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🤖 | Japanese version cast of "Yasuke" depicting "African samurai" announced!Teaser PV & new scene ...

Photo Netflix original animation series "Yasuke" scene cut

Japanese cast of "Yasuke" depicting "African samurai" announced!Teaser PV & new scene ...

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In addition, Fusako Urabe, Yu Kamio, Eri Kitamura, Kenji Kitamura, Shunsuke Kubozuka, Hiroki Nanami, and Rie Tanaka will appear.

Netflix original anime series "Yasuke" will be released worldwide from April 2021, 4 ... → Continue reading

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Rie Tanaka

Rie Tanaka(Rie Tanaka)


Eri Kitamura

Eri Kitamura(Eri Kitamura,1987May 8[1][3][4][5] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,singer,talent.Free size..The affiliation label is dystopia record (independent label).

TokyoFuchu-shiBackground[2].. Nickname is "Kitamura".The stage name when I was a child actorEri Okamura(Eri Okamura).After shifting to voice acting, he is active under his current real name.[Note 1].



1987(Showa62 years)May 8In TokyoFuchu-shiBorn in[2][6]..Since my mother was interested in anime and voice actors,Sailor MoonI liked anime such as.Therefore, I wanted to be a voice actor from that time, but at first I was active as a child actor with other recommendations. "Zukoke threesome"(Keiko Ando), etc.,"Refreshing 3 pairs (1997 version)And 'Ultraman Dyna』And has guest appearance experience.

2003, Public offering VSaudition2003 (Pony canyonOrganizer),Eri KitamuraParticipated as and won the Grand Prix, the same year TV animation "LAST EXILE』(As Tatiana Visla) makes her debut as a voice actor.2004In the TV anime "Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure"(Seira) opening theme"Before the MomentDebuted as a singer.

2005,BLOOD +』(Saya Otonashi) is selected as the main character.2007May 1Until thenHirose ProjectBecause, the voice actor color is strongerKaleidoscopeTransferred to. "Children's day(Rin Kokonoe), "Potemayo"(Sunao Moriyama),"Cardboard fighter W』(Jessica Kaios) and many other works began to play the main character.

2009May 11Leaving Kaleidoscope with[7], From June 12stEARLY WINGAffiliation[8].

2012Announced transfer to Ability Soul Pro, an affiliate of EARLY WING, on August 8th.[9].. Transferred to EARLY WING again on June 2014, 6[10].

2015,Night no Yatterman"LaterTime Bokan Seriesof"Three evilsPlays the role of the female boss.

On January 2019, 1, I left my agency EARLY WING andFreelanceAnnounced on his Twitter account that he will be active in[11].

Voice actor

Good at cool female roles[12].

At the beginning of his debut, the heroine said, "I can't get along with men (so-called"TsundereThere are many ") roles", but on the contrary, it seems embarrassing for people to see the acting of so-called "approaching roles" like Rin Kokonoe, and when I saw the appearance work ON AIR, in front of the TV Saying that he is in agony[12].

"From koharubi』Played the heroine Yui of Maid Robo, but said," I was desperate anyway. "Yui appeared from the beginning to the end, and because he was a fierce character, he was deficient in oxygen in the first dubbing, so he said, "I think it's not so much in anime to talk so much. There are many lines. "Co-starTakayuki Kondo"I was doing my best"[13].

One of the special skills of other voice actorsmimicryThere is, and it is often shown on the radio program in which he appears.

August 2013, 10,Machi ★ AsobiVoice actor unitTsukinekoTokushima Tourism Ambassador as a memberInauguration.

Singer activity

Character songIn addition, he is also active as a singer under his own name.Pony canyon,Lantis,King record OfStar childThroughToms musicTransfer to label[14].

Star Child's third single released on February 2012, 2, "Happy Girl"ButOriconIn addition to recording the 5th place in the single weekly ranking for the first time and entering the top 10 for the first time, the first album released on July 7, "RE; STORY』Also recorded the 5th place in the Oricon album weekly ranking for the first time.

Released video works for two consecutive months, "Eri Kitamura Music Clips" on May 2013, 5, and "Eri Kitamura FIRST TOUR 22 RE; STORY" on June 6, 26.[15].

Although he has not been active as a singer since 2015, he appeared in "Amazing Soul Fes 2016 in Shanghai" on October 10, 21 and resumed his activities for the first time in two years.[16].. July 11 of the same yearToms musicAnnounced the transfer to, and on March 2017, 3, the mini album "Revolution [re: i]][16].. July 10 of the same yearRockan MusicBelonging to was announced[17].

Voice actor unitas,Yuka Iguchi"Eri Yuka" withAsami ImaiAnd "ARTERY VEIN"Is formed respectively.Also, although there is no original song, "A sunday without God] To coincide with the release of the theme songMikako KomatsuAnd promoted as "Kitakoshi",2013 AnisamaThen "Black Holy"And" Happy Girl "duet.

In January 2019, he announced the launch of the indie label "dystopia record" with full personal funds, and started his musical activities as a singer-songwriter.The trailer for the first single "Ruriiro"YouTubePublished on the channel.



I like sweet food (Rusk,EclairI hate bitter things (such as)coffeeSuch)[18].

Favoritemanga artist-IllustratorIt is,Ito Ogure,West E fieldな ど[18]..He also draws illustrations and manga himself, and is often published in interview articles in magazines.Long time agoDoujinshiI was also active.


Appeared in 2009 "fresh pretty Cure!(Miki Aono / Cure Berry), at the press conference of the production announcementSeriesWhen it started, I was watching it on TV, so I didn't think I would be involved. "" I want to go, "he said.[19]..Senior in the voice actor worldMegumi HayashibaraI have also sent a voice letter to my daughter as Cure Berry.

In junior high school, he had a Go club, a literary club, and a personal computer club.He also served as the director of the literature department and the personal computer department.[20].

His fans are called "Kitaelists".In particular, male fans are called "Kitaelist Rose Gumi" and female fans are called "Kitaelist Yuri Gumi".[21].

Before September 2012, 9, in addition to blogsTwitterI had a two-way exchange with the fans at, but because I was damaged by slander and slander, I suspended my Twitter account at the discretion of my agency.[22], Subsequent exchanges were only posted on the blog[23]..The account was reopened at a later date under the control of office staff[24].. With the start of freelance activities from January 2019, it is operated under personal management as official Twitter.


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation



  • (Alice[134]
  • Touhou Derivative Work Doujin Anime Secret Activity Record -Month- / -Celebration- (2016-2017,Renko Usami

Web anime


  • Girl Weapon War (Lecca[261]

Drama CD

  • Grand stage Act 4, Special Performance, Athletic Meet, Romance Review Act 4 (2015-2016,Minami Amber, Minami Claire)
  • Flower garden (Muroi Fuyuhana[273]
  • (Rain fox[274]) * Comics Volume 6 Special Edition Drama CD

Special effects



TV drama


Digital comic

Voice drama

Radio Drama


* IsInternet distribution.

2000 era
2010 era

Radio cd

2000 era
2010 era

TV drama

In the name of Eri Okamura
In the name of Eri Kitamura
  • A story of love, wonder and horror Seven short stories "Near Death Experience" sent by seven directors (7, daughter Yuka)

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.


2000 era
Early 2010s
Late 2010s
2020 era
  • P Southern country raised Decapato ver. (2020,Jody Burnside


  • App "Wake up with your voice!Kagra Alarm ”(
  • HACObook Eri Kitamura x Snow White (Movic, March[291]




  • Column "Eri Kitamura's Eri Game." (Dengeki DS & Wii
  • Convenience store information Voice actor Navi Plus !! (App)
  • Kyushu Institute of Technology Faculty of Information Engineering Technical College Festival Executive Committee (Technical College Festival)
  • Fresh Pretty Cure! Musical Show ~ Singing and dancing and getting happy !! ~ (Miki Aono / Cure Berry
  • Made in me(Produced one of the additional distribution games "What Anojin is Soft")
  • Psychology for people who stumble at encounters (Shiho Hoshino)
  • Lisani! TV(TOKYO MX-MUSIC ON! TV, Featured artist in July 2012)
  • Dubbing Opera "Dear Sir, Do You Know Vocaloid?"(October 2016, CUL (voice appearance))
  • YasudayaI asked a famous voice actor for the recruitment video of the Human Resources Department! (2020, Twinkle)

Video products

  • Let's sing together The latest best Hello! (September 9)
  • Let's sing together The latest best Aozora scribble (July 7)
  • Senran Kagura Blu-ray / DVD Vol. XNUMX --Volume XNUMX Video Bonus "Shinobi Girls' Association"
  • After becoming a couple, liquor is Blu-ray vol.1 --3 video benefits



Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[293]
Anime boardNormal EditionLimited Edition
Pony canyon
1st2004th of February 4Before the Moment-PCCG-00639-121 bit
2nd2004th of February 8TsuyogariPCCG-00651113 bit
1st2008th of February 7PERFORM-LACM-4513-92 bit
2nd2009th of February 1Guilty Future[Note 22]LACM-456281 bit
Star child[Note 23]
1st2011th of February 8Be Starters!-KICM-1351KICM-91351 / 214 bit
2nd2011th of February 11CrestKICM-1367KICM-91367 / 816 bit
3rd2012th of February 2Happy GirlKICM-1380KICM-91380 / 15 bit
4th2012th of February 11DestinyKICM-1415KICM-91415 / 613 bit
5th2013th of February 1Miracle GlidersKICM-1430KICM-91430 / 1
6th2013th of February 8BirthKICM-1460KICM-91460 / 120 bit
7th2014th of February 5Palm -show-KICM-1517KICM-91517 / 8
8th2014th of February 10RinreiKICM-1553KICM-1554KICM-91552 / 310 bit
Toms music / Rockan Music
1st2017th of February 7DiVE to GiG --K --AiM-TMS-351TMS-35026 bit
2nd2017th of February 9arcadia † paroniriaTMS-354TMS-35323 bit
3rd2018th of February 1Delusion Empire Sound Storage MachineTECI-600TECI-59938 bit
dystopia record (independent label)
1st2020th of February 3-DRCD-2
(Animate Limited Edition)

Limited single

Release datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
2013th of February 6Chu → ning ♪NMAX-1154Eri Kitamura feat. Kitaeri-chanName.
Live tour "Eri Kitamura STARTING STORY LIVE TOUR 2013" venue limited sale.
Radio program"Radio Kitamura Oh!Program character "Kitamura-chanCharacter song.
2017th of February 8K'T'E'R x M'O'D'ETMS-352One-man live "KiTAxERI ♦ CARNiVAL ♦ 2017 -re: birth-" Venue limited sale.
After that (starting from 8:31 on August 18st), mail order will be available on the Tom's Shop site.[Note 24].

Digital single

Delivery start datetitleRemarks
12019th of February 3Ruri colorIncluded in the 3rd album "ILLUSION DREAM".
22019th of February 4paradigm ∞ shift
32019th of February 5witch spat out a curse
42019th of February 6Desperate Death Dimension
52019th of February 7DELIGHT
62019th of February 8GO↗︎MY → AWAKE⤴︎


Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[294]
Normal EditionLimited Edition
1st2012th of February 7RE; STORYKICS-1791KICS-917915 bit
2nd2014th of February 4Proof x Ming -SHOMEI-KICS-3030KICS-930307 bit
ミ ニ2017th of February 3Revolution [re: i]TMS-347TMS-34620 bit
3rd2019th of February 8
(Dystopia record version)
2019th of February 10
(Animate Limited Edition)

Video work

PV collection

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest (BD)[295]
Highest (DVD)[296]
1st2013th of February 5Eri Kitamura Music ClipsKIXM-72KIBM-34117 bit69 bit

Live video

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest (BD)[295]
Highest (DVD)[296]
1st2013th of February 6Eri Kitamura FIRST TOUR 2012 RE; STORYKIXM-94KIBM-363 / 426 bit74 bit
2nd2014th of February 4Eri Kitamura STARTING STORY LIVE TOUR 2013KIXM-160KIBM-430 / 139 bit109 bit
3rd2015th of February 6Eri Kitamura Live 2014 ~ GiVE x EViDENCE ~KIXM-90196KIBM-50418 bit86 bit
4th2018th of February 12KiTAxERI ♦ CARNiVAL ♦ 2017 -re: birth-TEI-92-Place-

Other live footage

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
2011th of February 4Live5pb.2010@JCB HallPlace
2011th of February 8WORKING !! PERFECT ☆ Blu-ray BOX (included in the event video "Wagneria-Summer Great Thanksgiving")Place
2011/11WORKING'!! DVD / BD Volumes 1 and 2 Bonus Video "Wagneria-Summer Great Thanksgiving-2011 Part XNUMX and Part XNUMX"Place
2012/7Wagneria ~ Spring Big Thanksgiving ~Place
2013th of February 3Animelo Summer Live 2012 -INFINITY ∞-8.26Place
2014th of February 3Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.25Place
2014th of February 3Crawl! Nyaruko-san Blu-ray Disc BOX (Complete recording of "Evil God Advent" event video)Place
2015Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-8.30Place
2015th of February 5Crawl! Nyaruko-san W Blu-ray BOX (Complete recording of "Evil God Rebirth Festival" event video)Place
2015th of February 7Cross Ange Angel and Dragon Rondo Blu-ray / DVD Volume 8 Limited Time Offer (BD / DVD) Premium Event "Cross Ange Angel and Dragon Festival (Festa)"Place
2015th of February 9WORKING !!! DVD / BD Volume 2 Bonus Video "Wagneria-Summer Small Thanksgiving-Full Story"Place
2015th of February 12KING SUPER LIVE 2015KIXM-217-8 (Blu-ray)1 bit
KIBM-532-4 (DVD)12 bit
2016th of February 11WWW.WORKING !! Volume 1 Blu-ray / DVD limited menu! Bundled version of "Wagneria-Early Summer Big Big Big Thanksgiving"Place
2018/7"LIVE SYMPATHY 2018" Memorial Blu-rayPlace

Tie-up song

Before the MomentTelevision Animation"Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure"Opening theme2004
Monsters are the best!TV program"Monstagio"Opening theme
エ ン ジ ェ ルTV program "Monstergio" ending theme
TsuyogariTelevision Animation"Golden gouache bell!!] 3nd ending theme
Aoki KiokuPS2Game software forKowloon Youma Academy"Ending theme
Guilty FutureOVAChildren's Jikan 2nd semester"Opening theme2009
Be Starters!Television Animation"Mayo Chiki!"Opening theme2011
Snow flowerTelevision Animation"C3 -See Cube-』First term ending theme
CrestTV animation "C3 -Sea Cube- "Late Opening Theme
Happy GirlTelevision Animation"Listen to what your father is saying!"Opening theme2012
Chu → ning ♪radio"Radio Kitamura Oh!] Theme song
DestinyPSPGame software forRound table student The Eternal Legend] Theme song
Miracle GlidersGame software for PSP "How many miles to the horizon? -ORIGINAL FLIGHT-"Opening theme
Over ~ Promise of the night sky ~PSP game software "How many miles to the horizon? -ORIGINAL FLIGHT-" ending theme
Sha-le-laAnime movieAruvu Rezuru -Mechanical Fairies-] Theme song2013
BirthTelevision Animation"A sunday without God"Opening theme
Palm -show-Television Animation"Knights of Sidonia"Ending theme2014
RinreiTelevision Animation"Cross-Ange A round dance of angels and dragons』First term ending theme
Revolution [re: i]Smartphone game "Shinki PROJECT] Theme song2017
TV program"Anime mashite] September opening theme
DiVE to GiG --K --AiMWeb radioEri Kitamura's radio Kitaeri x Mode"Opening theme
TV program "Animemashite" July opening theme
K'T'E'R x M'O'D'EWeb radio "Eri Kitamura's radio Kitaeri x Mode" ending theme
arcadia † paroniriaTV program "Animemashite" July opening theme
TiCK TACKWeb radio "Eri Kitamura's radio Kitaeri x mode" opening theme
EDENSmartphone game "" theme song
Delusion Empire Sound Storage MachineTelevision Animation"gd men gdgd men's party"Opening theme2018
Ruri colorWeb radio "Eri Kitamura's radio Kitaeri x Mode" theme song2019

