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🤖 | Two types of cosmetics in collaboration with "Rick and Morty" in "Rainbow Six Siege" ...

Introducing two types of cosmetic item sets in collaboration with "Rick and Morty" in the photo "Rainbow Six Siege"!

Two types of cosmetics in collaboration with "Rick and Morty" in "Rainbow Six Siege" ...

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The collaboration cosmetic item set of "Rainbow Six Siege" and "Rick and Morty" is currently being distributed.

Ubisoft released the overseas animation "Rick A ..." in the tactical shooter "Rainbow Six Siege". → Continue reading

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Rainbow Six Siege

"Rainbow Six Siege』(Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six Siege) IsFrance OfUbisoftThan2015May 12Was released inTom ClancyBased on the originalRainbow six] The game software on the subject. The abbreviation is "R6S] OrJapanThen "Rainbow 6".Correspondenceplatform TheWindows,PlayStation 4,Xbox One,PlayStation 5,Xbox Series X.


All over the worldSpecial Forces"Rainbow Six" series depicting the activities of "Rainbow", a special anti-terrorism unit composed of[1].. In this work, as it says in the title, Siege (siege operation) was set upterroristIt is a battle-type online shooting game based on the inrush strategy against us.

The catch phrase is "Siege completed. -Start rush. "

Previous workRainbow Six Vegas 2] For the first time in 7 years, supporting the 8th generation stationary game hardware for the first time in the series,graphicHas improved dramatically.

Production was discontinued "Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots』The engine is diverted, and the feature is that the destruction of the map environment can be incorporated into the tactics. "Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: PatriotsWas not released, but it seems that the members were dispatched due to an incident occurring in the work world.

And the sequel to the event "Rainbow six quarantineWill be released. Release date is undecided.

Game content

Mainly for Rainbow Six Siege

・ Training ground

の3つのゲームプレイモードが存在する。マルチプレイはオンラインで最大10人のプレイヤーが戦うモードで、訓練場は架空のテロリスト集団「ホワイトマスク」を相手にミッションをクリアするモード。シチュエーションはチュートリアルのようなもので、それぞれ個々に設定された目標を達成するモードである。 これら以外にも、ゲーム内には






The main content of Rainbow Six Siege.Two teams of 5 to 5 where players match each other online[Note 1], It is a mode to fight with up to 10 people.

When matching, the stage and the content of the match are selected. The player is divided into two teams, the "defense side" who stands in the facility such as a building and the "attack side" who rushes into it, and selects the operator to use. The operators that can be used depend on defense and attack. Also, since the offense and defense change every fixed round, you will not continue to play in one situation or the same operator. Basically, one team consists of 2 people, but it is possible to change the number intentionally. However, if 1 people are not gathered during a communication error or operator selection, the team of the number of people gathered so far may play against each other.

The match consists of a preparation phase and an action phase.The defender during the preparation phase can prepare for the invasion of the attacker by installing gadgets, traps, and barricades set for each operator.The attacker is an unmanned reconnaissance camera during this phaseDrone) To scout the enemy territory and identify hostages, goals, enemy locations and operator choices.

In the action phase, the attacking side rushes in and the defending side greets this. Health recovery is not done unless you use special abilities, and even if you die, there is no respawn. If you die, you will either support other players with a camera or look at the same perspective as the surviving player. However, if it is not an instant death judgment (head shot), it may be in a moribund state, and death is confirmed after a certain period of time has passed in that state. In the meantime, it is possible to chase down and confirm the death, and it is also possible to revive by friends[2]It has become.

Multiplayer game modes include

・Securing area

There are three. The achievement conditions are different, and the objectives are different on the attacking side and the defending side. However, the defeat of the enemy is a clear condition in all game modes, so it is up to the player to take action to achieve the purpose and put effort into the defeat of the enemy.


A game mode that rescues or interferes with hostages trapped inside the building.

Attacker .... Find and rescue the hostages in the building. Win by taking hostages to the collection area outside the building or eradicating the defense side.
Defender... Protects the hostages in the building from the attacker's invasion. Win if the attacker is not annihilated or the defense player is not annihilated and the hostage is not in the attacker's hand by the end of the time limit.

If the hostage is killed by the player's attack, the killed player's team is defeated (1 round).


A game mode that involves bombs installed in a building.

Attacker: Defeat the defender or unlock one of the two installed bombs using the diffuser of the bomb unlocking device provided to the attacker. After the start of the diffuser, it will be clear if the bomb can be released without stopping the diffuser even if the attacking player is annihilated.
Defender... The purpose is to protect the attacker from invading the installed bombs. Eliminate the attacker, finish the time limit without starting the diffuser, clear by stopping the activated diffuser.

Squad action is desired as the position of the diffuser is an important point for both sides.

・Securing area

A game mode that goes around the area inside the building.

Attacker ... The purpose is to find a designated area (room) in the building and secure it by staying there for a certain period of time.
Defender.........Cleared by reaching the end of the time limit without securing the designated area in the building to the attacker.

If there is a player from each side in the designated area, the gauge will stop.


A game mode for a limited time, with special rules, limited maps, and limited operators.Skins tailored to the event may be sold.Below are some excerpts of the event.

A game mode equipped with GOLDEN GUN, a special hand gun that allows all enemies and allies to hit the torso with a single shot. GOLDEN GUN can destroy barricades etc. with one shot, but reloading is required for each shot.This reload motion is also a special motion. The shape of GOLDEN GUN is the same as D-1.The rules are based on securing an area, but there is no preparation phase.
A game mode in which you fight with a special presidential plane based on pink.The rules are the same as the hostages, but the hostages are teddy bears.Also, the operators that can be used are limited to Ash, Thermite, Bandit, Frost, Castle, Kapkan, Sledge, Thatcher, Blackbeard, Montagne, Tachanka, and recruits, and special skins are used in the game mode regardless of the skin set by the player. It becomes.There is a special victory motion.
The rules are the same as for casual bomb release, but only 20 operators can be used at the time of release.Also, some weapon attachments and sub-gadget options have been changed to those at the time of release.The map is the Hereford base, private house and presidential plane before rework.
The rule is that the trick team (attack) and the treat team (defense) are divided into 5 to 5 on the dedicated map, and the team that collects 50 "sweets" dropped by the killed enemy first wins.Respawn even if killed.A game mode similar to Conquest in other FPS.Available operators are IQ, Zofia, Nomad, Capitao, Thermite, Frost, Pulse, Ela, Castle and Goyo.Basically, the abilities and foot / armor values ​​are applied by the operator himself, but the weapons are unified to R10-C and C4E.
A game mode in which the offense and defense are divided into 3 to 3 on the dedicated map FORT TRUTH.The rule is based on securing the area, but there is no preparation phase, and HP, crosshairs, and the number of remaining bullets are not displayed on the HUD.Weapons will be unified to Iron Sight BOSG.12.3 and LFP586.The operators that can be used are also limited.There is a special victory motion.
The Grand Larceny
A game mode that protects the safe at the former Hereford base, which has been modified so that almost all floors can be removed.Unlike the bomb rules, you can destroy the floor and move the safe downstairs.Also, the safe can be opened by the attacker interacting with it and does not require a diffuser.Also, the operator's weapon that can be used is a shotgun.There is a special victory motion.

Matching system

There are two matching methods in multiplayer.

Quick match
Match Victory Condition: 3 Rounds Preemption
Round time limit: 3 minutes
Offense and defense change: Every 2 rounds
Overtime: 2 to 2 to 1 round, up to 5 rounds
Exclusion vote: None[Note 2]
Although the defense points are randomly determined[Note 3], The sortie point can be decided by the player.
Rank match *Bomb mode only
Match Victory Condition: 4 rounds preemption
Round time limit: 3 minutes
Offense and defense change: Every 3 rounds
Overtime: 3 from 3 to 5 and up to 9 rounds
Exclusion vote: None
Defense point[Note 4], The player can decide the sortie point.
The Pick & Ban system allows you to ban an attacking operator and a defending operator, one for each team, for a total of four people.[Note 5]
Y5S3よりマップBANシステムも追加された。[Note 6]

In this match, there are ranks that vary depending on the player's game performance, and players of similar ranks match each other, so players with the same ability inevitably gather.As you win, your rank will rise, and you will be able to play against more powerful players.Since your play also affects the status of other players, it is also a feature that penalties are given to that player, such as restrictions on participation in multiplayer, for actions that other players suffer disadvantages such as exiting a match in the middle. Is.Conversely, a player who suffers a disadvantage can cancel the match.Also, the first 10 races will be matched regardless of rank.

Unranked match
The content is the same as the rank match, but since there is no change in MMR, there is no rank up or down.There is also a penalty for leaving on the way.
You cannot participate when you reach level 50 or above
Match Victory Condition: 3 Rounds Preemption
Round time limit: 3 minutes
Overtime: 2 to 2 to 1 round, up to 5 rounds
Exclusion vote: None
The defense points are random, but the spawn point can be decided by the player.

Training ground

A game mode that achieves the set purpose against the fictitious terrorist group "White Mask" that appears online. In Y4S3, the name was changed from terror hunt to training ground, and at the same time, the enemy and bomber did not appear.The number of players is 1 to 4,etc.OhンLaLeeンGeーMuThis is the Co-op mode called by.There are three difficulty levels: normal, hard, and real.

At the training ground, there are four game modes: "elimination," "hostage recovery," "hostage defense," and "bomb release."


