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🀖  "SSSS.DYNAZENON" The dream bud that was aroused by Gauma is a sympathy for the wormwood that caught a cold ... Episode 4 Pre-cut

Photo "SSSS.DYNAZENON" Episode 4 Preceding Cut (C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) 2021 TRIGGER / Akira Amemiya / "DYNAZENON" Production Committee

"SSSS.DYNAZENON" Yumebu, who was aroused by Gauma, was a sympathy for the mugwort who caught a cold ... Episode 4 Pre-cut

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"SSSS.DYNAZENON" is a completely new animation presented by Tsuburaya Productions and TRIGGER based on "Gridman".

From the TV anime "SSSS.DYNAZENON", the 2021th episode "At this time ..." which started broadcasting on April 4, 23 (Friday) → Continue reading

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Tsuburaya Production

Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.(Tsubasa and production,British: Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.) IsEiji TsuburayaFounded byJapanIndependent video production company.

AdvancedSpecial shooting technologyIt is known for making works usingUltra series』And continues to produce numerous TV programs and movies.

Transition of management body

The work of Tsuburaya Productions is "Ultra series], There are many high-quality works, but the production cost per piece is high, and the more you make, the higher the production cost deficit, which has been a problem for many years.Eventually, this problem often began to have a major impact on the management of Tsuburaya Productions.

Under the umbrella of Toho

At the beginning of Tsuburaya Productions, the founderEiji TsuburayaIs a movie company fromTohoIt has a strong connection with Tsuburaya Productions and is also the largest shareholder of Tsuburaya Productions, and Toho officers also served as part-time officers and sent clerical staff such as managers.Also, of TohoTokyoSetagayaDadeumiThe warehouse of the costume department near the studio inTokyo Art Center(Currently: Toho Built) was provided, and TV programs and movies ordered by Toho were received and ordered.

1969, Special effects TV drama "Operation: Mystery!By the time the program ends, there are no orders for new programs from TV stations, and work is cut off.Tsuburaya Productions, which was stuck in management, increased its capital to raise funds, and Toho, the largest shareholder, took over this and acquired a 60% stake in Tsuburaya Productions, making it a subsidiary.The president was Eiji Tsuburaya, but seven officers were dispatched from Toho, and Toho'sMasumi FujimotoAlso had the right of representation.Toho is a restructuring plan to rebuild management,Tetsuo KaneshiroAbolished the planning and literary club to which he belongs, and reduced the number of employees from about 150 to 40.[1][2]..With the help of Toho Co., Ltd., which became the parent company, a five-year grace period was set for payments to delinquent contractors and debt repayments.Thanks to that, Tsuburaya Productions was able to continue production.[3].

1970May 1, Due to Eiji Tsuburaya's illnessHajime TsuburayaBecame the 2th president.

1973May 2, Due to the sudden death of Hajime TsuburayaTsuburaya NoboruBecame the 3th president.

1979,movies"Ultraman Monster Great Battle"ButShochiku FujiIt was a big hit in the system, but regarding this, the movie magazine "Kinema JunpoIn "Rival'sShochikuThere is a description that "Toho, who looks like he sent salt to him, has a bitter face" (he refused to distribute it at Toho).

1983, The accounting was managed by the seconded executive of Toho, and the representative seal was also owned by Toho.As a result, it was Toho's main bankSanwa Bank(Current:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) Has become easier to finance, and we have been able to overcome management difficulties.[4]..Tsuburaya Noboru was not happy with this situation.

Tsuburaya family management

1992,TBSWhen the sales rights and window rights of the "Ultra Series" that had been transferred to Tsuburaya Productions were returned, Tsuburaya Noboru established 15% of the shares of Tsuburaya Productions and Tsuburaya Noboru with the funds obtained with these rights as collateral. didTsuburaya EnterprisesAcquired 45.5% and dissolved the capital relationship with Toho.Tsuburaya Productions was run by Tsuburaya Noboru as the owner and president who holds the majority of the shares.[5].

1995May 6, Tsuburaya Noboru retired due to illness and Tsuburaya Kazuo became the fourth president.Due to the death of Noboru Tsuburaya, the shares of Tsuburaya Productions were inherited by Kazuo Tsuburaya.[6].

2001With the full-scale resumption of the special effects TV series, production costs have increased.However, on the other hand, due to the lack of a big hit and the departure from Toho, the former backing Sanwa Bank was removed, weakening the management base and worsening the relationship with TBS.[7][8].

2002In February, he left Tsuburaya Productions, but rejoined and became vice president.[9].

2003, Kazuo Tsuburaya resignedMasahiro TsuburayaIs the fifth president,Kazuo TsuburayaIs the chairman with the right of representation,Hideaki TsuburayaIs appointed as managing director.On the other hand, the managing directorKoichi TakanoIn this processBandaiHe was asked to resign and left the company because he planned a coup d'etat to take over.[10].

2004In June, Masahiro Tsuburaya resigned due to sexual harassment of female employees and Hideaki Tsuburaya became the sixth president.[11]..Hideaki Tsuburaya, who aimed to normalize accounting, was also dismissed at the board of directors a year later with the consent of Chairman Kazuo Tsuburaya, who holds a majority stake.Toho real estateWas a director of the company, but became the 7th president[12].

2007In February, net income was only about 2 million yen, while sales were about 56 billion yen in the fiscal year ended.An officer who was worried about bankruptcy due to the expansion of the cumulative deficit requested a change of president from Kazuo Tsuburaya to Masahiro Tsuburaya of the production department. In June, Kazuo Tsuburaya became the eighth president due to the dismissal of Mt. Ooyama, who had insisted on a major restructuring at the board of directors.[13].

Make TYO a consolidated subsidiary

Tsuburaya Productions faced a bankruptcy crisis with a cumulative deficit of 30 billion yen due to the suspension of loans from banks. In October, with the introduction of a part-time director, a video company that produces content for commercialsTYOFor the time being, I received a loan of tens of millions of yen.However, because it could not be repaid, TYO acquired a majority stake in Tsuburaya Enterprises, which had been used as collateral.In addition, TYO became the largest shareholder by holding 80% of the shares of Tsuburaya Enterprises, including the shares acquired through a third-party allotment.In addition, by transferring 22.5% of the shares of Tsuburaya Productions owned by Kazuo Tsuburaya to Tsuburaya Enterprises, the shareholding ratio of Tsuburaya Productions in Tsuburaya Enterprises was raised from 45.5% to 68%.Through these processes, TYO acquired the management rights of Tsuburaya Productions and joined the TYO group.[14]..With the dismissal of Kazuo Tsuburaya, Morishima became the 9th president. After TYO's participation in management, Kazuo Tsuburaya remained as chairman of Tsuburaya Productions and Tsuburaya Enterprises, but the family business of the founder family, Tsuburaya Family, which had continued since the establishment of Tsuburaya Productions, was put to an end.

BANDAI NAMCO Group Capital Participation

Internal organizational reforms by TYO are progressing, and in parallel with these, Tsuburaya Productions has a strong connection with the "Ultra Series".BANDAI NAMCO GroupIs capital participation.

2008May 1, TYO transferred and sold 33.4% of its holdings to Bandai, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Group. Morishima resigned in OctoberShinichi OokaBecame the 10th president.

2009In July, a further share transfer was carried out (Bandai holding ratio is 7%), and the management voice of the Bandai Namco Group at Tsuburaya Productions is increasing.During this time, Kazuo Tsuburaya retired from chairman to honorary chairman, and his honorary position also retired, which completely excluded the Tsuburaya family from management.

Make Fields a consolidated subsidiary

2010May 4, TYO holds all 51% stakeFieldsTsuburaya Productions became a subsidiary of Fields[15][16].

2017May 8, Ooka resigned but became the 11th president.

2019May 4, Tsukagoshi resigned but became the 12th president.Tsukagoshi becomes chairman.