Singer participation song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2005th of February 2Kowloon Youma Gakuenki Sound TrackEri Kitamura"Aoki Kioku"game"Kowloon Youma Academy"Ending theme
2012th of February 7INFINITY ~ 1000 Years of Dreams ~NOT HERE,Eri Kitamura,KISHOW,Kawada Mami,May'n,Kuribayashi Minami,Chihara Minori,Yukari Tamura"INFINITY ~ 1000 Years of Dreams ~"live"Animelo Summer Live 2012 -INFINITY ∞-"Theme song
2013th of February 5The Galaxy Express 999[Note 25]ALI PROJECT,ChouCho,Gero,GRANRODEO,i ☆ Ris, May'n,nano.RIPE,OLDCODEX,Ray,ZAQ,Two,Afilia Saga,Itou Kanako,Sumire Uesaka,Yui Ogura,Eri Kitamura,Akira Kushida,Kuribayashi Minami,Maon Kurosaki,Mikako Komatsu,Psychic rubber,Konomi Suzuki,Kenichi Suzumura,Ayana Taketatsu, Yukari Tamura, Minori Chihara,Tominaga TOMMY Hiroaki,Ai Nakajima,Nanamori☆Goraku Club,Yuka Nanri,Iori Nomizu,Yoko Hikasa,Maiko Fujita,Sachika Misawa,Mizuki Nana,Yui Kaori"The Galaxy Express 999"Live eventAnimelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-"Theme song
2014th of February 5ONENESS[Note 25]Idol Master[Member 1],Ai Ale,Afilia Saga,angela,Itou Kanako,Wake Up, Girls!,Kenshō Ono, OLDCODEX,Eri Kitamura,GRANRODEO, Minami Kuribayashi, Maon Kurosaki, ZAQ,JAM Project,sweet ARMS, Konomi Suzuki,STAR ☆ ANIS,Takayoshi Tanimoto, Yukari Tamura, Minori Chihara,TMRevolution,Akika Nakatani,Nagareda Project,Jin Hashimoto,slope,petit milady,FLOW,Yui Horie, Sachika Misawa, Nana Mizuki,Mimori Suzuko,Mamoru Miyano,μ's, May'n, YuiKaori,Yuki Aoi,Hitomi Yoshida,LiSA,Koji Wada"ONENESS'Live eventAnimelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-"Theme song