設定された数のテロリストを倒していくゲームモード。 プレイヤーは攻撃オペレーターを使用し建物内にいる多数のテロリストを無力化する事が目的となる。

・Hostage recovery


・Hostage defense


・Bomb removal



「ホワイトマスク」を相手に設定された任務をクリアするゲームモード。操作方法やマルチプレイや訓練場のゲームモードの説明、勝利への指南などのチュートリアルのようなモードで、基本的に1人でプレイする。訓練場と共通の敵に加え、一部シチュエーションには自爆攻撃を行なうボマーが存在する。10のシチュエーションが存在し、それぞれに達成目標と、3つの追加目標が存在する。全てクリアすると11番目として「第五条」が出現し、「第五条」のみマルチプレイ専用。 各シチュエーションと詳細



攻撃側・防衛側のオペレーターを一覧で見ることが出来る。このセクションからオペレーターの武器やアタッチメント、サブガジェットの選択、各種スキンの変更が行える。[Note 7]


銃に装備して、性能を変化、向上させることの出来る装備品。サイト、バレル、グリップ、アンダーバレルの4カ所に装備可能。。[Note 8]Y2まではアタッチメントの解放に名声ポイントを必要とした。

ホログラフィックの精密サイト。[Note 9]倍率は1x。3種類存在する。
倍率1xのトライアングルサイト。3種類存在する。[Note 10]
遠距離射撃用の倍率2.5xサイト。Y5S2まではACOGと呼ばれていた。[Note 11]2種類存在する。
遠距離射撃用の倍率3.0xサイト。Y5S3に実装された。OTs-03とCSRX 300を除く攻撃側のマークスマンライフルのみ装備可能。
威力と引き換えに[Note 12]武器の発射音を抑える。弾がかすめた際にインジケーターが表示されなくなる。一部の武器には標準で装着されている。
Flash hider
Muzzle brake



ピンを抜くと一定時間後[Note 13]に爆発する手投げ弾
Stun grenade
Anti-personnel mines
サブガジェットではなく、サブウェポン枠で携行可能なハンドキャノン。ADS、マグネット、スーリヤゲートで無効化される。バリケードや補強されていない落とし戸を瞬間的に破壊する事が可能で、他にも防弾ガジェット[Note 14]を破壊する事が出来る。補強されていない壁に撃った場合、小さな穴は開くが、通行は不可。装備しても通常のハンドガンで得られる移動速度向上の効果は得られない。ガジェットであるため、ADS状態に移行しなくともクロスヘアの中央に着弾する。プレイヤーへのダメージは最大10であり、頭に当てたとしてもヘッドショットにはならない。
全ての攻撃オペレーターが[Note 15]2台ずつ所持する偵察ツールで、1台は準備フェーズ開始時に、もう1台は任意のタイミングで使用することが可能。ラウンド中にオペレーターが死亡してもマップに残る。オペレータ侵攻前にドローンを侵入させ、防衛側のオペレーター配置やガジェット配置などを確認することが可能。道中に障害物があっても、ジャンプで乗り越えることが出来る。[Note 16]敵を赤ピンでスポットすることや、黄色ピンを立てることが可能。攻撃ラウンド中に死亡した場合、これらのドローンの視点や、生存プレイヤーの視点となる。ピンの使用は死後も可能。使用中は黄色く光り、敵に気付かれやすくなっている。シグナルディスラプターで機能を停止させられ、敵味方関係なく電流や銃撃、爆風などでも破壊される。壊されない限りは、何度でも回収・使用が可能。
Barbed wire
近接攻撃2回か、スレッジハンマー、爆発物で無効化される。攻撃オペレーターが有刺鉄線上を通過してもダメージはないが[Note 17]、大きな音と移動速度ペナルティーが発生する。ドローンの移動も阻害する。微かではあるが、防衛側オペレーターの通過時にも音が発生する。設置後に回収が可能。
銃弾では破壊されないが、スレッジハンマー、爆発物で破壊される。Y4S3以降、展開型シールドがv2となり、防弾ガラスのはめ込まれたスリットが追加され、体を出さずに盾の向こう側を確認することが可能となった。盾は乗り越える事が可能。手に持っていても防弾効果がある。[Note 18]設置後に回収が可能。
範囲内に攻撃オペレーターが侵入するとアラーム音が鳴る。投げて設置するため、設置の自由度が高い。探知範囲は、感知アラームを中心とした球状だが、間に何らかのオブジェクトがあると反応しない。[Note 19]EMPグレネードで一時的に無効化され、低速爆薬ランスで破壊される。ショックドローンで破壊可能で、射撃でも破壊可能。スーリヤゲートに触れると破壊され、ゲートの効果も停止する。設置後に回収が可能。



武器に付くアタッチメント[Note 20]の外見を変更する。バトルパス報酬やショップ等で入手可能。


Y6から実装された、[Note 21]セクションで、直近最大12戦までのマルチプレイマッチを専用の観戦UIでリプレイすることが出来る。プレイヤー自身の視点だけでなく、俯瞰視点、追従俯瞰視点、他プレイヤーの視点も選択可能。



一部オペレーターにのみ実装されているスキンで、セット内容はヘッドギア・ユニフォーム・武器スキン・限定チャームで、そのほかにもガジェットの見た目が専用の物[Note 22]になり、オペレーター選択画面でのアイコンの変化や専用のMVPモーションがある。
プロリーグに出場している一部チームをモチーフとしたスキンで、一部のオペレーターのヘッドギア・ユニフォームや、一部の武器スキン、全ての武器に装着可能[Note 23]なチャーム等が販売されており、このスキンでの収益の一部がプロチームに渡される。日本のチームからは・・・Stray Unionのスキンが販売されている。ただし、野良連合スキンは野良連合がプロチームの要件を満たさなくなったとして、日本時間2021年2月1日午後11時をもってゲーム内での販売が終了した[3]が、購入済みであれば引き続き使用することは可能。


Voice-Japanese:Three Stones / English:Angela basset[4]
Commander of the rainbow unit. A woman in her 60s, whose career is a mystery.
Harishba "Harry" Pandy
Voice-English: Andy McQueen
The second commander of the rainbow unit. A man in his mid-thirties in a T-shirt, he was promoted from the first Six military advisor.At Y2S30, which debuted, the game's first (mini) battle pass event, "Call me HARRY," was held.