  • 1948,Pacific WarBecause I shot a movie that uplifted the fighting spirit duringTohoWas banished from public office (dismissal of request)Eiji TsuburayaEstablished a special film technology research institute (commonly known as "Tsuburaya Research Institute") at home.
  • 1950, Moved the laboratory to Toho studio.
  • 1952, Eiji Tsuburaya is released from public office and returns to Toho.
  • 1956, Eiji Tsuburaya establishes a personal organization, Tsuburaya Productions Research Institute, on the premises of his home[17].
  • 1959,Kazuo SagawaずMinoru NakanoIs added,Shinichi SekizawaOf the scriptwriter who was under the control ofTetsuo KaneshiroAlso participated in the Mainichi Broadcasting System TV movie "Astro boy』Ordered from the special effects part[17].
  • 1962Moved the laboratory to a small building in Toho Studio[17].
  • 1963May 4, Established Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd. by incorporating Tsuburaya Special Skills Research Institute[18][17]..Around August of the same year, Kiyoshi Suzuki participated as a photography assistant and Koichi Takano participated as a photography engineer.[17].
  • May 10, Theatrical movie "Nikkatsu and Ishihara Promotion", which is the first work of the special effects scene as Tsuburaya ProductionsAlone Across the Pacific Ocean"publish[18][19][17].
  • 1964May 3, Toho invests capital and officers[17]..In addition, Toho's Sanezumi Fujimoto and Satoshi Shibayama have been appointed as representatives and directors of Toho.TokyoSetagayaDadeumiThe warehouse of the old costume department near the studioTokyo Art CenterThe site of (currently Toho Built) is provided to Tsuburaya Productions as the head office.[17].Ushio cleaningLeaves the company[20].
  • 1966May 1, The first special effects TV drama series "Ultra Q』Started broadcasting.
  • May 7, Special effects color TV drama series "Ultraman(The start of broadcasting at key stations is the special effects TV drama "Ambassador MagmaIt wasn't the first color TV special effects work because it was about two weeks late.)
  • 1968,Tsuburaya NoboruJoined the company.Toru Narita,Nonagase SamadhiLeaves the company.
  • May 4, Tsuburaya NoboruTsuburaya EnterprisesEstablished.
  • May 12, Toho undertook a large capital increase and became the parent company with a 60% stake in Tsuburaya Productions, and 10 out of 7 officers were dispatched from Toho and led by Toho to restructure 150 employees to 40. The literary club is also abolished.Changed the trade name to Tsuburaya Productions Co., Ltd.[18][17].
  • 1969,Tetsuo Kaneshiro,Shozo Uehara,Noriyoshi IkeyaLeaves the company.
  • 1970May 1, Eiji Tsuburaya left TBS due to illnessHajime TsuburayaBecame the 2th president[17].
  • 1972In May, Tsuburaya Music Publishing (currently Tsuburaya Music) was established.
  • 1973May 2, Tsuburaya Hajime, who left Fuji TV in 1968 and started Tsuburaya Enterprises, became the third president.[17].
  • same year,Shigemitsu TaguchiLeaves the company.
  • 1974,Chayo ProductionsIn collaboration with the movie "Jumborg A & GiantAnd the movieUltra 6 Brothers VS Monster Army』Produced.
  • 1979May 4, The first TV anime "The ☆ Ultraman』Started broadcasting.
  • 1983January,Kazuo TsuburayaずHideaki TsuburayaJoined the company[21].
  • 1984, In order to avoid bankruptcy due to a business crisis, program sales rights and window rights will be granted for a limited period of 7 years from this year.TBSSold for tens of millions of yen[22].
  • 1987,America OfHollywoodEstablished Ultracom in.
  • 1989June leaves the company[9].
  • 1991,Chugoku OfShanghaiEstablished Tsuburaya Animation Studio Company in Japan[23].
  • 1992, Tsuburaya Noboru acquired a majority stake in Tsuburaya Productions owned by Toho and became independent from Toho's umbrella.Noboru Tsuburaya seized management rights and all rights were distributed to Tsuburaya Productions, Tsuburaya Enterprises, and Tsuburaya Music Publishing.[24].
  • 1995May 6, Tsuburaya Noboru retired due to illness and Tsuburaya Kazuo became the fourth president[9].
  • From around this time (December 1995), by Chaiyo Productions, "From" Ultra Q "to"Ultraman Taro"and"Jumborg A』In 7 worksJapanExclusive rights other than (hereinafter referred to as "Ultraman's overseas use rights" in this section) "are claimed (for details, see"Ultraman proceedingsSee).
  • 2002In February, Tsuburaya Akira rejoined the company and became vice president.
  • In June, I got stuck in cash flow and couldn't borrow from banks.BandaiReceived a loan of 12 million yen with a repayment deadline in December on condition of management improvement[10].
  • 2003, Kazuo Tsuburaya resignedMasahiro TsuburayaBecame the 5th president.
  • In the same year, the managing director who was forced to submit a resignation for planning a coup d'etatKoichi TakanoRetired[10].
  • same year,Masakazu MigitaLeaves the company.
  • 2004In April, the Supreme Court ruling confirmed the loss of the copyright proceedings against Chaiyo Productions.
    • As a result, Tsuburaya Productions lost "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" under Japanese law.This right is1998Chaiyo Productions received 1 million yen from BandaiThailandIt has been transferred in exchange for the waiver of the exclusive use rights other than the above (this case has been finalized by the Supreme Court decision in the process of losing the copyright infringement damages lawsuit against Tsuburaya Productions of Chaiyo Productions), and under Japanese law Bandai owns the "right to use Ultraman overseas".
  • In June, Masahiro Tsuburaya resigned due to sexual harassment of female employeesHideaki TsuburayaBecame the 6th president.
  • 2005In April, the head office was changed from Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.HachimanyamaMoved to.The old head office was renovated and used as a Kinuta office building for storing hero and monster costumes and for CG production.
  • In May, Tsuburaya Akira left the company.
  • In June, due to the dismissal of Hideaki Tsuburaya, became the 6th president.
  • 2007In June, Kazuo Tsuburaya became the 6th president due to the dismissal of Mt. Ooyama.
  • October, 10% stake in Tsuburaya ProductionsTYOAcquired and became a subsidiary.Due to the dismissal of Kazuo Tsuburaya, became the 9th president.The management of Tsuburaya Productions by the Tsuburaya family since its establishment has come to an end.
  • 2008May 1, Tsuburaya Productions, Tsuburaya Enterprises, TYObuild upMerged to make Tsuburaya Productions the surviving company and a wholly owned subsidiary of TYO.The build-up was restarted as a special effects production section of Tsuburaya Productions, and at the same time, the capital was significantly increased from 1000 million yen to 3 million yen.
  • May 1,Ultra seriesBandai, which has been involved in toys for many years, acquired a 33.4% stake from TYO and invested in Tsuburaya Productions. At the same time, it monopolized the commercialization rights of Tsuburaya Productions' works, which were previously renewed annually.Hiroshi MaruyamaLeaves the company.
  • In February, the Thai Supreme Court found that the contract regarding "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" was forged, and decided that the transfer was invalid.
    • As a result, under Thai law, "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" still belong to Tsuburaya Productions.
  • May 2, Closed the Kinuta building (the first building of Tsuburaya Productions) and returned the site to Toho and announced the demolition by selling its own property in the adjacent land to Toho Real Estate.The last release for the media was carried out[25].
  • Morishima resigned in OctoberShinichi OokaBecame the 10th president.
  • May 12, UM took over "Ultraman's overseas usage rights" from Chaiyo Productions and succeeded in various proceedings.
  • 2010May 4, TYO holds all sharesFieldsTransferred to.Tsuburaya Productions became a consolidated subsidiary of Fields and is the Chairman and Representative Director of Fields.Hidetoshi YamamotoBecame chairman of the board of Tsuburaya Productions.
  • 2011In July, head office from Hachimanyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to TokyoShibuya WardSakuragaoka TownMoved to.
  • 2017May 8, Ooka resigned but became the 11th president.
  • 2018May 4,CaliforniaThe Chuo Ward District Court found that the result of the investigation using "Discovery" was a forged contract regarding "Ultraman's overseas use right", and decided that the transfer was invalid.[26].2019May 12,9th Circuit Court of AppealsThis conclusion was maintained even in the appeal hearing in[27][28].
    • As a result, Tsuburaya Productions still has "Ultraman's right to use overseas" under the US Constitution.
  • 2019May 4, Tsukagoshi resigned but became the 12th president.Tsukagoshi becomes chairman.

Successive presidents

Successive generationsNameTenureRemarks
First generationEiji Tsuburaya1963-1970Founder of Tsuburaya Productions
2nd generationHajime Tsuburaya1970-1973Eiji Tsuburaya's eldest son
3nd generationTsuburaya Noboru1973-1995Eiji Tsuburaya's second son
4nd generationKazuo Tsuburaya1995-2003Tsuburaya Noboru's eldest son
5nd generationMasahiro Tsuburaya2003-2004The eldest son of Hajime Tsuburaya.Retired due to sexual harassment of female employees
6nd generationHideaki Tsuburaya2004-2005Hajime Tsuburaya's second son
7nd generation2005-2007Toho real estateInvited from the director of.Became the first president from other than the Tsuburaya family
8nd generationKazuo Tsuburaya2007Mt. Ooyama dismissed Shigeki and returned to work
9nd generation2007-2008Tsuburaya EnterprisesParticipate in the establishment of
10nd generationShinichi Ooka2008-2017Tsuburaya Productions Photographer
11nd generation2017-2019Walt Disney JapanでMovieNEXTrigger
12nd generation2019-タ カ ラ ト ミ ヌExperienced overseas business in the overseas division "Tommy International"


tv set


original video




Production cooperation



The mark was designed by Minoru Nakano, an optical compositing engineer, and has a polygon formed by connecting the ends of each line in addition to the Tsu line with the motif of "Tsu" of "Tsuburaya" and the alphabetical notation of "TSUBURAYA" in the middle. Has become[29].

April Fool

When it came to April Fool's Day, he announced elaborate material on the Internet.[30][31].Eiji TsuburayaIt was planned by Cyber ​​Eden (the company that operates the official website of Tsuburaya Productions "Tsuburaya Station") to which the great-grandson belongs, and Tsuburaya Productions was supervised.[31].

  • 2005,Baltan AlienHas taken over the official website of Tsuburaya Productions, "Tsuburaya Station".Tsuburaya Productions April Fool's Day No. 1[31].
  • 2006, "M-78 (M-Nana Hachi)" (mixiParody) opened[31].
  • 2007, Opened "m-78" as before.Last time, access was concentrated, so there were complaints from fans who could not see because the server went down.Father of ultraThe apology was posted by.The server environment was actually strengthened[31]..Also, the day before was "Ultraman Mobius』Because it was the last inning, it was in the form of logging in with the account of Ultraman Mebius.
  • 2008,CanegonIs "Kanegon's 78 Channel Summary Blog" (channel 2systemSummary siteParody) opened[31].Ultra brothersAnd the monsters2 channel terms,VIP languageThere was a strange sight of having a conversation at.Also, in someSpecial effects! BoardUltra material was also included.
  • 2009, Continuing from last time, in addition to Kanegon's blogSophie"Blog of the captain working in the land of light",Ultraman Taro"Blog of instructors working in the land of light", "Blog of space ninja covert action" by Alien Baltan,Alien Metron"Earthling Observation Blog",Zetton"Ultra Hero Strategy Blog",Gomorrah"Gomotan ★ Burogu" (Shokotan ☆ BlogBlogs such as (parody) were set up.When I sent a support email to the email address written on Gomorrah's blog, Gomorrah replied individually (some people carried over the reply the next day).Also, "Shwashuwa Video" (Nico Nico DougaIn addition to the officially distributed video, the parody of the popular video on Nico Nico Douga was also displayed, and live broadcasting was also carried out.In addition, "" announced during the live broadcastUltraman 80"Broadcast 30th Anniversary DVD-BOX" will actually be released.
  • 2010, "Tsuburaya Tatter" (TwitterParody) opened[31]..Ultra warriors and monsters continued to tweet in near real time for 24 hours.Since the tweet itself was made by acquiring an official Twitter account, it was possible to browse Twitter of Ultra Warrior and Monster.BoothkaWhen"Ultraman FestivalOther than the account, the update was stopped in just one day due to "the physical limit of the translator", and Twitter of Ultra Warrior and Monster was completely deleted. The idea of ​​"Twitter parody" has been around for a long time, and the name was originally planned to be "Duwatter", but it was changed to "Tsuburaya Tatter" because it was difficult to understand.[31].
  • 2011,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) AndFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantAtFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentThis project was not carried out due to consideration for, and instead, "Ultra 5 Oaths 2011"the UAF YouTube-channelWas delivered at[32].
  • 2012, It was announced on Twitter along with the circumstances that it will not be done when Yohei Tsuburaya changed jobs.

a popularity vote

In the past, the popularity of successive characters was voted on the Internet.

  • 2010,movies"Ultraman Zero THE MOVIE Super Battle! Belial Galactic Empire"Tsuburaya Hero & Monster / Alien Ranking" will be held to commemorate the release of[33][34].
    • Hero category ―― 1st place:Ultraman zero, 2nd place:Ultra seven, 3nd place:Ultraman Mobius
    • Monster / Alien Category ―― 1st place: Alien Baltan, 2nd place: Gomorra, 3rd place: Zetton
  • 2013, Held "Ultra Hero General Election" and "Ultra Monster General Election" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Tsuburaya Productions. For the "Ultra Monster General Election"Yahoo! JAPANWith the cooperation of, a special website was set up, resulting in a total of nearly 80 votes, exceeding the "Ultra Hero General Election".[35][36].
    • Ultra Hero General Election-1st:Ultraman Tiga, 2nd place: Ultraman Zero, 3rd place: Ultraman Mebius
    • Ultra Monster General Election ―― 1st place: Zetton, 2nd place: Alien Baltan, 3rd place: Gomorrah

ス タ ッ フ

Past staff

Past related staff

Tsuburaya Productions Performing Arts Club

  • 1982Joined Tsuburaya Productions in MarchHiroshi TsuburayaIt was set up for the purpose of managing.
  • 2007May 10, Closed because he could not get rid of his chronic deficit.Most of the talents they belong to are new companies of Tsuburaya Music.TMLabHave been transferred to.
  • 2013May 11, TM Lab finishes management of the talent to which he belongs.Most of the talents they belong to have been transferred to the newly established vif.

Past affiliation




Related facilities

Kinuta company building

OnceTokyoSetagayaDadeumiThe first building of Tsuburaya Productions that existed in.OriginallyToho StudioでKyoto costumeIt was used as a costume warehouse for (currently Toho Costume).

1964,TohoWas provided to Tsuburaya Productions when[37]..It is said that it was a medical building before Kyoto costume[37].

2005In April, due to the relocation of the head office, it was used as an editing studio in the CG department under the name Kinuta Digital Symphony.

2008In February, Kinuta Digital Symphony was dismantled.

"Kaiju BoothThe masterpiece invention research institute that appeared in "Ultra sevenThe police station that appeared in episode 8 was photographed using the building of the Kinuta office building.[37].

For works other than Tsuburaya Productions, "Talking three sisters SchustrianIn episode 40, the Kinuta office building was used as one of the locations.

Monster warehouse

A warehouse that used to store hero and monster costumes on the second floor of the first Tsuburaya Productions building in Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.Initially, it was not specialized in costumes, but costumes, props, dolls, models, miniatures, etc. were also stored.[37].

In April 2005, due to the relocation of the head office, many of the collections were also moved to the new office building.[38].

2006In July, it was renovated as an exhibition space displaying some of the costumes, costumes, props, dolls, and models, and was opened to the public for a limited time.[39][40].

