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🎥 | There is no taboo in the work!Interview with Jason Blum, a producer of over 170 horror titles

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There is no taboo in the work!Interview with Jason Blum, a producer of over 170 horror titles

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Bram's soul-filled masterpiece "The Hunt" (2020), which was scheduled to be released nationwide two years ago, is a political shooting incident that occurred before the release to the United States, "Liberal wealthy people slaughter Trump's supporters" After being distorted and criticized, it went on fire.

Stars and directors often choose the movie they want to watch, but the name alone seems to be interesting!There are few producers who expect it ... → Continue reading

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Donald Trump

Donald John Trump(English: Donald John Trump,1946May 6 -) isThe United States of America Of政治家,Businessman.The 45th generation of the countryPresident(Appointment: 2017May 1 - 2021May 1).Real estateBecame famous as a millionaire in the industry2016 United States Presidential ElectionWas elected. I served a four-year term,2020 United States Presidential ElectionHe was defeated and missed the re-election, and ended in the first term and four years.


1946May 6ToNew York StateNew York City OfQueensBorn and raised inWharton SchoolEconomics OfBachelor's degreeGot1971To take over the real estate business of his fatherTrump OrganizationRenamed to QueensBrooklynからマ ン ハ ッ タ ンExpanded business to.The companyskyscraper(casino-casino-casino)Etc. were being constructed and refurbished.Then mainly his namelicenseBy doing so, we started various side ventures.1996ToMiss Contest OfMiss Universe・ Purchase a brand2015Sold to.2003From 2015Reality show"ApprenticeProduced,ModeratorServed.2020NowForbesHas his net worth 21 billionDollarPresumed to be[4].

RepublicanAs2016 United States Presidential ElectionInto 16 other candidatesPrimary electionBroke with. His political positionPopulist-Protectionist-NationalistHas been expressed.Democratic PartyCandidateHillary ClintonWas defeated and won a surprise, but lost in the number of general votes[Annotation 1]..OldestPresident of the United StatesHe became the first president to have never held a military or government position.His elections and policies have sparked many protests.Election campaignAnd many during his tenure as president False or misleading statementsI've been These remarksFact checkerDocumented by, the media broadly describes this phenomenon as unprecedented in American politics.Many of the statements and actionsRacismAnd racist[5][6][7].

More rigorousImmigration policyAdvocating[8]..Imposed travel bans on various countries, strengthened immigration law enforcement, increased immigrant detention and family separation[9]. Also,Border with mexicoI vowed to "make a wall", but so far,Existing fenceIs only renovated[10]..For individuals and businessesTax reduction packageEnacted and personalHealth insuranceWithdrew the mandatory penalty[11]..最高裁にはTo the Supreme CourtNeil GossatchBrett Cabano,Amy Coney BarrettAppointed[12][13].Foreign policyThen,America first principleIn pursuit ofTrans-Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPP) Trade negotiations,Climate changeAboutParis Agreement,Iran nuclear agreement,Mid-range nuclear force abolition treaty,United Nations Human Rights Council,United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO),whoWithdrawal from the United States from (WHO)[14].Trade war with ChinaImports that triggerTariffTheJapanImposing on countries around the world[15][16], Signed trade agreements with China and Japan.Also,Approved Jerusalem as the capital of Israel[17].2018To(I.e.Announcing the withdrawal of US troops from[18],2019Withdraw tooilfieldRemained in the zone[19].. Since 2018north koreaIs the leader of金正恩Talked three times, but talks about denuclearization broke down in 3[20]..Also commanded military operationsHEATSupreme leader ofAbu Bakuru Al-Baghdadee,(I.e. OfIslamic Revolutionary GuardCommanderGarsem Solei MarnieBrought to death[21][22].

Robert MollerAccording to a special prosecutor's investigation, Trump and his campaign are in the belief that they will have a political advantage.Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential electionWere welcomed and encouraged, but criminalCollusion,ロシアNo sufficient evidence was found to accuse cooperation with[23]..Moller also investigated Trump on charges of obstructing justice, but did not prosecute or acquit him for the charges in the report.[23]..トランプがPlaying cardsDonald Trump and Ukrainian controversylaterAmerican House of RepresentativesWith abuse of power in December 2019ParliamentTrump for obstructing the execution of public affairsimpeachmentdid.Republican dominanceSenateAcquitted both crimes in February 2020[24].

COVID-19 PandemicResponse to slow, deliberately downplaying threats, ignoring or contradicting many recommendations from health officials, unproven treatments andInspectionPromoted false information about the availability of[25].

Aiming for re-election for the second term2020 United States Presidential ElectionI ran for the Democratic Party candidateJoe BidenDefeated in[26][Annotation 2]..The Trump camp has no basisUnfair electionInsist[30], Recounted and court battles, but the result of Biden's victory did not change[30][31]..The incumbent president loses1992 United States Presidential ElectionAtGeorge HW BushThis is the first time in 28 years since then, and the incumbent president who was defeated after the war is the fourth Trump.[Annotation 3]Become[33].

2021May 1 OfFederal parliamentary assault by Trump supportersThere is growing criticism that they have "incited a rebellion" over[34],House of RepresentativesThen.May 1ToMike PenceTo Vice PresidentConstitutional provisionsIt is expected that a motion to dismiss Trump within 24 hours will be submitted based on the above, and at the same time, preparations for an impeachment resolution will be prepared.[35].

He retired on January 1th for one term and four years.[36].

Career before becoming president


XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNew York Stateニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfQueensWas born as the fourth child of a wealthy real estate developer's family[37][38]..父のfather'sFred TrumpIt is,1885ToGermany OfRhineland-Palatinate(German versionImmigrated to America fromGermanFrederick TrumpA child ofニ ュ ー ヨ ー クCityQueensReal estate developer. My mother, Mary Ann,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfIsle of LewisBorn1930He is a philanthropist and housewife who went to America.Trump's parents1936Married to and had five siblings[39].

Queens ward for boyhoodJamaica DistrictLived along the Midland Park Highway in New York, and attended a school in the Forest Hills area where his father was a steering committee member until the age of 13, but due to poor conduct(English edition(A prestigious school that opened in 1 at one of the army childhood schools. It was bought by an NGO in China as a result of being declared bankrupt in March 1889 and auctioned.[40]) Was transferred to[41].


From 1964Bronx OfFordham UniversityIt is a university that had a specialized department of real estate after going toUniversity of PennsylvaniaFaculty of Business Administration (Wharton School), and in 1968Bachelor of Economics(BS<ECon>) acquired and graduated[42][43].. After graduation, my father runsElizabeth Trump and SunI joined the company and managed real estate through work andinvestmentAcquire knowledge such as[44].


With support from my father,1970 eraStarted to develop office buildings, hotels, casinos, etc. mainly on the east coast of the United States such as New York.1971Was given the management rights of the company by his father Fred, and the company name was changed to the current "Trump Organization".[45].

In 1982, Mr. Trump was listed on Forbes Magazine's first list of high net worth individuals as having a $ 2 million share of his family's estimated net worth. 1980年代に経済的損失を被ったため、1990年から1995年の間にリストから外されたRemoved from the list between XNUMX and XNUMX due to financial losses in the XNUMXs[46]..Around this time, "Red hunting whirlwindWas notorious forLawyer OfRoy CornIs an advisory lawyer[47][48].

そ し て,1977ToCzechoslovakiaIn personモデル OfIvanaMarried to interior related companies and hotels, as an "advertising tower"casinoAttracted the attention of the media by entrusting the management of[49].

Self-revealing desire

There is a strong desire for self-revealingMediaPositively exposed toNewsweek"Or"Forbes","New YorkerI liked to be featured on the cover of famous magazines such as[50]..また、自らが所有するホテルでAlso, at a hotel you ownboxingWhen doing a world title match ofJack Nicholson,Mohammed AliInviting celebrities such as, as guests, showing a close relationship in front of the media, and at the same time always greeting himself on the ring[51].

Furthermore, for real estate that is developed and operated by itself,Playing cards・Tower", "Playing cards・Plaza」、「Playing cards・Marina", "Playing cards-Taj Mahal", Etc., bearing their own name.また自らの名を冠したボードゲームを販売するなど、自らの名を様々な形で露出することを好んだHe also preferred to expose his name in various ways, such as selling board games bearing his name.[52]..なお、過去に代理人に対して、自分の名を記事に掲載する際には、必ず「億万長者(The Billionaire)」とつけるように指示していたIn the past, I had instructed my agent to always say "The Billionaire" when posting my name in an article.[53].

In addition, it is one of the real estate with its own name.Trump tower"1983ToNew York Fifth Avenue(Midtownマ ン ハ ッ タ ンIt was built on the main street of. Known as a masterpiece of Trump in the 1980s with a golden interior, it is a complex facility with luxury apartments, a shopping mall, and an office area.

In the 1980sStephen Spielberg,Mike TysonCelebrities such as[54].

Entering a different industry

1983Is an emerging professional American football leagueUSFLBecame the owner of New Jersey Generals.1985The schedule that was spring and summerNFLConvince the other owners to use the same autumn-winter system and aim to merge with NFL. But the NFLAntitrust lawAppealed withtrialFruitless, the USFL was supposed to disappear in 1985[55].

Until then, ownAtlantic City OfcasinoBetweenhelicopterAlthough he also managed the company, he had entered the aviation industry,1989Is a major company that was in poor management at the timeAirlinesIs one ofEastern AirlinesFrom New York (LaGuardia Airport)ofShuttle flightAcquired the route network and named itselfTrump shuttleAnd promoted expansion to other industries.

It is also one of the finest hotels in New York.Plaza Hotel"1988After the acquisition, Ivana, who has no experience in hotel management, left the business.


However, the high yield of 14%Corporate bondIn addition to issuing a number of companies, they made a large amount of investment one after another that was difficult to recover, lost three executives at the same time in a helicopter accident, not to say that they lacked management expertise.Bachelor's degreeManagement was confused by leaving a lot of real power to Ivana.1990It came to have a huge debt.

Although he received a small amount of revolving funds from his father1991In the casino1992The hotel went bankrupt, and in the same year, the unprofitable "Trump Shuttle" and the "Plaza Hotel", which was obtained with noise, were to be released. Before and after this, I wrote information that would be disadvantageous to my company.journalist,MediaLitigation against.

Further modelMarla MaplesIt was discovered that he had an affair with him and a divorce suit was filed with Ivana. At this time, Trump and Ivana both leaked information to the media due to a court rumor over the solace fee, which attracted the attention of the media throughout the United States. A divorce was established in 1992,1993Had remarried to Maples when she became pregnant with a child.

1994To theseAssetTo reduce debt and withdraw from the pleasure boat and aviation businesses, with many properties owned in ManhattanChugokuSold to a affiliated company. Even now, Chinese banksGoldman Sachs,Deutsche BankHave a lot of debt from[56].. However, "Trump Plaza" and "Mar A LagoI left many properties at hand.


Despite this difficult situation, TrumpRothschild,Wilbur Ross,Fidelity InvestmentsNegotiated cooperation with and succeeded.With these efforts, I survived this crisis.Also, to raise funds for the "Trump Organization"New York Stock ExchangeListed successfully and raised about $12 billion. Own businessInstitutionalizationI did.

1990 eraFrom the latter half of the year, a successful economic revival has been achieved,ForbesWill be ranked again in the top 400 American companies selected by, and will build many new luxury apartments in Manhattan,Las Vegas,Atlantic CityHe has regained his position as the "American real estate king" by opening numerous hotels and casinos throughout the United States.

After that, "Empire State BuildingGot 50% ownership.1999IsイタリアAffair with a human model was discovered and he divorced Maples.

2000 United States Presidential Election

After comeback2000 United States Presidential ElectionIsRichard NixonAnd Ronald Reagan, a political consultant who served as a staff member for successive Republican presidentsRoger StoneAlthough he ran for the Reform Party of the United States primary election in Brain, he was a political commentator.Pat BuchananWill be elected. Trump at the time positioned himself as maintenance,

  • Calling himself a mediator, he says he will expand civil rights law to protect lesbians and gays and make them openly armed.
  • Call for a comprehensive health insurance system and propose a one-time tax on the ultra-rich to protect the social security system
  • Reputed to be a sedition politician[57] Defying Pat Buchanan's remarks about "Jews, blacks, gays, Mexicans..." saying "he wants to divide the country," and says he does not discriminate.

Was considered liberal in many ways[58].. The stone is2016 United States Presidential ElectionIt will also move as a playing card brain.

Apprentice appearance

さ ら に2004からNBCIs a reality show of "ApprenticeTo the contestants who appeared as hosts and worked in the program to become full-time employees of Trump's companyYou're fired(You are fired) ”has become popular.As a result, Trump, which had been well-known in the United States for some time, has become even more well-known.The program will appear before the presidential election.2015Continued until.

When the Apprentice became popular among childrenTerminal cancerI went to see a boy with terminal cancer who wanted to be told by Trump that he was fired at the request of an organization that fulfilled his child's wishes.[59]..At that time, the boy wore a suit and tie like the Apprentice performer and faced Trump, but Trump couldn't say "you're fired" and said, "Do your best. Enjoy your life." Have returned[59].

2005,スロベニアOriginally modeledMelaniaWas married to and was given son Baron[60].. Marriage with Melania2020It is still continuing.

Subprime problem

2007The so-called "Subprime problem"Trump Plaza", "Trump Marina", and "Trump Taj Mahal", which were in business difficulties such as the inability to pay corporate bond interest due to the subsequent recession, will be managed.Trump Entertainment Resorts"But,2009March 2Federal Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11Applied for.

Prior to this, Trump, who is also the company's founder, made an offer to the company's board of directors to "buy all of the company's shares" but was dissatisfied with the company's refusal.DirectorResigned.

2009 Year 2 MonthLate Show With David LettermanHe also applied for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code when he appeared in "General MotorsShould be destroyed." But the company suddenly started the following yearIndustry managementTurned up.

Also, on September 2010, 9, "Ground zero"CloseIslamDue to a planned issue with the Cultural Center, he offered to buy the planned center site at an additional 25 percent of the price.

2012 United States Presidential Election

In a poll in April 2011, Trump2012 United States Presidential ElectionInRepublican PartyAs a candidate forArkansas OfMike HuckabeeAlong with the former governor, he won the second place approval rating (the first place isMassachusetts OfMitt RomneyFormer Governor) [61].. On February 2012, 2, as a Republican presidential candidateMitt RomneyExpressed support for[62].

May 5 of the same year, RepublicanPrimary electionHe announced that he would not run for the president, but in the end, he added to the presidential election that he once again said, "(Political) apprentice celebrity (Celebrity apprentice) ”, He also said that he was planning to run.[63].

2000 United States Presidential Election

1999May 10,(English editionJoin the party.Jesse VenturaWith the support of2000 United States Presidential ElectionTo run for[64][65].. Trump's preliminary campaign gets media attention[66]..Imposing a tax rate of 14.25% on ultra-rich people only once to reduce the budget deficit, and realizing medical insurance for all citizens with the 1964 revision of the Civil Rights Act and the increase in corporate tax to prohibit discrimination against gays. Was raised.However, it withdrew in February 2000, saying that "the internal conflict of the Reform Party has become quite terrible."[67].

Political commentator who became presidential candidate of the reform party in this primary electionPat Buchanan[68] But,"メキシコsystemImmigrationTrump said, "Pat Buchanan is a racist. If I say that, I will lose my Mexican support." "I am a low-income immigrant in Brooklyn." I've worked with people, and it's normal to have people in New York, so discriminatory remarks are uncomfortable."[69].

2016 United States Presidential Election

Race announcement meeting

2015On June 6th at the Trump Tower interview,2016 United States Presidential ElectionToRun from RepublicanExpressed that[70].

At the announcement of the race, Trump said, "When Mexico (the government) sends people from Mexico, it doesn't send the best people in Mexico. Mexico sends people with many problems, Many Mexicans bring problems to us.dragBring in. They arecrimeBring in. They arerapeIt's a crime. And some are probably good people!Border guardHe told me what we were facing. "I made a big rebound," he said.

In the United StatesHispanic(Latin America) Inhabitants are on the rise, and by 2050 one in three people is expected to become Hispanic. It was said that this Hispanic disagreement would tighten Trump's neck. In response to this statement,SpanishIt is the largest broadcaster and broadcasts TV programs for HispanicsUnivisionDissolved the partnership with MUO (Miss Universe Organization), in which Trump is participating as a joint venture,Miss UniverseIt announced that there will be no related broadcasting in the future. Broadcast media majorNBCAlso announced that it will stop broadcasting "Miss Universe",Miss USAThe broadcast of "" was discontinued and the company's program "Apprentice], and then announced that it will continue broadcasting without playing cards.

Trump said at the same time, "I respect and love both Mexicans and Mexicans." (I have great respect for Mexico and love their people and their people's great spirit.), but major department storesMacy'sAlso announced that it will remove the Trump brand. In addition, it is contested by the men's golf major tournament winnerPGA Grand SlamTo holdNational Professional Golf Association (PGA)Owns the October Games in TrumpLos AngelesI was planning to do it on another course, but announced that it will be another place[71].

In the same month, Trump said in a cable TV interview that if he won the president,Karl IkernTheTreasury SecretaryTo the businessmanJack WelchAnd investorsHenry ClavisWill be used as a policy brain. Icahn said, "I was surprised at the sudden thing."[72]"I'm happy, but I didn't get up early enough to accept this proposal," although he declined.[73], Later expressed acceptance[74].. Karl Ikern for TrumpSuper PACSupport the presidential election by calling for support[75].. I KhanTime warnerWas a major shareholder ofLazardAnd led the dismantling of Time Warner 343-page proposal It became clear by the disclosure. As of October 2016, Time WarnerAT&TIs expected to acquire.

Roger Stone, a well-known electoral staff member, resigned in August. However, Stone continued to use the words and actions that virtually supported the Trump camp, including a negative campaign (based on the facts) that Hillary Clinton "hid the rape of her husband's building." Trump also conducted a similar negative campaign.

