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🎥 | Minami Tanaka, the first full-scale voice actor challenge with "Godzilla vs. Kong"!Japanese dubbed cast & notice lifted

Photo Movie "Godzilla vs. Kong" Japanese dubbed version Cast team (C) 2021 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. & LEGENDARY PICTURES PRODUCTIONS LLC.

Minami Tanaka, the first full-scale voice actor challenge with "Godzilla vs. Kong"!Japanese dubbed cast & notice lifted

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This work is a collaboration between Warner Brothers, Legendary Pictures, and Toho, and the Hollywood version of "Godzilla" series developed from "GODZILLA Godzilla" (2014) and "King Kong: Skull Island Giant God" (2017). The latest work in the "Monster Verse" series, where a magnificent view of the world crosses over.

The movie "Godzilla vs Con ..." where the two most iconic monsters in movie history, <Godzilla of Destruction> Godzilla and <Guardian God> Kong collide. → Continue reading

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キ ン グ コ ン グ

キ ン グ コ ン グ(King Kong) Is1933からAmericaOf the same name that began to be made inSpecial effects moviesOr the huge that appears in the workApe OfmonsterThe name of.The movie became an unprecedented blockbuster, and since then has influenced various fields such as remake movies, manga, games, theme parks, and musicals, and is regarded as one of the most famous characters in the world.[1].

KongWillis O'BrienWith special effects technologyStop motion animationMade by Suit Actor and later in the remake movieMotion captureIt was taken by acting by.

TohoBy regular license agreement withGodzillaIncluding the seriesJapanese movieHas also appeared in.

Concept design

Creation of Kong

King Kong is a movie directorMerian C. CooperInvented.Cooper was fascinated by gorillas at the age of six[2], From my uncle in 1899Paul du ChailluI was presented with a book called "Exploration and Adventure in Equatorial Africa".Chaille is in this bookAfricaIt was written about the indigenous people and animals that I met in[3]..Cooper was a "special size" drawn by Chaille and was fascinated by the gorillas who were called "invincible" and "king of the African forest" by the indigenous people.[4][5]..When Chaille and the indigenous people encountered a gorilla, he described the gorilla as a "dream monster of hell" and a "half-human half-beast."[6]..These depictions made Cooper have a strong admiration for adventure.

Adult Cooper entered the movie industry and said, "(English edition)I encountered a baboon's family when shooting.This encounter gave Cooper an opportunity to devise a movie that featured primates.[7].. A year later, Cooper to shoot a "horrible gorilla movie"RKOMoved to. The idea that "gorillas fight planes at the top of skyscrapers" isNew York Life BuildingI came up with an airplane flying over[8].."I envisioned a giant gorilla at the top of the building in my head, without any conscious effort in thinking," Cooper said.[9]..Also, CooperKomodo dragonIs also influenced by[10]I wanted to fight a dinosaur-shaped dragon and a gorilla.During this time, he was consolidating the idea of ​​a "giant semi-human gorilla hostile to modern civilization."[11].

After the film's vision was set, Cooper wanted to create the gorilla as a "nightmare monster," and in his memo, "the gorilla's limbs are as stiff as a steam shovel, and the surroundings are like a steam boiler. This is a hundred-manpower monster, but even more scary is the face. The head of a half-human half-beast with bloody eyes and jagged teeth hidden under thick hair. "[12].Willis O'BrienPainted a giant gorilla oil painting that threatened jungle heroines and hunters, based on Cooper's vision.[13][14]..But with O'Brien(English edition)When Cooper tried to make an animation, Cooper instructed the gorilla to be a full gorilla instead of a half-human, and O'Brien argued that it should be a human face to attract the emotions of the audience, Degard. Instructed to "make the face almost human"[15]..In addition, O'Brien instructed him to add human features, but eventually toned down and compromised the design.[15]..The final finished design looked like a gorilla, but some of the gorilla's anatomical features had been removed by Degard.[16]..O'Brien produced in 1915, "(English edition)Applying the characteristics and movements of the dinosaurs that appeared in the movie to the movements of gorillas, he describes the dinosaurs as "the ancestors of King Kong."[17][18]..Also, Cooper has a gorillaニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAgreed to stand upright in the scene and make it look more intimidating[19].


