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🎥 | [The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Denden "It was a fun place to meet wonderful people"

Denden (C) "By Players 100" Production Committee / (C) 2021 "Movie By Players" Production Committee appearing in the photo movie "By Players-If 2021 Famous Side Roles Make a Movie-"

[The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Denden "It was a fun place to meet wonderful people."

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Tomorowo Taguchi, Yutaka Matsushige, Ken Mitsuishi, Kenichi Endo and other original supporters are also shooting online serial drama.

The drama "By Players" series (TV Tokyo series) in which the leading Japanese actors appear in their own roles. 202 ... → Continue reading

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Yutaka Matsushige

Yutaka Matsushige(Yutaka Matsushige,1963May 1 -) isJapan OfAn actor.ZazuBelongs.

Seinan Gakuin High School,Meiji University Faculty of LiteratureGraduated from the Department of Literature (major in theater).

Long time agoTokyo Sunshine Boys,Nagikawa StudioWas participating in.


When I was in junior high school, my friend had itSex pistolsListen to the recordPunk RockHakata beat band system (Hakata beat band system) started listening to intense music such asSun house,The Rockers,The RoostersAnd so-called "Mentai RockKnowing the existence of "), he started going to a live house, but he gave up his career as a player because he couldn't make hair because of his curly hair and couldn't play an instrument.

1982Moved to Tokyo in April and majored in theater at the Department of Literature, Faculty of Letters, Meiji University.Initially, I was aiming for the side of making movies and plays,Situation theater,Ceiling pierWhile watching a lot of theatrical performances, he was impressed by his acting and became an actor himself.1983,ShinjukuFirst stage at the small theater "". After that, through the same schoolKoki MitaniWas presided overTokyo Sunshine BoysParticipate in the work of.

1986In March, at the same time as graduating from universityYukio NinagawaJoined the theater company "Nagikawa Studio", which is presided over by.1989After leaving the group, he was free to perform at home and abroad, TV dramas, movies, etc.V cinema,CM,NarrationMany appeared in.I was disgusted by poverty, and although I was closed for over a year, I was a colleague at Nagikawa Studio.Katsumura MasanobuHe returned with encouragement from his agency, Emiko Matsuno, the president of ZAZOUS. 1992,Kiyoshi KurosawaThe director's horror movie "The guard from undergroundWas appointed as the title role, and since then, it has become an opportunity to be appointed to the drama as a supporting player.

2012October,"Lonely gourmet』First starring in a serial TV drama[1]..It was made into a series and became a hit.

2018October,"Sunday Daily』, His first essay" Enja no Zaregoto "was serialized in the first Tuesday issue of every month.

2019,Hikita-san! You are pregnant!] The first movie starring in.Kitagawa KeikoPlaying the hero who has the cause of infertility in the role of a married couple[2].

In October 2020, his first short story "Gusha no Uwagoto" and the book "Cavity Nakami" containing essays were released, but before the book was released.ReprintIs decided.Official in connection with book releasethe UAF YouTube-channelThe channel was released in September of the same year[3] .


  • When his father got drunk, he was constantly violent and said, "Giant star"ofIttoru HoshilikeTurn the chabudai upside downAlthough he was a person, he recalls that he "bred up in a normal family" because it was a scene of everyday life for Matsushige.[4].
  • The origin of his name "Yutaka" isGrand Sumo OfOzekiThe first Toyoyama(Togitsu style room) Was told by my parents[5].
  • When I was a student, I liked exercise, especially martial arts, and when I was in junior high schoolSumoHe said he wanted to be a sumo wrestler.judoIn the second stage, his specialty is "Dismissal'[6].. He confessed that he had reached 190 cm at one point, but then shrank to 189 cm and then 188 cm due to aging.[7].
  • When I was absent from the actors, I was a field worker as a full-time employee of a construction company.[8].
  • Motto of mottoIs "the day gurashi"[9].. This is a reflection of the belief that you should never bring in the experience you played before, but always "throw away everything without a drawer and focus on the next".[10].
  • In "The Supporting Actors"Mitsuishi Lab.In conversations with people from Kyushu, such as conversations between two people, it will be "local language bare"[11].
  • My son NobuhiroTBS RadioDirector[12].

