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🎥 | "Movie: Fishmans" Movie Completion Report Event & Acoustic Live!


"Movie: Fishmans" Movie Completion Report Event & Acoustic Live!

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At the acoustic live that followed, HAKASE-SUN, Shinya Kogure, and Ikuko Harada from Clammbon joined in to perform a total of eight songs, including their debut single "Hikouki."

Fishmans 30th Anniversary Talk & Acoustic Live “Time passes and th… → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Ikuko Harada

Ikuko Harada(Ikuko Harada,1975May 10 -) is Japaneseミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン.FukuokaFukuoka CityI'm fromband-ClambonWith the songkeyboardIn charge of.In addition to Clammbon, he is also energetically performing, co-creating, and soloing with various musicians.PhotographerIs my sister.


When I was a child, I tried to learn the Electone under the influence of my friends, but I couldn't buy the Electone, so I took over the piano that was in my grandfather's house and started learning the classical piano.[2].

High School days,NUMBER GIRL Ofギ タ リ ス トCurrentbloodthirsty butchers OfHisako TabuchiWas a classmate.

Favoriteミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ンIt is,Akiko Yano,Fishmans,Thelonious Monk,Dr. john,The band,Rickie Lee Jonesetc.

1995 I attended the same vocational school,MitoMeet.

1996 ClambonStarted making original songs and started activities at clubs and lounges[3].

2004Started solo activities.

  • Released solo debut single "Tanoshisou Kanashiso".
  • albumReleased "Piano" and performed a solo live at Fukuoka Blue Note Kudan Kaikan.


  • Solo tour "Live piano ☆ Live band tour looks fun!Happy! ] 4 performances in 5 locations (Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo 2DAYS).
  • Yusuke Oya, Ikuko Harada, and Takashi Nagazumi's new band "ohana" debuted at Asagiri JAM in October.
  • Ikuko Harada, Hiroshi Takano, tatsu, Manabu Sakata's new band "4B" (Yonbi) tour "B + B + B + B = 4B very first tour" (4 performances in 3 locations in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka) )I do.


  • Zepp tour "Enchanted Emerald Tour" (Tokyo / Osaka 2days / Nagoya / Fukuoka / Tokyo 4 locations 6 performances) as "ohana".


  • albumReleased "Sign and Afterglow", "Kemono to Maho", and "Galaxy".

Released 4 solo albums so far.

2010In May, he was involved in the launch of the event space & cafe "Kichimu" at his sister's and Kichijoji.

2013と2015In addition, he was in charge of the music for the stage "cocoon" of the theater company "Marm and Gypsy".

2018-2019In charge of the music for the theater company's stage "I want to see you invisible".

In addition, there are many guest participations in the works of various artists, singing of CM music, and narration.

As a lyricist

MitoWas recommended by me to start writing lyrics.He uses Japanese exclusively and writes many lyrics about life and romance.



 Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarks
1st2004th of February 9ピ ア ノCOCP-50811
  1. It looks fun [4:41]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada / Yusuke Oya
  2. Green road [3:05]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Yusuke Oya / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada / Yusuke Oya
  3. Marlin fishing [6:56]
    Lyrics:Ishin Shinji/ Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada / Yusuke Oya
  4. Church [1:52]
    Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  5. Smile with Namida [6:19]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Yusuke Oya / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada / Yusuke Oya
  6. Shooting star [6:07]
    Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  7. Waltz [5:29]
    Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  8. Wind from the sea [6:43]
    Lyrics: Shinji Ishii / Composition: Yusuke Oya / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada Yusuke Oya
  9. Bird Wings Bird Shadow [3:23]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition:Ito Goro/ Arrangement: Ikuko Harada / Yusuke Oya
  10. Twinkle [4:28]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition:Takashi Nagazumi/ Arrangement: Ikuko Harada / Yusuke Oya
Oricon 30th
2nd2008th of February 6Kemono and magicCOCP-34976: First production limited (book CD specification)
COCP-34977: Regular Edition
  1. I know a shooting star that is falling head-on in the blue darkness [9:27]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Yusuke Oya
  2. Kodama [6:26]
    Lyrics and composition: Ikuko Harada
  3. Goodbye Ohayo [4:00]
    Lyrics:Hiro Takano・ Ikuko Harada ・ Takashi Nagazumi / Composition: Hiroshi Takano
  4. Aino Children [8:19]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Takashi Nagazumi
  5. Exclamation mark and sigh (instrumental) [2:01]
    Composer: Naoko Kamei, Ikuko Harada
  6. Kuikai Manimani [1:49]
    Lyrics / Composition: Unknown
  7. Soft and cheerful wind (playing) [4:29]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Takashi Nagazumi
  8. Kemono and Maho [5:59]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada, Yusuke Oya / Composition: Yusuke Oya
  9. Unicorn [4:51]
    Lyrics:Tomobe Masato/ Composition: Ikuko Harada
  10. The night is coming soon [4:01]
    Lyrics and composition: Ikuko Harada
Oricon 29th
3rd2008th of February 11GalaxyCOCP-35210: First production limited (book CD specification)]
COCP-35211: Regular Edition
  1. Galaxy [13:45]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition:Kiyoshiro Imawano
  2. It's full and still resonates (instrumental) [1:49]
    Composer: Ikuko Harada
  3. In the waves [4:32]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada /Yuichi Ohata
  4. Aru Katachi [5:17]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Gofumi Tsujimura
  5. charm point [5:53]
    Lyrics: Ikuko HaradaDaisuke Ito/ Composition:Mito
  6. Farther away [6:47]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Mito
  7. I know a shooting star that is falling head-on in the blue darkness (blue darkness) [7:05]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Yusuke Oya
  8. Misora ​​[1:37]
    Lyrics and composition: Ikuko Harada
  9. Promised flower [6:03]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Gofumi Tsujimura
Oricon 33th


 Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded musicRemarks
1st2004th of February 8Looks funCOCA-50789
  1. It looks fun [4:44]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada / Yusuke Oya
    Space shower tvSeptember 2004POWER PUSH
  2. La styrienne / Ave Maria [2:58]
    Music composition and arrangement:Burgmüller
  3. Kazeiro Natsukoi (playing talk) [4:43]
    Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  4. (Enhanced) Looks fun (plays)
Oricon 59th
2nd2008th of February 3Signs and afterglowCOCA-16075: First Press Limited Edition
COCA-16072: Regular Edition
  1. Soft and chewy wind [4:48]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Ikuko Harada / Takashi Nagazumi / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
    movies"Million Yen and Bitter Girl] Theme song
  2. Piano [10:57]
    Lyrics:Shuntaro Tanikawa/ Composition / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  3. Sign and instrumental [2:58]
    Composition: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Yusuke Oya / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  4. Aino Children (demo) [5:46]
    Lyrics: Ikuko Harada / Composition: Takashi Nagazumi / Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  5. Drifter [8:08]
    Songwriting:Takaki Horigome/ Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
  6. Good night [5:56]
    Songwriting:Inoue Yosui/ Arrangement: Ikuko Harada
Oricon 40th

Limited distribution

  1. Fufu Birth Song (April 2010, 4):Recruitment"ZexyCM song


 Release datetitleStandard product numberRemarks
1st2008th of February 12Tour where beasts and magic fly! Tubes, strings and bands!-2008.6.25 Tokyo Bunkamura ORCHARD HALL-COBA-4781Oricon 78th

