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📺 | Takako Matsu sings anime songs enthusiastically! "Soyoda Towako and three ex-husbands" first response summary

Photo from "Soda Towako and the Three Ex-husbands" – Photo courtesy of Kansai TV

Takako Matsu sings anison enthusiastically! "Soyoda Towako and three ex-husbands" first response summary

If you write the contents roughly
However, a refreshing smile "Captain" (Takumi Saitoh) appears there.

On the 13th, the Kansai-Fuji TV drama "Towako Soyoda and the Three Ex-husbands" starring Takako Matsu (every Tuesday at 4 pm ... → Continue reading

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Saito Ko

Saito Ko(Takumi Saito,1981May 8 -) isJapan OfAn actor,Movie critic,YouTuber.. Real nameSaito KoIn the same nameFilm directorAlso active.Blue bear houseBelongs.TokyoMinato-kuI'm fromNippon Gakuen High Schoolgraduate[1].



FamilyTokyoShibuya WardOnce lived inTohoku ShinshaDue to the influence of his father who worked atMovie theaterI grew up watching a lot of movies[2][3].

At elementary schoolオーストリアOriginal educator/philosopherRudolf SteinerTokyo Steiner Schule (currentlySteiner Gakuen Elementary School/Secondary School/High School), but there were only 7 classmates at the school, and I was in a local soccer club when I was in 6th grade.サ ッ カ ーTransferred to a local public elementary school to move on to a strong public junior high school[4].

Self at the age of 15Entertainment officeAs a result, I belong to "Indigo". Become a model to become an actor[5].

Magazine "from high schoolMEN'S NON-NOAnd 'POPEYE], etc. as a model under the name of "TAKUMI". Active in shows as well as magazines[6]. at that timeBe naturalBelonged to.

In high school, a non-fiction writer,Kotaro Sawakiof"Midnight limited expressWas influenced by, and came to go out abroad alone[7].. During spring breakParisGo toHong KongTo travel. He hit the gate of the model office to earn such travel expenses[8].

Later, Saito described his youth as “I used to play club activities every day in the soccer club when I was in middle school, and a high school was a boys' school. Speaking of sweet and sour memories, the biggest event was going back with a girl. Yes, I remember each memory vividly. I think it is valuable to be sensitive to such small things as "I talked to my senior in front of the shoebox."[3].

After graduating from high school, I sent an application aiming for a full-scale entrance to a film beauty school, but my father told me that "a movie is not something to learn on a desk, you should go to the scene as soon as possible", which is It is the reason why there are many appearance works[2].. At age 19, he studied theater at Shoji Ito Institute of Theater Research.[9][10].. In the same place, the actressNukijiya ShihoriI was also passing.

CF, domestic show,Paris CollectionActive in[11].

2001, Korean movieRemember MeJapanese remake version ofFragrance of Time-Remember Me] Actor debut after being scouted by the producer[12].

2008 year 12 month,Koichi Otake-Kazuki Haoka-Seiji FukushiTogether with the theater unit "Ran-Run-" was formed.

In 2012, debuted as a director with a short movie "". 2014,"Half world"ButShort Short Film Festival& Asia 2014 Selected as a special screening work in the Music Short category.From this work, the real name of the director is "Takumi Saitoh". 2017, ``blank13Is the 20thShanghai International Film FestivalWas awarded the Best Director Award in the Asian New Face Award[13].

In 2014, we started a mobile cinema project "cinema bird" that delivers movies to areas without cinemas[3].

In 2019, won the Japan Film Pen Club Award Special Encouragement Award for his contribution to the movie industry, including the activities of the "cinema bird"[14].

In June 2019, the YouTube channel "Taku Channel" was opened. Started activities as a YouTuber. The number of subscribers to the channel is about 6 as of February 2020.




■Boldface TheStarring work

TV drama


original video

Web distribution drama


  • Jump Festa 2004 BLEACH - Ichigo Kurosaki Role
  • Musical prince of tennis -The role of Shinobu Yuushi
    • The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen
    • The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen in winter 2005-2006
    • Dream Live 3rd
    • Advancement Match Hexagon feat. Hyotei Gakuen
    • Dream Live 4th (appearing in a video letter)
    • Dream Live 5th Tokyo performance (guest appearance)
    • The Imperial Presence Hyotei feat. Higa
  • MEN & MAN Men's Ballad (December 2006-12, 5)-The role of Tsutomu
  • Flying John and Manjiro (2007)-as part of Toranosuke Momoi
  • THE FAMILY/Kizuna (August-September 2007)- Ginji Hanamura Role
  • Ran -Run- 1st Performance Kanazawa no Ran "Last Name" (April 2009)-Masahisa Hita
  • Setagaya Public Theater Produced "Ugly" (July 2010)
  • Tokyo celeson deluxe2012 Main Performance "Laughing Tower" (October 2012, 10-December 3)
  • Ran -Run- 2nd Performance "365000 Moons in the Sky" (December 2014, 12-January 31, 2015)


tv set


  • Gidori (December 2015, 12, NHK General)[90]