Cooper said,Komodo Island""Kodiak Island""KodakI liked the strong-sounding words that start with "K"[20]..When he was contemplating a giant gorilla movieCongoI wanted to get a real gorilla from and fight the Komodo dragon.I became interested in Komodo dragons because my friend Douglas Baden heard about his experience traveling to Komodo Island and meeting Komodo dragons.[21].

When Cooper was planning a movie at RKO, this gorilla was called the "Beast."Producer'sDavid O. SelznickProposed "Jungle Beast" as the title of the movie[22]After deciding on a name for the character, Cooper was trying to give it to the title.CooperDracula,Frankenstein's monsterI was thinking of a "mysterious, romantic, and savage name" like[22].. RKO suggested to Cooper "Kong: King of Beasts," "Kong: The Jungle King," and "Kong: The Jungle Beast" as title candidates.[22]. But,(English edition)By the time he wrote the script, Cooper was thinking of making the title simply "Kong."On the other hand, Selznick made "(English edition)''(English edition)I was afraid that it would be confused with a documentary movie like "King Kong", so I added "King" to the title and named it "King Kong".[23].

Physical characteristics

In the 1933 edition, Kong is considered a prehistoric ape, and RKO's sources refer to it as a "prehistoric monkey."[24]..Although it looks like a gorilla, it has a human facial expression and occasionally anthropomorphic upright walking.(English edition)Describes as "neither a beast nor a human."Kong had great intelligence and strength, and his body was replaced in the movie.Cooper called Kong "40 to 50 feet (12.2 to 15.2 meters)"[25]However, O'Brien adjusted Kong's body length to 5.5 meters on Skull Island and 7.3 meters in New York.[26]..Cooper didn't say anything about changing O'Brien, and by adjusting the size of the miniature and camera, he succeeded in shooting Kong larger than O'Brien's setting. According to RKO materials, Kong is 15.2 meters long.[24].

1975 years,Dino de LaurentiisAcquired the rights to make King Kong into a movie, and the following year, the remake version of "キ ン グ コ ン グ』Has been released.This Kong is depicted as an erect bipedal monkey, more like a human. The 1975 version of Kong was adjusted to look 12.8 meters on Skull Island and 16.8 meters in New York.[27]..Laurentiis acquired the right to produce a sequel 10 years later,King Kong 2』, And Kong in this movie was set to 18.3 meters[28].

In 1976Universal StudiosAlso planned to remake King Kong, but 30 years laterPeter JacksonTo the director, "King Kong] Was produced.Jackson portrays an unpersonified gorilla as King Kong, not AfricaAsiaHad lived inGigantopithecusSet in the evolved gorilla of.This Kong is consistently set at 7.6 meters in Skull Island and New York.[29].

American in 2017Legendary PicturesとChugoku OfTencent PicturesCo-produced byKing Kong: Skull Island GiantIs with TohoMonster berthPublished as part of the series, the largest 31.6 meter Kong in the series appeared[30].. ProducerMary parent"This Kong is still a young man. He will grow up after this," he said.[31].

Japanese version of King Kong

Sub-stream works in Japan

In Japan, the 1933 edition was released on September 9th and became a big hit, resulting in a large number of sub-stream works.A 14-meter-high King Kong stretch was built on the coast of Kamakura, andShochiku Kamata StudioThen I took the nickname of "God of Comedy"Torajirou Saitoby"Japanese King KongA piggyback movie was shot and released in October. Five years later, in 10,King Kong Appears in EdoAs a historical drama set in EdoNara-Zensho Kinema Ayameike Film StudioIt was shot and released at.Kong in this movie is life-sized and is not depicted as a giant monkey like the American version.[32].

Toho works

1960s,TohoAcquired the license right of King Kong,King Kong vs Godzilla''Counterattack of King Kong] Was produced.These films were significantly different in length and ability than the American version.KongGodzillaIt was depicted as a monster with comparable strength and endurance to fight against.Kong, one of the few mammals in the Toho monster, has the ability to learn and adapt to Godzilla's fighting style, and is characterized by high intelligence such as identifying weaknesses and setting traps in his territory.[33].. "King Kong vs. Godzilla" was a record-breaking hit in Japan, and in response to this, "King Kong vs. Godzilla" was planned, but it has failed due to various circumstances.

