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Snow Man "Takizawa Enbujo ZERO 2020 The Movie", 10.4 DVDs & B ...

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This is the first movie adaptation of the Japanese super entertainment "Takizawa Enbujo" series, which has been planned, composed and directed by Johnny Kitagawa since 2006 and starring Hideaki Takizawa.

The idol group Snow Man starred for the first time in the movie "Takizawa Enbujo ZERO ..." which was released in theaters last year. → Continue reading

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Takizawa Enjo Castle

"Takizawa Enjo Castle"(Takizawa Enbujo) isJapan Ofmusicalthe work. StarringHideaki Takizawa.. The work, composition, and general productionJanie Kitagawa.. In addition, the stage derived from this work "Takizawa Kabuki(Takizawa Kabuki) will also be dealt with in this article.


January 2006Shimbashi TheaterWas premiered inHideaki TakizawaStarringHistorical dramaLIVE musical[1].Janie Kitagawa"I want to build a castle. The castle of Takizawa"[2], The production was started aiming at "the stage specialized for Japanese style"[3].. Takizawa released the taiga drama “2005” in XNUMX.YoshitsuneYoshitsune MinamotoIs playing in this work. At the Shimbashi TheaterJohnny's OfficeIt's the first time a talent from performing[4].. At the age of 23, the chairman is the youngest man in the history of the theater, and TakizawaOsaka Shochikuza,Imperial Theater,Umeda Koma TheaterFollowing, set the youngest record in four theaters[4].

Debuted as a stage director at the Takizawa Kabuki stage in April 2010[5].

With the reconstruction of the Shimbashi Theater and Kabukiza that started in 2010, the stage was set from the same year to 2012.Nissay TheaterMoved to and performed a stage entitled "Takizawa Kabuki"[6].

Achieved 2012 performances on April 4, 16[7].

2015 years,Johnny's OfficeFirst overseas/Singapore performance on the production stage[8].

Takizawa Enjo Castle

Performance period March 2006-April 3, 7[9].. Mobilized about 74 people in all 10 times[10].. Tickets that are often sold to fan clubs are sold 50% to general sales because "I want people of all ages to see"[11].

The choreography of a Japanese dancerKayanagi KinnosukeParticipated[12].. MusicalsショーIt is a three-part structure with plenty of elements. Takizawa was the first to create a flashy production of fire, water, and flying.Female formAlso challenged[12].

Act XNUMX Part XNUMX "JA (History) Japanese History"[13]Then "White Tiger Corps","Dojoji","Shiraito of the waterfall'[14],Heron daughter","Yoshitsune Senbonzakura"Takisawa entertained the audience by rapidly changing the history of Kiyohime, the fox, the old man, the oiran, etc.[15].. Act Two Part Two "Yoshitsune"[13] TheYoshitsune MinamotoIt is a play with the theme of, Takizawa played Yoshitsune,Hiroshi Yokoyama Yoritomo Gengen,Tadayoshi Okura Musashibo Benkei[14]Played each. Act Two Part Three "Tacky World"[13]As showtime,Tackey & Tsubasaof"Venus"Or"Dream storyWas shown[14][15].

On March 2006, 3, a confetti ignited during the night performance, which caused a fire from the second basement and burned the stage equipment, causing a problem that the day and night performances on the 22rd would be canceled.[16][17].. It resumed from the daytime performance on the 25th,[17], The production of fire was stopped, and the production was changed to one that effectively used lighting.[18].. The three performances, which were canceled on the night of 22nd, 23rd, and day and night, were replaced as "special additional performances" on April 3, 4, and 12th.[18][19], Special postcards for additional performances were distributed to all the audience[20].


Takizawa Enjojo 2007

The performance period is July 2007-7, 3. One day has been extended from the original Chiaki music due to flooded reservations[27].

Just like last year, it has a three-part structure, and the first part, "History of the Takizawa style, very old"[28]Then.Chushingura,White Tiger CorpsShow the history scroll of[27]In the second part, "Tucky Solo Play," the first solo play was performed with a script that included his own opinions.[28], Part XNUMX "Dancing Tucky Dance Castle" is a show-style show of female characters and water art[27].. Takizawa is a part of the first part and changes 17 roles such as a female character[29]In the second part, they played three roles of Yoshitsune Minamoto, Yoritomo, and Yoshinori (voice only), a total of 3 roles.[30].. In addition, the fire was not used in this work due to the blurring of the previous year,[27]On the production side, I made full use of images and magic[27], Flying above the spectator, bungee somersault from a height of about 10 meters, etc.[29]It is said that he has invented four patterns with variations.Tackey & TsubasaThe latest song "×~No~The Bon Odori version of "" was also unveiled[31].. Also, at Takizawa's original shaved ice "Takihyo" was sold at the venue's Shimbashi performance[30].


