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🎥 | Director Yutaka Mizutani's 3rd "Taiyo to Bolero" production decision Tomomi Nishimoto, the world-famous conductor, becomes the first film music director

Photograph Yutaka Mizutani, director of the movie "Taiyo to Bolero" Photo: From "Hit and Run" by Hidefumi Miyake

Yutaka Mizutani's third "Taiyo to Bolero" production decision Tomomi Nishimoto, the world-famous conductor, becomes the first film music director

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Nishimoto said, "Mr. Hirohiro Kitano in the'Enthusiastic Era'was also a teacher who actually influenced my own life.

It turns out that the production of the third movie "Taiyo to Bolero" directed by actor Yutaka Mizutani has been decided and will be released in 3 ... → Continue reading

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Passionate age

"Passionate age』(Nechujidai) is197810から19813Until,Nippon TVseriesWas broadcast on theprimary schoolSet inSchool drama..Kitano (a teacher who is enthusiastic about various difficulties in the educational field, which was beginning to become a social problem at that time)Yutaka Mizutani) Was a big hit with sympathy.

1987spring,1988And autumn1989A two-hour one-shot drama was produced each in the fall, depicting the hero with a family struggling while being puzzled by the changing temperament of children with the times.

2011May 4As a special drama, a remake work set 30 years later was broadcast.StarringRyuta SatoとNao Matsushita..Also, before the broadcast of the special dramaKanto localでre-airWas done.

Continuous series

The first series is1978May 10Than1979May 3Until every Friday from 21:00 to 21:54, "Friday theaterIt was broadcast in the frame.The first audience rating is 12.2% (Video research), But the audience rating of the final episode wasNielsen46.7% in, and 40.0% in video research.The 27.8% increase from the initial audience rating by video research is the highest ever.

As a program after the first series, "" also starring Yutaka MizutaniHot middle age, detectiveWas broadcast, and after a while, the second series1980May 7Than1981May 3Until every Saturday from 21:00 to 21:54, "Saturday Grand TheaterA total of 38 times were broadcast in the frame.This recorded an average audience rating of 27.8%.

Hong KongBut1984から1985Was broadcast on a foreign language channel.


Hirohiro Kitano:Yutaka Mizutani
A new teacher from Otaru, Hokkaido.After working part-time for a while, he was assigned to Wakabadai Elementary School to succeed the teacher who retired from marriage, and became a resident of the principal, Junsaburo Amagi. In charge of 3 groups in 4 years.According to him, he "graduated from a poor university with poor grades" and became a teacher.Everything hits me.Children love it because of its unconventional educational method, but they often collide with Adachi and some parents.I am worried about Momoko who is calling while crying at the movie theater, but I am mistaken for a molester, and since then I have become aware of each other, but due to my father's and brother's illness, injury, etc. Returned to Hokkaido in the final episode of the first film.
After that, he was unable to balance teachers and dairy farming and helped Rebun Island's uncle's work, but he met Junsaburo Amagi again in the first time of the second series, and returned to Wakabadai Elementary School with that helper and became a teacher of the second grade and three groups.
In the final episode of the 2nd series, he learned that there was a vacancy in the teachers at Anijima Elementary School in the Ogasawara Islands, so he volunteered and set out for Ogasawara.
In the first special work, he moved to Shakotan Town Kamuizaki Elementary School in Hokkaido and continued to be a teacher. When he moved from Ogasawara, he met Atsuko and got married.
After the second work, with the closure of Kamuizaki Elementary School, he returned to Tokyo with Junsaburo's messenger and was assigned to Minami Tamagawa Elementary School, where he took over the Amagi residence from Junsaburo. I decided to make it my home).The following year, he was in charge of 2 groups in 3 years.
Although he already has a career called a veteran, his unconventional method has not changed at all, and even after he was assigned to Minami Tamagawa Elementary School, teachers of grades and above are frowned upon by that method. Often (but endorsed by children and parents).
In the 2011 special, he said that Nagumo Daichi, who was in charge of the 3rd grade and 2nd class, was born in 1983 and was in charge of the 3rd grade of elementary school in the Ogasawara era of the earth, so he was transferred to the elementary school in Ogasawara again. Seem.

