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🎥 | Are you at the mercy of Atsuko Maeda?Ryo Narita and Kengo Kora suffer from 20 takes and fashion checks with "Intense Slap"


Are you at the mercy of Atsuko Maeda?Ryo Narita and Kengo Kora suffer from 20 takes and fashion checks with "Intense Slap"

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Ryo Narita: I gave it in a pretty clean state ... Did you play soccer?

Ryo Narita (4) and Kengo Kora (29 ...) starring Ryo Narita (27) and Kengo Kora (3 ...) gave a stage greeting to announce the completion of the movie "Kurenazumi" released on April XNUMX. → Continue reading

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Ryo Narita

Ryo Narita(Nariyou,1993<5>May 11[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor,Fashion Model.SaitamaBackground[1].Sony Music ArtistsBelongs.



Originally I attended a beauty school. When I was looking for a job while thinking that "I can easily fulfill my dream as it is," I realized that my friend who I lived with at the same time was the same as my desired destination. I gave up the way to be a hairdresser. After that, fashion magazine "MEN'S NON-NO』, passed the model audition, entered the current entertainment agency[3].2013More active as an exclusive model of the magazine[1][4].

2014, summer festivala-nationAnd a large fashion eventGirls AwardCollaboration with a-nation & Girls Award Island collection[5]Appeared in. Appeared in Girls Award in 2015 and 2016[6][7].

January 2016 issueSonoFrom the Spring/Summer 2016 collectionYohji YamamotoAppeared in a special issue focusing on the fusion of fashion and painting[8].

March 2017, 3thTokyo Girls CollectionDrama that oneself appears in 2017 SPRING/SUMMERPeople look 100%Appeared on the stage[9].

An actor

TV drama

Originally aspiring to be an actor, when he auditioned for "MEN'S NON-NO," he said, "I want to be an actor, so I want to help."[10][11].. 2014,Fuji TV NEXT smartIn the original drama "FLASHBACK"Takanashi RinActor debut with W starring[12][13]. In 2015, at that time Fuji TV's clay drama frame where young actors were selected one after another ``She], [Buss and the Beast] As a main cast[14]. In the same year, Nippon TelevisionSchool kaidanAppeared as a member of "Platinum 8" and attracted attention[15]. In 2016, NHK BS Premium “”Kyoko HasegawaThe younger man who falls in love with the acting Alafor housewife performed well and was highly evaluated as an actor.[14]. same year,"Running away is a shame but helpful]Yuriko IshidaAppeared as a subordinate of a career woman who plays. The story that came out when it was gay in the final story surprised the viewer[16]. Performers of the same drama will dance at the endingLove dance, In another versionTakashi Fujii,Mano Erina,Yamaga KotokoParticipated with[17].. 2017, Fuji TV seriesGreat poverty"[18],People look 100%』Appeared in[19].. Playing the role of a beautician who was a long-cherished desire in "People look 100%[20][21].. July, Fuji TV month 7 drama "Code Blue -Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving-3rd season] As a new cast in the series[22].


From April to July 2016,DayKoreaShooting the Japanese version of the collaborative movie "Sosei"北京市Do in[23].. In July of the same year, the animated movie "ONE PIECE FILM GOLD"[24],In August"What is your name?] As a voice actor[25]. July of the same year,GReeeeNRepresentative song "MiracleA movie that depicts the trajectory of birthKiseki -Soviet Day-] Will be announced as a new cast[26].. November, the same year, rock musiciansAcid Black CherryA movie based on the concept album "L-El-], was disappointed in the scandalYuta TakahataAppeared as a substitute for[27].

In January 2017, by GReeeeN in the movie “Kiseki-Sovito of the Day –”92Play a role. Co-starringShogi Shibata,Yokohama meteor,Haruaki SuginoTogether with the predecessor group that triggered the birth of GReeeeN in the playGreen boysFormed. January 1 of the same yearSaitama Super ArenaThe opening act for GReeeeN's live "Ah, Lina, Domo. Nice to meet you. "Kribitsutengyo!?ru~der~de♪""[28].. January 1th music program "Music Station," and performed "Kiseki" and "Voice". At the talk corner before singing, Narita said, "SomedayTamoriI want you to say "I cut my hair". That's why I'll come out again to be told."[29].. CD debut with "Green Boys" on January 1th, the same day as GReeeeN's debut[30].

The movie that appeared in 2018 ``I just dropped my smartphone"When"Biburi Koshodo Incident Notebook』By acting42th Japan Academy AwardReceived the New Actor Award.[31]

2019,Chihuahua''What is love''Goodbye lips93rd.Kinema Junpo Best TenReceived numerous supporting actor awards including[32].. The 74th time in "Katsuben!"Every day movie contestWon the Best Actor Award[33].


2015, girls bandSilent Sirenof"August night"Rina Katahiraof"Cinderella story for everyoneAppeared in the music video of. Both are drama tailored videos, and in Katahira's "Everyone for Cinderella Story",Goto evening summerCo-starred with[34][35].2016, Was appointed as the opening theme of the drama "Escape is shameful but useful" in which he appeared.Charan Po Lanternof"Even if you proceed and occasionally escapeAppeared in the music video of ", and played the role of vocal lover.[36].


My hobby is futsal[1],volleyball[37]..From the first grade of elementary school to graduating from high school, he belonged to the soccer club and was enthusiastic about soccer.In the high school soccer club, he belongs to the youngest team in his later years.[38][39].J LeagueThen.Urawa RedsIs a fan of[40].. After graduating from high school and before entering the entertainment worldJapan Beauty CollegeAnd got a hairdresser license. I entered the entertainment world before working at a beauty salon, so I never actually stood in the store[41].

When I wanted to go to a beauty school, when I decided to enter the entertainment world, I was opposed by my family twice. He has been invited to most of the events, but has no reaction and has revealed that he has never been praised. However, only my brother was in favor of performing arts, and I was pleased when I met the members of the above Green Boys.InstagramWas reported in[42][43].

My mother isTunnelsIs a big fan ofNeruton Red Whale Team』(TonneruzunoTakaaki Ishibashi-Noritake KinashiWas the moderatorKansai TVAppeared in the production public matchmaking program). The couple was formed, but after giving birth to another man, he gave birth to Ryo. From the fall of 2019 after debut in the entertainment world,I'm the sports king of tunnels!』(TV Asahi) "Kinashi Japan" (Kinashi, who has experience in soccer,Masafumi Nakayama,Representation from JapanEx with experience of participating inProfessional soccer playerParticipate as a member of the team). Kirin, who leads the team, cited the above episode as a reason for choosing Ryo as a member, along with Ryo's own football experience (12 years at the time of first participation).



Theater animation

TV drama

Delivery drama

Entertainment shows

Music program

  • (March 2019, 3, June 9, 6, Nippon Television)-Narrator[85]

Radio program


Music video





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