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🎥 | Eiichiro Hasumi's first anime work of "Umizaru" and "MOZU" directed by the anime series "Resident Evil"


Eiichiro Hasumi's first anime work of "Umizaru" and "MOZU" directed by the anime series "Resident Evil"

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Produced by Toms Entertainment, who produces various anime works.

Director Eiichiro Hasumi, who has worked on the "Umizaru" series, "MOZU" series, and "The Sun Does Not Move", has been working on N ... → Continue reading

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List of anime worksIn (Anime Sakuhinichiran), you can see a list of anime works.

Anime produced in Japan

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Other anime produced in Japan

Educational movieAnd works produced for training, etc.,planetariumSpecific facilities such as buildings and museums,expositionIt is roughly divided into two works to be shown at specific events such as.

Educational anime

For disaster educationDisaster prevention animeSee section.

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44 cats

Abby Hatcher

ALVINNN !!! and The Chipmunks

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Bunsen Is a Beast

Butterbean's Café

Corn & Peg

Glitch Techs

Man of the House

Monster Allergy

Pinky Malinky


Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Rugrats (2020 TV series)

The Adventures of Kid Danger

The Casa grandes

The Loud House

The Mighty B!

Welcome to the Wayne

Wonder park

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