Participating works

Participation in music and provision of lyrics

Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded music
1997th of February 11LaB LIFe
"Flowers on the table"
RMPI-10083. I want to be a fish (chorus)
1998th of February 7Takanaka justice
TOCT-103243. Sunshine in Blue (Voice)
6. Furin (lyrics / vocals)
1998th of February 10LaB LIFe
ESCB-19101. OPENING AIR (piano chorus)
10. Piano
1999th of February 5Hiro Takano
AGCA-100154. Orange Juice Blues (Chorus)
1999th of February 7LaB LIFe
ESCB-20093. Two Melody (chorus)
2000th of February 6TOWA TEI
AMCT-44801. Mars (vocal / co-written lyrics)
2001th of February 9amon
ARCJ-1891. Waratte (vocals)
2001th of February 11Fleming Pie
TOCT-221893. FEEL LOVE (piano)
DFCL-10611. COME ON, NOW! (Chorus / PV appearance)
2002th of February 9ASA-CHANG & pilgrimage
"Tsu Gi Ne Pu"
IDCH-10063 Section 12 (Voice)
5. I said Tsuginepu (voice)
2002th of February 9HUSKING BEE
"The steady-state theory"
TFCC-8611411. One-way idea (chorus)
13. Sinrino Kaze-New Surround- (Mito and Piano Duet & Surround Singing)
2002th of February 10Hanagumi
"Family landscape"
GSCA-5003(Keyboard & Chorus)
2002th of February 10DATASPEAKER
"I Need Two Side Heat"
FLCF-39285. Moon Pride (vocal / PV appearance)
2002th of February 11HUSKING BEE
"Day of the Sun / flashing blue"
TFCC-890531. Day of the Sun (chorus)
2002th of February 11Hanagumi
"Sound time"
TOCT-24911All songs (keyboard & chorus)
2003th of February 3the rolling stones tribute album
2003th of February 4KENJI JAMMER
"HULA-HULA DANCE 2 Tokyo Modern Hawaiian"
Woo Two Records2. Lazy Sunday Dreamer (TOWA TEI REMIX) (Rhodes Piano & Chorus)
2003th of February 6Polaris
"Take a deep breath"
MTCA-90031. Deep breath (piano & chorus)
2003th of February 7Taiwanese movie "Blue Gate CrossingThe soundtrack board with the image of
"Aiiro Natsukoi -the album-"
RCCX-10071. Kazeiro Natsukoi (newly written for the movie)
2003th of February 8CORNER
"Running Namakemono"
PDCC-30012. Fog Floating Boat (Chorus)
2003th of February 11Polaris
MTCA-90042. Deep breath (keyboard & chorus)
3. Meteor (keyboard & chorus)
2004th of February 1Hanagumi
"Daily Awa"
TOCT-252726. Lamentation kiss (keyboard & chorus)
9. Shinku (keyboard & chorus)
2004th of February 2Kicca
"Tokyo Straw 2"
GSCA-60043. Syrup (piano)
2004th of February 6Group soul
"Rough Japanese Souls"
MDCL-14615. Mistress (keyboard & chorus)
2004th of February 9Nathalie Wise
"Raise hands high"
GSCA-600512. raise hands high (chorus)
2004th of February 9Tomzuin h
"Bird people"
SNCR-00012. BIRD SONG (vocals)
8. BYSEXUALITY (vocals)
2004th of February 10"Let's sing with Doremi"333D-92. DOREMI / moose hill & Ikuko Harada
2005th of February 1Hanagumi
"I thought it would be okay if I wanted to sing after I got home. 』\
TOCT-255794. I'm not you
6 Sleeping Town-Tidur Tidur-
9. My mode Kimi mode
13. Happy Birthday To You
(Chorus, etc.)
2005th of February 2ASA-CHANG & pilgrimage
"Minna no Junrei"
KSCL-88923. I tried to say next nepu (everyone's trumpet) (voice)
2005th of February 4mice parade
"Bem-vinda vontade"
pcd-236088. Ground as Cold as Common (vocals)
2005th of February 5Polaris
"Moon lover"
MTCA-50161. Tsuki no Koibito (keyboard & chorus)
2005th of February 5Yoshihiro Hanno
TOCT-256584. Relativity rocket (vocals)
8. Blue moon (vocals)
2005th of February 5Sekaiichi
"Pale red and beautiful blue"
TFCC-8617910. Misora ​​(chorus)
2005th of February 7"Play with Rhythm Reaching Series XNUMXnd"333D-175. Lydia / MOOSE HILL & Ikuko Harada
2005th of February 8Polaris
MTCA-50181. When it's quiet before it starts (piano)
2. It's all right! (Piano & Chorus / Lyrics)
3. Cosmos (Rhodes Piano & Chorus)
4. Moon lover (chorus)
2005th of February 8toe
"The book"
