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🎥 | "Mobile Suit Gundam" live-action movie to be distributed on Netflix


"Mobile Suit Gundam" live-action movie to be distributed on Netflix

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While not revealing the contents of the live-action movie yet, "A human drama through the battle of the pilots who control the humanoid weapon" Mobile Suit ", and the conflict and love depicted in the successive works of the" Mobile Suit Gundam "series. Is being produced while following this work. "

It has been decided that the live-action movie of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" series will be produced and distributed as a movie for Netflix ... → Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Gundam

"Mobile Suit Gundam』(Kidosenshi Gundam) is JapanSunriseProductionJapan OfRobot anime.TV series animationAs1979からNagoya TVIt was aired elsewhere.


"Invincible Superman Zambot 3], [Invincible Steel Man Die Turn 3] As the 3rd original work of Sunrise Japan (the 1rd work of the first part of the robot trilogy),Yoshino TominoAs a director,CloverThe mainsponsorWas planned and produced as The first robot type that has a higher target age than beforeJuvenileIt is an animation.Robert A. Heinlein OfSFnovel"Space warriorIt is also said to be a work influenced by[1].

Beyond robot action, the social growth of the protagonist lies at the heart of the story. Also,戦 争A human drama rich in reality and a robotMobile suit"(MS)weaponBy introducing the setting that is treated as a type of1980 eraFrom the beginning to the middle, later ``Real robotIt pioneered a series of robot animation transformations that would be called "things."

In addition, this work will be laterBandaiWill be produced one after another in a way that is related toGundam seriesBecause it is the first work in a group of works called ",First Gundam,First (Gundam)Often referred to as.

Background of the project

Underlying the planning of this work is "Space Battleship YamatoThere was a hit.Sunrise OfEiji YamauraWas the production company of "Yamato" at the timeOffice academyGet data from[2], "Yamato's related business is a business for some enthusiastic fans," said, "If you narrow down to high targets and catch 30 to 40 enthusiastic fans, that is enough. To become a business”[3].. Therefore, this work will be taken in more than junior high school students like "Yamato"[4].

The composition of the work was also conscious of "Yamato", but it became a problem that it was difficult to make a dramatic development as it was and the age of the character became a problem,XNUMX boys driftingInspired bySpace shipThe story was conceived that boys and girls who got into the war would survive and grow while cooperating in the space war.At this point, the protagonists are spacecraft carriers (later)White base) And in a space fighteralienWas set to fight[4][Note 1].

Around that time, the sales performance of the previous two works ("Invincible Superman Zambot 2" and "Invincible Steel Man Daiturn 3") was good, and both Sunrise and the sponsor were relaxed.Taking advantage of that, director Tomino successfully passed the "adult-like" project he wanted to do, keeping it secret to the sponsor.[5][6].

In this way, the original project "Freedom Fighter", Like the previous workMech robotThere was no plan to make it appear.But the sponsorCloverHe said that selling aircraft carrier toys would not be a business, and requested that robots be released as well.Therefore, it is a humanoid mobile weapon that is different from the conventional giant robots.Mobile suit (MS) "was created (for details, see"Mobile suit # background of settingSee).Originally the stage was the universe,Space stationWas planned to be the stage of activity, but since the height of the MS was set to 18 meters, the larger "Space colonyChanged to "(Details are"Side (Gundam series) # Background of setting (Space Colony)See).

The tentative title at this point is "Gunboy(Alternative title: Mobile Steel Gunboy,Space Combat Team Gunboy,Freedom fighter gunboy) (The name "Ganbot" was also devised, but was rejected because it was too robotic).This was the popular American movie "ConvoyFrom "Gamboi, And moreCharles BronsonMade a buzzword on a TV commercial, "Well,MandomFrom the "Freedom" damGundamWas born[7][4].. The final name of this "Gundam" is Takara (currentlyタ カ ラ ト ミ ー) Of the idea[8]..According to Tomino, there is a jinx that says, "The work with the four-letter title with N is a hit."[Source required].

Features of the work

Before this work1970 eraAt that timeSpace Battleship Yamato], [Lupin III], [Nagahama Roman Robot Series"such asteenagerIt was a time when the target age of anime viewers was expanding due to the excitement of animation works targeting a group of people, but in the genre of robot animation, the purchasing class of related products sold by the toy manufacturer that is the sponsor is less than elementary school students Because it was limited, I couldn't get rid of what was called "for children".
However, in this work, due to the favorable sales results of "Zanbot 3" and "Die Turn 3", there was little interference from the sponsor.[9], Between humans with the same enemy and ally戦 争It is now possible to portray a more realistic situation. The style full of realism is created by the animation director and character designer.Yoshikazu YasuhikoSaid that Tomino participated as a storyboardTakahata IsaoDirected work "Alpine girl Heidi''Ask my mother”, said in a dialogue with Tomino, that Tomino himself also said, “Takahata and Miyazaki have had a big influence”.
Realistic weapons
In addition, the robot that appears as described aboveMobile suit",Depictions close to real weaponsIs one of the important attempts of this work. Traditionally, the leading robot is attractive as a toy such as deformation and coalescence.gimmickIt is required by the toy maker that is a sponsor, and Gundam, the protagonist robot of this work, also incorporated the same gadget with the setting of prototype[Note 2].
However, in this work, in addition to setting as an enemy robot,Mass production machineThe concept of "" was added to enhance the militaryism of robot depiction.[Note 3].radarOr disabling radio-guided weaponsMinofsky particlesFictitious particles calledMelee battlePersuasive. In addition, Mobile Suit Gundam does not have an obvious pose after the robot has been united, and it is unique to each robot.DeathblowThe fact that there is no tactic to stop the blows is also one of the features not seen in conventional robot anime.
Characters with depth
The hero'sAmuro RaySuddenly became involved in a war as a civilian boy, and was tasked with fighting as a pilot in a mobile suit. An anime fan at the time accepted the heavy, realistic psychological depiction that he had escaped, but returned to the battlefield from the feeling that he wanted to win the enemy general he met there.
Not only the protagonist, but also the people who supported him, the enemy soldiers, and the people who did not touch the whole plot were carefully drawn. Also, it seems that the federal army on the main character side is not necessarily a monolith,Char Aznable OfRevenge dramaDevelop a drama with a deep mix of elements. The world of works is richer than conventional works.
Newtype concept
One of the important keywords of this work is "Innovation of humanityNew typeIt is.Supernatural powerThe new type that was set up as a person who got a special feeling similar to was initially an idea to make the main character Amuro a superhuman activity, but eventually it was revealed that the nemesis Char is also a new type, And a girl who is also a new type Lala SunThrough the encounter with the three and the tragedy that occurred between the three people, it was sublimated into the abstract theme of what is "innovation of humankind".[Note 4].
As a result, this work will show that it is possible to create a work that can be watched by older people by incorporating space fantasy and philosophy and making stories and settings with a reality without breaking the framework of robot animation. Became.


Character DesignBecame the center of drawing as an animation directorYoshikazu YasuhikoBut,Mechanic designIs mainlyKunio OkawaraWas in charge.

Initially, the project was "Studio coloringRepresentative (at that time)Takachiho HarukaBased on the concept of Heinlein's novel "Starship Troopers" that he recommended to the staff of Sunrise, the plan of Yoshiyuki Tomino, the general director, was also advanced.[12][13]..At that time, Studio Nue often participated in the animation produced by Sunrise, but the design was complicated with many lines and was noisy for SF examination.[12][13][14]..As an animator, it's best to have a simple design, and if you bring too much reason to TV animation, you will lose your freedom, so Yasuhiko, an animation director who was afraid that he would be exhausted from his experience working with Studio Nue. Yoshikazu said, "I would like to place an order in a place other than" Nue "."[12][13][14]..At that time, in addition to Studio Nue, the only mechanical designer in the anime industry was Studio Nue.Tatsunoko ProFromNakamura MitsukiThere was only Design Office Mecaman established by Kunio Okawara[6][14]..In addition, Yasuhiko thought, "If you think about entertainment, it would be better for people from Tatsunoko," so it was decided that Nakamura would participate in art and Ogawara would participate in mechanic design.[Note 5][6][13].