YEAR1 operator

England·Special Paratroopers (SAS)
All membersgas maskIt is characterized by wearing. This gas mask has no effect on preventing smoke gas (except for smokers themselves).
Sledge (SLEDGE)
Japanese voice actor- Yasumichi Kushida
Real name: Shaymus Cowden
Date of Birth: April 1982, 4
Origin:Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,John O Grotes
Gadget: Tactical Bleaching Hammer "Caber"
A male soldier whose main focus is on the front line. A native of the Scottish Highlands, he was also an athlete due to his formidable physique and athletic ability. After that, with a strong interest in social contribution, he joined the army at the age of 18, and was withdrawn to SAS after 5 years.
To take advantage of his huge body and strength,Large hammer(Tactical bleaching hammer) is special equipment.Swing a hammer against a destructible wall or barricade to open a hole for people to pass through with a single blow.Since the destruction sound is quieter than destroying by other means, it is difficult for the other party to notice.However, you need to be careful in advance because you will be defenseless while using the hammer and the holes you made will be used by the defenders as well.Also, the hammer is treated as a melee attack and can kill enemies.
The origin of the code name is that in English-speaking large hammers are called "sledgehammers".
The name of the elite skin is "L Detachment"
Thatcher (THATCHER)
Japanese voice actor- Sakaki Kosuke
Real name: Mike Baker
Date of Birth: April 1961, 6
Origin:England, Biddy Ford
Gadget: EG Mk0-EMP Grenade
A SAS veteran who is an expert in technical engineering. A veteran soldier who joined the army at the age of 18 and has experienced three wars since then. The ability was judged to be suitable for VIP escort missions. He is also a close combat expert and a world-class expert in anti-device missions. The reason is that I carry an EMP grenade as a special equipment that damages all electronic devices.
Explode his EMP grenade and the surrounding defender's electronic gadgets[Note 24]Becomes inoperable for a certain period of time.
The code name comes from the meaning of "roofer", and the fact that EMP cleans up electronic devices overlapped with the appearance of removing an old straw from thatched roof.
The name of the elite skin is "Operation Nimrod"
ゴーストリコン ブレイクポイントのライブイベント「アンバー・スカイ作戦」に登場した。
Japanese voice actor- Hiroki Tasaka
Real name: Mark R. Chandler
Date of Birth: April 1991, 10
Origin: England,yoke
Gadget: GC90 "Moni" Signal Disruptor
A male soldier characterized by having a cross-shaped tape attached to a gas mask. Known as a science kid, he graduated from high school at the age of 12. After that, he was involved in developing a security system prototype as part of an internship at a British technology company, and entered the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Cambridge at the age of 14. After graduation, I became an army radio soldier.
Good at intelligence by radio, especiallyJammingWe are good at attacking with the specially equipped radio wave jamming device "Signal Disruptor" (commonly known as Jammer).DroneIn addition, it interferes with the transmission and reception of signals of remote-controlled equipment such as bleaching charge and cluster charge, and prevents activation.Blitz gadgets, which should be wired for some reason, can also be blocked. Attacker-mounted gadgets such as SELMA Aqua Bleacher, Latero Charge, Claymore and Airjab can also stop their effects.[Note 25]However, at that time, an effect that shows that it is stopped appears in the gadget.[Note 26]
The origin of the codename is to completely "silence" all high-tech equipment.
The name of the elite skin is "F squadron"
Smoke (SMOKE)
Japanese voice actor- Hiroki Eto
Real name: James Porter
Date of Birth: April 1981, 5
Origin: England,UK
Gadgets: Compound Z8 Grenade
A biology-focused male soldier who loves the thrill of combat. Although not a special study, he showed a strong interest in science, especially in biology and anatomy. After graduating, he joined the British Army with a forged ID without parental consent. Join a military boxing team. He has an unusual humor and is narcissistic.
The specially equipped remote gas grenade damages those who have come into contact with gas, and has the effect of preventing the exclusion and invasion of enemies. This gas will damage allies and hostages, so be careful when detonating.
The code name comes from his gadget dealing with "smoke".
The name of the elite skin is "Red Arsenic"
France·National Police Police Security Intervention Unit (GIGN)
BalaclavaOr RiothelmetIs a feature.
Japanese voice actor- Yasuhiro Mamiya
Real name: Jill Toure
Date of Birth: April 1968, 10
Gadget: Le Rock
GIGN veteran. An 18-year-old member of the French National Military Police, an experienced police officer who has devoted his entire life to national defense, and was selected as a member of GIGN because of his beliefs. He is very much trusted by his colleagues. The reason is that he believes in protecting his allies.
Although he is attacked, he is equipped with an extended shield. Expandable shield can protect the whole body from bullets by deploying, and protect the companions behind by itself. However, there is a drawback that you cannot use the weapons for attack during this time.
The origin of the code name is French and means "mountain". The shield is named "le rock" (rock) and symbolizes his immovable will.
Twitch (TWITCH)
Japanese voice actor- Takagi Nagaki
Real name: Emmanuel Pichon
Date of Birth: April 1988, 10
Origin: France,Nancy
Gadget: RSD Model 1 Shock Drone
A female soldier who is an expert in technical engineering. Born and raised in a family that emphasizes mathematics and science, he chose the path of a military man after participating in a programming competition funded by a military training institution. He is familiar with robotic systems and mechanical processes, probably because he was used to difficult analytical problems from an early age.
She equips a short-range taser on the battlefield, in exchange for her normal drone's jumping ability.DroneUse (shock drone). You can use this drone to quietly destroy enemy explosives, cameras and gadgets. You can also use the taser to damage the enemy.
The code name means "convulsions".
The name of the elite skin is "Makis"
Doc (DOC)
Japanese voice actor- Kenpei Yamamoto
Real name: Gustave Cateb
Date of Birth: April 1977, 9
Origin: France,Paris
Gadget: MPD-0 Stim Pistol
GIGN medic.Doctors Without BordersVolunteers and special operations brigadesMilitary doctorHas a career that was served. TrueAltruistSo he thinks military service is a noble job to protect citizens, and especially GIGN is a place where he can directly contribute his ability. His belief in purely resolving conflicts is invaluable, and his dedicated gear fits exactly with that belief.
He has to heal the damaged allies and normally need to approach himresuscitationI carry a "Stim pistol" that can be used from a distance. This will increase the survival rate of the team, and when combined with Luke's armor plate, its effect will be maximized.[Note 27]
The origin of the code name comes from the doctor's meaning "doctor".
The name of the elite skin is "Trench Medic"
Luke (ROOK)
Japanese voice actor- Kazuhiro Suiseki
Real name: Julian Nizan
Date of Birth: April 1990, 1
Origin: Tours, France
Gadget: R1N "Rhino" Armor
GIGN's young soldier. When he was a student, he achieved excellent results in sports, especially athletics. After joining the French National Military Police at the age of 18, he was assigned to a highway patrol. Here he realizes his talent for handling firearms. As a result of continuing to hone his talent, GIGN's eye catches him.
He was previously in charge of GIGN's own recruit training using a small armor plate. Similar to the training, on the battlefield, in addition to reducing damage caused by bullets, a dedicated supply bag of "Rhino" armor plate that reduces the instant death rate and bleeding amount when physical strength is exhausted is equipped. It should be noted that the bag containing this armor plate cannot be recovered once it is installed and enemies can be picked up.[Note 28]
The origin of the code name is chessLuke(From the wall or tank)
The name of the elite skin is "John Damery"
America·Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Firearms Tactical Unit (FBI SWAT)
All membersSunglasses,goggles, And wearing protective clothing with a standing collar.
Thermite (THERMITE)
Japanese voice actor- Kazuki Adult
Real name: Jordan Trace
Date of Birth: April 1982, 3
Origin:The United States of America,TexasPlano
Gadget: BRIMSTONE BC-3 Heat Charge
A member of FBI SWAT specialized in chemistry. After graduating from high school,US Marine Corps[Note 29]He joined the fleet and was a member of the counter-terrorism (FAST) team with a fleet, and experienced two military service in Iraq.After being discharged, he received a PhD in Chemistry from Texas A & M University using the money paid to the demobilized soldiers and joined the FBI. Four years later, he was transferred to FBI SWAT.
He used his knowledge of chemistry toThermite reactionDepending on the normal bleaching charge and sledgehammerIt is equipped with a portable explosive (heat charge) that can destroy a reinforced wall that cannot be destroyed by. It should be noted that it takes time to explode.
Code name isThermite methodDerived from.
The name of the elite skin is "Vintage Bureau"
Japanese voice actor- Maruyama Yukino
Real name: Eliza Cohen
Date of Birth: April 1983, 12
Origin:イ ス ラ エ ル,Jerusalem
Gadget: M120 CREM
A member of FBI SWAT who is good at sabotage. I am from Israel. After graduating from Tel Aviv University,Israel Defense ForcesEnlisted. With engineering knowledge learned at university,ChardagI trained as an expert in machine maintenance and sabotage.LebanonAfter completing his military affairs, he joined the FBI in a law enforcement international exchange program. There are places that are overly self-conscious.
She shoots bleaching bullets from a distanceGrenade launcherIs equipped with aexplosiveSince it is a device that automatically explodes after it has been caught in an obstacle, it is not interfered by radio waves, but like throwing objects such as grenades, it is invalidated by Jaeger's active defense system.
The origin of the code name is the meaning of "ash" that was destroyed by bleaching bullets and scattered.
The names of the elite skins are "Sidewinder" and "Black Viper".The former was distributed free of charge for a limited time (currently charged).The latter was also available from the Limited Alpha Pack for the same period (currently unavailable).In collaboration with Tomb Raider, there is an elite skin "Tomb Raider".
ゴーストリコン ブレイクポイントのライブイベント「アンバー・スカイ作戦」に登場した。
Castle (CASTLE)
Japanese voice actor- Takeshi Maruyama
Real name: Miles Campbell
Date of Birth: April 1980, 9
Origin: United States,CaliforniaSherman Oaks
Gadget: UTP1 general purpose tactical panel
A member of FBI SWAT, who has the origin of being born in a policeman's house for all three generations.
Received criminal justice qualification from California State University and was hired by the police. After that, he made good progress and became a member of FBI SWAT. He has the ability to behave calmly and reassure others without being rushed under any circumstances. He also keeps an eye out for himself and his allies to be safe.
BulletproofbarricadeIs a special equipment.It can completely prevent assault rifle and handgun bullets and is more durable than regular barricades, making it time consuming to break.However, since it also prevents bullets from allies, it has weaknesses such as allowing the cluster charge of fuses to be used safely, and if you use explosives such as flag grenades and bleaching charges, or bleaching hammers of sledge, it will be immediate. It also has the drawback of being destructible.
The code name comes from "castle".
Pulse (PULSE)
Japanese voice actor- Kenji Sugimura
Real name: Jack Estrada
Date of Birth: April 1984, 10
Origin: United States,North carolinaGoldsboro
Gadget: HB-5 heart rate sensor
A member of FBI SWAT who is good at seeing through the human heart. Raised among military parents. Repeatedly moving from base to base from childhood, he became responsive to even the smallest movements of people, and after graduating from school, he chose the same path as the Air Force's intelligence staff, like his mother. After serving, joined the FBI as a negotiator.
Heartbeat that detects the heartbeat of the enemy's heart with dedicated equipmentsensorBy using, you can find an enemy behind the shield and make a preemptive attack. But thatcher hasEMPGrenadeWeak against radio wave interference.It also has the weakness of exposing its location if it is scanned by an IQ device while using the gadget.
The origin of the code name is the meaning of "pulse" that can be felt by the sensor.
In the 2019 Six Invitational Limited Alpha Pack, his accessory charm was engraved with "Yumiko" and the real name of Hibana, and it turned out that he had a special feeling for Hibana.
The name of the elite skin is "Lucky Seven"
Germany·Federal Police Department (GSG-9)
All membersjeans,sneakersWearing armor in light clothing such as.
Japanese voice actor- Nao Takamori
Real name: Monica Weiss
Date of Birth: April 1979, 8
Gadget: RED Mk Ⅲ Specter
He is a member of GSG-9 and is good at detecting electronic devices. As a young engineer, she developed her talent as an engineer.Ivy leagueHe has a history of studying electrical engineering at GSG-9 and received technical training at GSG-XNUMX.
A device (RED Mk III Specter) that detects electronic devices installed by the enemy will be specially equipped.By using this equipment, you can avoid or destroy enemy explosives and gadgets and create a situation that is advantageous to your allies, and you can also detect the activated terminal by checking the camera and logic bomb of Dokkaebi. So you can't detect analog gadgets like Frost's Welcome Mat.
The code name comes from the IQ "IQ".
The name of the elite skin is "reunified."
Japanese voice actor- Tomoyuki Maruyama
Real name: Elias Ketz
Date of Birth: April 1980, 4
Origin: Germany,Bremen
Gadget: G52 Tactical Shield
A member of the GSG-9, he achieved excellent grades as a student and was also active as a sportsman. He who is good at relaxing the place with humor,flashBurningshieldEquipped with.There is a limit to the number of flashes, but by using this you can take away the enemy's view and at the same time eliminate it, and easily break through the line of defense. With Y2S 3.2, the shield can be used while dashing.
The code name is German and means "lightning bolt", which is said to bring about a dazzling light.
The name of the elite skin is "Panzer Stark"
Japanese voice actor- Kensuke Nishi
Real name: Dominic Brunsmeier
Date of Birth: April 1974, 8
Origin: Germany,Berlin
