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🎥 | Yasushi Akimoto [Planning / Original] x Jesse (SixTONES)'s first solo stage "Standing Ovation" ...


Yasushi Akimoto [Planning / Original] x Jesse (SixTONES) Solo first starring stage "Standing Ovation" ...

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With Yasushi Akimoto, I made him appear in a drama based on Mr. Akimoto ("Private Bakalea High School") when I was a junior in 2012, and I am deeply moved to think that the relationship started from there.

The stage "Standing Ovation ...", which was planned and written by Yasushi Akimoto and starring Jesse of SixTONES. → Continue reading


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Private Bakalea High School

"Private Bakalea High School』(Shiritsu Bakarea Kokou) isNippon TVで2012May 4Broadcast every Sunday from 0:50 to 1:20 (midnight Saturday)TV drama[1]..Recorded an exceptionally high audience rating for midnight[2],same year10ToMovie version Private Bakalea High School』Publish andShizuru SeinobyComicalizationIt has been made.


Johnny's Jr.とAKB48Co-starred for the first time in groupsSerial drama. The original isAkimoto Yasushi[3].. StarringMorimoto ShintaroとHaruka ShimazakiBoth will be the first starring in the drama.PopularIdolDue to the co-starring of each other, three school rules such as prohibition of romance and prohibition of exchanging e-mail addresses were decided and strictly adhered to.[1]..The time zone is the serial drama frame, "Ikenmen Shinsobaya Detective ~It's good!~It's been two and a half years since then.Also, with this work as a triggerJohnny's Jr.Has increased the chances of being featured in the media, creating a boom[4].


Not smart but hot and straightYankeeAre alignedBoys' school"Idiot High School" is a prestigious school where young ladies with excellent academic performance and superb looks are enrolled.Girls' schoolThe second Cattleya Academy, which was merged with the "First Cattleya Academy".Students at the former First Cattleya Academy make reforms to improve the school environment.However, that action polluted the tradition of Idiot and created a crack between the two.Will the day come when the students of Idiot and Cattleya can understand each other?

the term

Miscatrea Contest
Held jointly by the XNUMXst and XNUMXnd Cattleya AcademyMiscon..This year, the results were 1st place Fumie, 2nd place Saya, and 3rd place Sayuri.
Hiji Square
A vacant lot designated by Akashi of Kunikita High School as a duel.
Joey Wheeler Warehouse
A warehouse where Shinji confined Saya.
Teen sweet
A popular magazine for high school girls.At the recommendation of Koba, Fumie and his colleagues were interviewed.
Let's energize Fumie Abbreviation for project.Tatsuya plans to encourage Fumie who was betrayed and hurt by Mana.The ultimate goal is to make Fumie "laugh", "please", and "make him angry".
A beef bowl restaurant that Tatsuya and his friends often go to.The popular menu is Otoko Gyudon and the price is 200 yen for a limited time.


Second Cattleya Academy

A co-school formed by the merger of Idiot High School with Daiichi Cattleya Academy.It is ridiculed as Bakalea High School by the badness of Ugajin High School and Kunikita High School.The school building is a refurbished version of Bakada High School.All the students of the former Idiot were the students of the second cattleya, while the students of the former first cattleya are excellent selected members selected by their grades and deeds.Also, in this work, the story will proceed centering on Group C in the second year.

Former Idiot High School

Seven Tatsuya and others reign as the center of the school.Tatsuya and Satoshi, Tetsuya and Maya in the pastTymanWe are playing a game, which leads to a strong bond.The school run is dark blue and has an emblem of the stupid school emblem on the left shoulder.