Takizawa Enjo Castle '08 Life (LOVE)

Performance period April 2008-4, 2[38]..The performance title "Life = LOVE" is Takizawa's idea.[39]Has become the biggest theme of this work[40].. The stage logo used the handwriting of Janie Kitagawa, who worked on the overall production.[39].. The first act expresses "LOVE as a woman" in the female form, and the second act "Yoshitsune" expresses the love for the work and various love in the story, and also includes feelings for fans.[39].. Also, at the finale, "With Love" was written and composed by Takizawa with the motifs of "life" and "LOVE".[41].

The first part is "Takizawa-ryu nihonbanbanhi", which arranges Japanese traditional culture and historical events, and includes "White Tiger Corps" and "Achin and Kiyohime," Taki no Shiraito" etc.[40].. Takizawa dressed as Kiyohime and a female water artist[40], NHK historical drama "Broadcast in January of the same year"Yukinojo change], but also played the role of female actor,Tamasaburo BandoFurther thorough feminine behavior with the advice of[39].. Also, at the Takizawa dressing room, show the audience that they would normally apply white makeup on the stage in just 4 minutes, which usually takes 50 to 5 minutes.[41], Then danced the dance of "Sagimusume"[40].. In the second part, a story about Minamoto Yoshitsune was developed, and Takizawa played all three roles of Yoshitsune and his brother Yoritomo, and his two fathers Minamoto no Yoshiasa.[40].


Takizawa Enbujo '09 Tucky & Lucky LOVE

Performance period is March 2009, 3-April 29, 4 performances at Shinbashi Enbujo[45]..Based on the previous year's program[46], Act 1 is the original KabukiShiraito of the waterfall], and the sword fight of Chushingura, and in the second act, the story of Yoshitsune Minamoto was presented.[47]..Also, in this work, Takizawa directed a horror video of about 4 minutes, in which Takizawa drove a car with four members including Taisuke Fujigaya and encountered a ghost.story tellerAsMasahiko KondoIs appearing[46]..Takizawa will direct the video work at the end of 2008NEWSIt was the second time since I made the opening video at the live performance of, and I worked on all of the director, appearance, script, editing, shooting, and directing.[48].


Takizawa Kabuki -TAKIZAWA KABUKI-

Performance period March 2010-April 4, 4[50].. 52 performances[51].. With Kabukiza reconstruction workNissay TheaterMove to[5].. Also, since it will not be possible to fly with a laser beam or wire, it will be renewed to a content that contains many elements of Kabuki.[52], The title has also changed[5].. For the first time, the credit for "Director Hideaki Takizawa" is also specified from this work.[52].

The first part is a performance that incorporates Japanese taiko performances by a total of 1 people.[53], Takizawa is the first in Part 2Taira ShomonAnd also showed off 4D flying, the first appearance in Japan[54].. Initially, the performance was scheduled until the end of April, but the performance period was extended because of the desire to create a stage for children to enjoy.[52], 5 performances from May 3 to 5 will be used as "Children's Day Special Version" in the squadron show where "TAKI Ranger" appears in the content of Part 5 and in the choreography class with the children on stage on stage Changed and staged[51]..After the performance, we took a commemorative photo with about 230 children under elementary school age in the theater lobby.[55].

Takizawa was injured by a 4-millimeter gap between his right eyebrow and his temple in a sword fighting scene during a stage practice on April 4, but after the treatment at the hospital, he successfully performed on the first day.[53].


Takizawa Kabuki 2011

Performance period April 2011th-May 4th, 8, 5 performances at Nissay Theater[57]..Of these, 5 performances from May 3rd to 5th were performed as "Children's Day Special Performances".[57]..Continuing from the previous year, Takizawa starred and directed[57]..In the first act, Minamoto no YoshitsuneOda Nobunaga,Amakusa Shiro,ShinsengumiIn the second act, he will play Taira Shomon, which is the same as last year.[58].