Gadget: CED-1 (Crude Electrical Device)
He is a member of GSG-9 and has a great ability to convert junk into weapons. He was 18 years old in Germany with his twin brother Cedric.Federal border guardJoined (BGS) and adopted GSG-2006 in 9,Hell's Angels OfHanoverIn the branchspyI have a career of spending 4 years as. He witnessed drug trafficking and murder over four yearsPessimistHave a positive thought.
He,Barbed wireThe equipment equipped with a high voltage (shock wire) on the reinforced wall is specially equipped. This not only damages the human being touched by electricity, but also destroys the bleaching gadget of the reinforcing wall used by the thermite and hibana. This gadget has the drawback of being weak against Thatcher's EMP grenade and Twitch's shock drone.
The origin of the code name is "bandit" in German.
The name of the elite skin is "Axle 13"
Japanese voice actor- Masao Komatani
Real name: Marius Streicher
Date of Birth: April 1978, 3
Origin: Germany,Dusseldorf
Gadget: ADS-MKⅣ "Mug Pie"
GSG-9 veteran,ヘ リpilotAsIndian OceanHe has a career in anti-piracy mission. It was adopted by the GSG-9 because it was involved in the development of a ground active defense system that protects tanks from enemy attacks.
flagGrenadeDisables enemy throws such as[Note 30]Dedicated equipment / active defense system[Note 31]However, this is also vulnerable to gadgets that destroy enemy electronic devices like Bandit's shock wire.[Note 32]..The characteristic helmet is the HGU56 equipped by fighter and helicopter pilots.
The origin of the code name is "Hunter" in German.
The name of the elite skin is "Flying Ace"
Russia·Special Task Force "Spetsnaz"[Note 33]
All members have different camouflage colorsBDUWearing (Gorka combat uniform).
Japanese voice actor- Osamu Kaneko
Real name: Shflat Keshbayev
Date of Birth: April 1982, 10
Origin:Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Samarkand
Gadget: APM-6 "Matryoshka"
motocrossA member of Spetsnaz whose face guard is a helmet. Raised in a military home in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.Soviet collapseright beforeロシアEmigrated to and became a military officer, where he bought specialized skills and was assigned to the Test Weapons Brigade.
He has a destructible wallbarricadeInstalled in, gadgets that eject multiple small grenades that bounce across it (cluster charge) are equipped. Although the damage of one shot is small, if it is a small room indoors, the control is terrible, and you can eliminate enemies collectively by explosion and shock. Therefore, it is essential to be careful not to involve allies.
The origin of the code name is "fuze" that detonates explosives.
The name of the elite skin is "Second Shock Army"
Japanese voice actor- Hiroaki Ichinowa
Real name: Timur Grazkov
Date of Birth: April 1987, 7
Gadget: HDS Flip Site
A sniper member of the Spetsnaz, he has participated in conflicts in South Ossetia and has served as VIP guard for several years. Originally a career as an artist, his curiosity and personality that did not overlook detailed information made him grow as a sniper.
The exclusive equipment is the Marksman Rifle (Dragunov sniper rifleWith a bullpup SVU sniper rifle) and a flip-up type 4x scope attached to it, it can be used properly with a short-range site according to the engagement distance. Since Y2S1, it has a thermography function, and when you look through the site, the outline of the enemy is clearly projected in yellow, and you can see the enemy even in smoke.This is because the attachment was modernized after several sessions with Galanos, who was second in the sniper tournament in which Graz participated and was first at that time.
The OTs-03 rifle penetrates the window of the presidential plane.
The origin of the code name is "eye" in Russian.
The name of the elite skin is "Lethal Citizen"
Japanese voice actor- Takuya Sato
Real name: Maxim Basuda
Date of Birth: April 1979, 5
From: Kovrov, Russia
Gadget: EDD Mk Ⅲ
A trap expert who is a member of Spetsnaz. Born and raised as the eldest son of three brothers in a poor factory worker's family in Kovrov to escape povertyMinistry of InteriorTo enter the,Barents SeaWith the background that was transferred to the port town.
Intrusion prevention devices (laser detection type) installed at doorways and windows地雷) Is a special equipment.Intrusion prevention device reacts to passersby[Note 34]explode.The damage is up to 60 and the laser becomes transparent after installation.
The origin of the code name is "trap" in Russian. The name is suitable for his gadget.
The name of the elite skin is "Vimpel"
Japanese voice actor- Minoru Hirota
Real name: Alexander Sennafiev
Date of Birth: April 1967, 11
Origin: Russia,St. Petersburg
Gadget: Schmiha Launcher
A member of Spetsnaz. Before grass nochiRed ArmyI was born and raised in a house in Japan and was interested in weapons of the Soviet era and restored myself.DP28 light machine gunI love you.
リリース当初の専用装備は設置式の固定機銃だったが、Y5におけるアップデートによって軽機関銃は携行可能なメイン武器となり、 焼夷弾を発射するGrenade launcherBecame a new special equipment.The incendiary bounces while igniting, sprinkling flames at the final landing point.
The origin of the code nameRussian Civil WarMilitary horse carriage equipped with a light machine gun facing backwards, used inTachanka. "
The name of the elite skin is "Slavazzari"
Canada·Integrated Task Force 2 (JTF-2)
Canadian special forces added in the first DLC "OPERATION BLACK ICE". For cold regions with a fur collarBDUとKnit hatAre wearing.
Back (BUCK)
Japanese voice actor- Maeda Issei
Real name: Sebastian Cote
Date of Birth: April 1980, 8
Gadget: SK 4-12
A male soldier with a beard. Joined the Canadian Army through an officer training program, then moved around the military. After that, he was invited to JTF-2 by the Canadian Army after being admitted to work in the Canadian emergency response unit that he joined.
He prefers gadgets with a simple design over the high-tech gear used by other members of the rainbow force. The special equipment "Skeleton Key" that shows its character is an under barrel type and specialized in destroying walls and barricadesShotgunIs. Main weaponrifleIt can be operated at the same time, and of course, even for battle, it can instantly neutralize the enemy at close range. The combination can flexibly respond to various situations on the battlefield.
The origin of the code name is "stag" and "shotgun".
The name of the elite skin is "Snow Drift Expert"
Frost (FROST)
Japanese voice actor- Chieko Miyazaki
Real name: Tina Lin Tsang
Date of Birth: April 1985, 5
Origin: Canada,British columbiaVancouver
Gadgets: Sterling Mk2 LHT
Female soldier of Asian descent. At the age of 18, he joined the Canadian Air Force and entered the Canadian Military College as a cadet. After graduation he was assigned to the Combined Rescue Command Center at Comox Canada Military Base.
Her hobby is hunting, and the specially equipped "Welcome Mat" with its know-how is mechanical.Traverse scissorsThen, the stepped enemy can be disabled with one shot. It's completely mechanical, so it's not affected by Thatcher's EMP grenade and isn't perceived by IQ's devices. But,floor matIt is easy to be detected by the enemy because of the shape ofGrenadeSuch asExplosiveIn addition to the destruction by, you can also hit and destroy, so it is necessary to devise such as installing it in a place that is hard to find, such as by the window.
The origin of the code name is "frost".
The name of the elite skin is "Huntless"
America·Navy SEALs
A special unit of the US Navy added in the 2nd DLC "OPERATION DUST LINE".MulticamCamouflage equipment and yellowSchumagAre wearing.
Black Beard
Japanese voice actor- Akira Harada
Real name: Craig Jenson
Date of Birth: April 1985, 3
Origin: United States,State of WashingtonBellevue
Gadget: TARS MK 0-Transparent Armor Rifle Shield
A male soldier with a characteristic black beard. Raised comfortably in an upper middle class home with no military personnel. When I was young, I wanted to join NAVY SEALS and started training with the help of my father, a kinematics professor, and joined the Navy at the age of 18.
His special equipment "Rifle Shield" is a transparent shield that is attached to the rifle to protect the head, and can reduce the risk of being hit by bullets coming from the front while performing accurate shooting.Rifle shields are different from normal shields such as those equipped by Montagne and Blitz, and are destroyed if they continue to be attacked.Also, since only the head is protected, it is desirable to stand around so that the torso, arms and legs are not targeted.The rifle shield itself is destroyed by almost all guns in one shot, so overconfidence is prohibited.
The origin of the code name is his charm point, "black mustache".
The name of the elite skin is "guerrilla"
Japanese voice actor- Amaya Wasa
Real name: Megan J. Castellano
Date of Birth: 1986 July 7
Origin: United States,CaliforniaOcean side
Gadget: Gyro Cam Mk2 "Black Eye"
Female soldier with tattoos on both arms. She was an Olympic candidate for the 200m breaststroke, but she never participated in the Olympics because she had an arm injury due to a bicycle accident that occurred in the third year of high school. However, after graduating from high school, he joined the U.S. Navy to take advantage of his swimming skills, and is currently working as an intelligence member.
Her special equipment "Black Eye Camera" is a surveillance camera that can be installed in any position such as the ceiling, wall, or ground by throwing it, and the image can be shared with the members of the same team.Depending on where you set it up, it's extremely difficult to search, but like a normal surveillance camera, it glows during use, and this camera stands out with pale light, so you need to use it well.
The origin of the code name is the English reading of "Valkyria" that appears in Norse mythology.
The name of the elite skin is "Battlefield Photographer '72"
Ghost Recon WildlandsIt has also appeared in the DLC of Twitch and Caveira.At that time, the ghost team asked about "Operation Patriot" but did not answer.
Brazil·Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE)
Special unit of the Brazilian military police added in the 3rd DLC "OPERATION SKULL RAIN". In commonberetAre wearing.
Japanese voice actor- Kazuki Adult
Real name: Vicente Souza
Date of Birth: 1967 July 11
Origin:Brazil,Nova Iguazu
Gadget: TAC Mk0
BOPE members who have eyepatches, gray hair, and chest pocket cigars. Raised in Nova Iguazu, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, as the youngest son. After graduating from high school, he joined the civilian police, was appointed to the Special Human Resources Coordination Department (CORE), and was enrolled in the drug organization for two months before joining BOPE.
The special equipment is a crossbow that shoots two types of special arrows.You can freely switch between an arrow that burns oxygen and chokes and damages the opponent, and an arrow that generates a smoke screen.Each arrow is effective in blocking the progress of the enemy.These arrows do not activate Jaeger's active defense system, but Wamai's MAG-NET system does.
The origin of the code name is "Captain" in Portuguese.
The name of the elite skin is "responder"
Japanese voice actor- Ayuko Nishimurano
Real name: Taina Pereira
Date of Birth: 1989 July 10
Origin: Rinopolis, Brazil
Gadget: Silent Step
SkullFace paintA female member characterized by. Born as the seventh of ten brothers, she was arrested in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 10 for robbery, but her calm attitude and intelligence also surprised the judge in charge, and as a result, cooperated as a BOPE intelligence agent. Came to be asked.
As a special skill, she uses a "silent step" that can be reused as many times as she wants by cooling down, and is also equipped with a sidearm "Luison" that is customized for her.Louison cannot kill directly with headshots etc.[Note 35], Be sure to be injured.Only Louison can be used while Silent Step is activated, but it can reduce footsteps while moving.In addition, it is possible to cross-examine injured enemies, and if successful, the position of other enemies including allies can be confirmed in real time for a few seconds with an icon indicating the type of operator.
The origin of the code name is "Skull" in Portuguese.
The name of the elite skin is "naked choke"
Japan·Special Raid Force (SAT)
Special unit of the Japanese police added in the 4th DLC "OPERATION RED CROW". Both membersAichi Prefectural Police OfArmbandI am wearing.
Japanese voice actor- Shoki Iki
Real name: Yumiko Imagawa
Date of Birth: 1983 July 7
Origin:Japan,AichiNagoya city
Gadget: X-KAIROS
A female member in a hood. Born as a daughter of a butcher shop. She was a skilled fighter who learned Kyudo from an early age, and when she was 18,Police collegeImmediately after being enrolled in and undergoing FBI/GIGN trainingAichi Prefectural PoliceI was assigned to a special unit.JordanAt a special operations conference held in Tokyo, she co-developed with Jordan Trace (Thermite) and created her special equipment "X-KAIROS".Therefore, when I started X-KAIROS, I said, "My friend would say this. A huge hole will open." This confirms that I became a friend from this experience. (A huge hole will open, says Termid when using Heat Charge)
The special equipment "X-KAIROS" emits up to 6 small explosive bullets at a time.[Note 36], You can blow up the reinforcing wall from a long distance and make a hole.The amount of one shot does not make it a size that people can pass through,[Note 37], Can be destroyed to a size that can be passed by shooting multiple shots.If a bandit shock wire is installed on the reinforcing wall, it will be destroyed immediately after injection.
The origin of the code name is "spark" because of the simple bomb that she showed off at the police college training and surprised the place, and the unusual explosive leadership.
The name of the elite skin is "Tempo Chishin". As an aside, the design of Yumiko's face has changed with the appearance of elite skins.
Japanese voice actor- Masashi Hashimoto
Real name: Masaru Enatsu
Date of Birth: 1980 July 10
Origin: Japan,TokyoSuginami
Gadget: YOKAI
Face maskとheadsetA male member wearing a. Called a robotics prodigy from childhood,Tokyo Metropolitan UniversityAfter completing a bachelor's degree in, enroll in police college. After that, before being transferred to the Aichi Prefectural PoliceMetropolitan Police DepartmentI was assigned to a special unit.
His special equipment "" YOKAI "DRONE" (hovering drone) is an unmanned flying drone that he created. YOKAI is equipped with an ultrasonic weapon that confuses all targets within range.This makes it possible to stop the installation of the diffuser.It can also be used as a camera.
The origin of the code name is the "reverberation" of the drone.
The name of the elite skin is "Tenka Musou"

