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🎥 | Masataka Kubota and Rie Miyazawa starred in the "really exciting" campaign comedy movie for the first time



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俳優の窪田正孝が、映画『決戦は日曜日』(2022年公開)の主演を務めることが20日、明らかになった。… → Continue reading

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modern society

modern society(modern society)

  • Of the erachangeA concept that emphasizes the changes that occur in society.Details in this section.
  • Japan Ofhigh schoolSubject names that have existed since 1982.Also, JapanCollege entrance examinationSubject name in.citizenThe subject isPolitical / economic,ethics, And this department consists of three.Regarding learning methods in high school modern society,High School Modern Society (Wikibooks)See. 2022年に施行される新しい学習指導要領では現代社会に代わってThe new course of study, which will come into force in XNUMX, will replace modern societypublicIs newly established.

modern society(Gendaishakai) emphasizes the changes that occur in society as the times change, and exists today.社会Is a concept used to distinguish from past societies.略してFor shortCurrent companyIt is called (Gensha).


When the term of modern society is used in Japan, Japanese society orDeveloped countryIt is often assumed that the society in general is the subject of reference.そのような意味での現代社会の特徴は、高度The characteristic of modern society in that sense is the altitude.Information society-Mass society·postIndustrial societyIt may be described as such.

Low production in JapanYounger-Super aging societyIs in progress, and in the outskirts of the cityUrbanization, Non-urbanDepopulationIs in progress.Statistically predicts that a society with one in four elderly people is just around the corner.In addition, it is predicted that it will exceed 4% after 1. The number of people in their 2030s and 30s who are already isolated from society is increasing rapidly.Unrelated society, Internet cafe refugees,New Year's dispatch villageTo sayNew coined wordAre born one after another.The purpose of life of the elderly, social participation,Symbiosis, The search for a new model of symbiotic society called symbiosis has begun.

世界If you look at, all over the worldEthnic conflictHappened,North-South problemIs also regarded as a problem.Also,Global environmental problemsHas received a great deal of attention in recent years.

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