Evaluation at the first broadcast and later social phenomena

At the time of the first broadcastAudience ratingIs 9.1% in the Nagoya area and 5.3% in the Kanto area[15]I didn't shake.

Due to the low audience rating, so-called "damaged mecha" was to be released every time in addition to the mass production type at the request of the sponsor, and the prototype was introduced. Gufu,DomNew MS such asMobile armor(MA) appeared, but the audience rating did not improve[4][Note 6].

Poor viewership leads to poor performance of related products[17], The sponsor pointed out that "I can't have a gloomy character called Char", and left Char in the work, but this time flooded with protest letters saying "Why Char does not come out".[18].. These letters are from junior and senior high school fans, and this work had fans over junior high school students as originally intended by Sunrise.[17].Nagoya TVAccording to him, he was persuading the staff that he was planning to kill instead of shifting to the left and canceled.[19].

After that, the lever insertion was tried, but (Later) The audience rate and sales cannot be recovered, and the schedule of all 52 episodes is shortened to 43 episodesCensoredBecame[Note 7].. During the series, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko left the scene due to illness, and the production staff was exhausted.

However, immediately after the censorship was decided, popularity increased. Amuro was supposed to die in the final episode, but Sekioka objected and canceled because he could expect rebroadcast and sequel production due to the popularity of Sekioka[19].. Also, from the time of broadcastingAnime magazineThe popularity of the junior high and high school students, especially girls, gradually increased due to word-of-mouth communication, such as the frequent creation of enthusiastic feature articles.[Note 8].. The number of broadcasts ended with 43 episodes at the time of the decision to discontinue, but even after the end of the main broadcast the enthusiasm did not decline, such as the petition signature request for rebroadcast by animation fans, and in response to these, Clover decided to rebroadcast.[21].. In this way, re-broadcast and re-broadcast were repeated, and this work spread to the general public. In the rebroadcast, the average audience rating also exceeded 10%, recording 1981% in the Kanto area in 17.9 and 1982% in the Nagoya area in 25.7 (highest audience rating 29.1%).

Six months after the end of broadcastingBandaiThe plastic model of MS released from shows an explosive sales,GunplaWas called (Later). Along with the later release of the movie version, a boom that could be called a social phenomenon was created. After that, follow or share the world view, setting, history, etc. with this workNovel,ComicWas produced in large numbers,Media mixIt is a work that can be said to be the pioneer of.

On the other hand, for the depiction of MS and the existence of new types in the workTakachiho HarukaAs a science fiction writerSF examinationState opinions that criticize from the perspective of[22]Caused the "Gundam SF Controversy"[Note 9].

Evaluation in the history of anime and its influence on subsequent works

The hit of this work brings a new animation boom, and the animation influenced by this will be produced innumerably in the mixture of Tamaishi. In particular, as with this work, robot animation has focused on portraying characters and worldviews, which has led to the creation of works that are conscious of the elderly, and has produced many works.[Note 10].

2010To the 4thVoice actor awardReceived the Synergy Award.

Commercial circumstances

As mentioned above, Sunrise made this work for junior high school students and above, but there was a concern that sponsors would not gather, soSotsu AgencyExplained to the sponsor that it is for young people[19]..In this way, as with the previous two works "Invincible Superman Zambot 2" and "Invincible Steel Man Daitan 3", each company developed products for elementary school students and younger, causing a mismatch.[21]However, it was not possible to attract junior and senior high school fans, and related products fell into a slump.So at the request of Clover, in September 1979G armorAppeared, and in the same month, the “Gundam DX combination set” that set G Armor and Gundam was released, but it did not lead to an increase in sales[21].

At the beginning of the project, the animation production team had prepared a number of innovative ideas to make this work an epoch-making work.Among them, there was also a setting that broke the conventional wisdom of children's animation that "the coloring of the leading role Gundam is all white".However, from a sponsor source, "The purpose of accepting the sponsorship of TV animation is to commercialize the characters that appear on the TV screen, but the leading robot cannot sell in white. It is common knowledge that children's toys use the three primary colors of red, blue and yellow. . Paint Gundam in red, blue and yellow. "I couldn't ignore the sponsor's intention (or rather a de facto order), so I had no choice but to color the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to the extent that I'm sorry.[Note 11]..In addition, Clover, who was opposed to the whiteness of Gundam at the planning stage, interpreted most of the white parts in Gundam as silver, and sold the toys in different colors.

According to Sekioka's testimony of Nagoya TV, the station's position was not enough to discontinue the program, but in the toy industry cycle, demand is expected during the spring break in March after the year-end and New Year holidays, so a new program will be released in February. It is judged that toys will sell at that time and survive the business crisis, and it is presumed that the program will be discontinued by the end of January in order to stimulate transfer demand.[23]..Masao Iizuka of Sunrise said, "We managed to get it broadcast until January, when there are Christmas and New Year's gifts that sell toys."[7]..However, during the year-end sales season, the "DX united set" showed strong sales, and Clover hurriedly asked Sunrise to extend it, but it did not come true.[24].

As mentioned above, the companies that developed related products at the time of the main broadcast failed, but the anime magazine "Animated], and ran the anime shop "Anik"LaportOnly was the first to catch the excitement of anime fans.At the time of the main broadcast, the company had already rolled out products for anime fans to excite the fans.

On the other hand, in order to make up for the poor sales of toys, Sunrise asked Clover to commercialize a plastic model, but it was rejected, saying, "There is no use in increasing the number of non-selling character products." So, with the approval of Clover, Sunrise called on other companies to commercialize the plastic model.[4]..However, the Sotsu agency, which is another copyright source of this work and also the copyright window, is concerned that the sales of clover toys will be adversely affected.AoshimaI asked him to make a plastic model.However, because the discontinuation was decided,Next timeIt was decided to model at, and Gundam's plastic model was refused.Even under such circumstances, Sotsu was selling a model of "Space Battleship Yamato".Bandai modelAfter a long negotiation, the Bandai model acquired the commercialization right at the end of 1979 in the form of Sotsu breaking.[25]..In this way, the plastic model released six months after the end of the broadcast showed explosive sales and helped to expand the popularity of Gundam.Gundam's plastic model has gained great popularityGunplaIt came to be called, and further, "Mobile suit variations, And various settings in them, together with the settings produced in the anime magazine, made it possible to dig deeper into the world view of Gundam. In 1982 the plastic model market reached a record high[26].

For this reason, it is said that "The Gundam boom was ignited by Laport and built by Bandai."[27].. By the time the movie version was released, each company was developing products according to the fan base of this work, but due to the aging of the fans, products other than those for anime fans also began to sell.[21]..In addition, Gunpla and various toys are still very popular, with new items such as the first Gundam and Zaku being released.in recent yearsZaku TofuFancy products such as these have also been released, expanding the fan base.


The stage isSpace colonyThe future world, more than half a century after space colonization beganSpace century0079 years. Side 3Zeon PrincipalityChallenge the Revolutionary War against the federal government.Despite the overwhelming difference in national power, ZeonMobile suitIntroduction ofColony dropWith innovative tactics such as, he gained an advantage and killed about half of both populations.

Six months have passed since the outbreak of the war, and the war has been stuck.Red CometZeon's nicknameChar AznableThe MajorEarth Federation ArmyNew shipWhite baseTo reach the neutral colony side 7 under construction.On Side 7, the mobile suit manufacturing plan, which is the trump card for the federal army to break through the battlefieldOperation VWas progressing in secrecy. Char is a mobile suitZakuTo the side 7 reconnaissance.Two Zakus invading the colony discover a federal mobile suit manufacturing facility.Due to the runaway of the recruits who are impatient, they fall into an accidental battle state.