YEAR2 operator

Spain·National Police Special Operations Force (GEO)
Special unit of the Spanish National Police added in the 5th DLC "OPERATION VELVET SHELL". Features a dedicated helmet.
Japanese voice actor- Takayama Haruo
Real name: Ryad Ramirez Al Hassal
Date of Birth: 1968 July 2
Gadget: Inox Model III
A GEO male member equipped with a special visor. His brother was killed by someone in his childhood and he joined the Spanish National Police to pursue the criminal. (However, the criminal has not been found yet.) He has been joined as a member of GEO, for his strong will and ability to work in difficult circumstances. At GEO, he was involved in tracking key targets and preventing illegal drug smuggling.
He has an extraordinary obsession with the trauma mentioned above, never letting go of the target once caught, and his special equipment "Inox Model III" that embodies it visualizes the footprints of the enemy. It is eyewear that can be tracked and tracked.The color of the displayed footprints gives you some idea of ​​how long the enemy has passed.In addition, the footprints can be scanned, and the current location of the scanned enemy and the type of operator can be notified to allies with a pin display, but there are no footprints in the crawling state or the part moved by the silent step, and the silent step is being used. Crawling cannot be tracked.
The origin of the code name is "jackal"Assassin."
The name of the elite skin is "Last Rhead"
Japanese voice actor- Kajiyama Haruka
Real name: Elena Maria Alvarez
Date of Birth: 1977 July 11
Origin: Spain,Madrid
Gadget: Black Mirror
A female member wearing a characteristic vest. I have been working with my father at a mechanic shop since my childhood and then joined the Spanish police. Joined GEO and developed and tested bulletproof equipment by making full use of his knowledge. She was the one who developed the shield for the Tachanka light machine gun.
Her special equipment "Black Mirror" is a ballistic magic mirror gun that can be installed on a destructible or reinforced wall. It is a magic mirror that you cannot see the inside from the outside, so you can observe the outside without being understood by the enemy. You can also destroy the mirror by destroying the inner cylinder and launch a surprise attack from the open hole. But that is also a weakness of the cylinder, and you must be careful not to let the shock drone of Twitch destroy your cylinder.
The origin of the code name is "sight" in Spanish.
The name of the elite skin is "INSPIRACIÓN"
Hong Kong·Special Duties (SDU)
A special unit of the police station in Hong Kong added from the 6th DLC "OPERATION BLOOD ORCHID". Equipped with a dedicated tactical vest with the Hong Kong regional chapter printed on it. Also, both operators wear sneakers instead of boots.
Japanese voice actor- Sachiko Yao
Real Name: Shu Mei Ling
Date of Birth: 1983 July 5
Origin: Hong Kong,Central
Gadget: Candela Device
A female member of the special unit SDU in Hong Kong. Equipped with a unique eye protector for BDUs with different top and bottom colors. Prior to joining SDU, he was in charge of guarding important personnel. Driving skills are also high, trained in Tel Aviv, Israel, participated in VIP rescue missions with Ash and Fuse, and has a career that led the operation to success. Also, she had a lover relationship with SAT operator Echo as she shared a mission in the past, but one year later she was broke.
Her special equipment, the “Candela Device,” is a gadget that can fire a flash by throwing, rolling, or installing it on a destructible wall or floor. Since it is not affected by the stun effect of the gadget, it is easier to use than a normal flash grenade.
The origin of the code name is "Tsubasa".
Region (LESION)
Japanese voice actor- Yasuhiro
Real name: Ryu Tse Ron (Hiroshi Akira)
Date of Birth: 1972 July 7
Birthplace: Hong Kong,Shogun Ao
Gadget: Gu Landmine
A male member of SDU. HelmetPoison markCharacterized by a toothpick in his mouth and short-sleeved shorts (there are some actual SDU members who were dispatched in short-sleeved shorts). Raised by a father who works day and night in a ship dismantling business, he was dismantling with his father because of his poverty. After that, he started volunteering for demining in Yunnan and Guangxi for two years. After returning to Hong Kong, he joined the Special Unit (SDU) to deal with the threat of terrorists using nuclear and biochemical weapons through an explosives disposal team.
When I was about 10 years old, I fell into an oil tank that had been loaded on an abandoned ship and ingested a large amount of toxic liquid. Therefore, the natural healing power against physical scratches is higher than that of normal people.
His special equipment "Gu mine" is a mine like Makibishi, and when installed, it is made transparent using optical camouflage.If an enemy hangs on this gadget, it will be poisoned and will suffer slip damage, and its movement speed will also decrease.Enemies hit by landmines are given two options: to continue to take damage, or to show a big gap and pull out the needle.
The origin of the code name is "injury".
The name of the elite skin is "NANO-TOX 32"
Poland·JW Grom (GROM)
Since the exclusive season in Poland has been cancelled, the attack/defense operator will be split in the 6th DLC "OPERATION BLOOD ORCHID" and the 7th DLC "OPERATION WHITE NOISE" And was published. Each has its own BDUPolish Special ForcesThe unit badge is printed. For the first time in the game, both attack/defense operators are women's units.
Japanese voice actor- Rei Shimoda
Real Name: Zophia Bossack
Date of Birth: 1981 July 1
Origin: ポーランド,Wroclaw
Gadget: KS79 Lifeline
A female member of JW GROM. ELA's older sister added last season. It features a beret. He has a history of joining a special unit to overcome trauma against bullying during his military days. He is a married person and a mother of one child. He has no relations with his sister and has not been repaired after joining Rainbow.
Her special equipment "KS79 Lifeline" is a special grenade launcher that can fire impact grenade bullets and concussion bullets with the same performance as "GRZ MOT Mine" that Ella has special equipment.
The name of the elite skin is "Duff Boyovy".In collaboration with Resident Evil, the elite skin "STARS unitThere is.
Japanese voice actor- Miki
Real Name: Ells Vieta Bossack
Date of Birth: 1985 July 11
Birthplace: Wroclaw, Poland
Gadget: GRZMOT Mine
A female member of the Polish special forces JW GROM. Characterized by hair dyed in green. His father was a GROM commander, so he was exposed to the same hardships as his sister at a military academyPMCWas working as a member of A somewhat rebellious personality against the orders of his boss.
Her exclusive equipment, the sensitive concussion mine "GRZMOT Mine," can be installed on all sides, reacting to enemies approaching the device and temporarily depriving her of hearing and balance. GRZMOT means "thunder" in Polish.
The name of the elite skin is "HUK SZ TUKI"
Korea·707th Special Mission Battalion(707SMB)
Korean Army Special Forces added in the 7th DLC "OPERATION WHITE NOISE". He wears a characteristic BDU with the Korean flag.
Tokkebi (DOKKAEBI)
Japanese voice actor- Saori Seto
Real Name: Grace Nam
Date of Birth: 1988 July 2
Origin: South Korea,Seoul
Gadget: Logic Bomb
A female member of 707SMB.Special Warfare CommandAlthough he was a problem child ofGreen beretAppreciated by the Korean Detached Corps. She wears Date glasses because she plays the "otaku girl" to soften her image of being a troublemaker.
Her exclusive equipment "Logic Bomb" is owned by the defense operator.PDAA virus that makes an incoming call to is sent all at once to induce detection by vibration sound.[Note 38]Hacked the defensive smartphone that was defeated, and watched cameras (Valkyrie's Black Eye and Echo's YOKAI Drone)[Note 39], Including cameras installed by the defense such as bulletproof cameras) can be hijacked.At this time, when the defender looks at the image of the camera, her icon is displayed large in the center of the screen and the view is obstructed.
The origin of the code name is the Korean youkai "Tokkebi. "
The name of the elite skin is "Electro Beat"
Japanese voice actor- Kei Wu
Real name: Chorkyung Hwa
Date of Birth: 1984 July 1
Origin: Unknown
Gadget: ERC-7
A male member of 707SMB. It features a Kevlar mask engraved with "707". He was an exile from a certain Asian country and lost his family after a few months of escape in his childhood. He is traumatized for his past career, and the reason he wears a mask is to alleviate the anxiety caused by his trauma. He has a very serious personality and always cares about his colleague Tokkebi.
A member of the 707 SMB of the Army, but originally the NavyUDT-SEALI'm from
His special equipment "ERC-7" will not be reflected in the attacking drone etc. while it is activated[Note 40]It is a device. A white noise runs on the screen of the drone where he is within a radius of 7 m while ERC-12 is running, so you can know its existence.It is also effective for cameras hacked by Dokkaebi.
The origin of the code name is "Fuyuban".