Wakabadai Elementary School

Junsaburo Amagi:Eiji Funakoshi
The principal of the trademark is a bow tie.He has many teachers at home and is a kind and reliable person.My hobby is studying dog language.To the evil kid, "The child who can't hear is a baby," he treats them like a baby and disciplines them.
I will be assigned to Yamanashi prefecture near the final episode of the first series.
From the second special edition, he transferred his home to a vast area and became a condominium residence with his wife, Ayako.
Missing, who is the greatest understanding of the vastness, takes care of the eldest son of Tadanobu, who was temporarily refused to attend school, and helps to overcome it even after retiring from the front line. Participate in the search for a vast student who has become a student, participate in a class excursion in a vast class as a leader, and support the vastness.Always treat with honorifics when talking to anyone.
Katsuya Adachi:Hosei Komatsu
A noisy vice-principal, in contrast to a laid-back principal.A typical doctrine.Until the arrival of the vast university, he was in charge of 3 groups in 4 years on his behalf.
It also appeared in the first special work, and it is set to be promoted to the principal of Wakabadai Elementary School after Junsaburo.
Second series
Momoko Koito:Shiho Mietsuko
A teacher who stays at the principal's house. 3rd grade 3rd class teacher.Madonna-like existence.School yearsoft ballIn the tournament, lead the class in charge to win all the wins.I'm good at dancing again.His father was a student of Junsaburo, but he was still disgusted by his father who asked Junsaburo for debt.He was witnessed vastly calling his father while crying at the movie theater, and mistakenly reported the vastness he was chasing after as a molester.After the first series, he was assigned to Yamanashi with Junsaburo.
Keiko Hanai (Yayo):Mikiko Otonashi
A teacher who stays at the principal's house. In charge of 5 groups in 2 years.He has a lot of trivia and often participates in quiz shows.He married Yatsushiro near the final episode and became the sister-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Amagi.
He has also appeared in the first special work.
Kiku Maeda:Execution Sachiko
He is in charge of a group of 3rd graders, and is the grade chief of the 1rd graders.
Tokuji Kojimada:Ichiro Ogura
A colleague of vast people, who is in charge of 3 groups in 2 years.In contrast to the vastness, they are in contact with the children at a distance.He is a small person and is not good at physical education classes.Often wears a lab coat.I like Momoko.
Second series
Miyuki Tachibana:
2nd grade 4th class teacher.Boarding house at the principal's house.It becomes clear that he was in love with the vastness in the final episode, but the vastness leaves for Ogasawara without knowing anything.
Kunihiko Tamaru:Tasaku Akino
Two-year teacher.He is the grade chief and reunites with his ex-wife who divorced in the final episode.
Okuda Morning:Midori Kiuchi[1]
2nd grade 2nd class teacher.His mother is also a teacher and Junsaburo's teacher.
Kazami (Sato) Reiko:Izumi Yamaguchi
Colleague teacher.The homeroom teacher when the child who was in charge of the first work was promoted to the fifth grade.Boarding house at the principal's house, connected with Tadanobu in the final episode.
After that, he had five children (he gave birth to the fifth in the second special work).
Professor Ihara (teacher):
Professor Matsushita (teacher):Eiji Karasawa
Professor Egawa (teacher):
Mr. Hara (teacher):Nishio Tonori
Mizue Matsuzaki (teacher):Satoko Okazaki

Other school officials

Sanae Uozu:Yoshie Shimamura[1st series only]
A teacher who stays at the principal's house.Worked at an elementary school in Omori.I don't feel bad about Komiya, but I was engaged to a music teacher at the same school.
Sanae, who had a cold, mistakenly said "I want to eat flatfish" as "curry", and made Sanae instead of her favorite Komiya.There is an episode in which Momoko who sees it misunderstands and burns the rice cake.
Toru Yatsushiro:Takashi Yamaguchi
Ayako's younger brother.He is a junior high school teacher, his subject is science, and his hobby is astronomical observation.I spend my time in kimono at the boarding house.He loves sake and has a relaxed personality.He is pampered by Ayako, does not wake up in the morning, and does not help with household chores.He has a history of divorce and is reunited with his ex-wife and her son during the film.It was decided to remarry Keiko Hanai near the final episode.
It also appears in the first special work, albeit slightly.

Minami Tamagawa Elementary School

Akihiko Nogi:Shingo Yanagisawa
In charge of the first grade.I am boarding at Kitano's house (← Amagi's house).He was a young teacher with a modern sense, and he easily accepted the vast educational methods.Existence that can be said to be a good younger brother for the vastness.
I liked my colleague Shimatani, but I couldn't hear his feelings and asked him to confirm it instead of the vastness, but I misunderstood that Atsuko who witnessed the fact that the vastness was actually confirming with Shimatani was an affair. There was also a time when I got angry because I misunderstood that the vastness had fooled Shimatani and rotted and cursed me when I blocked it.
Kayaen Hiroshi:Masayuki Watanabe
In charge of 5th grade.One person boarding at Kitano's house.I meet my only daughter who broke up once a month in Batsuichi, but it is customary to be depressed for about a week after that.
His career as a teacher is not so different from that of the vastness, and at first he took an attitude that he did not agree with or oppose the vastness of the method, but at the swimming competition, the vastness was forced to participate in the swimming competition. Inspired by the student's strenuous swim and encouragement, he has been a good understanding of the vastness.
Masumi Shimatani:Kato Ito(Only the second special work)
In charge of the second grade.One person boarding at Kitano's house.He disagreed with the vast idea of ​​"not giving homework."
Moriyama Ashina:Kaori Mizushima(Only the second special work)
In charge of the first grade.Boarding house at Kitano's house in place of Shimatani.I feel something is wrong with the content of the picture that the boy in my class (the younger brother of the girl in the vast class) drew during the drawing time, and I report it extensively.
Akiko Ichimaru:Okamoto Rei(Only the second special work)
Third grade chief.At first, he criticized the vast and unconventional method, and then violently confronted over the disposition, but after seeing that method changed the 3rd grade and 3th group for the better, he understood the vast method. At the end, he sent a vast word of encouragement, "Please stay at this school all the time!"
Tsuruko Ichinohashi:Nakajima Aoi(Only the second special work)
Fourth grade chief.In addition to being overwhelmed by the vast and free-spirited teaching method, he was denied as a homeroom teacher because he scolded Tadahiko Sato (the eldest son of Tadanobu) in his own class, and he was denied as a teacher. I'm hurt by events such as being transferred to.
Vice-principal Takamine:Katsuya Kobayashi
Vice-principal of Minami Tamagawa Elementary School.He is a central figure who has promoted uniform management education according to the manual, and he was afraid that it would collapse due to the free-spirited and unconventional vast method, and he was severely confronted with the vastness and was severely criticized. Witnessing the positive changes of the students, he accepted the vast way of thinking and eventually became a good understanding of the vastness.
The principal of the school is taking a leave of absence for the second special work due to illness treatment, Hosoi of the third work (Mitsuzo Ishii) Does not show the pretense of speaking openly, so he is in a position like acting principal.

