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🎥 | Morning Dora "Welcome back Monet" Sandwichman is in charge of Saturday navigator!

Photo Sandwichman – (C) NHK

Morning Dora "Welcome back Monet" Sandwichman is in charge of Saturday navigator!

If you write the contents roughly
Executive Producer Yoshinaga said, "A morning drama" Welcome back Monet "drawn in Miyagi.

Saturday of NHK's serial TV novel "Welcome Monet" (general, 5 am-etc.), which will start broadcasting on May 17th ... → Continue reading

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Tv producer

Tv producerIsTV programEtc. of program productionbudgetProcurement, management, staffhuman resourcesAnd so onOversees the entire productionToOccupation.Radio programProducerRadio producerCalled.

Work area

BroadcasterFor both broadcasters and production productions, with the exception of completely in-house produced programsproducerGaori[1], Gives direction to program production from each standpoint.Of the showPlanningAnd, in the case of a production company, a TV stationagencyBring it to and give a presentation.budgetAnd start producing the program.As a program, it has all the right to decide the content, taste, performers, colors, etc.The bigger the show, the bigger the overall authority, eachDirectorWill produce the program under the decision of the producer.

In the broadcasting industry, various names are used when referring to producers, but most of them originated as so-called industry terms, and there is a strong tendency for the names to change depending on the TV station and media. not exist[2]..In general, the producer and producer who supervises the entire program, led by the chief producer who is in charge of the program (often referred to as "production" until around the 1980s), such as managing human resources. It is categorized as an assistant producer who assists business, a liaison who also manages the schedule of talents and staff, a liaison who also manages budget, and a line producer (sub-producer) who is a calculator.

Also, at the field level, it is often referred to simply as P, following the abbreviation D for the director.In recent variety shows, there are many cases where the producer also serves as Chief D (director).[3]In addition, in rare cases, the chief producer, who is the superior of the producer, also serves as the director himself.[4]..In addition, when the producer-level staff directs and manages only the production side from above the director, "comprehensive production"[5], "General director" (corresponding to general director and chief producer) when he / she stands above the producer and directs and supervises the production of the program.Zoom in!! SUPERUsuda Chikashi, in the past "Mecha x 2 cool!"ofKataoka AsukaEtc.) may be used.Also, the title "Executive Producer" (also called Executive Producer) has contributed greatly to the program in the past, but since he retired from the field due to reasons such as being promoted to an officer etc., that is not the case. Often refers to.In the television industry, producers are generally in a higher position than directors, and a system in which producers direct directors is well established.Producers are financially responsible, and every TV show has sponsors and clients.

However, the producer belonging to the broadcasting station is the station'sSalesFrom using the money collected byPlanningIt is said that the producer of the production company, which starts from collecting money with the power of, is the original producer.

By having the authority of total responsibilityAudience ratingAnd also receive a fan of popularity.In some cases, the production of popular programs gives us more power, and in other cases, we spend only our budget and if we do not get the effect, we are skipped by personnel changes.Also, in variety shows, there are cases where they often appear in programs and become famous staff, even though they are behind the scenes (for example,).Nippon TV"Use of oysters in downtown"ofKenji KanOr,Advance! Radio wave boy"ofToshio TsuchiyaSuch).This can also be said to be one of the exercises of authority using the position of general manager.

Road to producer

Producers are often promoted gradually from the bottom up.

There are two main routes.One is promotion from the production field,Assistant director→Director→ The route is producer.The other is promotion from the production field, or the route of production progress (position like assistant director in production) → assistant producer (same as general director position) → producer.

There are quite a few cases where some producers from the production field also serve as directors in the programs they produce.Of course, there are also those who become assistant producers after experiencing assistant directors and directors and are promoted to producers.

NHK TV Producer

NHKThen, as an external name for TV producersProduction controlUsing[6][7], Often displayed in the opening and ending staff list.

Inside NHK, the title of Chief Producer (CP) is used.Those who have been specially recognized for their abilities are called Executive Producers (EPs).BothManagementMost of them are from directors (PD: program directors).


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  1. ^ Anime production companyProducer is "Animation producerIs often called by the title.
  2. ^ Yomiuri TelevisionProduction "BLTAs a commentary for viewers in the project "TV Staff Yamakashi", the producer was defined as "comprehensively directing the program such as budget management and booking of performers (in charge)". ..
  3. ^ In rare cases, the director in the second or higher rank may also serve as the producer because the chief director concentrates on directing (eg, from October 2 to June 2008, Yomiuri TV "Downtown DX], Not Jiro Nishida of Chief D, but Tsuneji Katsuta of D was in a state of concurrently serving as P.Since July 2010, Nishida has also been the chief producer).In general, the producer is usually superior to the chief director, but in such a case, the chief director is superior to the producer.
  4. ^ As of 2010Fuji Television Network, Inc"Quiz! Hexagon II"ofTakashi KambaraOr, in past casesTBS TV"pacific saury's SUPER Karakuri TV"ofKen Sonoda,Yomiuri Television"Geikoi Real"ofNaoya UmedaThis is an example of.Jiro Nishida mentioned above is in charge of "Connected fantasy always! Garrigel] Also corresponds to this case.
  5. ^ The English translation name of the general production varies depending on the TV station and production company (sometimes called director or producer, sometimes translated as general director, organizer, etc.)
  6. ^ NHK"Voluntary Standards for Program Production Consignment Transactions""NHK's way of thinking when consigning production" states that "in order to produce programs in accordance with the editorial standards of this association, we will produce under the production supervision of NHK."
  7. ^ From 2010 monthFuji Television Network, IncAlso, it is used as a name corresponding to the general producer.

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