YEAR3 operator

CBRN countermeasure unit (CBRN)
A special unit added in the 8th DLC "OPERATION CHIMERA". Unlike the nation-based troops that have been added so far, Six is ​​a troop separately organized to counter CBRN terrorism. For the first time as an additional operator, both members were added to the attacking side. YellowChemical protective clothingAre wearing.
Lion (LION)
Japanese voice actor- Hiroshi Shirakuma
Real name: Olivier Flemant
Date of Birth: 1985 July 8
Birthplace: France,Toulouse
Gadget: EE-ONE-D
Male members of CBRN and GIGN. It features a balaclava with two open eyes and a large backpack. Joined an army that could serve the country to make up for the mistakes that led to the abortion of his son in the rough life of his youth.Dragoon RegimentAmong them, he has a history of being engaged in the CBRN mission and being assigned to a special unit from that track record.
He is now a pious and calm person, but he has mixed feelings about his former lover and the son of her husband.
His special equipment "EE-ONE-D" is a drone that uses sound waves to perform reconnaissance in the sky. When activated, a 1-second countdown starts, and 3 seconds after the countdown, enemies that have moved are spot-displayed with a pin for a short time.
The code name comes from the nickname "Lion," which was given by a local inhabitant to a loud voice during a medical support operation in Sudan.
Japanese voice actor- Aya Shida
Real name: Rera Melinikova
Date of Birth: 1989 July 6
Origin: ベ ラ ル ー シ,Gomel
Gadget: Adrenaline Surge
A female member of CBRN and Spetsnaz. It features a large scar on the face.Chernobyl nuclear power plant accidentIn the second generation of A-bomb victims under the influence of her, her special equipment, "Adrenaline Surge," was originally to improve her condition. The wounds on his face were the result of an accident during his training in combat with his colleague Kapkan.
When her special equipment "Adrenaline Surge" is activated, adrenaline is injected from the nanobot, giving all allies 10 seconds of strengthening, health boost, and down revival effects.[Note 41]During the effect, there are merits such as reduction of time after ADS due to increase of metabolism such as respiratory rate and heart rate due to adrenaline, reduction of recoil and shortening of reload time, reduction of delay effect with banshee and barbed wire.[Note 42]However, there are also disadvantages such as increased smoke gas grenade damage and increased detection range of the pulse heart rate sensor.[Note 43]
The origin of the code name is "Knife" in Russian.
ゴーストリコン ブレイクポイントのライブイベント「アンバー・スカイ作戦」に登場した。
Italy·Special Intervention Unit (GIS)
A special unit of Carabinieri added in the 9th DLC "OPERATION PARA BELLUM". The GIS red beret is featured on the Italian Army BDU adopted by Carabinieri. Two GIS members were added to the defense side, while two CBRN members of the 8th DLC were added to the attack side.
Japanese voice actor- Takahiro Fujiwara
Real name: Adriano Martello
Date of Birth: 1973 July 4
Origin: イタリア,Rome
Gadget: Evil Eye
A male member of GIS. It features large body armor and shot ammunition. The eldest of the eight siblings, he is charismatic enough to be called a natural leader. It has been revealed that he joined the army to reduce the financial burden on his parents. Before rejoining as a rainbow, he trained the military and PMC as a civilian instructor for customers.
The special equipment "Evil Eye" is a stationary bulletproof turret that can also be used as a surveillance camera that can be seen through smoke.Resistant to shooting and hitting, but not to explosions.Also, when attacking, the bulletproof cover opens and may be destroyed by the opponent.
The origin of the code name is "Captain" in Italian.
Japanese voice actor- Ishida Kayo
Real name: Aria de Luca
Date of Birth: 1980 July 12
Origin: (I.e.,Tripoli
Gadget: Prisma
A female member of GIS. It features a scarf that covers your face. He is a shooting professional and has won gold medals at tournaments. Also, my fathermafiaHe was deeply hateful of criminals because he was suffering from more extortion and assault, and he made contact with a certain mafia as an arms dealer, and had the credit for discovering the organization.
専用装備「プリズマ」は、自身を模したホログラム[Note 44]を発生させる装置で、ホログラムに対し敵が攻撃する・触れるなどすると[Note 45], The position of the other party can be detected for a short time.
The origin of the code name is "absence proof".
GSUTR "Grim Sky" (Urban Tactical Response Team / Grim Sky)
Added in 10th DLC "OPERATION GRIM SKY". Joint unit corresponding to urban tactics. Unlike the special forces that have appeared so far, there is no common design among members.
Japanese voice actor- Keisuke Fujii
Real name: Eric Thorn
Date of birth: 1982 year 4 month 20 day
Birthplace: United States,MassachusettsDuffel Bag
Gadget: Bleaching torch
GSUTR andDelta ForceA male member who belongs. Featuring a Afghan tattoo on the left arm with a paka hat and scarf. Raised in a multilingual home, it has a top 2% IQ. After joining the army and being dispatched to AfghanistanDaliTalk to yourselfBuzkashiParticipated in, participated in intelligence activities while living with local people and prevented many terrorist attacks.
The specially equipped "Bleaching Torch" is a gas burner that can punch holes in destructible walls in any shape. However, unlike the Thermit and Hibana, it is necessary to directly open the wall using the torch itself, so it is easy to be vulnerable while using the gadget.
The origin of the code name is "one loner".
The name of the elite skin is "Hot Shot Welder"
Crash (CLASH)
Japanese voice actor- Ishida Kayo
Real Name: Moroi Evans
Date of birth: 1983 year 6 month 7 day
Birthplace: England,UK
Gadget: Cloud Control Electro Shield (CCE Shield)
GSUTR andLondon Police DepartmentFemale member who belongs. It features armor and skin head that are layered on a shirt. Once against a discriminatorAntifaI was active, but since my friend who was the same activist was killed by the looter who took a piggyback, I changed to the police,SCO19Became a specialist in suppressing mobs.
The special equipment "Cloud Control Electro Shield" is a shield through which an electric current flows, which can cause a small amount of damage and a reduction in the movement speed by electric shock to the enemy in front, and it is possible to restrict the action. It is the first shield-bearing operator added to the defender, but unlike the attacker, he cannot hold a shield and gun at the same time.
The origin of the code name is "collision".
Morocco Royal Security Police Intervention Unit (GIGR)
A special unit of the Royal Moroccan Military Police added in the 11th DLC "OPERATION WIND BASTION". It features a Middle Eastern style sand color combat suit.
Nomad (NOMAD)
Japanese voice actor- Mai Kawabata
Real Name: Sanaa El Mactove
Date of birth: 1979 year 7 month 27 day
Origin: モロッコ,マ ラ ケ シ ュ
Gadget: Air Jablancer
A female member of GIGR. It features a knit hat and goggles that covers the head. Raised in a wealthy family, she lived in North Africa and Europe since her childhood. At the age of 19, he joined the military police and was known as an expert in missions in special environments, taking advantage of numerous travel and adventure experiences.
The special equipment "Air Jab Blanccher" is a reaction grenade that can be ejected from the attachment attached to the rifle and adhered to the wall or ceiling.It can be temporarily disabled by detecting the approach of an enemy, detonating it, and blowing it away with wind pressure.Although it has no killing ability[Note 46], It is possible to attack unilaterally because it loses its posture and becomes defenseless.The sound at the time of detonation is loud, and it can also be used to grasp the position of the enemy.However, in order to involve allies in the effective range, it is necessary to be careful with each other, such as using the situation carefully and keeping other allies as close as possible to the range.
The origin of the code name is "nomad".
Japanese voice actor- Hitoshi Yamanoi
Real name: Jalar El Fassi
Date of birth: 1960 year 6 month 26 day
Birthplace: Morocco,Armaud
Gadget: RTILA Electro Crow
A male member of GIGR. Characterized by a rich beard. Raised in the fortress, a legendary military training facility for the military police in the Atlas Mountains, he joined the GIGR and, after joining the fortress, demonstrated natural leadership and command capabilities. Not only in his own country, but also among the special forces members in Africa and the Middle East.
The special equipment "RTILA Electro Crow" can energize reinforced walls, hatches, barbed wire, and deployable shields.Compared to Bandit, which has similar capabilities, the number of gadgets is small, and although it takes time for current to flow from the use of gadgets, it does not matter the adhesive surface such as floor, wall, ceiling, etc. Due to the fact that it can be used in many situations and that current flows from the bonding point of the electrocrow to a metal object within the spherical range, one electrocrow can be used for multiple gadgets by arranging reinforcing walls, barbed wire, and other gadgets. It has the advantage of being able to carry an electric current, and is differentiated.
The code name is derived from the Arabic commander.

YEAR4 operator

Australia·SAS Regiment (SASR)
A special unit of the Australian Army added in the 12th DLC "OPERATION BURNT HORIZON". Both members are members of the task force involved in the task of convoy protection. Characterized by wearing an armor with a patch of the Australian flag on a motorsport uniform with a sand-colored camouflage.
Japanese voice actor- Kahoko Taki
Real name: Torri Talyyo Fileus
Birthday: August 1982, 8
Origin:Australia,Central Queensland, Long reach
Gadget: Track Stinger
A female member of SASR. A big muscular woman. He was the eldest daughter of five brothers and studied mechanical engineering like his father, who was a military aircraft engineer, and joined the military after graduating from university. In addition to his skill as an engineer, he is also familiar with handling weapons, combat support, guarding dignitaries by operating all-terrain vehicles, and collecting information.
The special equipment "Truck Stinger" will sprinkle spiked traps when thrown. Traps will spread over time, and you can scatter up to 1 traps.
The origin of the code name is "traffic jam".
Japanese voice actor- Tomoya Yano
Real name: Max Goose
Birthday: August 1984, 2
Birthplace: Australia,Portland
Gadget: Plague Launcher
A male member of SASR. A slender little man wearing an off-road helmet. Joined the army after working at the Australian Defense Academy. He is good at reconnaissance, guarding, and surprise attacks using dirt bikes. He is also an eccentric tongue in my personal life.
The special equipment "Plague Launcher" fires a robot from a slingshot and hacks an enemy drone within a certain range.The hacked drone can be moved by itself to scout the enemy's offensive.If you hack a shock drone, you can also use a taser.However, if you hack Flores' Latero Charge, you can only destroy it on the spot.
The origin of the code name is "mosquito" in Australian slang.
Denmark·Hunting company/America·secret Service
Added in the 13th DLC "OPERATION PHANTOM SIGHT". Unlike the previous series, there is no relation within the unit between the two operators.
Nook (NøKK)
Real name: [Delete]
Birthday: [Deleted]
From: [Deleted]
Gadget: HEL Presence Reduction
A female member of the hunting company. It is characterized by wearing a protective net that hides the entire head in BDU form. Having a father of a famous family, he grew up in a family of mothers and children, and after graduating from the Royal Academy of Military Sciences, became a lieutenant and all his profile was classified by NATO as a confidential matter, and he was involved in secret missions such as infiltration into enemy forces.
The special equipment "HEL Presence Reduction" is a device that, when activated, disappears from the camera on the defense side and reduces footsteps.However, noise runs above and below the reconnaissance tool during startup,[Note 47]In actions such as running and shooting, noise will appear at the approximate position of the nook in the camera image, and the position can be determined even if it is damaged by barbed wire or a trap.
The origin of the code name is the spirit of Nordic mythology "Noken. "
Japanese voice actor- Takaya Kuroda
Real name: Colin McKinley
Origin: United States,KentuckyLouisville
Date of birth: 1971 year 3 month 18 day
Gadget: Glance Smart Glasses
Secret Agent male agent. The feature is that you are wearing a gadget, a watch, and a glass in a business suit.MarinesAfter finishing his three-time service period, he joined the Secret Service to protect the president and boasts the best arm of the security team.
The special equipment "Glance Smart Glasses" becomes resistant to flash grenades when activated, and even if it is affected by the flash, it removes dazzling eyes.It is also possible to see the enemy through the smoke grenade by resting.If you receive the effect of EMP grenade during activation, the function will stop there.
The origin of the code name is "guardian".
Peru ・Anti-digging organization APCA/Mexico ・Special Forces (Fuerzas Especiales)
Added in 14th DLC "OPERATION EMBER RISE". Among them, APCA is a malicious treasure hunter who steals ancient ruins andDrug cartelsTo counterVigilanteAnd, it receives the cooperation of the Mexican military special forces. Both operators are wearing adventure gear such as backpacks and jeans.
Real name: Ascena Rossio Kisp
Origin:ペルー, Kohata
Date of birth: 1971 year 6 month 6 day
Gadget: Garahook
APCA female leader. It features a bandana wrapped around the head. An ancestor is a family line that was related to a pioneer from Europe,archeologyHave a strong interest in. After becoming a long-awaited archeologist through the Peruvian police, he founded APCA because he was frustrated by the armed diggers robbing the ruins. Conduct a guerrilla battle against the thieves. Selection from the first civilians of the rainbow unit.
The special equipment "Galahook" is an unreinforced hatch[Note 48]And rappelling by firing hooks on windows and invading the inside of the building and the upper floors at once.
The code name comes from the legendary dragon of the Incas myth.Amaru. "
Real name: Cesar Luis Hernandez
Origin:メキシコ,Culiacan, Rosales
Date of birth: 1988 year 6 month 10 day
Gadget: Volcane Shield
Male special forces member. Characterized by mustache. Lost his family in a cartel bombing in his childhood, and at the recommendation of his mother who survived painfully, passed through the Naval Academy.Mexican MarinesEnlisted in. After engaging in a special anti-cartel operation by the Mexican Army Joint Task Force,UNESCO international convention against doping in the sport,Interpol, And participated in the anti-theft digging activity with Amaru, who was taken care of since childhood.
The special equipment "Volcan Shield" sets the explosive on the deployable shield and shoots the explosive part.[Note 49]The shield explodes and damages enemies within range.
The origin of the code name is the abbreviation of the personal name "Gregorio" in Spanish. and"active volcano. "
Private military company・NIGHT HAVEN
Added in 15th DLC "OPERATION SHITING TIDE". In addition to contracting with the Indian government and sending security personnel to the border, it is active in several countries including Africa. Characterized by wearing BDU based on blue.
Real name: Jaymini Karimohan Shah
Date of birth: 1985 year 8 month 21 day
Gadget: Low Speed ​​Explosive Lance (LV EL)
Female owner of Night Haven. Features bandanas and sunglasses. From a wealthy familyIndian ArmyHowever, due to old military tradition, he will not be dispatched to the battle and will choose to fight as a PMC after retirement. After nurturing his own army with a barbaric leadership and succeeding in his country, he founded Even Heaven and did business abroad.
The special equipment is a bolt action rifle "CSRX 6" equipped with a scope that can change the magnification to 12 times and 300 times and a low-speed explosive lance "LV EL" launched from the launcher mounted on it, and the CSRX 300 is a wall It has such a high power that it can penetrate and make the opponent incapable of fighting with a single blow, but if you shoot it, you will easily know where you are.[Note 50]It has the drawback of.Also, when the slow explosive lance is shot into a wall, it destroys the gadgets around the wall with a shock wave.
The CSRX 300 penetrates the window of the presidential plane.
The origin of the code name is the Goddess of Battle of India "Curly. "
The name of the elite skin is "Masterframe Prototype I"
Real name: Kugi Machoki Flaha
Date of birth: 1991 year 6 month 1 day
Gadget: MAG-NET system
A male member of Nighthaven. It features a hairstyle with shaved ears. I am from a fishing village in the archipelagoKenya NavyHe became a member of the special vessel unit when he joined the team, and he was active in the world of freediving by taking advantage of the swimming technique cultivated since he was a boy and the unique constitution that allows him to dive in water for a long time. After that, he was transferred to Night Haven by a curry scout.
When the special equipment "MAG-NET system" is installed, a spherical magnetic field is deployed in a certain area around it, and enemy projectiles are within the effective range.[Note 51]When you catch it, it attracts it. MAG-NET is charged every 40 seconds, and up to 5 can be installed.
The origin of the code name is Kenyan surname,KikuyuThen, it means "one who comes from water."