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 10The Story of the Seven Seas ~ Pearls of Mermaid ~Seira (Eri Kitamura"Beautiful Wish"Television Animation"Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure"Insert song
May 12Mermaid Melody Vocal Collection Pure BOX2"Birth of Love"TV anime "Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure" related songs
Lucia Nanami (Nakada Asumi), Hanon Hosho (Hitomi Terakado), Rina Toin (Mayumi Asano), Karen (Ema Kogure), Noel (Ryoko Nagata),Here(Satomi Arai), Seira (Eri Kitamura"Bell of Hope ~ Love goes on ~ (7Mermaid Version)"
May 6Dream OboroInukai Makoto (Eri Kitamura) With. Momoka Morito (Mariya Ise) & Kawabana Momoka (Saori Hayami"Yume Oboro"Television Animation"Momokatsuki"Opening theme
May 8Idolmaster Xenoglossia Character Album Vol.1 "Enthusiasm! Giant (Sunrise) Robot Anime Song Invincible"Makoto Kikuchi (Eri Kitamura"No flame'Television Animation"Idol Master XENOGLOSSIA] Related songs
May 10Seto no Hanayome Character Song 6 SpiralShiranui Akeno (Eri Kitamura"Spiral"
"Spiral (Re-mix version)"
Television Animation"Bride of Seto] Related songs
May 10Let's! Ohimesama Dako / Otometic beginnerRin Kokonoe (Eri Kitamura), Kuro Kagami (Kei Mado), Mimi Usa (Mai Kadowaki"Let's! Ohimesama Dako"Television Animation"Children's day"Opening theme
"Otometic beginners"OVA "Kodomo no Jikan" opening theme
May 11Original soundtrack from KoharubiYui (Eri Kitamura"Don't just take the apron!"OVAFrom koharubi"Opening theme
"You can't have boobs"OVA "Indian Summer" insert song
Yui (Eri Kitamura), Sumitomo Minori (Satomi Akasaka"Maybe a love song"OVA "Indian Summer" Volumes 1 and 2 Ending Theme
May 12Kodomo no Jikan Character Single 1Rin Kokonoe (Eri Kitamura"Sensei ... Is this your first time?"
"Retsu! Ohimesama Dako (Rin version)"
Songs related to the TV anime "Kodomo no Jikan"
May 1Momoka Tsukiharu Kagaku CollectionInukai Makoto (Eri Kitamura"Energy song"TV anime "Momokazuki Ren" related songs
May 2Indian Summer Maniacs CD2Yui (Eri Kitamura"See, it was warm."OVA "Indian Summer" Volume 3 Ending Theme
May 3DVD "Kodomo no Jikan 4 Subjects" First Production Bonus Original CD (Rin Ver.)Rin Kokonoe (Eri Kitamura"Naughty Pippi"Songs related to the TV anime "Kodomo no Jikan"
May 4Minami KeibiUchida (Eri Kitamura), Yoshino (Ayo Toyosaki"Se-no"Television Animation"Minamike] Related songs
May 5Risauta 2006-2007 vol.1Yuki Kisaragi (Eri Kitamura"Honey Pot"Original unit "Risauta ☆ ALL STARS" related songs
Hibiki (), Yuki Kisaragi (Eri Kitamura"SUBWAY"
May 5@Lantis NON STOP DANCE REMIX vol.2Rin Kokonoe (Eri Kitamura), Kuro Kagami (Kei Shindo), Mimi Usa (Mai Kadowaki)"Retsu! Ohimesama Dako (NON STOP DANCE REMIX)"Songs related to the TV anime "Kodomo no Jikan"
May 10Pre-paradeAisaka Taiga(Rie Kugimiya), Minori Kushieda (Yui Horie), Ami Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"Preparade"Television Animation"Tora-dora!』First term opening theme
game"Toradora Portable!"Opening theme
"Ka la ku ri"radio"Tora Dradio!"Opening theme
May 11Go to the futureDEKABANCHO[Member 2]"Go to the future"OVASeto no Hanayome OVA Jin"Ending theme
Shiranui Akeno (Eri KitamuraOVA "Seto no Hanayome OVA Jin" related songs
May 12Angel innocent Love PowerSeto Hana Engels[Member 3]"Angel innocent Love Power"OVA "Seto no Hanayome OVA Yoshi" opening theme
DEKABANCHO[Member 2]OVA "Seto no Hanayome OVA Yoshi" related songs
CHAOS; HEAD NOAH ~ TRIGGER 2 ~Rimi Sakihata (Eri Kitamura"Trust in me"game"CHAOS; HEAD NOAH』\ Rimi Hen ending song
May 1OrangeTaiga Aisaka (Rie Kugimiya), Minori Kushieda (Yui Horie), Ami Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"Orange"TV anime "Toradora!" Late ending theme
"Love jellyfish"Radio "Tora de Radio!" Opening theme
May 2Children's Jikan 2nd semester 1 subject Attached bonus CDRin Kokonoe (Eri Kitamura), Kuro Kagami (Kei Shindo), Mimi Usa (Mai Kadowaki)"Yoridori Princess"Web radioKojikarajio 2nd semester"Opening theme
May 3Seto no Hanayome OVA Mini Album HitoshiSeto Hana Engels[Member 3]"Romantic summer 2009"OVA "Seto no Hanayome OVA" related songs
May 3Kanokon / NaisubadiAmane Kaminari (Eri Kitamura"Cloudy then sunny"game"Kanokon Esui] Related songs
May 3Drama CD Dengeki Gakuen RPG Kizuna's AdventureKasugai Kizuna (Eri Kitamura"Believe"Drama CD "Dengeki Gakuen RPG Kizuna no Adventure" theme song
"Planetary"game"Dengeki Gakuen RPG Cross of Venus"Insert song
May 4Toradora! Character Song AlbumAmi Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"Yes!"TV anime "Toradora!" Related songs
Taiga Aisaka (Rie Kugimiya), Ami Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"Holy Night"TV anime "Toradora!" Episode 19 insert song
Taiga Aisaka (Rie Kugimiya), Minori Kushieda (Yui Horie), Ami Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"Flaxation"
"Pre-parade -postparade mix- "
"Orange -citrus mix- "
TV anime "Toradora!" Related songs
May 5Risauta 2006-2007 vol.2Yuki Kisaragi (Eri Kitamura"Dear Sir"Original unit "Risauta ☆ ALL STARS" related songs
Reverberation (reverberation), Rin Hibiki (reverberation)Kuwamon Sora), Samoyed (Akiyama Akira), Lechen Schnautzbauten (Mai Kadowaki), Yuki Kisaragi (Eri Kitamura"Love is justice"
Reverberation (Sound), Samoyed (Akiyama Kaoru), Lechen Schnautzbauten (Mai Kadowaki), Yuki Kisaragi (Yuki Kisaragi)Eri Kitamura), Ayano ()"Confusional Valentine"
May 5Complete / Please FreezeTaiga Aisaka (Rie Kugimiya), Minori Kushieda (Yui Horie), Ami Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"Complete"
"Please Freeze"
Game "Toradora Portable!" Ending theme
May 7Minami-ke Charakuta-Songubesu to ArubamuChiaki (Chihara Minori), Uchida (Eri Kitamura), Yoshino (Aki Toyosaki)"Big dream"TV anime "Minamike" related songs
Fresh Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 1 ~ To the Children of the Sun ~Miki Aono (Eri Kitamura"More than stars, more than flowers"Television Animation"fresh pretty Cure!] Related songs
Cure fresh![Member 4],chorus:"Fresh Pretty Cure Sunchild"
May 7Children's Jikan 2nd semester 3 subject Attached bonus CDRin Kokonoe (Eri Kitamura), Kuro Kagami (Kei Shindo), Mimi Usa (Mai Kadowaki)"Let's! Ohimesama Dako (Remix From @Lantis)"OVAChildren's Jikan 2nd semester] Related songs
May 8Tadashi storyAraragi calendar (Hiroshi Kamiya), Senjogahara Hitagi (Chiwa Saito), Hachikuji Mayoi (Emi Kato), Sugawa Kamihara (Sawashiro Miyuki),Nadeko Sengoku(Hanazawa Kana), Tsubasa Hagawa (Yui Horie), Meme Oshino (Takahiro Sakurai), Shinobu Oshino (Aya Hirano), Araragi Hien (Eri Kitamura), Araragi Tsukihi (Yuka Iguchi"album of memories'Drama CD "Tadashi story"Opening theme
"Thank you goodbye'Drama CD "Tsukimonogatari" ending theme
May 8Aggressive zoneKnee dress ★ Girls +[Member 5]"Aggressive zone"Television Animation"NEEDLESS』First term ending theme
"Aggressive zone (Crystal Blue Sky Remix)"TV anime "NEEDLESS" related songs
May 9CHARACTERS LOVE MISSIONEve Neuschwanstein (Eri Kitamura"New ☆ Cinema Feeling ☆ Paradise!"
"Kanamemo" character song & original soundtrack album "Kanamemo"Hinata Higashi (Eri Kitamura"Where is gold?"Television Animation"Kaname also] Related songs
Yume Kitaoka (Ryo Hirohashi), Yuuki Minami (Endo Aya), Hinata Higashi (Eri Kitamura"After all summer is a pool ♪"
Yume Kitaoka (Ryo Hirohashi), Yuuki Minami (Aya Endo), Hinata Higashi (Hinata Higashi)Eri Kitamura), Haruka Nishida (Yui Horie)"The substitute is a demon ♪"
Haruka Nishida (Yui Horie) with Yume Kitaoka (Ryo Hirohashi), Yuuki Minami (Aya Endo), Hinata Higashi (Hinata Higashi)Eri Kitamura"That's a swimsuit ♪"
Kazeshin Shimbun exclusive sales staff with Mika Kujiin[Member 6]"Wait for the latest news.-Theme of Kazeshin Shimbun Sales Office-"
Working girls[Member 6]"Working girl ♪"
May 10PURE SONGS @ DREAM C CLUBMio (Eri Kitamura"Half is a mom's scenario"game"Dream club] Related songs
DREAM C CLUB All Host Girls[Member 7]"Love, KOI ☆ week end!"