Tatsuya Sakuragi [17]
Performance- Morimoto Shintaro
Bancho.The catch phrase is "the strongest man".Her hairstyle is two-block, and she prefers a school uniform, a white shirt, and a pomelo, which is a Showa style.On the left wrist, he inherited from his older brother, Ren Sakuragi, the top idiot of the previous generation.braceletI am doing.The fighting style is mainly hitting, and he defeats Hongo and Kaito with punches from jumps.My hobby is collecting high school buttons that I beat in a fight.However, he was very uncomfortable with Rage, who hurt others for no reason.Basically, it is a type that moves with emotions, but sometimes it takes rational actions such as sitting down in Okamoto for Tetsuya.In addition, the sense of responsibility for being the top is stronger than anyone else, and in the final battle with Kikunaga High School, he tried to fight alone to prevent his friends from dropping out.Saya says she doesn't like the feelings of women, and she didn't even notice Fumie's love until the end.However, in the movie version, she seems to be aware of her love feelings, such as being upset by holding hands with Fumie.
Tetsuya Asada [17]
Performance- Matsumura Hokuto
Tatsuya's best friend.The catch phrase is "the strongest and coolest man".I like the simple dress of a black shirt for school uniforms.The fighting style is mainly kicking, and he defeats Mikoshiba by kicking behind his specialty.Until junior high school, he grew up in a wealthy family and attended high school.However, his father had a traffic accident and was arrested, so he quit school.The mother was shocked by this and was admitted to the hospital.When Okamoto and his classmates called him "the son of a criminal" and desperately desperatelyBatting centerI met Tatsuya and touched on his kindness.With this as a trigger, he will always act together as his companion.Now to manage the familyTransportation industryI have a part-time job.Also Maya and SayuriRunning awayOr when Saya was taken away by Shinji, she first came to help.She is passionate about romance and continues to approach her, even though she understands that her feelings for Fumie are unrequited love.
Maya Terakawa [17]
Performance- Kyomoto Oita
The catch phrase is "the strongest man".Gakuran with an enji shirtStall,hair bandI'm wearing neutral clothes.In addition, the hair band has been removed since the final episode.In normal battles, we focus on beauty.He seems to be particularly particular about shoes, and even during battle, he wipes off dirt with a handkerchief.Being raised as a girl by a childhood motherコ ン プ レ ッ ク スHowever, I have a habit of forgetting myself and rampaging just by hearing the word "woman".In this sharp state, he fights with murderous intentions such as hitting the opponent against the wall or head-butting with force.My mother disowned Maya, who was bad, and that forced him into a suicide attempt.However, nowadays, Sayuri, who has similar troubles to herself, supports him and smiles more often.In the movie version, he seems to be enjoying school life, such as leaving school with Sayuri.
Satoshi Noguchi [17]
Performance-Ju Tanaka
The catch phrase is "the strongest stupid man".She wears a patterned T-shirt and nine-quarter length pants for her school uniform.It seems that there is a strong commitment to the Thaiman game with bare hands in battles such as getting angry at the opponent with a metal bat.The habit is "I am Tsue" and shouts every time he wins the battle.He is on good terms with Maya and Shohei, and often acts together.Favorite food肉 ま んとanpan..Also in the storyEvangelion,TransformersA large work that gives an example of such a workMech robotI also like it.Part-time job is washing dishes at the family restaurant.There is an older brother who has not appeared in the play.
Yuki Satonaka (Yuki Satonaka) [17]
Performance- Luis Jesse
The catch phrase is "The Strongest Bilingual".Gakuran with caps, hoodies, headphoneship hopI like the style.Even in the bathroom, he is a big music lover who listens to music and creates rhythm with his feet.Also, I have a habit of speaking in English when my emotions are high.In battles, he always teams up with Makoto and plays tricky ways such as roundhouse kicks.Makoto always acts together not only in battle but also in daily life.In the final episode, he was jealous of Tatsuya and his friends, and left the group with Makoto.In the movie version, although he engages with Kaito, he is defeated and is captured together.However, with the help of Tatsuya and others, he returned to the group again.
Makoto Jimbo [17]
Performance- Yugo Takachi
The catch phrase is "the strongest person".Gakuran with patterned shirt,Engineer bootI like the chara style.In battle, in contrast to Yuki who forms a combination, he is mainly a hitter.He always acts with Yuki, but he doesn't understand his English very well.That often leads to quarrels.
Shohei Tatsunami [18]
Performance- Yuya Takagi(Special appearance[5])
The catch phrase is "the strongest and coolest".A tank top is wrapped around the school uniform, and a check shirt is wrapped around the waist. I have been repeating a year for 2 years and am actually 18 years old.She loves girls so much that erotic books boast that they are treasures, and she seems to be happy with the merger.I'm not very good at fighting and basicallyCardboardHiding behind such things.However, his love for idiots is stronger than anyone else, and when he is ridiculed, he yells loudly even though he is a detective.He also has the courage to fight against enemies such as Hongo and Kikunaga High School who must fight.Because of his friendship, he is called Shohei-san by the people around him even though he has repeated a year.There is a girlfriend named Momoko who has finally developed a relationship after launching a fierce attack from half a year ago, and she enjoyed dating regularly, but she is shaken in the final episode.In the movie version, he was struggling with Koba to show Marina-sensei a good place.
Moe Kamiyama
Performance- Hosei Shiramizu
Tatsuya's classmates.
Haruki Minamoto
Performance- Takaya Kamikawa(Friendship appearance)
Chairman of Idiot High School and Second Cattleya Academy.Accepting the merger story offered to Saionji from the desire to change the idiot.At one point, I was planning to close the school because I felt the limits of the Second Cattleya Academy.However, Fumie's speech regained his belief and passion as an educator and withdrew the closed school.
Junichi Koba
Performance- Toshiya Miyata
2nd year C group teacher.A typical useless teacher who is completely licked by students such as being abandoned by surname.However, in the crisis of closing down, he acted like an educator, such as stopping Saionji and continuing Fumie's speech.In the movie version, she plans to show a manly side in favor of Marina-sensei.

