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🎥 | Ryusei Fujii on the throne of the student council president ... The worst villain in the "Kakegurui" series is born


Ryusei Fujii on the throne of the student council president ... The worst villain in the "Kakegurui" series is born

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In the case, the photo captures the appearance of Kirari Momobami (Ikeda Eliza) sitting on the throne of the student organization president, who had been seated as absolute power in the previous "Kakegurui" series.

The scene of "Movie Bet Kegurui Desperate Russian Roulette" (released on April 4) starring actress Minami Hamabe ... → Continue reading

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Ikeda Eliza

Ikeda Eliza(Ikeda-, Elaiza Ikeda, real name and old stage name:Ikeda Risa(Read the same)[3][4].1996 (8)May 4 -)[5]It is,Japan Ofactress-singer-Fashion Model[2],Film director.

フィリピンbirth,FukuokaFukuoka CityBackground[6][7].Evergreen EntertainmentBelongs. 13thNikola Model AuditionGrand Prix. Ex'nicola''CanCam] Exclusive model.



フィリピンBorn inFukuokaRaised in[8].. My fatherJapanese,Mother isFilipinoSpanishMix singer and model[9][10][11].


Graduated from Daiichi Pharmaceutical University High School 2009 ,fashion magazine"Nicola』The 13thNikola Model AuditionWon the grand prix. From the October issue of the same yearIkeda RisaStarted activities as an exclusive model under the name. The first cover is displayed at an exceptional speed of the March 2010 issue (Kaho ItoWith).From April 4th of the same year, he will be in charge of "Nikolog". February 6 (March issue), the same year as the audition originMeiku Harukawa,Matsui Airi,Furuhata star summerAnd four formed a unit in Nikola. We are soliciting unit names from Nikola readers and determining the unit name in April (May issue)[12].. Work under the unit name of "♡4ever"[13].. The April 2012 issue will be the first independent cover page. Graduated from the magazine with the May 4 issue.The number of times the cover was posted was 2013 (including 5 single cover).

2013 From the June issue, "CanCam] Became a dedicated model. At the same time, change the name from the Chinese character "Yi Lisa" to "Eliza”Was changed to katakana notation. The cover was first displayed in the May 2016 issue (Yamamoto MizukiJointly with)[14].. The first solo cover was displayed in the February 2017 issue.[15].. Graduated from the magazine's exclusive model with the March 2018 issue[16].

2018 From April 4PARCO SWIM DRESS Campaign GirlIs appointed to[17].

An actor

Aiming to become an actress from the beginning when she entered the entertainment world while acting as a model[18].

Published in 2011High school debutMade a movie debut withScreaming class』(Released in 2013)[4][19].. 2014,Maybelline New YorkIt was created as a campaign plan for the lip cream series "BABY LIPS"comesFirst starring in the first serial drama "BABY MAGIC"[20].

2015 ,Sonoko OnsenDirector'smovies"Everyone! It's Esper!Was selected as the heroine of[21], Start actress activity in earnest[19].. Starring in the movieauditionWhen asked how he thinks of his film, he honestly said, "I don't like it. It's bloody or sex, but in the end, my family's love is so shy." Received[22].

2015 years,DJ sumAppointed as the cover photo for the MIX CD "Samapa! summer party mixed by DJ sum". She in a bikiniSelka stickAn attempt was made to shoot with[23].2016 ,Tokyo Girls CollectionAppointed as the cover photo for the official love song collection "TGC presents LOVE ME MUSIC". Filmed the key visual for Tokyo Girls Collection 2016 A/WMika NinagawaIs in charge of[24].