Takizawa Kabuki 2012

Performance period April 2012th-May 4th, 8, 5 performances at Nissay Theater[61]..Of these, 5 performances from May 1st to 6th[61]Changed the content for children[62]Performed at "May Family Version Performance"[63].. Entitled "10 Changes"Ushima-maru,Hideyoshi Toyotomi,Okita SojiOr change into a historical person[64],Taira ShomonThe appearance of standing on a steep slope on the stage in the form of[65].. A total of 42 Johnny's Jr. appeared[66], Kansai Johnny's Jr. Taiki Shigeoka, Terifumi Kiriyama, Tomohiro Kamiyama, Takahiro Hamada served as the main cast[67], The production of the first act between shows was left to four people[62].

On April 4, the following year, it was announced that "Takizawa Enjo Castle" will be performed again at the Shimbashi Ensemble.[7].. Achieved 4 performances on April 16[7].


Takizawa Enjojo 2013

Performance period April 2013th-May 4th, 7, 5 performances in total[71]..It will be the first time in about four years that Takizawa Enbujo will perform at the Shinbashi Enbujo, and it will be the first time in four years that Takizawa will play Minamoto no Yoshitsune.[6]. AlsoMasaki KyomotoIs my sonKyomoto OitaThis is the first time to co-star with[72].


Takizawa Kabuki 2014

The performance period isHakatazaでは2014年3月6日 - 30日までの全35公演。新橋演舞場では2014年4月7日 - 5月6日までの全42公演[76].HakatazaThen it will be the first performance[77].. Takizawa starredNHK historical dramaNamed afterRat boyScene was added as a new production, and 10 paper oval sheets were dropped on the audience.[78].. Total number of performances reached 3 times in the evening section of Hakataza on March 22nd[77].


Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary

Held as the 10th anniversary of Takizawa Kabuki. From April 2015th to May 4th, 8[80] TheShimbashi Theater52 performances in total. Performed 14 times on 500th[81].. August 8-Until August 18SingaporeMarina Bay Sands Grand Theater (accommodates approximately 2000 people[8]) Held the first overseas performance[82].. Singapore was chosen because of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the country, as well as the 50th anniversary performance.[8].. The fact that there are many Japanese people and good security also helped[83].. Full-scale discussions began in May 2014, and the performance was decided after Takizawa himself visited the venue.[8].

This is the first time since the first performanceKiyohime Achin』And tap dance on the drum, also continued from last year "Muscle boy"[84]Scenes such as Ishikawa Goemon, Yoshitsune, etc.[81]In addition, the new Kabuki show will be performed, and it has a 10th anniversary-like composition.[84].. Also, narration in English with an awareness of overseas performances[84]And humor was made[85]In addition, most of the play in Act 2 has been changed to performances such as singing, dancing, and flying.[84].

By Takizawa's appointmentHiromitsu KitayamaKota YabuAppeared[86].. Calligraphy that makes use of their special skills[85]And roller skates were shown[84].. Also in Singapore performance instead of bushKawai IkutoAppeared[84].


Takizawa Kabuki 2016

The performance period is April 2016th, 4-May 10th. All 5 performances.

The content has been renewed about two-thirds, and in the first part, two ballet dancers appeared for the first time.[92]In the second part, Takizawa is the first to write and direct the script.Rat boy』Was performed[93], Miyake and Takizawa co-wrote the ending song "Love"[94].

During the performance on April 4Ken MiyakeFailed to land from the air but the right toeProximal phalanxWas broken, but the production was changed and even Chiaki Raku appeared.[95].

Occurred on January 4Kumamoto earthquakeIn response to this, Takizawa and colleagues talked about fundraising activities at the curtain call on the afternoon performance on the 15th, and a donation box was installed in the lobby on the first floor (until Chiaki Music). Went out and called for donations[96].


Takizawa Kabuki 2017

Performance period March 2017-April 4, 6[94].. 53 performances[98].. There was a voice from a fan like never before, "I want you to appear again", and re-starring with Miyake was realized.[99].

In the first part, "Dōjōji Snake Retreat," Takizawa and Miyake's W girl dance "Shirakoko no Mai"[99], Takizawa and Miyake's new song "Aoki Hibi" and produced by TakizawaSnow ManNew song "Boogie Woogie Baby"[100].. Part XNUMX "Mr. Yume Koban-Laughter, No Tears-"[100]At the last, a large walk was performed using about 8 tons of water[101].

Achieved a total of 5 performances at 4:13 on May 00[94][98].


Takizawa Kabuki 2018

April 2018th-May 4th, 5 (5 performances in total) at the Shimbashi TheaterMisonozaNew theater opening commemorative performanceJune 6-4 will be performed as a total of 30 performances[105][106].