DDCT-300610. Metronome (feat. Ikuko Harada From Clammbon) (vocals)
2005th of February 10Shuntaro Tanikawa+Kensaku Tanikawa
"Shuntaro Tanikawa Song Book"
Shuntaro Tanikawa: Reading / Kensaku Tanikawa: Music
4th collaboration by
PSCR-617016. Piano (from the live solo tour held at Kudan Kaikan on January 2005, 1)
(Poetry: Shuntaro Tanikawa Song: Ikuko Harada)
2005th of February 11Yusuke Oya
"School daze original soundtrack"
MTCA-5021Movie "School Days" Soundtrack (Chorus)
2005th of February 11"Apple Of Her Eyes Apple Childhood Song (Red Edition)"VACM-12705. I Will (cover)
2005th of February 11Takaki Horigome
"Home Ground"
COCP-508762. Winter coming (chorus)
2005th of February 11Miyuki Hatakeyama
"Melody to love"
RZCS-20250Ai ni Melody (Lyrics: Ikuko Harada, Composition: Takashi Nagazumi)
2005th of February 11Group soul
KSCL-92915. Sakura (chorus)
* Plays a married woman who is doing a telekura sakura
2006th of February 6Anniversary333D-282. To commemorate the birth of a girl
(Music: Lydia / MOOSE HILL & Ikuko Harada)
2006th of February 7rei harakami feat.ikuko harada
"Colors of the Dark-"
IDCS-1021Planetarium MEGASTAR-II cosmos program "Dark Color"
* 3000 limited edition CD
2006th of February 11Hiromi Ota
"The beginning was" Magokoro ". 』\
MHCL-10001. You are my friend
(Lyrics: Ikuko Harada, Composition: Takashi Nagazumi)
2007th of February 1Piranians
"Mt. Fuji Reverb"
PCCA-0107412. Martinique (as a member of the Pianica section "Hong Kongs")
2007th of February 3"child prodigy"original sound trackESCL-293919. Theme song "Ripple Song"
(Vocal: Ikuko Harada Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: Mito)
2007th of February 3Skunk brothers
TR-01All songs (piano & chorus)
2007th of February 4"Haruomi HosonoTribute Album --Tribute to Haruomi Hosono- "RZCM-45511 ~ 27. The last season / Hiro Takano + Ikuko Harada (cover)
2007th of February 5Takada Ren
"Evening on this island"
VACM-13081. Blues dream (chorus)
2007th of February 6UCP
DDCZ-14276. Let's eat soup (chorus)
2007th of February 6Lexi
TOCT-262536. Manyoshu (chorus)
* Rekishi name "Tsubone"
2007th of February 9Yusuke Oya
"" M "original soundtrack"
MTCA-5024Movie "M" soundtrack (piano)
2007th of February 10Skunk brothers
"Skunk Evening"
TR-02Live album (keyboard & chorus)
2007th of February 11"Apple of our eye apple lullaby (white board)"VACM-13302. Oh My Love / Hanaregumi + Ikuko Harada (John Lennon cover)
2007th of February 12"Reaching series no.3 Good night"RZCM-457554. Neneko / MOOSE HILL & Ikuko Harada
2008th of February 1HIM
AH-0842. Allow Me A Minute (vocals)
3. Sikyi Rock (vocals)
8. Where Do The Masons Go? (Vocals)
2008th of February 7"Million Yen and Bitter Girl-original sound track-"COCP-3502722. Soft and chewy wind (music production)
Theme song for the movie "One Million Yen and the Bitter Woman"
2008th of February 7Sun band
TR-034. Summer Taiyo (Chorus)
2008th of February 1HIM
AH-0842. Allow Me A Minute (vocals)
3. Sikyi Rock (vocals)
8. Where Do The Masons Go? (Vocals)
* Compilation CD containing successive TV commercials of Nissan "March"
COCP-3511417. Humming Switch <Simple Rules> (Ikuko Harada version)
2008th of February 9phonolite
"Still Crazy"
EWCD-01563. Church (vocals & piano)
* Ikuko Harada's song "Church" phonolite version
2008th of February 12"Family Time-NHK Minna no Uta Cover Collection"BNCL-3715. Palm to the Sun / Skunk Brothers and Ikuko Harada
2009th of February 6ASA-CHANG & pilgrimage
"Human without shadow"
KSCL-1364Section 12 Talvin Singh Remix (Voice)
* Songs included in "Tsu Gi Ne Pu"
2009th of February 6Hanagumi
VICL-633502. Love and melody (lyrics)
8. Ambiguous and sweet love Manimani (lyrics)
9. Aino Children (Lyrics) * Recorded in Hanaregumi version
2009th of February 6Tomoekari
ZEAR-20016. GOOD DAY GOOD BYE (Lyrics)