In November, 11 prominent Hispanic intellectuals “dazzled the historical movement against ethnic groups that led to the death of millions”Hate speechIssued a blame statement[76].

After the race announcement

2015In 12 monthMuslimProposals to "Prohibit Muslims from entering the country for the foreseeable future" until authorities know the full picture (of terrorism) after the two men and women shot a welfare facility in San Bernardino County, California, and killed 14 people. did. The media reported this as "Muslim immigration remarks", and ripples spread worldwide,Islamic worldRepulsed violently, such as collecting Trump brand products[77][78].

Known as the Arab millionaire for this statementSaudi Arabia OfAl Waleed Bin TarareThe prince said, "You are a shame not only in the Republican Party but also in the United States. You can never win, so withdraw from the presidential election.""You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the US Presidential race as you will never win."[79] When,TwitterAttacked and became a topic.

In response, Trump said, "Prince Alwaleed Talal's hope is to steer my American politician with his dad's money. I can't do it if I win."“Dopey Prince Alwaleed Talal wants to control our US politicians with daddy's money. Can't do it when I get elected."[80] I tweeted back and got attention[81].

Various “problems” were taken up after that, but even at the time of March 2016, they maintained the top approval rating in the Republican nomination contest.[82].

2016May 1,2008 United States Presidential ElectionIn the RepublicanVice PresidentWas a candidateSarah PalinyuanAlaska GovernorWas supported by[83].

Withdrew from the presidential election on February 2New Jersey GovernorChris ChristieGet support from Republican nominations[84].

As the popularity of Trump has become clearer, more protesters have come to Trump meetings. Hundreds of black and Hispanic anti-Trump groups, who rebelled against remarks about immigrants, appeared at the planned rally on March 3 in Chicago, occupying five sections of the arena. Already an audience of 11 to 8500 people was gathering at the venue to listen to Trump's speech, but protesters and supporters also struck each other, and the Trump camp was due to "safety concerns". Announced cancellation[85][86].

On the same day, a former neurosurgeon who withdrew from the Republican nomination fight on the 4thBen CarsonReceived support from the presidential candidate[87].

Actions to Democratic candidates

Trump cursed Hillary Clinton at his rally, saying, "In the 2008 primary, Hillary Clinton succumbed to Barack Obama's penis."[88].. In addition, Clinton went to the bathroom during the last Democratic Party debate, saying, "I have a vomiting. I don't want to talk about that."[88].. Share on Twitter, on April 2015th, 4, on Twitter, "Why does she think she can satisfy America if Hillary Clinton isn't satisfied with her husband?" And later deleted the tweet[89].

For some timeCherokeeHave an ancestorElizabeth WarrenSenatorPocahontasTrump has continued to provoke against Democratic party officials and Republican opponents on SNS, such as by calling him disdainfully, but fought until the end with Hillary Clinton.Bernie SandersCandidate announces support for Clinton at Democratic conventionTwitter"Bernie Sanders turned over to Inchiki Hillary. That's what Sanders did, the energy he generated, and the money he collected, no result! It was a waste of time," he provoked.Sanders said, "Never tweet.(Don't tweet again) ".When he tweeted that no one wanted Obama to continue throwing Obama's support for Clinton, Clinton said, "Delete your account.(Delete your account) "[90].

On August 2016, 8, Clinton insisted on tightening gun control, saying, "Anyone who supports the right to own a gun could do something," to supporters.assassinationThe ripples spread as a suggestion. Trump's campaign headquarters was accused of calling for supporters to vote[91][92].United States Secret ServiceRevealed that it had interviewed the Trump camp multiple times[93].

Meanwhile, Trump has said he hopes for the recovery of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who has been diagnosed with pneumonia.Trump camp officials are also instructed to consider Clinton's medical condition and refrain from posting on social media on this matter.[94].

Sexual remarks

2016May 10,Washington PostIt is,2005Trump is a TV drama "Days of Our LivesIn the bus heading for the recording of(English edition] Moderator(English editionDespite the fact that he was just married, he said, "I'm attracted to a charming and beautiful woman like a magnet and I start kissing." Released a video[95].

Paul RyanHouse of RepresentativesStopped participating in Trump's speech as he felt sick,Lines PrevasRepublican National ChairmanAlso issued a statement to blame. Furthermore,(English editionHouse of Representatives was the first Republican member to withdraw his support for Trump, and Trump received widespread criticism, saying, "I apologize if anyone gets offended." The first situation to apologize for[96][97][98].

By October 10, at least 10 of the 331 Republican federal parliamentarians and governors had criticized Trump, 160 of whom demanded that Trump withdraw from the election campaign.[99].

Media coverage

Supporting Trends in American Newspapers and Magazines in the 2016 US Presidential Election

CandidateDaily newspaperWeekly papermagazineStudent newspaperInternational news agencyTotal
Hillary Clinton226121135310425
No support551204070
Other than Donald Trump6143418
Donald Trump8400012
Gary Johnson600006
Evan McMarin100001
Other than Hillary Clinton100001

By leading the nomination battle with less money than other candidates, Trump impressed that he could not win with financial resources alone.

In contrast to Rubio, Hillary, Jeb Bush and others getting big donations from Wall Street[100], Trump continues to run his own campaigns without raising donations, and the 28 billion yen ($2500 million) spent by the camp is less than any Republican candidate.


VotersThe amount spent per person is Jeb Bush 1 yen ($6), Rubio 551 yen ($3400), while Trump is 30 yen ($340).[102].

Trump himself didn't receive the big donation, and he said in his rally that he was self-sufficient in paying for the election, saying, "It's very hard to turn down the money, because I've received it before. I loved it and received it again. I refuse to say that I don't need your money to the person who will give me the money now. I know what it will be like when I receive it." Just cheers[88].

Negative ads for Trump increase weekly, and the Trump-enclosed negative campaign budget spent by the end of February amounts to 2 billion yen ($76 million). Each candidate has provided more than 6700 million yen to Trump's budget, and the Florida preliminary ballot used 3 million yen ($7 million) to prevent Trump.

In early March 16, half of the Republican TV commercials were aimed at dropping Trump, and the number of negative commercials against Trump reached 3, increasing to the level called “barrage” or “storm”.

Moreover, Western media are uniformly showing negative reactions to Trump.[103]..American Political PaperThe hillBy October 2016, 10 newspapers supported Democratic candidate Clinton among the top 100 newspapers in the United States, while none of them offered support for Trump.[104].. Since Trump's stall due to female disdain has been revealed, the number of media that has stepped in to criticize Trump and has endorsed Clinton's support is increasing rapidly, collecting data on successive presidentsUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraThe same project conducted a survey of the top 100 newspapers with 33 Clinton supporters, 3 Johnson supporters and 0 Trump supporters.[105]..The three newspapers that supported Johnson were originally Republican-oriented newspapers.

economistPublished an editorial entitled "Trump's America-Why Mr. Trump Is Dangerous" and criticized Trump's policy transition, party history, populism and foreign policy.[106].
NewsweekAbout playing cardsAdolf HitlerSame asdemagogueIn addition, he posted an article saying that he is a person who has a lot of self-portraits, is arrogant, and has no specificity, but hesitates his swear and gathers the support of the people.[107][Source invalid].
Huffington postSaid that Trump's election campaign was only a "sideshow" in 2015 and was not treated in the political column[108] It was posted on December 12,Ariana Huffington(Huffington Post founder, president and editor-in-chief) called Trump "Trump's remarks were ugly from the beginning" "Trump is a female contemptist" "Trump is racist" "Trump's He accused him of not letting him like." His statement is not interesting. It's uncomfortable and dangerous."[109][110].
RepublicanMaintenancepaper(English editionContinues to criticize Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for threats to the Republican Party, and in 2 featured "Anti-Trump"[111].
Tabloid paperDaily News OfBlackReporters pointed out that Trump had been divorced twice, had never confessed to the pastor, and was often racist.キ リ ス ト 教徒He criticized it as a mischief pretending to be.Jerry Falwell (President of Liberty University, Virginia), who expressed his support for Trump, also said, "SouthernConservativeWhiteChristians are always racist," he added, saying that Trump isn't the one loved by conservative Christians like Farwell.[112].
New York TimesJanuary 1, Democratic PartyHillary ClintonWhile praising him as "the most capable presidential candidate in modern history," he described Republican Trump as "no experience and no interest in learning about security or global trade."[113][114].
Wall Street JournalIn an editorial on February 2, he appealed that if Trump's support was not reconsidered, he would jump into an unfamiliar thing upside down, and the Democratic PartySocialismPerson (Bernie Sanders) "As if it wasn't spoiled," Republican supporters said they would like to see anti-Trump votes gathered on one opposing horse.[115].
Washington PostIn an editorial on February 2, he appealed to Trump to prevent him from assuming office. Touching that Trump said he would repatriate 25 million illegal immigrants,StalinGovernmentPol Pot regime``It's time to enforce the scale,'' he said, "it's time for conscientious Republican leaders to say they can't support Mr. Trump and do what he can to prevent his appointment."[116][117].. On October 10th, about Trump, he said, "I'm prejudiced, ignorant, liar, selfish, obedient, small, feminine, and financially cautious.DemocracyAnd despised by the American enemies," he expressed his support for Clinton, who is "persistent, hard-working, determined and wise".[105].
キ リ ス ト 教Leading paper(English editionPlaying cardsMissologist (female discriminationist)And he is a playmate," he called on voters to defeat Trump, accusing him of "worshiping women and minorities."[118].
Foreign policyTo the armyterrorismSuspectFamily, against suspicious citizenstortureA joint statement of 50 people was posted against Trump's remarks to order.They called on Trump to stop promising to issue illegal orders, saying that "every of the leading lawyers we know consider them illegal."Also the president of the United StatesWar crimesEven if you order to doU.S. ForcesRefused as a legal obligation[119].
Financial TimesIs playing cardsWisconsinAfter losing in the primary, voters saw a faint hope that they might have finally begun to notice Trump's shortcomings, and voters would never continue to oppose Trump by the majority of Republicans. Called not late[120].. After winning the Trump, AmericansSuicide bombingI sent the criminal to the government, "said American democracy.Civil WarSince then, he has once again criticized Trump for facing challenges he has not experienced for 150 years.[121].
GuardianReceived the trump election,LeftKnown as the heavyweight of the pedigree(English editionPublished an editorial by. Strictly criticized Trump's "ugly" election campaign and Americans who won Trump[122].
Boston GroveOn April 2016, 4, posted a fictitious article under the rule of "President Trump" along with an editorial entitled "Republicans stop Trump", including the deportation of 10 million immigrants advocated by Trump. Criticized the policy[123].
America's largest letterUSA TodaySeptember 2016, 9, Trump says that he lacks the personality, knowledge, solidity, and sincerity that the United States seeks from the president, saying that he is a liar who does not file a tax return for Trump who has a random and prejudicial idea. Commented that he was not fit for the president. It is the first time since its founding in 29 that the political neutral paper clarifies its support and disapproval of the president.[124].
Well-established magazineAtlanticFor the first time in 52 years, he abandoned his political neutrality and expressed his support for Clinton, calling Trump "the most ineligible candidate for a major political party in the history of the presidential election."[125].
Has been proposing Republican support for many yearsTexasMaximum letter ofDallas Morning NewsCriticized Trump as "incompatible with almost all of the party's ideals. He is neither a party member nor a conservative," and expressed disapproval, saying that he was "not eligible to become president and unworthy of a vote."Second World WarFor the first time, he announced his support for Democratic candidate Clinton[126].
ArizonaMaximum letter ofArizona RepublicIs a Republican-supported newspaper whose name was "Republican" (Republican) when it was first published, but recommended Trump as a Democratic candidate for the first time since its first publication in 1980, saying that it should not be conservative or president. did[127].
In other newspapers known for the Republican tone,Houston Chronicle(Texas) Is the second time in history,(English edition(Ohio) Is the first time in 100 years,(English edition(California) Has launched Democratic Party support for the first time since its launch,(English edition(Virginia),(English edition(New Hampshire),(English edition(ミ シ ガ ン 州) Is a third candidateLibertarian party OfGary JohnsonSome Newspapers Support Former New Mexico Governor[127].
Fierce battlefieldFlorida OfTampa Bay TimesHave also revealed Clinton support[105].

There are many analyzes in the media about the headwind of such media and the paradoxical situation in which the leader of the nomination battle has been kept with a small amount of election funds.[128]As a whole, there are many opinions that dissatisfaction with mainstream politicians and lack of insight of supporters, but a very small number of opinions are major American think tanks.Institute for Strategic International Studies(CSIS)Edward LuttwackThere are also views by[129][130].

In addition, the Trump camp refused to report media that criticized itself,Washington Times, Huffington Post,Buzz feed,Daily Beast,Univision,Fusion,(English edition,Politico, Trump's election campaign director Cory Luwandowski (later dismissed) picked up the press cards from reporters from many media outlets such as National Review[131].

As an example of the few media announcements of support,New York PostThere is a Japan-Korea nuclear armament theory andGreat wallWhile dismissing policies such as construction as "newcomer mistakes," he has expressed support as "imperfect, but full of possibilities."[132].

Critical of himself after assuming officeCNNCondemned as "people's enemy", "fake news".White HouseOn February 2Sean SpicerThe press conference was changed to a hanging interview method without using the official venue. Domestic media such as CNN and New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Politiko, The Hill, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, which are critical to Trump,Daily mail,with the BBCMost foreign media such as. Allowed known for conservative toneFOX News,Stephen BannonChief Strategic Officer served as chairmanRightNews siteBrightbert News NetworkAnd so on. In response, the White House Press Club accused him of "strongly protesting."AP communication,timeBoycotted for protest[133][134].

Reaction of Japanese media

The United States presidential election has a great influence on the political and economic order around the world, so the media around the world are paying attention.[135]Even in Japan, which has the greatest economic power as an American ally, newspapers comment on Trump's breakthrough in an editorial.

Yomiuri ShimbunIs an editorial on March 3, with Trump in JapanChugoku・Repeat of "simple slogan" such as saying that you defeat Mexico etc. or regaining the great America[136] It is said that he is inciting a dangerous mass sensation byAnti-intellectualism[137].
Asahi ShimbunArgued that Trump had not calmly tackled the "difficulty of covering the United States and the world" and fueled "division of society".LiberalismHe said that he was not suitable for the leader of "a great power that takes pride in his flag bearer."He also said that the strength of the United States is to grow with the influx of immigrants, and while the number of whites is steadily decreasing in the United States,Latin AmericaWith the systemAsiaSince the number of systems is increasing, he said, "If you have racial consciousness, it is an anachronism." To the American people, "exclude immigrants, blame foreign countries, close the country" does not solve anything. Expected to choose excellent leaders "globally"[138].
Mainichi NewspapersIs playing cardsBorder with mexicoTowallTo shut out immigrants,MuslimHe introduced that he was banning the entry of Trump, and said that the world was suffocating with such remarks, questioned the Republican Party if it was okay, and gave Trump "abuse and vulgar performance". Should be modest[139].
Nihon Keizai ShimbunSaid he should understand the background behind Trump's support, and that Trump is repeating "racist remarks." Also, Trump's "extreme claim" does not necessarily embody conservatism, and when he sees the supporters who resonate with such claim, he feels that "the danger of mass acceptanceism" has stopped.[140]Pointed out that if the division of American society is heightened by the policies of Trump and other candidates, Japan could be a source of dissatisfaction.[141].
Sankei ShimbunPublished an article titled "The Trump Phenomenon "Because it's so exciting" isn't enough". Regarding Trump's political stance, he called "Trading to defeat Japan, China, and Mexico" and did not understand the "significance of the Japan-US alliance." He said he was worried about Trump's breakthrough as he was an inward-looking and self-righteous attitude. On the other hand, he urged Trump's opponents to present methods and policies that overcome the political and social dissatisfaction of those who support Trump.[142].
Chunichi Shimbun"Crafts for useless hatred of immigrants and Muslims."PopulistPointed out that the world's worries have deepened by the progress of Trump by "the method of[143].

Republican primary victory

2016May 5,IndianaWin the primary electionRepublican PartyIt is almost certain that the number of delegates, 1237, will be secured to obtain the nomination of presidential candidate.

In response to this,Ted Cruiseas well as the John KasickAnnounces withdrawal from preliminary[144][145]..At this point, Trump's nomination for president was virtually confirmed, as all other candidates withdrew from the election campaign and Trump was the only candidate remaining in the primary.

2016 Year of 7 MonthRepublican primaryWas officially appointed as a presidential candidate.

General voting

November 2016, 11 (Eastern Time)2016 United States Presidential ElectionIn the general vote ofDemocratic PartyNomineeHillary Clinton,Libertarian partyNominee Gary Johnson,American greensAfter a close battle against nominated candidate Jill Stein, he won the US Open with more than 270 electors.As mentioned above, it was a victory by turning most of the major American media into enemies.

In a vote by the electors on December 12, if a majority of 19 or more electors vote for Trump, they will be elected.Barack ObamaAs a successor to2017May 1In the 45sPresident of the United StatesTake office[146].

After winning

MinisterThe election of theMike PenceBecame the head of the Cabinet on November 2016, 11, and will be in charge of it.Carl Icahn on the 11th of the same monthtwitterSaid to the Treasury SecretaryGoldman SachsOf investors who served as a partner ofStephen MunushinFormer Secretary of CommerceNM Rothschild & SonsInvestorWilbur RossIs appointed[147].

Electoral vote was held on December 2016, 12 and officially decided to be the 19th President of the United States[148].

2017November, my owntwitterWhite HouseAnnounced not to attend the press dinner. What the president does not attend1981It's been 3 years since President Reagan was laid down on his bed after being shot in an attempted assassination on March 30.[149].

President of the United States

Presidential inauguration

2017He took office as the 1th President of the United States on January 20th. The age at the inauguration was 45 years and 70 days, the 220th presidentRonald ReaganBecame the oldest president ever, surpassing 69 years old and 349 days[150].

In his inauguration speech, he advocated "America First Principle (America First)".


