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🎭 | HiHiJets & Boys Stage "Boys" first starring "Johnny's cherished work"

HiHi Jets (above) and Bishonen starring in the photo stage "Boys" for the first time

HiHiJets & Youth Stage "Boys" first starring "Johnny's cherished work"

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Until now, the Nissay Theater and Shochikuza Theater in Osaka have been used as the "main battlefield", but this year it will be performed at the Shinbashi Enbujo for the first time.

Johnny's Jr. unit "Hi Hi Jets" and "Beautiful Boys" will be on stage "Boys" (opening in September, Tokyo, New ... → Continue reading

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Nissay Theater

Nissay Theater(Nissei Gekijo,English : Nissay Theater) IsTokyoChiyoda WardIs intheaterIs.The number of seats at the time of completion is 1,358, and the current number of seats is 1,334.Known as a building with a profound exterior and fantastic interior.

History and overview

Keita Asari,Shintaro IshiharaHave beenTokyu GroupGeneralNoboru GotoI was approaching the story of building a theater.at firstShibuyaTokyu systemMovie theaterIt was about remodeling, but around the same time,Nippon Life InsuranceTo commemorate the 70th anniversary of its foundingtheaterThe idea of ​​wanting to makeGen HiroseWhen the president confided to Goto, Goto introduced Asari and others to Hirose.Thus, the ambitions of young artists andsponsorThe Nissay Theater was born out of Hirose's extraordinary efforts.

FlutterOn August 1963, 10Berlin German OperaWas invited[1].. After thatContemporary drama,kabukiAndOpera,musicalIt was used for performances of. From May 1970, due to management difficulties, the method was changed from independent production to a rental hut system, and in 5, President Noboru Goto and Executive Directors Keita Asari and Shintaro Ishihara resigned.[2].Troupe four seasonsBefore he had a permanent theater, there were many performances at this theater, andKoshiji snowstorm 1970 eraAt that time, he held a "long recital" for many years, which was said to be one of the most difficult stages to obtain tickets in Japan.Also,Kenji SawadaFirst in December 1971, the month after his solo debutrecitalWas held at this theater.But that outstandingSound effectIs "too good"Classical musicIt is said that it is not suitable for, and in fact, it is famous in recent years.orchestraThere is no performance by.

Among the audience seats, the "Grand Circle seats", which correspond to the mezzanine floor, are very popular and often sell out quickly.

Other business contents

The purpose of the business is to "provide excellent performing arts and improve them to contribute to the promotion of Japanese arts and culture."[3]The Nissay Theater-based operator, the Nissay Cultural Promotion Foundation, is engaged in various activities.

  • Since 1964, co-sponsored by Nippon Life, we invite elementary school students in Tokyo to a musical performed by Shiki Theater Company for free on a school-by-school basis.Nissei Masterpiece TheaterIs carried out every year.
  • Since 1979, the "Nissay Theater Opera Class" has been held at a low price to provide junior high and high school students with the opportunity to watch full-scale opera, and this is done on a school-by-school basis.
  • Since 1993, the "Nissay Theater International Family Festival" has been held every summer vacation so that parents and children can experience full-scale performing arts at a low price.


Nissay Theater Hibiya Building建築 家-Murano TogoOne of the masterpieces of1963Completed in September (Design: Murano / Mori Architects, Construction:Obayashi team).Steel reinforced concrete construction8 stories, 5 basement floors.It is a complex building consisting of an office part and the Nissay Theater.[1].

In the office part, after completionNihonbashiTokyo Nippon Life Museum (Nihonbashi)TakashimayaHas moved as a tenant) Nippon Life Tokyo General Bureau (later Tokyo Headquarters) located on the 7th and 8th floors[1]..The Tokyo Headquarters1987ToToho Hibiya BuildingAfter moving to2004ToMarunouchi OazoIt has moved to the completed Nippon Life Marunouchi Building.

The ceiling and walls of the audience seats in the theater are composed of undulating curved surfaces due to sound effects, and there are 2 sheets on the ceiling.Pearl oyster(actually,Mad shellfish) Shells are studded[4]..In the architectural worldgranite(Okayama productMannari stone) FinishedClassicismThe appearance and the fantastic interior space using Akoya pearl oysters were the mainstream at that time.Modernism architectureFrom the standpoint of "RecoilIn 1964, he received the Architectural Institute of Japan Award for Works (Nippon Life Hibiya Building).

In 2006, together with Nippon Life Hibiya BuildingSelected by DOCOMOMO JAPAN Architecture of modern movement in JapanHas been selected for.

Directions and Parking


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