Let's! Fresh Pretty Cure! ~ Hybrid ver. ~ For the Movie / H @ ppy Together !!! for the MovieMizuki Shigeya With Cure fresh![Member 4]"Let's! Fresh Pretty Cure! ~ Hybrid ver. ~ For the Movie"Movie version animationMovie Fresh Pretty Cure! Toy Country is full of secrets !?"Opening theme
Hayashi Momoko With Cure fresh![Member 4]"H @ ppy Together !!! for the Movie"The ending theme of the movie "Fresh Pretty Cure! The Land of Toys is full of secrets !?"
May 11WANTED! For the loveKnee dress ★ Girls +[Member 8]"WANTED! For the love"TV anime "NEEDLESS" late ending theme
"WANTED! For the love ~ House in the meee! Mix ~"TV anime "NEEDLESS" related songs
May 11Drama CD "Yuria 100 Shiki" Vol.1urea(Eri Kitamura), Julia (Shizuka Ito), Yurin (Mai Goto"SHOW_TO_SHI ・ TA ・ I"Drama CD "Yuria 100 Shiki] Theme song
May 11Fresh Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 2 ~ Smiley Gift ~Miki Aono (Eri Kitamura"FRIENDS ~ 3Q4love ~"TV anime "Fresh Pretty Cure!" Related songs
Cure fresh![Member 4], Miyuki (Mayumi Iizuka"Dreaming Flowers"
Cure fresh![Member 4], M * cube[Member 9]"Happiness ☆ Wonder land ~ Smiley gift ~"
May 12TsukinekoYuuki (Eri Kitamura"Crazy My Love""Tsukineko] Related songs
Madoka (Asami Imai), Yuuki (Eri Kitamura), Satsuki (Kana Akutsu),Hope(Hiromi Igarashi"Refrain -call your dream-"
May 12Star RimiTaiga Aisaka (Rie Kugimiya), Minori Kushieda (Yui Horie), Ami Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"Pre-parade~ ELECTRIC INVADERS & TO-WEST REMIX ~ "TV anime "Toradora!" Related songs
May 1Secret Princess Music CollectionKyo FukashiroRina Sato), Amano Shizuku (Eri Kitamura), Shin Mihokawa (Kimiko Koyama"Secret (> ω <) Princess !!"Pachislot "" insert song
May 3PURE SONGS 2 @DREAM C CLUBMio (Eri Kitamura"Stay with me!"Game "Dream Club" related songs
May 4WORKING !! DVD Volume 1 Bonus CDTaneshima Popura (Kana Azumi), Mahiru Inami (Saki Fujita), Yachiyo Todoroki (Eri Kitamura"SOME ONE ELSE"Television Animation"WORKING !!"Opening theme
May 5Blu-ray / DVD "Sound of the Sky" Volume 3 Limited Edition Bonus CDKanata (Hisako Kanemoto), Kureha (Eri Kitamura), Noel (Yuki Aoi"Yoi Te!"Television Animation"So La No Wo To] Related songs
Marriage Royale Character Song AlbumShinshiro Otowa (Eri Kitamura"Futatsuro"game"Marriage Royale Prism Story] Related songs
May 8Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors "Nobuyoshi! Elina Unwavering Bonds" [First Production Bonus CD]Erina (Mizuhashi Kaori), Reina (Kawasumi Ayako), Airi (Kanae Ito), Arein (Eri Kitamura), Yiruma (Kano Yui), Echidna (Yuki Kaida), Cattleya (Ryoka Yuki), Claudette (Atsuko Tanaka), Shizuka (Mamiko Noto), Nanael (Aya Hirano), Setra (Fumihiko Tachiki), Tomoe (Hitomi Raw), Nix (Rie Tanaka), Nowa (Takahashi Mikako), Melpha (Sayaka Ohara), Ymir (Saito Ayaka), Melona & Lana (Rie Kugimiya), Listy (Yuko Kaida), Aldra (Takeuchi Miyu), Menace (Yuko Goto"Beautiful Warrior Carnival-Be positive when you fall down-cheio: full"OVAQueen's Blade Beautiful Warriors"Ending theme
Elina, Reina, Airi, Arein (Eri Kitamura), Irma, Echidna, Cattleya, Claudette, Shizuka, Setra, Tomoe, Nix, Nowa, Melpha, Ymir, Lana, Listy"Beautiful Warrior Carnival-Be positive when you fall down-um: 1"OVA "Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors" Episode 1 Ending Theme
May 9Queen's Blade Beautiful Fighters "Aiyo! Alain Millennium Farewell" [First Production Bonus CD]Arein (Eri Kitamura), Nowa, Nix, Airi, Irma, Echidna, Elina, Cattleya, Claudette, Shizuka, Setra, Tomoe, Melpha, Ymir, Lana, Listy, Reina"Beautiful Warrior Carnival-Be positive when you fall down-dois: 2"OVA "Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors" Episode 2 Ending Theme
Lorona's Atelier Character Song Album ~ Canary ~Couderia (Eri Kitamura"0.8 cm"game"Lorona's Atelier ~ Arland's Alchemist ~] Related songs
May 10Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors "Melancholy! Airi's Two Hearts" [First Production Bonus CD]Airi, Melona & Lana, Melpha, Arein (Eri Kitamura), Irma, Echidna, Elina, Cattleya, Claudette, Shizuka, Setra, Tomoe, Nix, Nowa, Ymir, Listy, Reina"Beautiful Warrior Carnival-Be positive when you fall down-tres: 3"OVA "Queen's Blade Beautiful Warriors" Episode 3 Ending Theme
May 10Framing Summer Reservation Campaign Character Song CD "TOFU -Puru Puru-"Hinata Mikan (Eri Kitamura"TOFU -Puru Puru-"Songs related to the game "Framing Summer"
May 12Pastel Chime Continue Song MaterialsGentiana Lina (Eri Kitamura), Saika S. Farnese (Rina Sato), Lucy Minciad (Saori Hayami), Phil Ihart (Ayano Shinmei"Brand new & Continue"game"Pastel Chime Continue』PSP version ending theme
Gentiana Lina (Eri KitamuraSongs related to the game "Pastel Chime Continue"
May 12DREAM C CLUB PURE SONGS CLIPS Vol.2 Bonus CDMio (Kei Shindo), Mio (Eri Kitamura"Real (Mio & Mio Unit Ver.)""DREAM C CLUB PURE SONGS CLIPS Vol.2] Related songs
May 1Taste of ParadiseNao Takanashi (Eri Kitamura"Taste of Paradise"Television Animation"I don't really like your brother at all!!"Opening theme
"YELL ~ Whistle is on its chest ~"Web promotion program "A program that promotes Eri Kitamura's "I don't like your brother at all !!""Theme song
Ali Ali Future ☆Nao Takanashi (Eri Kitamura), Ayaba Tsuchiura (Marina Inoue), Mayuka Kondo (Kazusa Aranami"Ari Ali Future ☆"TV anime "I don't like your brother at all !!" Ending theme
"Overflow to you"TV anime "I don't like you at all !!" related songs
May 3Armed God Princess CHARACTER SONG and SPECIAL RADIO RONDO Vol.2Dog-shaped MMS Howlin (Eri Kitamura"BREAK THE SILENCE"
"BREAK THE SILENCE (Dizzi Mystica Remix)"
game"Busou Shinki BATTLE MASTERS] Related songs
May 3I don't want to sing songs at all !!Nao Takanashi (Eri Kitamura"Thrilling Everyday"
"Taste of Paradise -prohibition mix- "
TV anime "I don't like you at all !!" related songs
Nao Takanashi (Eri Kitamura), Ayaba Tsuchiura (Marina Inoue), Mayuka Kondo (Kazusa Aranami)"Catch My HOPE"
"Ali Ali Future ☆ -delusion mix- "
May 4Glitter kawaii! Precure large set ♪ ~ Flower of life ~ / Many thanksCure Rainbows[Member 10] With Pretty Cure All Stars 21[Member 11]"A lot of thanks (movie version)"Movie version animationMovie Pretty Cure All Stars DX3 Go to the future! Connecting the world ☆ Rainbow flowers"Ending theme
May 4Forget about RurubukULTRA-PRISM With Shiratama Naka Soft Tennis Club[Member 12]"Forget about Rurubukk"Television Animation"Softenni"Opening theme
May 5SENGOKU GROOVEToyotomi Hideyoshi (Rina Hidaka), Oda Nobunaga (Megumi Toyoguchi), Akechi Mitsuhide (Eri Kitamura), Date Masamune (Yuka Hirata"SENGOKU GROOVE"Television Animation"Sengoku Maiden ~Momoiro Paradox~] Related songs
May 5S @ ng onceHibiki Terao (Eri Kitamura"Will be"game"L @ ​​ve once -mermaid's tears-] Related songs
Drama CD Crawling! Nyaruko-san GX ~ Fatal Attraction ~Nyaruko (Kana Asumi), Mahiro Yasaka (Eri Kitamura"Nothing in the SAN year"Drama CD "Crawling! Nyaruko] Related songs
May 6Sengoku Maiden ♥ Feast TakenawaAkechi Mitsuhide (Eri Kitamura"Like a hot arrow-heart maiden version-"TV anime "Battle Girls: Time Paradox" Episode 10 ending theme
Akechi Mitsuhide (Eri Kitamura), Masamune Date (Yuka Hirata)"Envy-Naserena-de"TV anime "Sengoku Otome-Pink Paradox-" related songs
Yoshino Hide (Rina Hidaka), Akerin (Rina Hidaka)Eri Kitamura), Tokunyan (Satomi Akesaka)"Dreaming Freedom-Classmate Version-"
May 7Gasshuku?Kotone Sawanatsu (Eri Kitamura"Youth Jump ☆ Straight Ball Fight"Songs related to the TV anime "Softenni"
May 7TV Anime "WORKING !!" Charason ☆ MENU4 Yachiyo Todoroki starring Eri KitamuraYachiyo Todoroki (Eri Kitamura"Colorful Days"
"Wagneria Hymn ~ a day of Todoroki Yachiyo"
Television Animation"WORKING !!] Related songs
May 8Serving youKonoe Subaru (Yuka Iguchi), Kanade Suzutsuki (Eri Kitamura), Masamune Usami (Mariya Ise)"Serving to you"Television Animation"Mayo Chiki!"Ending theme
"Wonderful Days"TV anime "Mayo Chiki!" related songs
PURE SONGS ZERO @ DREAM C CLUBDREAM C CLUB ZERO All Host Girls[Member 13]"Pure color 100 million $ ☆"game"Dream Club ZERO] Related songs