Federal military engineer and mobile suit developerTem Rayson ofAmuro RayIn the battle turmoil, the new Federal Mobile SuitGundamGet into.Amuro managed to defeat two Zakus with the manual he got by chance, but the colony was damaged by the explosion of the fusion engine installed in Zaku.The surviving Side 2 citizens become displaced persons.White Base, who lost most of the regular crew in the battle and was seriously injured by the captain Paolo, was forced to be a new officer.Bright NoahActed as the captain's deputy, and accommodated displaced persons in parallel with the recovery of the new mobile suit.White Base, who secured the necessary personnel for maneuvering and intercepting from among them, escaped from Side 7.Amuro is appointed as a Gundam pilot.And, due to Char's relentless pursuit, the white base of full-blown wounds was the original destination of the Earth Federation Forces General Headquarters.JaburoThen, it descends to the continent of North America in the distant Zeon occupied territory.

While fighting in a fierce battle zone, this work grows step by step while suffering from a closed extreme state, overcoming numerous difficulties through encounters and farewells with various people, including Char's nemesis. It is a story that depicts the growth of boys and girls, including Amuro, and alsoZeon Zum DikunWhile the orphanZabi familySpoofing Char for revenge onCasvalBecame a white-based correspondent (later pilot) after being involved in battle on Side 7 during his stay as a medical student.Sayla MassaboutArtesiaConflict between brothers and sisters.Then, due to a series of death battles, Amuro, who awakens as a new type, fulfills a fateful encounter with Amuro, and while understanding each other, he is killed in action with Char.Lala Sun, The love triangle of Char, who awakened late due to the death of his beloved lover Lalah and was in a position to challenge his strongest rival Amuro and Gundam, is depicted.


In charge of character modelingYoshikazu YasuhikoAccording to the Earth Federation military uniformNapoleonIt is said that the military uniforms of the French army and Zeon army of the times were drawn with reference to the Prussian army.[28].

Amuro Ray
hero.A shy boy who likes to play with machines.My father is Captain Tem Ray, who is in charge of MS development for Operation V in the Earth Federation Forces.My mother is Kamaria Ray.He is a cadet who suddenly became a leaderBright NoahHe has a lot of experience as a human being as a nemesis Char Aznable and MS pilot since he escaped from Side 7, while having a conflict with him and inevitably being involved in the war as a military soldier in order to protect his friends. Veteran soldierLamba RalBattle with, first love womanMatilda AgenAnd big brotherRyu HoseiIt grows up as a human being through the reality of being killed in action.Furthermore, due to the fateful encounter with Lalah Sune, the innovation of humankind "New typeAwakens as.Amuro's boarding Gundam is feared by Zeon soldiers as a "white guy" and will play an active role in the fighting trend.It was the final battleA Baoa KuThen, while Gundam is stranded and left behind in a self-destructing fortress, he uses his power as a new type for his family-like friends, and he himself achieves a miracle survival.
Char Aznable
Amuro's fate rival. A genius soldier and ace pilot of the Zeon army who became a sergeant when he was only 20 years old, showing great results in the Battle of Ruum. Popular nameRed Comet..Its identity is the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Zeon,Zeon Zum DikunOrphan, Casval Rem Daikun.Garma ZabiAlthough he was dropped due to mysterious behavior at the time of death,Kycilia ZabiWill be revived by the selection of.After the defeat of Odessa, he took on the heavy responsibility of being the captain of the infiltration operation in the Jaburo capture operation of the rebirth of death, and when the stage of the battle became space again, he became the commander of His Majesty Kycilia.
Although it is a character that has been in the so-called "beautiful villain" from the past, it is a dictator of ZeonZabi familyIt is set as a person who skillfully uses the war for revenge against.While worried about the existence of his sister Artesia on board White Base, he will be his beloved woman throughout his life.Lala SunIn front of him, he exposed his real face and was awakened as a new type lately because Amuro killed Lalah.In the final battlefield of both armies, A Baoa Qu, he challenges Amuro, who has surpassed him, in a "private battle".However, following the MS battle, he lost to Amuro in the duel with hand-to-hand combat and regained himself by being advised by Artesia.He assassinated Kycilia, who abandoned the soldier and tried to escape, and then went missing.
Sayla Mass
Medical student.A beautiful woman with polite language and elegance.Although he is innocent and has a high spirit, he is good at maneuvering a man.Initially, he supported Amuro pilots as a telegraphist, and eventually found aptitude and turned to a pilot.Its true identity is Daikun's orphan Artesia.I am worried that my brother Casval, who is alive, will act arbitrarily from the suspicion that he is Char.After Char, who reunited on the battlefield, turned out to be Casval, he began to hate his brother, who turned into a demon child of his father, and confided everything to Bright at the end of the game.After many twists and turns, he became the final Amuro lover in this work.In the duel of A Baoa Qu, the boarding machine was stranded, so he sneaked into the fortress and witnessed the duel between Amuro and Char, and finally, Char's words, "Be a good woman. Amuro is calling." I will break up with my brother.After that, he got separated from Amuro and got lost in the fortress and despaired to survive, but due to Amuro's new type ability, he was guided and joined White Base friends and survived.
In the TV version, G fighter No. 1 machine, in the movie version the core booster No. 1 machine and boarding machine are different[Note 12].
Lala Sun
Flanagan agencyA new type of girl found in.In this work, it is only said that she was saved by the colonel, and reference to detailed circumstances is avoided, and it is unknown how she met Char and the first half of her life.[Note 13][29]..At the lakeside of Side 6, which is a neutral zone, he meets Amuro, who was deeply hurt by his tragic reunion with his father Tem.At the second encounter, Amuro became aware that she was Char's subordinate, and demonstrated high qualities such as predicting the battle results of the White Base fleet and the Conscon fleet.Developed into a lover relationship with Char beyond the relationship of his boss and subordinates.SolomonAfter the fall of the fortress, the battle was launched and the federal fleet was shot with a bit from a long distance.Ghost of SolomonAlthough he was afraid, he was treated as a bulletproof by the general soldiers of the escort plane, which tells the story of the new type of misfortune.Through the battle with Amuro, he embodies the essence of the new type, "people can understand each other", but he bought Char's jealousy and, strangely, aimed at the Seira machine in the battle of Amuro, Seira vs. Char, Lalah. He stopped Char and settled with Char, and was killed by Amuro's blow to release Lalah.Even after his death, he led Amuro in the form of thoughts.
Bright Noah
An elite officer born and raised on Earth.Due to the shortage of human resources at the White Base to which he was assigned, he was suddenly assigned to act as the captain, and the rebellious Amuro, Kai and other civilian boy soldiers, displaced persons who could not stand, and the extreme situation where the ship was placed. While suffering from such problems, he continues to grow as a soldier.Ryu Jose, who supported him as his right arm, died in the war, and even though the thread of tension broke and he fell to the sickbed, it was a turning point to stand alone as an excellent commander.Continued to support him devotedly as a steerer and advisorMirai YashimaDespite his favor, he watched over her love as a "clumsy man" and was tied up after the war.Amuro, who grew up being loved by his real father, was treated rigorously as a substitute for his father who taught the rigors of reality, but on the other hand, he realized that he was unreasonably frustrated by Amuro's ability beyond the scope of understanding as a new type. After Amuro has grown up, he will be treated as a full-fledged person.After arriving in Jaburo, as a decoy unit, he goes up to space again and faces the decisive battle.White Base, which played the role of an amphibious assault ship, contributed to the victory of the federal army, but was wrecked at A Baoa Qu, and due to Amuro's new type ability, it was advised to issue an order to leave the ship.Survived most of the crew.
Corresponds to the sequel to this workMobile Suit Z Gundam,Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ,Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack,Mobile Suit Gundam UC,Mobile Suit Gundam Flash HathawayWill continue to appear as an important person in.
Other people
Kai Cidden,Hayato Kobayashi,Frau Bow,Mirai Yashima such asWhite baseIt is depicted that the friends of the group are also growing.In addition, there are many depictions of characters that have been neglected in previous animations, such as former soldiers who hate war, civilians who participate in the war, spies, weapon developers, and student mobilization pilots who are killed by the main character.This direction was also tried in "Zambot 3", but the fact that it was so thorough that it affected later works is a very big feature of this work.

For details, see the page below.