Kitano family

Atsuko Kitano:Keiko Oginome(Special only)
A vast wife.I met and got married when the vast university moved from Ogasawara to Hokkaido.In the first special work, he worked as a clerk of the fishery cooperative, but after the second work, he became a full-time housewife and became the same position as Ayako Amagi.
Respecting the vastness as a teacher, participating as a leader of class excursions, visiting the student's home to confirm the whereabouts of the vast student when the student is missing, heading to Yatsugatake for searching Instead of the vastness, he reports the details to the school side, and supports the activity in the positive and negative directions.
Kitano Aozora:Kimiko Ikegami
A vast real sister.Relying on the vastnessactressGo to Tokyo from Otaru aiming for. Joined a theater company run by "Spider Web".In the second work, the theater companyFranceI decided to go to France, but the theater company disintegrated in the air in France and disbanded, so it was as it wasParisSince I am staying while working part-time at, I will not appear.
In the first special work, he returned to Japan and changed his job to a marriage consultant.Since then, he has traveled abroad for work, and he easily goes in and out of Amagi's residence.Ryota Miyawaki, who came to Tokyo with him at the request of a vast area, was temporarily settled in, and for that reason he strongly supported the marriage of Ryota and Mineko, and also bought a caretaker during the wedding ceremony.
Kitano Taiga:Hiroshi Inuzuka
He runs a ranch in Hokkaido, his vast brother.
I was injured in the final episode of the first work, and due to my father's illness, it became difficult to maintain the ranch, and the vast university decided to quit the teacher and return home, but the degree of injury was more than I expected. I am sorry for the vastness of my hometown, where I returned home soon after being slightly injured and quit my teacher.
Atsuko officials
Kayo Takamura:Haruko Kato(Only the second special work)
Atsuko's real mother.Immediately after the Hirodai and his wife returned to Tokyo, they rushed to the Kitano family and started living together (for some reason, they brought in a set of mahjong).
The wife of a Koso mud couple who was a stubborn person and once encountered in HokkaidoShigeru Muroi) Suddenly noticed the birth at Kitano's residence, he responded by standing up and slap in a hurry, calming down and giving accurate instructions, and the appearance of the vast university being asked by Nogi to confirm Shimatani's feelings. When Atsuko misunderstands that she is having an affair and closes herself, she slaps her vastly on behalf of Atsuko.

Amagi family

Ayako Amagi:Kusabue Mitsuko
Junsaburo's wife.A motherly existence among the teachers who are boarding with a caring personality.Since he was doing student theater when he was young, he was a good consultant for the blue sky.
When handing over his home to a large couple, he seemed to have in mind that he would live together in the first place. It was inflated because it had become.
Amagi Ikumin:Yosuke Okawa
Only child of Junsaburo and Ayako, a high school student.It's a modern child who looks a little bad, but it fits well with the vastness.In the second series, he passed the Tokyo University of Agriculture after Ichinami.
He also appeared in the first special work, but at that time he was married and was a terrifying wife, and was set to temporarily escape to his parents' house after the couple Genka.
Kawase (Amagi) Mineko:Chihiro Nikaido
Appeared from the 2nd series.Originally, he lost his parents early and was taken care of by his aunt in Rebun Island, Hokkaido, but he was saved vastly when he refused to attend school.
With the remarriage of her aunt, she relied on the vastness to move to Tokyo, boarded at the principal's house, transferred to Wakabadai Elementary School, and became a student of Reiko Kazami in XNUMXth grade and XNUMXth grade.In the final episode, he was adopted by Junsaburo and Ayako.
Ryota Miyawaki, a young man who was dating her grown up in the first special workYuuki Matsumura) Is one of the themes.
Initially, he was opposed by Mr. and Mrs. Junsaburo and ran down to Hokkaido, and was rescued by a vast number of people in a situation of distress, and then Ryota disappeared, but eventually he went to Rebun Island. After becoming a fisherman, he reunited with Ryota, who had come to Tokyo with him after becoming a fisherman, and Junsaburo admitted that he was a person, and he was willing to marry him. He and Ryota returned to Rebun Island.
Shingo Amagi:Tadashi Yokouchi≪2nd series only≫
Junsaburo's younger brother and cram school owner, he confronts Junsaburo on educational issues.

Police box police officer

Shinhachiro Komiya:Hayato Tani
A police officer at a police box in the neighborhood.Ever since Momoko was mistaken for a molester and arrested, she has been a good fighting partner.I'm interested in Sanae, but I'm shaken.
He also appeared in the first special work, but at that time he was a colleague with Otomatsu Sakurai who appeared in the second series.
Sato Tadanobu:Keizo Kanie
A police officer at a police box in the neighborhood.Appeared from the 2nd series.Originally from Hokkaido, I was worried about Mineko.In the final episode, he was connected with Reiko, and after that he was blessed with five children.
A vast bad friend, a good understanding person, and a good fighting partner.Occasionally, he took part in the search for a vast student who had disappeared, and even bought a dangerous role.
All the works have appeared in the special, and in the first work, he is a policeman packed in the police box in Shakotan Town, which is the same as the vast area, and he also helped to rescue Mineko who was about to be in distress while running down to Hokkaido depending on the vast area. ..
After that, the thief who sneaked into the elementary school before the second work (Hisahiro Ogura) While arresting his wife (Shigeru Muroi) Resigned after taking responsibility for being deceived by a play alone and escaping.After the second work, he relied on Reiko's parents' house to return to Tokyo and open a pizza shop "Old Geppetto".His home is in the school district of Minami Tamagawa Elementary School (near Kitano's residence), and in the third work, he temporarily confronted the vastness over the treatment of his eldest son, Tadahiko, who showed signs of refusal to attend school.
Sakurai Otomatsu:Ryuta Mine
A police officer at a police box in the neighborhood.Appeared from the 2nd series.Sato's colleague.
He also appeared in the first special work, but at that time his colleague replaced Shinhachiro Komiya, who appeared in the first series.


