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🤖 | Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki's "EX Mass" off-shot in the cleavage


Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki's "EX Mass" off-shot in the cleavage

If you write the contents roughly
Shinozaki appears in the front cover gravure & long interview of "EX Mass".

Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki updated her Twitter on April 4th to show off shots of "EX Mass" ... → Continue reading

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Weekly mass

"Weekly mass』(Shukantaishu) isFutabashaPublished byweekly magazineIs.WeeklyMondayReleased.FormatIs B5.The circulation of 20 is "Weekly true story6th in the industry after[1].


1958First published in April.Adopting color, greed and scandal routes,Blue collarとWater businessIt has been established as a weekly magazine for.

Yakuza,ErosAnd scandal for sale,Nipponjanarushuppanof"Weekly true story],Tokuma bookstoreof"Asahi Entertainment],Sanwa Publishingof"True story era, Etc.True story magazineAlthough it may be included in the genre of "Shukan Jitsuwa" and "Asahi Geino", the content is a little more entertaining than the "True Story Era".Also,Hair nudeIncludinggravure ThePouch bindingIs often used.

Special edition, separate volume, sister magazine, WEB version

As a special edition magazine, the monthly "Special edition mass(Zokan Taishu) ”(first published in 1998, closed in 2015)[2][3]..3rd weeklyFridayReleased.Format: B5)[4]And irregular "Weekly public extra edition(Shukantaishurinjizokan) ”(format: A4),“Weekly Mass Venus(Shukan Taishu Venus) ”(closed in 2018. Format: B5),“Weekly public special edition(Shukan Taishu Tokubetsuzokan) ”(format: B5).Of these, the special special edition is the manga magazine "Men's Young』Published as a special edition.Other than that, it is included in the back number of "Weekly Mass".

Also, of the special editions1987から1989Issued up toPachinko information magazine"Pachinko capture magazine(1987 issues from the December 12, 24 issue to the March 1989, 3 issue. First published in May 24 as an independent magazine),1992Only one issue was issued inwrestlingThere is a magazine "Super Wrestling" (April 4th issue).

As a separate volume, between the 1960s and 1970s,Separate weekly public(べっさつしゅうかんたいしゅう)』を発行していた(1960年7月創刊と、1969年6月 - 1974年1月通巻56号発行の月刊)ほか、1960年頃から1962年4月にかけてCartoon magazine"Separate Weekly Popular Manga Story(Bessatsu Shukan Taishu Manga Story) ”was published.[5].

The sister magazine is the monthly "EX mass(EX Taishu) ”(first published in August 2005. Released on the 8th of every month. Format: A15 variant), and the WEB version is“Daily mass』(Nikkan Taishu).


Articles / Columns / Essays


  • Tetsuya AsadaSerialization of
  • Cover beauty special selection SEXY
  • ArakiAffair Photo Married Woman Eros
  • Dancer Legend (カ メ ラ マ ン OfHarayoshi Cityby,stripperPhotos and essays posted)
  • Latest of the weekAV情报
  • An adult izakaya where you can get well
  • Quiet "luxury hot spring inn"
  • Extreme horse noodles
  • Specialty ekiben
  • 100 articles that will not die from cancer
  • Real record rape trial
  • Gokuuma noodles (Hantsu Endo)
  • Letter from Terry- Terry ItoPosts a message to celebrities in various fields in letter format
  • Pure, correct and beautiful (Rumiko Koyanagi)
  • Drink, sing, drunken biography
  • Still the stupid bird goes (Ijuin ShizukaEssay Cut:Nishihara Keiko)
  • Amorous Senryu Irogoyomi
  • Great people (Yoshimoto FujimotoEssay. 1990s-serialized in 2010)
  • Japanese History Mystery Investigation Team
  • Professional baseball player "New Boyaki Theory" (Katsuya Nomura)
  • Bancho "Ginbaku Yume Monogatari" (Umemiya Tatsuo)

End of serialization

Serialization frame in charge of AV actress

AV actressby,Sex life(Sex) Trouble consultation and own recent essay corner.It used to be one, but it became two due to Yuma Asami's illness treatment and subsequent return.

  • Zi Cai NaoGloss Toro SEX Detective Agency (? --Serialized until the November 2006, 11 issue)
  • HonokaSensei's SEX Extracurricular Class (serialized from the December 2006, 12 issue to the September 4, 2008 issue)
  • Professor Hobana's SEX Research Institute (serialized from the October 2008, 10 issue to the June 6, 2009 issue)
  • Yuma AsamiPleasure SEX Clinic (June 2009, 6 issue-?)
    • Yuma Asami "Quiz Adult Mote Course"
    • Yuma Asami "All 10 years of Yumachin out!"
    • Yuma Asami "I want to meet you!"
  • Komukai MinakoMom's SEX counseling room
  • Minami Kojima&Mana Sakura"SEX hot water supply room"
  • Mikami Yujo"Life to solve naughty worries all over Japan"



End of serialization

Related news site

  • Daily Mass --Opened in April 2014.Responsible for providing information.The site is created and operated by C & M Co., Ltd.
  • Yuyake Mass-Operated as "Kaikatsu 2020 WEB" (Weekly Mass Extra Edition / Kaikatsu 3 Website) until March 60.Renewed in April of the same year.In addition to R-60 articles not published in the daily public and articles provided by FANZA,Sankei sportsAdult side "Good morning Sankei",Sports NipponSome columns and articles are posted from the adult side "Sports Nippon".Adnest management[6].

Articles and scandals that have been criticized


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