Former Daiichi Cattleya Academy

Seven Fumie and others have been admired by the students as a central group.It seems that the authority given to them, such as arranging the repair work for the second Cattleya, is very strong.In addition, it is tacit understanding that when greeting, he puts his hand on the skirt and bows while saying "Good morning".The blazer is white and has a Cattleya emblem on the left chest.

Fumie Shingyoji [17]
Performance- Haruka Shimazaki
78 generationStudent councilAnd the current student council president.Hairstyle is semi-long.Tetsuya says that he is the first woman to be scared in front of Tatsuya.Although she is a naive young lady, she passes by Tatsuya and others.I like Tatsuya, but I understand Tetsuya's feelings and sway between them.At the end of the movie versionAmericaStudy abroad at.
Saya Kokyu [17]
Performance- Mina Oba
Former Vice President and Fumie's best friend.Hairstyle is ponytail.I fall in love with Tetsuya who saved me from the stalker.
Sayuri Tokimune [17]
Performance- Kaoru Mitsumune
Hairstyle is short hair.He likes sports and has a masculine personality, but his parents force him to live like a woman.It was a complex, but when I met Maya, I decided to live my own way, and since then, I have become the only Cattleya student to wear a tie and put my hand in my pocket.TabletIt is the only Cattleya student who has the common sense of the common people, probably because he has the information.
Mana Honjo [17]
Performance- Mario Nagao
Saionji's love is used to make the second Cattleya notoriousAnonymous bulletin boardThe criminal who was leaking to.At one point, he was isolated in the class because he was not good at Fumie, but he was converted by Saya's persuasion and Fumie's speech and returned to his group again.
Reika Zaizen [17]
Performance- Marina Kobayashi
A talented man who won the Mathematics Junior World Championship for five consecutive years.
An Miyata [17]
Performance- Haruka Shimada
Mood maker sweets girls.
Kaori Shinohara [17]
Performance- Mariko Nakamura
Fumie's fan.Amaenbo character.
Saionji Ryo
Performance- Watanabe Dai
Teacher.The mastermind who was in contact with Haruki Minamoto in order to promote the merger of Idiot High School and Cattleya Academy.The real purpose of merging the two schools, whose values ​​and deviations are too different, was the property of the school of the source.For that purpose, he planned to absorb and merge Idiot High School once, make all the assets belong to Cattleya Academy, and then close the second Cattleya Academy to keep only the assets in his own hands.He first used Mana Honjo, who was disgusted by the stupid students, as a handpiece by using a color scheme, and leaked the bad publicity of the Second Cattleya Academy to an anonymous bulletin board, thoroughly disturbing the harmony between men and women.In addition, Hitoshi Hongo, who was hired with money, was sent as a transfer student, and Tatsuya Sakuragi was dragged down from the position of Bancho.As a result, the second Cattleya Academy seemed to have been disassembled in the air, but due to the tenacity of Tatsuya and student president Fumie Shingyoji, President Gen remembered his enthusiasm as an educator and closed the school.

Hongo's group

A transfer student hired by Saionji for money.The purpose is to defeat Tatsuya and others.The mark of the group is蠍..Carefully proceed, such as crushing the students one by one and putting them under control. For first gradersKatsuageIt seems that he is in great trouble with financial matters such as doing.