Second series
  • "Spider Web" Master:Okumura Konobu(In the second series, he played the role of a vast uncle who lives in Rebun Island, and in the first special work, he played the role of the principal of Shakotan Town Kamuizaki Elementary School in Hokkaido, where the vast work works.)
  • "Spider Web" employee Sayuri-chan:
  • "Spider's Web" employee, Tetsu-chan:
Second series
Eiko Tamaru:Chika Takami
Kunihiko's real sister.In the second half, boarding house at the principal's house.
Robert Yamagata:Yasuhara Yoshito
The owner of the light meal restaurant "Robert Donuts" (renovated into Robert House after episode 22), which was built on the site of the coffee shop "Spider Web".It is characterized by suspicious English-speaking, but the origin is Japanese from Yamagata prefecture.
An employee of Robert Donuts (renovated to Robert House after episode 22).
An employee of Robert Donuts (renovated to Robert House after episode 22).
Shotaro Kuromaru:Kumakura Kazuo
Former PTA president ward council member.When he tried to run for the election, he relentlessly aimed at the demise of the vastness and the principal Amagi because of his personal grudge against being rejected by the principal Amagi trying to use the title of the PTA president.In the first series, it was a one-shot appearance of only one episode, but in this series it is semi-regular.


Second series
1st "Day when I am called a teacher"
The 2nd "Mr. Enthusiasm's first failure"
The 3rd "The identity of UFO and mysterious man"
  • Snack "Spider Web" Employees: Tadashi Ichikawa, Kagehiro Mizuoka, Tomoko Kagami
  • Genzo Koito:Koji Nanbara
The 4th "Oh! Injury of a priest"
5th "My teacher is Fever"
The 6th "Travel with a enthusiastic teacher"
The 7th "Pinch of the second month of Dr. Enthusiasm"
8th "Dangerous Relationship Playback"
9th "Two Love Melody"
The 10th "General kid who came"
The 11th "Tears Parents Visit Day"
  • Kazumi Higashi: Jun Fubuki
  • Kaneko Tanida:Kazuko Imai
  • Mother of XNUMXrd grade and XNUMXth group girls: Yoshiko Ohta
  • Father visiting the class: Mahito Tsujimura
  • Mothers visiting the class: Kazuko Okada, Mina Asa, Yoshiko Izumi
The 12th "Mr. Enthusiasm and Detective Boys"
The 13th "Mr. Enthusiasm who returned to his hometown"
The 14th "Mystery of the disappeared New Year's present"
The 15th "Mr. Enthusiasm and a Mysterious Girl"
The 16th "Goku vs. Enthusiastic Teacher"
The 17th "Nocoben and Menko Tournament"
The 18th "XNUMXrd grade XNUMXth class closed"
  • Mothers of XNUMXrd grade and XNUMXth class children:Keiko Yumi
  • Teaching material store:Kentaro Kaji
  • Ramen shop: Kazumitsu Kawai
The 19th "Rupture of love with enthusiastic teacher"
  • Kazumi Higashi: Jun Fubuki
  • Customers at the bar "Tsusenbo":Takashi Tsumura
  • Mothers of XNUMXrd grade and XNUMXth class children:Junko Mashina
  • Police officer at Ueda XNUMX-chome police station: Osamu Ichikawa
  • Komiya's colleague police officer:Toshio Tomogane
The 20th "Little Women"
The 21st "Humanity Takoyaki Teacher"
The 22nd "Hina-sama and the lonely alien"
The 23rd "A Girl Who Doesn't Laugh With An Enthusiastic Teacher"
The 24th "3rd grade 4th group Fever's XNUMX consecutive losses"
The 25th "3rd Year 4th Group Parents' Association General Assembly"
  • Mothers of XNUMXth grade and XNUMXnd class children:Mayuko Aoyama
  • Mothers of XNUMXrd grade and XNUMXth group children: Maya Mizusawa, Haruko Satsuki, Yoshiko Ohta, Kazuko Okada
The 26th "Goodbye enthusiastic teacher"
Second series
The 1st "Mr. Enthusiastic who came back"
The 2nd "Poor Elephant with XNUMXnd Year XNUMXrd Group"
The 3rd "report card of fear as soon as possible"
The 4th "Home Visit Trouble Note"
The 5th "Mr. Enthusiasm and the Girl at the End"
6th "Proceed! Takema Riders"
The 7th "Bon Odori / Saturday Night"
  • Mineko's Aunt: Kazuko Shirakawa
8th "One day I met Mr. Nakakuma in the forest"
9th "XNUMXnd year XNUMXrd group new semester GO !!"
The 10th "Parents Visiting Day and Ramen in Africa"
  • Mother Keiko:Akemi Ohmori
  • Mother: Nobue Ichitani, Keiko Saito, Hitomi Ariyoshi, Reiko Seno ,, Naoko Takahashi,
The 11th "Five Years and Four Rebellions"
The 12th "Enthusiastic teacher and bicycle thief"
The 13th "Extermination of ghosts by Dr. Enthusiasm"
The 14th "Don't let Mr. Kitano stop"
The 15th "Enthusiastic teacher and cold women"
The 16th "Enthusiastic teacher tears sunny stage"
The 17th "Grandparents Association and Boat Race"
The 18th "Mamushi, potato digging, TV station"
The 19th "Mr. Kitano is big!"
The 20th "Become a father of Professor Kitano"
The 21st "Couple Genka and Enthusiastic Teacher"
The 22nd "Tofu shop and gunman"
The 23rd "Will and Gluttony Competition"
The 24th "Santa Claus and Match-Selling Girl"
The 25th "Mr. Enthusiasm Serious Game"
The 26th "Herons and the Naked King"
27th "Fire and fights"
28th "Lottery for XNUMX million yen with Dr. Enthusiasm"
29th "What is teacher love?"
The 30th "Locomotive Yaemon and Enthusiastic Teacher"
The 31st "Gentleness Paper Play"
The 32nd "The principal had a younger brother!"
The 33rd "Snow Country Enthusiasm Teacher"
The 34th "Enthusiastic Sensei and Long Composition"
  • Noriko:Aki Mizusawa
  • Sister Kyoko:
  • Restaurant musician:
  • Roller skating woman:
35th "Mineko is brought back !?"
  • Mineko's Aunt: Kazuko Shirakawa
  • Criminal:Masaru Shiga
  • Mother Hisae: Maya Mizusawa
  • Gunman: Bill Yokoyama, Nick Omiya
  • Soba shop customers :,
  • Journalist:,Tengenji Ryu
  • Photographer :,
  • sales clerk:Yasuo Goto
The 36th "Enthusiastic Teacher and Student Organization President"
  • Tadashi Fujimori: Joe Shishido
  • Kumiko Fujimori: Fusako Amachi
  • Father Masahiko:Tetsuya Kaji
  • Masumi Hayashida: Moeko Ezawa
  • Matsunosuke: Akio Kobayashi
  • Kazuo Hayashida: Etsutaka Kase
  • Craftsman, Tetsuo: Katsushi Kuratomi
The 37th "Professor Enthusiasm"
  • Mother: Akemi Omori, Hiromi Sakaki, Nobue Ichitani, Hitomi Ariyoshi
  • Kazuo Hayashida: Etsutaka Kase
38th "Goodbye! Goodbye! Enthusiastic teacher"
  • Teacher: Noriko Urayama, Keiko Tanimura
  • Kazuo Hayashida: Etsutaka Kase