In "King Kong vs. Godzilla," Kong's body length is set to 45 meters.In addition, a setting has been added to release electrical energy from the hand to fight.[34].. In "King Kong's Counterattack", the body length was set to 20 meters.This Kong is close to the original, but fighting with power and intelligence as weapons[35]..The Toho version of Kong is not based on Skull Island, but on Faro Island and Mondo Island, respectively.

In 1966, "Operation Robinson Crusoe King Kong vs. Ebirah" was planned as a collaboration between Japan and the United States, but the production was canceled because the American side was reluctant to plan it.[36]..Toho introduced Godzilla in place of Kong and said, "Godzilla Ebira Mothra Nankai Great Duel] Was produced.Therefore, the elements of Kong are reflected, such as Godzilla's favor for women.[37].

Movie works

worksrelease datedirected bydraftscriptProductionDistribution company
King Kong1933/3/2Merian C. Cooper,Ernest B. Pseudosack(English edition),(English edition)Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. PseudosackRKO
Kong's revenge1933/12/22Ernest B. PseudosackLoose RoseErnest B. Pseudosack
King Kong vs Godzilla1962/8/11Honda InoshiroShinichi SekizawaTomoyuki TanakaToho (Japan)
Universal International(America)
Counterattack of King Kong1967/7/22Arthur Rankin, Jr. (Technical Advisor)Kaoru MabuchiTomoyuki Tanaka, Arthur Rankin, Jr.
キ ン グ コ ン グ1976/12/17John GuillerminLorenzo Semple Jr.Dino de LaurentiisParamount movies
King Kong 21986/12/19Ronald Shusett,(English edition)(English edition)(English edition)
King Kong2005/12/14Peter JacksonFran Walsh,Philippa Boyens, Peter JacksonJean Brenkin,Carolynne Cunningham, Fran Walsh, Peter JacksonUniversal Studios
King Kong: Skull Island Giant2017/3/10Jordan Vought-RobertsJohn GatinsDan Gilroy,(English edition),(English edition)(English edition), John Jashu, Alex Garcia,Mary parentWarner Brothers
Godzilla vs Kong2021/3/26Adam WingardTBA


After filming the movie in December 1932, Cooper became a friend of mine.(English edition)Asked to novelize the movie as part of marketing.Loveless accepts the request on December 1932, 12(English edition)Published a novel from[38]..This novel is "(English edition)And faithful to Ruth Rose's script. "On the cover is "With Merian C. Cooper"Edgar WallaceAlthough it says "Creation by", Wallace is not involved in the novel.Of the writer(English edition)Points out as follows[39].

From what I know, the prominent writer Edgar Wallace died early in the script writing.King Kong is Cooper's creation and his fantasy, but Wallace's name was left for sale.As many have mentioned, Cooper is Karl Denham.Denam's achievementIndiana JonesIs comparable to

The discussion of Wallace's contribution is examined by Oliver Goalner and George E. Turner in The Making of King Kong.Wallace died of diabetes in February 1932, and Cooper said after his death, "In fact, Edgar Wallace wrote nothing for Kong ......... I promised him credit, so I I kept my promise. "[40].

In 1965, Cooper(English edition)Reprinted the novel from.Later, as the copyright expired, the novel became public domain and was reprinted by many publishers.[41].. In 2005, Blackstone Audio produced an audiobook read aloud by Stephen Radnick, and in 2017, an ebook with six new illustrations added from the Star Warp Concept was released.[42].. In 1933, a novel written by Walter F. Ripperger was serialized from Mystery Magazine.[43]..The novel was published in magazines in February and March. In 2Ace BooksPublished the 1976 novel from 1994.Anthony BrowneWrote a novel called "Anthony Browne's King Kong".The novel was written as "a story made by Edgar Wallace and Merian C. Cooper".(English edition)Published by.

In 2005, Jackson, to coincide with the release of Jackson's remake movie,Fran Walsh,Philippa BoyensThe novelized version of the script(English edition)The prequel "King Kong: The Island of the Skull" written by Matt Costello and written by Matt Costello(English edition)Published by.In addition to this, various novels and commentary books have been published. In 2017, a novelized version written by Tim Reborn was published in conjunction with the release of Skull Island, and at the same time, The Art and Making of Kong: Skull Island, supervised by Simon Ward, was released.[44].

