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🎥 | Masaki Suda "CUBE" Special video with a disturbing atmosphere

What kind of story is the photo? – (C) 2021 “CUBE” Production Committee

Masaki Suda "CUBE" Special video with a disturbing atmosphere

If you write the contents roughly
In the released video, along with various scenes next to the despair that occurs in the mysterious room "CUBE", there are disturbing signs such as subliminal illustrations of mysterious cubes, arranged numbers, and calculation formulas. The scene is studded.

The movie "CUBE" (October ...) is a remake of a Canadian suspense movie that is popular all over the world, starring Masaki Suda. → Continue reading

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Regular hexahedron

Regular hexahedron(Seiroku Mentai,British: regular hexahedron) Orcube(Rippotai,British: cube) IsRegular polyhedronIs a type of空间The正方形Surrounded by 6 sheetsThree-dimensional.

It is a regular polyhedron with the fewest number of faces.Regular tetrahedronAll sides of the equilateral triangle to the center of the equilateral triangle切稜Obtained by doing.

TopologicallyRegular tetrahedronThe centroid of each surface is lifted outward, the equilateral triangle is divided into three equal parts, and the isosceles triangles that share the base are on the same plane (at this time, they are right-angled isosceles triangles). It is also.

In Japan, it is learned in the 4th grade of elementary school.


  • Rectangular,Twisted bipyramidSpecial shape of.Because it is a kind of rectangular parallelepipedParallel polyhedron,Zonohedron,HexahedronIt is also a kind of.
  • The faces facing each otherparallelAnd the adjacent (contacting) surfaces are each other垂直Intersect with. Edges that share one vertex intersect vertically, but edges that do not have contacts are parallel to each other.Position of twistThere are two patterns when there is. (The nature of a rectangular parallelepiped)
  • Cube parts Old Chinese literature "Chapter XNUMX ArithmeticAccording to the above, the parts of the cube were divided into (a levee with a slope), (a horse carrying the sun), and (a bone of a sea turtle's shin).
  • 1m3Is defined as the volume of a regular hexahedron with a side of 1 m. 1dm3(= 1L),1 cm3And so on.
  • Development viewThere are 11 types.
  • 1 sides k Cube with 1 side 1 cube k3 Up to 1 cubes with 1 side can be seen at the same time when made using individual pieces.k2−3k+1. (Online Integer Sequence DictionarySequence of A003215)
  • The only regular polyhedron aloneSpace fillingIs possible, and the arrangement of this solid at this time isSimple cubic lattice structureBecomes
  • The number of faces is 6, the number of sides is 12, and the number of vertices is 8.They are(English edition)Is equal to the sum of the numbers in each row of the triangle in the fourth row (Layer 4) of.When viewed along the diagonal line connecting the vertices on the opposite side, the faces, sides, and vertices are divided into groups according to the numbers in each stage.
  • The vertex shape isEquilateral triangleAnd three sides and three squares are gathered.They arePascal's triangleEqual to the second and third numbers in the fourth row of.
  • Octahedronと双対.


Of the facearea
Surface area
高 さ
Diagonal length
Circumscribed sphere radius
Inscribed sphere radius
Dihedral angle90 °

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