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🎥 | Trailer of the documentary film "Dog does not sing" that looks at modern society with images taken from the past space development and dog's eyes


Trailer of the documentary film "Dog does not sing" that looks at modern society with images taken from the past space development and dog's eyes

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The released trailer depicts Leica, a former stray dog, becoming the first creature and victim of outer space due to Soviet space exploration, and Leica wanders the streets of the earth as a spirit. The urban legend that it is is introduced.

The release date of the documentary film "Dog does not sing", which depicts the society surrounding dogs with visual beauty, has been decided on June 6, and a notice ... → Continue reading

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宇宙空間(ChukuBritish: outer space)It is,地球And otherCelestial body(eachAtmosphereDoes not belong to)空间Refers to an area.In another sense, it includes celestial bodies other than Earth, and therefore地球 OfAtmosphereSpread out than空间Refers to an area.In English outer Simply omit space[1][Annotation 1]Often called.Even in Japanese, there is a literal translation of the word "outer space."

In outer space in a narrow senseInterstellar gasと 呼 ば れ るhydrogen (H)helium (He) andInterstellar mediumThere is something called.By themstarAnd so on.

Definition of outer space

International treatyTo define outer space inAirspaceThere is no clear and prudent definition in each country as it means defining the upper limit of.In recent years, the use of outer space has increased rapidly, andUnited Nations Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space The definition is also an issue for consideration in the (COPUOS) Legal Subcommittee.

International Aviation Federation (FAI) 100 from the groundKilometersTheCarman lineAs in outer spaceAtmosphereDefined as the borderline of[2].. On the other handUS Air ForceHas more than 80 kilometers of outer space宇宙 飛行 士There is a difference in the certification of[3].


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  1. ^ For example, space technology, space science, etc.


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Trailer(Or, noticeArticle) (Yokokuhen)moviesOf upcoming works and continuousTV program(mainlyDrama,Anime,documentary) Is a short-term advertising material created to give advance notice of the next broadcast. Edit the main part like a digest,BGM,Narration,catch copyIt is the mainstream that is effectively added.EnglishThen.trailer(Trailer).

Movie trailer

Movie theater,インターネットWhat will be screened and released inTV broadcast OfSpot(commercialThere is a version for 15 seconds or 30 seconds for TV spots. In the case of movie theaters and the Internet, a few minutes that summarizes the main points are shown and released, and there are times when a version that can only be seen on the Internet is created.

It is an important part that influences the hit of the movie, and in some cases, it may be evaluated that "the trailer is more interesting than the main part". Also, what is made at the stage where the main part is incomplete includes cuts that are not used in the main part, or other ready-made music whose music is different from the main partmovie soundtrackDiversion fromClassical musicIs sometimes used. Also, what is made shortly after the start of shooting or before the start of shooting is created when the main shooting material does not yet exist is called "special news" and is distinguished from the normal trailer. In order to attract the interest of viewers, a press conference for production announcements andPreview meetingOr to the so-called audience (in the first preview)InterviewSometimes it is included. In an animation movie, a trailer original animation that is completely different from the main part may be made.

DVD software andBlu-rayIn the software, "Trailer" and "Special information" are displayed on TV and radio (only some works).Spot CMIt may have been recorded as a "privilege".

Incidentally,EirinIn, the trailer will be judged as a single movie independent of the main part. The approval number is also independent, but "-T" is added at the end to distinguish it from the main part. Also, even if the main part is R18+ etc., the standard of "general work" will be applied because of "I do not know what kind of movie will be used before screening"[1].


Long time agoassistant directorIt was one of the trainings for the promotion of director. Mostly nowDistribution companyBy request from "Trailer ProfessionalProduction ProductionIs made by.

TV program

TV programIn the case of, the program is usually broadcast at the end (end part).

  • In particularAnime showThere are some who enjoy the narration itself, rather than the original role of the trailer, with the narration completely unrelated while using the next video.
  • Entertainment showsThere are few trailers, but there are programs that broadcast one project several times, and guest appearances every time.Talk show,Music programIn some cases, the next notice will be broadcast. Also, at the end of the programCredit providedと と も にtelopThere are a lot of things that briefly introduce the next broadcast content.
  • News programThen, especially after the last flight at midnight was widened, we often introduce the themes that will be featured on the next day. Especially"News stationAt the end of each showKume HiroshiIt was customary to introduce it by waving it as "Announcement of the special feature planned for tomorrow ...".
  • Horse racing programThen on Sunday next weekHeavy prizeIt displays a list of horses scheduled to run in the race and replaces it with a trailer. OtherSports newsThere were few trailers, butProfessional baseball newsSo, during the season, I was always introducing the next day's match card.


  1. ^ However, the trailer of the movie whose main part is R18+ is not often shown before the movie of the "general work" standard.

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