Mio (Eri Kitamura"Half is mom's scenario 0 ver."
"Stay with me! 0 ver."
May 8Puella Magi Madoka Magica BD / DVD Volume 5 Bonus CDSayaka Miki(Eri Kitamura),Sakura Kyoko(Ai Nonaka"And I'm home"Television Animation"Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu] BD / DVD version Episode 9 ending theme
May 9Mayo Chiki! Character Song Album Mayo Uta!Kanade Suzutsuki (Eri Kitamura"Give Me Everything"TV anime "Mayo Chiki!" related songs
Konoe Subaru (Yuka Iguchi), Kanade Suzutsuki (Eri Kitamura), Masamune Usami (Mariya Ise), Nakuru Narumi (Kana Asumi), Maria (Natsuko Kuwaya),milk(Ishihara Kaori),chocolate(Yui Ogura"Happy Happy Birthday"TV anime "Mayo Chiki!" Insert song
May 10CR Tropical Raised in Okinawa -Original Sound Track-Cool breeze Madoka (Milno Jun), Reiko Suigetsu (Endo Aya), Natsu Hidaka (), Izumi Yunagi (Asami Imai), Shuri Yoshinami (unpublished name), Jody Burnside ()Eri Kitamura"Seven colors of tropical countries"Pachinko "CR Tropical Raised in Okinawa" Related Songs
Madoka Suzukaze (Jun Miruno), Reiko Suigetsu (Aya Endo), Jody Burnside (Aya Endo)Eri Kitamura"Summer Refrain"
Jody Burnside (Eri Kitamura"Play"
May 11WORKING'!! BD / DVD Volume 1 Bonus CDPopura Taneshima (Kana Asumi), Mahiru Inami (Saki Fujita), Yachiyo Todoroki (Eri Kitamura"COOLISH WALK"Television Animation"WORKING'!!"Opening theme
May 11Brilliant DaysMiu Takanashi (Eri Kitamura"Brilliant Days"Television Animation"Listen to what your father is saying!] Related songs
May 12Katteni Kaizou Concept Album Super DX ChogokinHami Natori (Eri Kitamura"Pounding! LOVE mail'OVAOnce rebuilt"Insert song
May 1C3 -Sea Cube- Character Song AlbumKirika Ueno (Eri Kitamura"My Wish"Television Animation"C3 -See Cube-] Related songs
May 2Toradora! BEST ALBUM √ HAPPY ENDTaiga Aisaka (Rie Kugimiya), Minori Kushieda (Yui Horie), Ami Kawashima (Eri Kitamura"√ HAPPY END"TV anime "Toradora!" Related songs
May 4Fake Story BD / DVD Volume 1 Bonus CDKaren Araragi (Karen Araragi)Eri Kitamura"Marshmallow justice"Television Animation"False story"Opening theme
May 5Listen to Me, Girls! Vocal Track CDBird Yuzora (Sumire Uesaka), Miu Takanashi (Eri Kitamura), Hina Kotori (Hiromi Igarashi)"Smile Continue"game"Listen to what Daddy says in the game!"Opening theme
Miu Takanashi (Eri Kitamura"Brilliant Days More POP RE-MIX"Songs related to the TV anime "Listen to Me, Girls!"
May 5The sun burns chaosCorps B from crawling from behind[Member 14]"Black steel striker"Insert song for the TV anime "Crawling! Nyaruko-san"
May 6Hyperdimension Neptunia Duet Sisters Song Vol.2 Noir x UniNoir (Asami Imai), Uni (Eri Kitamura"Sham Cold Girls"game"Hyper-dimensional game Neptune] Related songs
Uni (Eri Kitamura"Yell! -little girl's secret-"
May 6Nurse Love Syndrome RE: Therapy First Limited Edition Included Bonus Single CD "you never know"Hatsumi Otsuka (Eri Kitamura"You never know"game"White coat romance RE: Therapy"Opening theme
May 7Evil songsCrawling from behind[Member 15]"Is it holy but holy?"Songs related to the TV anime "Crawling! Nyaruko-san"
May 8Senran Kagura Burst -Purple Girls- Bonus CDflame(Eri Kitamura"Rules of Guren"game"Senran Kagura Burst -Girls of Guren-"Opening theme
May 10Life is LOVE !!Liliana Sisters[Member 16]"Life is LOVE !!"Television Animation"It’s big brother, but it doesn’t matter if you have love."Ending theme
?Raised in the South in HAWAII Original Sound TrackMadoka Suzukaze (Jun Miruno), Reiko Suigetsu (Aya Endo), Natsu Hidaka (Haruko Aoki), Izumi Yunagi (Asami Imai), Kiki Collins (unpublished name), Jody Burnside (unpublished name)Eri Kitamura"Door to the South"
"Nagisa's love story"
Pachinko "CR Tropical Raised in HAWAII" Related Songs
Jody Burnside (Eri Kitamura"Movin'On"
May 12Wanof -one off- Original SoundtrackPoco a Poco[Member 17] featuring Malo (Yuko Gibu"Memories-Poco a Poco ver."OVAWanfu -one off-"Insert song
Magical Suite Prism Nana PRISM BOXToru Washioka (Mimori Suzuko), Asami Asagi (Asami Imai), Kotone Oribe (Eri Kitamura"Purizum ♡ Taimu ~ Touch with your magic finger ~"
"Moe ☆ Mel ★ Touch!"
"Reach for the beach"
Pachi-slotMagical Sweet Prism Nana] Song in the play
Oribe Kotone (Eri Kitamura"Hello, Dear my friends"
May 2Fighting Dreamer / Dark night makes a maiden a flowerflame(Eri Kitamura), 詠 (Ai Chino), Hikage (Ryoko Shiraishi),future(Saori Goto), Haruka (Megumi Toyoguchi"Dark night makes a maiden a flower"Television Animation"Senran Kagura"Ending theme
May 2Crawl! Nyaruko-san W WWW Character Song Series VOL.2 MahiroCrawling from behind M[Member 18]“Gim me a fork ×… I quit.”
"Burn without saying the sun Chaos'
Television Animation"Crawl! Nyaruko-san W] Related songs
May 2Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS -Proof of Girls- Arranged Soundtrack "Girls Scattering in the Moonlight"flame(Eri Kitamura), Masahi (Hiromi Hirata"moonlight"game"Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS -Proof of Girls-"Ending theme
May 3End of the Edo period Yoshito Den Roman BGM & SONGSKoharu (Eri Kitamura"Spring color decorative chopsticks"Television Animation"Bakumatsu Yoshito Bijin Roman] Related songs
?Burn without saying the sun Chaos / 6 members from behind crawling ver.Nyaruko (Kana Asumi), Mahiro Yasaka (Eri Kitamura), Kuuko (Miyuki Matsuki), Hasuta (Rie Kugimiya), Tamao Kurei (Yuka Otsubo), Takehiko Yoichi (Wataru Hatano"Burning without saying the sun, chaos"Songs related to the TV anime "Crawling! Nyaruko-san W"
May 4Evil masterpiecesMahiro Yasaka (Eri Kitamura"Demonbane! Demonbane!'
May 4Love is a chaotic slaveCorps B from crawling from behind[Member 14]"Blast of Fate ~ Whereabouts of Gale ~"Insert song for the TV anime "Crawling! Nyaruko-san W"
Minami no UtaMinami-ke"Minauta"Television Animation"Minamike] Related songs
Uchida (Eri Kitamura"I want to fall in love with One two Skip ♡"
May 6Absolute Defense Leviathan Character Song Collection Absolutely sing!Bahamut (Eri Kitamura"A Girl"Television Animation"Absolute Defense Leviathan] Related songs
May 7Crawl! Nyaruko-san W Ending Song Series 3 Crawl on RAMM ZZZMahiro and Yoichi crawl on RAMM[Member 14]"Love Crusader's † Striver"TV anime "Crawling! Nyaruko-san W" ending theme
May 8Magical Suite Prism Nana POP UP SOUND TRACK BOXToru Washioka (Suzuko Mimori), Asuka Asagi (Asami Imai), Kotone Oribe (Eri Kitamura"Purism ♡ Week"
"PRISMIX ♪ ~ Moe with Shirasagi Engine Friend at Beach and Mel is Purismtaimu ~"
Pachislot "Magical Suite Prism Nana" song in the play
May 9Blu-ray & DVD "Day Break Illusion" Volume 1 Limited Edition Bonus Character Image Song CDSeira Hoshikawa (Eri Kitamura"Quiet night ~ Quando voglio su una stella"Television Animation"Day Break Illusion] Related songs
May 10Evil songsCrawling from behind[Member 15]"Nyarnyal Service Medley"Television Animation"Crawl! Nyaruko-san W] Related songs
May 11Phantasy Star Online 2 Original Soundtrack Vol.2Kuna (Eri Kitamura"Our Fighting"
"Eternal encore"
game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Song in the play
Kuna (Eri Kitamura),Takenobu Mitsuyoshi"Our Fighting (Full Session)"
May 1Kyousougiga Utagoyomi-Uta Goyomi-Yase (Eri Kitamura"Grace"Television Animation"Kyōsōgiga] Related songs
May 2It ’s up to you to decide the hellAll Stars of Hell[Member 19]"The story of hell is up to you"Television Animation"Demon Light"Opening theme
"Under the Big Goldfish Tree, Hell's All Stars ver."
May 4Big Prime Senran Kagura Large Digital Soundtrack with All Songs[Note 25]flame(Eri Kitamura"Break out of your Shell!"game"Big prime Senran Kagura] Related songs
May 4Hozuki's Coolheadedness Volume 1 Bonus CD Hell SoundtrackAll Stars of Hell[Member 19]"It's up to you to squeeze the hell.Related song for the TV anime "Ononi no Toru"
May 5DSP version Windows 8.1 Pro Update Limited pack included CD "Future Update"Nanami Windows(Mizuki Nana),Claudia windowsill(Eri Kitamura"Future Update"DSP versionWindows 8.1Cheering song
