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🧑‍🎨 | New design departure JR Johana / Himi Line Ninja Hattori-kun train Shokoji, Tateyama over the sea

Photo Newly introduced wrapping vehicle = Takaoka Station

New design departure JR Johana / Himi Line Ninja Hattori-kun train Shokoji, Tateyama over the sea

If you write the contents roughly
"Come on, everyone, put on your mask for a while and let's go on departure!

New "Ninja Hattori-kun Train" named after the popular work of manga artist Fujio Fujiko Ⓐ (former Toyama newspaper reporter) from Himi city ... → Continue reading

 Northern country, Toyama newspaper

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Departure progress

Departure progressWhat is (Shupatsu Shinko)?JapanIn列車 OfDriverDoPointing and callingone of.

Original meaning

"Departure progress" isJapanese railway signalOf "Departure signal"(parking lot(A traffic light that indicates whether or not a train can depart)get on"(绿, This signal may be passed at the maximum permissible speed in this section), which is a word to be called when the driver confirms.It has the meaning of preventing accidental departures.

This traffic light is not only "progress" but also "progress"Fast progress(Two green lights, meaning that you can pass this signal at a speed exceeding 2km / h) and "Deceleration"(Green andyellow2 colors, 50km / h-meaning that you can pass this signal at 95km / h or less) and "Notes(Yellow, 40km / h-may pass below 65km / h), "Vigilance"(Two yellow lights, may pass at 2-25km / h or less), in which case"Departure deceleration"Departure attention"Departure alert".

In addition, even when a train passes through a stop, it may be called "departure progress" in order to confirm the "departure signal".In addition, multiple departure signals may be installed at one stop.In this case, from the frontFirst departure ○○"Second departure ○○".

By the way,ATCThe word "departure progress" is not used on the introduction route, and when departing from a stop, "(○○) departure" (○○ is the name of the station where the stop was stopped) or the specified speed of the signal (example: "Signal 75" ") Is often called.

Derivative usage

As mentioned above, "departure progress" originally includes only the meaning of "confirmed that the departure signal at the stop is green (progress indication)".Departure is the subject and progression is the predicate.

HoweverstationSince train drivers often call when departing from a stop, ordinary people who hear it do not know the meaning of the railway terms "departure" and "progress" and say "departure progress". There are cases where it can be inferred that it was misunderstood as "a signal when the train departs."In this case, the departure and progress are "Those with similar meaningsIt is interpreted as.

Now thisMisuseIs almost established and is often used to mean to start or start things.

For this reason, it is often the case that the driver does not depart after saying "departure progress", and it seems that general passengers may be confused.

When running a train, it is "departure" or "departure all right".

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