2009th of February 8Kaori Mochida
AVCD-23900 ~ B
3. Tao (piano & chorus)
* Kaori Mochida & Yuichi Ohata & Ikuko Harada collaboration song
Theme song for the movie "Your Story"
2009th of February 10Hiro Takano
"Rainbow Magic"
UMCC-10387. CHANGE (vocals & piano)
2009th of February 10HIM
AH-1041. Creode (vocals)
7. Clues To The Roots (vocals)
2009th of February 11Eiichi OtakiTribute album
"A LONG VACATION from Ladies"
7. Speech balloon (cover)
2009th of February 12toe
"For Long Tomorrow"
XQIF-10013. After Image Feat.Harada Ikuko (vocals)
2010th of February 7Skunk brothers
DQC-5142. Dad is Native American (keyboard & chorus)
5. Promised blues (keyboard & chorus)
11. Congratulations (keyboard & chorus)
13. At the end of the journey (keyboard & chorus)
2011th of February 2TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET
"All light"
NFCD-27304-51. All light (collaboration)
2011th of February 2led
PEMY-0141. I'll (feat. Ikuko Harada) (vocals and lyrics)
2011th of February 3YAMP KOLT
DDCZ-17383. Nangoku Irootoko feat. Ikuko Harada (vocals)
2011th of February 4led
PEMY-0154. I'll (feat. Ikuko Harada) (vocals and lyrics)
2011th of February 4FISHMANS +
"A Piece Of Future"
* Distribution song
"A Piece Of Future" (Chorus)
2011th of February 7Naoto Takenaka
"Naoto Takenaka's Orange Mood"
VICL-637642. There is nothing good (keyboard & chorus)
3. Hummingbird (keyboard & chorus)
7. Teenager (keyboard & chorus)
8. Goodbye COLOR (keyboard & chorus)
2011th of February 9Hanagumi
"オ ア シ ス"
VICL-637822. Crazy Love (keyboard)
4. Spark (keyboard & chorus)
5. You are my friend (keyboard)
8. Or!Ta! !!Shape! !! !! (Keyboard & Chorus)
2011th of February 12"Happy Holidays! ~ CITY POPS COVERS ~"AQCD-506288. The last season / Hiro Takano+ Ikuko Harada
2012th of February 4Kazuhiro Momo
COCP-373602. Clash of Clans (Duet)
2012th of February 7FISHMANS +
"A Piece Of Future"
RZCM-59105"A Piece Of Future" (Chorus)
* The 2011 songs will be made into a CD by adding 2012 ver. And Remix ver.
2013th of February 7Yuichi Oki
CTCR-147908. Let's light up ~ Let Our Candles Always Burn (vocals)
2013th of February 8Sun band
DQC-11244. Wharf (keyboard & chorus)
5. Bibide Babyde Boo (keyboard & chorus)
6. Hole (keyboard & chorus)
7. UZMAKI 13 (keyboard & chorus)
2013th of February 9Ayo Toyosaki
"Love letters"
SMCL-31212. true blue (lyrics)
2013th of February 11Theatrical company Marm and Gypsy
* Exclusive distribution of ototoy* In charge of stage music
"Tumaa Di" (newly written for the stage)
2013th of February 12Ikuko Harada &Wisut Ponnimit
COZP-810-811* Ikuko Harada and Tam-kun's album
2014th of February 9livetune
1. Fantasia (guest vocal)
2015th of February 2Polaris
UVCA-60037. 20:26 pm (piano & chorus)
2015th of February 8Hanagumi
"What are you looking for"
5. MUJIRUSHI (keyboard & percussion & chorus)
7. I am (chorus)
8. Aiko (keyboard & glockenspiel & chorus)
10. Konpeito (keyboard & chorus)
12. 360 ° (keyboard & chorus)
2016 Year 7 Monday ~Fishmans
Cassette tape only(Vocals & Chorus)
* Limited sale at "LONG SEASON 2016" TOUR venue
2016th of February 10illion
WPZL-31220 / 1
5. Water lily (chorus)
* RADWIMPS Yojiro Noda Solo Project
2017th of February 11sakuramomoko&Takao after birthCollaboration album
"One Week"
TEND-11207. Sunday afternoon (singing)
* Composer / Sound Producer: Takao Kisugi / Lyrics / Animation & Booklet Illustration: Momoko Sakura
2017th of February 10NONA REEVES
WPCL-127819. Fragment of Memory feat. Ikuko Harada (Duet / Co-authored)
2018th of February 3Cornelius
"Design A 2"
WPCL-128428. Song
* NHK E teleprogram "Design Ah" soundtrack for which Cornelius is in charge of music
2019th of February 4ichika
vocal collaboration EP "I"
TWR-00013. never get back (vocals)


