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🎭 | Mugi Kadowaki "The stage is a happy work where you can try various things" Again in the direction of Hirotaka Kumabayashi


Mugi Kadowaki "The stage is a happy work where you can try various things" Again in the direction of Hirotaka Kumabayashi

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April 4th (Wednesday) -May 14th (Tuesday) Ikebukuro / Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater East Written by Hideki Noda Director / Hirotaka Kumabayashi Cast / Mugi Kadowaki, Daichi Kaneko, Satoru Matsuo, Reiya Masaki, Yuya Matsushita, Ogawa Tamaki and others General 5 yen and others (Preview performance on April 4th.

Directed by Mr. Kumabayashi, I feel that it will be a work that faces the main subject more straightforwardly. "Mr. Kumabayashi plays Mr. Noda's play ... → Continue reading


"Anan" has always created the "era", transmitted the "topics", and created the "trend" of women.
The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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Reiki Sasaki

Reiya Masaki(Rei Masaki,1995May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actor.HokkaidoI'm from My office isHirata Office→ Free →fit..Height 173 cm[1].


2009,"22stJunon Superboy ContestWon the Jury's Special AwardHirata OfficeBelong to.2011May 5Opened an official blog in[2].

HobbyCuisine,Voice percussion[1].. I belonged to January 2019, 1Hirata OfficeIndependent from.Since then, he has been performing free entertainment activities on April 2020, 4.fitBelong to.





  • Musical "The Prince of Tennis" 2nd Season --Taichi Dan
    • Seigaku vs St. Rudolph Yamabuki (April 2011, 4-May 8, 5,JCB Hall other)
    • Dream Live 2011 (November 2011-11, 5,Kobe World Memorial Hall other)
    • Concert SEIGAKU Farewell Party (October 2012, 10-October 11, 10,TOKYO DOME CITY HALL) Guest appearance (appearing as the person)
  • abc ★ Akasaka Boys Cabaret
    • Top of the 2nd ~ &win! ~ (August 2011, 8-September 24, 9,Akasaka ACT Theater) --Kota Mitamura
    • SpinOff 3rd inning! ~ Give yourself a whisper and win! ~ (September 2012-9, 12, Theater Sun Mall) --Kota
  • ASSH 2012th Performance "Snow falls on Raigaoka" (March 3-14, 18, Theater Green BIG TREE THEATER)-Narugami Ryukawa
  • bambino. Pre! ~ Final Chapter ~ (2012)
  • bambino. FINAL! ~ Final Chapter ~ (June 2012-6, 6, Theater Sun Mall, etc.)-Kota
  • Moving Prison (October 2013, 10-November 29, Senbonzakura Hall)-El
  • Attaku No1 (August 2015-8, 19,CBGK Shivureki !!) --Katsumori Warrant Officer
  • Jesus.Christ.Samurai star.Gozaru in the palace (February 2016-2, 24,All labored hall space zero) --The role of Heihachiro Kobayashi
  • Awesome Children (May 2019, 5-June 18, 6,Kanagawa Arts Theater) --The role of Paul
  • Pandora's Bell (April 2021, 4-May 14,Tokyo Metropolitan Theater other)


  • Softbank iPhone 5 SMILE "Encounter" (March 2013-)
  • JT "Mother and Son" (June 2013-)
  • Curation magazine antenna
    • "Weekend with Antenna" (April 2015-)
    • "Pakuchi" (December 2015-)
  • Lotte Sou (March 2016-)[24]
    • "Hill"
    • "Pool" version
    • "Bus stop"
  • Glico almond effect
    • "Almond Milk Boys Sweet" (April 2017-) * webCM
    • "Almond Milk Men's Cool" (April 2017-) * webCM
  • Pairs "My pace, my pairs." (December 2020, 12-) * webCM [25]

Delivery content

  • Love Concier Week 5 "Frogs, water striders" (December 2012-12, 17,NOTTV)-Starring Masato
  • "Wakareuta" (June 2017, 6, Nestle Theater) -Kota Kurata
  • Karaoke DAM"Munekyun Boys (Share House)" (June 2020, 6, Karaoke DAM) --Asuka[26]
  • "Emotional lines." ~ It doesn't matter. ~ (June 2020, 6, Youtube)[27]
  • SEIKO Web drama "The Watch Stand" (November 2020, 11, Youtube)[28]



Other TV

  • NHK haiku"Haiku blooms!" Mini drama "Road to the Prince of Haiku" (2012, NHK E-Tele) --As Ijuin
  • Matching love(December 2014, 12,TBS)
  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • Short drama "April Fool's Day in Love" (April 2016, 4) --Hideki Segawa
    • Short drama "Fast Food Prejudice Daddy" (September 2016, 9) --Hattori
    • Short drama "New Justice Obangelion" (November 2017, 11) --Hiro
    • Short drama "Three Aunts Sukatto" (March 3, 2018) --Hiroshi Tanaka
    • Short drama "Nobody can trust ..." (October 2019, 10) --Masaya Izumi
    • Short drama "Perfect Sales Woman" (January 2020, 1) --Daisuke Kanzaki
    • Short drama "The nature of a villain who takes a man as a ball" (June 2020, 6) --Oda
  • Adult Henobel"Otaku no Koi no Labyrinth" (September 2016, 9, NHK E-Tele) --Starring: Takayuki Katase
  • "Cause of change" (April 2018, 4, TV Asahi)
  • THE Breakthrough File"Breakthrough Rescue" (February 2021, 2, NTV) --Kou Iida


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