Appearance weapon

Mobile suit,Mobile armorThose classified as mobile weapons such as

For anything else

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song/Insert song

Opening theme
"Fly! Gundam'
Lyrics- Rin Iogi / Composition-Takeo Watanabe / Arrangement-Yuji Matsuyama / Song- Ko Ikeda,Feeling free, Music Creation (King record
Ending theme
"Forever Amuro"
Lyrics-Rin Iogi / Composition-Takeo Watanabe / Arrangement-Yuji Matsuyama / Song-Ko Ikeda, Feeling Free (King Records)
Insert song
"Char comes"
Lyricist-Rin Iogi / Composition-Takeo Watanabe / Arrangement-Yuji Matsuyama / Song- Hori Koichi (King Records)
"Glittering Lala"
Lyricist-Rin Iogi / Composition-Takeo Watanabe / Arrangement-Yuji Matsuyama / Song- Keiko Toda,Singers three (King Records)
singleOn the B side of "Char comes", unused in the play (image song).
"Now, good night"
Lyrics-Rin Iogi / Composition-Takeo Watanabe / Arrangement-Yuji Matsuyama / Song-Keiko Toda (King Records)
Won the King Records single hit award in 1981[30].. The single B side is "Forever Amuro".

In October 2006, the first single of the "First Gundam Theme Song/Reprint Project" was reprinted on CD. "Off Vocal Version (Karaoke)" which was not on the single version was also recorded.

Audience rating

  • Average audience rating: 5.3% (5th in the Gundam series)
  • Average audience rating (1981): 17.9% (1st in the Gundam series)
  • Highest audience rating: 9.9% (2nd in the Gundam series)


Broadcast station names and affiliates are those at the time of broadcasting.Broadcast times are as of mid-January 1980-early February, except for those whose sources are individually presented.[31].

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterBroadcast dateseriesRemarks
Chukyo wide areaNagoya TVSaturday 17: 30 - 18: 00TV Asahi seriesProduction Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido TV
MiyagiEast Japan Broadcasting[32]
Kanto wide areaTV Asahi
ShizuokaShizuoka Kenmin TelevisionCurrent Shizuoka Asahi TV
[Note 14]
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TV
Kagawa-OkayamaSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting
Kinki wide areaAsahi BroadcastingFriday 17:00-17:30Current Asahi Broadcasting Television
Next notice will be cut
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting
AomoriAomori BroadcastingNTV series
TV Asahi series
Censored in episode 26
Aomori TVTBS series[Note 15]
AkitaAkita BroadcastingThursday 17:30-18:00[33]NTV series[Note 16]
YamagataYamagata TVTuesday 17:00-17:30Fuji TV series
IwateTV IwateMonday 17:10-17:40[34]NTV series
TV Asahi series
Broadcast starts after main broadcast ends
FukushimaFukushima TVMonday 17:00-17:30[35]TBS series
Fuji TV series
[Note 17]
NiigataNiigata General TelevisionMonday 17:30-18:00[38]Fuji TV series
NTV series
TV Asahi series
NaganoNagano BroadcastingWednesday 17:30-18:00[39]Fuji TV series
ToyamaToyama TVWednesday 16:50-17:20[40]Broadcast from April 1979, 4 to February 18, 1980.
IshikawaIshikawa TVFriday 16:00-16:30[41]
FukuiFukui TVMonday 17:25-17:55[42]
Shimane -TottoriSanin BroadcastingSunday 8:00-8:30TBS series
Yamaguchi TV YamaguchiFriday 17:00-17:30TBS series
Fuji TV series
EhimeNankai BroadcastingWednesday 17:25-17:55[43]NTV series
KochiTV KochiSaturday 6: 30 - 7: 00[33]TBS series
NagasakiNagasaki BroadcastingTuesday 17:20-17:50[33]
KumamotoKumamoto BroadcastingTuesday 17:00-17:30[33]Broadcast started on July 1980, 7 after the end of this broadcast.
OitaOita BroadcastingMonday 17:20-17:50[33]
MiyazakiMiyazakihosoSunday 15:00-15:30
KagoshimaKagoshima TVMonday 17:45-18:15[33]Fuji TV series
NTV series
TV Asahi series
OkinawaOkinawa TVTuesday 17:30-18:00[33]Fuji TV series

Open preview

Prior to the main broadcast, a public preview event hosted by Nagoya TV was held in the former: Naka Ward Office Hall during the spring break. This is a round-trip postcard that was the mainstream at the time and was applied and drawn by lot, and until then most of the parents and children were "Space Battleship YamatoThe anime boom that began withInvincible Superman Zambot 3"Invincible Steel Man Die Turn 3』, As the fan base of Sunrise animation became established in the teens and 10s, many people lined up all night on the day.The first episode "Standing on Gundam Earth !!" was screened on the screen at a full venue, and the guests were Yoshiyuki Tomino, the general director, and Shuichi Ikeda, who played Char.Several guests sitting in the front row were presented with the first volume of "Mobile Suit Gundam Record Complete Works" published by Japan Sunrise as the first official book before its release.


Broadcast time: Wednesday from 2:00 to 2:30 (as of September 2010)
  • 2010From April,WOWOWBroadcast a total of 20 works including the movie version trilogy.
Broadcast Schedule: November 2010-11, 1
Normal broadcast
初回:2007年12月2日 - 2008年9月21日、日曜日19時30分 - 20時00分
Second time: March 2, 2014-January 3, 23, same as above
Selection broadcast
First: September 2011-October 9, 11, Sunday 10:9-19:30 (Gundam G Selection EVOLUTION frame, total 20 episodes[Note 18]
2回目:2013年4月14日 - 7月28日、日曜日19時00分 - 19時30分(「ガンダム・Gヒストリー」枠・計16話[Note 19]

List of stories

The differences between the TV version and the movie version are also shown.