Protectionism,IsolationismTo develop[151], Trump's series of actions and denials of existing international agreements and policy frameworks based on "America First" that puts his own interests first.cultureTypicalDiversityPolitical attitudes such as an intolerant attitude towardTrumpism"(Trumpism) Called[152].

Administration staff

job titleNameTerm
PresidentDonald Trump2017 - 2021
Vice PresidentMike Pence2017 - 2021
Presidential advisory group
Secretary of StateRex Tillerson2017 - 2018
Mike Pompeo2018 - 2021
Secretary of DefenseJames Mathis2017‐2019
Mark Esper2019 - 2020
Christopher C. MillerDeputy: 2020 --2021
Treasury SecretaryStephen Munushin2017‐2021
Attorney GeneralJeff Sessions2017 - 2018
William P. Bar2019 - 2020
Secretary of the InteriorRyan Jinki2017 - 2019
David Burnhart2019 - 2021
Secretary of AgricultureSony purdue2017 - 2021
Secretary of CommerceWilbur Ross2017 - 2021
Secretary of LaborAlexander Acosta2017 - 2019
Eugene Scalia2019 - 2021
Health and Welfare SecretaryTom Price2017
Alex Other2018 - 2021
Secretary of Housing and Urban DevelopmentBen Carson2017 - 2021
Secretary of TransportationElaine Chao2017 - 2021
Energy SecretaryRick Perry2017 - 2019
Dan Bruyette2019 - 2021
Education SecretaryBetsy Devos2017 - 2021
Veteran SecretaryDavid Shulkin2017 - 2018
Robert Wilkey2018 - 2021
Homeland Security SecretaryJohn Francis Kelly2017
Kirsten Nielsen2017 - 2019
Chad WolfDeputy: 2019 --2021

"General (General) ”And financial giant“Goldman Sachs(Goldman Sachs) ”, Which means“ Millionaire ”Gazillionaire) ”, And each acronym is taken and is commonly known as the“ 3G administration ”.Three people are appointed from both former general and Goldman graduates[153].

administrationRegarding the personality ofPoliticoIs "MaintenanceIdeal team”[154],NewsweekIs "the most conservative government in US history"[155],Los Angeles TimesIs "most in modern historyHawkGovernment to take domestic policy"[156] Is described asCNNIs also super-conservative[157] As such, the mass media positions the Trump administration as super-conservative.The hillIs a Republican of the EstablishmentJohn McCain,Mitt RomneyIt is analyzed as an “unconventional administration” that would not have been selected if[158].

On the other hand,Wall Street JournalSay it's nearly impossible to classify the Trump administration's ideology clearly[159].

Trump accuses Democratic obstruction of unapproved posts in parliament two months after the administration's inception.[160].

Political Views

Before 1987 and from 2001 to 2009Democratic PartyMembers and former President and Clinton of the party 10 times in the past[161] I have also contributed over the years. He was also a member of the United States Reform Party from 1999 to 2001. He tried to run for the 2000 presidential election, but eventually he gave up. In the 2016 presidential electionRepublican PartyBut is a branch of the United States Reform Party.American Reform PartyHas also gained the support of.

Trump's policy claims are vastly different from those of the Republican mainstream, and from political opposition forcesPopulismIs often ridiculed.

A columnist of Reuters communication with one person who uses Trump as a populist,Bill Schneider(English)According to Trump as a populist,Right wing populismFeatures ofLeft-wing populistThere are both features of[162].

According to Schneider, even populistsRight and leftThere is a distinction ofLeft wingPopulists said that Wall Street and "1% of monopoly wealthwealthy classAttacking[163],Right wingPopulistliberalHighly educated people criticized the snobbery and the size of the egoキ リ ス ト 教Criticize destroying the traditional value of[164].

And Donald Trump, who coalesces and doesn't love Wall Street even though he is affluent, not only attacks immigrants, minorities and women like the right, hedging like the left. He hates the fund, and Wall Street is spending millions of dollars on anti-Trump ads to prevent him from winning.[162].

The proponents of these Trump claims areNew York TimesAccording to "I'm not in high schoolWhite""Agriculture:,Manufacturing industryThe bottom of old industries such as[165],Wall Street JournalAccording to "high school graduates, especially men," "downstreamWorkerAnd has an undemocratic thought." Also illegal to supportersImmigrationAre said to be absent, but supported by legal immigrants[166].

Presidential decree

More(English editionSee

No.No.Order name/DescriptionSignature datedate of issueFR quoteFR Doc.NumberRef.
113765Abolition of medical insurance system reform2017/1/202017/1/2482 FR 83512017-01799[167][168]
213766Accelerate environmental review and approval of high priority infrastructure projects2017/1/242017/1/3082 FR 86572017-02029[169][170]
313767(English edition2017/1/252017/1/3082 FR 87932017-02095[171][172][173]
413768Strengthening public safety in the United States2017/1/252017/1/3082 FR 87992017-02102[174][175][176]
513769Protecting the State from Invasion of the United States by Foreign Terrorists2017/1/272017/2/1TBA2017-02281[177][178][179]
613770Ethical commitment by executive branch employees2017/1/27TBATBATBA[180][181]
713771(English edition2017/1/30TBATBATBA[182][183][184]
813772Basic principles for regulating the US financial system2017/2/3February 8, 2017/2/882 FR 99652017-02762,[185][186][187][188]
9TBACrime Reduction and Public Safety Task Force2017/2/9TBATBATBA[189][190][191][192][193]
10TBAPreventing violence against federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement officers2017/2/9TBATBATBA[190][193][194][195]
11TBAEnforcement of international federal law against transnational criminal organizations and prevention of international trafficking2017/2/9TBATBATBA[190][193][196][197]


Anti-communism,Liberalization,DemocratizationTo interveneGeorge W. BushIncluding the former presidentRepublican Party OfNeoconAndHillary ClintonSuch asDemocratic Party OfHawk(Liberal hawk), Trump is believed to be different and should focus more on domestic issues than on foreign affairs.Monroism(IsolationismThere is also a view that is closer to. Trump's old best friend[198] Was an advisor for many yearsRoger Stone TheRichard NixonWorshipers of Trump and adopting an import levy on Trump[199] And quotes from Nixon's speech[200] While using power as a backgroundProtectionismTargetNational interestIt is said that there was an influence of Nixon[198].. It was Nixon’s heartHenry KissingerOften seeks advice as "I have a lot of respect"[201][202][203].

Regarding his foreign policy, Trump said, "I am not an isolationist, but the United States is the first."I'm “America First.”)" "We make friends with every country, but don't give any country the opportunity to tap in."[204][205][206][207][208][209].

Sometimes americanliberal-MaintenanceThere are statements that seem to support the leaders of other countries that both groups are accusing,1990In an interview with the collapse of the previous yearSoviet UnionRight after the Tiananmen incidentChugokuDespite being a Republican candidate and a hawk, Trump has also been criticized by the Republican right.

When the interviewer asked how he saw the situation in the Soviet Union, Trump said, "Pikes are rampant and a revolution is about to come. Russia is losing leadership and confused.President GorbachevThere may be a problem (at that time). I answered.

Of the Chinese that happened in the previous year (1989)Tiananmen Incident"A strong hand is like China?" asked the interviewer, "China wiped out the students. They were bad and scary, but they showed us the strength." Meanwhile, our country is weakening."[210].

He added, "I predict that the Soviet Union will be overthrown. Gorbachev's extreme weakness. Sudden disturbances everywhere, and ultimately,Violent revolutionWill lead to. Gorbachev has been treated as a nice leader and will continue to gain international credibility because he is destroying the Soviet Union. "Gorbachev's reforms have made him aware that the Soviet Union is vulnerable.

This statement is rightNational reviewWith the RepublicanIraq war"It's not surprising to praise Putin because he's such a statement (about Soviet and Chinese power politics)"自由,Democracy,human rightsLike the Democratic Party turning its back on, will the Republican Party fall? "I'm brutal, murderous and cowardlyChinese governmentWanted to blow away! Is accused of[210].

This statementCNNIt was also pursued in a TV debate held in China, and at that time he emphasized that he did not support what happened in Tiananmen, and by using the expression that the Chinese government suppressed the "riot"[211]Was a leader in the Tiananmen caseWangtan[212],Wei Kyosei[213] ,UighurWoo Al Khaishi[214] Such a prominentChina Democratization MovementHe is being protested by his house as "a leader of the Communist Party of China", "an insult to those who oppose oppression by the Communist Party of China," and "an enemy of American values."

ロシアHe said he had a diplomatic policy with China and China, but said, "Don't be in a hostile relationship and find common interests."[215].

In the Trump administration's first national security strategy, there is a principleRealism"Peace by force" is called, "China and Russia are called "revisionist countries" and "competitors" that challenge the United States and international order, while "they aim to cooperate with the two countries on the premise of protecting the national interests of the United States."[216][217][218],further(I.e.north koreaToRogue nationPositioningJapanAnd cooperation with allies[219].

Against Russia

In September 2015 before the president took office(I.e.Continue airstrikeRussian Federation Army"Russia doesn't respect the United States, but if you want to attack Islam, you can let Russia like it. You want to exclude Islam. We care because we also want to exclude Islam. There is no such thing." Russia expressed its willingness to accept the initiative[220].

In a speech in July 2016, "Would it be great if we could counter the Islamic nation and eliminate the hell and confusion that the Islamic nation brings together with Russia and China?"[221] He said.

Russia and other former Soviet Union member states since the 1980s, when it was the Soviet Union[222] However, from the experience of doing business, he said that he should deepen relations with Russia.[223]"I always feel that with more cooperation between the US and Russia, we can eradicate terrorism and rebuild world peace. Not only trade, but all the benefits come from mutual trust." ..

RussianVladimir PutinPresidentHe frequently praised him as "a person who is respected both inside and outside the country" and "at least a leader unlike Obama", and Putin also evaluated Trump as "talented."[224].. However, Trump said, "I think it will improve relations with Russia, but it may not be so. Even if Putin praises me, this does not help negotiations."[225].

Narration described Russia as "the strongest enemy" in the video for the Trump camp's election campaign.Dmitry PeskovPresidential spokesman criticized for treating Russia like a devil[226].

Also, in international airspaceU.S. ForcesObama's weakness in relation to the succession of Russian Federation fighter jets approaching the planes said, ``If Russian fighter planes approach American planes, but if diplomacy does not help, shoot them down. Need to be done"[227].

Regarding the Democratic party's e-mail leak case, "our friends such as Russia and China pushed into the hell of hacking."[228]"I want Russia to find more emails." "If Russia, China or any other country has emails, to be honest, I want them to show me."[229][230] He said.

After a victory in the presidential election, he issued a statement saying he wanted to build a strong and lasting relationship with President Putin in a telephone conversation.[231].

However, on October 2017, 4Press conferenceThen China[232][233][234] "Russia doesn't work at all, it's the worst ever"[235][236] Said. At the same time, President Putin also expressed his view that the US-Russia relationship worsened after the Trump administration.[237].

In June of the same year, Mark Kasowitz, who was in charge of defending himself on suspicion of Russia,Russian Federation Government・It was reported that he had multiple clients under the influence of President Putin.[238].

June 6 of the same yearウクライナ OfPetro poroschenkoPresidentHad a summit meeting withMinskDeclared further sanctions on Russia due to failure to implement peace agreement[239].

July 7st of the same year,ポーランドTo visit ``(Right of collective self-defenseThe United States, which strongly supports Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and is responsible for the security and peacekeeping of Central and Eastern Europe, addresses the destabilizing actions of Russia in the region.''[240].. The following day, on July 7, the first US-Russia summit meeting was held with President Putin, who agreed to a ceasefire in Southwest Syria and the establishment of a safety zone, the implementation of a ceasefire agreement in eastern Ukraine, and the establishment of representatives of both countries.[241].. Cooperation was also sought in the cyber field, but Trump said on the 9th, "I do not think that I can actually cooperate"[242].

On July 7, the same year, the legislation approved by the Parliament was strengthened.[243]Signed on August 8 of the same year[244].. Russia sought retaliation for the removal of 755 US diplomatic staff, President Putin said the worst-ever US-Russia relationship would last[245].. The Trump administration also took retaliation measures to close the Russian post[246].

On the 10th of October of the same year, "China helped us. Russia, in contrast, is pointing in a different direction and disturbing us," criticized Russia's response to the North Korean issue.[247].

On 11th November of the same year,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAlthough the Russian side announced the schedule of the US-Russia summit meeting,Sergey LavlovForeign Minister accused[248].. Trump briefly spoke with President Putin at the venue to agree on conflict avoidance and peace promotion and IS cleanup in Syria.[249]"If Russia, in addition to China, cooperates, the problem will disappear more quickly," he said, saying that he did not discuss the North Korean issue.

On December 12, the same year, in a telephone conversation with Putin of Russia, he agreed to promote information exchange on the North Korean issue, and at a press conference on 14th, "China cooperates, but Russia does not cooperate. Cooperation is necessary and important.''[250] Said.

August 2018, 1,Reuters Communications"Russia has not helped at all in the North Korean issue. China cooperates, but Russia compensates for China's sanctions," he said.[251].

On the 31st of the same month, it announced a policy of refraining from additional sanctions against Russia. However, he announced a list of over 200 politicians and business people who will be targeted in the future, and showed a strong attitude to restrain the Russian side. Also, among the announced target people,Dmitry MedvedevMany powers including the prime minister were included[252][253].

On March 3, the same year, the Trump administration's first sanctions were announced against Russia for cyber attacks in the 15 US presidential election.Russian Federation Security Agency(FSB) andDirectorate General of Information, Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation ArmyLending sanctions to 5 groups such as (GRU) and 19 individuals close to the Putin administration[254].

It happened in Britain on the same day 26thFormer Russian spyOrdered the closure of the Russian Consulate General in Seattle as a retaliation measure against the attempted murder of 60 others diplomatic officers stationed in the United States.[255].. On the next 27thGermany OfMerkelPrime Minister·France OfMcronWe met in succession with the President and agreed to cooperate in favor of the expulsion of Russian diplomats.[256].. Eventually, all 28 European and American countries took similar measures and imposed expulsion on over 150 Russian diplomats.[257].. Russia also expelled 60 diplomats in retaliationSt. PetersburgClosed the U.S. Consulate General[258].

July 4st of the same year,Baltic states"It's good to do well with Russia and China," he said in a joint press conference with the leaders, saying "No one is as harsh as I am in Russia". There is"[259].. On the 6th, Trump announced that he will not leave the power to sow confusion and hatred, and is close to the Putin administration.OligarchSanctions against 24 individuals and 14 companies, including (Emerging Chaebol) and senior Russian government officials, have been announced.[260][261].. Following this, Russia's stock, foreign exchange and bond markets plunged, and Prime Minister Medvedev said in a parliament on the 11th, "The United States sanctionsEconomic warIs being used as a means of[262][263].

July 4st of the same year,Carrier hit groupMissile destroyer2 ships dispatched to the Mediterranean[264] He said, "A missile will fly to Syria. Russia, be prepared. You should not give to a beast that slaughters and enjoys your own people with chemical weapons." did[265][266].. Putin criticized Trump's military attack on Syria as "a violation of international law and an act of invading Syria."[267].

On June 6, the same year, additional sanctions were announced against five Russian companies and three individuals.[268][269].

same yearMay 10Signed in the Soviet era as Russia violates the treatyMid-range nuclear force abolition treatyShowed an intention to discard[270].

August 2019, 6,14th 20 countries/regions summitAt the US-Russia summit meeting in China, China agreed to continue nuclear disarmament talks aimed at a "21st century arms control model."[271].

He banned underwriting of U.S. financial institutions when issuing JGBs in foreign currencies other than the ruble, and banned exports of U.S. goods and technology, citing that he did not promise "suspension of chemical weapons" on August 8, the same year. Announced the strengthening of[272].

Against the Middle East

Negative to the Middle East policy so far,Iraq warI have also opposed it.

CNN OfprogramIn, said:[273].

You see, youSaddam HusseinI don't like him, but he was killing a terrorist. For terrorists(I.e.Was not a fun place. However, now Iraq isHarvard University(Harvard of terrorism) ”[274].
You can tell by looking at Iraq a few years ago. I'm not saying he (Saddam) was a good guy. He was a terrifying guy, but he was better than he is now.
"If you look at Iraq from years ago, I'm not saying he (Saddam) was a nice guy. He was a horrible guy but it's better than it is now,
People are being knocked off their heads and drowned. Now at this time their condition is the worst ever, worse than in the days of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi.
“People are getting their heads chopped off. They're being drowned. Right now it's far worse than ever [than it was] under Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi,
See what happened.(I.e.Is a catastrophe. It's a catastrophe. Iraq is also a catastrophe.(I.e.Is also a catastrophe. The whole Middle East is a great disaster. All blown away in the days of Hillary and Obama.
“Look what happened. Libya is a catastrophe. Libya is a disaster. Iraq is a disaster. Syria is a disaster. The whole Middle East. It all blew up around Hillary Clinton and around Obama. It blew up.

On the other hand2002 OfradioInside, he was asked, "Would you like to invade Iraq?"Yeah I guess so) ”, So it is pointed out that it may have supported the Iraq War in the past.[275].. Trump insisted on the matter, "it makes no sense because I had been an opposition before the outbreak of the war, and I have clearly opposed it since 2003."

イ ス ラ エ ルAs "America's most trusted friend" and "We fight 100% for Israel. Fight 1000%. Fight forever."[276] Or "IsraelJewThe nation, and to exist forever as a Jewish nationEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euMust accept"[277] It clearly shows the attitude toward Israel.2016At the Republican convention in July, the adopted policy outline sought to strengthen relations with its ally, Israel, and mentioned Palestine.2 national settlementPraised as "the most pro-Israelish platform in history" because the plan was deleted[278].. Even after taking office, he has expressed his intention not to resolve the two nations[279].. During the presidential election, a campaign calling for an unprecedented overseas vote was held in Israel[280]. Also,West Bank of the Jordan RiverIn IsraelJewish settlementSupports the construction of[281], Raise yourselfWall with mexicoConstruction is also his own bookSeparation wall in the West Bank of IsraelI am referring to[282].. The Trump faction's biggest funder is the JewZionistFamous forSheldon AdelsonMet[283].