May 6Open! The lid of the hell potAll Stars of Hell[Member 19]"Open! Hell's kettle lid"Related song for the TV anime "Ononi no Toru"
May 8Senran Kagura Original Soundtrack -Makage / Guren / Shinku-Asuka(Hitomi Harada),flame(Eri Kitamura"crimson"game"Senran Kagura 2 -Crimson-"Ending theme
May 8Hyperdimension Neptunia Share Complete DiscsNoir (Asami Imai), Uni (Eri Kitamura"Sham Cold Girls (Remix)"Songs related to the game "Hyperdimension Neptunia"
May 12DSP version Windows 8.1 Pro Update Limited Pack 2014 Winter version CD "Find the Way ~ Glittering Feather ~"Nanami Windowside (Nana Mizuki), Claudia Windowside (Nana Mizuki)Eri Kitamura"Find the Way ~ Glittering Feathers ~"DSP version Windows 8.1 cheering song
May 12Phantasy Star Online 2 Original Soundtrack Vol.3Kuna (Eri Kitamura"Our Fighting ver. MIYABI"
"Endless story"
game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Song in the play
May 12SHOW BY ROCK!!-Plasma deerRetry (Eri Kitamura"Panoramatic Adventure"Web animation "SHOW BY ROCK !!] Related songs
May 12C87 Window Family Limited Pack ~ Nanami x Claudia Yume Duet Remix Version ~Nanami Windowside (Nana Mizuki), Claudia Windowside (Nana Mizuki)Eri Kitamura"Future Update (Remix version)"
"Find the Way ~ Glittering Feather ~ (Remix version)"
DSP version Windows 8.1 cheering song
May 3Magic Kaito 1412 Character Song ~ Magical Pallet ~Akako Koizumi (Eri Kitamura[Note 26]"Be captivated by me"Television Animation"Magic Kaito 1412] Related songs
May 4Grand Stage Act 4 Minami AmberMinami Amber (Eri Kitamura"La traviata"Drama CD "Grand stage] Related songs
May 5Grand Stage Special PerformanceAkito Yoo (Emi Ogata), Ryoya Toyoguchi (Megumi Toyoguchi), Eru Kazemiya (Marina Inoue), Amber Minami (Amber Minami)Eri Kitamura), Yui Suou (Mitsuki Saiga"Dream on stage ~ Grand stage theme ~"
May 7Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Comics Vol. 7 Drama CDUrara Shiraishi (Saori Hayami), Masaru Ito (Maaya Uchida), Nene Odagiri (Eri Kitamura"Ding!ging!dong!"Drama CD "Yamada and seven witches"Insert song
May 8WORKING !!! BD / DVD Volume 1 Bonus CDPopura Taneshima (Kana Asumi), Mahiru Inami (Saki Fujita), Yachiyo Todoroki (Eri Kitamura"NOW !!! GAMBLE"Television Animation"WORKING !!!"Opening theme
May 11Aoharu x Machinegun Blu-ray / DVD Volume 3 First Press Limited Edition Bonus Special CDHoshishiro[Member 20]"See you at XXX"Television Animation"Youth x machine gun"Image Song
May 12Enthusiasm! Maiden Festival Fan Thanksgiving LIVE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACKKashin (Hanazawa Kana), Otomo Sourin (Emi Kato), Sayaka Kazegami (Yoko Hikasa), Jody Burnside (Eri Kitamura), Amane Hazuki (Mikako Komatsu"Otome Festival"Pachinko "Enthusiasm! Maiden Festival Fan Great Thanksgiving LIVE" theme song
Amaterasu[Member 21]"Swordsman dance"
"Ran ~ Run ~"
"Moon Night, Love Words Spinning"
Pachinko "Enthusiasm! Maiden Festival Fan Thanksgiving LIVE" related songs
May 1WORKING !!! Blu-ray & DVD Vol.6 [Limited Edition Bonus CD]Yachiyo Todoroki (Eri Kitamura"NOW !!! GAMBLE"TV anime "WORKING !!!" related songs
May 2Aoharu x Machinegun Blu-ray / DVD Volume 6 First Press Limited Edition Bonus Special CDToy ☆ Gangan[Member 22],Hoshishiro[Member 20]"Let's wear black and white (tentative)"Image song for the TV anime "Youth x Machine Gun"
May 3Uncle and Marshmallow Song Collection Vol.1Iori Wakabayashi (Eri Kitamura"message"Television Animation"Uncle and marshmallow] Theme song
Uncle and Marshmallow Song Collection Vol.2"labyrinth"
May 3Durarara !! x2 Yui Blu-ray & DVD 2 [Limited Edition Bonus Cover Song Collection CD "Koi no Vacation"]Orihara Nine Ruri (Hisako Kanemoto), Orihara Mairyu (Orihara Mairyu)Eri Kitamura"Love vacation'Television Animation"Durarara !! × 2 Conclusion] Related songs
May 4Grand Stage Athletic Meet Drama CDAkito Yoo (Megumi Ogata), Ryoya Toyoguchi (Megumi Toyoguchi), Eru Kazemiya (Marina Inoue), Amber Minami (Amber Minami)Eri Kitamura), Yui Suou (Mitsuki Saiga)"Flying ~ WE CAN FLY ~"Drama CD "Grand Stage" related songs
May 8Kuma Miko XNUMX -Miko Box- First Production Bonus CDAmayadori Town (Natsumi Hioka), Hibiki Sakata (Eri Kitamura"HI-MA-DE GIRL"Television Animation"Kumamiko] Related songs
May 11WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Original SoundtrackEna Black (Hanazawa Kana) Feat. Seraphy (Eri Kitamura), Tama (Ayana Taketatsu"World Parade"game"World of final fantasy"Ending theme
12MAGICAL SUITE PRISMNANA MUSIC COLLECTION VOL.2 STARRY SONGS[Note 25]Toru Washioka (Suzuko Mimori), Asuka Asagi (Asami Imai), Kotone Oribe (Eri Kitamura), Mako Hiiragi (Chika Azumi"Starry Melody"OVA "Magical Suite Prism Nana" theme song
May 6Girls und Panzer character song album "We also started the music road!"Darjeeling (Eri Kitamura), Orange Pekoe (Mai Ishihara"Queen of Quality Season"Television Animation"Girls und Panzer] Related songs
May 6sin Seven Mortal Sins BD / DVD Volume 1 Bonus CDLucifer (Eri Kitamura"Slightly fever Dancin'"
"Goddamn Critical (Lucifer ver)"
"Gademu ♡ Kuritikaru (Lucifer ver)"
Television Animation"sin the seven deadly sins"Insert song
Lucifer (Eri Kitamura), Astaroth (Azusa Tadokoro"Low-grade fever ASUDEKO"
May 8Puella Magi Madoka Magica Ultimate BestMadoka Kaname(Aoi Yuki), Sayaka Miki (Eri Kitamura"Naturally"Pachislot machine "SLOT Puella Magi Madoka Magica 2"Insert song
May 8QUNAKuna (Eri Kitamura"Cosmic twinkle star"
"We're ARKS! (Quna ver.)"
"End of light"
game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Song in the play
May 9TV Anime "NEW GAME !!" Character Song CD Series VOCAL STAGE 4Mozuku & Hazuki Shizuku (Eri Kitamura"YOU-TOPIA!"Television Animation"NEW GAME !!] Related songs
May 10Roku de Nashi Majutsu Instructor and Contraindications BD / DVD Volume 5 Bonus CDCelica-Alphonea (Eri Kitamura"A person who knows the providence of this world"Television Animation"Rokudenashi Magic Teacher and Contraindications] Related songs
May 12World End Heaven Online Limited EditionAsano Hayase (Eri Kitamura"World End Heaven (Asano ver.)"game"Our world is over.] Related songs
May 1NEW GAME !! Rank.5 First production bonus character song CDHazuki Shizuku (Eri Kitamura"KAWAII TEA TIME"TV anime "NEW GAME !!" related songs
May 2Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal Digital soundtrack with theme song[Note 25]Asuka (Hitomi Harada), Flame (Hitomi Harada)Eri Kitamura"Phosphorus"game"Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal"Opening theme
May 5Duet ♡ Please do ΨSaiki hook rubber feat. Kusuo Saiki (Hiroshi Kamiya), Shinmi Teruhashi (Ai Kayano), Ai KayanoEri Kitamura"Duet ♡ Please do Ψ"Television Animation"Saiki Kusuo's Ψ difficulty] 2nd ending theme
May 8wicked princeprincess à la mode[Member 23]"Wicked prince"game"<Story> Series Puku Puku"Theme song
May 11Phantasic QM mini album for PHANTASIC 3D LIVE 2018Phantasic QM[Member 24]"Cheerful smiling"
"Rare Doro ☆ KOI ☆ Koi! One More! (Phantasic QM ver.)"
game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Related songs
Kuna (Eri Kitamura"Good Job! My friend!"
May 8After school Lajio vol.1Muroi Fuuka (Eri Kitamura"Last forever"Drama CD "Flower garden" related songs
1Kyuin Pachinko P Raised in the South Country Big Pat ver. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKMadoka Suzukaze (Jun Miruno), Reiko Suigetsu (Aya Endo), Natsu Hidaka (Haruko Aoki), Izumi Yunagi (Asami Imai), Shuri Yoshinami (unpublished name), Jody Burnside (unpublished name)Eri Kitamura"Glitter Summer Breeze"Pachinko "P Tropical Raised Big Pat ver." Related songs
May 4Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode Oracle Character Song CDKuna (Eri Kitamura"Reverence requiem"Television Animation"Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode Oracle] Related songs
May 12Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness Takeoff Girls in the Sky!Team song mini albumMurakumo Sky Pirates[Member 25]"Ryoran Tenka"game"Kotobuki Squadron in the Wilderness Takeoff Girls in the Sky!] Related songs