ス タ ッ フ

Second series

Second series

  • Planning: Shigeru Umetani, Tomomi Tanaka, Kinya Shimizu
  • Producers: Mikio Takano, Yasunori Nagano
  • Screenplay: Hiroichi Fuse,Yoshimi Shinozaki,Yu Tagami,Akira Momoi
  • Director: Tomomi Tanaka, Shigeru Umetani ...
  • Music: Masaaki Hirao
  • Song selection: Seiji Suzuki
  • effect:Kurahashi Shizuo(Oriental sound)
  • Supervision: Toyokichi Endo
  • Production cooperation: Ikuta Studio, Union Motion Picture
  • Production: Nippon Television

Theme song

Second series
Jun Harada"My teacher is Fever" (lyrics:Atsushi Hashimoto, Composition:Hirao Masaaki, Arrangement:Megumi Wakakusa)
The theme song of the teacher's first series, "My teacher is fever," usually broadcast the first lyrics at the opening, but the second lyrics part was used in the OP of the 1th episode.Also, "The class you want to take(However, as the world's best version, the vocals are the same as those days, but the back performance is remade. This version is2005May 1It is on sale on CD).
Second series
  • Yutaka Mizutani "Gentleness Paper Play" (Lyrics: Takashi Matsumoto, Composer: Masaaki Hirao, Arrangement: Takahiko Ishikawa)
  • Insert song: Yutaka Mizutani "Haatofuru", Rie Matsuki "Rock'n Roll Teacher"

Broadcast schedule

1st series (1978-1979)

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[2]
Episode 11978/1006 DayThe day I'm called a teacherHiroichi FuseTomomi Tanaka12.2%
Episode 2May 10Enthusiastic teacher's first failure20.3%
Episode 3May 10The identity of the UFO and the mysterious manHiroshi Yoshino16.8%
Episode 4May 10Oh! Injury to the priestYoshiyuki Yano18.8%
Episode 51103 DayMy teacher is FeverTomomi Tanaka16.5%
Episode 6May 11Enthusiastic teacher traveling with childrenToshiharu Matsubara21.7%
Episode 7May 11Enthusiastic teacher second month pinchHiroichi FuseYoshiyuki Yano20.6%
Episode 8May 11Dangerous relationship playbackHiroichi Fuse
Akira Momoi
Hiroshi Yoshino24.5%
Episode 91201 DayTwo love melodyToshiharu Matsubara
Hiroichi Fuse
Tomomi Tanaka22.2%
Episode 101208 DayGeneral kid who cameFuse Hirokazu
Shigeru Umetani23.1%
Episode 11May 12Parents' visit day of tearsHiroichi FuseTomomi Tanaka22.8%
Episode 12May 12Enthusiastic teacher and boy detective teamAkira MomoiYoshiyuki Yano24.8%
Episode 13May 12Enthusiastic teacher who returned to his hometownHiroichi FuseShigeru Umetani31.8%
Episode 1419790105 DayThe mystery of the disappeared New Year's presentHiroshi Yoshino28.8%
Episode 15May 1Enthusiastic teacher and a mysterious girlTomomi Tanaka29.6%
Episode 16May 1Son Goku vs Enthusiastic SenseiYoshiyuki Yano25.6%
Episode 17May 1Nokoben and Menko TournamentTomomi Tanaka26.6%
Episode 18202 DayXNUMXrd grade XNUMXth class closedMorisaki EastYoshiyuki Yano30.1%
Episode 19209 DayBreaking love with enthusiastic teacherHiroichi FuseHiroshi Yoshino30.2%
Episode 20May 2Little Women EnthusiasmTomomi Tanaka32.6%
Episode 21May 2Humanity Takoyaki teacherYoshiyuki Yano35.5%
Episode 22302 DayHina-sama and a lonely alienMorisaki EastHiroshi Yoshino33.2%
Episode 23309 DayA girl who doesn't laugh with a passionate teacherHiroichi FuseTomomi Tanaka35.9%
Episode 24May 33rd year 4th group Fever's XNUMX consecutive lossesAkira MomoiYoshiyuki Yano36.8%
Episode 25May 33rd grade 4th group Parents' Association General AssemblyFuse Hirokazu35.1%
The last episode ofMay 3Goodbye enthusiastic teacherTomomi Tanaka40.0% (Nielsen 46.7%)[3]
Average audience rating 27.0%