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorEdit reflected in the movie version
Episode 11979
May 4
Stand on the ground of Gundam!!Hiroyuki HoshiyamaMinoru AxutaniSadamitsu ShinyaYoshikazu YasuhikoReflected because it is the beginning of the story.
Episode 2May 4Gundam Destruction OrderKenichi MatsuzakiRyuji FujiwaraReflected because the basic setting of the story is fixed.
Episode 3May 4Hit the enemy supply ship!Yoshihisa ArakiHideyoshi OshikaCut for the first episode.
However, the supply of Gadem, the battle between Char Zaku and Gundam is reflected.
Episode 4May 4Luna Two escape strategyYu YamamotoSadamitsu ShinyaKazuo TomizawaImmediately departed from Jabrow, omitting the depiction of the base.
Paolo did not die and disembarked.
Completely cut crew detention and Magellan exclusion.
Episode 5May 5Atmosphere entryHiroyuki HoshiyamaMinoru AxutaniRyuji FujiwaraYoshinobu AobachiReflected due to new stage and Garma appearance.
Gundam's atmospheric entry function has changed significantly.
Gundam hammer is cut.
Episode 6May 5Garma sortieYu YamamotoKazuo YamazakiHideyoshi OshikaYoshikazu YasuhikoIntegrated into episode 9.
All battles with ground troops are cut.
Episode 7May 5Escape the core fighterYoshihisa ArakiRyuji FujiwaraCut for the first episode.
However, only free-fall battles between Char Zaku and Gundam are reflected.
Episode 8May 5The battlefield is the wildernessKenichi MatsuzakiSadamitsu ShinyaKazuo YamazakiCut for the first episode.
However, only the launch of Kai's Gun Cannon is reflected.
Episode 9May 6Fly! GundamHiroyuki HoshiyamaMinoru AxutaniHideyoshi OshikaYoshikazu YasuhikoAlthough it is a complete episode, it is reflected because Matilda's appearance and Amuro's psychological description are important.
Char's communication interruption is cut.
Episode 10May 6Garma dispersesYu YamamotoRyuji FujiwaraReflected because of the story of Garma death and love with Iselina.
Episode 11May 6Iserina, after loveYoshihisa ArakiSadamitsu ShinyaOizumi ManabuCut for the first episode.
However, one party of the Zabi family gathered around Garma's funeral
The meeting scene is reflected.
Episode 12May 6Zeon threatKenichi MatsuzakiMinoru AxutaniYuichiro YokoyamaKazuo NakamuraGufuLamba RalReflected due to the appearance of the corps.
Gillen's funeral speech in Garma (long version) will be the last scene of the first work.
Episode 13May 6Reunion, mother...Hiroyuki HoshiyamaRyuji FujiwaraYoshikazu YasuhikoReplaced and reflected before episode 12.
However, Gun Perry is replaced by Matilda's Midea.
Episode 14May 7Time is rareYoshino TominoMinoru AxutaniSadamitsu ShinyaKazuo YamazakiCut for the first episode.
However, only the supply of Matilda is reflected.
Episode 15May 7Kukuls Douan IslandYoshihisa ArakiSadamitsu ShinyaMinoru AxutaniSuzumuraCut for the first episode.
Episode 16May 7Seira sortieYu YamamotoMinoru AxutaniYoshinobu AobachiIntroductory part of "Sad-Warrior".
Reflected due to the imprisonment of Seira and Kozun.
Episode 17May 7Amuro EscapeKenichi MatsuzakiMinoru AxutaniRyuji FujiwaraYoshikazu YasuhikoReflected due to Mirai bathing and Amuro escape.
Episode 18May 8Burning Assam LeaderSadamitsu ShinyaKazuo NakamuraCut for the first episode.
Episode 19May 8Ramba Ral Special Attack!Hiroyuki HoshiyamaMinoru AxutaniSusumu GyodaYoshikazu YasuhikoReflected because there is a hint of Guf or Amuro.
Episode 20May 8Death Fight! White BaseYu YamamotoRyuji FujiwaraKazuo TomizawaReflected due to important scenes such as Ramba Lal's death and Ryu's injury.
Beam javelin is replaced with beam rifle.
Episode 21May 8The fierce battle is deeply hatredYoshihisa ArakiSusumu GyodaKazuo YamazakiReplaced after episode 25.
The reaction of the crew after the death of Ryu is lightly passed.
Episode 22May 9Break the Ma-Kube siege network!Kenichi MatsuzakiSadamitsu ShinyaYoshikazu YasuhikoCut for the first episode.
Episode 23May 9Matilda rescue operationHiroyuki HoshiyamaRyuji FujiwaraKazuo NakamuraIn the movie version, the new weapon G fighter was replaced with a core booster, so it was cut.
However, it reflects only the scene where Ellan challenges Reville.
Episode 24May 9Mortgage! Triple DomYu YamamotoMinoru AxutaniOsamu SekitaYoshikazu YasuhikoReflected by Matilda's death and many famous scenes.
However,Black triple starThe battle with is summarized as one.
Episode 25May 9Fierce battle of OdessaYoshihisa ArakiSadamitsu ShinyaKazuo TomizawaReflected for mainstream episodes of the entire One Year War.
However, important episodes, such as Erlang's naitsu and Ma Kube's use of nuclear missiles, were cut entirely.
Episode 26May 9Char of the ResurrectionKenichi MatsuzakiMinoru AxutaniRyuji FujiwaraYoshikazu YasuhikoA lot of hints such as the reappearance of Char and amphibious mobile suits are reflected.
However, Hyper Hammer and G Bull are cut.
Episode 27May 10Female spy infiltration!Hiroyuki HoshiyamaMinoru Axutani
Hiroshi Kuno
Hiroshi KunoKazuo YamazakiIntegrated into episode 26.
Episode 28May 10The Atlantic Ocean, stained with bloodYu YamamotoMinoru AxutaniOsamu SekitaKazuo NakamuraThe cut was considered, but reflected because it is a story that depicts the growth of Kai.
Changed in details such as Glabro being destroyed by Gun Perry's missile.
Episode 29May 10Scatter on Jaburo!Yoshihisa ArakiSadamitsu ShinyaYoshikazu YasuhikoReflected because there are hints and famous scenes in Char.
Integrated with episode 30.
However, Zoc's destruction scene is cut.
Episode 30May 10Small line of defenseYu YamamotoRyuji FujiwaraReflected because there is a hint of cutlet, lettuce, kicker and Seira.
However, most scenes of defeating Acguy are cut.
Episode 31May 11Zanzibar, chase!Hiroyuki HoshiyamaMinoru AxutaniHiroshi KunoThe white base at the beginning and the Zanzibar atmospheric breakaway part are the last of "Sorrow/Warrior".
However, the battle scenes of G Blue Easy and Biguro are all cut.
Episode 32May 11Brute force operationKenichi MatsuzakiOsamu SekitaKazuo TomizawaReflected because Char is entangled with drain.
However, the battle scene of Zacrelo and Beam Javelin are all cut.
Episode 33May 11Consucon assaultYu YamamotoSadamitsu ShinyaKazuo NakamuraReflected because Tham and Kamlan are involved.
Encounter with Tem is integrated once.
The battle with Consucon Corps will be integrated with the next one.
Brau Bro and floating dock scenes are cut.
Episode 34May 11Fateful encounterHiroyuki HoshiyamaRyuji FujiwaraReflected because of the encounter between Lalah, Char and Amuro, and Cam Ranh.
Tem has a new death scene.
Episode 35May 12Solomon CheatsKenichi MatsuzakiHiroshi KunoReflected for mainstream episodes of the entire One Year War.
The operation start scene has been greatly shortened.
Episode 36May 12Fear! Mobile Big ZamMinoru AxutaniOsamu SekitaReflected due to the foreshadowing of the whole one-year war, Dozzle, and Sregger death.
Episode 37May 12Battle of TexasYu YamamotoSadamitsu ShinyaKazuo NakamuraMoved episodes 37 and 38 before episode 35.
However with GannMa KubeIs cut (reflects only various traps that have been set).
Episode 38May 12Reunion, Char and SeiraKenichi MatsuzakiRyuji FujiwaraReflected for an important episode of Char and Seira.
However, all the deaths of Delamine, Barom, and Wackein are cut.
Episode 39May 12New type,
Sharia Bull
Yu YamamotoMinoru AxutaniHiroshi KunoDue to lack of screening time and Yasuhiko's opinion, full cut.
Episode 401980
May 1
Lara of HermesYoshihisa ArakiOsamu SekitaReflected all because it is a story related to the new type.
However, the mosque Han appearance scene is all cut.
Episode 41May 1Glowing universeKenichi MatsuzakiSadamitsu Shinya
Episode 42May 1Space Fortress A Baoa KuHiroyuki HoshiyamaMinoru AxutaniRyuji FujiwaraKazuo Nakamura
Episode 43May 1escapeOsamu SekitaKazuo Yamazaki

There are three eye catch patterns.

  • In the first episode, the video is the same as in the second and subsequent episodes, but the sound effects are different.
  • Episodes 2 to 11, 43[Note 20]Is a title logo only, Gundam does not appear.
  • Gundam and the title logo appear in episodes 12 to 42.

In the film adaptation, the following changes were mainly added to each episode.

  • The episode that completes the episode, which does not affect the composition of the entire series, is basically cut.
  • In the TV series, episodes and battles that spanned two times are consolidated into one. The contradiction in the production due to this, such as the weapon that Gundam had in 2th episode, has been corrected as much as possible, but there are some places where the contradiction remains uncorrected, such as the hit position of Char's Zugok in 1th and 9th episodes ..
  • All the reflected parts are not the images of the TV series, and there are some parts that were redrawn for the theater. Especially in the "Meguriai Universe", Yasuhiko Yoshikazu was out of drawing due to illness at the time of the production of the TV version, so new drawing by Yasuhiko is being performed entirely.

The title call is Bright NoahHirotaka SuzuokiWas in charge.

Theatrical version trilogy

Released on January 1980, 10Nikkan Sports"so,"Post Yamato is GundamOf the movie adaptation of this workscoopWas reported[45][46].