Music program

Information/variety programs


  • BUG A MAP (April 2006-March 4,bayfm/ Every Sunday 21:00-21:30)
  • TAKUMIZM (April 2007 -, bayfm/Every Saturday 4:23-30:24)

Music video

  • GOMES THE HITMAN"Until dawn" (January 2004, 1)
  • Ohashi Trio Album "PARODY" Men's Edition (song "Cherry Pie") Youth Edition (song "Parody") Girl Edition (song "Sally") (January 2015, 1)
  • Shinsei Kamattechan"It will definitely improve" (2016) *Cameo appearance [91]



TV drama

Television Animation


Directed work



Music cd

musicalPrince of TennisBest Actors Series 004
Takumi Saitoh as Yuushi Shinobi &Aoyagi base as Mujin
Kokoronogururi (December 2007, 12)
The special limited edition includes a DVD with a promotional video, and the regular edition includes a bonus track instead.
Besides, the jacket picture is different.
recorded music
  1. To the first and last sky
  2. Like a mundane thing
  3. Duralumin
  4. Cheap Gold
  5. I'm sad and can't finish (cover version)
  6. Moon ship
  7. D TREKKER (Bonus Track, only included in the regular version)
Hand to Hand (2009 Dec 12)
Lyrics and jacket illustration by the person.Takashi HamadaProduced by.
Recochoku distribution started on January 2010, 1.
recorded music
  1. Hand and hand
  2. nostalgia (Instrumental)
  3. Hand to Hand (Instrumental)
Sparkling (August 2011, 8,Nippon Columbia)
*Major debut single.
[First Press Limited Edition (A)]
recorded music
  1. Brilliant
  2. Hand and hand
  3. Faint light (Yuichi Ohatacover)
Contents of DVD
  1. Bright PV + off-shot video (A)
[First Press Limited Edition (B)]
recorded music
  1. Brilliant
  2. Hand and hand
  3. Film director(Kazuyoshi Saitocover)
Contents of DVD
  1. Hand-to-hand PV + Off-shot video (B)
【Normal Edition】
recorded music
  1. Brilliant
  2. Hand and hand
  3. Brilliant (instrumental)
  4. Hand to hand (instrumental)
Sakurai (February 2012, 2, Nippon Columbia)
*Major second single
[First Press Limited Edition (A)]
recorded music
  1. Sakurai
  2. Now here
  3. Everyone's song 2
"DVD" Short movie "Sakurairo" + making video A directed by Saito Ko
Special package with booklet
[First Press Limited Edition (B)]
recorded music
  1. Sakurai
  2. Now here
  3. Everyone's song 2
"DVD" Short movie "Sakurairo" + making video B directed by Saito Ko
【Normal Edition】
recorded music
  1. Sakurai
  2. Now here
  3. Sakurai (instrumental)
  4. Now here (instrumental)
ONE MORE TRY!! (June 2012, 6, Nippon Columbia)
*Major 3rd single
[First limited edition (CD+DVD)]
recorded music
  1. ONE MORE TRY !!
  2. Forever...
  3. Maniac
"DVD" ONE MORE TRY!! PV + making video
【Normal Edition】
recorded music
  1. ONE MORE TRY !!
  2. Forever...
  3. ONE MORE TRY!! (instrumental)
  4. Forever...(instrumental)
Cocoro Nogururi (June 2012, 6, Nippon Columbia)
*Mini album (complete version released in 2007)
recorded music
  1. To the first and last sky
  2. Like a mundane thing
  3. Duralumin
  4. Cheap Gold
  5. I'm sad and can't finish (Cover Version)
  6. Moon ship
  7. D TREKKER (Bonus Track)
"DVD" PV to the first and last sky


  • calling (2006)
  • Princess Princess D Character Image DVD Vol.3 (2006)
  • Search for my roots Private Journey, all 3 volumes (Xi'an, Experience, Dunhuang) (2007)
  • Search for my roots Private Journey 2 (3 volumes, Bangkok, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai) (2008)


Magazine serialization

  • HERO VISION "Saitoh Side-Scenery from here" (2007-2009)
  • Movie treasure"Movie-laden Orrench" (June 2008 issue -)
  • VISUAL BOY BRUSH "Exodus Neutral Saito Koujou Seikatsu Sekai" (2009 -)

Photo book


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