YEAR5 operator

Space Development Agency REU/Independent
Added in the 16th DLC "OPERATION VOID EDGE".Both operators are civilians. "
Real name: Nienke Meyer
Origin: Netherlands,Cat wake
Date of birth: 1984 year 8 month 27 day
Gadget: Gemini Replicator
REU female employee. Characterized by gray hair. A family of engineers, after graduating from the Royal Army Air Force AcademyDutch Air ForceBelong to.Pigment deficiencyDue to his low vision, he was unable to become a fighter pilot, became a researcher of space flight technology after his removal, and obtained a PhD in system engineering to develop pioneering terrain mapping software.
The specially equipped "Gemini Replicator" operates through the Augmented Reality (AR) function of the contact lens that wears its own ghost, and disturbs the opponent while collecting information. It should be noted that there is a limit to how long it can be used once, and since it is merely a clone, it cannot be attacked.[Note 52]
The origin of the code name is the Roman goddess of the moon "DianaReading in Greek.
Oryx (ORYX)
Real name: Saif Al Hadid
Date of birth: 1974 year 7 month 3 day
Gadget: Rema Dash
Although not affiliated with the organization, it is essentially a male member of GIGR. Characterized by a strong physique. I was confined to a certain power for 15 years since I was a boy and when I escape, I work as a mercenary in the Middle East. He climbed to the unofficial Deputy Commander at the Kyid Fortress, where he was absent during his absence. Has the physical ability of an Olympic athlete.
Tackle at a faster movement speed than usual, destroy walls etc. in exchange for reduced physical strength and loud noise[Note 53]Use "Rema Dash" to rush into the enemy.Rema Dash is also effective against enemies holding a shield, and can release the shield and overturn it.Besides that, you can also jump up the destroyed trapdoor and attack from the lower floor.
The origin of the code name is "Oryx". In Greek, "pickaxe".
Night Haven / South Africa's Incaba Force
Added in 17th DLC "OPERATION STEEL WAVE". The Incaba unit is an anti-poaching organization that guards natural parks.
Real name: Hubbard Hoagland
Origin:ノルウェー,Lerdal Suei
Date of birth: 1987 year 3 month 15 day
A male member of Nighthaven. Characterized by wearing a red uniform and black mask for lifesaving activities. Admitted to a pediatrician to enter a medical college, but in search of more practical lifesaving techniquesNorwegian Army OfHomeland GuardEnlisted in. LaterArmed Forces Special Forces (FSK)Became a medic and was rescued by Curry in a certain mission and she was asked to save life. In social media, he is praised as a hero from all over the world.
The unique gadget "SELMA Aqua Breacher" is a throwing type bleaching charge that uses water pressure to break up by throwing up to 2 long holes horizontally on the wall reinforced by throwing. However, because of the time lag, it has the drawback that it is easily destroyed when an electric current is applied by a banded or kaid gadget. Even if the jammer is muted, the detonation will be invalidated, but if the jammer is destroyed, the detonation will resume. Also, unlike ordinary bleaching charges, it has little effect on the ceiling and floor, and can only be destroyed by using two reinforced trapdoors.
The origin of the code name is "Ace".
Real name: Thandiwi Ndlov
Origin:Republic of South Africa,Lousburg
Date of birth: 1987 year 6 month 16 day
Gadgets: Banshee Sonic Defense
A female member of the Incaba unit. It features a shirt with a Gilly net on the arm. He has loved exploring the jungle since he was a girl, and from that time he faces the reality of poaching animals in protected areas.South African Defense ForceBelonged to the parachute troops of the country until he was injured, and after joining the Incaba troops at the request of a friend from a girl's age, as a leader of a group consisting only of women in order to protect the animals of Hulhuluwe Inforji Park from poachers Start working.
The gadget "Bansy Sonic Defense" is a device that is attached to the floor or wall, and can emit sound waves to enemies within its working range to reduce the speed of movement and delay enemy attacks. In addition, it is possible to understand that there is an enemy in the operating range because the sound is emitted. Although it has bulletproof performance, it will be destroyed by exploding gadgets such as ash, Zofia, and Curry or by approaching and hitting.
The origin of the code nameZulu"Shepherd".
Rainbow Operations Staff
Real name:Sam Fisher
Origin:The United States of America,Baltimore, Maryland Towson
Date of birth: 1957 year 8 month 8 day
Gadget: Argus Launcher
Male of Rainbow Operations staff.Sprinter cell seriesAlthough it is the main character of, this work features a long coat. A legendary CIA agent (see the link to his real name for details), he became a collaborator and instructor of the Rainbow Corps at the request of Harry, the second-generation Six.
The gadget "Argus Launcher" is a pistol-shaped gadget that fires a remotely controllable camera. The camera can be mounted on any wall, especially destructible walls (even when reinforced) can be seen both inside and outside the room. You can also fire only one laser for each camera, and destroy enemy gadgets. However, while the camera is operating, the lights turn on, and the gadgets of Banded and Kaid emit electric current, and the gadgets of Jager and Wamai are intercepted.
The code name "Zero" indicates that he is a veteran who survived many battlefields.
In melee attacksSprinter cell blacklistI use the Karambit I got from Victor Coste.There is a special icon in the kill log that flows when you kill with this knife, which is different from the normal melee attack.
Other equipment and how to hold the gun are also packed with elements of the past work.
Night Haven
It was added in the 18th DLC "OPERATION NEON DAWN".
Real name: Afa Tawan Rune
Origin:Kingdom of Thailand,Sa Kaeo Tarplaya County
Date of birth: 1979 year 8 month 9 day
Gadget: Surya Laser Gate
A female member of Night Haven.It features a scar on the face and a cybernetic artificial limb that corresponds to the missing left arm and left leg.An excellent private detective, he was hired by the Thai police to detect criminal gangs.In a certain explosion, he suffered a fatal serious injury to the left side of his body and became half-impaired. In return, he was offered a prosthetic limb to Curry and entered Knight Even.
The gadget "Suria Laser Gate" spreads a laser around the window, damaging it and obstructing the enemy's progress.In addition, the laser gate can pass through Arni and allies.However, when an enemy or grenade passes through, the laser is cut off and a restart is required.In addition, the melee attack delivered by the artificial limb is highly powerful, and you can destroy barricades and trapdoors with a single shot, and hit them multiple times to make a passable hole in the destructible wall.There is a special icon in the kill log by melee attack that is different from the normal melee attack.
The origin of the code name is "sun".

YEAR6 operator

Real name: Santiago Miguel Lucero
Origin:アルゼンチン,ブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ ス, Flores district
Date of birth: 1982 year 10 month 2 day
Gadget: RCE-Latero Charge
FBI male collaborator.He lives in a poor area to support his sickly mother, and after graduating from the National Military University, he repeatedly robbed local mafias and others, and gave the stolen money to the poor.After that, he fled to Los Angeles and continued to rob the gang while becoming an informant at Ash's recommendation.In private lifehomosexual.
The gadget "RCE-Latero Charge" is a remote-controllable drone that, when activated, explodes after a few seconds, damaging enemies and destructible walls.Also, when it explodes, it cannot be destroyed because it keeps bullets away.However, unlike a normal drone, it cannot move backward or stop, and it can only change direction by changing the viewpoint, and when it starts up, it automatically explodes in about 10 seconds.It is also stopped by Mute Jammer and Mogi's Plague Launcher.Unlike the Twitch shock drone, you can jump.
The code name comes from his hometown.