One week later on the 1thTsukijiA production press conference was officially held at the restaurant "Escargot" on the top floor of the Toge Building. In addition to Tomino and Yasuhiko, Japan Sunrise and distributorsShochikuIt was a large-scale conference in which several people attended[45][46]In that, Tomino does not want to be a mere re-edition digest version, it is impossible to combine 43 episodes into one movie of two and a half hours, and it has to be several. After receiving the consent of Shochiku, he said he had this story.[47].. Of course, Tomino also said in an interview before the movie was decided that he would like to do it in four parts if it was made into a movie.[48].. However, in reality, the production of the sequel depends on the achievement of the first work, so for the first movie version Tomino's serial number "I" andsubtitleWas not allowed (even by convention)[49].

On February 1, 1981, prior to the release of the first work, two events were held as part of the promotion. In the morningShinjuku Shochiku Kaikan"Gundam Festival" was held with limited number of visitors, and ended with great success[50].. And in the afternoon,Shinjuku AltaIn front (Shinjuku East Station Square)Anime New Century DeclarationWas held. Although it was named "Gundam Campaign for 5000 People", it was actually packed with about 2 fans (1 real people according to the total of each fan club).[51].. Some of the characters in this work and MSCosplay(At that time, it was not popular yet,Fan loadWas called "Tominoko"[52][Note 21]), and some of the fans gave the speech “Anime New Century Declaration” as a representative.CharLalalaCosplayers, who will later be involved in Tomino's work and the sequel to "Gundam".Nagano MamoruKawamura MariaMet[53].. In addition, there was a dangerous situation where arranging by guards and volunteers could not catch up due to mobilization that exceeded expectations and there was a danger that shogi could be defeated, but if Tomino holds the microphone and there is an accident here, the world will say ``After all, animation is It was said that the participants regained their calmness by saying that they would judge it as a fan event, and the event ended successfully.[51].

As a result, the first movie version was a huge hit. In particular, advance tickets showed a tremendous amount of sales, and it was said that they were the key to the realization of the sequel. In the sequel, the procession played an important role as a "festival" where fans could participate.[54].. Eventually, the filmization of the final episode of the TV version was realized with three parts less than the original concept.

It was first made into a DVD in 2000,special editionAs voiceDolby DigitalOriginal cast (excluding some) to make 5.1chDubbingIt was redone,Sound effect,BGM(As an example of the big difference, the staff roll part of the ending of III played "Beginning" in the original version, but "Meguriai" continued to flow in the special version, etc. ). In 2007, "Mobile Suit Gundam Theatrical Version Memorial Box" was re-released as a DVD with original audio, and in 2012, each of the three works was released independently.

Even after that, the movie version was shown in various forms in the turning point of this work. In 30, the 2009th anniversary of the start of television broadcasting, the HD remastered version of the trilogy was released.DLPEntertainment was held at movie theaters in various places from June to July.[55].. In August, as part of the "Mobile Suit Gundam 2019th Anniversary Project", in August, a full orchestra (arranged and conducted by the theater version "Mobile Suit Gundam" Cinema Concert) - Takayuki Hattori / Performance- Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra) Performed a live performance of the music part in the play[56].. Also, the movie version of the Gundam series was screened on a special screen as "Gundam New Experience TOUR", but this trilogy will also be on ULTIRA from September to October.[57], In January 2020DOLBY CINEMAWas screened in[58]。2021年にYouTubeで24時間限定プレミアム配信、1作目は1月23日、2作目は1月30日、3作目は2月6日に配信[59].

Mobile Suit Gundam (Movie version)
In the first work that was re-edited from the first episode to the first half of the 1th episode of the TV version,1981May 3In the whole countryShochikuPublished in the system. Unlike the second and later works, it does not have a subtitle, but except for the official release, for convenienceSand crossSometimes called[Source required].Distribution incomeIs 9 million yen[60].
Mobile Suit Gundam II Sorrow/Warrior
The second work, which was re-edited from episode 16 to the first half of episode 31, in 2.May 7Published in. In this work, it is the recording director for the TV version and the first work.Noriyoshi MatsuuraIs the falling plate. "If Matsuura-san descends, we will also descend."Toru Furuya,Hirotaka Suzuoki,Inoue,Cormorant RumikoThe main voice actors tried to follow Matsuura, but Sunrise refused. Eventually, the turmoil ended when Matsuura convinced the voice actors who visited his house, but Matsuura did not return and the recording directorYasuo Urakami, The treatment of the voice actors in "Gundam" was improved due to the aftermath of this uproar.[61].. Distribution income is 7 million yen[60].
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Megurai Universe (Sora)
In the third work that was re-edited from the latter half of episode 31 to episode 43,1982May 3Published in. 75% were new shoots[62]..Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who dropped out at the end of the TV version, was in charge of more new cuts than the previous two works, and the quality of the drawing is significantly improved compared to the TV version.The distribution revenue is 2 billion yen, which is the first in the anime movie released in the same year.[63]Recorded a hit.

Staff (Movie version)

Theme song/Insert song (Movie version)

All theme songsOricon chartWas ranked at the top of.

After the second work, he was an alumni of Tomino's university days and was popular for composing pop and CM songs at that time.Daisuke InoueComposed the theme song and insertion song and sang by himself.

In November 2006, the second single of "The First Gundam Theme Song/Reprint Project" was reprinted on CD as a single version at that time. "Off Vocal Version" was recorded as well as the first.

Theme song (first work)
"Sand cross'
Songwriting - Shinji Tanimura / Arrangement- Aoki Nozomi / Song- I'm sorry (King Records)
Oricon weekly single chart-up to 21st
Image song (first work)
"Star Children"
Songwriting - Shinji Tanimura / Arrangement- Hiromoto Tobizawa / Song-Kajin Yasita (King Records)
On the B side of the single "Cross of Sands", unused in the play.
Theme song (first work)
"Sad Warrior"
Lyrics-Rin Iogi / Composition, Arrangement, Song- Daisuke Inoue (Star child
Oricon weekly single chart-up to 9st
Insert Song (2nd work)
"Alone in the wind"
Lyrics-Rin Inagi / Composition / Arrangement / Song-Daisuke Inoue (Star Child)
Theme song (first work)
Lyricist-Rin Iogi,Masano / Arrangement- Shiro Sagisu / Composition / Song-Daisuke Inoue (Star Child)
Oricon weekly single chart-up to 13st
Insert Song (3nd work)
Lyrics-Rin Inagi / Composition / Arrangement / Song-Daisuke Inoue (Star Child)

Related works

"Mobile Suit Z Gundam] For new animation works etc.Gundam series listSee.



Novel version "Mobile Suit Gundam"