  • JOMO (March 2006-): CM song singing
  • Shiseido BENEFIQUE (June 2009-): CM song singing
  • Kunell (August 2009-): Radio CM song "Kunel no Uta" (Poem / Song / Ikuko Harada) Singing
  • Recruit "Zexy" (April 2010-): "Fufu Birth Song" Singing
  • Ezaki Glico (April 2012-): "I want to bring smiles to everyone. Winter"
  • Suntory "Orangina" (March 2012-): In charge of narration
  • Suntory Natural Water Server (October 2013-): CM song singing
  • Asahi Shimbun (March 2014-): CM song Piano performance
  • LENOR HAPINESS (October 2015-): WEB CM appearance ("Perfumery Organ" video planning composition and performance)
  • Suntory "Blood Orangina" (March 2016-): Narration
  • "Pokemon Sun Moon" (May 2016-): "Let's go beyond" Pokemon Sun Moon "Jibun. # 5" Singing
  • MILK JAPAN (June 2016-): Milk 6DCG music video "I am milk" singing during Milk Strengthening Month (June 2016)
  • Real estate / housing information site "HOME'S" (October 2016-): TV commercial "Ouchi can be found, Holmes-kun." Kickboard version singing
  • Fukuoka Airport "greenblue FUKUOKA AIRPORT" (October 2017-): Narration charge (OA in Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • Real estate / housing information site "HOME'S" (January 2018-): TVCM, Holmes-kun, one step ahead. "Looking for my house even if I'm separated" singing
  • NEXCO West Japan (September 2018-): CM song singing
  • Casual wear brand "coen" (November 2018): Christmas special video "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" Japanese lyrics written, arranged and performed
  • Shampoo "haru" (August 2019-): "kurokami scalp" WEB CM music production
  • Recruit Staffing (August 2019-): PR movie for the "#I have a dream" campaign THE BLUE HEARTS "Dream" cover arrangement and singing
  • Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport (October 2019-): TV-CM "Hybrid Fashion Festival" Singing