The main story is about "rainbow", and in the first act, the Japanese dance is shown.[107].. Although Yoshitsune and Mouse Pis appeared, the two acts, which were centered on the play, were renewed.[108]This time, both show 1 and act 2 had a show style[105].. This production is conscious of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics[109], "There is an intention to communicate through performance rather than dialogue" so that many people inside and outside the country can enjoy it beyond the language barrier.[108][110].. Also, at the first day's interview, a new unit of Takizawa and Miyake "KEN ☆ TackeyWas announced to debut in the summer of 2018[110], In act 2HiHi JetsWas introduced, the unit's new song "Gyakuten Lovers" was shown[106].


Takizawa Kabuki ZERO

The performance period isKyoto Shijo MinamizaAt February 2019-2, 3[114], Shimbashi Theater from April 4th to May 10th[115].

Instead of Hideaki Takizawa who retired from the entertainment industry in 2018, the main cast will be a member of Snow Man who has appeared in the series for eight consecutive years from 2012[116].. The overall work, composition, and production are unchanged by Janie Kitagawa, but the production is mostly handled by Takizawa.[117], The title also has the meaning of "restarting from scratch with Jr." in discussions with the staff, and Takizawa re-debuted as a "director" in this work.[116].. ChoreographyKoichi GosekiWas in charge of[118].


Takizawa Enbujo ZERO 2021

With Johnny Kitagawa as the eternal producer, Hideaki Takizawa will be the director.[121]..Performance time is 2 hours and 30 minutes[122].

At the beginning of Part 1, instead of the traditional pink outfit, Snow Man wore a blue and white outfit as a thank-you and ale to the healthcare professionals who are fighting the coronavirus at the forefront. Nine people show off "Hirari to Sakura" while about 9 million blue cherry blossom petals are scattered[123][124]..Also, in the whitewashed scene, the new song "Wildfire" by IMPAC Tors, choreographed by Iwamoto, was also shown.[124]..The second part was entitled "Nezumi Kozo Scattering in the Full Moon-The Dream I Left Is'Laughter, No Tears'-"Rat boyA play based on the theme was performed[124].

The performance period is from April 4th to May 8th at Shinbashi Enbujo and from June 5nd to 16th at Misonoza.[125]A total of 90 performances were planned[126], Due to the state of emergency and the request for leave issued on April 4, it was decided to cancel the performance from April 23 to May 4.[127].



movies"Takizawa Kabuki ZERO 2020 The Movie』It was made into a movie with the title.Starring Snow Man, directed by Hideaki Takizawa[129].

Cast (movie)

Staff (movie)


As of May 2019, it was announced that the stage "Takizawa Kabuki ZERO 5" will be performed at the Shinbashi Enbujo in July and August 2020.[131]To cancel new coronavirus infection to prevent spread[129]..However, from the fans who wished to continue the performance and the desire to "smile to everyone at such times" and "believe in the power of entertainment", discussions were repeated between Johnny's office and Shochiku, and the movie production was decided.[129].. Screening was realized in less than five months from the planning as a "new era stage / movie project"[132].

Cranked in in mid-July, filmed at the Shinbashi Enbujo with no spectators, and was filmed in the suburbs of Tokyo, cranking up on August 7.[133].


It can be said that it is a sacred place for the main stage prior to its release at the movie theater.Shimbashi Theaterで10月4日から7日、京都・南座で10月23日から11月1日、御園座で11月2日から10日に特別上映も実施され、この特別上演では舞台公開時に客席で行う演出効果の一部が盛り込まれた[134][135].. The 62 viewing tickets were fully booked on the same day.[136].

2020th of February 12[134], The release started on 191 screens nationwide[137]On December 2th and 2020th, 12, the first week of the public release, Saturday and Sunday, December 5 and 6, 13, mobilized about 7000 people and box office revenue of about 4 million yen.Demon Blade』, 2nd place, and 1st place in live-action movies[136]..After that, the number of public screens increased by 9 to 200.[137]On December 3th, the third week of its release, the audience mobilized 12 and the box office revenue exceeded 25 billion yen.[138]..In addition, the weekly original movie etiquette video produced by Takizawa, which flows before the main story, is one of the factors that motivated the viewers to "enhance their desire to watch."[138].

As of January 2021, 1, the number of mobilization was about 29, and the box office revenue was about 63.5 billion yen.[139]。大ヒットを記念し、2021年2月20日から3月4日まで新橋演舞場にて「大ヒット感謝祭in新橋演舞場」として期間限定で特別上映(13日間・1日3回上映の計39回)されることが決定した。ただし、コロナウイルス感染の状況を踏まえ、座席は収容率50で行われた[139].. As of February 2, the box office revenue of 23 yen was recorded, and in commemoration of that, the off-shot of nine Snow Man wearing "Nezumi Kozo" costumes was lifted.[140].