In February 2008, the monster warehouse was dismantled due to the closure of the Kinuta office building.A pillar full of scratches with a tag for organizing costumes that has been left behind since the Kyoto costume era[40]Some of them are stored at Tsuburaya Productions[41].

In addition, "Ultra Fight』Episode 196 and"Ultraman MaxThe monster warehouse was also used for shooting episode 24, etc.[37].

Toho Built

It is one of the Toho studios that once existed.Although it is not owned by Tsuburaya Productions,Ultra seriesIt has been used for many years as a shooting location.

1996, The relationship was deep, such as the renovation being carried out with the investment of Tsuburaya Productions.[37].

Related books


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Related item


  • "TV Magazine Special Editing Ultra Tokusatsu Magazine 2020" Kodansha (Kodansha MOOK), August 2020, 8.ISBN 978-4-06-520743-7.

倖郚 リンク

Lightning Superman Gridman

"Lightning Superman Gridman』(Denkou Chojin Gridman) is1993(5)May 4から1994(6)May 1Until,TBSseries(Excluding some affiliated stations) OthersSaturday17:30-18:00 (JST, Kanto area), all 39 episodes were broadcast,Tsuburaya ProductionProductionSpecial effects TV program[1].


Tsuburaya Production30th anniversary work[2]..For the company, "Ultraman 80This is the first full-scale special effects TV series in 12 years since[3].. The catch phrase is "Your passion called the hero.'[4].


As an element that characterizes this work, Khan Digifer materializes the monster created by Takeshi Todo.PC communicationTransfer to a computer or home appliances and let them rampageProgramIs not even known to the general public at the time, destroying the world and resulting in turmoil in the real world.むンタヌネット,Computer virusThere is a setting that anticipates the rise of[5][Annotation 1]..Since all the battles are happening in the computer, only four people, Naoto, Ippei, Yuka, and Takeshi, know the existence of monsters and Gridman, until they are recognized by the general public in episodes 4 and 25. Not known at all.

The setting that the main character who transforms into a hero is a 14-year-old junior high school student is rare as a special effects program, but those who support it and those who are hostile are all 14-year-old boys and girls, and the whole story is drawn from the perspective of young people There is.Naoto and Takeshi are classmates, and although they have acquaintance with each other, they are completely unaware that they are in a hostile position until the end of the game.

"Ultra seriesIn Tsuburaya special effects works such as ”, the giant hero did not change its appearance significantly, but in this work, a new element is included that the mechanic who supports the hero is transformed and united in a shape like armor. Ta[5]..In the Heisei Ultraman series that will be broadcast later, "Ultraman Tiga』Since the type change, the setting of" changing the form according to the situation "has become customary, and experimental elements have been brushed up and incorporated.

On the technical side, some were digitized, but most video recording and video effects were analog.First of all, it is rare for a special effects work at that time, which was mainly filmVTRIt is taken by the method[3],Over-baking of filmThe strict restrictions on video composition caused by[Annotation 2]That was innovative.VTRBy becoming a methodCCD cameraIs now available, and the opening video of going through the model is possible[8]..Video composition andMotion control cameraEtc., the advanced technology of that time is fully utilized[5][7][9]However, the method of shooting costumes and miniature models has not changed, and it was the latest technology at that time.Computer graphicsThe use of was limited to a part.Until the 13th episode, the color tone was conscious of the film, but after the 14th episode, it was changed to a brighter color tone.[3].

Most of the staff who participated in this work are young, except for directors and photographers, and many of them later became the main staff of the Heisei Ultraman series.[10][11]..In charge of shootingShinichi OokaAnd production progressHiroyasu ShibuyaStates that the experience of this work was utilized in the Heisei Ultraman series etc.[12][11], The first work "Ultraman Tiga], The video composition technology established in this work is fully utilized.

Planning process

Toy makerTakara(Currentタ カ ラ ト ミ ヌ) Is "Cyber ​​police cybercop』(1988,TohoProduction/NTV series) As one of the plans for multiple different directions of the second special effects live-action route1989Was planning a huge hero work "Cyberman"[13][14][15][16]..This project was completed at the internal examination stage, but a support robot is scheduled to appear from the reflection that "There was no large product at Christmas time in'Cybercop'", and "Two support mechas are armor for the hero. At this point, the concept of "combining with each other" has also emerged.[Annotation 3], These "superhuman union concept" of this workTemplateIs said to have become[17][14][15]..The setting of the computer world is also a further development of the electronic image of "Cybercop".[13], It is said that the main reason is that the atmosphere can be deceived on the screen and the set can be reused, and there was also a situation where the miniature of the work affiliated with Bandai could not be diverted.[18].

After that, the TV anime "Super Electric Robot Tetsujin 28 FXThe project of this work started in the summer of 1992 as a huge hero work "Big Man" by another development team of Takara who was in charge of[3][13], Kazumitsu Akamatsu of Red Company who participated in the planning of "Cyberman" joined as the person in charge, and the skeleton of "Gridman" was completed.[19]. AndBrave series"Super Electric Big Man" was created as the second installment of "Super Electric Robo Tetsujin 28 FX", a toy for Tetsujin No. 28 FX equipped with a "super electric" gimmick using a sensor and a microcomputer circuit.[14].. The title of "Big Man" comes from the fact that we were particular about making it a giant hero for the convenience of providing support mecha.[13], Was used up to the decision design and the scenario stage of episodes 1 and 2.[17][3]..Initially, it was planned to be broadcast on NHK, but it was said that it was broadcast because NHK presented a fantasy-oriented one with a girl as the main character.[19][18].

Initially, it was considered to order production from Toho through the connection from "Cybercop", but Tsuburaya Productions was selected because of its track record in giant hero works.[17]..Then, Tsuburaya Productions and Yomiko Advertising Co., Ltd. decided to combine the concept of "Cyberman" mecha and weapons with "Bigman", but the name was changed to "Gridman" due to trademark registration. Tata[16].

Tsuburaya Productions was considering a new TV series of the Ultra series as a work commemorating the 30th anniversary of its founding, but it did not come to fruition, and this work was positioned as a work commemorating the 30th anniversary of its founding.At that time, Tsuburaya Productions and TBSUltraman FestivalAlthough a certain relationship was maintained due to such reasons,Ultraman 80The Cold War with the management continued due to the conflict over ”, but he cooperated fully with the production.FujitsuWith the support, it became possible to acquire broadcast slots.[20].

Change / evaluation of initial settings

In response to a request from the Takara side to put Thunder Gridman and King Gridman side by side, Takeshi transforms from Episode 17 Black GridmanKhan NightAppeared and became a rival of Gridman, and in episode 26, Takeshi was converted and became a friend of Naoto and the second hero.Grid nightWas considered, but it was shelved due to the number of production stories.[21][22]..Also, a resident of the computer worldCompoidThere are some settings that could not be explored due to technical restrictions, such as appearing only once (Episode 1) due to the increased labor of video composition.[Annotation 4]..Initially, it was considered to expand the battlefield to the real world, but it was decided to destroy the home drama atmosphere of the work, so it was canceled.[23][Annotation 5].

Sales of toys were strong, but due to production budgets, etc., all 39 episodes were completed.[24][21]..The audience rating was 2.9% for the first time and 9.5% for the final time, which was a significant leap forward.After the end of this work, Takara had a plan for the next work with Takeshi and Grid Knight as the main characters.[24][23][13], Both sponsors and broadcasting stations showed disapproval, so this development was postponed.This idea was later developed and inherited in the magazine serialization "Denkou Chojin Gridman Demon King's Counterattack".[21].

As a sequel project different from the story with Takeshi and Knight as the main characters, Tsuburaya Productions set the stage two years after this work.Dengeki Superman Gridman F (Fighter)』Also exists in parallel[21][23][22]..Alexis Kerib, the emperor of the demon world who has renewed the characters other than Ippei and leads the five monster army, started invading with a high school girl named Akane Shinjo as a puppet, and Hibiki who is a classmate of Ippei who entered Tsutsujidai Technical High School. I was planning a story about a boy named Yuta fighting with Gridman, but this was also put into storage.[23][22]..Some names and settings are the TV anime version of "SSSS.GRIDMAN』Incorporated as a homage[25][22].


Sho Naoto,Ippei Baba,Yuka InoueIs a second year junior high school student who attends Sakuragaoka Junior High School.In the basement of Ippei's house, where his parents run an interior store, he has created a secret base for only three people.They are computers that collect and assemble used partsjunkI was devoted to the days of research and development.Takeshi TodoAlthough he is a classmate of Naoto, he has a gloomy personality, has no friends, and his parents are away from home on a business trip, so he becomes a lone computer nerd and stays in his room.

One morning, Naoto's younger brother, Daichi, was taken to Yuka's hospital with an appendix.On the same day, Takeshi thinks he was refused to give Yuka a love letter, and uses a computer to attempt revenge.

At the time when Takeshi invaded the medical computer of Inoue Hospital with the hacking program "Monster Gillars's Torture Mansion" and set up mischief, the Demon KingKhan DigiferAppeared in Takeshi's computer.Khan DigiferHyper worldA dimensional criminal who has escaped from a different world called, making a monster in response to the feelings of Takeshi's hatred, the world inside the machineComputer worldTry to destroy and conquer the real world by sending it to.

Naoto who are involved in the abnormal phenomenon caused by the guillars materialized by Khan Digifer.At that time, CG that Ippei was drawing in the junkGridmanI came to the earth following Khan DigiferHyper agentBecame a lightning superhuman.Naoto decides to join Gridman and protect the world.

In this way, the battle between Gridman and Khan Digifer, Naoto and Takeshi began.


Gridman and its supporters

Naoto Sho(Sho Naoto
The main character of this work. 14-years-old[26][27]..He is usually a laid-back person, but he has a passion for justice and a cheerful personality that boasts passion and a smile.[27]..With Access Flash, you will be united with Gridman and will be the only one to fight to protect the world.
Even if Khan Digifer's ambitions were blocked, people's anxieties did not go away, and he sometimes suffered, "Isn't we really doing anything?"
  • At the scenario stage, the surname was "Godada"[28].
Baba Ippei(Baba Ippei
Naoto's best friend. 14 years old[26]..Always cheerful and adorable[26][29], Although he runs in a prank with Naoto, he is strong in mecha and has an artist's skin, and he has a unique talent and inspiration in the design of assist weapons such as God Zenon and Dyna Dragon.[26][30][29]..On the other hand, school grades are refreshing[30]..It seems that they often get discounts when purchasing products such as junk parts.
She is weak against beautiful women and seems to have fallen in love with various women, but she always ends up with a broken heart.In addition, there are many misunderstandings such as always making a mistake in sayings and misunderstanding Naoto's words.
Yuka Inoue(Yuka Inoue
Naoto's best friend. 14 years old[29].. Born June 1978, 6[26][Annotation 6]..Excellent grades, strong in networks and programming, and plays the role of the brains of a trio[29]..I secretly have a feeling for Naoto[29], Gradually attracted.Because Takeshi has a one-sided affection, he may be involved in an incident.[29].
  • The name was "Kaori Inoue" in the preparatory draft and "Yuka Aikawa" in the final draft.[28].

