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🎥 | "Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet" A big hit start of 144% compared to the previous work!

Photo movie "Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet" is on sale – (C) 2020 Gosho Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee

"Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet" A big hit start of 144% compared to the previous work!

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The original is a popular manga by Gosho Aoyama, which is serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

The movie "Detective Conan Scarlet ..." released at 16 theaters nationwide on the 497th as the latest movie version of the anime "Detective Conan" → Continue reading

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Popular manga

Gosho Aoyama

Aoyama Gosho(Aoyama Gosho,1963May 6[2] -) isJapan Ofmanga artist.Blood Type TheType B.TottoriTohaku-gunDaiei Town(CurrentHokuei Town) From[2].Tottori Prefectural Yura Ikuei High School[3][Note 1],Nihon University College of ArtDepartment of Fine ArtsPainting course graduate[2].

Representative work "Detective Conan"When"YAIBA] Are eachShogakkan Manga AwardWon theTelevision AnimationChangeComputer gamesHas been converted. Especially, "Detective Conan" has been serialized for over 25 years,Theater animationBecomingTV dramaIt has also been adopted (the number of circulations exceeded 2018 million in 2). Besides,"Magic Kaito''4th thirdThere are works such as.



1963,TottoriDaiei Town(CurrentHokuei Town) Was born as the second son of four brothers[4][5].. I've been drawing manga since I was a kid, but I was secretly drawing it because my parents scold me.[6].Hokuei Municipal Daiei Elementary SchoolGraduate from[3].. When I was in elementary schoolGraduation collection"I want to be a cartoonist specializing in private detectives,"Gosho Aoyama Hometown MuseumIs exhibited in[7], Said he didn't remember it[6].Tottori Prefectural Yura Ikuei High SchoolAfter graduating from college, aiming vaguely as an art teacherNihon University College of ArtGo on to[3][6].. He was a baseball kendo boy, and he was enrolled in elementary, junior high, and kendo clubs.[8].

College days and debut

In college, belonged to the manga research department "Nekketsu Manga Gensokai"[9].. OriginallyanimatorI was aspiring to[10], A senior at MankenYano HiroyukiIs said to be more profitable than cartoonists, so they aim to become cartoonists[11].

Chiba TetsuyaIs a big fan ofI am an iron soldierBecause I liked "Weekly Shonen Magazine』, I received a fine work, I was doing well with the editor in charge, but at one time,Editor-in-chief"I don't like Aoyama-kun's drawings" was told via the person in charge that "I should change the design if I do it in "Magazine" as it is," and abandoned going to "Magazine"[11][12].

after that,KodanshaI left, went to a nearby bookstore to search for magazines to choose where to bring in, and there was "Weekly Shonen SundayI sawAdachi MitsuruSince I was a fan of mine and the picture was cute, I contacted the editorial department and brought in the manuscript with his feet[12][13].. At this time, I was taken care of by the editor who looked at the manuscript,1986,Please waitWas selected for the Shogakukan New Comic Award and debuted with the same work.[12].

Taking this opportunity, I did not do job hunting, and my living expenses were part-time jobs.Hirake! PonkikkiI used to draw backgrounds and use the prize money of the new face prize, and often brought the name to the editor for half a year[6][14].

After debut

In 1987, with the special issue of "Weekly Shonen Sunday"Magic Kaito] Has begun serialization.

In 1988, in "Weekly Shonen Sunday", Chambara action manga "YAIBA』Will begin serialization. This became a popular work and became the first long-term serialization, and the 1993th time in "YAIBA" in 38Shogakkan Manga Award・Award for children. After that, it was made into a TV animation as "Kenyuu Densetsu YAIBA".

1994(6), "Weekly Shonen Sunday"Detective Conan』Will begin serialization. ""magazine"so"KanedaichiIs a hit, soSundae"But would you like to do a detective manga?" Asked the editorial department and started drawing "Detective Conan".At first, I wasn't very enthusiastic, and I thought it would end in about 3 months because it didn't last like a story.[15].

Since the 2000s

2007May 3Is located in Hokuei Town, Tottori PrefectureDaiei Road StationToGosho Aoyama Hometown MuseumOpened[16].

2017May 12, Detective Conan's long-term suspension for recuperation and recharging has been announced in "Shonen Sunday" 3rd and 4th merger issue[17].2018When he appeared on VTR in April, the editorial department intended to take a four-month rest, and Aoyama himself said, "I wasn't lying in bed."[18].




2005May 5To voice actorTakayama MinamiMarry[20][21].. The main character of Aoyama's own work "YAIBA", the role of Kurogane Yaiba, and the main character of "Detective Conan"Conan EdogawaHe has appeared as a character, and that was the trigger. My cat is a wedding giftassistantGiven by usRussian BlueThe kite[Note 2]. afterwards,2007May 12Was reported to have divorced[23].

