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📺 | Rinka Kumada to appear in new drama "# Cold Game" Challenge new roles


Rinka Kumada to appear in new drama "# Cold Game" Challenge new roles

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Kumada, who plays a genius-skinned Hina who is a bright high school student who is colder than anyone else and is always taking a step back, said, "The taste is completely different from the roles I have played so far, it is very fresh and for me. It's a challenging work. "

Rinka Kumada will play the role of the daughter of a "camouflaged family" in the adult soil drama "#Cold Game" broadcast from June 6th. ... → Continue reading


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genius(Sugar beet) is a natural talent, an innate talent (a person with an innate talent)[1]).GeniusPeople OfWork hardNot reachedlevelRefers to a person who has the talent of.Geniuses are used to evaluate people who have shown extremely unique achievements, or to praise those who have shown too much talent when they are young.that is,History,社会Has left an impact onlevelOften refers to a person (sometimes used for animals).However, like "Genius of XX"art,SportsThere are also seemingly limited usages in various fields such as.

As a similar expression of geniusGifted,child prodigy,神There are people who are loved by.


Geniuses are more talented than the general publicArt,Music,literatureSuch asart,Sports,Politics,natural Science,Math,哲学In addition, there are people who are called geniuses in various fields.


Many geniuses suffer from mental illness.For example フ ィ ン セ ン ト · フ ァ ン · ゴ ッ ホ,[2] Torquato Tasso,[3]Virginia Wolf, Jonathan Swift,[4] John Nash,[5] Ernest Hemingway[6], Kurt Godel, Georg Cantor,Norbert Wiener, Isaac Newton, Friedrich Nietzsche, Friedrich Helderlin,Nikola Tesla.

Germany'sPsychobiographyWilhelm Lange-Eichbaum chose 300 out of 400 geniuses, of which even once in a lifetimeMental illnessThe number of people suffering from illness was 12 to 13%.Furthermore, when 78 geniuses among the "especially famous" geniuses were selected, 37% were mentally ill and more than 83% were mentally ill.Only 6.5% were healthy[7][8].

On October 2012, 10, research results were announced that creativity and madness are a single piece of paper.[9].

On June 2015, 6, the research results that artistic creativity and mental illness are expressed in a common gene were published in the English scientific journal Nature Neuroscience.[10][11].

The origin of genius

A genius is generally considered to be a person who is blessed with natural qualities and demonstrates his talent.The origin of genius in the field of intellectual activitybiographyAs far as we can see from the above, many of them show their talents from an early age, but they are not always recognized as geniuses from an early age.

vice versa"child prodigy(Children with excellent overall academic performance) are just people when they grow up. "aphorismAs you can see, just because you excel in academic performance when you were young does not mean that it will continue even when you grow up.

As a commonly seen genius stereotypeRequired to acquire discipline and stereotyped knowledgeschool educationThen, I simply excel in academic performanceXiucaiAnd, ironically, there is a tendency to contradict the genius who demonstrates innovative eyesight and originality.However, there are many exceptions.However, children with genius skin in the academic field may be shunned by teachers as unwieldy students because of the questions and criticisms that accompany their deep understanding.However, many of them have excellent grades in compulsory education and enter a well-known university, and many of them skip grades.XiucaiAnd there are many geniuses who have succeeded as scholars.

The genius, in the depth of understanding when mastering the same thing,XiucaiDemonstrate a talent that overwhelmingly surpasses the type.

On the other hand, there are many cases in which people who have been seen to have peculiarities, including problem behaviors, since childhood due to the support of others, are highly evaluated in later years by continuing their efforts without frustration. Efforts have been made for a long time to develop their talents by professionally raising children with unique peculiarities from an early age.Norbert WienerWas given a special gifted education by his father, a Harvard instructor, and entered the university at the age of 11.Carl Friedrich GaussWhen he entered elementary school, he had no one to teach math, so the principal ordered a math book from Hamburg and let him study by himself.In the United States etc.GiftedChildren have been found who have room to develop their talents through specialized education, called (translated into "God-blessed").U.S. Department of Education1993Announced the definition in, special education for children who meet this (Special support educationThe quest to give them a kind of talent and develop their talents is continuing.These are traditionally so-calledLearning disabilityThose who were considered to be may also be partially included.There is also the issue of whether to focus on the shortcomings and cover them, or to find out the strengths and extend them intensively.Demonstrate artistry as being treated in the same wayTalentedThere is.For more detailsGiftedSee.

Genius and ordinary man

Speaking of genius, it sounds good, but as mentioned above, because he has an unbalanced talent,art,Sports,LearningIn all fields, values ​​are often insane.By a genius artistDrug addictionContamination and financial deviations are all too well known, but they also vary from person to person.