Special skills / hobbies

  • As mentioned aboveMusicI like the breadth of the music genre that I love to listen toHoshino GenWas also surprised.星野とはその後も音楽の話題で意気投合し、互いにおすすめの楽曲を紹介し合う仲となっているAfter that, he and Hoshino continued to collaborate on the topic of music and introduced each other's recommended songs.[13].
  • I like walking and alwaysPedometerCarrying[7].
  • Home appliancesPrefer, especiallyrice cookerHave a commitment to[7].
  • I like photography,Digital cameraNot film (Silver halide)of,Single-lens reflex cameraI love manual operation[7]doing. Sticking to film cameras is a remnant of a time when I was young and wanted to shoot movies.
  • My hobby is gardening, but I prefer to do as much home gardening as I can in the limited environment of my home, rather than renting a farm on a large scale. 1m at home2Paddy fields are installed, mainlyVegetablesIs cultivated. Planted at the beginning of marriagealoeHas been cultivating for decades. Prefers to grow edible crops and practical crops such as mesophylls such as aloe, but during the fallow season of vegetablesflowersSometimes I plant seeds and enjoy the flowers[7].
  • He is also known as a sumo wrestler because his name came from a sumo wrestler.贔屓の力士は時津風部屋のThe favorite wrestler is the Tokitsukaze stable2nd generation Toyoyama(Originalsummary), And when I was in the third year of junior high school, the sumo magazine "SumoJune 1977 issue (Baseball magazine company), He applied for a dialogue project with the second generation Toyoyama, "Let's talk with you," and was elected.[5][14].
  • 2007, A contractor who also serves as a memorandum and disseminates information to fansProvider Of@NiftyUsing the service ofOfficial blogEstablished, contrary to the stubborn appearanceHakata dialectHe writes his diary in humorous sentences that are full of humanity and are mixed with. For blog management, your agency or specialtyThird partyI do it manually without leaving it to others, and update the article every Monday[7].. Since 2019, the specifications of Nifty's blog have changed and updates have not been successful, so in order to disseminate new informationTwitter,InstagramOpened an account[15]。Twitter、Instagramともに認証バッジのリクエストを送っても取得できなかったことを理由に、同年6月いっぱいでSNSアカウントを閉鎖したが[16]、2020å¹´9月に「書籍宣伝のため」としてアカウントを再取得している[17].
  • My favorite type of opposite sex is "Neat"A person" and "a child who works hard".As an example, he says, "When I watch a women's marathon, tears come out. When I see a child who runs to the end with sweat and tears, I can't help it anymore."[18].
  • Originally a smoker, he quit smoking around 2005. When there is a smoking scene in a drama etc.Neo cedarSmoke instead[19].


  • The autograph of the entertainer I got for the first time was when I was in elementary schoolFukuokaDepartment storeIwatayaWhen I visitedRakugo performerKatsura Yonemarubelongs to. At that time, he was not a fan of Yonemaru, but he recalls being overwhelmed by the aura of a celebrity.[7].
  • Immediately after moving to Tokyo to enter universityShimokitazawaOn the day I entered the part-time job at the Chinese restaurant "Mintei", I was in Tokyo to work as a band.Hiromoto KomotoI happened to enter the same shop as a part-time job, and since then I have been interacting with them for 30 years.[20].
  • To seniors in high schoolTakanori JinnaiThere is. Since he said "I am also Southwest" when I met him in the dressing room of NHK, he has become friends and has appeared in a movie directed by Jinnai. Similarly, for juniors in high school,Kosuke SuzukiThere is also.
  • I lived next to the apartment I used to live inProfessional soccer player OfKaoru SansanIs.When Mitoma was in elementary school and his house was locked, he was waiting for his mother to come home while playing a game on the sofa in Matsushige's living room.[21].