People around

Sho Soichiro(Let's go
Naoto and the father of the earth. 41 years old[26][30][31]..Office worker (station) working at the cable TV station "Earth Cable Network (ECN)"Deputy head) And I'm always angry with my wife MichikoHorror wifeBut also[30][31]..Often involved in a mysterious incident caused by Khan Digifer[31].
Special skill is playing an electric guitar[30][31], I met Michiko at a school festival when I was a student who was in a band.
Sho Michiko(Sho Michiko
Soichiro's wife, Naoto and the mother of the earth. 39 years old[26][30][31]..aggressivehousewifeで[31], I'm always struggling with three difficult men.
I hate dogs so much that when I see a doghysteriaFeeling angry or frightened[31]..This is because when I was young, I was traumatized by a stray dog ​​biting my butt on a date with Soichiro.
Sho earth(Shodaichi
Naoto's younger brother and third grader. 3-year-old[26][30][31]..With a weak personality for cheeky words and deeds[31], Always swayed by katakana.On the other hand, she likes her, but she hasn't dealt with her at all.
Kanji Baba(Baba Kanji
Ippei and Kana's father. 40 years old[26][30][31].. He is the owner of "Interior Space Aya" and suffers from monsters like the other two fathers.
Ayako Baba(Baba Ayako
Ippei and Kana's mother. 38 years old[26][30][31]..He runs an interior shop with his husband.
Baba Kana(Baba Kana
Ippei's younger sister and fourth grader. 4 years old[26][30][31]..An inspiring girl who likes Naoto[26][30]..On the other hand, he completely looks down on the earth because he is younger, and he curses when he takes a lift.[31].
Hideyo Inoue(Hideyo Inoue
Yoshihito and Yuka's father. 44 years old[26][30][31]..A doctor who opens a private hospital "Inoue Hospital".In the early stages, he was often involved in the incident, but his turn was very small compared to the other two fathers, and he would not appear in episode 2 at the end.
Yoshie Inoue(Yoshie Inoue
Yoshihito and Yuka's mother. 41 years old[26][30][31]..As a full-time housewife[31], Pretty sweet to Yoshihito.
Yoshihito Inoue(Yoshihito Inoue
Yuka's older brother. 20-year-old[26][31]..It is a ronin (Ninami) who is studying hard aiming at the University of Tokyo School of Medicine.[30][31], Yuka says, "I have a head that I can accept if I go to another university," but based on that, I think I'm crazy about sticking to the University of Tokyo.In addition, a little strange words and deeds are conspicuous, such as making cabbage raw and biting.
  • In the scenario of episode 7, it was named "Ryoei"[28].
Constable Koganemura(Koganemura Junsa
Police officer belonging to Sakuragaoka station in Naoto's town[31]..Naoto and his friends are making fun of him under the nickname "Small Rich".At first glance, there are many unreliable depictions, but at times he was courageous and earned credit.It seems that he left the town after receiving a transfer resignation at the end of the first and second episodes of episodes 25 and 26, but the exit drama was not drawn in particular.
  • In the scenario of episodes 25 and 26, it was a tentative notation of "Constable A".[28].
Amagasaki Constable(Amagasaki Junsa
Police officer who was appointed in place of police officer Koganemura in episode 27[31]..From Kansai[31]Soon after, I received the nickname "Kuchigasaki" from Naoto and others to speak well.
  • In the scenario of episode 27, the tentative notation was "Constable A", and there was no dialogue regarding the assignment.[28].
Hitomi Kuwata(Hitomi Kuwata
Earth Cable Network Announcer and Reporter[31]..Often reports on monster incidents caused by Khan Digifer and monsters[31].

Khan Digifer and its supporters

Takeshi Todo(Takeshi Toudou
A boy who goes to the same school as Naoto[32]..He had no friends because he was too refracted and selfish, so he became a computer geek and repeatedly hacked.[33]..A hateful heart and outstanding computer knowledge will be used by Khan Digifer, causing confusion in the computer world.
His parents are still alive, but Takeshi himself hates saying, "I'm always on the phone," and "I'm happy if I give him some money."Also, because of my poor communication skills, I can only have a distorted way of loving someone who likes me.StalkerI'm always asking for an opportunity to give a love letter, but it doesn't work.
Basically, Takeshi has a strong dissatisfaction with something, embodies that hatred in the form of a monster, and often rampages in the computer world, but hesitates in operations that may cause death. Also, in episode 32, he has some sensible aspects, such as paying attention to the man who threw gum on the street.However, even if you call on Khan Digifer to stop him, he is usually forced by brainwashing.
After being limited to Khan Digifer, he was helped by Naoto and converted after seeing their fighting.Created a destruction program to defeat Khan Digifer and led Gridman to victory.
Demon King Khan Digifer
A dimensional criminal called the "legendary devil".Move to Takeshi's computer and aim for control of the real world.


The energy body "Hyper Agent", which has been chasing the Demon King Khan Digifer from another world Hyper World, has become two-dimensional, borrowing the appearance of the CG character "Gridman" drawn by Ippei as the guardian deity of junk. What you did[23][36][30][16][37]..A person who is always a dignified hero.However, in the 17th episode, he sometimes thought that the hackers who accessed the junk were direct people, and apologized for the detour by stealing Misumi's data.Combined with Naoto who was sucked into the computer world by the access flash emitted from the acceptor[37], A three-dimensional gridman is formed[36]..After that, by letting the whole body get the energy from the crystal converter, it becomes huge to 70m.[37].

Since Naoto is one and the same, Naoto's injury and loss of fighting spirit also affect Gridman.

Immediately after uniting with Naoto, it is life-sized, but by incorporating Yuka's enormous program, it becomes enormous to the same size as a monster.
Energy lamp[35][36][37]
It usually glows blue, but when Gridman's activity energy decreases or the linked junk is powered down, a blinking and warning sound informs the limit of activity.
  • The warning sound is sampled based on the synthesizer sound.[39].
Grand Acceptor[35][37]
It has the same shape as the item "Acceptor" for Naoto to merge with Gridman, and when Naoto merges with Gridman, it stays in Gridman's left arm.There is no combat power because it was not installed at the beginning of materialization[37]..Its Special Move Grid Beam is launched from here.
Tectarion Armor[35][37]
Reinforced armor that protects the whole body of Gridman[35][37]..Has strength that surpasses all alloys on the earth[35][37].
Crystal converter[37]
A tool with special energy required for enormous growth in the center of the chest of Tectarion Armor[37].
Three blue parts arranged around the crystal converter.The fixer beam is launched from here[35].
access code
The password to enter when Naoto and Gridman are united.If this code is not entered, Gridman will not be able to be dispatched from the junk.The code is "GRIDMAN. "
There was also one act in which Yuka was usually in charge of entering the code, and Ippei could not be dispatched because he misspelled it as "GRIDOMAN" (Episode 31).
The armor part of the initial suit used for special shooting of the promoter material was painted in metallic silver, and the crystal on the chest was also transparent.[40][36]..The shooting suit had a lot of reflections, so the armor was repainted in a matte gray, and the eyes and crystals were translucent.[40][36][41]..The mask is a new rubber-like material for up and FRP for action.[41]..Since the mask and body are stained and painted from the middle, the condition differs depending on the shooting time, and the action mask is also slightly stronger than the up one.[41]..For the armor of the limbs, the laminated urethane foam is scraped off and synthetic leather is pasted on it.[41]..The eyes had tracing paper and a small light bulb inside, but since they hit the eyes of a suit actor, they were removed for still photography.[41]..There was a black line on the neck from the design drawing stage, but it was buried after consideration[36].
Like toys, a single battery for eye and chest illumination is on the back[42][41].
The perspective model of the huge sceneUltraman 80Remodeling[40][36][Annotation 7]..The pose with the left hand raised is a left-right reverse version and the image is used[16][36]..When it becomes huge, it sends dry ice smoke from below.[43].

Makeover item

A bracelet type item given to Naoto by Gridman.Usually on Naoto's left arm, a ringing tone when Gridman needs Naoto due to an incident or a monster appearing in the computer world.G callRings[34]Also used as a contact tool to call Naoto[37][Annotation 8]..Wear a wristwatch on the right arm to avoid interference with the acceptor[28].
Naoto said in front of the junk, "Access flash'[34]And press the blue button in the center, Naoto becomes a suit for the computer world and is sucked into the junk and merges with Gridman.Even after Naoto merges with Gridman, he stays in his left arm and shoots a deadly ray.Grand AcceptorBecome[37]..You can also call Gridman inside the junk by pressing the golden button at the top.
In episode 22, the computer at the excavation work site was used for coalescence, but Gridman used too much energy to summon Naoto to the junk, causing a power-down earlier than usual.
In episode 30, Gridman fired rays from both eyes against Naoto who was manipulated by Jubagon's compliant rays and refused to combine, forcibly activating the acceptor and forcibly combining.[44].
  • At the scenario stage, it was called "Cyber ​​Breath"[28].
  • Rounded to fit safely on the child's arm[19]..The toy is one-third the size because the one used in the shooting is a duplicate of the prototype.[19].
  • There are three ways to assemble the hands, one with Oo bending the elbow of the left arm at 90 degrees and pushing the acceptor with the right hand, and Muraishi's intention to stick out the left arm forward and bend the elbow at 90 degrees. Some of them are cross-shaped arms that are used in the toy version of the acceptor commercial.[45][Annotation 9]..Of the role of NaotoMasaya ObiTestifies that the way of transformation has changed slightly for each director.[46]..In order to make the union bank and the daily drama part consistent, the costume was inserted.[36].

Main ability

Grid beam[44][36][47]
A ray technique that shoots destructive energy at once from the Grand Acceptor on the left arm[44][35][47]..It ’s Gridman ’s main special move, and he defeated many monsters.[44], Bagira has prevented me.
  • The firing sound adds thickness to the sound that was already in stock.[39].
Spark beam[44][36][47]
Stick out your left fist and shoot several fireball-like light bullets with high voltage in a row[35][47]..It is mainly used to attack a part of monsters intensively or as a connection to other special moves.There is a type that shoots from the Grand Acceptor (episode 1 etc.) and a type that shoots from the fist (episode 16 etc.).Also, from the 16th episode, I started to say the name of the technique when using it.
Grid lightsaber[44][36][47]
A special move that creates an elongated energy sword by stretching the destructive energy concentrated on the left arm in the shape of a cutter ray, and throws it away to cut the enemy into an X shape.[47]..Defeated Prandon and Eiganga.
Superconducting kick[44][47]
Normal kick attack.Taking advantage of its high mobility, it delivers a kick whose destructive power has been strengthened by the momentum when falling to the weak point of the monster.[47].
Neo superconducting kick[44][47]
Enhanced version of superconducting kick[44][23][47]Then, jump to a high altitude and shoot diagonally downward with both reddish feet.I defeated Jubagon, but it didn't work for the giant Khan Digifer.
Grid hyperbeam[44][47]
Gridman, whose program of all assist weapons was destroyed by a giant Khan Digifer, used the destruction program created by Takeshi to concentrate all the energy of junk on the Grand Acceptor and released it as the strongest and final special move.The giant Khan Digifer has disappeared along with the computer world of Takeshi's computer.
Fixer beam[44][47]
A ray of light emitted from a tri-juster on the chest.Restore the computer world destroyed by the monster[44][35][47]..Also, in the Shinobiler case, the humans who were brainwashed by the monsters were restored to their sanity, and in the Niseano Silas case, they were used to encourage the lame Shigeru to stand up.
Can be used even in the state of Thunder Gridman and King Gridman[48].
Grid Kinesis[44][47]
A technique that converts Gridman's mental power into energy and sends it to the acceptor.It awakens Naoto who cannot wake up due to the influence of Dazzurba, but the drawback is that once used, it consumes a large amount of energy and causes power down faster than usual.
Barrier beam[44][47]
A beam that offsets the shock wave of the stealgan and neutralizes it.
Materialized beam[47]
It emits light rays from both eyes and materializes the program sent to the computer world.It was used for the newly completed assist weapon.

Assist weapon

Armed and combat mecha for Gridman, devised and programmed by Ippei himself[36][47]..Initially basically Yuka[Annotation 10]Was typing in the program, but laterAssist Weapon SelectorIt was changed to the method to select from.Also,Powered suitBy combining with the assist weapon transformed like this, it is possible to dramatically increase the ability of Gridman.When Khan Digifer is invited to the computer world of Junk and engaged in battle, the program of all assist weapons is destroyed.