Stage music

  • Music drama "Toritsukare Otoko" (September 2009-): Appeared as heroine Pechka, in charge of music in the drama in collaboration with Little Creatures Takuji Aoyagi
  • Theatrical company Marm and Gypsy "cocoon" (premiere August 2013- / replay June 8-): Music
  • Ikuko Harada x Marm and Gypsy Reading Live
    "Nice to meet you again, tour cocoon no koe cocoon no oto" (April 2015-): Appearance, music charge
  • Theatrical company Marm and Gypsy "I want to see you invisible" (premiere April 2018- / replay July 4-): Music


  • Planetarium work "Color of Darkness": Reading a poem by Shuntaro Tanikawa (Music / Rei Harakami)
  • Digital picture book "Mari" (iPhone, iPad app / currently discontinued): Voice, music charge
  • minä perhonen 2014SS Collection: Model, Video Music
  • Kyunasaka Studio x Maam and Gypsy "Walking and Moving": Music for short films
  • "Music for Aomushi" on NHK's school website "NHK for school": Music
  • Hakata Marui: Time signal piano performance
  • Real Escape Game x FINAL FANTASY XIV "Escape from the Great Labyrinth Bahamut": Singing the event theme song "Kakera"
  • NHK "100 Minutes de Meicho" (March 2017) "Kenji Miyazawa Special": Reading a fairy tale
  • Orbis 30th Anniversary "Ke no Bi" Exhibition: Participated as 14 creators thinking about Ke no Bi
  • HUSKING BEE 25th Anniversary Tour "The Show Must Go On" Tour T-shirt: Design


  • Booklet "Pianist" (Nana Harada = Photographed by Ikuko Harada = Sentence)
  • Photo essay "Turismo" Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Paris Two trips like a solo trip (Nana Harada = photographed Ikuko Harada = sentence)
  • Booklet "Tida Nufa" (Nana Harada = Photographed by Ikuko Harada = Sentence)
  • HiM & Ikuko Harada Europe Tour 2010 Photobook "souvenir"
  • ohana "Ohana White Paper" (writing, etc.) * Tour venue sales
⦅ Writing, Contribution, Comments, etc. ⦆
  • Naomi Takayama "I thought I could be hungry after I got home" (paperback edition / commentary)
  • Eureka / November 2011 issue "Yakushimaru Etsuko" special feature (essay: [Tributes] Yakushimaru-san's world)
  • Eureka / July 2015 issue "Tavito Nanao" special feature (Contribution: [Breathe or ...])
  • Naomi Takayama "Tabetaai" (obi sentence)
  • Eureka / February 2017 special issue "General feature = Akiko Yano-a woman loved by the piano. ... Akiko Yano's 2 Years- "(drawing comment)
  • Alternative Free Fanzine "THE BONOBOS" No. 12 (Contribution)
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  • Bungei separate volume Mook "Naoto Takenaka-continuing to be" incompetent "-" (contribution)
  • Taku Satoh, "The Beauty of Ke-What Dwells in Everyday Life-" (Written by: [14 people who think about the beauty of Ke])
  • Toru Okubo "Master Sauna Techniques That Make Life" Easy "" (Appeared as Sauna)
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  • Eureka / March 2020 issue "Ichiko Aoba" special feature (contribution: [Utanokehai newsletter])
  • Bungei Shunju / April 2020 issue (poetry)

Music video

directed bySong title
"It looks fun" "It looks soft and chewy"
Kensuke Kawamura"Galaxy"

Main live

  • October 2004, 07- FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '04
  • October 2004, 10 ―― 24st 1 solo tour
  • October 2005, 04- ARABAKI ROCK FEST.04292005 Arauchi Evening Festival / Afternoon (in the name of "Hiroshi Takano + Ikuko Harada")
  • July 2007, 07 --FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '29 (in the name of "Skunk Brothers and Ikuko Harada")
  • June 2008-Tour narration to enjoy the sign and lingering sound!
  • June 2008-Tour tube, string and band where beasts and magic fly!
  • July 2008, 07-FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '25
  • January 2009, 01 --J-WAVE Grow Green Live ~ LOVE GUITAR ~
  • November 2009, 11 --De La FANTASIA -vol ZERO-
  • October 2011, 02- TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET + Ladies "All Light" ALBUM RELEASE PARTY
  • October 2011, 05- Kiyoshiro Imawano Rock'n Roll Show Nippon Budokan Love & Peace
  • May 2012, 05 --TOKYO MAPS
  • May 2012, 05-CIRCLE '19
  • October 2012, 06- Takada Ren 10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE
  • October 2012, 12- Omiya ErieChallenge vol.3
  • March 2013, 03-I want to bring smiles to everyone LIVE! 14 supported by Glico
  • May 2014, 05-CIRCLE '17
  • October 2014, 10 --Zanzibar Night 12
  • April 2015, 04-ARABAKI ROCK FEST.26
  • May 2015, 05 --GREENROOM FESTIVAL '23
  • August 2015, 08 --Summer of Donto 05
  • November 2015, 11-Deere-Festival
  • June 2016 ?? Sun --Top -ITADAKI- 06


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