Other participating songs

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2005th of February 9Burnt steel prideVS UNION[Member 26]"Burning Steel Pride"
"Far future"
2007th of February 6Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Memories White ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKDISCEri Kitamura"Until I forget you"game"Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Memories White] Theme song
2008th of February 1Hyakuka Voice Actor Female Voice Actor II"tears of the Blue sky"~
"Refrain of soul"~
"Give a reason"~
"Unyielding Wish"~
"Blue requiem"~
"Pure Snow'
2009th of February 12Touhou Holy Night Festival Red Devil Mansion ChristmasAsami Imai,Eri Kitamura"Silent Night, Holy Night"Drama CD "Touhou Holy Night Festival Red Devil Mansion Christmas" Insert Song
2010th of February 3Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 Official Theme Song "Happy place"Eri Yuka[Member 27]"Happy place"Event "Tokyo International Anime Fair2010 ”theme song
"will not forget…"Radio Drama"The witch is ☆ Yuyushiki ☆ Maiden"Image Song
2010th of February 8Eri Kitamura's Wonderful Girlie Radio Show Radio CD Vol.1Village Stones[Member 28]"Wonderful Party Project Ver.B"
2010th of February 9Wonderful Party Project"Wonderful Party Project"radio"Eri Kitamura's Wonderful Girlie Radio Show] Theme song
2010th of February 10Eri Kitamura's Wonderful Girlie Radio Show Radio CD Vol.2"Wonderful Party Project Ver.C"
2010th of February 11☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆[Member 29]"☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆"game"Corpse Party Book of Shadows"Insert song
2010th of February 12LoVE x MUSHROOM[Note 27]LoVE x MUSHROOM (Eri Kitamura"Stars and paper scraps"radio"Eri Kitamura's ROYAL x RADIO"Opening theme
"Aogusa"Radio "Eri Kitamura's ROYAL x RADIO" ending theme
2011th of February 2MAGICAL ANGEL CREAMY MAMI official tribute ALBUMEri Kitamura"Heart SEASON'"Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel』Official tribute album
2011th of February 10☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆[Member 29]"Flying ☆ Smile"
"Dear ..."
"☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆ -remix ver-"
"YAKUSOKU -remix ver-"
☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆ (Akira Kasahara-Eri Kitamura"Harmonic Overtone"
☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆ (Eri Kitamura"Link"
2012th of February 1☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆ Team T[Member 30]"Myself"
☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆[Member 29] With Yuka Otsubo"☆ Twinkle ☆ Girls ☆ with Otsubo Yuka"
2012th of February 3tetoteShintaro Asanuma, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Daisuke Ono, Yuki Kaji, Ryohei Kimura, Keiji Fujiwara, Tomoaki Maeno, Yuka Iguchi, Kanae Ito, Shizuka Ito, Marina Inoue, Hisako Kanemoto, Ayako Kawasumi,Eri Kitamura, Rie Nagimiya, Satomi Sato, Rina Sato, Miyuki Sasaki, Mai Nakahara, Yoshino Nanjo, Mamiko Noto, Kana Hanazawa, Yoko Hikasa, Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki, Izumi Kitta, Aoi Yuki"Tetote"
2014th of February 1HiBiKi Radio Station x EARLY WING presents HiE @ r Time vol.3ROYAL x RADIO (Eri Kitamura"ROYAL x PARTY"Radio "Eri Kitamura's ROYAL x RADIO" theme song
2018th of February 10IRiDESCENT // WAVE[Note 28]IRiDESCENT // WAVE (Eri Kitamura"WAVE wave WAVE"Web radioEri Kitamura's radio Kitaeri x Mode"Opening theme
"Fall into place +++"Web radio "Eri Kitamura's radio Kitaeri x Mode" ending theme
2018th of February 7Phantasy Star Series 30th Anniversary "Live Sympathy 2018" Memorial AlbumEri Kitamura"Cosmic twinkle star"
"Our Fighting"
"Endless story"
"Eternal encore"
game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Related songs
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi feat.Eri Kitamura"We're ARKS! (Session)"
Eri Kitamura, All performers[297]"End of light"

Unsourced music

Announcement timeSongsongRemarks
"you'Miyavi (Eri KitamuraSongs related to the game "Sen Mado"
8"To tomorrow ... shining future"Eri Kitamurapachinko"CR BLOOD +"Theme song
"Dreaming Caged Bird"
"Oh! Mama Go To"
"Ride on time"
"Ride on time (Arrange A)"
"can not become obedient"
"Shards of time"
"Time Fragment (Arrange A)"
"Absolute Idol ☆ Declaration"
"Absolute Idol ☆ Declaration (Arrange A)"
"Absolute Idol ☆ Declaration (Arrange B)"
"Absolute Idol ☆ Declaration (Arrange C)"
"Glory Days"
"Yokohama Rhapsody"
"Koioshi Teimas"
"Koioshi Teimas (Arrange A)"
"Sweet x 2 ☆ summer"
"Hi! -Kin-goo"
"Not cool Lip stick"
"Beloved Hero!"
"Kampai ☆ LOVE"
Mio (Eri Kitamuragame"Dream club] Related songs
"Moon dew"
"Nice magician ☆"
"Time traveler"
Mio (Eri KitamuraGame "Dream Club" related songs
"Dreaming Caged Bird (ZERO)"
"Half is Mom's Scenario (ZERO)"
"Oh! Mama Go To (ZERO)"
"Ride on time (ZERO)"
"Ride on time (Arrange A) (ZERO)"
"I can't be honest (ZERO)"
"Time Fragment (ZERO)"
"Time Fragment (Arrange A) (ZERO)"
"Absolute Idol ☆ Declaration (ZERO)"
"Absolute Idol ☆ Declaration (Arrange A) (ZERO)"
"Glory Days (ZERO)"
"Yokohama Rhapsody (ZERO)"
"Koioshi Teimas (ZERO)"
"Koioshi Teimas (Arrange A) (ZERO)"
"☆ Paradise ☆"
"Kokoro no Kotoba"
"Happy & Pride"
"Mirai is NO! NO! NO!"
"I want to be by your side"
"Love, KOI ☆ week end!"
"Pure color 100 million $ ☆"
Mio (Eri Kitamuragame"Dream Club ZERO] Related songs
8"AWAKE"Brynhildr (Eri KitamuraGame "" theme song
May 10"THNP! (Very Halloween Nana Party!)"Toru Washioka (Mimori Suzuko), Asuka Asagi (Asami Imai), Kotone Oribe (Eri KitamuraOVAMagical Sweet Prism Nana』3rd insert song
5"Jump to the Future"Noil (Eri KitamuraGame "" theme song
"Flower of gathering"Asuka(Hitomi Harada), Yukiizumi (Yumi Hara),flame(Eri Kitamura), Masahi (Hiromi Hiratagame"Shinobi Master Senran Kagura NEW LINK"Opening theme

PV not recorded on CD

The work that wrote the lyrics

  1. Guilty Future(Co-written with Ai * Mei Gui) * Under the name of E-RImix
  1. Link
  2. Be A Diamond
  1. → ↑
  1. Chu → ning ♪
  1. \ M /
  2. sentiment
  3. Palm -show-(Eiji KawaiAnd co-lyrics)
  4. Greedy; (cry)
  5. Reverberation // Rinne
  1. Barayuri xxxx(Co-written with Chikage)
  2. Koihana Fire
  4. DiVE to GiG --K --AiM
  5. Melt ~ Dark cute ~
  6. + × + × + Thorn + × + × +
  7. K'T'E'R x M'O'D'E
  8. arcadia † paroniria
  9. TiCK TACK
  1. Delusion Empire Sound Storage Machine
  2. fairy∞world
  3. ViViD DESiRE
  1. Ruri color
  2. paradigm ∞ shift
  3. witch spat out a curse
  4. Desperate Death Dimension
  6. GO↗︎MY → AWAKE⤴︎
  7. Psychological Mental Health
  8. Dependency
  9. mirage ∝ an illusory hope

Live event

one man live

Appearance datetitleVenue
March 2012, 11-March 3, 2013Eri Kitamura FIRST TOUR 2012 RE; STORY
May 2013-June 6, 22Eri Kitamura STARTING STORY LIVE TOUR 2013
2014th of February 9Eri Kitamura Live 2014 ~ GiVE x EViDENCE ~Maihama Amphitheater(Chiba
2016th of February 10Eri Kitamura Amaizing Soul Fes 2016 in Shanghai Asamizu Bay Cultural Arts Center (Chugoku-Shanghai
2017th of February 4Revolution [re: i] Release Commemorative Premium Live "Zero-rei"ESP Gakuen Tokyo School Building No. 12 club 1ne2wo (Tokyo)
2017th of February 8KiTAxERI ♦ CARNiVAL ♦ 2017 -re: birth-Ebisu The Garden Hall(Tokyo)
2017th of February 10Nightmare † Alive 2017Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall (Tokyo)
2018th of February 12Eri Kitamura live 2018 Mystic † AliveShibuya WWW X
2019th of February 8~ Eri Kitamura Lv.32 anniversary live ~Akabane ReNY alpha
2019th of February 10Eri Kitamura LIVE 2019 "ILLUSION DREAM"Veats Shibuya

Joint live

Appearance datetitleVenue
2012th of February 8Animelo Summer Live 2012 -INFINITY ∞-Saitama Super Arena(Saitama
2013th of February 1Lis Ani! LIVE 3 SATURDAY STAGENippon Budokan(Tokyo)
2013th of February 8Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture)
2013th of February 11ANIMAX MUSIX 2013Yokohama Arena(Kanagawa Prefecture)
2014th of February 1ANIMAX MUSIX 2014 TAIWANTaiwan UniversitySogo Gymnasium Sanro (Taiwan-Taipei City
2014th of February 8Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture)
2014th of February 11AMAZING SOUL FES 2014 -Flying-Zepp Tokyo(Tokyo)
2014th of February 12ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2014 Singapore(Singapore
2015th of February 2Cross Ange Angel and Dragon FestivalPacifico Yokohama
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayKING SUPER LIVE 2015Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Prefecture)
2017th of February 4STAR ★ ROCK fes 2017duo MUSIC EXCHANGE (Tokyo)
2017th of February 6Sakurufaia !! 2 produced by SUPER BREAKCLUB CITTA'Kawasaki (Kanagawa Prefecture)
2017th of February 7elements, H presents ~ HAKUEI VS Live Series ~ "Amazing Vibration"Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE (Tokyo)
2019th of February 4LOUDOLFES 2019 Spring ~ Spring Mosh Festival ~Shibuya club asia


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