Barrier shield[47]
The first assist weapon, the shield.Protect by generating ultra-high electromagnetic waves from the edge[44][49][47]..It can also be used as a striking weapon or emit a super-electromagnetic vortex from the center to paralyze enemies and significantly reduce their activity.[44][49][47].
Ippei's favorite food that could not be eaten due to the influence of BagiraSpecial dogCG was drawn based on (a kind of hot dog), and it was created by programming Yuka.[44][49]..It was the most used assist weapon and was also used in the final battle with the giant Khan Digifer.
Plasma blade[47]
A slender sword stored in the barrier shield.The blade is charged with plasma, 1000 degrees[Annotation 11]Cut through the enemy with the high heat of[44][49][47].
Used from the battle against Bagira as well as the barrier shield.When he fought against Flemler Blizzerer, he acted as a shield as well as a barrier shield.It was also used in the final battle with the giant Khan Digifer.
Lightning Thunder Sword Gridman Sword[36][47]
The state where the barrier shield and the plasma blade are united.Although the attack power is high, it has the disadvantage that the attack tends to be large.
With a high heat of 1000 million degrees and a high voltage current of 1 million volts, the incandescent blade is swung down quickly to slash the enemy.Lightning ThunderboltDefeated Flemler with[44][49][47].
In episode 6, it will be available by the power of Unison and Anosirasu.In actual battle, it was used for the first time in a 2 to 1 battle with Flemler Blizzerer, and defeated two bodies.In the battle with Fake Anosirus, the brainwashing of Shigeru and others was canceled by damaging Niseano Silas.
Thunder Ax[47]
Ax-shaped form of a deformed Gridman sword[49]..Calls lightning with ultra-high voltage, 1000 million volts[Annotation 12]Fire an electric shock[44][49]..Unused in the play, but you can also cause an electromagnetic storm by swinging it around[44][40]..Used only in the Shinobiler battle in the play.
  • Recombinations and transformations are represented by effects[36].
Thunder jet
Large jet.Fire 20 shots per second from the launcher at the bottom of the aircraftThunder missileAs the main armament[50][49][36][51], God Zenon's head and torso[51], Thunder Gridman's upper body armor, and the surplus parts are integrated into a backpack.Ippei programmed with reference to the materials of the fighter[36][51], Won the first team against Terra Gayer.Sturdy special ringThunder ringSealed the opening and closing of the Terra Gayer's mouth[50][51].
Twin driller
Underground tank.Hyper Tectarion AlloyEquipped with two drills made of[50][49][51], From the tipTwin laserGive off[50][49][36][51]..Has hovering ability and can be active in the air[50][49]..God Zenon's abdomen[51]・ Armor for waist / thighs and Thunder Gridman's arms and shoulders.Developed by Ippei with reference to tank materials[36], Won the first team against Terra Gayer.
God tank
Large armored car[51].. It is possible to climb a 60 ° slope and complete all rough roads.[50][49][51].. 2 gatesGod CannonFires 50 energy bullets per secondGod laserIs the main armament[50][49][36][51]..God Zenon's legs[51], Becomes Thunder Gridman's foot armor.Ippei develops it with reference to the tank materials[36], Completed later than Thunder Jet and Twin Driller, and made its debut in the Metalus match.
  • God Zenon's coalescing miniature has a gimmick that transforms electrically[36].
Dragonic Cannon
A large plasma flame cannon that imitates a dragon, from the mouthDragon fireIt emits a hyperpyrexic plasma flame of 1 million degrees called[52][53][54]..The range of the dragon fire is 1000 meters[53][54]..Ippei programmed with a dragon burial item found with a mummy in China as a hint[54]..Appearance only in the Mechabagira battle in the play[Annotation 13]..A deformation mechanism was added in episode 19, and he became a dynafighter.
In the selector, it is prepared separately from the Dyna Dragon.
Dyna Fighter
A small fighter with a deformed Dragonic Cannon[36]..3 gates at the bottom of the aircraftDyna missileずDyna laserEquipped with[49][36][54], Becomes the head, center and tail of the Dyna Dragon.It was first introduced in the Mecha Flemler game.
King jet
A large fighter developed to enhance the Dynafighter system[36][54]..Weapons are fired from three launchers equipped at the bottom of the aircraft.King missileずKing laser[52][49][36][54]..Becomes the body of the Dyna Dragon and the armor of King Gridman.First introduced in the match against Mecastelgan, a ray formation attack with Dyna FighterViewstorm α ・ βRemoved the transparency ability of Mechastelgan with[52][36][54].
  • Early productions have slanted wings[36].
Dragon fortress
A super-large fighter that combines Dyna Fighter and King Jet.The main weapon is three gates that shoot from the launcher protruding from the bottomFortress missile[55][54]And 2 gatesPenetrator cannon..First introduced in the match against Mecastelgan.
At the beginning of development, Ippei was worried because the color of the wings was not decided, but after interacting with Sho Daijiro (Jiro Dai), it was decided to be white.
Specs (values ​​when they appear in the real world)
NameLengthWidthHeightGross weightspeed
Thunder jet62.1m[50][49][36][51]48.6m[50][49][36][51]19.8m[50][49][36][51]4 tons[50][49][36][51]Flight speed: Mach 5[50][49][36][51]
Twin driller44.1m[50][49][36][51]21m[50][49][36][51]15m[50][49][36][51]2 tons[50][49][36][51]Traveling speed: 100km / h[50][49][36][51]
God tank72.9m[50][49][36][51]21m[50][49][36][51]13.2m[50][49][36][51]3 tons[50][49][36][51]
Dragonic Cannon78m[53][54]9 tons[53][54]
Dyna Fighter69m[52][49][36][54]54.7m[52][49][36][54]24m[52][49][36][54]9 tons[52][49][36][54]Flight speed: Mach 36[52][49][56][36][54]
King jet97.3m[52][49][36][54]73m[52][49][36][54]29m[52][49][36][54]14 tons[52][49][36][54]Flight speed: Mach 18[52][49][36][54]
Dragon fortress106.4m[55][49][54]73m[55][49][54]30m[55][49][54]24 million tons[55][49][54]Flight speed: Mach 43[55][49][54]

Support Robo

Combined Denjin God Zenon
Thunder jet, twin driller, god tankDenjin unionSupport robot[49][36][51]..A deformed robot toy presented to Kana by Gosuke Ishikawa, also known as Kaito Matty.[Annotation 14]Inspired by, Ippei added a program to complete it.[36]..He screams when the union is completed, but he does not have a clear ego, and the battle is largely due to maneuvering.
His specialty is high speed from both armsBreaker knuckleFireGod punch[57][36][51], Unleash a powerful upper punch with a breaker knuckleGod breaker[Annotation 15][57][51].
He made his debut in the Battle of Magnegaus, and while enduring the magnetic force-destroying rays of Magnegaus, he destroyed the barrier and Magnehorn of Magnegaus, but soon after he became stuck. In the second battle against Fake Anosirus, the data was damaged by the hacking of Sigel, and after the battle in an incomplete state caused damage to both arms, he was attacked by Fake Anosirus. It scattered apart and disappeared.
After that, it was renovated and revived in the match against Eiganga.After the power-up, he lifted an eye ganga weighing 14 tons and began to show dominant power from beginning to end.When he fought against Gridman who was manipulated by Jubagon, he overwhelmed Gridman and was forcibly recovered by Yuka who was worried about damage to Naoto's body.In the devil phaser battle, which was the last sortie in the play, although he was able to manipulate the god punch, he contributed to destroying the weak points of the enemy and released a god breaker.
  • Masakatsu Saito, who was in charge of the design, said from Motoki Takatani, who was in charge of toy development for "Gridman".ConvoyPlease use the image of[Annotation 16]
  • In order to make the face look smaller, the shooting suit uses the peephole for ensuring the visibility of the suit actor as the forehead instead of the eyes.[36][41]..Finished by pasting a leather-like material in a shape created with urethane[42]..The silver part of the face is made small to give the impression of a small face, and clogs are put on the feet to make it longer.[42][41].
  • The miniature model of the union scene is an actual transformation and union of the miniatures of each assist weapon.[49].
Combined Super Dragon Dyna Dragon
Dragon Fortress united super dragon(I.e.Type support robot[55][49][36][54]..Excavated in JapanJapaneseTyrannosaurusCompleted by incorporating the transformation function based on the skeleton data of the restored diagram of[36][54]..First team in the Neometalas match.
The main armament radiates the energy emitted during the roar converted into a hot flame from the mouth.Dragon lower[55][49][36][54], Equipped on both shouldersPenetrator cannonずPhoton launcher[49][Annotation 17].
Since the integration program for King Gridman was incorporated, it has been sent in this state.[Annotation 18].

Combined form

Combined Super God Thunder Gridman
Gridman with God ZenonSuper god unionForm.He made his debut against Generedon.
It has the greatest power in each form of Gridman, and in addition to Gridman's supernatural powers, it can use the weapons of three assist weapons.[40][61]..On the other hand, his movements are sluggish and he cannot handle himself like Gridman.
Tekken crusher knuckle with all the power in your bodyThunder grid punch[36][61]And 3 times more powerful than usualThunder grid kick[36][61]Good at.As a special move, fire two drills on both shoulders that are rotated at high speed to pierce the enemy.Drill break[60][36][61]And the high-voltage current emitted from the right armThunder grid beam[60][36][61], Unleash from Thunder Crystal on chestThunder grid fire[60][36][61]Can be used.Every technique was used as a decisive factor.Also,Fixer beam[61]Can also be radiated from the Thunder Crystal.
  • The shooting suit is actually wearing armor on Gridman's suit.[49][36]..The parts on the helmet of the head are completely new molding, it has a double structure, and the super electronic eye is shaped under the searcher goggles.[36][41]..Fine details are processed by painting, and brush painting emphasizes the three-dimensional effect.[42]..Wearing high clogs to show your legs longer[41].
Combined Dragon Emperor King Gridman
Gridman with King JetDragon Emperor unionForm.It was prepared to help Gridman struggling with Benora's poisonous gas attack.
King Gridman is a form that emphasizes speed, as opposed to Thunder Gridman that emphasizes power.[53][36][63]..In armorgas maskIt also has the function of[36], Used effectively in the fight against Benora and Telebose.
King grid punch[63],King grid kick[63]Specialized in skill, equipped on both armsPenetrator cannon[62][49][36][63]からKing Grid Launcher[36]Fires 10 shots per second and shoots from the right arm as a special moveKing grid beam[62][49][36][63]And radiate from the chest crystal converterKing grid fire[62][49][36][63]use.
King Jet can also be combined with Gridman Sigma, which will be described later.King Gridman SigmaBecome[24][64].
  • The design of the upper body follows Gridman, such as blue coloring, in order to clarify the concept of a strengthened figure by making it mainly red, which is the main color of Gridman.[65].
  • The shooting suit is actually wearing armor on Gridman's suit.[49][36]..The final assembly was done on-site because the simple gridman suit with flat paint, which partially omits the armor worn inside, is the same as Thunder Gridman.[42][41]..Miniature models for coalescing scenes are different in size and function, so they were created individually[42].