1983To(English editionHas been honored for its contribution to the relationship between the United States and Israel.[284],2004ToNew York Fifth AvenueServing as Grand Marshall at a parade in Israel[285],Jewish VoiceWhen asked how he felt to be the grandfather of a Jewish grandson, "I am not only a Jewish grandson but also a Jewish daughter (IvankaI am very honored to be there."[286] And my father[287] And my brother[288] Family members are deeply connected to the Jewish community.[289].. Father Fred's friend[290] Was alsoイ ス ラ エ ル OfBenjamin Netanyahuprime ministerIs an old friend[291], Before running for the presidential election2013He also sent a 36-second video message to the re-election campaign to support him as "a really great prime minister."[292]. However,NetanyahuThe prime minister alsoMuslimRegarding Trump's remark that he banned theReligiousTrump postponed his planned visit to Israel "since he doesn't want to put extra pressure on him," he said.[293].. On September 2016, 9, Trump met with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and military support for Israel.JerusalemWas approved as the capital of Israel, and Palestine accepted Israel as a Jewish state.[294].. First in the victory of the presidential election[295] In a telephone talk with Israel, Netanyahu sent a video message to congratulate "Trump is a true friend of Israel"[296]Trump also invited Netanyahu to the US[291].

Iran's nuclear development problemSue for agreement cancellation as "my top priority" before the election[297][298]Announces withdrawal from nuclear agreement after assuming office[299].

Saudi Arabia"I want to protect it, but how much will they bear?"[300], Signed the sale of 12 trillion yen in weapons by choosing Saudi Arabia and Israel as the first overseas destination after taking office as president[301].

EgyptFor more information, seeイ ス ラ エ ルwasHosni MubarakDefeat the governmentMuslim BrotherhoodHelped ObamaForeign policyWas criticizing[302]Announces suspension and postponement of support after assuming office due to military cooperation between Egypt and North Korea[303].. After that, in response to the fact that Egypt broke its military cooperation with North Korea,[304], Announced resumption of support[305].

2017May 4President Trump is in the middle of the first US-China summit meeting since the inauguration of the administration,(I.e.The Assad administration of thechemical weaponIs assumed to have been used,地中海Was deployed toUS NavyFrom two destroyersCruise missile mahawkFires 59 shots (Syrat Air Force Base Attack), announced that it attacked air force bases, which are allegedly involved in the use of chemical weapons. Related countries andUnited NationsIs a military operation based on unilateralism that does not cooperate with[306],Syrian Civil WarThis was the first time the United States had directly attacked the Assad regime since the outbreak of the war.[307]..During this attack, Trump said, "Let's kill him! Let's do it. Let's kill them more and more (Let's fucking kill him! Let's go in. Let's kill the fucking lot of them.) ”And in SyriaBashar AssadHe was also the Secretary of Defense at the time, while he also ordered the assassination of the president.James MathisIgnored, "We don't do that. We'll do it more carefully."Bob WoodwardBeing exposed by[308], In September 2020 Trump admitted that this exposure was true[309]..At that time, the Trump administration also stated that it was also a message to North Korea.[310].. May 4, same year,アフガニスタン OfHEATBase ofnuclear weaponsIt is said to have the greatest destructive power next toLarge-scale blast bomb weapon(MOAB) was also put into action for the first time, which was also a check against North Korea, which has multiple underground fortresses.[311].

2017May 5, Saudi Arabia and Israel, whose relations with the United States were tense due to the Obama administration's policy toward Iran, were selected as the first overseas destinations after the inauguration of the president, and the emphasis was placed on the Middle East.Jared kushnerSenior advisors also accompanied[301].. Just before that, additional sanctions on Iran were announced[312].. First incumbent presidentWestern WallTo visit[313], With Iran as common enemy with IsraelArab countriesExpressed intent to promote peace[314]. Also,Al Qaeda,HEATSide by sideHezbollahHammersInviting a backlash from Hamas etc.[315].

2017May 10, Trump administration as of December 2018, 12, United StatesUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationHe announced his intention to leave and become an observer, citing UNESCO's bias toward anti-Israel.[316][317].. In addition, the United States1984Has also left,2003Had returned to.

2017May 12, President TrumpJerusalemWas approved as the capital of Israel,Tel AvivHas announced that it will move its US Embassy in Jerusalem to Jerusalem[318].

2018May 4, President Trump orders attacks on related facilities of Syria's Assad administration[319]Fired about 100 Tomahawks from three U.S. Navy destroyers deployed in the MediterraneanStrategic bomber OfB-1I also participated. Also,British Army OfTornadoTyphoon,French army OfAquitaine class destroyerミ ラ ー ジ ュ,RafalAlso joined the operation[320], BritishTheresa MayPrime Minister or FrenchEmmanuel MacronThey agreed that the joint operation was successful in a telephone conference with the President.[321].

2018May 12Announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria for winning the war with ISIL[322], Next October 2019 in SyriaHasakaDelizoleDecided to remain in the oilfields in[19].

2019May 3, SyriaGolan HeightsSigned sovereignty in Israel[323], Israel set up a new settlement on the Golan Heights on June 6, the same year.Trump plateauWas named[324].

2019May 6,Islamic Revolutionary GuardBy US ArmyDronesDecided to take military action against Iran after being shot down, but withdrew 10 minutes before the attack[325].. insteadCyber ​​attackWas said to have retaliated with[326], Supreme leader on 24thAlly HarmenayAnnounced sanctions for teachers[327].

2019May 10,Kaila Mueller OperationISIL Supreme Leader RunningAbu Bakuru Al-BaghdadeeAnnounced that he had rushed to the city[21].

2020May 1, Islamic Revolutionary Guard CorpsGarsem Solei MarnieCommander at his own commandDroneAnnounced that he was killed by (Baghdad International Airport Attack Case). In response, Iran would attack 52 Iranian facilities if it retaliated.[22].

2020May 8, With IsraelUnited Arab EmiratesMediating the normalization of diplomatic relationsAbraham agreementannounced[328].. same yearMay 9, With IsraelバーレーンAnnounced that it mediated the normalization of diplomatic relations[329].. same yearMay 10, With IsraelスーダンAnnounced that it mediated the normalization of diplomatic relations with the interim government[330].

2020May 12,Normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and MoroccoMediate,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAnnounced to recognize Morocco's sovereignty over[331].

Against Asia

AsiaThe Pacific OceanIn the oceanSecurityFor the details, from the moderator on the radio on September 2015, 9:Chugoku Japan,フィリピンWhen asked, "How do you respond if you sunk the ship?" Obama would say, "I don't want to tell the other person what I'm thinking about," "Do this," "Attack here." The president's problem." In addition, “China's actions have triggered the USWorld War III"I don't think I will start", "I understand China well", "I have a good business with China", "The United States has a trade influence on China. Can be withdrawn”[332],尖 閣 諸島"I do not want to answer" even if China occupies[333].

In addition,2016May 2TexasAt the TV debate in Japan, "Japan, South Korea,GermanyI can't protect all my allies," and "I want to pay more."Living in Japan-US Army in KoreaHe expressed his desire to increase the cost of staying in Japan.

May 3,FloridaThen.社会 保障When asked by the moderator about the financial resources ofnorth koreaEvery time he does something, the United States dispatches ships, but virtually nothing the United States can get," he said, potentially reducing the cost of stationing US American troops abroad, including the Asian region.

May 3,Washington PostbyInterviewIn[334]When it was pointed out that Japan and South Korea were responsible for 50% of the US military stationing expenses in Japan and South Korea excluding personnel costs, they answered "50%? Why not 100%?" When asked if the United States would benefit from having a base, "I personally don't think so." "I don't think the United States is in its former position. The United States is a very strong and very rich country. I think it was, but now it is poor,” he said, nevertheless, he is spending a huge budget not for his own country but for foreign defense.[333][334][335].

May 3 OfNew York TimesIn an interview with[204]The reporter pointed out that "Japan pays a large amount of foreign aid to Japan than any other country in the world," he said, "but I pay it, but it is far less than the cost we incur." "The United States cannot afford to spend huge amounts of money to defend Japan and South Korea," he said. On top of that, if Japan and South Korea would not significantly increase the cost of staying in Japan, "I'm not glad to do so," he said that he would withdraw from the US forces in Japan. Furthermore,NATOHe expressed his intention to renegotiate the defense treaty of Japan and the United States, saying that it is "very unfair".

In a further interview, “If the United States continues to weaken, regardless of whether I argue,nuclear weapons"If Japan is under threat of North Korea's nuclear weapons, Japan's possession of nuclear weapons would not be so bad for the United States," said the reporter. "I know that Japan needs their own nuclear weapons (because they don't know what North Korea will do), and Japan can't just rely on the United States..." "I think that's really true. Especially because there is a threat from North Korea. North Korea is very aggressive against Japan. North Korea is aggressive against any country other than China and Iran. What is it?" and suggested that he would not oppose Japan-Korea nuclear armament.[204][205][336].

Japan,ChugokuIn response to the presidential election run announcement conference, "China,メキシコ, Japan and many other places to get back to work.I get back our work and get our money back. (I'll bring back our jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan, from so many places.I'll bring back our jobs, and I'll bring back our money.) ”.Even at the first press conference after the victory of the presidential election, China, Japan, Mexico, etc. are concerned that they are causing trade imbalances.[337]China and Japan often criticize unfair trade even after taking office[338][339].


1987Is known for its rivalry of Japan,1988"Japan is trying to make us look fools. If Japan is an ally, we do not want to face the enemy,"1989ToRockefeller Center Mitsubishi EstateWhen it was acquired byニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWe have to stop Japan from exhausting all of that.''1993Even if Japan did not fully open the market, he said that Japanese products should be boycotted.[340].

From the time of the race, Japan was lined up with China and Mexico,employmentBlame it as a country that has taken awayJapan BashingIt is a pioneer of "JapaneseI respect the competitiveness of Japanese companies, but I don't like them."[341].. At the race event, “They (Japan) send over one million Japanese cars, what about us? Finally ChevroletTokyoWhen did you see it? It doesn't exist. They have always beat us."[342].. Also, JapanAmerican beefTariffs on the same rate as those imposed on automobile imports from Japan should be imposed on automobile imports from Japan[343].. Even after taking officeAutomobileDemanding the opening of the Japanese market in the field[344][345].

He has also criticized foreign exchange policy, often saying, "My friends are expensive because of Japan's repeated depreciation of the yen.Caterpillarnot,Komatsu Ofト ラ ク タ ーI bought[346],"JapaneseAbeIs (US economy() Is the one who kills <This translation is just the Japanese media, "killerIt should be noted that "has a compliment usage"[347]The guy is amazing. The hell's depreciating yen prevented the US from competing with Japan." (Abe from Japan, who's a killer, he's great. He's already knocking the hell out of the yen[348][349] And so on.Wall Street Journal"The depreciation of the yen certainly helps Japan's exports, butmonetary easingThe policy is to increase domestic demand and achieve the inflation target, not to promote exports. Moreover, Komatsu has created thousands of jobs in the United States."[350].

US-Japan Security TreatyAs for Japan, Japan is not obligated to defend the United States, and it seems that the United States is dissatisfied with the obligation to defend Japan.1990"Japan isoilNearly 7% of these are dependent on the Gulf region, but their activities are protected by the US military. Japan is being protected by the U.S. military, bringing oil back home and knocking out American automakers." "A Japanese engineer made a VCR and a car, and an American engineermissileTo protect Japan. Should Japan be reimbursed for the costs?"

After running for the presidential election,

“If somebody attacks Japan, we have to immediately go and start World War III, OK? If we get attacked, Japan doesn't have to help us.”
("If anyone attacks Japan, we immediately start World War III, OK? But Japan doesn't have to help us if we are attacked.")
“If Japan gets attacked, we have to immediately go to their aid, if we get attacked, Japan doesn't have to help us.” “That's a fair deal?”
("If Japan is attacked, we must go to relief immediately. If we are attacked, Japan does not have to help us." "Is this deal fair?")

Is said to be[351][352].

However, his attitude softened after his first meeting with Prime Minister Abe at the Trump Tower in New York on November 2016, 11, immediately after taking office. From Prime Minister Abe at the first meetingHonma GolfBespoke products[353][354]After two light golf discussions, Prime Minister Abe said, "Actually, you and I have something in common. You were thoroughly beaten by the New York Times. I am also affiliated with the New York Times. I was thoroughly beaten by the Asahi Shimbun, but I won," Trump heard, and struck his thumb in his right hand, and answered, "I also won!" To be[355].. At the Japan-US summit, he did not mention the increase in the cost of staying in the U.S. Forces in Japan. At a joint press conference in Washington, Prime Minister Abe beside him saying, "We are hosting our US forces.Japanese peopleI would like to thank you."[356].. Even when North Korea launched the missile, he told Prime Minister Abe that "the United States is 100% with Japan. I want you to trust yourself and the United States."[357].

2017May 11Trump who was visiting JapanJapanese abduction issue by North Korea"I heard a lot of sad stories. I would like to work with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to return the beloved victims to their loved ones." Promised[358].

2018May 2At an infrastructure investment meeting, "It's not easy because we've let countries that have caused a lot of damage to the United States, such as China, Japan, and South Korea, for the past 25 years, but we'll change our policies. Is an ally, but not an ally in trade, "he said.[359][360].

2018May 2At a meeting with members of the ruling and opposition parties on trade held at the White House, "It is unfair for Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia to be defended by the United States, but to pay only part of their expenses." It's another argument, but it's a real problem. "[361].

2018May 3"The trade deficit with Japan is unfair and unsustainable," Trump said in a statement that he would work to reduce it.[362].

2018May 3He named Prime Minister Abe and prefaced it with "my friend," and said, "I'm laughing at you, saying,'I've outsmarted America well.' That era is over."[363][364],US Trade Expansion ActActivated steel import restrictions to countries including Japan based on Article 231[365].

2018May 4At the time of the Japan-US summit meeting with Prime Minister Abe, they agreed to raise the abduction issue against North Korea and maintain maximum pressure until denuclearization.[366]Disagrees with Prime Minister Abe, who wants to return to the TPP and lift import restrictions on Japan's steel, saying "a bilateral agreement is desirable" and "exclusion of tariffs is conditional on reducing trade deficit."[367].Toshimitsu MogiMinister for Economic RecoveryAnd the AmericanRobert LightheiserTrade representativebyJapan-US bilateral trade talksHave agreed to start[368],this isTaro AsoDeputy Prime MinisterIt is said that Trump was irritated by the delay in the existing Japan-US economic dialogue co-sponsored by Vice President Pence[369].

At the Japan-US summit meeting in June 2018, ``Attack on Pearl Harbor"I will not forget", and pressed for bilateral trade negotiations.Washington PostReported[370].. In response to this news report, Jiji Press "will shake the credibility of the prime minister's appeal that Japan-US relations have been stronger than ever", said Kyodo News. However, several government officials made it clear that it was not the summit meeting that was said, but the time, place, and context were completely different.[371]¡The actual mention of Pearl Harbor was on April 4 when the two leaders started playing golf in Florida, in the south of the United States, when Trump said, “Japan may be a strong blow to the United States. Wasn't it a country?" He said he made a joke with the attack on Pearl Harbor, and was not a threat or discomfort to Japan, but rather a context to praise Japan. Also, in another report, Trump said at this time that "Japan should have been a military power that attacked Pearl Harbor," and said, "We should increase defense costs." Ru[372].

2019May 6, Japan and other tankersHolmes StraitAttacked caseIn response, he named Japan and China, saying, "The United States is now the largest energy producer, and each country should defend its tankers on its own."[373].. 29thG20Osaka SummitHe denied the report that he suggested the possibility of abolishing US-Japan security when he visited Japan, saying that "it's not fair. If we protect them, they need to protect us," he said.[374].

2019May 9, With Prime Minister AbeUS-Japan trade agreementSigned the agreement document to confirm[375].


Especially at the 2015 race,People's Republic of China"Have you ever beat them in trade negotiations with China? They are trying to kill us, but I always beat them (" When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, China in a trade deal? They kill us.I beat China all the time.) "" I like China. I just sold an apartment to someone in China for $ 1500 million. Do you think I hate them? ( I like China. I sell apartments for — I just sold an apartment for $ 15 million to somebody from China. Am I supposed to dislike them?) "" I love China. From ChinaLargest bank in the world (Industrial Bank of China)Came, but do you know where the US headquarters is?It's in this building.This is the Trump Tower.That's why I love China. (I love China.The biggest bank in the world is from China.You know where their United States headquarters is located?.In this building, in Trump Tower.In this building, in Trump Tower.I love China.) "" Everyone asks me if I hate China. No, I love them, but their leaders are much smarter than our leaders, which we can't hold up. Hmm.(People say, “Oh, you don't like China?” No, I love them. But their leaders are much smarter than our leaders, and we can't sustain ourself with that.) ”[376].

He emphasizes that he has a business relationship with the People's Republic of China even before he ran for president.[377][378], By telephone talk after winning the presidential electionXi JinpingGeneral secretary"China is a great and important country, and it is possible to realize mutually beneficial relations with the United States,"[379]Trump said in a statement that he thanked the congratulatory telegram and said that "the two countries want to build the strongest relationship in the future."[380][381].. In the letter, telephone talks, and summit talks with President Xi after the inauguration of the president,Chinese Communist PartyPraised by the government[382][383][384][385]Of Taiwan, who stimulated China before assuming officeTsai EnglishPresidentTelephone talks with him also indicated that he would not respond to the reunion because of his good personal relationship with Xi.[386][387]Some criticize for delaying arms sales to Taiwan.[388]The Trump Administration's First Sale of Arms to Taiwan Does Not Include Large Arms[389]Although the White House mistakenly introduced General Secretary Xi as "President of the Republic of China," some people were worried about the Trump administration's understanding of the China-Taiwan issue.[390], In 2018Taiwan Travel LawHas accelerated the sale of weapons to Taiwan since 2019, when US-China relations became tense.[391].