Anime works

"World Champion King Kong Tournament" (1966)
A pilot version that was broadcast before the TV series described below started in Japan.Same as the TV seriesToei videoと(English edition)Japan-US collaboration by.1966May 12(Saturday) 20:00 --20:56 (Japan Standard Time)Otsuka PharmaceuticalIt was broadcast by one company, but the company sponsored it only this time and did not enter the subsequent TV series (the TV series was broadcast by multiple companies).
Voice appearance
ス タ ッ フ
"(English edition)(1967)
A collaboration between Japan and the United States by Video Craft and Toei Animation.A work depicting the friendship between King Kong and the boy Bobby and the battle with Doctor Who trying to capture King Kong alive.In the final episode, Kong, who went missing in a storm, appears in New York and climbs the Empire State Building.However, Kong got off the building in a hurry and saved many lives by supporting the falling bridge and was given the key to New York City, which is a happy ending.Toho movie "King Kong Escapes"Mechani-KongIs based on the robot Kong that appears in this work.
In the United States,1966May 9から1969May 8UntilABCBroadcast on.
in Japan,1967May 4From the same yearMay 10Up to NET (currentlyTV Asahi) Broadcast on affiliated stations.Broadcast time is every Wednesday 19:30 --20:00 (Japan Standard Time).A total of 52 episodes (2 episodes x 26 times), up to the 24th episode of the anime "001/7 Oya finger TomIt was broadcast as a set with.Basically, it was the flow of this work A part → "001/7 Oya finger Tom" → this work B part, but in the last two times only this work was broadcast[45].
Even after the end of this broadcast, it was rebroadcast on NET TV in the morning and evening until the early 1970s, but it has not been broadcast at all since the late 1970s.It has not been made into video software,Toei video"Toei TV Anime Theme Song Daizenshu" released by (Standard- VHS,LD,DVD) Is not recorded either.While the animation is ongoingAkio ItoBy the monthly magazine "We』(Kodansha) Was serialized in a comicalized version.
Voice appearance
Theme song (Japanese dubbed version)
  • Songwriting - Aya Kobayashi / Song-Toshiko Fujita and Honey Nights-This song is widely sung as well.
Each story list (Japanese dubbed version)
TimesAirdateSubtitle ASubtitle B
1May 4Invasion of African beesThe kidnapped king Kong
2May 4Rocket Island ConspiracyMysterious volcanic empire
3May 4Undersea explorationMondo Island Crisis
4May 5Fear of laser gunFlying saucer appears
5May 5Fear of the SphinxBobby's Ayamachi
6May 5Robot KongFear reflector
7May 5The myth of the great floodGolden temple
8May 5Atomic radio trapDoctor Who Conspiracy
9May 6Horror exploration tripRevived tiger
10May 6Giant slothDesert thief
11May 6Phantom Skull Dr.Yeti mystery
12May 6Loch Ness MonsterKong Concert
13May 7Rescue the submarineKong of the radish actor
14May 7Magical King's TrapDangerous dolphin
15May 7Trojan horseProfessor Bond disappeared
16May 7Caribbean rebellionFind missiles on the ocean floor
17May 8Mysterious sunspotJungle Maiko
18May 8The giant I dreamed ofCaptain Kong
19May 8Amazon Statue of LibertyPandora's Box
20May 8Late big monster ParisGolden city in the desert
21May 8King Kong vs. Great EagleTropical Conspiracy
22May 9Death-calling mazeThe first giant
23May 9Sea turtle in the fogWhite giant whale
24May 9King Kong diamondThe weapon is an anchor
25May 9Our King Kong (Part XNUMX and Part XNUMX)[46]
26May 10King Kong in New York (Part XNUMX and Part XNUMX)[47]
NETseries Wednesday 19:30 frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
* 19: 30-20: 56, shrink and continue
King Kong001/7 Oya finger Tom
(December 1967, 4-February 5, 1967)
Giant robo
(December 1967, 10-February 11, 1968)


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