In 2002, the production of "Detective Conan" took a nap when one episode was drawn, and when he woke up, he started working on the next story with the editor on the same day, discussed 1 or 3 episodes at a stretch, and gave the name in 4 days. Finishing, meeting again, and pen writing and finishing in 3 days, a week's flow to complete the manuscript and have a rest only when I sleep, and even when I go on a trip during the rest I do not have a complete rest considering Conan Talking to[13][24], "I can't continue this life when I get married", but affirmed that I can't keep my pace when I get married, saying that no matter what the older person says, I must do it without permission In fact, he said that he could continue because he lives and works freely.[25].

The second son of four brothersscientist, One younger brother succeeded his parents' houseEngineers, The youngest brotherYonago OfhospitalWork forDoctor.. I asked my brother about the scientific facts, because I am familiar with animation, I received advice as to who the voice actor of the character is good, I heard the estimated death time etc. from my brother who is a doctor, and another brother related to cars Is listening to[26]. Also,CousinTo one ofprimary schoolteacherThere is a prefectural policePolice commandThe assistant father-in-law who is also said to get advice when drawing Conan[8].. A comedy duo for one of my cousinsOxygenThere is Tomofumi Tanaka[27].

  • What is your favorite foodCurry and rice[30]. Also,Suntory OfOolong TeaHe likes it very much and has been drinking it for many years. In addition, the author's message on the door picture of "Conan" often mentions food topics such as interviewees.
  • Mother makesOdenI thought that oden was bad until I went to Tokyo, but I was quite surprised by the deliciousness of the oden I bought at the convenience store.[29].
  • RaisinsAnd hate. Therefore, in the special edition "Detective Conan", there was a story that the main character Conan Edogawa disliked food was the same raisins as Aoyama.[31].NattoI didn't like it, but one day on a TV program, it was said that it would be delicious to stir fry natto and shredded pork together, so when I tried it it was very delicious and I loved natto.[29].
  • Height is 174 cm, same as Shinichi Kudo[1].
  • There are relatively many media appearances among manga artists.
  • When I was about to debutTakeshi Castle』(TBS) As a challenger[32].. The result is the "devil's house"Tango Mother OnimaI was disqualified because I was caught by a dressed demon and my face was painted with ink[Note 3].
  • When I was a college student,Tokyo Disneyland OfCaribbean PirateIs painting the background. The place I drew was the brick of the city where the pirates were invading just before the pirate ship came out, and I was shocked when I lost the memorial check I got at that time.[33][34].. Since it was renewed now, the bricks drawn by Aoyama are gone.
  • All the assistants are classmates and juniors of the manga research department in college, and they are the same members without any missing from the contribution work to the present.[29].
  • When "Kurobane Kaito" of "Magic Kaito" wasn't very famous,Sailor MoonIs the author ofNaoko TakeuchiSaid, "Kaito is a model of a tuxedo mask."[29].
  • "Ran GIRL" and "Shinichi BOY" recorded in "Detective Conan" Vol. 87, when I was hospitalized in 2015, I felt that I might not be able to draw manga in the future, "I leave this alone. "I want to get it!" "I definitely want to draw it!" It was a work I drew, and I answered that I liked it the most in Conan's episode.[29].
  • From the bottom of my heart, "Magic Kaito" is the one I want to draw the most. Conan may end but Majiku Kaito may not end.[29].


It uses a lot of motifs such as "the physical age is suddenly upset one day (relative to the mental age of the hero or the heroine)" or "jumping over the physical age". For example, the debut work "A little wait" depicting a boy trying to time slip to be the same age as his older lover, an old swordsman who rejuvenated himself as a youth due to the miracle caused by Sakura "Play It Again", a high-school student whose father was killed by an organization chasing a legendary jewel that brings eternal life, acts as a second-generation phantom thief to destroy his organization's ambitions.Magic Kaito], the heroine is transformed into an old woman by the alien queen who sucks the young girl's animation and turns it into an old woman.YAIBA』Kaguya edition, high school students who became famous as a detective rejuvenated to the appearance of elementary school first graders due to the action of unfinished poisons, in order to pursue the organization while hiding its identity as a detective and losing its testimony ability , Continues to carry out detective business as a child by exercising strange secret tools and tailoring his father who is a childhood friend to a shadow warriorDetective Conan"Such.

Previously, the work was not completed and the serialization / writing was sometimes completed.However, he said that the final plot of "Detective Conan" was already completed in the author's own mind.[35]After that, it was broadcast on April 2019, 4.A story that you do not know after going around onceWhen he made a guest appearance in 』, he revealed that the final punch line was decided in earnest.[36].

animatorI was also aspiring[10], In the final episode of "The Legend of Kenyu YAIBA" and in the movie version of "Detective Conan",Original picture,StoryboardIn addition, he is actively involved in the design of guest characters and the supervision of screenplay (all of them are some). The original picture is mainly in charge of the scene where the character shows off, such as the climax.

One of the characteristics of the painting, the roots of how to put in the highlights of the eyes, I was addicted to when I was in my first year at university.Combat Mecha XabungleIt was the character's eyes, and it was the first time to change the design with one highlight in the irisless eyes, commonly known as "screw eyes", to make it more glittering. In addition, there is a law of "putting in the opposite direction of the line of sight"[8].. The answer is "I invented this!"[29].

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