In addition, the "Freedom of Navigation" that has been continued by the Obama administrationSouth China SeaThe Trump administration refused to do so three times when requested by the U.S. military[392][393]Says Trump has been cut off since the electionUS CongressRaised concern[394]..Even when it was reported that the Trump administration carried out the first "freedom of navigation" operation on May 5 of the same year, the Trump administration did not announce it unlike the Obama administration.[392][395]In 2019, when the US-China conflict intensified, the number of "freedom of navigation operations" in the South China Sea was carried out most in the past 40 years.[396].Pacific Rim Joint ExerciseChina's invitation to (Rimpack) was also canceled, and the color of the check against China was strengthened compared to the former Obama administration.[397]..In terms of humanitarian assistance, the United States and China agreed to strengthen joint exercises.[398], Conducted in 2017 and 2018[399][400].

Chinese Communist PartyThe government's response had become an international issueDemocratizationAthleticLiu XiaoboImmediately after his death, President Trump disregarded it and made a statement that praised Xi.[401]. Also,Chinese Communist Party XNUMXth National CongressWas held in the People's Republic of ChinaFOX"In the party convention, Xi was the secretaryLeaderI will be given what I didn't have. To be honest, until then, I want to watch over quietly. I hope he gets it. He is a good man"[402][403][404] After closing on the 25th, Trump congratulated Xi in a telephone conference.[405]Also posted on Twitter, "We celebrated the extraordinary honor"[406][407]Immediately afterwards, in a FOX interview again, Trump praised Xi as "he is a very good man. Some might call him the "king of China" with his mighty powers."[407][408]Welcomed the strengthening of the power base of the Xi administration. 2017May 11At a joint Japan-US summit press conference during his visit to Asia, he said, "Xi is a friend who has a wonderful relationship"[409]"I look forward to seeing Xi who has had a great political victory," Twitter tweeted.[410][411].. When I visited China, my granddaughter ArabellaChinese poetryWas shown to Xi and Mrs. Peng on the screen at the dinner party.[412].. The human rights issue only touches on "continuing to advocate reforms of individual rights and legalism"[413], Chinese National PaperRing and ball newsWelcomes this[414]Human rights activists in ChinaHuka"It's a shame, because it's completely Chinese," he said.[414].. On the 11thAPECIn Vietnam, where I visited to attend, "President Xi is a very strong and wise person, I love him.Mao ZedongThe most powerful sinceChinese leaderBut some say it's more than Mao Zedong.''[415] Said. Also,ShopliftingArrested in China atUniversity of California, Los Angeles OfbasketballThe players also returned home, and Trump, who had requested the release of the players, thanked President Xi[416]"I'm so grateful that the player's father didn't thank Trump. I should have left them in prison," he said.[417].. Called ripples in ChinaNational People's CongressHe also joked about the proposal to abolish the term of office of the President in China, saying, "China is great, and Xi is a great gentleman. Great. We should try the lifetime president someday."[418][419].

The first day of his inauguration in China, which he was appealing during the election while demanding that China comply with international rules even on economic issues such as foreign exchange.Currency manipulation countriesImmediate designation claim withdrawn[420][421][422]Said he didn't want a trade war[423]Said it would build a win-win relationship with China as "one of the most important countries to improve relations".[424].. In May 2017, the Trump administration agreed on the implementation of the “5-day plan” to correct trade friction between the United States and China(English editionAnnounced that they would send a delegation to[425], US delegation attended is Xi's economic zone conceptOne belt one roadExpressed cooperation with[426], Trump himself said the United States is open in cooperation with Belt and Road[427].. When I visited China from the 8th, "China is not responsible for the trade deficit with China. It is because of the past administration that could not prevent the expansion of trade imbalance."[428] Trump announced that a super-large business talk was signed under the auspices of the leaders of the United States and China.[429][430]"We want to cooperate not only in solving the problems of both countries but also in solving global problems." "The relationship between the United States and China is the most important."[431][432] Said.However, on March 2018, 3, Trump said, "I respect President Xi and think China is a friend."[433] "The trade deficit with China is the largest trade deficit that no country has ever experienced," he added.[434] For 7 monthsIntellectual property rights issue in ChinaBased on a survey ofSuper 301 ArticleImposed tariffs on Chinese productsUnited States Trade RepresentativeSign a memorandum instructing (USTR)[435]On April 4, USTR announced a draft specifying 3 Chinese products (equivalent to $1300 billion) while excluding consumer goods with large imports[436][437].. On the following day, China will retaliate with 4 US products and the same 160% tariff proposal, and at the subsequent U.S.-China talks, it will announce that it will "hold the trade war".[438][439]On June 6th of the same year, President Trump said, "Friendship with President Xi and relations with China are very important, but long-standing unfair trade with the United States cannot be neglected," while reducing the initial 16 items to 1300 items. Announced that it will impose tariffs on 1102 Chinese products worth about $ 500 billion from 820 July[440]China says it will retaliate for US$4 billion US products, 500 items, while removing aircraft from the April list[441]After that, repeat the retaliatory battle,US-China trade warAppeared to be called[442].. However, at the same time as the trade war, trade negotiations continued, and the Chinese who visited the United States on January 2020, 1Liu CraneDeputy Prime MinisterSigned a US-China Economic and Trade Agreement with[443][444].

Those who criticize Trump's attitude toward the People's Republic of China say that Trump has a bank account in the country.[445]Earn income from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the largest office tenant in the Trump Tower that it owns even after moving to the White House[446], Jointly with a state-owned enterprise in China[447][448]Has a large debt to China's state bank[56]Using Chinese steel in building construction[449][450], Construction of new buildingChinese peopleInvestorInvestmentRecruiting and promptly towards themvisaWas recommended to use the government program issued bySecurityCriticize that[451]Accuses Trump brand products of being made in China or made in Mexico as a problem and accuses them to "produce all products in the United States."[452].. Trump, meanwhile, explains that the American brands are no longer able to produce in the United States because the Chinese and Mexican currencies are cheaper.

Trump administration of ChinaXinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionHe has expressed strong concern and criticized the policy in Japan.[453]Vice President Pence of the United States gave a speech on July 2018, 7 in Washington, the capital, "The Chinese government accommodates Muslim Uighurs at a place called a re-education facility on the scale of hundreds of thousands or millions. I am trying to eradicate my religious beliefs and cultural sense of belonging."[453]..U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Singh said at a U.S. parliamentary hearing on September 2018, 9 that he was "seeing the situation" regarding sanctions on Chinese government officials and companies, and said he was considering sanctions.[454]On October 2018, 10, Vice President Pence gave a 4-minute lecture titled "Government Attitude toward China" at a think tank in Washington, and criticized China's religious oppression.[455]¡In addition, Vice President Pence emphasized that “President Trump will never yield” in a message to the Chinese leadership.[455]. However, John Bolton, who served as national security in charge of Assistant to the President until 2019 was asked to support his re-election in the 2019 United States presidential election against Xi Jinping Jintao at the time of the 20 G2020 Osaka Summit handXinjiang Uygur Re-education CampRegarding, he recalls that President Trump himself prioritized trade negotiations over human rights diplomacy, such as boosting that "construction should proceed and it is the right choice."[456][457][458].. Passed parliament in June 2020(English editionSigned[458].

Korean Peninsula

2017May 4Trump in ChinaXi JinpingWe had a U.S.-China summit meeting with the President and explained the content of the conversation we had there.Wall Street JournalSpeaking in an interview, he revealed that "the Korean Peninsula in China was part" 習近 Xiaoping spoke and, for a number of war and history "Xi Jinping president has talked about China and the Korean Peninsula in the history of. Thousands of years . Korea was actually part of China. "" Korea was actually part of China (Korea actually used to be a part of China"I heard from President Xi about the history of China and South Korea. It was about the entire Korean Peninsula, not North Korea. (China and South Korea) had many wars over thousands of years." "I heard (President Xi's history lecture) for 10 minutes and realized that (the North Korean issue) was not easy," he said.[459][460].

On the other hand, Korean paperToa NippoIs "B.C.ToIn the northern part of the Korean PeninsulaHanshi CountyAnd when the 13th centuryyuanCan be mentioned as an expansion period, but it is impossible to see Korea as completely subordinate to China."[461].

May 4,SingaporeHad called atNuclear carrierCarl Vinson AustraliaI changed my plan to go toKorean PeninsulaDeparted for. April 4Kim Il Sung105th anniversary and 25thKorean People's ArmyIt seems to be a warning for the anniversary of the foundation. April 4US Pacific ArmyKorean armyAnnounced by the Joint Chiefs of Staff at 16:6 am Japan time on the 21th, at a time when North Korea was in the east from the area near Hamgyeong (Kammyeon) Namdo Sinpo (Sinpo)Intercontinental ballistic missileOne shot was seen, but it immediately exploded and failed. April 1,フィリピン OfRodrigo DutertePresidentOff the Korean Peninsula during a telephone conference withNuclear submarineAlso leaks that it is deploying two vessels[462].

May 5, Nuclear aircraft carrierRonald ReaganAlso dispatched for joint exercises and deployed two unusual aircraft carriers off the Korean Peninsula[463].. May 5, realICBMAnnounced that it succeeded in the first ever experiment to intercept North Korea and(I.e.To counterMissile defenseStruck out[464].. North Korea strongly opposed this experiment[465].

May 6,JapaneseJMSDFAnd two U.S. aircraft carriers launch joint military exercises near the Korean Peninsula[466].. Aug. 6,United Nations Security CouncilUnanimously passed the first Trump administration resolution to strengthen sanctions against North Korea[467].. The resolution was agreed during a five-week US-China consultation.[468][469]Got Russian approval[470].. Trump's repeated North KoreanmissileLaunchChugokuI'm rude to me."[471]North Korea criticized the resolution, saying, "US and China have made their own in the back room."[472].

May 7, "This guy (金正恩) Will not do anything else?" "Japan and South Korea will lose patience and China will end this pointless thing."[473]On the 6th, saying "Never give up cooperation" while pointing out insufficient efforts of China[474]China thanked China for sanctions against North Korea at the U.S.-China summit meeting yesterday, saying "it may take longer than the United States and China would hope, but it will eventually be resolved."[475].. Also, at the same time in JapanJapan Air Self-Defense ForceKorean Air ForceIn the joint training with, we conducted a target air strike and an attack training to the underground facility with a strategic bomber B-1 imitating a North Korean missile launch pad[476], North Korea strongly repelled this[477].

May 7,THAADbyIRBMSucceeded in conducting an interception experiment with Japan and announced a counter to North Korea and other missile development[478].

May 7In North KoreaOtto worm beerNotified the travel agency in China, who had been detained by Americans and toured the North Koreans of the Americans,[479]Bans tourism to North Korea by AmericansState DepartmentAnnounced the examination of travel by[480][481].. On August 8, the Trump administration instructed North Korean travelers to leave the country during August and announced that they would ban travel from September.[482].

May 8, Trump Administration's first large-scale resolution to strengthen sanctions against North Korea was unanimously passed by UN Security Council with the approval of China and Russia[483],coal,Iron oreFull embargo such as[483].Nicky HaleyUN ambassador"I want to thank China for its important contributions,"[484]President Trump, who had complained that "China does nothing with its lips,"ロシアAlso voted with us. The largest sanction ever imposed on North Korea."[484], Also thanked Churo[485][486].. President Trump warns that if North Korea continues to provoke[487]Criticizes North Korea for "following the United States"[488] do itGuamAnnounced to formulate an attack plan by mid-August[489].. In response, President Trump once again told North Korea, "Maybe it was a warm statement. If you do something in Guam, something that no one has seen will happen in North Korea."[486]"I'm ready for a military solution."[490] Warning,U.S. ForcesSent the strategic bomber B-1 again to conduct joint training with the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the Korean Air Force.[491]US military officials said they were preparing for a first strike[492].

Missile launch by North Korea on August 2017, 8To "neighboring country,United NationsIt is an insult to all the member countries. All the options are on the table."[493]He said, "The United States has been swaying money for 25 years in dialogue with North Korea. Dialogue is not the solution."[494].. In addition, the U.S. Army has conducted joint training again with the Japanese Air Force and the Korean Air Force.[495].

2017May 9 OfNorth Korean hydrogen bomb testIn the case of North KoreaRogue nationAs a dangerous presence for China and the United States, China's efforts are not producing results, South Korea OfWen ZaiyinadministrationDenied that the dialogue line was "useless"[496].. Owned by Korea in the US-Korea telephone talk on the 4thBallistic missileAgreed to lift the weight restrictions of the[497], He said, "Xi Jinping Mr. believe that was me in favor of I 6%" for the United States during the telephone conversation of 100 days[498]In a U.S.-Japan telephone conference held on the same day, he said, "I am 100% with Shinzo."[499].. On the 12th at the UN Security CouncilcrudeExport quantity restrictions,Natural gasAnd textile imports and exports and North KoreaWorkerSanctions strengthening resolution prohibiting new work permits and renewals of[500]"This resolution would not have been possible without a strong relationship between President Trump and President Xi," U.S. Ambassador Haley thanked China.[501].. 15thMissile experiment"I once again insulted my neighbors and the whole world. The military options are effective and overwhelming."[502] He said he would carry out bombing training again with the Korean Air Force andMilitary borderFly close[503]"I asked what Rocketman (Kim Jong-un) is doing."gasolineIt was a pity that there was a line in search of "I emphasized the effect of sanctions[504][505]On the 21st, it signed a presidential decree to lock out individuals and businesses with North Korea from the US economy.[506],"Of overseasbankAre forced to choose the United States or the North Korean rogue regime."People's Bank of ChinaPraised the fact that it had instructed its own bank to immediately stop trading with North Korea[507].

The first of the 19thUnited Nations General AssemblyIn a general speech, Kim was once again called Rocketman and blamed North Korea's regime for being "immoral and inferior." American college student Otto WormKim Masao OfassassinationIn addition,Japanese abduction issue by North KoreaAlso touched, "(at the time of disappearance) 13 years oldJapaneseI kidnapped the girl." "If you have to defend the United States and your allies, you have no choice but to completely destroy North Korea," he warned.[508][509].. However, the words "Rocketman" and "completely destroyed" were not included in the manuscript, and were added by President Trump on the spot.[510].. In response to this, North Korea violently proclaimed that "Trump has insulted and denied the existence of me and the state itself in front of the world, and has declared the most violent war in history to destroy our Republic." First in North Korean history[511] And made a direct statement about Kim[512], Lee Yong-ho of North KoreaForeign MinisterProtested in a speech at the UN General Assembly that he "profaned by associating Kim Jong Un with a rocket."[513].. In response to this, Trump responded on Twitter, "If he (Li) is the same as Chibi's Rocketman, they will disappear in no time."[514].. On the 22nd, he posted a post on Twitter that severely criticized the money as "a crazy man who does not want to starve and kill the people."[515]Rekindles money as "Chibi Rocketman" and "Crazy Man" at a rally in Alabama on the same day[516]Threatened with bombers and fighters off the border of North Korea on the 23rd[517].

May 10President Trump acknowledged in the China visit on September 9, that he was "consulting if he was willing to talk. There is a communication channel." To Secretary of State Tillerson[518]"Dialogue is a waste of time. The Secretary should not waste energy," he said.[519][520].. The State Department announced that "I have no intention of dialogue in North Korea."[518], October 10White HouseAnnounced that it is not time to negotiate with North Korea.[521].. At the same time, North Korea refused US-North talks mediated by Russia.[522].. Also, on the 2nd, the nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan for the first time in 3 yearsHong KongAllowed to call at a port,Seventh FleetWith the commanderChinese armyIt was said that the US-China cooperation was directed in North Korea because the executive meetings were also adjusted.[523].. On the 10th, joint training was conducted with Japan and Korea at night to show the movement to consolidate military forces such as bombers, submarines and aircraft carriers on the Korean Peninsula.[524]"I'm probably stronger and tougher than others," "I think China is very supportive," he said on the 11th on dealing with North Korea.[525].

May 11"I don't lick us, don't try. Stupidly test the determination of the United States and the ruined government is in history. There are many.''[526]"North Korea is a hell that people don't want to live in, it's not the paradise on earth drawn by your (Kim Jong-un) grandfather."[527] And asked China and Russia by name to isolate North Korea.[528].. On the 11th, we started an exercise in the Sea of ​​Japan for the first time in 10 years with three aircraft carriers.[529].

May 11Trump, who returned from a visit to Asia, stressed that he was able to agree on maximizing pressure on each country and North Korea.[530]China Communist Party Secretary General Xi confirms that North Korea is a threat and has limited time to resolve problems, and draws out cooperation[531][532]Discusses military options with US and South Korean executives[533] Issued a statement saying that he did. North KoreanLabor newspaperKorea Central CommunicationsRidicules Prime Minister Abe, who had talked with Trump while reporting that he was visiting a special envoy to China, to "American loyal dog," and gave Trump a speech at the Korean National Assembly, "Crazy dog," "Evil enemy."[534]"Deserving the death penalty"[535] Blamed. Trump said the Chinese envoy was "a big move, let's see what happens!"[536].

May 11President Trump says "North Korea not only threatens the world with nuclear weapons, but also continues to support international terrorism," taking the case of American university student Otto Wormbia as an example. "Redesigned many years ago It should have been the first time in nine years in North KoreaTerrorism-supporting nationRedesignated the company and expressed its intention of additional sanctions[537].. Originally it should have been announced immediately after returning from Asia, but the delay is supposed to be due to the fact that China dispatched a special envoy[538].. Secretary of State Tillerson on grounds for redesignationchemical weaponCited the assassination of Kim Masao by[539].

