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📺 | Gen Hoshino, new song "Mystery" will be released on April 27th

Photo Hoshino Gen

Gen Hoshino, new song "Mystery" will be released on April 27th

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In addition, the official account of Gen Hoshino TikTok opened on the 20th has released the video at the recording studio where the new song "Mystery" has just been completed.

The TBS drama "There is a reason for dressing up love", in which Gen Hoshino is in charge of the theme song, started on the 20th, and the new song "Mystery ..." → Continue reading


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Recording studio

Recording studioWhat is (Rokuon Studio, recording studio)?soundA building or room equipped with a device for recording on a medium.

variousRecording and playback equipmentIn addition to being equipped with, the design and construction of architecture and interiors will be considered so as not to be affected by external noise and vibration.It is also designed so that internal sounds are not leaked to the outside to prevent noise to the neighborhood.

Recording studio composition

Roughly composed of the following four points

Control room (sub-control room)

Mixing consoleAnd various recording equipment, (Recording engineer(mixerA room where Tomo) operates recording equipment such as a mixing console to record on media.Generally, it is acoustically isolated from the booths below, but since the generalization of production methods that make heavy use of MIDI sound sources and rarely use microphones, some studios have only a control room and no booth. ..In the case of a radio station, it is called a sub-control room, and in addition to mixing, it gives instructions related to program progress, andAutomatic program controllerOperates, voice effects such as echo / voice changer, produces songs / jingles / sound effects, connects telephones, and mediates relays from radio cars / baseball stadiums.


It is a space where you can actually perform, such as playing musical instruments, singing, and narrating.Consideration is required for room acoustics in order to make the most of the sound of the instrument.In Japan, it is often seen from the control room through a soundproof glass window.FishbowlAlso called.Some studios have more detailed divisions such as vocal booths, amp booths, and drum booths, so you can record without mixing each other's sounds (if each part can be recorded independently, later editing will be easier).

Machine room

A separate room for storing and operating a power supply unit and computer for a mixing console, and various analog and digital recording devices, in order to separate the quietness and air conditioning in the control room.It is generally installed next to the control room.Many studios have machine rooms for efficient maintenance.

Common area

The office, Musical instrument storage, master tape storage place,Artist lobby,Hot water supply equipment,WCIt is a space for incidental work.

Recording studio classification

The classification can be seen from several perspectives.The scale and equipment are determined and operated according to the purpose of use, scale, owner, target market, etc.

Classification by purpose of use

Music recording studio for recording sound sources of packaged media (CD, etc.)
Here, we list the studios that are required from the recording process to the final sound adjustment process.
  • Large studio for rhythm recording
  • Dubbing studio
  • Mixdown studio
  • MasteringStudio
  • AuthoringStudio
Recording studio for recording audio for broadcasting / movies, etc.
  • MA studio
Performs general audio processing of video works.Complete the work by adding narration, sound effects, BGM, etc. to the video work.Generally, it has a narration recording function.Often part of a post-production studio.
Narration recording studio
Sand, gravel, tiles, etc. may be installed on a part of the floor on the booth side to record the sound according to the scene.This is to record the sound of shoes, canes, falling objects, etc. with different floor materials.
  • Narration recording studio
Those installed in broadcasting stations are often also used as broadcasting studios.
Other studios for the above complex or other purposes

Classification by scale

There are various ways of thinking, but in general, there are classification by the size of the recorder or mixing console, classification by the size of the booth, and classification by the number of studios.Analog and digitalTape recorderIn the era when was used mainly in the recording field, there was a strict classification according to the grade of the tape recorder.DAWNow that / HDR has become commonplace, there is a tendency for it to converge on what is called a standard model, and the difference in grade between recorders is shrinking.

  • Large-scale studio = A complex studio with 5 or more studios, each with multiple studios dedicated to rhythm, dubbing, and mixing.
  • Medium-sized studio = 3 studios for rhythm recording, dubbing, and mixing
  • Small studio = A studio of about 1 haco that handles everything from rhythm recording to dubbing and mixing
  • Project Studio = A studio with a booth of about 1 haco without a large mixing console with DAW etc. as the main equipment

Classification by owner and target market

Historically, it started with being owned by a media (record, broadcast, movie) production company and covering its own work in its own studio, but later an independent rental studio (rental studio) was created.Furthermore, a private studio for musicians / artists to perform pre-production work and demo tape recording for presentations at the planning stage at the office / home has become a reality due to the high performance and low price of equipment, and is now personal. -Since it has become possible to produce music using software sound sources in a computer, it has become possible to produce music at home to a considerable stage.

  • Private Studio = A private studio created for personal purposes.

Room acoustics

The standard room background noise level is NC-25-20 in the control room, NC-15 in the studio main floor and booth. (Architectural Institute of Japan-Japan Music Studio Association・ By THX)

Ancillary equipment

  • Maintenance room
  • Machine room
  • Elevators for bringing in equipment, etc.
  • Air conditioning system
  • Power supply stabilization and branching unit

Design and construction

Since the design and construction of a recording studio requires extremely specialized knowledge, we will naturally ask an expert.Generally with architectural acousticsPsychoacousticsIn general, the interior design is undertaken by a specialist in the field, and the system design and wiring of audio equipment is performed by a more specialized engineering company.Recently, the number of studios with a dull office atmosphere has decreased considerably, and studios that are psychologically comfortable and uplifting have become the mainstream in the world.When designing and constructing a studio on a vacant lot, it is easy to design a soundproof space that matches the scale, so it is easy to build an ideal studio, but in the case of studio design and construction by changing the internal structure to a multi-tenant building or condominium, it is quite It is also a part that requires specialized experience and knowledge.There are a lot of parts to clear the problem of noise from the surroundings and power supply noise mixed in, and prevention of sound leakage to the surroundings, and it may be difficult if ambiguous design and construction is done.

Well-known studio designer

The following are world-renowned designers, mainly as designers of room acoustics.A typical example is given behind the person's name.

Staff composition

It consists of accounting, general affairs, sales relations and recording engineers involved in actual recording work, and technical engineers (maintenance engineers) who manage equipment, but in a small studio, a small number of people It may also serve multiple roles.There is also a dispatch business that dispatches a recording engineer to the studio, and some studios do not have a house engineer (studio exclusive recording engineer) and perform recording work as a dispatch recording engineer.

Main recording-related equipment that is always available

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