DVD / Blu-ray (movie)

DVD and Blul-ray released on April 2021, 4[141]..The first limited edition contains making videos and original movie etiquette videos, and the regular edition contains planning videos and DVD viewing etiquette videos for Snow Man members to watch the best scenes of the movie.[141].. From March 3th, on the official movie Twitter "" Takizawa Enbujo ZERO 29 The Movie "DVD / Blu-ray Official", 2020 days until the release of Snow Man members, "Takizawa Enbujo ZERO 9 The Movie" A countdown video using the video of the program "Nezumi Kozo" was posted.[142].

At Oricon on April 2021, 4, DVD recorded sales of 19 in the first week and BD recorded 10.4, and both first appeared in "Oricon Weekly DVD Ranking" and "Oricon Weekly Blu-ray Disc Ranking". Recorded[143].

DVD / Blu-ray (stage)

  • Takizawa Enjo Castle (July 2007, 7)[30]
  • Takizawa Enjo Castle '08 Life (February 2009, 2)
  • Kabuki Takizawa (September 2010, 9)[144][145]
  • Takizawa Kabuki 2012 (February 2013, 2)[Note 5]
  • Takizawa Kabuki 2014 (February 2014, 7)[147]
  • Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary (February 2016, 2)[89]
  • Takizawa Kabuki 2016 (September 2016, 9)[148]
  • Takizawa Kabuki 2018 (September 2018, 11)[107][149]
  • Takizawa Kabuki ZERO (July 2020, 7)[150][151]


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  • DREAM BOY -A musical work chaired by Takizawa.

外部 リンク


2006(2006 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Sunday.Heisei18 years.

This item describes 2006 from an international perspective.

Other chronology

















Below is a good number of years (Anniversary).

Nuclear test


International Year

  • International Year of Deserts and Desertification



America,EuropeAtBMIIs 18 or lessFashion Model Offashion showProhibited to appear.









Nobel Prize

The event of fiction

*For works that have a strong local tendency in Japan (doesn't seem to be known in other countries), see the separate section "Events of Japan #Fiction in 2006"checking.

  • 3 - SrigeneThe family tries to guide World War III to destroy the earth with nuclear weapons and use it as fuel.The surviving Margaret Slitheen was in the same yearCardiffInaugurated as mayor, he plans to build a nuclear power plant and destroy the earth with meltdown energy to escape. (TV drama"Doctor Who])[1]
  • May 4 -In 25 years and 2 weeks, the monster frequently entered period, and at the same time, Ultra Warrior Mobius since 80 (Eighty) appears in front of humanity. (Special effects TV program "Ultraman Mobius])
  • 8 -Atom helps Rumiko and her father who were abducted by Kubikubi Island. (Manga"Astro boy』"Sea snake island winding"
  • 12
    • atom,火星Appointed as expedition captain, and goes to Mars. (Cartoon "Astro Boy" "Mars Expedition")
    • May 12Sycorax, which obtained information on the earth from an unmanned space probe, invaded.May 12Humans with A-type blood type are taken hostage all over the world. (TV drama "Doctor Who")[1]
  • 1999On the moonTycho CraterFound inMonolith"TMA/1Will be relocated to the UN Square on Earth. (novel"2061 Space Journey])[2][3]
  • Chernobyl nuclear power plantA large explosion of unknown cause occurred on the site. A 30-km radius is nuclear-contaminated and "zones" appear in the contaminated areas. (game"STALKER SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL])[4]
  • The guerrilla organization led by Suhadi SadonoJakartaAttacked and occupied the US Embassy in Take dozens of people, including civilians, hostage. In response to this, Third Echelon dispatches Sam Fisher to destroy the confidential materials in the Embassy. (game"Sprinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow])[5]
  • (English editionThe book "Bible code』(1997"The final war will occur during 2006."[6].
  • AbruptCrustal movementByJapanese archipelagoWill sink. (movies"Japan sinking])
  • Active SETI"Beacon International Project" aiming to start the transmission of messages to space. (movies"Battleship])[7]
  • London Interplanetary ZooTommy Strike of the New York office,(English editionCarrying a paralytic light device invented by Professor Runde,Fifth satelliteIn order to capture the life form "Kakus" living in theJupiterDepart to. (novel"Interplanetary hunter])[8]


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