2016 ,globeIs one of the 20th anniversary projectTetsuya KomuroSymbolically expresses the world of lyrics drawn byMusic videoParticipate in the project. As the first of these, IkedaFACEPlayed the starring video[25]. July of the same year,DocumentaryDrama filmed by the method "SHIBUYA Zero-chome] For the first time in the drama. The dramaFuji TV on demandAfter being distributed as a drama atFuji Television Network, IncThe re-edition version was broadcast on the ground wave at[26][27].. same year,The United States of America OfGirl groupFifth HarmonyAppeared in the Japanese version of the music video "Work from Home feat Ikeda Eliza" of the hit song "Work from Home feat. In the video, "working woman" is expressed according to the song name, and IkedaOL, Sushi chef, cleaning staff,carpenterIs playing. In addition, we are performing dance for the first time[28].

2017 March 3FODThe live drama was broadcasted on October 10 to December of the same year and was also broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting.I am MariPlayed the role of the heroine Mari Yoshizaki[29].. Released in November of the same yearBow and kissThe first movie starring in[30].

2019 years,ringFrom the seriesSadako[31]..In the same year, he challenged the movie director for the first time in "Town Without Sea".[32][33]Public2020 It was December 12th[32].. In addition, from October 2019, the drama ``Left-handed Ellen] Play Ellen in the double starring.


From April 2018, 4, the music program ``The Covers』(NHK BS Premium) First challenge[34].. In the same program, on July 2018, 7 broadcast ``The StrangerHe often sings, starting with singing[35][36].. February 2020, 8FNS Kayo Festival Summer』(Fuji TV) terrestrial first singing.Shang Baishi Meng YinBy duet withAyakaof"I believe] And the guitar playing narrationMiyuki Nakajimaof"TimeWas shown[37].. On August 2021, 8, it was announced that music activities would start in earnest under the name of "ELAIZA".[38]..Opened official YouTube channel and released "Intro" video announcing artist debut[38]..The debut song "Close to you" will be pre-delivered on September 9th from the first album "Kurakuen".[39].


2014 ,Cloud FundingSucceeded in raising approximately 300 million yen from 280 people[11]Publishes first model book "@elaiza_ikd"[40].

In 2020Movie 24 wardsYouth movie production project ofOur recipe picture bookThe second in the series "Summer"soFilm directorAlso as a debut[41]..Fukuoka prefecture, my hometownTagawaFilmed on the stage in the summer of 2019 in the same place[6][7][42].. Official invitation to the 21st Cinema Fest Division[43].. The 23rdShanghai International Film FestivalIn the international panorama section[44]..Ikeda wins "ELLE Girl New Director Award" at "ELLE Cinema Award 2020"[45].

He is also active as a still photographer,Weekly playboy]Yuri YanagiWas also in charge of the cover and intro gravure photography[46].. movies"SUNNY Strong feeling, strong love], thenegg』\ Played a magazine model[47].


left handed. He loved reading and was a library member at school. I also wanted to be a writer[48].. The writer who inspired me to read a bookJiro AkagawaAnd my favorite writerShuji TerayamaAre listed[49].

I like movies, and I am motivated not only as an actress but also as a creator[50].. I have a yellow-tailed parakeet named "Pijon" (nicknamed "Piji").[51].An actor OfUesugi HiiragiSaid that he has been on good terms since he was in high school and has been treated like a childhood friend.[52].

Personal media

Ikeda, who thought that "in the present age, it is a good idea to send out his/her information by himself/herself (using personal transmission and diffusible tools)", staff members of the affiliated offices are still acquiring accounts. Didn'tTwitterStarted. Anonymous was about the same time, but the number of followers increased and the name became known[53].. Self-portrait photos to be posted were evaluated,Selfie god[54].2014 Posed with his mouth pinched as his Twitter icon and sharpened lipsSelfieWhere I used the photo[55], By the fansEliza poseWas named[56].. According to Ikeda's explanation, the correct way to do the Eliza pose is "I put all the fingers of one hand on my chin, and I do my mouth.Duck mouthPush it up until it opens and your eyes will open sharply.''[57].. Variety program that appeared in 2014The! World Astonishment NewsWas introduced to the audience[58].

On Twitter in 2015Gome AyamePost a photo with Eliza Poses with[59].. same year,An actor OfTadanobu Asano TheInstagramPosted inSinger-songwriter OfYasuyuki OkamuraEliza poses in the picture[60].