Hongo Jin
Performance- Kazuma Sano
Group leader.Always lethargicBeef jerkyA spooky man with a scorpion tattoo on his arm.Although he defeated Tatsuya with a single blow and once took the lead in the idiot, he lost to Tatsuya who won in the second match due to the difference in love for school.
Performance-Yuki Kojima
Being the right arm of Hongo.You can use any means to win, such as putting a tile in your abdomen.Defeated though engaged with Tetsuya.
A big man with an asymmetrical hairstyle.Fights against Yuuki Makoto combination with Chono, but is defeated.
Performance --DJ HIDE
A petite, short-haired man who makes a strange voice during battles.Fights Yuuki Makoto combination with Kito but is defeated.
Hongo's minions (real name unknown)
Performance --MY A FLOW
A man wearing an aloha shirt with a ponytail.She tried to hit Maya unexpectedly, but failed due to Shohei's accidental headbutt.And he was defeated by being stabbed in the east.

Ugajin High School

Idiot's rival school.He admits Idiot as a good rival, encouraging Tatsuya and his friends who lost the top position to Hongo and coming to inform them of the danger of Kaito.

Ryotaro Hakama
Performance- Kubota Masataka
Bancho of Ugajin.Wrap yourself in a black tie.He has a rivalry with Tatsuya and has fought many times, but he has never settled.In the final episode, he supported Shohei and others with Higashi.In the movie version, it causes food poisoning, which causes it to be defeated by Kaito.
Hiroki Azuma[6](Hiroshi Azuma)
Performance- Ryohei Abe
No. 2 of Ugajin.One of the biggest men in the play, wearing a red G Jean.His specialty was strangling and used many times against Tetsuya.He has a rivalry with Tetsuya, but unlike Hakamatsuka, he is defeated in one episode.The movie version was also defeated by Mikuni.

Kunikita High School

Idiot's rival school.

Performance- Hideyuki Kasahara
The chief of Kunikita High School and a red-haired regent.Engage with Tatsuya and others, but lose.Also, in the movie version, it is defeated by Kaito with a single blow.
Shintaro Inaba[7](Inaba)
Performance- Keisuke Kato
Silver-haired country Kida High School No.2.Always chew gum and speak in a humorous way.


Ren Sakuragi
Performance- Hiroki Uchi
Idiot OB, Tatsuya's older brother and predecessor Idiot Bancho.I handed over my favorite bracelet to Tatsuya and gave him the position of Bancho.After that, he overturned and became a deceased person by avoiding a child who jumped out while riding a motorcycle.For Tatsuya, the words that Lotus uttered seemed to be the basis of his heart, and when he fell into a pinch, he remembered that and inspired himself.He is a rival to Kenji Mashima of Kikunaga High School, and the days of the battle have become a legend.
Go Kajiwara[8](Tsuyoshi Kajiwara)
Performance- Kazuki Haoka
Stupid OB, lotus companion.Seeing Tatsuya's freewheeling appearance, I was ashamed of myself doing a job I didn't want to do.Currently, he runs around the country on his favorite motorcycle.Also, in the movie version, I missed the past with Tatsuya and others who came to visit the lotus grave.
Performance- Rie Kitahara
Shohei's girlfriend.It is quite informed and gives Shohei useful information.


Episode 3
Junior high school student (real name unknown)
Performance-Fumito Tamamoto
Tatsuya saves the place threatened by defects.The manuscript dropped by Tatsuya at that time is delivered to Fumie.
Episode 4
Snatcher (real name unknown)
Performance- Koji Saikawa
A student who goes to a high school called Jingu High School.Run to steal to relieve the stress of studying for entrance exams.
Episode 6
Performance- Sakurada Dori
Tetsuya's middle school classmate.He beats Tetsuya for making a fool of his family.As a result, he and his mother board the Second Cattleya Academy to seek the disposal of Tetsuya.But Tatsuya[Note 1]With the persuasion of Fumie and Fumie, she was ashamed of herself, who was only at the mercy of her mother, and withdrew her request to the academy.
Episode 7
Performance- Koki Maeda
A stalker man who has been following Saya for days.Defeated by Tatsuya and Tetsuya.
Episode 8
Performance- Fujiko Kojima
A student who dropped out of Daiichi Cattleya Academy due to repeated grades, he has a grudge against Fumie and his friends. W date[Note 2]The anger explodes when they encounter them who were enjoying themselves.I asked my boyfriend Rage to interfere with their coverage.However, Shohei, who also repeated a year, changed his mind from his thoughts on his junior students' friends and Saya's persuasion.
Performance- Kenta Inozuka
The man around Risa.I love to hurt others and came to interfere with magazine coverage.
Teen sweet reporter (real name unknown)
Performance- Takamasa Suga
Koba's student friend.I asked Koba to come to cover the Second Cattleya Academy.
Episode 9
Yuma Arisaka
Performance- Rina Koike
First Cattleya student.
I told Tatsuya and others who picked up the student notebook I dropped that Mana was a traitor.

ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

Each storyBroadcast date (Japan Standard Time)subtitlescriptShow
Episode 12012
May 4
prologueMasahiro YamauraTakashi Kubota
Episode 2May 4mergerYuko Matsuda
Episode 3May 4electionMasahiro Yamaura
Episode 4May 5Rules of CattleyaYuko MatsudaMasahiko Tree
Episode 5May 5Where you are nowKentaro Moriya
Episode 6May 5Batting centerMasahiro YamauraMasahiko Tree
Episode 7May 5First love
Episode 8May 6Family restaurantYuko Matsuda
Episode 9May 6裏 切 り
Episode 10May 6FGSPTakashi Kubota
Episode 11May 6Closed school
Episode 12May 7Bakalea High SchoolMasahiro Yamaura
Average audience rating 2.8%[9](Video researchResearchKanto area)

Internet station

Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodAirtimeseriesRemarks
Kanto wide areaNippon TV2012May 4 - May 7Sunday 0:50-1:20 (Saturday midnight)NTV seriesProduction Bureau
FukuokaFukuoka Broadcasting2012May 4 - May 7Thursday 2:09-2:39 (Wednesday midnight)4 day late
Kinki wide area讀賣TV broadcastingThursday 2:32-3:07 (Wednesday midnight)


"Movie version Private Bakalea High School IsJohnny's Jr.とAKB48Co-star2012May 10PublicJapanese movie.. Distribution isShow gate..The TV drama version "Private Bakalea High School" recorded a high audience rating for the midnight zone and was decided to be made into a movie.The catch phrase is "A hot battle of men aiming for the top!A fierce battle between women aiming for the center!It is.

全国73スクリーンで公開され、2012年10月13日・14日の初日2日間で、女子中高生を中心に集客し動員5万2,657人・興収6,472万4,500円となり映画観客動員ランキング(興行通信社調べ)で初登場第9位となった[11]..As of the 19th day of publication, the number of mobilization was 16 and the box office was 4400 yen.[12]..In addition, the DVD / Blu-ray of the same work was ranked 4rd in the DVD deluxe version and 22th in the Blu-ray deluxe version in the Oricon weekly ranking with 3/4.[13].


Students of the XNUMXnd Cattleya Academy who will be living in the XNUMXst Cattleya Academy due to the renovation work of the XNUMXnd Cattleya Academy.Tatsuya and his colleagues, who were forced into a situation of suspension or dropout if they caused a problem, tried not to cause a problem, but Kikunaga High School, which has a connection with Ikada, is showing a suspicious move.On the other hand, Fumie and his colleagues end up having a quarrel with Yuka Kuonzono, the current student president of Daiichi Cattleya Academy, about the school festival.The story finally ends with the love triangle over Fumie, the past of lotus that was not revealed in the TV series!


For more information on the same characters as the TV drama versionTV drama version castSee.TaiziIs a cast that appeared from the movie version.

Second Cattleya Academy

Former Idiot High School
Former Daiichi Cattleya Academy

Kikunaga High School

Known as Kikutaka.He made a leap to settle the connection with Ikada High School, which has continued since Kenji's time, and crushed powerful schools such as Kunikita and Ugajin with the momentum of breaking.The school run is blue and has a black button.