May 11, Trump's ICBMMars 15To Kim Jong Un of North Korea that launched the "Chibi Rocketman is an eerie dog"[540] Criticized and expressed intention of additional sanctions[541].. On November 11, the Secretary of State Tillerson said in a statementSea blockade,United Nations ArmyCall for a meeting of the sending country[542], Both of them were shown disapproval by the Japanese government[543][544]North Korea announced that the implementation of the maritime blockade was considered "a war act"[545].. On December 12, the same year, Secretary of State Tillerson said, "It is possible to make the first dialogue with North Korea unconditional."38-degree lineFor the first time, he also talked with China about concrete measures such as the withdrawal of U.S. forces beyond[546][547][548].. However, regarding this statement, which can be considered as a change in policy premised on the cancellation of nuclear and missile development from North Korea and the suspension of provocation,National Security Affairs Presidential Assistant OfHerbert McMasterAnd Secretary of State Tillerson himself[549][550] Fixed by[551][552].

May 12, Trump administration talks with China[553] do itoilA resolution to strengthen sanctions against North Korea, which included a 9% reduction in the export of refined products and the repatriation of North Korean workers within 24 months, was unanimously approved by the UN Security Council with the approval of the presidency Japan and Russia.[554]For the first time, it was stated that if there is a mandatory inspection and capture of ships that may violate sanctions, or if there is a new nuclear test or missile launch, the oil supply to North Korea will be further restricted.[553].

2018January 1, "There is a nuclear button on my desk that covers the entire United States."Pyeongchang Olympics"Sanctions and pressures have been exerted on North Korea," said Kim Jong-un, who said, "We can have a North-South talk with the South." I want to do it, but let's see if it's good news." "Tell someone that I have a bigger and stronger core than the food-depleted and hungry regime of North Korea, and my nuclear buttons work. Do it"[555] Trump said. January 1,カナダ OfVancouverCall of Secretary of State Tillerson at[556] With the hope that the Foreign Ministers' Meeting will be held with the participation of the United Nations troop dispatching countries, including Japan and South Korea, and the North-South dialogue for the Pyeongchang Olympics will progress to a denuclearization dialogue. Chairman's statement containing a policy to continue pressure on North Korea until[557][558]Demands Sanctions Against North Korea as "Having Important Roles and Special Responsibilities" with Russia and China NamedSea-stopping actionAlso strengthened the government and examined unique sanctions beyond the UN Security Council[557][559][560].. Not only China-Russia for this meeting[561][562], North Korea also repelled as "new war spark"[563].. At a dinner prior to this meeting, Secretary of Defense Mathis stated that "the United States has a war plan with North Korea", saying that it will develop from a foreign ministerial meeting to a defense ministerial meeting depending on the situation.[564][565] And agreed with the participating countries and related countries of the United Nations Army in military aspects[566].

January 1, President Trump's firstGeneral textbook speechWhile China and Russia only touched on "competitors who challenge us"[567], To parliamentNorth Korean defectorAnd Otto Worm Beer's parents invited North Korea over 5 minutes[568] ``I will not repeat the mistakes of successive governments that have repeatedly made concessions, but will continue to apply maximum pressure,'' he said.[569].. Also, on February 2, we met with eight North Korean defectors at the President's office.[570].. At the same time, the next ambassador to South Korea opposed the Trump administration's "operation of nosebleeds," which was a review of the use of force against North Korea.Victor ChaUnusually cancel the offer[571]North Korea strongly opposes this operational plan[572].

2 month 10 dayPyeongchang Olympic Opening CeremonyAlthough Vice President Pence attended the meeting, he left in five minutes and did not participate in the welcome event.Kinei southIgnored[573].. Pence and North KoreaKim YomasaPlans to meet with Korean mediator[574] Otto Wormbeer's father, who had been secretly organized by[575] ,North Korean defectorSince he felt uncomfortable with Pence who expressed additional sanctions after meeting with him and canceled immediately before, there was no opportunity to contact Kim Jong-il and senior officials[576].. On the 22nd of the same month after returning to Japan, the Vice PresidentMarylandAccused Kim Yo-sung as a central figure in the oppressive regime in his speech[577].. North Korea rebelled against this, abusing Pence as "a human waste" and issued a statement saying "We do not plead for a dialogue with the United States"[578][579].. On the 23rd of the same month, President Trump announced that he would impose the heaviest sanctions against a single country, including virtually all North Korean ships.[580]"If the sanctions are not effective, it will be the second stage and it will be a rough response," he said.[581].

On March 3, North Korea's willingness to talk with the United States towards denuclearization "I think North Korea is sincere. We have done what we have done with North Korea, including sanctions and a great deal of cooperation from China. That's why."[582].. Korean special envoy who visited North Korea on the 9thChung Yi-Yu"Kim Jong-un told the South Korean representative not to freeze, but to denuclearize. North Korea will restrain the missile test during this period. It is a big step forward. Sanctions will continue until agreement is reached. Plans for talks! "[583]Confirms that it will maintain pressure and sanctions up to complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization through telephone consultations with Japanese Prime Minister Abe and Chinese President Xi.[584][585][586]Spokeswoman Sanders said the US-North Korea summit talks was "premised on concrete actions to denuclearize."[587].. "No one knows what's going to happen. I might leave immediately or sit down and make the best deal in the world," Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania on the 10th.[588].

In response to a message from President Xi, who met with Kim Jong-un, who visited China on his first outing after the appointment of the Supreme Leader on March 3, President Trump said, ``Kim Jong-un makes the right choice for the people and humankind of North Korea. It's a good time now, we're looking forward to our meeting, and President Xi, who made the summit meeting a great success, said he is looking forward to seeing Kim Jong-un. Keep pressure under pressure no matter what!"[589]White House also rated "maximum pressure worked"[590].

At the dinner party held at Mr. Trump's villa "Mar Alago" on April 4, the topic of the abduction issue was raised. Trump took on a mysterious look and said, "Sinzo's passion for the abduction issue is awesome. It's different from the trade issue. It's beautiful that he's been obsessed for years and never gives up. It's his passion. I also met the abductees' families and I will do my best!"[591].. At the following Japan-US joint press conference with Japan's Prime Minister Abe, he said that he would maintain maximum pressure to denuclearize North Korea. Will leave the seat"[592]"The denuclearization will be great for the world and North Korea," admitting the news that Twitter CIA Secretary Mike Pompeo met Kim Jong-un in a confidential visit to North Korea.[593].. Also, South KoreaKorean War Armistice AgreementAiming to convert to a peace agreementKorean WarWelcome to considering the declaration of termination of[594]The 27th2018 North-South Summit MeetingAt the time when an agreement was reached between South Korea and North Korea to proactively hold a South-North-US-China four-party talks in order to make the armistice peace treaty a peace agreement, "The Korean War is over. "I can't forget the great help of my best friend, Xi, in China. Without him, the solution was a long way off."[595]"I'm a world-class leader, Xi said.pokerPlayer of[596]"I have a friendly relationship with Xi, he's a good person, but he's doing the best for his beloved China," he said when he withdrew the suspension of the US-North Korea summit.[597].

May 5th, Trump was scheduled for June 24th2018 US-North Korea Summit MeetingA letter was sent to the chairman of the Kim Jong Un party and announced. The President said to North Korean official Vice President Pence, who said he would restrain the country.Stupid and ignorantAnd said he would stop the meeting in anger and hostility because it was undesirable.[598].

I visited the US on June 6Jin YingzheAfter the talks with Trump, Trump said it would hold the US-North Korea summit meeting as scheduled and would provide economic support after denuclearization, "It is the role of neighboring Korea, and Japan may be. ``I think it will help,'' denied US funding[599][600].

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Singapore OfSentosa IslandSigned the first U.S.-North Korea summit with Kim Jong Un and signed a U.S.-Korean joint statement aiming for normalization of US-North Korea diplomatic relations and complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.[601], Trump expressed his gratitude to the President of South Korea, Mr. Toraito who made efforts to realize the talks at the press conference, Japanese Prime Minister Abe and Chinese President Xi as friends, and the agreement was beneficial to the world and China.[602]As the denuclearization cost should be borne by Japan and South Korea, sanctions against North Korea will continue for the time being and the US-Korea joint military exercise will be suspended and futureUS Army in KoreaAlso mentioned the withdrawal of[603][604][605].

Domestic affairs

Judicial system

Death penalty

Playing cardsDeath penaltySupportSurvival of the death penaltyIt is a faction. Protest demonstrations were also received for the actions related to the following cases.

1989April 4th, at nightCentral ParkSo teenagerStreet gangStruck people. More than 9 people from around 30 pmBlack,HispanicBoys started attacking park visitors.

The raidersTaxiDestroyed with stones andBicycleStruck. When people fled, they attacked a walking man, robbing him of metal items and hit him until he became unconscious. The passing teacher was badly beaten and kicked many times. Two men on the running course were also hit with an iron pipe and club until they lost consciousness. Rushedpolice officerSaid it was a sea of ​​blood.victimWhen they returned to consciousness, they testified that they were attacked by four or five black youth. I received a report and rushedNew York City PoliceThe boysArrestWhile I started patrol in the park.

Around the same time, on the running course in the park, a 28-year-old joggingWhiteWoman A was attacked by someone, raped, and assaulted, such as being fucked in the anus[606].. Upon discovery, the woman was tied up, shackled, naked, severely injured, losing 75% of her blood, and buried in mud covered in blood. The woman was miraculously alive, but had been in a coma for 12 days, leaving her with serious disability.[607].

Looking around the park before A was discoveredPolice carA boy sitting in the rear seat of the car said, "I'm not murder". "But I know who did it. They are two of them," he said. The boy sitting next to him also repeated, "He did it."

When A was discovered early on the 20th, police arrested five black men aged 14 to 16 and a Hispanic from the boys who were arrested for abusing, rape, and attempted murder.SuspectAnd All five are participating in the raids at the park, two of them from the police car mentioned aboveCriminalWas a boy named.

The five admitted they had attacked passers-by but denied the rape and stated that they had witnessed them and were not involved. One of the five said, "One who was committing a woman wore a hood.プ エ ル ト リ コHe was a Hispanic boy." One said, "I'm not rape. I just touched my chest."

When the media reported the incident, Trump sought "the death penalty for the criminals" and "the resurrection of the death penalty in New York," investing $8 in four newspapers to "recover the death penalty!" Be careful of the flock of birds"[606].. Also at that timeEd KochMayor"I don't think so. I want to hate these robbers and murderers. The criminals suffer." For those who attack society, it is time to start the attack.human rightsYou should teach that the time is over. Insisted." Defend 5 peopleLawyerProtested "advertising five people openly" about the advertisement. Trump said the five boys arrested as criminals in a TV interview on the day of the advertisement were a symbol of the problem in New York, and said, "I hate those who caught her and raped her wildly. Not a lie. "[607].

The New York Police Department harshly interrogated five people and confessed to the assault on A (later known to be a false confession).JurybytrialTo the boysImprisonmentDeclared 6 to 13 years. The five were found guilty in the second instance and imprisoned.

However2002, There was an event that cleared the wetness of these five people. A Hispanic man B (separate from 5) who was serving prisoners for serial rape and murderBargainingThen, in exchange for the exemption from rape, he confessed that he was the true criminal who had violated A. B's confession was credible, backed up by DNA testing, and he testified that B had raped alone, revealing that the five former boys were innocent.

The five former boys asked Trump to apologize when they were released. Former boys' lawyers commented, "Donald Trump should make a real apology to society and to the youth (defendant) and his family." Trump said, "I don't apologize.DetectiveConfessed to. I said later that I didn't do it, but I don't believe." Human rights groups hold a demo rally and participantsTrump towerIn front of "Trump's Tonma! (Trump is a chump!) ”“ Racist ”[608].

The five former boysRacismAccused New York City of $2500 million for alleged bad faith and emotional distress. The city sideProsecutionThe lawyers on the city side felt they would win, as they did not accept that there was a good reason for bringing it into the country. But the trial lasted 10 years,2013ToBill DebrascioDeclares that "I will be the mayor to solve this problem" and assume the new mayor,2014In May, the company decided to pay 5 million dollars (about 4100 billion yen) as a settlement money to the ex-boys.

Trump criticized the settlement, saying, "This is shameful." "They (the five who accused New York City) are not angelic." "$5 million is a lot of money for New York City taxpayers. Recipients are supposed to be laughing out loud," "I have settled, but it does not mean innocence" "This judicial system is full of problems, the time and energy spent on this problem is ridiculous" did[609].

One of the five boys proved innocent said, "Trump is still a hated person. I can't imagine Trump becoming president."[610].

The five former boysNew York CityReceive 4100 million dollars (46 billion yen) fromNew York StateSeeking $5200 million (about 58 billion yen)2014The lawsuit was filed in December.

Cops responding to black suspects

In 2014, a black man carrying an illegal cigarette was suffocated and killed by police officers trying to arrest him for selling on the streets of New York.Eric Garner Choking Death Case).

Regarding this case, he was protesting that "one black man was killed by a police officer every 28 hours" "like a war".Black man's life is also important[611]Will protest at a Trump rally in November 2015[612]"I think I'm trying to get into trouble," Trump said.

He also tweeted the image saying there are far more citizens killed by blacks than blacks killed by whites and cops, but the image was unreliable and criticized.

The image quoted by Trump says "SourceSan Francisco Criminal Statistics Bureau 2015 data”,San Francisco cityIssue an annual report2014Has ended with2015Statistics were not published. Even before 14 years, it did not include a breakdown of perpetrators and victims by race.

Also, each number also existsFBIIt was considered to be unreliable because the difference was too large compared with the national statistical data of FY14. According to the actual FBI 2014 national statistics, ① "Black people (B)Perpetrator"The number of killed white victims (W)" is 15% of all murders, while ② "The number of killed black victims (B) who became a perpetrator of white (W)" is 7%.

However, in the image that Trump quoted, ① was 15% and ② was 81% for San Francisco in 2. San Francisco City Police"The image that Trump tweeted is not the data we published. I don't know where the information came from," a spokeswoman for the newspaper replied to a newspaper interview.[613].

Opinions on abortion

SelfAbortionPositioned as an opposition, and as a general rule, in the second trimester (usually after 20 weeks in the United States)abortion(abortion) Should not be admitted.If you should admitrapeExamples include damage, incest, and maternal health problems.

In March 2016, the talk show host asked if illegal surgery should be punished if abortion surgery was banned.there has to be some form of punishment (for the woman)(There should be some punishment (for women)) "[614].

  • Moderator: Do you think in principle that abortion should be punished? Answer yes or no.
Trump: There should be some punishment.
Moderator: For women?
Trump: Yes.[615]

The media around the world are saying

Donald Trump says, "Women who have had an abortion should be punished"
Women who had abortion surgery said they should be punished[616]

Was also accused of being strongly opposed by abortion opponents.[617][618].

Japanese media also

Trump says women who have had an abortion should be punished[619]
Women who have had abortion surgery say they should be punished[620]


Trump re-explained the matter on the same day and said, "If Parliament makes abortion illegal, or one of the states bans it under federal law, a federal court makes this law a law that prohibits abortion." In this case, a doctor or any person who commits this illegal act to a pregnant woman (abortion practitioner) will be legally liable, and the pregnant woman whose life is lost in the womb is the victim. "My position is the same as Ronald Reagan, I am a professional life with exceptions[621].. "

The issue of abortion was favored after numerous reports on the matter.WisconsinThere is also an analysis that this "speaking" that was framed up due to defeat in[622].

However, Trump did not show a positive desire for punishment. The accused statement was a response in an exchange over the illegalization of late abortion, but Trump was asked by the moderator, "Is it punishable if an illegal abortion appears?" Is a very difficult problem." "It's a looser idea than the other candidates." "Prohibitionists with wide exceptions (Professional lifeIt's muddy." In addition, when the moderator who received this response folded up quickly, saying "What kind of sentence do you impose?", Trump said "I don't know" and repeated three times.CatholicHe said, "I intend to respond from the same perspective as in the above."

The ban on abortion of fetuses in the second trimester is a common idea among Republican candidates, and is adopted by Japan and other countries outside the United States.[623].. However, in the case of the abortion stipulated in Articles 212 to 216 of the Japanese criminal law, it is different from Trump's original claim that the criminal offense is not limited to women.

Trump said 17 years ago that abortion issues should be referred to pregnant women and their doctors[624].

  • Trump: I'm totally professional. I hate abortion. I hate it. I hate everything that means killing the unborn baby. I'm shrugging just to hear people argue on this topic. But even so, I think we should allow the freedom to choose. And...or the way people in New York look at things is a bit different from people in other areas. And as you know, I'm a New York born person. Growing up, working and shaped in New York City in this town. In any case, I strongly support professional choice. But I also hate abortion.
Moderator: So does President Trump ban abortion?
Trump: No, I'm a professional choice in every way. But I hate[625].
  • I fully support the freedom of abortion. I hate "freedom to abort" and I hate to say "freedom to abort". I also feel embarrassed to say that I am a supporter of "freedom to abort". However, it seems that there is no choice but to support it.[626].

Some media have criticized the fact that they have changed their position from their 1999 views on what they now call "pro-life with exceptions."[627].

Finance, taxation, trade, medical

Financially,社会 保障ForActive fiscal policyRecite.

In terms of taxation,Corporate taxAnd lowering the maximum tax rate of individuals to promote economic activities, and for couple households with annual income of less than $5 (about 570 million yen) and single persons with annual income of less than $2 (about 5000 million yen)income taxIt is said that it will waive the difference and correct the disparity among the people.

Regarding economic disparity, the Democratic PartyBernie SandersSame as Senatorwealthy classHave sought to impose taxes onLeftWas said to be close to. Also,Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection ActTo abolish[628], Wall Street taxation and tax avoidance measures and inversion regulations will be implemented.

globalismNegative to the single market due to proliferation,ProtectionistTo be targeted.TPPThe opposite is also true. Shortly after taking officeTrans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership AgreementDeparture from (TPP),Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement(TTIP) Negotiations were frozen. As a result, with Japan, which had prioritized trade negotiations with the United States,European Union(EU) approaches with anti-protectionism. Was stagnant for many yearsJapan-EU Economic Partnership AgreementNegotiations accelerated[629][630].. However, on January 2018, 1, the US television received in Switzerland where I visitedCNBCIn the interview, he said that he was prepared to consider returning to the TPP, which he said was "permanently leaving" when he assumed office, "I will do it if conditions are more favorable".[631].