Lonely gourmet

  • When I first received the offer to star, I thought, "I'm just eating an Ossan, there's no story, no incident," and "I don't know if there will be viewers." Even for me, it will be a stain on my profile. "[22]..その後も、「ただ(自分が)食べているだけで面白いって言われるのはいまだに心外です。どこを面白いって言っていただけているのか、自分ではわかっていないんです」と語っているEven after that, he said, "It's still surprising to be told that it's interesting just to eat (myself). I don't know what is interesting."[23]..また『孤独のグルメ』に限らず、松重は自身の出演作を自分ではあまり見ないというAlso, not limited to "Gourmet of loneliness", Matsushige says that he rarely sees his own appearances.[23].
  • The main character is Shimodo and is set as a sweet tooth, but Matsushige is originally a drinker and wants to drink alcohol at the time of recording.[24].. Therefore, of the original authorMasayuki KusumiIs enjoying the specialty of the restaurant while drinking alcohol at the mini corner "Flat QUSUMI", but says, "I'm envious of you ... half of it is boiled over."[24].
  • Originally I was supposed to quit in Season 3, but older fans sometimes asked me "when will I do it next?", So it was meaningful to continue and it was an opportunity that I needed.Complete medical checkupHe said that he continued because he didn't get caught.[25].. In order to maintain the profession and body shape of an actor, a 6km walk in the morning, "Tv gymnastics』For 10 minutes, do 30 round trips on the abdominal muscle roller[26].. Breakfast is yogurt and salad[26].. For lunch without shooting, half-cooked rice, fried egg, salad[26].. For dinner, take sake with sake, and then take a snack.[26].. However, as of 2015, he said that he would eat when he wanted to eat and drink when he wanted to drink, because he was not restrained.[26]In 2018, I quit drinking alcohol at home because I felt that the amount of time I had left for alcohol was getting longer in recent years, and Goro Inogashira, who I played, was also set to not be able to drink alcohol. After eating milk and sweets, he became sleepy and changed his life to a futon at midnight.[27].
  • Because Matsushige was eating deliciously and the broadcast time was midnight, "Midnight snackWas called[28].. In addition, he answered an interview that he could not take his wife and children because the shops used for shooting after the broadcast were crowded. Therefore, about the store I like, "I will go with my wife and review before the broadcast."[22].



TV drama

1990 era
















  • Woman from Ashio(January 1th and 18th, NHK) --Kusakabe Locktaro
  • Tomorrow, no mom Episodes 2 and 5 --Episode 8 (January 1, February 22 --March 2, NTV) --Takeshi Kawashima
  • Shinigami(April 4-June 18, TV Asahi)-Chief role
  • House(May 5, Yomiuri TV) --Tsutomu Motomura
  • Serial drama W Tokusou(May 5th-June 11th, WOWOW) --Kotaro Mitamura
  • Gourmet of loneliness season4 (July 7-September 9 TV TOKYO) -Goro Inogashira
  • HERO second series(July 7-September 14, Fuji TV)-Kenzaburo Kawajiri
  • Serial drama W Keigo Higashino "Transformation" Episode 4 (August 8, WOWOW) --Haruhiko Hamura
  • Serial drama W Sinner lie (August 8-September 31, WOWOW)-Kazuya Kamoshita
  • Late night canteen 3(Mainichi Broadcasting System, October 12th and December 8th) --Ryu Kenzaki
  • Woman does not allow it (October 10-December 21, TBS)-Kaoru Chono









1990 era

2000 era

2010 era

2020 era

original video

Television Animation

Theater animation



Entertainment shows

Documentaries, travelogues, and educational programs

  • ASIAN PASSION ~ Japanese running in Asia ~(NHK Kyushu Okinawa Block) --Narration
  • Choice of heroes(NHK BS Premium) --Narration
  • NHK Special Kotaro SawakiDetective document One piece of fate ~ "Battlefield" photo Challenge the biggest mystery ~ (February 2013, 2, NHK General TV) --Narrative
  • Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn(April 2014, 4, TV TOKYO) --Narration
  • 100 minutes de famous work"The Old Testament(May 2014, 5, 7, 14, 21, NHK E-Tele) --Reading
  • NHK Special Energy Torrent (2014, NHK General TV) --Narrative[74]
  • Showa selection(NHK BS Premium) --Narration
  • Yutaka Matsushige's travelogue of humanity Delicious Brazil 2016 (July 2016, 7,RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System)-Navigator
  • NHK Special Tracking Paradise Paper Uncovers Alleged Asset Hiding
  • Yutaka Matsushige's Great Siberia 5000km ~ Gyoza Road that Japanese do not know ~ (July 2017, 7, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, TBS affiliated 16 stations net)[75] --Navigator
  • Documentary Drama Special "Reset-That Day, Changed Life-" (June 2019, 6, NHK BS2) --Narrative
  • Follow the buried treasure of the disappeared Sengoku castle Shirakawa-go! (December 2019, 12,TV Aichi) - Narration[76]



CM narration









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