday 1:28-1:58 (Tuesday midnight) TBS TV Kanto wide area
Wednesday 0:55-1:25 (Tuesday midnight) TV You Yamagata Yamagata
May 2019-June 4, 5 Friday 1:29-1:59 (Thursday midnight) CBC TV Chukyo wide area
May 2019-June 4, 6 Saturday 0:55-1:25 (Friday midnight) RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System Fukuoka
Saturday 2:20-2:50 (Friday midnight) China broadcasting Hiroshima
May 2019-June 4, 8 Monday 0:50-1:20 (Sunday midnight) Sanin Broadcasting Tottori-Shimane
May 2019-June 4, 9 Tuesday 0:55-1:25 (Monday midnight) Aomori TV Aomori
May 2019-June 4, 9 Tuesday 2:05-2:35 (Monday midnight) Shinetsu Broadcasting Nagano
May 2019-June 4, 10 Wednesday 1:22-1:52 (Tuesday midnight) Broadcasting System of Niigata Niigata
May 2019-June 4, 10 Wednesday 13:55-14:25 Oita Broadcasting Oita
May 2019-June 4, 17 Wednesday 1:28-1:58 (Tuesday midnight) IBC Iwate Broadcasting Iwate
May 2019-June 4, 17 Wednesday 1:35-2:05 (Tuesday midnight) Tohoku Broadcasting Miyagi[Note 15]
May 2019-June 4, 18 Thursday 1:30-2:00 (Wednesday midnight) Hokuriku Broadcasting Ishikawa
May 2019-June 4, 19 Friday 0:56-1:26 (Thursday midnight) Ai TV Ehime
May 2019-June 4, 20 Saturday 0:55-1:25 (Friday midnight) Miyazakihoso Miyazaki
May 2019-June 4, 23 Tuesday 1:27-1:57 (Monday midnight) Hokkaido Broadcasting Hokkaido
May 2019-June 4, 25 Thursday 1:50-2:20 (Wednesday midnight) RSK Sanyo Broadcasting Okayama-Kagawa
May 2019-June 4, 26 Friday 0:56-1:26 (Thursday midnight) Kumamoto Broadcasting Kumamoto
May 2019-June 4, 27 Saturday 0:20-0:50 (Friday midnight) Nagasaki Broadcasting Nagasaki
Saturday 1:25-1:55 (Friday midnight) Shizuoka broadcasting Shizuoka
May 2019-June 4, 28 Sunday 2:08-2:38 (Saturday midnight) Tulip TV Toyama
Daily broadcastTBS Dramaism
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Betting kegurui
Betting kegurui season2

BD / DVD (TV drama)

Release datetitleformPart number
2018/7/3Betting keguruiBlu-ray BOXGABS-1736
2019/8/2Betting kegurui season2Blu-ray BOXGABS-2016

Live-action movie

First work

"Movie betting keguruiReleased on May 2019, 5 with the title.It will be a completely original story that continues from the TV drama season3.

First work

"Movie Bet Kegurui Desperate Russian RouletteWill be released on April 2021, 4 with the title[63]..It will be a completely original story that continues from the first live-action movie[64].

Cast (live-action movie)

First work

First work

Staff (live-action movie)

First work

First work

  • Original: Homura Kawamoto, Toru Naomura "Kakegurui" (published monthly "Gangan JOKER" published by Square Enix)
  • Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa
  • Screenplay: Mizuno Takano, English study
  • Theme song:milet"Checkmate" (SME Records)
  • Produced by: Tatsumi Yoda, Yoshiro Hosono, Shinji Nakano,Shinji Hashimoto, Yasushi Utagawa, Akihito Watanabe, Atsushi Masuda, Yukio Matsushita
  • Planning / Producing: Tsuyoshi Matsushita, Tatsuya Iwakura
  • Executive Producers: Satomi Kotake, Hiroo Maruyama, Ryuji Abe
  • Producer: Yuichi Shibahara
  • Co-producer: Yanghwe Yoon
  • Music: Unknown Ruru
  • Photo: Takashi Komatsu
  • Lighting: Yuichiro Makie
  • Recording: Akihiko Karai
  • Art: Eri Sakushima, Takuro Kato
  • Decoration: Hiroaki Horiguchi
  • Edited by: Naoichiro Sagara
  • VFX Supervisor: Ichijun Kosaka
  • Costume: Atsuko Shiraishi
  • Hair Make: Chieko Uchijo, Yayoi Wada
  • Sound effect: Atsushi Shigeno
  • Music selection: Takuya Takeda
  • Music Producer: Toshihiro Sugita
  • Assistant Director: Shinya Nagano
  • Producer: Kenichi Matsuda
  • Line producer: Moritaro
  • Advertising Producers: Kenji Sasaki, Minoru Yamada
  • Production Production: Dub
  • Distribution: Gaga
  • Production secretary: Gaga, S ・ D ・ P
  • Production: "Movie Bet Kegurui 2" Production Committee

Production/promotion (live-action movie)

On August 2018, 8, at the drama version Blu-ray / DVD BOX release commemorative event held at Kagura, the production of the live-action movie "Movie Bet Kegurui" was announced along with the drama version "season 9".[60].. Also, on February 2019, 2, with the new cast, it was announced that it is a movie version original story[68].


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