The well-known anecdote of "genius eccentricity"フ ィ ン セ ン ト · フ ァ ン · ゴ ッ ホHowever, when drawing a self-portrait, he cut off his ears by saying, "My ears are in the way."However, Van GoghEpilepsyOrschizophreniaIn many cases, "genius eccentricity" is not caused by "genius" eccentricity, but is caused by environmental stress such as mental illness and escape to drugs (although in the case of Van Gogh).Meniere's diseaseThere is also a theory that he cut his ears because of severe tinnitus).In most cases, it is difficult for people who are born with extremely good physical abilities to use their bodies well and to demonstrate their talents.In addition, if you are taller than you exercise and you are heavy, it will be more difficult for you to move your body well.

Definition and evaluation

Ernst KletschmerDefined a genius as "a person who can permanently and rarely evoke positive value emotions to a wide range of people."Cesare LombrosoSaid, "Genius is crazy."Artur SchopenhauerSaid, "Genius is more like madness than average intelligence."[12].Thomas edison"Genius is 1% inspiration (or inspiration) and 99% effort."However, it is not well known that this word has a different meaning from what is commonly said today (Later).

Some people were treated as madmen in their lifetime, but in later years their achievements were evaluated and even some people were treated as geniuses (→).Van Gogh).This area is "Genius and madman are a single piece of paper"慣用 句Is clearly telling.

Hisahide SugimoriFeatured in the novel "Between Genius and Madman"Seijiro ShimadaIs one of the typical human beings with a mixture of geniuses and madmen.

PsychobiographyThere are exceptions that (patography) reveals, but there are also many morbid geniuses.Masahiko Fujiwara"The higher the peak of genius, the deeper the valley bottom. The more glorious it is, the more loneliness, frustration and disappointment it has."[13].

IQ(IQ), there is also a direction to make some divisions, intelligence quotient is 130 (standard deviationIn the case of 15, that againMedianIn the past, there was a tendency to be a genius in terms of intelligence from around 100) or a predetermined value, but in recent years the high and low IQs have not always objectively included human intellectual abilities. There are some who do not, and it is said that there is a limit to the classification based on this index.This includes the fact that the same value varies greatly depending on the age of the test, the situation / questioning tendency, and familiarity with the IQ test.

High IQ is not always tied to genius (creativity, etc.).Just because the intelligence quotient (IQ) is highXiucaiCall[Source required].

American psychologist Luis Tarman began a long-term follow-up of more than 140 California children with an IQ of 1500 and above, followed by 70 years of follow-up, with people with an IQ of 140 and above showing high creativity. Very few, for example, none of the Nobel laureates.Ironically, two people who weren't selected for Tarman's intelligent children (William Shockley and Luis Walter Alvarez, who didn't have a very high IQ) won the Nobel Prize.Unexpectedly, high IQ and high creativity (genius) proved to be completely unrelated.[14]..In a famous person in JapanKiyoshi Yamashitalike,Intellectual disabilityEven if there isartThere are also people who are highly evaluated in terms of aspects.There are also people like him who show extraordinary talent only in one unique field. (→ →Savant syndrome)

Genius effort and inspiration

Known as Edison's words, "genius is 1% inspiration (or inspiration) and 99% effort", but this inspiration, "inspiration", tends to be generally neglected. Up to 99% of unremitting efforts (perspiration-in the original text, lingering with "sweat") are certainly essential,If you value 1% of inspiration and can't make use of it, you're not a genius, Edison points to himself and receives a message from the natural worldReceiving machineI was so focused on inspiration[15].

Fictitious genius

Genius has been around for a long time(I.e.In the history of文明Has greatly contributed to the development of.For this reason, it is treated as a person who gathers respect and envy, and often appears in fictitious works.In a familiar exampleComicOften for mass entertainment such asStock characterAppears as a type of.However, there are many cases in which even if it is said to be a "genius boy" in the work, it does not necessarily apply to the above characteristics of a genius, or to be exact, it seems to be a genius.Also,Deus Ex MachinaOften, the pattern is "finally solved by his idea" (for example, ""Hyokkori Hyotan Island"Doctor).

ThisDeus Ex MachinaA genius as a typical stage set, in some casesmad scientistLike, it may appear as a role with a humorous or unusual personality.In addition, characters such as "self-proclaimed genius" will appear, but in the case of self-proclaimed, it is not as good as a real genius.InferiorityTherefore, it is often a character with a distorted personality, such as causing a tragic incident.

On the other hand, I took up the approach of artificially creating a genius.SFThere are many works.A typical place is "Bouquet for Algernon] Is mentioned.In this work, the intelligence gradually improved by the pharmacological action on the brain and the surgical method, and from the time when the person who showed a glimpse of talent was stupid but not dissatisfied with the situation, as the intelligence increased. Have suspicion孤独After being troubled by the situation, he noticed that his intelligence was lost and was worried, and eventually he became the first innocent fool.

Genius Einstein's maxim

"Common sense is a collection of prejudices that you have acquired by the age of eighteen.'
"The only thing that hindered my learning was the education I received.'
"After a certain age, reading moves the spirit away from creative quests.

People who read too many books and don't use their own brains fall into lazy thinking habits.




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