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🎥 | Hitoshi Ozawa "Singing is terrible" was made into a story, "There is no vocal cords. There is only a line with a low voice."


Hitoshi Ozawa was sung as "Singing is terrible" and performed with "No vocal cords. Only low-pitched muscles" and "Archipelago conquest"

If you write the contents roughly
Hitoshi Ozawa plays the main character Usagi, and Shinji Shinra (Wakadanna) plays Kataoka, the brother of Usagi. Sei Matobu, Kaito Yoshimura, Yu Koyanagi, Ryuhei Watabe, Mitsuomi Takahashi, Yoshimasa Kondo, Naomasa Rokuhei, Sugawara Daikichi, Denden, Hisako Manda, and Takashi Sasano set aside.

An event to commemorate the delivery of the outlaw movie "Archipelago Conquest-Outrageous Rabbit-" was held in Tokyo on April 4th, starring ... → Continue reading

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Naomasa Mutsuhira

Naomasa Musaka(Musaka Naomasa, real name: same,1954May 4[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoNakanoBackground[2].. Height 175 cm, weight 78 kg[1].Blood Type TheType B[1].HoriPro Booking AgencyBelongs.


Tokyo Metropolitan National High School[3]ThroughMusashino Art University彫刻Branch[3]Graduated, dropped out of the university's graduate school master's course[4].

The rare "Roppei" surname is given by his fatherAkitaYurihonjo CityContinues for generationsShinshu Otani SchoolTemple"Heike's FallenRaised six red flags "in this landLegendIt is said that "Mutsu Aka" has shrunk to "Musaka"[2]..Relatives are still herePriestIn addition to serving as a relative, all 7-8 "Roppei" families nationwide are said to be relatives.[2].

GrandfatherTokyo UniversityGraduation, fatherTohoku UniversityAfter graduating, my father went to TokyoMetropolitan high schoolNaomasa was born in Nakano as an English teacher[2]..BirthplaceJR Nakano StationIt is said that it was right in front of the platform from the southernmost part of. At the age of 4Musashino OfSakuratsumi housing complexMove to[2]..Also to my mother's cousinBattleship musashiLast captainToshihira InoguchiAnd with that younger brother神 風 特別 攻 撃 隊Known as the name ofRikihei InoguchiThere is.

TroupeSituation theaterThroughShinjuku RyozanpakuParticipate in the launch of[3].Now[When?]Then, taking advantage of the characteristic strength, the individuality group who plays various roles such as yakuza role, criminal role, third piece roleAn actor(Phantom actor) Is playing an active part.

Since I was at an art school, my hobby is abstract art with three-dimensional objects.[4]. Also,WeldingI also have a driver's license[4]..At art school, he also went on to graduate school.He said, "There were only two people in Japan (including myself)," but to be precise, two people went on to graduate school (to become professors and instructors) while graduating from university at the top. Means a person[4]..As a hobbyAccessoriesIs making[5]..We are particular about accessories,Sterling silverMake with[5]..Also, I have a teacher's license for art, and I am good at painting.Prevato!!In, he became a scholarship student of watercolor painting and won the title battle of watercolor painting for the first time in the program.Furthermore, in the broadcast on June 2019, 6, he was promoted to 6 ranks for the first time in the history of the program and became a master of watercolor painting.

Situation When I was in the theater, I was hired after graduating from a beauty college and buying specialized welding skills, but I was disgusted by the days when I was forced to work on props and props such as setting up stage sets, and I escaped from the theater company. There is.At this time, it is synchronousShiro SanoSearched for Roppei and detained him.Sano has been a close friend since that time[4][3].

KarajuroHe was a no-gala when he was working under the profession, so he was a hard worker who had a part-time job until the age of 34 and experienced all kinds of professions.[2].1987ToYujiro IshiharaParticipated in the funeral of[2]. Besides this,Hiromi GoAlso involved in the construction of the wedding reception hall[4]..From that experience, he complains to young people who are aiming to be actors, saying, "I don't feel unhappy that I didn't get the money.[4].

PrettyFastidious diseaseAndtoilet seatFloat on the waist and add moreStrapI don't want to grab it, so I'm grabbed the part of the ring that no one would touch.potIs okay, but the reason is "because it is heated".

What I thought was the nature of what I said immediately, and sometimes it interrupted the story.Although he is impatient as it looks, he only gets angry at insane people, and basically he likes comedy.He loves to speak and has a strong spirit of service.I was rudely told on the show that it was like a chimpanzee, but he was sick.ChimpanzeeI was impersonating.

Second sonRitsuhira Mitsunari Theサ ッ カ ーplayer(Shimizu S-PulseI was watching the first professional goal scored in the match against Kawasaki on November 2014, 11 at the stadium.[6]).

From fellow actorsRoppei-chanIt is called[4].


TV drama


* Except for special mentionNHK general TV

Nippon TV


Fuji Television Network, Inc

TV Asahi

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.



Web TV drama



Situation theater

* All items not specifiedKarajuroProduction and direction.

  • Haunted Chimney Story (1981)
  • New Two Capital Story (1982)
  • Living woman (1983)
  • The story of a tap dancer (1984)
  • Jaguar's Eye (1985)
  • Please note Asobase (1985, directed by:Satoshi Yamazaki)
  • Call from the Girl City (1985)

Shinjuku Ryozanpaku

* All items not specifiedSusumu Gold ShieldProduction.

  • Pineapple Bomb Shinjuku Hakkenshi Gaiden (1987, Written by:Takeshi Kawamura)
  • Carmen Nocturne (1987, Written by:Chung Yoshinobu)
  • Cavalry of Stars Flocking at Night Dark Sunday at the end of the Showa period (1988, Written by:Eriko Watanabe)
  • Ammonite Quest A night where thunder can be heard in the distance (1988, Written by :)
  • Thousand Years of Solitude (1989, Written by Wui Shin Chong)
  • Thousand Years of Solitude 1989 Edition (1989)
  • Kaze Pillow Teito Hen (1989, Written by:Yoichi Kobiyama)
  • Thousand Years of Solitude Final Edition (1989)
  • Mermaid Legend (1990, 1991, 1992, 1993)
  • Video City (1990, Wui Shin Chong, Director: Hyakuhachiryu)
  • Video City 1991 (1991)
  • Jap Doll (1991, written by Wui Shin Chong)
  • Ryu's Song (1992, Written by Yoichi Kobiyama)
  • Call from Girl City (1993, 1994, Written by Juro Kara)
  • Wind dust (2006, product: Juro Kara)
  • Knight of Moonlight (2007, Written by Yoichi Kobiyama)



  • Watch out for Naomasa Musaka Night! (October 2018, 10-September 7, 2019,TBS Radio)-Personality [9][10]



  • Real x World --The Great East Japan Earthquake Seen from the Sea (NTV / Broadcast on September 2011, 9)

Liberal Arts Program




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