Kaito Mashima
Performance- Teru Iwamoto
Bancho.BlondeRegentTall man.He is obsessed with Lotus' younger brother Tatsuya in order to fulfill his brother Kenji's humiliation.Its ability is overwhelming enough to defeat Hakamatsuka and Akashi with a single blow.He also has a gentle side, such as helping an old woman who hates bending and is entangled in defects.Even in the battle with Idiot, he initially wanted a Thaiman with Tatsuya, and was furious at the selfish behavior of Daiki and his friends.However, when he was cornered by Tatsuya, he forgot about himself and tried to attack Tatsuya with an iron pipe.At that time, his older brother, Kenji, who stopped the attack, remembered his true strength and the importance of his friends, and vowed to rematch with Tatsuya in a straightforward manner.
Sota Mikuni (Mikuni Fuuta)
Performance- Daisuke Sakuma
No.2.Fight acrobats.After defeating the east, he fights against Tetsuya but is defeated by a three-step kick.
Shiomi Riku
Performance- Ryohei Abe
No. 3 and a staff member.The trademark is a hairstyle that looks like it has exploded.Defeated before Yuuki Makoto's combination.
Daiki Tango
Performance- Shota Watanabe
Followed by Shun and Tokuyuki, who are smart and sharp.He tries to lure Tatsuya with Yuki and Makoto as bait, but his selfish behavior touches Kaito's reverse scale.Later, he engaged with Maya at the pool table.
Shun Igarashi
Performance- Fukasawa Tatsuya
A blonde man of the athletic club.Defeated after a fierce fight with Satoshi.
Noriyuki Kanzaki
Performance- Ryota Miyadate
A quiet man.After being disturbed by Shohei, he was pushed into a cardboard box and defeated.

Daiichi Cattleya Academy

Since Fumie and his friends transferred to school, five Yuka and others have been playing a central role in organizing the academy.

Kuonzono Yuka
Performance- Rena Kato
Current student council president.returnee childrenTherefore, I have no acquaintance with Fumie.For this reason, he enthusiastically opposed Fumie, who has gained the support of those around him, and offered to compete with the number of visitors to the cosplay cafe at the school festival.Tatsuya and his friends were disgusted and tried to lock themselves up in the storeroom and isolate them from the school festival.However, his thoughts change through dialogue with Tatsuya and Fumie who protected him from the fallen arch.In the end, we respected Fumie's intentions and collected the signatures of Tatsuya and his colleagues to cancel their withdrawal.
Yusa Nozomi (Yusa Nozomi)
Performance- Takeuchi good evening
Yuka's right-hand man who carries the data file of the school festival.
Umerinji Haruka
Performance- Kawaei Rina
One of Yuka's entourage.Satoshi faints when she sees a tissue that blows her noseFastidious disease.
Miyu Nikaido
Performance- Akari Takahashi
One of Yuka's entourage.
Nanami Tachibana
Performance- Miori Ichikawa
One of Yuka's entourage is a Katyusha.
Marina Suwon (Marina Mizuhara)
Performance- Haruna Kojima
nursing teacher.Courted by Shohei and Koba, he is actually married.


Kenji Mashima
Performance- Yuta Tamamori
Kikunaga High School alumnus.The former chief of Kikutaka and the older brother of Kaito.It was a rival of the fool's Sakuragi Ren.After sticking to victory, he tried to beat the lotus with an iron pipe.At that time, he became fascinated by the size of the lotus vessel and admitted that he was the best friend.Currently, I wash my feet and work on car maintenance.Realizing that his younger brother Kaito is trying to make the same mistakes as he did in the past, he raises his back to ask what his true strength is.

ス タ ッ フ


As a cartoonized work of the movie versionShizuru SeinoBySeparate volume friendShort-term serialization in the October and November 2012 issues[14]..On October 10th of the same year, the climax that was not drawn at the time of serialization was added and made into a book.

Since the characters are mainly drawn, there are fewer characters than the live-action version.

Theme song/Insert song

Common to drama version and movie version
Opening theme
Kis-My-Ft2"Shake it up''(avex trax)
Ending theme
Maeda Atsuko"Right shoulder''(You, Be Cool! / KING RECORDS)
Movie version only
Insert song
Song Riders"Anger Management" (Toys factory)


Olive Related Products

Drama version
DVD / Blu-ray BOX (2 types each for the first version and the luxury version, released on August 2012, 8,VAP)
Movie version
DVD / Blu-ray BOX (3 types each of the first edition, luxury edition, and Seven Net limited edition, released on April 2013, 4,VAP)
Shizuru Seino "Theatrical version Private Bakalea High School"Kodansha<Kodansha Comics Bessatsu Friend> All 1 volume published on October 2012, 10 ISBN 978-4-06-341829-3


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注 釈

  1. ^ Tatsuya tried to hit Okamoto with his best friend Tetsuya as a moss, but when he saw the wound on Okamoto's head, he stopped and begged for Tetsuya's forgiveness.
  2. ^ To be precise, Fumie invited Tatsuya and Tetsuya to go to the family restaurant as a thank-you for helping Saya.


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