Written at the time of airing by Yoshiyuki Tomino, general director of the animation version,Asahi SonoramaPublished by[64]..Regarding the purpose of writing this novel, Tomino was enthusiastic to show his own world in a novel without the request of a toy maker sponsor in later years.[65]I remember.For this reason, the content of this work is completely different from the TV version, especially as the story progresses.[65]It does not match with later works such as "Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam".This method is not an excuse that "I originally wanted to do this" or "I actually intended to do this" at the exhibition "Yoshiyuki Tomino's World" held from 2019.[66], Has a role like re-verification of experimental results[66]Thought experiment[66]It has been criticized.
Commercially, it became a hit selling 2 copies with two books, and at that time there was concern about "book separation" of high school students, but the novel of this work, which is a video work, exerted a synergistic effect and attracted high school students. ..Since this work, visualization has become important in novels for high school students.[67]. In 1987Kadokawa ShotenThe publisher has been changed toKadokawa Bunko"Blue belt" (currently independent from the "green belt" classification of "Contemporary Japanese Literature")Kadokawa sneaker library) Is the first work. Usually, this is the work of a novel. All 1 volumes[68][69][70].. The cover of the Asahi Sonorama version is the 1st volume of Char's set cels, Volumes 2 and 3 are Kunio Okawara, and the text is Yoshinobu Aobachi. Kadokawa version has both cover and illustrationHaruhiko Mikimoto.
The biggest difference from the TV version is that the main character Amuro who was a civilian boy in animation from the beginningProfessional soldier(Mobile suit pilot candidate.Sergeant), andDie in the middle of the storyThat was a big shock to the fans at that time[Note 23].. In addition, Seira has a physical relationship with Amuro and promotes the killing of his brother Char, and the personality and relationships of each character have been significantly modified. Since the story is unfolded in space and the earth is not the stage, the MS that appeared in the animated version of the earth will not appear, and many of the characters who appeared on the earth will not appear. The types of MS/MA themselves are also narrowed down to a very small number, the federal army side is "Gundam" "Gun Cannon" "Jim" "Mr. Ball", the Zeon army is "Zaku" "Rick Dom" "Hermes" Only 4 kinds of "Big Zam" and "Blau Bro" appear. Regarding the depiction of the Union and Zion, the Union is rather criticized as the corruption of bureaucrats is progressing. Finally, the Gundam operation mother shipPegasus JBelow the captain Bright, the surviving crew and Kai Sidden and others carried out a joint struggle with Char who respected Amuro's will, killing Gilen and Xyria in the Side 3 Musm City, and forming the Zeon Republic Bright and others will become post-war Zion soldiers (this settingGillen's AmbitionHas been adopted as "Casval Edition"). Some of the original novel settings, such as Amuro's mother's name, Gillen's secretary and lover Cecilia Eileen, and Hayato's boarding the Guncannon, have been incorporated into later theater versions. Also, Char's exclusive Rick Dom, which appears only in this work, and the successor to the Amuro boarding G-3 Gundam are later used in numerous game works. Also, a new type of female soldier as the original character only for the novel versionCusco AlAppeared. She may also appear in Gundam related games. Meanwhile, Char's subordinate, Leroy Gilliam, who shot down Amuro, is almost ignored. At the time of reprinting from the Kadokawa Bunko, Tomino tried to make it harmonized with "Z Gundam" by cutting the deaths of Amuro and Hayato, but said he gave up because he would deny himself in the past.[71].

"Secret meeting"

In 1997Kadokawa mini libraryThe upper and lower volumes were published from, and they were integrated and added in 2000.Kadokawa sneaker libraryFromSecret Meeting-Amuro and LalalaIt was published again as.
At that time, Kadokawa Shoten asked Tomino to write a novels when launching the mini library.[65]In response to this, Tomino has no print or manga work that traces the story of "Mobile Suit Gundam" from TV.[65]Therefore, I challenged to write a novel that could be called a digest version of the TV and movie version of "First Gundam" itself.[65]There is a background.
Television Animation"Mobile Suit V Gundam』\ Tomino who suffered from physical and mental disorders after production[66], A story that carefully redraws the inside of the anime version of the story while narrowing down the points[66]As for the newtype theory, "the secret meeting may remain a secret meeting".[66]It is the content.

"Mobile Suit Gundam" by Masaaki Nakane

A novel version written by Masaaki Nakane was also released by Asahi Sonorama, but this is a pure novelization and has almost the same content as the TV series.[72][73][74].. Currently out of print.


Mobile Suit Gundam (Adventure King)
In 1979, when this work was broadcast,Akita ShotenIssuedFor boysCartoon magazine"Adventure king]Cartoon of this work Yu OkazakiWas serialized by. Differences were seen in many parts due to Okazaki's lack of understanding of the purpose of this work, which became the beginning of real robot animation, and the fact that Okazaki did not have a TV at that time and could not check the original.[Note 24].. In addition, unlike the conventional robot animation that was a one-story completion method, in the comicalization of this work, which is a serial drama, the pace seems to be slower than the TV broadcast, it is not completed, and when the movie is made into a movie It was completed by the comicalization of "Space".
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
1992Has remade the originalKazuhisa KondoIs published in "Cyber ​​Comics", a manga magazine published by Bandai Publishing Division.Mobile Suit Gundam 0079Was serialized under the title. afterwards,Media WorksPublished manga magazine "MS SAGA" "Dengeki Daio], while changing the serialization magazine, the long-term serialization was done for more than 10 years,2005Complete. The Yasuhiko version, which will be described later, has undergone more drastic changes compared to anime, but this work keeps changes in settings and story as much as possible, and the manga "MS Senki Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Gaiden] It is supposed to entangle the episode.
Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN
2001から2011Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who worked on the character design of the main part,Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN』Is a cartoon magazine published by Kadokawa Shoten for this workMonthly Gundam Ace] Serialized. A part of the story and detailed settings have been reviewed, and there are many parts that have changed significantly from the TV series. In addition, the story before the period depicted in the television series from the death of Zeon Dikun to the prewar period is also drawn in detail.

Film comics

Kodansha anime comics version
KodanshaMade the movie version trilogy into cartoonFilm comicsA total of 5 volumes were published with 15 volumes each. The subtitle of each volume is often used in the TV series.
Mobile Suit Gundam
  1. Stand on the ground of Gundam
  2. Red comet char
  3. Shobe! Gundam
  4. Reunion, mother
  5. Zeon threat
Mobile Suit Gundam II Sorrow Warrior
  1. Seira sortie
  2. Onslaught Lamba Lal
  3. Matilda scatters!
  4. Female spy infiltration
  5. Jaburo!
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Meguai Universe
  1. Encounter, side 6
  2. Battle of Texas
  3. Solomon Cheats
  4. Lara of Hermes
  5. escape
Asahiya Publishing Comics Edition
The movie version of the Gundam series and OVA works have been put together into a single film comic, which was published to commemorate the 1th anniversary of the movie. At the end of each volume, a scientific examination of settings such as mobile suits and space colonies is provided.Gundam CenturyWas involved in editingYu NagaseIs going.
Film comic of the first movie version "Gundam". Published August 1.
Film comic of the second movie version "Gundam II". Published December 2.
A film comic of the third movie version "Gundam III". Published March 3.



  • CR Fever Mobile Suit Gundam (2013,SANKYO
  • CR Fever Mobile Suit Gundam -Operation V- (2015, SANKYO)
  • CR Fever Mobile Suit Gundam -LAST SHOOTING- (2016, SANKYO)

Video media


As the video medium released around the time the movie version was released after the broadcast of the main broadcast, the 1982nd episode of the TV version ``Space Fortress A Baoa Ku'' and 42th episode released from the Lobster Project in 43. "Escape" was recordedLD, And the movie version of the trilogyvideoThe package existed. The latter was initiallyShochikuFrom, laterCBS SonyWas released by. After a short time, after 1987, the LD that recorded the movie version of the movie was re-released somehow.

The voice of the 20th anniversary of Gundam continues to grow, the first video recorded on the TVLD-BOX "Mobile Suit Gundam Memorial Box"19988月に「Part-1」(第1 - 22話収録:6枚組)、同年12月に「Part-2」(第23 - 43話収録:6枚組)の全2巻に分けてBandai visualWas released by. It should be noted that almost at this time, the movie version of the movie version was newly released, and the video version exists even though the TV version is exclusively for rental.


Since the release of the DVD, they are all sold by Bandai Visual.

Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam special edition

Of the movie trilogyDVD The2000May 12It was released as a "special edition".It was the first commercialization of this DVD, but when it was released as a special edition, the video was the same as the movie version, and the audio wasDolby Digital 5.1By original cast (excluding some) for channelsDubbingThe re-recording, sound effects, and BGM were completely renewed, but enthusiastic fans criticized it as "the image was greatly damaged", and later the original audio version DVD at the time of the movie version release was released.2007It was released in December.

After that, the DVD-BOX that recorded the TV version of the video was released as the first limited edition,2006DVD-BOX12 in December (1-1 episodes recorded: 24 discs), next2007Released in January in two volumes of DVD-BOX1 (2th to 25rd episodes: 43 discs). The single volume (5 pieces in total) was also released sequentially from June 2. A pre-order bonus campaign with a special action model "11/2007 RX-6 GUNDAM Limited Version", which is not for sale, is being held for DVD-BOX1 subscribers. To make this DVD, director Tomino himself, the original version that has been nearly 1 years since the main broadcastthe filmDigital correction work of the deteriorated part ofHigh definitionSpecification ofRemasterThe more refinement work was done, the more involved in the production.