2st series (1980-1981)

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating
Episode 119800705 DayEnthusiastic teacher who came backHiroichi FuseTomomi Tanaka34.1%
Episode 2May 7Poor elephant with two years and three groups33.1%
Episode 3May 7Report card of fear as soon as possibleShigeru Umetani31.8%
Episode 4May 7Home visit trouble notesHiroshi Yoshino28.4%
Episode 5802 DayEnthusiastic teacher and Saihate girlTomomi Tanaka24.2%
Episode 6809 DayAdvance! Stilts RidersShigeru Umetani19.5%
Episode 7May 8Bon Odori / Saturday NightTomomi Tanaka28.9%
Episode 8May 8One day I met Mr. Nakakuma in the forestHiroshi Yoshino24.8%
Episode 9906 DayXNUMXnd year XNUMXrd group new semester GO !!28.9%
Episode 10May 9Parents' Visit Day and African RamenTomomi Tanaka24.4%
Episode 11May 9Five-year four-group rebellionJunichi Nishimoto30.0%
Episode 12May 9Enthusiastic teacher and bicycle thiefHiroshi Yoshino23.8%
Episode 131004 DayDr. Enthusiastic ghost exterminationTomomi Tanaka26.2%
Episode 14May 10Don't let Mr. Kitano stop27.5%
Episode 15May 10Enthusiastic teacher and cold womenHiroshi Yoshino26.0%
Episode 16May 10Enthusiastic teacher tears sunny stageShigenao Sato29.0%
Episode 171101 DayGrandparents Association and Boat RaceTomomi Tanaka25.6%
Episode 181108 DayMamushi, potato digging, TV stationJunichi Nishimoto25.7%
Episode 19May 11Kitano-sensei is great!Tomomi Tanaka26.0%
Episode 20May 11Kitano-sensei Becoming a fatherHiroichi Fuse
Akira Momoi
Hiroshi Yoshino26.0%
Episode 21May 11Married couple Genka and enthusiastic teacherHiroichi FuseShigeru Umetani27.4%
Episode 221206 DayTofu shop and gunmanTomomi Tanaka27.5%
Episode 23May 12Will and Gluttony CompetitionShigeru Umetani30.5%
Episode 24May 12Santa Claus and match-selling girlTomomi Tanaka26.4%
Episode 25May 12Enthusiastic teacher serious gameJunichi Nishimoto31.8%
Episode 2619810103 DayHeron and the Naked KingTomomi Tanaka17.9%
Episode 27May 1Fire and fightsHiroichi Fuse
Yoshimi Shinozaki
Shigeru Umetani27.5%
Episode 28May 1Enthusiastic teacher and XNUMX million yen lotteryHiroichi FuseShigenao Sato25.8%
Episode 29May 1What is teacher love?Tomomi Tanaka30.1%
Episode 30May 1Locomotive Yaemon and enthusiastic teacherJunichi Nishimoto32.7%
Episode 31207 DayKindness paper playTomomi Tanaka29.1%
Episode 32May 2The principal had a younger brother!Hiroichi Fuse
Yu Tagami
Shigenao Sato28.2%
Episode 33May 2Enthusiastic teacher in the snowy countryHiroichi FuseTomomi Tanaka27.8%
Episode 34May 2Long composition with enthusiastic teacherJunichi Nishimoto31.7%
Episode 35307 DayMineko is brought back !?Hiroichi Fuse
Yoshimi Shinozaki
Shigeru Umetani27.6%
Episode 36May 3Enthusiastic teacher and student council presidentHiroichi FuseTomomi Tanaka30.4%
Episode 37May 3Dr. Enthusiasm30.4%
The last episode ofMay 3Goodbye! Goodbye! Enthusiastic teacher30.7%
Average audience rating 27.8%


  • NTV (Production Bureau): Friday 21:00 --21: 54 (1st series) → Saturday 21:00 --21: 54 (2nd series)
  • Miyagi TV: Friday 21:00 --21: 54 (1st series)[4] → Saturday 21:00 --21: 54 (2nd series) [5]
  • Fukushima Central Television: Monday-Friday 16:00-16:55 (1st series)[6] → Saturday 21:00 --21: 54 (2nd series)[5]
  • Northern Japan Broadcasting: Friday 21:00 --21: 54 (1st series)[7] → Saturday 21:00 --21: 54 (2nd series)[8]
  • Fukui Broadcasting: Friday 21:00 --21: 54 (1st series)[7] → Saturday 21:00 --21: 54 (2nd series)[8]

Special program (special in the enthusiastic era)

The following three works were broadcast on Nippon Television affiliates. 3st work (1987May 4Broadcast.The audience rating (16.4%) is set about 2 years after the second series.The second work, which is the sequel (1988May 10Broadcast.The audience rating (20.3%) is set in a year and a half after the previous work. The third work is1989May 10Broadcast on (audience rating 14.6%). All three works have not been made into DVD.

