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📺 | [Review] "Star Trek: Picard" Season XNUMX Teaser is now available!


[Review] "Star Trek: Picard" Season XNUMX Teaser Released!

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John de Lancie, who plays Q, mentions the scene in the First Contact Day Virtual Global Panel.

"..." released in the virtual global panel of "First Contact Day" on April 4th in the United States. → Continue reading

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Lancy(Lancy) isSwitzerlandGeneva OfGenevaAdjacent to the west of the cityBasic municipality(commune).Besides GenevaCarouge,One,Plan-les-Ouat, Across the RhoneVernierSurrounded by the commune of.

In the La Praille district in the commune,International Football FederationBall game field that meets the international official game holding standards ofStade de GenèveThere is.


  • Area: 4.82 km²
  • Population: 27548 (2008May)



1949May 12ToCornavin StationFrom La PrailleFreight stationFor up toFreight lineOpened with the Swiss Federal RailwaysFrench railwayIt has become a relay base for freight cars that go directly to and from2002May 12On that linePassenger stationLancy-Pont-Rouge station opened as, from the direction of Cornavin stationPassenger trainCame to get in.

Traffic in the city

  • Transports Publics Genevois (TPG)
    Headquarters of Transports Publics Genevois (TPG), which handles intra-regional transportation in GenevaDepotIs located,Tram(Tram) ・bus-trolley busIs operated in a system integrated with the city of Geneva.

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