June 2020, 6, report the end of operation of Twitter account[61].. After that, I declared that it would be limited to Instagram[61].



TV drama

Delivery drama

Music program

Entertainment shows


  • Air Studio Produced "Midsummer Juliet" (May 2014)
  • "Ever Green Entertainment Show 2015" (August 2015)
  • "Ever Green Entertainment Show 2016" (August 2016)

Internet tv

  • nicola ©(goomo)-Irregular appearance
  • Namie Amuro fashion general election FASHION MOVIE BEST 50 (September 2018, 9, AbemaTV)[102]

Online delivery

Music video


fashion show

  • Tokyo Girls Collection
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION'13 A/W (August 2013, 8)
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION'14 S/S (March 2014, 3)
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION in FUKUSHIMA 2014 (April 2014, 4)
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION'14 A/W (August 2014, 9)
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION'15 A/W (September 2015, 9)
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2016 S/S (March 2016, 3)
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2016 A/W (September 2016, 9)
    • TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION KITAKYUSHU 2016 (October 2016, 10)
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 S/S (March 2017, 3)
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 A/W (September 2017, 9)
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2018 S/S (March 2018, 3)
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2019 S/S (March 2018, 3)[115]
  • a-nation & Girls Award island collection (CanCam stage August 2014, 8)
  • Ryukyu Asia Collection
    • Ryukyu Asia Collection 2014 (November 2014, 11)
    • Ryukyu Asia Collection 2015/RACo2015 (October 2015, 10)
  • Girls Award
    • GirlsAward 2015 A/W (October 2015, 10)
    • GirlsAward 2016 S/S (April 2016, 4)
    • GirlsAward 2016 A/W (October 2016, 10)
    • GirlsAward 2017 S/S (April 2017, 5)
  • Kansai Collection
    • Kansai Collection 2016 S/S (February 2016, 2)
    • Kansai Collection 2016 A/W (September 2016, 9)
    • Kansai Collection 2017 S/S (February 2017, 3)
  • SHIZUOKA COLLECTION 2015 A/W (September 2015, 9)
  • Kobe Collection 2016 S/S (March 2016, 3)
  • FUKUOKA ASIA COLLECTION 2016 S/S (March 2016, 3)
  • ULTRA TEEN'S FES "Super teen" 2016@TOKYO (March 2016, 3)
  • Kobe Collection 2016 A/W (September 2016, 9)
  • Girls Fashion Festa TGC by girlswalker.com 2016 A/W (September 2016, 9)
  • TOHOKU DREAM COLLECTION 2016 (October 2016, 10)
  • KOBE COLLECTION 2017 S/S (March 2017, 3)
  • Fukuoka Asia Collection 2017 S/S (March 2017, 3)
  • Ultra teens-ULTRA TEENS FES-2017@TOKYO (March 2017, 3)
  • takagi presents TGC KITAKYUSHU 2017 supported by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (October 2017, 10)
  • Istyle presents TGC HIROSHIMA 2017 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (TGC Hiroshima 2017) (December 2017, 12)



  • Nissen"Petit Berry" (2011 Midsummer Issue -)
  • Cecile"Cupop" (Spring 2012 issue)


Participation in music

  • Kenshi YONEZU"Fogbound" (Collaboration with Kenshi Yonezu)-Singing guest[116]
    • Kenshi Yonezu's 4th album "BOOTLEG』(Released on November 2017, 11)

Movies (works)

Magazine serialization


Photo album


  • Ikeda Eliza 2017 Calendar (August 2016, 8, Hagoromo)
  • Ikeda Eliza 2018 Calendar (August 2017, 8, Hagoromo)
  • Ikeda Eliza 2019 Calendar (August 2018, 10, Hagoromo)


  • Nikola Model Audition Grand Prix
  • Best Styling Award 2015 Teen Division[118]
  • Eye of the Year 2016 Model Category[119]
  • Elle Cinema Award 2020 "ELLE Girl New Director Award"[45]


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