These policies include protection of the middle class and protection of low-income earners, andSmall government-Privatization-AssetDenial of reallocation (Liberalism・Because it is incompatible with libertarianism,SocialismHas been criticized as hidden liberal,EstablishmentFrom the layersPopulismCondemned as anti-market/anti-company[632].. In fact, Trump clearly left the TPP during the 2016 presidential election,Manufacturing industryBecause he insisted on the domestic return of employment, the construction union, the coal union,AutomobileLabor union etc.UnionThere is an observation that it won with a lot of support from general workers and[633][634].

Medical insurance reformThen, PPACA (popular name: Obama care) was clearly abolished.[635]In a meeting with Obama after the 2016 presidential election, it was suggested that some will be maintained instead of being abolished[636].. Trump has his planSandersHas repeatedly stated that it is not a single payer system [637], Against Obama Care[638][639].. A Trump camp spokesman commented that it would have a "universal, non-socialist system that offers a range of choices based on a free market."[638].

Also, playing cardsEconomic policyAs a new organization related to(English edition(Jared Kushner as the first director),National Trade Council(The first chairman isPeter Navarro),Presidential Strategy Policy Forum(The first chairmanSteven Schwartzman[640]) Etc. were established.

Political Intervention Problem to Nordstrom

2017May 2, A major department storeNordstromIs Trump's daughter because of poor salesIvanka TrumpSaid that it was unfairly treated by her daughter,TwitterStarted blaming on[641].. Criticized for political intervention for preferential treatment of the president's relatives[642].

Immigration policy

President Trump's immigration policy aims to guarantee wages for immigrants. Therefore, it is opposed by employers who work illegally at low wages. [643].

2017May 9Conditionally defer young people who have been illegally immigrated by their parents for only two yearsDACAAnnounced the abolition of[644],2018In January, it upheld a new bill to protect these young people.メキシコAnnounced to build a wall on the border with[645].


メキシコMany of the illegal immigrants from Mexico are from Mexican criminal organizations, carrying drug-filled rucksacks and crossing the American border as a group.As a result, President Trump has taken a positive stance against crackdowns on illegal organizations that repeatedly enter the country illegally.[646].

Even at the race for the presidential election,メキシコIllegal immigrants coming fromdrugcrimeHe said that he would bring a construction wall along the border with Mexico and let Mexico pay the construction cost.[647].

Regarding the claim that a wall is needed at the borderPresident of MexicoSpokesman Eduardo SanchezBloombergThe phoneInterview"It's wrong, of course." "The idea is that the role that Mexico plays is extremely ignored, and it shows the irresponsibility of the candidate who asserts such a thing." "Trump's remarks reflect a huge lack of knowledge of the reality of the United States," he said. "Mexicans in the United States work with enthusiasm. I'm doing it"[648], Trump has indicated that it will not pay the burden, but Trump has not withdrawn so far.

ISIL measures

2014からIslamic extremistsHEATTrump said, "Tightening the background checks on immigrants from ISIL or ISIL-related countries," Trump said. Aiming to establish a system that can respond to the worst case[649].

Multiple polls haveMuslimDemonstrating the consequences of hating Americans, ``until we understand what it means to be dangerous, the nation is vulnerable to the horrific attacks of those who believe in the Holy War but not reason and respect human life. I couldn't do that."[650][651]. When Muslim couples shot and killed 14 people, they proposed to ban Muslims from entering the country[652]Proposes to close some mosques and monitor Muslims[653].

On January 1, 2017, just one week after taking office, "Protecting the State from Foreign Terrorists Entering the United States (Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States) ”Signed an executive order.This(I.e.,(I.e.,(I.e.,スーダン,(I.e.,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,YemenIn 7 countriesIslamicPeople from the United States have stopped entering the United States for 90 days, plusrefugeesIt was accepted for 120 days and it was completely suspended[654].

September 2017, 9, due to the expiration of the previous embargo,north korea,ベネズエラ,チャドForeigners in three countries have also issued a presidential decree prohibiting entry into the United States[655].. Sudan was excluded, resulting in a total of eight countries[655].

Maternity trip

2020May 1, The Trump administration enforced new rules, "Maternity tripLimit[656].

Energy/Environment Policy

2017May 6,Chugoku,ロシア,IndiaIs an unfair agreement that the United States will pay billions of dollars while contributing nothing.''[657] As the United StatesParis AgreementAnnounced to leave[658][659].

On the contraryJapan[660] Each country[661] Repulsed.G2019 countries have agreed to implement the Paris Agreement without the United States[662].

Calling ripples in Japan,State of WashingtonNew York StateCaliforniaAddresses Paris Agreement Goals Independent of Trump AdministrationUS Climate AllianceAnd formedMassachusetts,Hawaii7 other states joined[663].. Led the launch of the American Climate AllianceCalifornia GovernorJerry BrownCollaborated with the Chinese government on the behalf of the United States in China, which he visited immediately after the organization was formed, assuming that he would take the leadership in combating climate change on behalf of the United States.[664][665][666]Signs partnership with China for clean energy technology[667],One belt one roadAlso announced the participation of California in the initiative[668][669][670].. Also 6 daysBeijingAt(English editionAttend[671] To leave China immediately after President Trump announced that he would leave the Paris AgreementUnited States Department of EnergySecretaryRick PerryWelcomes China's leadership in combating climate change[672][673] While saying that the United States is leading in the field of clean energy technology,Zhang GoryeoDeputy Prime MinisterUnited States and China agree on clean energy in talks with[674] However, it is an exceptional hospitality for one local government.Xi JinpingGeneral secretaryThe difference in correspondence with Governor Brown who had an interview with was compared in the American media[675].. Protesting Trump's decisionRobert A. Eiger,Elon Musk ThePresidential Strategy Policy ForumI left the members of[676].

However, on January 2018, 1, he said, "To be honest, there is no problem for me because of the amendment to the agreement that was signed by the former Obama administration.[677].

Since the withdrawal procedure takes 3 to 4 years, the official US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement2020 United States Presidential ElectionIs done2020May 11Later[657].

Space army

June 2018, 6, ``I told the Pentagon as the sixth division of the militarySpace armyOrdered to immediately begin the process necessary to establish the company."[678].. Officially inaugurated by signing the Defense Authority Bill on December 2019, 12[679] did.

Ukrainian controversy

2019 Trump UkrainianWolodimir ZelenskyDuring a telephone conference with the president,Vice President of the United States2020 United States Presidential ElectionAiming for candidacyJoe BidenAnd that sonHunter bidenUrged to investigate the Ukrainian activity. Later, when this request came to light by someone else's handNancy PelosiThe Speaker of the House repulsed. The presidentSecurityThreateningPresidential oathCriticized for violating the United States Constitution andimpeachmentStarted the investigation for the procedure[680].. In response to this, Trump repulsed and stated in a letter to Pelosi that he would not cooperate with the investigation towards impeachment. Clarified the attitude of full-scale confrontation[681].. On December 12, the House of Representatives passed the impeachment resolution with 18 and 230 opposition votes, making Trump the third president ever to be prosecuted.[682].

COVID-19 related

Trump was originallyCOVID-19 PandemicIt has praised China and and are closely China led strong as are cooperating Xi Jinping Jintao in measures[683], Admits that the virus was intentionally neglected as "it disappears naturally"[684]..Also, avoid wearing a mask[685], "99% of cases are completely harmless" "Inject antiseptic solution"[686][687]Ignore medical professionalsHydroxychloroquineRecommended[688], Of a team of experts who recommend thorough measuresAnthony FauciAlso confronted[689]..However, as the infection gradually spreads in the United States, China andWHOIncreasing criticism of "Chinese virus" "Kanfuru" (ChineseKung fuinfluenzaIt came to be described as a coined word that combined[690].

August 2020, 4,New coronavirusWHO criticized "China-centricity" for making inappropriate recommendations to the world over the spread of the infection[691].. Also, on May 5, a situation in which the spread of infection in the United States became serious was "The worst attack that the United States has experienced.Pearl HarborIt's worse" "World Trade CenterWorse," he said. "It should have been suppressed where it happened, but it didn't," he implicitly criticized China.[692]..In addition, we describe the disappointment of the Chinese support on May 5, dialogue with Xi Jinping Jintao at the moment is that it is not wanted, "We're capable of that many of the measures. Completely the relationship It can be cut off, "he said with China.BreakAlso suggested the possibility of[693].. On May 5, it criticized WHO as a "Chinese puppet" and admitted that it is considering cutting or censoring contributions from the US to WHO.[694].

On May 5, the White House press conference denounced China's decision to introduce national security laws in Hong Kong, claiming again that WHO is "closer to China." With WHOBreak the relationshipWas announced[695].

Officially notified the United Nations on July 7 that it will withdraw from WHO on July 7, 2021.[696][697]..The withdrawal was then withdrawn by his successor Joe Biden.[698].

On October 10, he and his wife, Mrs. Melania,New coronavirusThat I was infected withtwitterPublished in.For this reason,Tokyo Stock ExchangeAnd exchanges around the worldStock priceHas fallen by about 200 yen.The next 3 days,armyMedical facilityToHospitalizationHowever, it was reported that he had low-grade fever and coughing symptoms. On the 7th, he recovered until he returned to the Oval Office, and he said that he was infected with the new corona.Blessing from God"[699].

Under the Trump administration, the United States has the highest number of corona-infected people in the world, and in January 2021, the number of deaths due to the new coronavirus in the United States wasSecond World WarWill exceed the number of deaths[700].

March 2021, Trump in January of the same yearCOVID-19 vaccineWas reported to have been privately inoculated[701]..As of December 2020, Vice President Mike Pence and President-elect Joe BidenPfizerBiontechDeveloped byTozinameranWas doing public inoculation[702][703][704][705].

Lost in 2020 presidential election

Aiming for the second term2020May 11 OfPresidential electionRun for the Democratic candidateJoe BidenI fought with.May 11, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania (the three states of the Rust Belt), which hold the key to the election, were still counting, but they unilaterally declared victory because of the lead at that time.[706].

After the flag color became worse due to the ballot counting by mail ballotMay 11At the press conference at night, he began to insist on "electoral fraud", saying, "We won by a large margin, but our votes were secretly stolen," without showing any grounds, and did not accept questions.On the other hand, the major American media said that it lacked grounds.Relay broadcastWas discontinued[707].

May 11Was impatient for the reversal in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and tweeted to the lead Biden, "You shouldn't falsely declare that you've taken the presidency. I can declare it." did[708].

May 11In the morningABC,AP communication,CNN,FOX News,NBC,New York Times,ReutersIt was reported that Biden was elected and Trump was defeated by major media such as[709]..Biden declared victory on the same night, but Trump refused to declare defeat and said he would fight thoroughly in trials and other places.[710][711]..Trump's lawyer Rudolph Giuliani also on the 8thFOX NewsIn an interview with, he said that he would fight thoroughly in trials etc.[712][713].

The Trump camp has filed a proceeding in the defeated state of war, seeking to prevent the voting results from being finalized.The number of proceedings exceeded 50[714]..However, the court did not make a decision to overturn the election results, and it is also the deadline for finalizing the aggregated results of each state.May 12The Trump camp's complaint was dismissed by the Federal Supreme Court[715].

Even after losing the court battle, he continued to resist, trying to overturn the election results in the ceremonial vote of the elector, claiming that "it is the state legislature that actually appoints the elector", such as Wisconsin. He called on the Republican-dominated state legislature to ignore the results of "illegal" general votes and select its own electors.However, no state ignored the result of the general vote in the electoral vote on December 12, and Biden's victory was confirmed.[715]..As he resisted the transition to power, he was delayed in securing a work space for taking over and starting to explain confidential information.[715].

Over the federal parliamentary assault

It was the day when Congress officially recognized the voting results of the previous electors.2021May 1, Trump held the protest rally in front of the White House and gave a violent speech to Trump supporters.[714],Pennsylvania BoulevardWas urged to march to the Capitol.At least thousands of Trump supporters march to Congress, some of themCapitolToIncidents that break in and occupyThere has occurred[716]..Five people died in this case[717].

The riot suspended the minutes of Congress.Joe BidenCriticized the riots and demanded that the mobs be evacuated immediately.In a video posted on Twitter, Trump appealed to his supporters, "It must be peaceful. Let's go home. I love you." On the other hand, "It was a stolen election. It was our landslide victory. Insisted again[716].

After that, Trump's SNS accountTwitterRequested to delete 3 tweets and blocked 12 hours of posting because "there was a violation of the rules"FacebookHowever, because "there was a violation of the rules", the account was blocked for 24 hours.Temporarily frozen[718][719][720]..Twitter warned that if Trump violates Twitter rules again in the future, his account will be permanently suspended.[721]..Other live distribution servicesTwitchAlso blocks Trump's account and opens a shopping site serviceShopifyDeleted Trump's official shop[722].

May 1, Trump's Twitter account has been temporarily frozen.Trump posted a video on Twitter that night, saying that "the villainous attack on Congress is as furious as all Americans" and "defiled the Capitol" "does not represent this country." Said. "I have been fighting to secure fair elections and protect democracy," he said. "Now that Congress has approved the election results, a new administration will take office on January 1." Approved.Unlike previous statements, he did not claim that he was the one who won the election.This is effectively perceived as Trump's first declaration of defeat in this presidential election.[723]..He also argued that election legislation needs to be changed to clarify the identity and voter status of voters.

HoweverMay 1Trump's Twitter account was permanently frozen because "two tweets violate the rules and could further incite violence."[724][725][726]..On January 1th, the German and French governments expressed strong concern about this, and the legislative procedure that the freedom of speech of the president of a country elected by the public will should not be suspended by a private company. Showed the idea that it should be done after[727]..Also, in JapanMiura Ruri,Takashi UesugiScholars and journalists have also criticized this account suspension measure.On the other hand, TwitterJack DorseyOn January 1th, the CEO raised the question on his Twitter, "Is our (Twitter) decision correct?" And said, "I think (account freeze) was the right decision." He admitted that he failed to "promote communication" and emphasized the need to increase the transparency of moderation.[728][729].

After the incident, with Trump who fanned the supporters at the rallyRudolph GiulianiOn January 1, federal prosecutors said they would not rule out the possibility of an investigation or prosecution against Trump, as calls for sedition were raised.[730]On January 1, Washington Federal Prosecutor's Office Ken Cole said the FBI had not investigated the case on suspicion of "incitement" or "rebellion" and said, "There is no prospect of such a prosecution. Shows the view that[731]..However, there is a high momentum within the Democratic Party, and it is reported that after the change of government to the Biden administration, there is a possibility that it will be prosecuted as part of the Trump fraud investigation (the Ministry of Justice has to prosecute the incumbent president in principle in 1973). Although we have established internal guidelines for, it will not be applicable after retirement)[730].

In politics, the Democratic Party is calling for the dismissal of Trump, and the Republican Party is beginning to say that it is partially in sync.[732].

Nancy PelosiHouse of RepresentativesIs anxious about Trump's mental state, and President Trumpnuclear weaponsTo prevent issuing attack commands usingMark MilleyChairman of Joint Chiefs of StaffDiscussed with[733].

In addition, Speaker of the House of Representatives PelosiMay 1To Vice President Mike PenceConstitutional provisionsHe indicated his intention to submit a motion to the House of Representatives to dismiss Trump based on. It was passed by a majority at the plenary session on the 12th, but Pelosi wrote to Pelosi prior to the vote that he would not accept Trump's dismissal.[35][734].

May 1,反 乱TheagitationThe House of Representatives passed a resolution to impeach President Trump.[735].May 2The Senate impeachment trial did not reach the two-thirds required for penalties with 57 guilty and 43 acquittals.[736].

After retiring from the president

On January 2021, 1, Trump issued a video message statement of his retirement, highlighting his four-year track record and saying, "I pray that the new administration will maintain the security and prosperity of the United States."[737].

Still in office as to whether or not to attend the president-elect Biden's inauguration ceremony2021May 1On Twitter (before the freeze), he announced in advance that he would be absent, saying, "To all who asked. I have no intention of attending the inauguration ceremony."Biden welcomed Trump's absence by saying, "He's a shame for the nation. It's good not to come," while Vice President Mike Pence said, "It's an honor (if you attend)." Said.It is the first time in 1869 years since 152 that the former president has not attended the inauguration of the new president.[738]..Vice President Pence has indicated his intention to attend[739].

On January 1, Trump did not attend Biden's presidential inauguration ceremony as previously announced, but held a retirement ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base.Then I went to Florida.Vice President Pence is absent from Trump's retirement ceremony[740]Attended Biden's presidential inauguration[741]..According to the U.S. media, the "nuclear button", which only the president has the authority to operate, is usually taken over directly at the inauguration ceremony, but this time Trump did not attend, so two buttons were prepared and Biden took office. Measures were taken to invalidate Trump's at the moment[742]..President Biden also revealed that former President Trump left a "very compassionate" letter to Biden in accordance with traditional practice.[743]..Biden then said, "I will not reveal the contents of the letter until I meet Trump."

On February 2, the Biden administration announced that it would not report confidential information, which the administration normally does to former presidents, to former president Trump.President Biden cites Trump's "eccentric behavior" as the reason, "What is the value of reporting confidential information to him? What are the implications other than that he may slip? Will it be? "[744].

On March 3, the federal Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Wisconsin's aggregate results from last year's presidential election. "Mr. Trump's last challenge has been rejected," NBC TV said, and "Trump's futile struggle to overturn President Biden's victory has come to an end."[745][746].

Exposure to media

TV drama"Spin CityAnd moviesHome Alone 2","Two Weeks Notice, And moreSesame street OfMuppet,ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン"The Simpsons”, he has actively appeared in various media in various forms. Also in the pastBobby brownOf "On Our Own"Music videoAlso appeared in.