The main flow of the first work is that the vast university, which has moved from Ogasawara to Shakotan Town Kamuizaki Elementary School in Hokkaido and continues to be a teacher, goes to Tokyo for the alumni association of the 1nd grade and 2rd group (XNUMXnd series). It develops with the marriage problem of grown-up Mineko, the problem of taking an examination for a former student, and the conflict caused by difficult surgery.

At this point, Hirohiro is already married to Atsuko.

After the second work, due to the closure of Kamuizaki Elementary School, Junsaburo returned to Tokyo and was assigned to Minami Tamagawa Elementary School.

While uniform management education is being carried out according to the manual, he faced with the same free-spirited stance as when he was at Wakabadai Elementary School, so he faced conflicts with children and teachers, but gradually with children and parents. We will build a relationship of trust between the students, and eventually the teachers will understand and accept the method, and will face and solve the domestic and internal problems of the vast students. I'm drawing with it.

In addition, after the second work, Amagi's residence was taken over from Junsaburo and used as his home (however, three teachers from Minami Tamagawa Elementary School, who are colleagues, have already boarded).

In the first work, my sister Aozora (set to change jobs to a marriage consultant), Ikumin, Shinhachiro, Otomatsu (who is a colleague with Shinhachiro for some reason), Mr. and Mrs. Yashiro Keiko, Adachi (Wakabadai Elementary School succeeding Junsaburo) (Promoted to the principal of the school) has re-appeared, and Tadanobu and Reiko have appeared in common for 1 to 1 works (the first work works at the same Shakotan-cho police box as the vast area, and the second and subsequent works return to Tokyo. Then I set up a job change to a pizza shop. However, Reiko only set up in the second work).

Enthusiastic era special Hirohiro Kitano who came back Please laugh Please tears Reunited with the student for the first time in 6 years!
ス タ ッ フ
  • Planning: Shigeru Umetani, Tomomi Tanaka, Kinya Shimizu
  • producer:,
  • Screenplay: Hiroichi Fuse,Mizushima total
  • Director: Tomomi Tanaka
  • Music: Masaaki Hirao
  • Music Director: Seiji Suzuki
  • Effect: Shizuo Kurahashi, Hideharu Koike (Oriental Acoustics)
  • Supervision: Toyokichi Endo
  • Production cooperation: Ikuta Studio,Sapporo TV Broadcasting
  • Production / Copyright: Nippon Television
Enthusiastic era special rebellion of three years and five groups (Wednesday grand romance)
ス タ ッ フ
  • Planning: Shigeru Umetani
  • producer:Hosuke Hirabayashi,
  • Screenplay: Hiroichi Fuse
  • Director: Tomomi Tanaka
  • Music: Masaaki Hirao
  • Technology: Yoshikazu Seki
  • Lighting: Masahisa Seki
  • Camera: Yoshiaki Tomizawa
  • Voice: Naomi Kamiya
  • VE: Shigeo Abe
  • VTR: Teruyoshi Yamashita
  • Edited by: Nobuyuki Ito
  • MA: Yoshinori Omori
  • PM: Takayuki Shima
  • Art: Kiyoshi Ito
  • Music Director: Seiji Suzuki
  • Sound effects: Shizuo Kurahashi, Wataru Takahashi (Sound box)
  • Theme song:Yakushimaru Hiroko"In love to talk(Lyrics:Etsuko after birth, Composition:Takao after birth, Arrangement:Satoshi Takebe)
  • Supervision: Toyokichi Endo
  • Production cooperation:NTV Video Center, Ikuta Studio
  • Production / Copyright: Nippon Television
Enthusiastic era special A man who calls a storm (Wednesday grand romance)
ス タ ッ フ
  • Planning: Shigeru Umetani
  • Producer: Hosuke Hirabayashi
  • Screenplay: Hiroichi Fuse
  • Director: Tomomi Tanaka
  • Music: Masaaki Hirao
  • Technology: Yoshikazu Seki
  • Lighting: Masahisa Seki
  • Camera: Moritoshi Hirakawa
  • Voice: Naomi Kamiya
  • VE: Takumi Tanaka
  • VTR: Keiichi Hashimoto
  • Edited by: Nobuyuki Ito
  • MA: Yoshinori Omori
  • PM: Takayuki Shima
  • Art: Kiyoshi Ito
  • Music Director: Seiji Suzuki
  • Sound effects: Shizuo Kurahashi, Wataru Takahashi (Sound Box)
  • Theme song:Miki Imai"Because my eyes smile(Lyrics:Yuho Iwasato, Composition:Tomoka Ueda, Arrangement:Jun Sato)
  • Assistant Director:
  • Supervision: Toyokichi Endo
  • Production cooperation: NTV Video Center, Ikuta Studio
  • Production / Copyright: Nippon Television
Nippon TVseries Friday theater
Previous programProgram nameNext show
The disappeared giant army
Ö 1978.9.1 - 1978.9.29 Õ
Passionate age
(Second series)
Ö 1978.10.6 - 1979.3.30 Õ
Kin-chan drama Oh! Stairs family !!
Ö 1979.4.6 - 1980.3.21 Õ
NTV series Saturday Grand Theater
Genta Ikenaka 80km
Ö 1980.4.5 - 1980.6.28 Õ
Passionate age
(Second series)
Ö 1980.7.5 - 1981.3.28 Õ
Genta Ikenaka 80km
(Second series)
Ö 1981.4.4 - 1981.8.29 Õ

