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📺 | Did you miss the timing?Voices of concern about the postponed romance drama "Koiyuki"


Did you miss the timing?Voices of concern about the postponed romance drama "Koiyuki"

If you write the contents roughly
This drama is based on the popular online novel "Niwawa Other White Cat Master".

The drama "Koiyuki" is a fantasy historical drama and a long-awaited romance work for fans.The starring role is the times ... → Continue reading

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Online novel

Online novelWhat is (online fiction)?インターネット,PC communicationPublished inNovelThat.

As of 2016, the publication of online novels has become the core of the Japanese novel market in terms of business.[1].


The work that is said to be Japan's first online serialized novelKanagawaOperated by Odawara Microcomputer ClubGrass root BBSIt is said to be "Shisha no Miru Yume" by Erika Harada serialized in "Microcomputer Center".[2]..Grassroots BBS and major commercial PC communication services often have a section for novels, which has become a place for amateur writers and aspiring writers to play an active role.

NECOf a major computer communication service operated byPC-VANThen.1986SIG (SIG) where like-minded people called "Amateur Writers Club" gatherSpecial Interest Group) Is set up.Relay novels, contests, and online magazine attempts were made.

1993から1996Asahi Shimbun-affiliated PC communication service ASAHI PC Net (currentlyASAHI Net) Sponsors the "Pascal Short Literature Newcomer Award". Asahi NetYasutaka Tsutsui,BachiParticipation of these famous writers was for sale, and it was said that they were strong in literary arts. The "Pascal Short Literature New Artist Award" was submitted via computer communication, and all the submitted works could be read for free on Asahi Net.Later from this awardAkutagawa PrizeTo winHiromi KawakamiIs born.

1994Computer communication aroundNifty ServeThe novel forum and science fiction forum (electronic bulletin board system) were the main axis of online novels (online literary arts).

1990 eraAfter the latter half, after the abolition of personal computer communication, the place of activity of amateur writersNovel posting siteMigrated to.Also, if you have your own site, you may use.However, as of 2007, it could be difficult to search for online novels because there was no central site like the old computer communication.

There are also professional writers who serialize novels on their own sites, and they are pure literary writers.Onishi giantSerialized the feature-length novel "Abyss" and later made it into a book.Of a fantasy writerDormitory MichikoPublished the mythical work "Kingdom of Dreaming Water" on the web and tried to create a work with readers in an interactive manner.However, the reader was not accustomed to such an attempt, so there was little reaction and it did not work.[3].

TwitterThere was also an attempt to serialize the novel in, and Bradley Bond and Philip N. Moses of the United States posted on Twitter the cyberpunk ninja swashbuckler novel "Ninja Slayer』Announced.The Japanese translation has also been serialized on Twitter since 2010.[4][5].

Let's become a novelist(Opened as a personal site in 2004, incorporated in 2010),E Everystar(Opened in 2010, funded by DeNA and NTT DoCoMo) and other novel platforms (Novel posting site) Appeared and grew rapidly.The publication of popular works posted on these books has become prominent since 2010, andAlpha Police,KADOKAWAPublishers such as have entered.It has become the only growing field in the shrinking Japanese publishing market, increasing the area occupied by shelves in bookstores.sub cultureAccording to a journalist's interview,TSUTAYAAt affiliated bookstores, making web novels into books accounts for half of literary sales.TraditionalLight novelSimilarly, there are many works with illustrations on the cover, and there are also works that have been made into TV animations, animated films, and dramas.Ichishi Iida is a web novel platform movementNaoki MatayoshiThe hit of "Sparks" is two sides of the same coin, pointing out that the background is that publishers no longer have the ability and physical strength to find and train newcomers, and the influence of paper novel magazines is declining. ..

As of 2016, readers who want to become novelists range from teens to 10s, most of whom are in their 70s, but the volume of people in their 20s and above is also thick, and they are older than the readers of conventional light novels.[6]..Popular genres vary by platform, and trends change quickly.As of 2016, the book version of Let's Become a Novelist is in an RPG-style, medieval different-world-style fantasy world.Reincarnation・ Summoned works andMMORPGMany works enter the world of (online games).The protagonist is said to have special abilities, be blessed with friendships and romance, and reflect the reader's desire to "redo."Therefore, unlike the conventional fantasy, it does not become a "going back story" that grows in a different world and returns to the original world, and the hero rarely wants to return to the original world, and there is no possibility of returning. There are many. E ★ Everystar has many survival horror games and romance novels for women.Mobile novelPlatform that follows the flow ofWild Strawberries"(Starts Publishing), Love stories and horror games for elementary and junior high school girls are popular.

KADOKAWADefines "new literary arts" as "a general term for novels that publish works published on the Internet as books and electronic books."[7].


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