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🎥 | Over 300 episodes in total! "Grey's Anatomy Season 16" will be released on April 4st


通算300話突破!『グレイズ・アナトミー シーズン16』が4月21日に配信開始

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全米TV史上最もロングラン大ヒットの医療ドラマ『グレイズ・アナトミー』。 本日4月21日(水)より最… → Continue reading


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Long run

Long run(British: long run, long run)

Semantics as a common noun

  • Stage play,musicalTo perform continuously for a long time without setting a performance deadline.Long-run performanceSee.
  • moviesWill be released to theaters for a long time.
  • Trains, etc. are operated directly over long distances.Long-distance trainSee.
  • Motor sportsIn the machine test and free running, perform continuous running for a long time. It is often done for the purpose of simulating the final race, such as measuring the durability of parts and checking fuel consumption.
  • Keeping products popular for a long time.
  • Creamy Chu's All Night NipponOf the listeners in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, who posted toRN

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