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🎥 | Masaki Suda, "Overturning the concept of the theme song" by a miracle artist collaboration


Masaki Suda "Overturns the Concept of Theme Song" by Miraculous Artist Collaboration

If you write the contents roughly
Among them, the main theme is overwhelmingly cool, and it would be great to put a male rap and a female melody on this song.

The theme song and preview video of the movie "Character" (released on June 6) starring actor Masaki Suda will be released on the 11th ... → Continue reading

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Main theme

"Main theme』In 1984Kadokawa Haruki OfficeMade in JapanYouth movieIs.Color 101 minutes.Yoshimitsu Moritadirected by.StarringYakushimaru Hiroko,Hironobu Nomura.

Yoshio KataokaAlthough it is said to be the original, there is no story in the "Main Theme" series written by Kataoka that has the same story as this movie, and it is an original story.Datsun Truck4WDThere are characters that are common to the movie and stories that partially overlap, such as a young man who goes on a trip.Kataoka thought about making a movie from the beginning and wrote it with the 20-year-old Yakushimaru in mind.[1].

"To love again』And in twoDistribution incomeIt was a hit of 18 billion yen. Second place in Japanese movies in 5000[2].


Splash Ogasawara (Hiroko Yakushimaru), who was a teacher at a kindergarten, was forced to retire by chance and lost her job.BosoI will travel by 4WD with an apprentice magician (Hironobu Nomura) who I met by chance on the beach.The destination of the splash isOsaka..A child who used to take care of him in kindergarten was transferred to another school due to his parents' transfer, but he was fascinated by his father (Kazuo Zaitsu).

after that,浜 松, Osaka, andOkinawaThe stage moves.


ス タ ッ フ

Song in the play

  • Kobutanukitsuneko (song: Hiroko Yakushimaru)- Naozumi YamamotoNursery rhymes for lyrics and composition
  • All of me (Song: Kaori Momoi) --Popular song and standard number of jazz
  • Nice you (Song: Kaori Momoi) --Jazz standard number


Preparation for production


Hironobu Nomura was selected by Yoshimitsu Morita from 23000 people and passed the audition for "Hiroko Yakushimaru's Opponent Recruitment" audition.Nomura won 500 million prizes and his sister 100 million prizes.ActuallyToshiaki KarasawaAlso participated in this audition and said that he went to the final examination[3]..At that time, Nomura answered "I want to be a salaryman" to the question "What do you want to be in the future?", Which left an impression on me.Kanji TsudaHas also been rejected after receiving this audition.

Driver's license

Yakushimaru says "Satomi Hakkenden”(1983), during the shooting of this work“ Main Theme ”Driver's licenseWill be neededDriving schoolWent to[4]..At the same driving school at the same timeTakeuchi MariyaWas passing[5].

Evaluation of works

Movie critic review

"Weekly Heibon』July 1984, 7 issue" Five-star scoring table ",Yoshio Shirai"Director Morita makes any subject into a movie with a one-pattern brilliant video production, so it's boring (out of 5/10 points)", Tsutomu Fujieda "Only high school and university movie clubs recognize this movie. I doubt the expected director Morita's view of production (out of 5 points / 10 points) ",Sachiko Watanabe"Hiroko-chan, who purely cultivated the girl's part, is good, but who is the stupid wearing a terrible swimsuit !? (7 points / 10 points out of XNUMX)"[1].


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Blu-ray / DVD


Music isOsamu ShiomuraWorked on.The soundtrack1984 It was released by Toshiba EMI on August 8st.

Track list
#titleLyricsComposition/arrangementVocal XNUMXTime
1."Prologue (main theme)"   
2."First Contact (Slow Ballad)"   
3."Hamamatsu Mysterious Night"   
4."Slow Ballad"  Yakushimaru Hiroko
5."JOTF1251 KHz"   
6."All of Me"  Kaori Momoi
7."Two Nagisa"   
8."Kobutanukitsuneko"  Yakushimaru Hiroko
9."4WD ballad (slow ballad)"   
10. "Main subject"  Yakushimaru Hiroko
11. "Shaking heart (main theme)"   
12. "Seaside Bound"   
13. "Kimi ni Magic"   
14. "Beimir BIST DU SCHON"  Kaori Momoi
15. "epilogue"   
total time:


  • "Scenario Main Theme" (Kadokawa Bunko / Published June 1984 / ISBN 4041371988)
  • "Main Theme Kadokawa Film Story" (Kadokawa Bunko / Published in August 1984 / ISBN 4041595029)



注 釈

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