Term in play

Naoto, Yuka, and Ippei made it with pocket moneyHomebrew computer[29]..It is linked with Gridman, and when the junk powers down, Gridman also disappears.[34][35][29].
Unlike home-built PCs, which were later generalized in reality, the structure in which electronic components are cluttered together is exposed, giving it a handmade feel.
When a giant Khan Digifer is called in during the final battle, all the data of the assist weapon will be destroyed in the battle.
  • The keyboard sound uses the sound of the register of the coffee shop.[39].
Computer world
Another world that exists in the computer[66][47]..Humanoid electronic life formCompoidInhabits, and a special space between each computer worldPasa routeConnected by[66][37]..If this is destroyed, it will have a great impact on the real world.[47].
  • The design is based on the computer base, and the integrated circuit is likened to a conventional miniature special effects building.[7]..In order to create a unique atmosphere, we often use acrylic with colorful lighting.[36]..The ceiling is also molded to hide the lighting so that it is not reflected.[40][12]..However, it was omitted from the middle because there was an evaluation that the screen was dark.[36]..Fluorescent color is used on the front side of the set, but it does not appear in video shooting under normal lighting.Black lightIs guessing[12]..Background A mysterious background is created by illuminating the horizont from the space between the horizont and the townscape.[36]..Pasalute puts a pencil camera backlit through a semi-circular donut-shaped acrylic cylinder with a film-like grid, and places the camera on a motorized crane for shooting.[67][43]..In the second half, I put the cameras in a set of acrylics and composited half of them with the same frame reversed.[43].
Sakuragaoka(Sakura is ok
The town where Naoto and others live, which is the stage of this work[26]..A bizarre incident will occur due to Khan Digifer's dark leap[26].
Location is mainlyInagi-shiKoyodaiずTama CenterMade in[12][11][68]..Therefore, Kamesan Park, which appears in episode 3, is a park that actually exists in Koyodai.[28]..The exterior of the Sho family is an actual house, the living room is a house on the premises of the head office owned by Tsuburaya Productions, and Naoto's room was photographed with the Toho Built set.[69][70][68]..Takeshi's room also uses a room on the second floor of the conference room in the apartment behind Tsuburaya Productions.[40][11][69][70][68]..It was a kindergarten that was used to shoot Inoue Hospital[68].
Interior space Aya(Interior space Aya
An interior shop run by the Baba family.
  • It was a grocery store at the scenario stage[28].
  • This store is an interior store that actually exists[11][68], The drama "Minami-kun's loverAnd 'Ultraman Dyna] But it is also used for location.The basement where the junk is placed does not actually exist in this store,Toho BuiltIt is a set installed behind the special effects set of the 5th stage[40].

Theme song/Insert song

Until then, music production has worked on Tsuburaya Productions.Nippon Columbianot,Victor EntertainmentWas in charge of[71]..Suzuki Kisaburo, who was in charge of composing the theme song, began to work on many theme songs for Tsuburaya Productions after this work.[71].

Opening song "Dream Hero"
Lyrics:Akira Otsu / Composition:Suzuki Kisaburo / Arrangement:Masaki Iwamoto / song:Norio Sakai
第3 - 5、9、11 - 13、15、16、18、19、21、24、26、34 - 36話では挿入歌ずしお䜿甚された。
The TV size is a full-size No. 1 connection of the TV intro and coder made as editing material.[72].
There is another version with different lyrics for the shout part of the verse, and it has been made into a CD with the title "Dream Hero (B Type)".
Ending song "If you know more"
Lyrics: Akira Otsu / Composition: Kisaburo Suzuki / Arrangement: Masaki Iwamoto / Song: Norio Sakai
It was used as an insert song in episode 15.
Insert song "Two courage"
Lyrics: Takeshi Aida / Composition:Osamu Totsuka / Arrangement: Osamu Totsuka / Song: Component Three
Not used in the play.


* For guests, see the broadcast list below.

Voice appearance
Suit actor

ス タ ッ フ

The pilot director is the TV anime "Ultraman Kids 3000 million light years asking my motherWas in charge of Hitoshi Soga, who worked on[12].Shinichi KanzawaParticipated as a rotation director, but dropped out only in episodes 3 and 4, and after thatHirochika MuraishiBecame the de facto main director[46].

ShootingShinichi OokaIs a movieREX dinosaur storySince it was decided to participate in the movie, Shinji Nakane, who was a shooting assistant, took over after leaving the board only in episodes 1 and 2.[12].

Initially, the main staff was in a single group system that doubled as the main story and special effects, and from around the second cool it became a separate group system.[11][13].

Broadcast schedule

* For details on monstersThe appearance monster of the lightning superhuman gridmanSee.

Broadcast timesAirdatesubtitleAppearance monsterGuestscriptdirected by

19930403 Day

Birth of a new century hero![Annotation 21]
  • Crystal Monster Gillars
Yasushi HiranoHitoshi Soga

May 4

Acceptor's secret[Annotation 22]
  • Elastic monster Bamora
-Mie Hirano

May 4

Phone panic close call[Annotation 23]
  • Volcanic monster Volkadon
  • Saori Ono (Sales Staff A)
  • Atsushi Ito (Sales Staff B)
Shinichi Kanzawa

May 4

Runaway car
  • Transparent monster stealgan
  • Kurobe Susumu(Tatsumoto Hosono)
  • Yukimasa Natori (President Sekine)
  • Shunichi Kadota (TV presenter)
  • Manabu Sudo (Parts shop clerk)
  • Nobutoshi Hayashi (voice of personal computer)
Yasushi Hirano

501 Day

A man's deadly sword![Annotation 24]
  • Split sword monster Bagira
Mie HiranoHirochika Muraishi

508 Day

Horror melody
  • Split sword monster Bagira (remodeling)
  • Electronic Animal Anosirus
  • Sonic monster Anoshiras
Hiroyuki Kawasaki

May 5

Microwave oven explosion 0 seconds ago[Annotation 25]
  • Flame Monster Flemler
  • Rumiko Takeda
Shizuya IsaoKyota Kawasaki

May 5

  • Flame Monster Flemler
  • Frozen monster Blizzerer
-Kazuhiko Kobe

May 5

Devil's Brainwashing Operation
[Annotation 26]
  • Toshio Tomogane(Mitarai sensei)
  • Yasuhiro Takano (Yusaku Matsuoka)
  • Ayami Kikuchi (Minako Nagamura)
Yoshichika ShindoHirochika Muraishi

605 Day

Dangerous gift
  • Underground Monster Terra Gayer
-Yasushi Hirano

May 6

Is it XNUMX yen?[Annotation 27]
  • Steel Monster Metalus
  • Saiko Terayama
  • Akira Terui
  • Azuma Tsuruta
  • Keiko Mita
  • Hana Yamanashi
  • Asami Sano
  • Asagi Kudo
  • Rumika Yamazaki
  • Kato Kanami
Hiroyuki KawasakiKodakaya

May 6

Beware of Phantom Thief Matty!
  • Magnetic monster Magnegaus
Masakazu Migita

May 6

I hate sports
  • Electric Monster Generedon
Mie HiranoYoshiki Kitamura

703 Day

The time it was tampered with
  • Crystal Monster Mecha Gillars
  • Yukari Ideo (Rumi Kazama)
  • Masato Inose (boy)
  • Rumi Kasahara(Voice of time signal)
Shizuya Isao

May 7

Distorted target
  • Ninja Monster Shinobira (Playback) (Voice:Egawa Hiroo
Yasushi HiranoHirochika Muraishi

May 7

Ippei, Chibiru !?[Annotation 28]
  • Elastic monster Mecha Bamora
  • Tango Mother Onima(Shinzo Onimaru)
  • Shinichi Shimizu
  • Masahiro Matsumoto
  • Koji Sato
  • Kaoru Misaki
  • Yoko Enoya
  • Kazuhiro Shinya
  • Deep work
Kazuhiko Kobe

May 7

Lonely hacker
  • Ultrasonic monster Niseano Silas
Yasushi HiranoTeruyoshi Ishii

May 7

Dragon legend
  • Rift monster Mechabagira
  • Kihachiro Uemura(Akira Noguchi)
  • Akira Igarashi (Photographer)
  • Izumisaburo Makimura (Researcher A)
  • Masahiro Inmura (Researcher B)
  • Akiko Matsuno (Researcher C)
  • Hiroshi Ishimaru (Mummy)
  • Shutaro Ishibashi (Reyuki Noguchi)
  • Deep work
Kazuhiko Kobe

May 8

Sexy policewoman SOS!
  • Flame Monster Flemler (Reproduction)
  • Flame Monster Mecha Flemler
  • Minako Fujishiro(Reiko Misaki)
  • Rie Shibata(Masako Yabushita)
  • Miki Nakajima (Cosmetologist A)
  • Fujiko Asano (Cosmetologist B)
  • Satomi Tachibana (Cosmetologist C)
Toshimichi OkawaYoshiki Kitamura

May 8

Color disappears from the earth ?![Annotation 29]
  • Transparent Monster Mechastelgan
  • Kamon(Sho Daijiro)
  • Mie Kunishima (receptionist)
  • Teruhiko Shirayama (moderator)
  • Yumiko Ogiwara (Staff A)
  • Junko Yamaguchi (Staff B)
Yoshichika Shindo

May 8

Execution !! Dream hero[Annotation 30]
  • Hallucinatory monster Dazuruba
  • Maiko Miyazawa (CM talent)
  • Below, the nightmare world clown
    • Masahiro Matsumoto
    • Shutaro Ishibashi
    • Katsuhisa Ohira
    • Kazunori Yokoo
    • Tomokazu Murase
    • Kazushi Takahashi
    • Kazuhiro Shinya
    • Akira Ohashi
    • Deep work
Hiroyuki KawasakiHirochika Muraishi

904 Day

Resurrection! Dinosaur Emperor[Annotation 31]
  • Super Steel Monster Neometalus
  • Ken Okabe(Dr. Yoshihara)
  • Kenji Miura (Researcher A)
  • Masahiro Matsumoto (Researcher B)
Mie Hirano

May 9

Assassination! Hell thunder[Annotation 32]
  • Assassination Monster Mecha Generedon
-Kazuhiko KobeTeruyoshi Ishii

May 9

Love! Bioflower[Annotation 33]
  • Plant monster plandon
Shizuya Isao

May 9

The decisive battle! The end of the hero (first part)[Annotation 34]
  • Poisonous smoke monster Benora
  • Manabu Sudo (shopkeeper of parts shop)
  • Yasuko Okita (Housewife A)
  • Yuka Iwasaki (Housewife B)
  • Shigeru Iwanaga (factory staff)
Yasushi HiranoYoshiki Kitamura

1002 Day

The decisive battle! The end of the hero (second part)[Annotation 35]-

May 10

Amazing! Toy Rebellion
  • Radio monster Boranga
  • Yuzo Takeda (Tooru)
  • Yuka Sone (Junko)
  • Asako Mori (Sakurako Hayakawa)
  • Yuta Ueki (Taro Hayakawa)
  • Ken Shimizu (Kenta)
  • Miyabi Kimura(Taro's classmate A)
  • Hiroaki Hori (Taro's classmate B)
  • Hiroki Hasegawa (Kenta's friend A)
  • Kentaro Akashi (Kenta's friend B)
Toshimichi OkawaHirochika Muraishi

May 10

Spirited away! Yuka has disappeared !![Annotation 36]
  • Eavesdropping Monster Eye Ganga
  • Koike Sakae (Yukio Kaneda)
  • Junichi Kubozono(Passer A)
  • Takayuki Kitamura(Passer B)
  • Tomoya Harunobu (taxi passenger)
  • Tosuke Imai (taxi driver)
  • Yuko Nagashima (video camera audio)
Mie Hirano

May 10

Pet dog bomb plan[Annotation 37]
  • Kung Fu Shinobiler (Voice: Hisao Egawa)
  • Ayami Kikuchi (Minako Nagamura)
  • Ken Sasaki
  • Aya Suganaka
  • Shingo Uchiide
  • Eri Kawachi
Yoshichika ShindoTeruyoshi Ishii

May 10

World extinction day[Annotation 38]
  • Magical Super Beast Jubagon
  • Yohachi Shimada(Yukazo Inoue)
  • Nobuko Watanabe(Claudia)
  • Katsumi Ide
  • Junko Kawashima
  • Chiaki Oishi
  • Ayoko Hayakawa
  • Nishimiko
  • Junko Mutou
  • Reimi Hagino
  • Naomi Umeda
  • Tamio Sato
  • Sayuko Takahashi
  • Fumiko Masaya
  • Atsuko Kudo
  • Miyuki Baba
Masakazu Migita