2004Started broadcasting onNBCtv set OfReality show"Apprentice(The Apprentice) ”, As a host and producer, hung the chair of an executive of a Trump affiliated company in the programPoliteProgram participants (other than those involved in the public offering)You are fired(You're fired)” was used to make a sharp cut.[747].. columnistTomohiro MachiyamaAccording towrestlingGroupWWEIs the chairman ofVince McMahonWas a classic dialogue that was issued with a special move during the performance of a battle modeled after a labor-management dispute.[748].


2007May 4, WWE sponsoredWrestlemania23(ミ シ ガ ン 州DetroitCompetition)Battle of the Billionaires(Battle of the Billionaires, Billionaire Showdown) ”, Trump and Vince's acting wrestlers (Trump's acting isBobby Rushley, Vince's actingHorsetail) Match was held.

In America, eachwigThere is a rumor that, and in a confrontation that ironicized the rumor,Rule that a loser will shave his headMet. Special referee"Stone Cold" Steve AustinWith the help of, Trump won and Trump cut Vince's hair on the spot.[749].. By the way, after the match Trump also got a special move from Austin.Stone Cold Stunner(Of course, I'm pulling out my hand to suit non-professional wrestlers).

2009In 6 monthangleFrom VinceRAWWas acquired and became the owner. The next week's broadcast will be the first show in the history of a program without a commercial or a full refund of the entrance fee for the spectators, but it will be bought back at the double price that Vince sold during the day, and the owner angle ended only once.2013ToWWE Hall of Fameenter[750].

Private life

Trump has grandfather and brotherAlcoholismLost due to complications derived from. The older brother who made his grandfather and his brother a teacherliqueurtobaccoTrump, as he said, never took any alcohol or cigarettes,coffeeHe says he doesn't even drink.I have also advised children not to drink alcohol, tobacco or drugs.About the reasonABC News"Because I've seen so many talented people who were really shining ruin their lives," he said.

On the other hand, eating habitsBig Mac,Kentucky Fried Chicken,Domino pizza such asfast foodI prefer the routine ofDiet colaLove[751], I've been drinking all day long. In addition to meal timeCrispsAre eating all the time.motionAlmost nevertime of sleepingThinks that about 3 or 4 hours is enough. Although I am confident in my own health,WeightIs 107 kilograms,Statin,PropeciaIs said to be taking.Suits and tiesBrioniAlign withSmartphone TheAndroidHowever, the security officer has refused the request to change to a model with enhanced security, and the House Investigation Committee has been requested to investigate.For that reason,2017LateriPhoneIs used[752]..My favorite pencrossOwns hundreds of Century II black lacquers and distributes them to lawmakers and other stakeholders[753][754].

Religious ThePresbyterian church(Press Veteran)ProtestantI am trying. Although he is not active, he uses his favorite book as the Bible.JudaismIt has a strong connection with.2016 United States Presidential ElectionThen.Greek OrthodoxReceived a blessing from an American bishop.


father'sFredIt is,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クWas developing businessReal estateDeveloper. According to Trump himself, he started helping his father from the age of five.

Trump reported in the British Daily Mail that his father was KKK.InterviewAnd denied that it was "stupid". "My father hasn't been arrested and has nothing to do with the incident. It never happened. It's ridiculous."[756].

Of folk singerWoody GuthrieHad rented a house to Fred in the 1950s, and Guthrie wrote that Fred was racist, according to a rental agent.BlackTold him not to rent a house[757].

Sister'sMarian Trump BarryOf the Federal High Courtjudge.

Eldest daughterIvankaIs a mother of three children. In addition to working as a housewife, mother, and model, he is also the vice president of the Trump Organization as an heir, and is actively participating in Donald's election campaign, including running at races and rallies.Sankei ShimbunAccording to the US media, it is called a "secret weapon" because it is "cool and best behaved."[758].. Converted to the same Judaism as my husband[758][759][760].

American National Science AwardAwarded TechnicianJohn George TrumpIs my paternal uncle[761].


2009November, economic magazineForbes Magazineが「アメリカのテレビ界で最も稼いでいる男性」のランキングを発表し、2008年6月から2009年6月までの収入が5,000万ドル(日本円で約45億円)で2位にランクインした。ドナルド・トランプは2017年に保有資産は31億ドル(約3500億円)[762][763].

Most of the male performers ranked in the top of this ranking are also doing business etc., and Trump uses his name for products such as ties and vodka, and also earns royalties for lectures and books[763][764].

In the presidential election, it is customary for candidates to disclose tax records, but the president's term ended without ever disclosing it.[765]..For some time, tax evasion of family companies, fraudulent fund transactions, political contributions in the name of a moratorium on affair women and monetary suspicions have been investigated, and financial information has been investigated, but Trump himself said that he was a witch hunt for the suspicions. Blame[766][767].

On February 2021, 2, the US Supreme Court dismissed Trump's allegations and ordered the disclosure of tax records after a prosecution in the Manhattan area of ​​New York filed a proceeding to disclose financial information.


Remarks on Obama

2011ToHawaiiIssued byBarack ObamaPresident's simple birth certificate ("Certification of Live Birth"), "Obama is actually Africa, not Hawaii (KenyaI was born and not qualified for the president."Nationality conspiracy theorySteamed back and attracted attention[768].

ABC NewsTrump, who appeared in, put up his birth certificate in front of the camera and demanded that Obama do the same. To dispel allegations of being "born in Africa," Obama published the original birth certificate in the media, proving that he was born in Hawaii.About this, Trump self-proclaimed, "I succeeded in getting Barack Obama's birth information submitted."[769].

Partly because of the repulsion that it was racism and the boycott movement,GrouponIs "Apprentice" (Later) Became a tumult to pull ads from the site[770].. Also at the end of April of the same year, Trump attended the annual White House Press Club dinner, where Obama said, "One case has settled down, and they will be able to tackle more important issues. ..Moon landingWas forgery? RoswellIs the truth? "I ironically joked Trump and other conspiracy theorists."[771].

2015May 9At their own rally, their supporters had ObamaMuslimI was criticized again for not denying when I decided to[772].2016May 8IsFort LauderdaleAt the rally ofHillary ClintonTheIslamic extremists組織HEATHe develops his theory that he is a co-founder of (Islamic country). The next 11 daysCNBC"I'm just saying the facts," he said in an interview at. HoweverDemocratic Party OfCharlie WilsonServed as a foreign affairs advisor to the Obama campZbignev BrzezinskiIslamic system during the Cold WarAnti-communityEven if they have given political support to armed groups, it is hard to say that they were founded. The Clinton camp has issued a statement saying it's an irrelevant claim, "a new example of Trump looking down on the United States."[773].

2016May 8Visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which was hit by the floods.He carried a truck full of relief supplies (children's toys, clothing, diapers, water, food, etc.) and helped with unloading.He encouraged the victims, saying, "It's okay. The situation will improve."On the other hand, Obama has been playing golf for the 300th time since he took office.[774] However, he did not forget to criticize, "The president should visit Louisiana early without playing golf. It's too late."

2016May 9, Trump in WashingtonPress conferenceAnd read a short statement, "President Obama was born in the United States." and he reluctantly admitted that Obama was born in the United States, but did not apologize.[775].

Other remarks

  • IllegalWhite supremacyGroupFAQFormer executivesDavid DukeBut expressed his support for Trump, "ImmigrationStrong against problems, revealing media lies,WhiteIt is a candidate to lead society to development. "About this matterCNNWhen the moderator asked, "Do you refuse to be supported by Mr. Duke?", Trump said, "I don't know a man named Duke. I've never met him and I don't know anything." You shouldn't try to blame me for a group I don't even know, "" I don't know anything about white supremacists, "" I don't know which group I'm talking about. " Did not refuse clearly[776].. However, a contradiction with Trump's reply to a reporter at a past press conference was "David Duke supported me? Ah, I refuse. Good?"[777].. Later, he explained that it was due to the performance of the earphone he was wearing.[778].
  • 2005at that time,911 terrorismOld collapsed inWorld Trade CenterSaid it would rebuild the "Twin Tower II", which is larger than the old World Trade Center that collapsed due to the 911 terrorism, rather than the idea of ​​creating a monumental architecture.[779].
  • He has become a Republican official presidential candidate in the presidential election, and there is a tendency to dispel racist images such as "I love Hispanic" on Twitter.[780].
  • "Look at what is happening in our country.PolicemenHow can we teach something to people in a state of ruthlessly killing them?" Showed the idea that it had to be[781].


  • In 2016Nobel Peace PrizeHas been nominated for.He became one of the 228 candidates recommended as an individual.[782].. The nominated person appears to be an American who was asked by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to recommend a candidate[783].. In 2019Shinzo AbePrime ministerHas recommended President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of Japan, Trump reveals[784]According to Trump, Abe sent a five-page letter to the Nobel Committee and a copy of the letter to Trump. Abe has recognized that the easing of the letter has been eased. According to Japanese government officials, after the first-ever US-North Korea summit meeting held in June 5, the US side "recommended". Abe said that he recommended Mr. Trump to Nobel Prize officials around the fall of 2018.[785].. Abe said he was "not saying that it was not the case" with regards to recommending Trump to the Nobel Prize, but "The Nobel Committee has not disclosed recommenders and nominees for XNUMX years." I would like to refrain from commenting according to the policy.''[785].
  • In 2020, he said, "The global epidemic of the new coronavirus has made politicians more life-threatening than scholars and doctors."Ignobel AwardWon the Medical Education Award[786][787].
  • Trump supporterJeb BushMake a processed image to mocktwitterWhen I sent it to him, Trump retweeted it as funny as usual, but later on the userNeo NaziWas found to be a member of. The Bush camp spokesman saidNaziThe law that returns to you when you call it. Trump used to call Jab Nazi, but his Anti-Jeb retweet has a Nazi account," he said.[788].
  • 2011In April, the above-mentioned theory of the birthplace of President Obama was immediately noticed by the major American media, and this case was also taken up by the Japanese media.Also,ABCMorning showGood morning, AmericaPresenter ofGeorge Stefano ProssAsked George to ask the next question "George, Next question George"[789] It was talked about regardless of the news, variety and genre, such as being featured in the same ABC talk program.
  • WriterBob GaleAccording to the movieBack to the future seriesThe villain Biff Tannen that appears in is said to have been drawn using Trump as a model.[790].
  • 2016,カナダOn the island of Cape Breton, where Donald Trump would be ready to accept Americans as "political refugees" if he took office.[791].
  • メキシコCreating a wall on the border with (Great Great Wall), And on overseas internet sites, there are talks about walls such as "How to confront the big wall (Great Wall of China) in China" and "Ask Trump how to make a wall". There is[792].
  • We couldn't get rid of the wig allegations, so in September 2015 we kidnapped the wig allegations by letting our children pull their hair, but Hollywood stylists still argue that wigs or their own hair are in dispute. AFP news agency reported. There are also reports that the reason for the divorce with my ex-wife is that she had no choice but to plant her hair because she failed to increase her hair, but the wig alleged to have been cast behind her shadow because her radical statement preceded her. , The truth remains unknown[793][794][795].
  • About debt, "A small loan of one million dollars(Small debt of one million dollars (1 million yen when converted to 100 yen per dollar)) "[796][797].
  • He said that he would use a private plane, Trump Force One, that uses a presidential plane even after taking office, but in the opinion of the government, the president does not allow the use of anything other than a dedicated plane when traveling by air. Announced that if Trump Force One is used, it is necessary to install a protective device equivalent to a dedicated machine at private expense.[798].
  • 1989ToTrump: The Game]ボ ー ド ゲ ー ムHas been released[799].
  • Barack ObamaNorman Eisen, a former president's legal counsel, became president in January 2017 because Trump ran various businesses and owned assets in various forms when he was elected president-elect. When you doConflict of interestWas said to be a problem[800].. Trump promised to resolve this by the time he took office[800].. Specifically, partialBlank paper trustIs considered to have been[801][802]. Trump will be owned by the Trump clan in 2020(English editionIt was announced that it will be held at, but it was canceled after being criticized for a conflict of interest.[803][804].
  • 2012MovieBattleship』, the subordinate to the main character who is troubled many times and troubles repeatedly, "Donald Trump andMike TysonIt may be a mutant that has been multiplied by.”
  • 2017When I came to Japan as president in NovemberGuest HouseJapanese style annex together with Prime Minister Abe as hostcarpFeeded to At that time, it was reported that Trump turned the wooden box upside down and threw the food into the pond briskly.[805][806].. Commercial television stations reported this situation with narration such as "Is it frustrating" or "Is it troublesome" as if Trump was irritable or took a rude attitude, and those who criticized it Not a few[807][808].. However, in reality, when both leaders were feeding little by little at the beginning, Prime Minister Abe thrown away the food left in his box at a stretch because of time, and Trump followed. Is[807].. However, as a difference from Trump's bait emptying method, in the case of Prime Minister Abe, he keeps the box on top and gives momentum from below.[809].
  • 2017May 2To americanEmerson CollegeReleased a poll that the Trump administration is more trusted than the media[810].. According to it, 39% of people can trust the media and 49% of people can trust the Trump administration.
  • 2020May 7Was refusingMASKSFor the first time, he was shown publicly and photographed[811].

Social phenomenon

  • 2016 yearsHillary ClintonIt was said that she would be elected in the presidential election, which argued with Trump, but when Trump was reported to be dominant, stocks and other markets fell into chaos, the temporary market dropped to the lowest price, and the price soared the next day. did. The foreign exchange market fluctuates significantly against the dollar, the yen has risen about 5 yen in Tokyo time, and about 5 yen depreciated in Western time, but the yen's depreciation has not stopped and it is 1 yen in about a month. The yen depreciated soon.
  • Large-scale demonstrations by supporters of Hillary occurred in the United States after the decision with the next president,Lady GagaThe angry voices from Hilary supporters such as are transmitted through SNS and media,Trump towerEtc.securityIs being done[812].
  • At one time, the site for immigrating to Canada was flooded with access mainly to American immigrants, so a server down occurred[813].
  • Donald Trump has no political experience and has many words and deeds such as repeated rants, misrepresentations, and discriminatory remarks, so there are many criticisms about his inauguration.Rumors of an assassination plan had been whispered from such a background.actually"Terminating Donald TrumpThe dark site that calls itself TrumpassassinationIt is clear that they are planning to raise funds[814].
  • From a ferocious postureフィリピン OfRodrigo DutertePresident[815] ,Japan OfYasushi AdachiMember of the House of Representatives(Japan Restoration PartyBelongs)[816] There are cases where politicians who make radical statements like this are reported as "Trump of XX".
  • 2017May 5Before dawn, Trump said on Twitter, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe(Despite the covfefe, which is still negative in the press) ”. "CovfefeThe mysterious word "" was called a topic over the true meaning of the word, and more than 10 retweets were made, which is the largest number since the inauguration of the president.#covfefeHas entered the trend.Sean SpicerSpokesmanSaid to reporters that "the president and a small number of people know (meaning) properly," and the speculation that it was a code spread.In addition, after Trump himself deleted the tweet, he posted, "Do you know what covfefe really means? Have fun." American media such as CNN simply says "press coverageI'm analyzing that I was just trying to write[817][818][819][820].. Trump often tweets in the middle of the night, but spelling and grammatical mistakes are often pointed out by other account users.[821].

Major celebrities who support Trump

United States flag American



Trump has the following books. But there is also the theory that it was written by a ghostwriter[860].

  • (1987) ISBN 978-0-345-47917-4
    Tony Schwartz,Mariko AiharaTranslated "Trump Autobiography-Learn business from real estate king" Hayakawa Shobo, 1988 / [paperback edition] Chikuma Shobo, 2008
  • Trump: Surviving at the Top (1990) ISBN 978-0-394-57597-1
  • Trump: The Art of Survival (1991) ISBN 978-0-446-36209-2
  • Trump: The Art of the Comeback (1997), co-written with, ISBN 978-0-8129-2964-5
    Co-authored by Kate Bonner, Translated by Ryuji Kobayashi "Resurrection of Losers" Nikkei BP, 1999
  • The America We Deserve (2000), with Dave Shiflett, ISBN-1 58063-131-2
  • Trump: How to Get Rich (2004) ISBN 978-0-345-48103-0
    Translated by Kaoru Ishihara "Ask millionaires how to make money! --Introduction to the rich man of the millionaire Trump" Fusosha, 2004 / [revised edition] Fusosha, 2016
  • The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received (2004) ISBN 978-1-4000-5016-1
  • Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life (2004) ISBN 978-0-345-48140-5
  • Trump: The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received (2005) ISBN 978-0-307-20999-3
  • Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message (2006), co-written with, ISBN 978-1-933914-02-2
    Robert KiyosakiCo-authored by Mihoko Shirane, Junko Inoue, "I Want You to Be Rich" Chikuma Shobo, 2008
  • Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life (2007), co-written with, ISBN 978-0-06-154783-6
    Translated by Toshiya Minemura "Thinking about the millionaire Trump, make a big profit," Tokuma Shoten, 2008
  • Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies (2007) ISBN 978-1-4016-0255-0
  • Trump 101: The Way to Success (2007) ISBN 978-0-470-04710-1
  • Trump Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success (2008) ISBN 978-0-470-19084-5
  • Think Like A Champion: An Informal Education in Business and Life (2009) ISBN 978-0-7624-3856-3
    Translated by Maki Tsukitani "Tomorrow's Successful People" PHP Research Institute, 2010/[Revised] "Trump Thinking-Philosophy of Unknown Reversal" PHP Research Institute, 2016
  • Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don't (2011), co-written with Robert Kiyosaki, ISBN-1 61268 095-X-
    Co-authored by Robert Kiyosaki, translated by Mihoko Shirane, “Midas Touch to Generate Gold: Five Teachings to Become a Successful Entrepreneur,” Chikuma Shobo, 5
  • Time to Get Tough: Making America No. 1 Again (2011) ISBN 978-1-59698-773-9
    Translated by Keiichi Iwashita "Regain the Tough America--To Make America a Great Nation Again" Chikuma Shobo, 2017
  • : How to Make America Great Again (2015) ISBN 978-1-5011-3796-9
    Translated by Keiichi Iwashita "THE TRUMP-The Trump of America, The Strongest Trump" Wanibooks, 2016


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