As "Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Memorial Box" (BD-BOX)2013Released on August 8th.
2017On September 9th, the BD-BOX with a slightly reorganized and simplified version of the 27 edition will be released.

"Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Trilogy Box" and "Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam Blu-ray Trilogy Box Premium Edition" which also includes the main part of the special version produced in 5.1ch2014Released on August 5th.

4K ULTRA HD Blu-ray

As "Mobile Suit Gundam Theatrical Version Trilogy 4K Remaster Box" (UHD BD & BD-BOX)2020Released on 10th July[75].Dolby AtmosThe audio and the original audio at the time of theatrical release are recorded.The product number is BCQA-0010.


XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayZonic Toyota (Toyota)ThanChar's Exclusive AurisHas been released.This was originally a concept model that was exhibited at the 2012 event by remodeling the Auris from Toyota in a Char-only style, but due to the great response, it was released that was not originally planned to be on the market.[76]..In addition, Zonic Toyota is a setting, and it is actually sold as a personal customization of Auris.At this time, the Toyota mark will also be refurbished in a Zeon style.According to the setting, "Toyota has agreed on a wide range of technical tie-ups with Zeon's leading heavy equipment manufacturer Zonic, and has set up a new company to start a new project," the official page said. On the special site, 15 episodes of "Back Story" were posted along with the image of First Gundam.[77].. Shuichi Ikeda, who played Char, said "I'm surprised!" and Toru Furuya, who played the role of Amro, "" I'm surprised at the realization." It should be noted that Furuya also mentions the Amuro exclusive car, although it is a little joking.[78].. In addition, it is reported that it was brought close to the mobile suit "Sazabi" that appears in the movie "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack" because the actual painting will feel uncomfortable if it is done with Char's Zaku color.[79].. (For more information on specific models,Toyota Auris #2 E18#H/18#W type (2012-2018)See item).


February 2016, 2Tachikawa ShirakuAnnounces the original Rakugo story "Gudamu Rakugo Lasting Ting" as an official sanction work for Sunrise[80]did. See you on the same dayBelsar AkihabaraAt the Gundam-related event held at, Shirata Tachikawa and Shirara Tachikawa made a debut show. This work is a classic rakugoCarpenter research], a new rakugo based on "Sankata Ichiryo loss", etc.Amuro Ray"Amrou the carpenter" modeled onChar Aznable"Red Charcoal in half coat" etc. appeared as a model[81]To do. The official Kanji notation is “Gudame Rakugo”,SD GundamIn "SamuraiGood luckIs different from the above.

Clover toys

  • Gundam united set
  • Gundam DX combination set
    • Gundam DX without the coalescence mechanism
  • Gundam (standard version)
    • Gun tank (standard version)
  • Core fighter
  • DX white base
  • Variation gundam
    • Variation gun cannon
    • Variation gun tank
  • Gundam Combination Junior (Gundam, Gun Cannon, Gun Tank, Core Fighter set)
  • ABS Gundam
  • Power springGundam


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注 釈

  1. ^ This concept is laterTakeyuki KandaWith the hands ofGalaxy drifting by femmeIt took shape. This is the reason why Yuno Tomino is named in the original draft of "Bifam".
  2. ^ Between the upper and lower bodyCore fighterBy adopting a form that transforms and incorporates,Gun cannon""Gun tankAlso adopted this system. This is due to the gimmick of being able to swap the upper half of three aircraft with a clover toy.
  3. ^ However, this is the scene of the enemy robotBank systemAlso to reuse[10].. For example, the Zaku scene from episode 1 has already been used in episode 2.
  4. ^ However, Tomino says, "Actually, I also made the word "new type" on the way."[11]The word "new type" appears in the final stage in the actual work. Later, in the movie version made by re-editing the TV version, a depiction that Amuro awakens as a new type due to the new cut is inserted ahead of the TV version.
  5. ^ At Sunrise at that time, Yasuhiko had considerable authority.
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外部 リンク

Nagoya TV Saturday 17:30-18:00
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Mobile Suit Gundam
(April 1979, 4-January 7, 1980)
Invincible robot rider G7
(April 1980, 2-January 2, 1981)
TV Asahi Saturday 17:30-17:45
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Suehiro Theater
*Shortened to 18:30 on Sunday
* So far TV Asahi production
Mobile Suit Gundam
(April 1979, 4-January 7, 1980)
*From here for Nagoya TV productionAnime border
Invincible robot rider G7
(April 1980, 2-January 2, 1981)
TV Asahi Saturday 17:45-17:50
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
* So far TV Asahi production
Mobile Suit Gundam
(April 1979, 4-January 7, 1980)
*From here the anime frame produced by Nagoya TV
Invincible robot rider G7
(April 1980, 2-January 2, 1981)
TV Asahi Saturday 17:50-18:00
Asahi Flash News
* So far TV Asahi production
Mobile Suit Gundam
(April 1979, 4-January 7, 1980)
*From here the anime frame produced by Nagoya TV
Invincible robot rider G7
(April 1980, 2-January 2, 1981)

Live action

Live action(Jisha) is originally a live-action film or a live-action film, as it is.article,Expressed inthe filmTo copy it to, etc.Record movieIs a word that refers to.

On the other hand,ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン,CGSuch asImageIn contrast tophotographIt is also used as a word to refer to the video that was made, and this article will explain it as its meaning.

Live-action and anime

Anime directorOshii MamoruLive-action film directed bymovies"AvalonHe said, "I made it using live-action material.ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンIs. " Even if you take a live-action shot,Slow motionThere is also a view that changing the timing with such things can be called animation, and it is expected that the definition of this word will change in the future.

However, since the animation itself is originally only one form of special technology, animation using live-action material is simplySpecial effects=SFXThere is also an opinion that it may be.

Oshii's view is thought to be due to the fact that in Japan there is a stronger tendency to separate the images actually shot as "live-action" in a way that differentiates them as genres rather than techniques when they are called animation and live-action.AmericaIn such cases, when animation becomes popular, it is quite common to visualize it on live-action media, and it seems that such a distinction is not so necessary).

Combines both animation and live-actionFilm directorAs,Hideaki Anno,Oshii Mamoru,Katsuhiro OtomoIs typical.

Problems with live-action works in Japan

ItMedia's talent in "Japanese drama is out of the question with a weak awareness of the TV industry"Dave Specter"Compared to the United States, Japanese dramas are out of the question. (Omitted) American dramas take a lot of budget and time to produce. Terrestrial broadcasting andDVDConsidering future developments such as conversion, we gather the best screenwriters and casts to make a highly complete drama. Of course, it will be interesting and it will sell all over the world. "

"Ultraman』, Etc.Sasaki MamoruAccording to the book "Portrait of a Postwar Hero-From" Bell Naruoka "to" Ultraman "", he made a statement that only the budget of the Japanese media has not progressed.Iwanami Shoten), Basically, not only live-action film but the entire Japanese video work is produced on a low budget, so the prosperity of the media of animation in Japan is basically low-budget and looks more like a live-action film. There is a lot to follow the point.

By the way, if you make it with a generous budget like Dave, it will sell all over the world, but things are not so simple. because,AsianThis is because the works that appear in the main are not liked in English-speaking countries. The worldwide hit "Power Ranger]Toei OfSuper squadron seriesThat's why only scenes such as heroes, monsters, and robots are used.[1].. Also in the United States, "Ultra seven"thanAustralia"Almost a Western cast shot inUltraman GIn some cases, the audience rating was higher.

On the other hand, animation andComicThen, the fact that the race cannot be identified by the appearance of the character is one of the reasons why it is selling worldwide, and these works that were hit worldwideHollywoodIt is said that making a live-action movie with such a thing has the advantage that buying the rights to those works saves the budget rather than spending a huge budget to think about the story (however, Japanese animation and comics). It costs a huge budget to visualize the movie as it is, so it is said that a remake of the Japanese movie J Horror is easier to make).

Reference document

Eiji Otsuka,Nobuaki OsawaAuthor "Why" Japanimation "Defeats" (Kadokawa Shoten[Kadokawa one theme], 2005)


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