Appearance stage

There are a great variety of maps in this work. As of March 2019, 3 maps have appeared in the game.

Private house (reworked)
The United States of AmericaCity of Los AngelesA general house located on the basement, consisting of 1F and 2F. The 17th DLC "OPERATION STEEL WAVE" has undergone a major remake of the entire map.
Central Bank in Los Angeles, United States. Surrounded by buildings in the big city.
Presidential aircraft
The United KingdomA presidential plane that exists in.The attacking player uses the ramp and ladder of the plane to rush into the plane.
Hereford Base (Reworked)
England HerefordshireIt is inSpecial paratroopers(SAS) training base. The SAS symbol is drawn on the side of the building. The 10th DLC "OPERATION GRIM SKY" has undergone a major remake of the entire map, making it the first game map to rain.
Oregon (reworked)
The United States of AmericaOregonA building believed to be the hideout of a criminal organization in. DLC 16th "OPERATION VOID EDGE" has undergone a major remake of the entire map.
C te d'IvoireAbidjanIvory CoastFranceConsulate.
Clubhouse (reworked)
Germany,HanoverBiker gang inHell's Angels』\ Owned clubhouse. The 9th DLC "OPERATION PARA BELLUM" has undergone a major remake of the entire map. The height of some objects in the underground arsenal has been changed in the 19th DLC "OPERATION CRIMSON HEIST".
Canal (reworked)
Germany,HamburgIndustrial harbor building along the canal in. It is divided into a red brick building and a white control tower building. DLC 14th edition "OPERATION EMBER RISE" has undergone a major remake of the entire map.
Mountain lodge (reworked)
France,CourchevelA mountain lodge on the hillside of the Alps. The 18th DLC "OPERATION SHADOW LEGACY" has undergone a major remake of the entire map.
Cafe Dostoevsky (reworked)
ロシア,MoscowLarge cafeteria and museum in. The name is a Russian writerFyodor Dostoevsky It seems to be derived from. "OPERATION PHANTOM SIGHT" has undergone a major remake of the entire map.
ヨ ッ ト
カナダ,Hudson bayA cruiser stranded at. It was added in the first DLC "OPERATION BLACK ICE". It was once excluded from the playlist on the PvP map, but was added to the playlist again after some modifications in the 1th DLC "OPERATION CHIMERA".
Border (reworked)
Exists in a country in the Middle EastBorder checkpoint.. It was added in the second DLC "OPERATION DUST LINE". The 2th DLC "OPERATION CRIMSON HEIST" has undergone a major remake of the entire map.
Brazil,Rio de JaneiroExists inFavela(Slums). It was added in the 3rd DLC "OPERATION SKULL RAIN". It was once excluded from the PvP map playlist, but was added to casual matches only after some modifications in the 10th DLC "OPERATION GRIM SKY".
Skyscraper (reworked)
Japan,AichiNagoya cityThe mansion of a fictitious gang leader in.It is a map that shows the view of Japan overseas. It was added in the 4th DLC "OPERATION RED CROW". The 18th DLC "OPERATION NEON DAWN" has undergone a major remake of the entire map.
Bartlett University
The United States of AmericaMassachusettsUniversity in Originally, it was created as a map for PvE for "Article 5" of the situation mode, but what was adjusted for PvP appeared in the middle season of DLC 4th bullet. Currently not used in PvP mode.
スペイン,IbizaResort hotel. Added in 5th DLC "OPERATION VELVET SHELL".
Theme park (reworked)
Hong KongAn abandoned amusement park abandoned along the coast where there is. It was added in the 6th DLC "OPERATION BLOOD ORCHID", but in the 15th DLC "OPERATION SHIFTING TIDES", it is the first DLC additional map to cover the entire map. A major remake was given.
South Korea,SeoulAn observation tower in the center of the city. The only permanent game map where the top floor of the building is set as the appearance point. It was added in the 7th DLC "OPERATION WHITE NOISE".
イタリア,TuscanyVilla owned by the fictional Mafia organization "Vincci Guera Family". For the first time as a game map, it is a map only for daytime (evening). Added in 9th DLC "OPERATION PARA BELLUM".
モロッコ,Atlas MountainsMoroccan military police fortress. Added in 11th DLC "OPERATION WIND BASTION".
AustraliaService station in the hinterland. Added in 12th DLC "OPERATION BURNT HORIZON".


PS4 versionBattle meetingIt became the 2016 event. Qualifying will start in December 2015, and the four teams that have passed the qualifying will advance to the finals. The final will be on January 12, 4Makuhari MesseHeld at[5].

The Pro League held on the PC version will be available for participation from Asia including Japan from Season 3. If the Japanese team wins, no prize money will be awarded due to Japanese legal issues.[6].. Season 2019 Finals in Fall 10Aichi Sky ExpoIt was held in.


"Dengeki Online] In the review project, multiple writers who participated evaluated the effectiveness of teamwork and individual operators.[2].

One of the participants, writer hororo, described this work as "a work that was made with team team in mind", and while collaborating with friends through voice chat, through reconnaissance behind the other team. I evaluated the point that you can bargain like this.[2].

Writer Tanishi who participated in the same project called this work as the ultimate pretend play, ``Because the operators die suddenly before they realize that they have been attacked, they must always be nervous in preparation for unexpected situations, the real thing. It was like a battlefield in the world.” It was evaluated that the appeal of this work is that it can be completely used by one member.[2].


注 釈

  1. ^ Blue team and orange team.
  2. ^ In Y5S3, the exclusion voting function was removed from the quick match, which eliminated the exclusion voting function itself in multiplayer. ..
  3. ^ However, if the orange team in the first round and the blue team in the third round succeed in defending, the same point will not be the defense point in the second and fourth rounds.
  4. ^ Determined by voting within the team.You can also choose not to vote.If multiple points are selected without all votes or with the same vote, it will be randomly determined from all points or selected points.
  5. ^ When the BAN phase begins, the Orange team BANs one attack operator. After that, the operator BAN is performed in the order of the blue attack operator BAN, the blue defense operator BAN, and the orange defense operator BAN. You can also select "No BAN".
  6. ^ Three maps are randomly selected from the map pool, and both the blue and orange teams select the map they do not want to play at the same time. If both teams vote for one map, they will be randomly selected from the remaining two.
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  13. ^ 4 秒
  14. ^ キャッスルバリケード・イービルアイ・ボルカンシールド・バンシー・展開型シールド・防弾カメラ
  15. ^ ただし、Twitchはガジェットのショックドローンが通常ドローンの代用である一方、フローレスはラテロチャージと別に通常ドローンを2台所持している。
  16. ^ ただしTwitchの持つショックドローンは、テーザーと引き換えにジャンプ機能を失っている。
  17. ^ ショックワイヤーやエレクトロクロウで電流が流れていた場合、ダメージが発生する。
  18. ^ ただし隠れるのは胴体であり、ヘッドショットは防げない。
  19. ^ オブジェクトを破壊すれば、壁の向こうなどであっても感知することが可能。
  20. ^ バレル、サイト、グリップ、レーザーサイトの4つ。
  21. ^ PC版のみ。
  22. ^ 手に持つことや、設置することのできるガジェットのみ
  23. ^ ハンドガンは除く
  24. ^ If the defending operator is in range, the laser sight and optical sight of the gun will also be affected.
  25. ^ When the interfering signal disruptor is destroyed, these gadgets resume functioning.
  26. ^ However, unlike the EMP grenade, it does not affect the attacking laser sight or optical sight.
  27. ^ There is no systematic synergy.
  28. ^ It can be destroyed by shooting.
  29. ^ In Japanese dubbing, it is erroneously written as "Navy".
  30. ^ Items to be invalidated are EMP grenade, bleaching bullet, cluster charge, candela, concussion bullet, lifeline, air jab, slow explosive lance, argus launcher, flag grenade, flash grenade, smoke grenade, Gonne-6.
  31. ^ You could invalidate up to 3 thrown objects with one ADS, but once you invalidate the thrown objects after Y5S4, a cool time of 10 seconds will occur, but the total number that can be invalidated is unlimited.
  32. ^ In the case of EMP grenades, if the grenade enters the effective range first, it can be disabled.
  33. ^ Originally, Spetsnaz is an abbreviation for "Special Task Force" in Russian, and does not refer to an individual unit. The unit that appeared is from the patch on the shoulder of the memberRussian Federation Security Agency OfAlpha unitI think that the
  34. ^ It does not react to friendly operators, but if an enemy operator is nearby when passing by, allies and gadgets will also be damaged.
  35. ^ Because it fires rubber bullets.
  36. ^ You can select 6, 4, or 2 shots.
  37. ^ Unreinforced trapdoors can be destroyed with 2 shots, and reinforced trapdoors can be destroyed with 4 shots.
  38. ^ The effect time is 12 seconds, during which time it will continue to ring unless you stop it, and the reconnaissance tool will be disabled.Also, by entering the effective range of the mute signal disruptor, it is possible to end the effect without stopping operation.
  39. ^ Y4S4 or later
  40. ^ It is not spotted by Lion's EE-ONE-D during use.
  41. ^ If it is down, it will recover with 30 HP + 20 surges.This 20 decreases over time.Also, using a surge during a Caveira cross-examination cannot cancel the cross-examination.
  42. ^ In addition, the effect time of concussion is reduced, and the effect time of candela and stun grenade is reduced.
  43. ^ Also, if you receive the effects of Sonic Burst or Gu mines during a surge, the effects will end there.
  44. ^ ただしデフォルトスキン。
  45. ^ Even if you touch it with a drone operated by the attacking side, the operating player will be spotted.
  46. ^ However, if there is a destructible wall before it is blown off by the air jab, a large hole will be made in the wall and 5 damage will be taken.Also, if there is no floor at the point where it is blown off, it will take appropriate fall damage.
  47. ^ Similar to Vigil.
  48. ^ Before Y5S1, the trapdoor had to be destroyed when climbing the trapdoor, but after Y5S2, if the trapdoor is destructible, it can be destroyed directly with a gala hook.
  49. ^ The same effect is activated when the shield is destroyed by a bleaching bullet or flag grenade.
  50. ^ Because the trajectory remains easier to see than other guns.
  51. ^ Attracting items are EMP grenades, bleaching bullets, cluster charges, tactical crossbows, candela, concussion bullets, lifelines, air jabs, tracks stinger, slow explosive lances, SELMA aqua grenades, argus launchers, flag grenades, flash grenades, smoke grenades, and smoke grenades. Gonne-6
  52. ^ Unlike the alibi hologram, the Gemini reflects Iana's weapon attachments, headgear, uniforms, weapon skins, and attachment skins.
  53. ^ If you destroy a destructible wall, you will take 5 damage, but if you destroy a barricade, you will not take any damage.


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