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🤖 | TV animation "In the Land of Leadale", the first key visual released


TV animation "In the Land of Leadale", the first key visual released

If you write the contents roughly
One day, the life support system stops and Katsura loses her life.

The first key visual has been released from "In the Land of Leadale", which has been decided to be made into a TV animation.Key business ... → Continue reading

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Life support equipment

Life support equipment(Seimei Jisochi) is a living bodylifeIt is a device for maintaining.

Life support system in medicine

Living bodylifeA device that replaces the function of maintaining the function when it deteriorates or stops.mainlyBreathe-Circulation-metabolismThere are three types of auxiliary functions.

lungIf your respiratory function deteriorates or you cannot achieve it due to deterioration of your conditionArtificial respirators, In surgery心 臓If you need to stop or the heartlungIf the function of the artificial heart deteriorates, the artificial heartHeart-lung machine,kidney,liverIf your function deteriorates and your metabolic function declinesdialysisThere are various types.

Life support system in space engineering

Space ship,SpacesuitA device that keeps the inside of an organism in a viable state.oxygenSupply ofcarbon dioxideRemoval, constanttemperature,(I.e.It is a general term for a system consisting of devices, communication devices, and devices that serve as power sources for them.

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