1106 Day

Monster mom is a female college student[Annotation 39]
  • Naughty Monster Telebose (Good / Evil)
  • Suzuki Ami(Haruka Kirara)
  • Toru Kodera
  • Natsuko Hirai
  • Miyabi Kimura
  • Mitsunori Katsu
  • Keiko Okabayashi
  • Kumiko Makiguchi
Kazuhiko KobeYoshiki Kitamura

May 11

Raid on a human vacuum cleaner![Annotation 40]
  • Sucking monster Gurumba
  • Yoichiro Seto(The man who threw away the gum)
  • Takahashi etc. (Vacuum cleaner seller)
Shizuya Isao

May 11

Another Takeshi
  • Grief Demon Beast Chidgeller
  • Seiji Ando (Takeo)
  • Kei Saito (Takeshi Chibi)
  • Yoko Yasuda (Okiyo)
  • Fujio Mori(Takeshi's father)
  • Takayo Yamamoto (Mother of Takeshi)
  • Masashi Kikawa (Jun)
  • Hisae Oshima (Jun-kun's mother)
  • Tomohisa Iwata
  • Naoya Ishihara
  • Kaori Miyo
  • Satoru Senda
  • Midori Suzuki
  • Yuki Okada
  • Akiko Komuro
Masakazu MigitaToshiyuki Takano

May 11

Bodyguard Benkei visits!
  • Eiichi Kikuchi(Musashibo Benkei
  • Kura Nao
  • Ryosuke Ozaki
  • Yukari Nagasawa
  • Takeyuki Masushima
  • Masahiro Matsumoto
  • Kazuhiro Shinya
  • Shozen Kajima
  • Masaaki Seike
  • Katsuhisa Ohira
  • Shintaka 脩
  • Junichi Matsumoto
  • Deep work
Kazuhiko KobeHirochika Muraishi

1204 Day

Giku! Yuka Sukeban !?[Annotation 41]
  • Tsuppari Monster Goroma King (Voice: Takuya Matsumaru)
  • Daisuke Hirano (Bad A)
  • Toyoharu Uchida (Bad B)
  • Kazuyo Watanabe
  • Kazunari Tanaka(Voice of Manzai)
Shizuya Isao

May 12

I did it! Baby
[Annotation 42][Annotation 43]
  • Tyrant Super Beast Devil Phaser
  • Aki Shimizu (Akiho Shinjo)
  • Eriko Hara(Original announcer)
  • Naoto Shigemizu
  • Kazuyuki Okayama
  • Fujio Mori
Yoshichika ShindoYoshiki Kitamura

May 12

Eh! Daddy is sentenced to death?[Annotation 44]Masakazu Migita

May 12

Dangerous Earth!
  • Stinking monster Skaborn
  • Giant Demon King Khan Digifer
  • Eriko Hara (Announcer Hara)
  • Yoko Terao
Mie HiranoHirochika Muraishi

19940108 Day

Farewell Gridman
  • Giant Demon King Khan Digifer
  • Eriko Hara (Announcer Hara)
  • Teruyoshi Ishii
  • Junko Kawashima
  • Nobuko Tanji
Yasushi Hirano


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    • CD Single Dream Hero / If You Know More (Discontinued)[76] --Released by Victor Entertainment on May 1993, 5.Includes 1 theme songs and their karaoke.
    • CD Gridman the Hyper Agent Original Soundtrack (Discontinued)[76] --Released by Victor Entertainment on September 1993, 9.Contains 22 songs.
    • CD Gridman the Hyper Agent Original Soundtrack --Released from disc union on January 2019, 1.The title is the same as the Victor version, but the content is different, and a total of 23 songs are included, including the songs of the Victor version and the song "Denkou Chojin Gridman More Original Soundtrack" described later, plus the song on the first CD. 82-disc set.
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    • VHS Gridman the Hyper Agent (single volume version, out of print) --Released by Victor Entertainment.All 11 volumes. Volumes 1-6 contain 4 episodes in each volume, and 3 episodes thereafter.
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    • VHS Gridman the Hyper Agent Thunder Gridman is here! (Discontinued) --Released by Victor Entertainment.Includes episode 13.
    • DVD Gridman the Hyper Agent DVD + CD! HYPER COMPLETE BOX (Discontinued) --From January 2005, 1AvexReleased from.A set version of 39 DVDs and 10 CD containing all 1 episodes. The CD is titled "Denkou Chojin Gridman More Original Soundtrack" and contains songs not included in the Victor version of the soundtrack.
    • DVD Gridman the Hyper Agent (single volume version) --From January 2013, 1 Tsuburaya Productions TBS (Distributor:Toei,Toei video) Released from.All 8 volumes.Includes 5 episodes in each volume (8 episodes in 4 volumes only).
    • Blu-ray Gridman the Hyper Agent Blu-ray BOX --December 2017, 12,Pony canyonReleased from.In addition to all 39 episodes, a non-telop version of the opening and ending video is included.
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    • Shogakukan TV Picture Book (1) Gridman Tanjo !![76] --Released from Shogakukan in May 1993.
    • Shogakukan's TV picture book (2) Power-up Gridman !![76] --Released from Shogakukan in May 1993.
    • TV Land Color Graph 59 Lightning Superman Gridman[76] -March 1993, 6,Tokuma bookstoreReleased from.
    • TV Magazine Great Encyclopedia 11 Gridman the Hyper Agent Secret Encyclopedia[76] -March 1993, 6,KodanshaReleased from.
    • Shogakukan TV Picture Book (3) Fight!Gridman's firewood[76] --Released from Shogakukan in May 1993.
    • Wako's Tobida Suehon Gold Edition Gridman the Hyper Agent[76] --Released by Showawako on July 1993, 7.
    • Kodansha's TV picture book 652 (1) Come on!Gridman[76] --Released by Kodansha on July 1993, 7.
    • Keibunsha's Encyclopedia Separate Volume Mini Album Lightning Superman Gridman[76] -Released from August 1993, 8.
    • TV Magazine Great Encyclopedia 15 Gridman the Hyper Agent Super Force Encyclopedia[76] --Released by Kodansha on July 1993, 8.
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    • Kodansha TV Picture Book 681 (6) 3 Daisenshicho Power Comparison[76] --Released by Kodansha on July 1993, 12.
    • Televi-kun DX Lightning Superman Gridman Super Complete Works[76] -March 1994, 1,ShogakukanReleased from. On April 2019, 4, an expanded and revised edition with an article on "The Devil's Counterattack" was republished.
    • Entertainment Archive Gridman the Hyper Agent --April 2018, 4,Cat publishingReleased from.
    • Spacecraft Separate Volume Lightning Superman Gridman --October 2019, 10,Hobby JapanReleased from.
    • Ultra Special Effects PERFECT MOOK vol.16 Gridman the Hyper Agent --Released by Kodansha on February 2021, 2.
  • toy
    • Action figure
      • DX Lightning Superman Gridman[14] - TakaraMore released[56][14]..Developed by Motoki Takatani, Mikitoshi Amano, Junichi Nagaoka[56].
      • Denjin union DX God Zenon[14] --Released by Takara[56]..Motoki Takatani is in charge of development[23][56].
      • Super God Combined DX Thunder Gridman[14] --Released by Takara[56]..Set version of the above two products[56].
      • Super Dragon Combined DX Dyna Dragon[14] --Released by Takara[56]..The person in charge of development is Mikitoshi Amano[23].
      • Dragon Emperor Combined DX King Gridman[14] --Released by Takara[56].. A set version of "Gridman DX" and the above products.Although it has not been released in the catalog[23], Package sleeves for collecting individual boxes for the year-end sales season were distributed to retailers[23][56].
      • STD Gridman the Hyper Agent[14] --DX Gridman'sCheap edition[23]..Released by Takara.
      • Action Combined Thunder Gridman King Gridman[14] --Released by Takara.
      • Super Action Heroes No.21 Gridman-Released by Marmit[23]..Participating in Boncraft or modeling, which was in charge of making suits for photography[23].
      • ULTRA-ACT Gridman-September 2012, 9BandaiReleased from.
      • ULTRA-ACT Thunder Gridman --Released from Bandai on January 2013, 1.
      • ULTRA-ACT King Gridman --Released from Bandai in August 2013.Limited to Premium Bandai.
      • ULTRA-ACT Combined Denjin God Zenon --Released from Bandai in March 2014.Limited to Premium Bandai.
    • Narikiri toys
      • Acceptor[14] --Released by Takara.Development staff are Yuki Hisashi and Junichi Nagaoka[56].
      • Gridman sword set[14] --Released by Takara.The person in charge of development is Yuki Hisashi[56].
      • Acceptor & Gridman Sword Lightning Superman Set[14] --Released by Takara.A low-priced set version of the above two products.The acceptor omits the electronic gimmick, and the gridman sword is also non-variant.[14].
      • DX Dragonic Cannon[14] --Released by Takara.Developed by Motoki Takatani[56].
    • Soft vinyl doll
      • Lightning Hero Collection[14] --Released by Takara.Development staff are Yuki Hisashi, Kenichi Yashima, Junichi Nagaoka[56]..All the monsters that appeared in the first cool were commercialized[23]..A small number of Mekaba Mora and Meka Bakira were distributed as gifts, but they have not been released yet.[14]..Since it has not been released yet, size reduction is omitted, and it is larger than the usual one.[14]..Gridman also has a "Lightning Hero Perfect Collection" set with VHS recorded in episodes 25 and 26[23][14].
      • Gridman the Hyper Agent (Full Color-Big Model)[14] --Released by Takara[23].Masaki KyomotoLarge-scale products supervised by[23].
      • Gridman the Hyper Agent[14] --Released by Takara.
    • Shokugan
      • Gridman the Hyper Agent- KabayaReleased from.All 3 types.
      • Gridman the Hyper Agent Candy-Released by Kabaya.Comes with a PVC doll.
      • Gridman the Hyper Agent Real Gridman Candy Lightning Gridman Hero-Released by Kabaya[23]..Comes with a pre-painted model.All 2 bullets, 8 types[23].
      • SupermarketMini plastic Gridman the Hyper Agent --Released from Bandai in November 2018[56]..All 4 types[56].
      • Super Mini Plastic Lightning Superman Gridman Dyna Dragon --Released from Bandai in February 2019[56]..Premium Bandai Limited Sale[56].
      • Super Mini Plastic Lightning Superman Gridman Dyna Dragon & Gridman Sigma Set --Released from Bandai in February 2019[56]..Premium Bandai Limited Sale[56].


Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast scheduleAirtimeRemarks
Kanto wide areaTokyo BroadcastingTBS seriesMarch 1993, 4-March 3, 1994Saturday 17: 30 - 18: 00[77]Production Bureau
PresentTBS TV
FukushimaTV You Fukushima[78]
Sanin Broadcasting
EhimeIyo TVPresentAi TV
HokkaidoHokkaido BroadcastingMarch 1993, 4-March 17, 1994Saturday 16: 55 - 17: 25[77]
AomoriAomori TV1993th of February 5[77] -UnknownWednesday 16:00-16:30[77]
IwateIwate BroadcastUnknownSaturday 16: 00 - 16: 30[77]PresentIBC Iwate Broadcasting
MiyagiTohoku BroadcastingMarch 1993, 4-March 12, 1994[79]Monday 17:00-17:30[77]
AkitaAkita TVFuji TV seriesEnd of August 1993[77] -UnknownThursday 17:30-18:00[77]
YamagataTV You YamagataTBS seriesUnknownFriday 17:24-17:54[77]
NiigataBroadcasting System of NiigataUnknown-February 1994, 2[80]Friday 16:00-16:30[77]
ToyamaTulip TVMarch 1993, 4-March 11, 1994Sunday 10:00-10:30[81][77]
IshikawaHokuriku BroadcastingMarch 1993, 4-March 10, 1994Saturday 17: 00 - 17: 30[82][77]
FukuiFukui TVFuji TV series1993th of February 6[77] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMonday 16:25-16:55[83][77]
NaganoShinetsu BroadcastingTBS seriesMarch 1993, 4-March 18, 1994[84]Sunday 16:30-17:00[77]
Chukyo wide areaCentral Japan Broadcasting CompanyUnknownSaturday 16: 30 - 17: 00[77]
Saturday 13: 30 - 14: 00
PresentCBC TV
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcastingMarch 1993, 4-March 10, 1994Saturday 17: 00 - 17: 30[77]
Sanyo BroadcastingUnknownSunday 10:30-11:00[77]
HiroshimaChina broadcasting1993th of February 5[77] -UnknownMonday 17:00-17:30[77]
KochiTV KochiUnknownThursday 16:00-16:30[77]
FukuokaRKB Mainichi Broadcasting SystemSaturday 16: 30 - 17: 00[77]
MiyazakiMiyazakihoso1993th of February 5[77] -UnknownFriday 17:25-17:55[77]
OkinawaRyukyu Broadcasting1993th of February 5[77] -UnknownMonday 16:00-16:30[77]

Handling at the net station

  • Episode 1 is "All-Star Thanksgiving] For broadcasting, it will be broadcast 30 minutes earlier in Kanto and other areas from 17:00 to 17:30.
  • Osaka OfEvery day broadcastingThen from 17:30 at that time, the news program "MBS NowWas organized, so it was broadcast from 1:17 on Saturday, a week later.[Annotation 45].
  • Hokkaido OfHokkaido BroadcastingThen at 17:30 --18:00MBS-produced soil 6-frame programWas online one week later, so it was broadcast on Saturday 1:2-16:55, two weeks behind TBS.
  • Broadcasting System of NiigataThen, episodes 24 to 26 were broadcast in the order of 25 → 26 → 24 episodes.Therefore, King Gridman, who just appeared in episode 26, did not appear in the next week (original episode 24).
  • Tulip TVThen, five original 5-minute bansen programs were broadcast.The contents include making special effects and interviewing staff.


  • From January 1994th to March 1th, 15, after the end of the main broadcast, as "Gridman Masterpiece Selection" at the same time as the main broadcast, Episode 3-Episode 26, Episode 5-Episode 7 will be re-released. Was broadcast[23][85]
  • 1995From late July to early September, an episode that had not been broadcast in the above "Masterpiece Selection" was rebroadcast under the title of "Summer Vacation Children's Festa" from 7:9 to 11:00 on weekdays.[Annotation 46].
Independent station
2019May 3からMay 8UntilTOKYO MX2This work will be broadcast (substantially rebroadcast) from Tuesday to Friday from 18:30 to 19:00.[86].
BS broadcasting
2019May 4からMay 12UntilBS11This work will be broadcast on Tuesdays from 1:30 to 2:00.[87].
CS broadcasting
Channel NECOThen,2002From October2003July ("Tsuburaya Tokusatsu Hour" frame),2008From October2009August ("Special effects drama kingdom 8" frame),2013From April to November ("Tsuburaya Tokusatsu Hour" frame, the second time), the rebroadcast was carried out three times.
Online delivery
To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of "SSSS.GRIDMAN" broadcast, on YouTube Ultraman official channel2020May 10Now available from (Limited release for 2 weeks for each episode)[88].

Development after the end of the broadcast

"Lightning Superman Gridman Demon King's Counterattack"
After the end of the TV series, the magazine "TV-kun, An original film story with gravure photographs, serialized from the May to November 1994 issue.[89][23][64].
Demon King Khan Digifer's younger brotherNeo Khan DigiferAppeared for his brother's revenge and returned to prevent it from being done by Gridman and his younger brother.Gridman SigmaIt is a story of fighting with Naoto and Takeshi, respectively, and fighting the army of Neo Khan Digifer.[23][64]..In this work, the stage of the battle is expanding not only to the computer world but also to the real world.[21][64]..Also, the final form of Gridman that did not appear in the TV seriesFull power gridmanAppears[23][90].
Produced by Takara and Shogakukan, and supervised by Tsuburaya Productions.[64]..Miniatures were used for monsters[21][64]..The design of Gridman Sigma isHideo Okamoto[23][56]Is in charge.As for the monster, Kazumitsu Akamatsu refined the design by Masayuki Fukagawa as in the TV series, and Akamatsu is in charge of miniature modeling except for the Geist Digifer who appeared in the final episode.[13][91].
Akamatsu explains why he became a double hero, "to line up Thunder Gridman and King Gridman."[24].
Gridman Sigma
Appeared in the August 1994 issue[89]..Hyper agent united with Takeshi Todo[89][90]..Grand acceptor is on the right arm[90].
Its Special Move has the same power as the Grid Beam.Grid sigma beam[89], Slash the opponent with the blade of energy from your right handSigma slash[89][90].Fixer beamCan also be used[89].
The suit is a modified Gridman promotional suit[21].. Masaru Takashima, the editor in charge of "Televi-kun," testified that the paint on the suit did not dry and was sticky all the time, making it difficult to shoot.[21].
King Gridman Sigma[89][90]
Appeared in the October 1994 issue[89]..Gridman Sigma combined with Dyna Dragon[89].
Special Move is released from the right handKing Sigma Beam[89].
The design is the same as King Gridman except that the exposed joints are blue, which is the body color of Sigma, but the `` Super Mini Plastic Lightning Superman Gridman Dyna Dragon & Gridman Sigma Set'' released in February 2019 The package illustration of is clearly differentiated[92].
Gridman's new ability
Degres Thunder[89]
Used in the May 1994 issue[89]..Releases the energy of the whole body from the left arm in a tiger shape[89]..Defeated Neometalus that appeared in the real world[89].
Bread screw[89]
Used in the May 1994 issue[89]..Gridman spins and rams over the rays emitted by God Zenon and Dyna Dragon.[89]..Defeated Magmagirasu[89].
Full power gridman[89][90]
Appeared in the July 1994 issue[89]..A form in which Gridman is combined with 5 assist weapons[89]..Thunder Gridman on the King Jet is holding the Dragonic Cannon[89]..Defeated Gravas[89].
In the plan, the parts of Thunder Gridman and King Gridman were mixed.Gridman XWas also being considered[21].
Lightning rotation off(Denkou Kaitengiri[89][90]
Used in the May 1994 issue[89]..Gridman and Sigma cross their left arms and rotate to cut the opponent[89]..Defeated Gorgoberos[89].
Dragon spiral[89]
Used in the May 1994 issue[89]..The light rays emitted by Thunder Gridman from the horns and the rays emitted by King Gridman Sigma from both hands combine to shoot three dragons.[89]..Defeated Devilite[89].
Double grid beam[89][90]
Used in the May 1994 issue[89]..Simultaneously emit a grid beam and a grid sigma beam[89]..Defeated Geist Digifer[89].
For details on the monsters that appearedGridman the Hyper Agent Appearance Monster # "Gridman the Hyper Agent Demon King's Counterattack" Appearance MonsterSee.
number芋 出 しAppearance monster
1994 year 5 month numberGridman new decisive battle start !!Neometalus
1994 year 6 month number3 Great Warriors Tokyo Great BattleMagmagillas
1994 year 7 month numberAll-mecha united maritime battleGravas
1994 year 8 month numberNew Warrior Gridman Sigma Toba !!Mad Texas
1994 year 9 month numberDouble Gridman Kimero!New union techniqueGorgoberos
1994 year 10 month numberDouble gridman super power upDevilite
Monster army corps
1994 year 11 month numberDouble Gridman final battle!Geist Digifer
1994 year 12 month numberGridman the Hyper Agent Counterattack of the Demon King All Monsters
1995 year 1 month numberGridman Sigma All the purpose
1995 year 2 month numberGridman VS Gridman Sigma Tsuyo Sakurabe
1995 year 3 month numberGridman the Hyper Agent & Gridman Sigma Combined
"Superhuman Samurai Cyber ​​Squad"
In 1994, with the export of this work product to the United States, "Superhuman Samurai Cyber ​​SquadRe-edited to[23], All 53 episodes were broadcast in the United States. "Power Ranger], The Japanese special effects part is diverted, and the main part is a new shooting method.[14].. The abbreviation is "SSSS』.
Amateur band boySam-tanker-Amplifier-SidIs the main character[64][14], The enemy boy is a good-looking, clear-minded, calm and calm character.[93]..Also, the names of the characters that appear are "The servo(Gridman) ""Zenon(God Zenon) ""ド ラ ã‚Ž(Dyna Dragon) ”has been changed respectively.[14].
"Denkou Chojin Gridman boys invent great hero"
"Japanese Anime Trade FairA short animated work released on January 9, 2015 as the 1th episode of[94].. Animation productionTRIGGER, The directorAmemiya SatoshiThe character design isYusuke Yoshigaki..Appearing monsters are Giralus, Magnegaus, Shinobiler (reproduction), Benora, Giant Khan Digifer.Gridman's design is different from "SSSS.GRIDMAN"[94].
The setting of "Devil's Counterattack" is also included.[Annotation 47], Takeshi who grew up to the last (voice- Koichi Yamadera) Transformed Gridman Sigma appears[94]..This is the first time that Sigma has appeared in a video work.In addition, there is a scene to shoot the Dragonic Cannon that was not shown in the original[94].
October 2018, 10-TV animation work broadcast until December 7.Directed and animated by Akira Amemiya and TRIGGER as in "boys invent great hero"Keiichi Hasegawa, Designed by Gridman by Masayuki Goto.As with the original, Hikaru Midorikawa will be in charge of Gridman's voice, and Masaya Obi, who will play the role of Naoto, will appear as a guest in episode 6.
In the name and setting of the character, many elements such as "Dengeki Chojin Gridman F", grid night, compoid, etc. that have been stored or have not been digested in the TV series are incorporated as homage.[22].
To commemorate the animation, from 2018, "Denkou Chojin Gridman"Video on demandDelivery on the service has started[95].


  • FujitsuWas cooperating in the production, so during the playFM TOWNS[Annotation 48]And Fujitsu's personal computer magazine "Oh! FM TOWNS] Has appeared.
  • The bicycles used by Naoto and others were tied upMiyataUsing the product of[40].
  • There was an original combatant who did not appear in the TV series for the event show[96]..The mask imitates Khan Digifer[96][97]..The suit was later diverted to "Ultraman Dyna" etc.[97].
  • At the time of broadcasting, CG technology was expensive and could not be used extensively, and for the title sequence where characters protruded from the ground of the base, everything except the current running on the base and the composite characters of "Lightning Superhuman" was shot by handmade live action ing[98].
  • 2006of"Ultraman Mobius』In episode 27, to this workTributeThe production is being performed.Detail isZetton # Zetton in "Ultraman Mebius"See.
  • "2 working brothers!Tsuburaya Productions is cooperating in the 10th episode "Hero Show Brother!", With Midorikawa playing the voice of Kurito-senpai, Sato playing the Digihama teacher, and Morikawa playing the transformation sound.[94]..In addition, the combatants of "Kritnyan Show" are a homage to the combatants of Khan Digifer mentioned above.[94].


[How to use footnotes]

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倖郚 リンク

TBS Saturday 17:30-18:00
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Shonen Ashibe 2
(December 1992, 10-February 3, 1993)
Lightning Superman Gridman
(December 1993, 4-February 3, 1994)
* Only this program is a special effects program
  • January 1994, 1-March 15 is a masterpiece selection
    (Rebroadcast organization)
Yamato Takeru
(October 1994, 4-December 9, 12)
* Anime program


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