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📺 | Police officer seeking!Infiltrate the site of prefectural police recruitment [Kumamoto]


Seeking police officer!Infiltrate the prefectural police recruitment site [Kumamoto]

If you write the contents roughly
"Call that child and that child"
"Finally came"
(Q. The seats are full)
"The Mobile Investigation Team is probably last year's" MIU "(TBS drama) on TV."
"Do you know anyone?

It's a cool profession in a drama, but it seems that there are some difficulties when it comes to recruiting activities.Tell young people the appeal of police work ... → Continue reading

 Kumamoto Broadcasting (RKK)

This is Kumamoto Broadcasting (RKK). We will quickly and easily tell you about the news in Kumamoto prefecture. In addition, RKK is recruiting videos and photos of natural phenomena, incidents, accidents, etc. in "RKK Scoop Post".

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