Extra edition special

Enthusiastic era special Professor Mizutani's splendid adventure
"Thursday Golden DramaAs a virgin work1980May 4Broadcast on Nippon Television.Yutaka Mizutani played the dual role of Professor Mizutani, a humanist, and Isamu, a young man of the International Robbery Group.Kenya,America,FranceWe made a big location in.The performer is a heroineYuko AsanoIn addition, although there are many spin-offs from criminal editions such as Takuya Fujioka and Toshiyuki Hosokawa, there is no story-like connection between the enthusiastic era and the criminal edition.In addition, Union Motion Picture is directly undertaking the production of this work, and it is the only film shooting in the series.TV movieWas produced as.
ス タ ッ フ
  • Planning / Director: Tomomi Tanaka
  • Screenplay: Hiroichi Fuse
  • musics:Mitsuaki Kanno
  • Production: NTV, Union Motion Picture

High ratings factors and others

  • The "Enthusiastic Era" was an epoch-making work with an elementary school teacher as the main character, which was not often featured in conventional school dramas (conventional school dramas often featured junior high and high school teachers as the main characters).It is considered that the acquisition of a viewer base who rarely watched this kind of drama in the past was a factor that could lead to a high audience rating.at that timeMinister of EducationwasShigetami SunadayuanMember of the House of RepresentativesIt seems that he was watching without fail.
  • Mizutani, who starred in the movie, seems to have been very much loved by the children who took good care of the children, and for this reason, it was one of the reasons for his success that he was able to naturally create the role of an elementary school teacher and the atmosphere of an elementary school. Is said to be.In the final filming of the scene where the main character leaves school, there is an anecdote that the children who played the role of children were really crying instead of acting, regretting parting with Mizutani after the filming was over.
  • In addition, Mizutani's role was created based on a teacher he met in Hokkaido (2008May 4broadcast,TV Asahi"SmaSTATION !!"Than).
  • The location of the first series isYamagataHigashiokitama-gunTakahata TownAt Tokizawa Elementary School in Takahata Town, students at that time also appeared as extras.
  • In the final episode of the second series, the main character played by MizutaniOgasawara Islands OfAnijimaAlthough he is supposed to be assigned to an elementary school, Anijima is actually an uninhabited island.
  • Hokkaido, the setting of the storyRebun IslandRebun TownDojo Ranch was famous as the northernmost ranch in Japan, but closed in 2001.

2011 drama special

2011May 4Broadcast at 21:00-23:18.NNS29 stations simultaneous net,Hi-vision production.Commentary broadcastImplementation (secondary audio commentary:Hiroya Ishimaru).Eiichiro Funakoshi, the son of Eiji Funakoshi, who played the principal in the regular version, plays the principal in this drama special.The audience rating is 9.4%.

"Sato and Matsushita co-starring in a commercial"Alinamin"ofTakeda PharmaceuticalSpecially sponsored, and a special version of the commercial that incorporates the making video of this work was also released.

The content was clearly conscious of the sequel, such as the appearance of a transfer student suggesting a new trouble just before the end, but it has not been produced since then.


Wakabadai Elementary School

Nagumo Daichi:Ryuta Sato
hero. Former student of Hirohiro Kitano, in charge of 3 groups in 2rd grade.While working part-time at the zoo, I continued to take the teacher exam and finally passed.He struggles to become a teacher like the vastness, but suffers from the gap between ideals and reality, such as the fact that good behavior does not always lead to good results.
Haruka Asahina:Nao Matsushita
A female teacher in charge of 3 group in 1 years.In the past, he used to teach intimate contact with children, but he has a failed past.Be critical of the earth, which has a similar policy to you in the past.
Keisuke Tojo:Kamejiro Ichikawa
In charge of 6 groups in 2 years.
Mari Seguchi:Eiko Koike
In charge of 6 groups in 1 years.
Science teacher:Yonemura Denjiro
Tomoko Yamaguchi:Tomoko Nawata
Home economics teacher.
teacher:Kentaro Sakai
Genta Naito:Watanabe Ikkei
Successive principals (photos only):Masaaki Sakai(Friendship appearance)
Ryutaro Shirakawa:Eiichiro Funakoshi
head teacher.Like Junsaburo Amagi, the bow tie is a trademark.It is the same as the habit of disciplining bad boys and having many teachers boarding at home.
3rd grade 2 group children
6rd grade 1 group children
  • Go Kudo:Yuya Shimizu
  • Saki Nashimoto:
  • Sakura Okada-
  • Mitsuru Tada:
Haruka was in the class in charge of her homeroom when she was four years old, but after breaking her promise, she became distrustful.


Flower mother.He is a truck driver during the day and a security guard at night.
Wataru's grandfather.I run a Sakuragawa farm and pig farm.

Shirakawa family

Ryutaro's son.
Ryutaro's wife.


Ramen shop owner.
The zookeeper at Midorigaoka Zoo, where the earth was working part-time.
Former boss of the earth.
Mother of the earth.

ス タ ッ フ

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注 釈


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