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📺 | Ai Higuchi's new song "Ren", TV Tokyo drama 24 "Living or dying or father" ver.


Higuchi Ai's new song "Ren", TV Tokyo drama 24 "Living or dying or father" ver.

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A self-planned series in which Ai Higuchi invites'favorite people'.

TV Tokyo drama 4 of Higuchi Ai's new song "En" (reading: Yukari) digitally released on April 16 ... → Continue reading


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Higuchi Eye

Higuchi Ai(1989May 11 -) isJapan OfFemaleSinger-songwriter.Kagawabirth,NaganoNagano cityRaised[1][2][3].Victor Music ArtsBelongs.The affiliation label isPony canyon[4].


ピ ア ノAlthough it is based on live performances in the form of a band, it also performs live performances in the form of a band.[5].

I'm not the type who listens to music, but basically I listen to it[6].

I first composed when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school.JustNagano OlympicsAround that time, I wrote a song titled "Goodbye Olympics" and that was the end.[7]..I wrote the song in earnest when I was in the third year of high school[6]..In high schoolTokyo Incidents OfCopy bandHowever, when I couldn't get together in the examination season, I thought, "If you want to continue playing music by yourself, you should write an original song."[7].


* Refer to the profile on the official website[1][3][8].

Because my mother was a music teacher[7], Since I was 2 years oldピ ア ノAnd thenViolin,chorus,Vocal music,drum,guitarTouch various music such as.

I wanted to do music activities, so I will move to Tokyo on the condition that I go on to university (jazz vocal major at music university)[6][7]..Since then, he has lived in Tokyo.At the age of 18, I received advice from people in the office who sent demo sound sources during the Nagano era.keyboardStarted activities as a singer-songwriter.At an audition, he won the highest award from about 4,000 groups.

August 2012, 9,Shibuya O-WESTIndependent planning and live performance from record.

On September 2013, 9, the independent project was held again at Shibuya O-WEST, and more than 5 people were mobilized.While doing more than 200 live concerts a yearIndependent production OfCDAs a result of steady activities to sell vigorouslyTwitterHas more than 5,000 followers.

February 2014, 2, singer-songwriterHiroshi Oshiba(Presided by music label ZOOLOGICAL)Music producerThe first album "3 people" was released nationwide from the "ZOOLOGICAL" label.In about 50 months after the release of the album, he will tour XNUMX places nationwide.

On March 2015, 3, Victor Music Arts released a self-produced second album "All Winners".[Note 2], Performed live tours at about 40 locations nationwide.As a culmination of that, on May 5th in TokyoShibuya WWWBand set at Music Club JANUS in Osaka on the 24th[9].

In November 2016, he made his major debut with the release of the album "11 degrees" from the label TAKUMI NOTE in Teichiku Entertainment.The album jacketマ ン ガ 家-History group ArusenDrawn by[Note 3][10].

In January 2017, "Higuchi Ai'1 Degree'Tour 2017-Higashi-Meihan One-Man Live" will be held.After that, he went on a nationwide tour until the Nagano JUNK BOX performance on April 4nd. On July 22th, a mini album "Severe heat ep" with the concept of summer was released.First appearance at "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '7" at the end of the same month. From the end of August, the Higashi-Meihan Tour "Higuchi Ai (Summer) Solo Concert-It's Still Hot" will be held. From October 5th, a national tour "Favorite People's Favorite People -Tour Edition-" will be held.

In June 2020, the first best album "Ai Higuchi"[11]Was released on September 9nd of the same year.The album title will be broadcast on June 2, 2020 if it is his real nameABC RadioYonaIt will be announced in a telephone interview on Thursday.

Support member

In addition to playing the piano, live performances are mainlyTsuda colorとHideaki Yamazaki"The strongest 3 pieces" with, "Avant-garde 3 pieces" with his sister Higuchi Kei and percussion, and a one-man live 5-member band.[12].


 Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberrecorded musicLabelHighest rankRemarks
1st2009/3/17Street lifeCDPIST-0901
  1. START
  2. Blink
  3. corn soup
  4. Crumbling sound
  5. Star Gaze
  1. Eternal walker
  2. Shiawase Nouta
  3. The world in the eyes
  4. Adult
  5. pocket
  1. Kokoro Jellyfish
  2. As it is with you
  3. Cherry blossom
  4. Small wish
  5. Kakegaenonaimono
1st2014May 2XNUMX peopleCDZGCL-1002ZOOLOGICAL213 bitPaper jacketSpec.
2nd2015May 3All winnersCDVMAN-010Victor Music Arts170 bitLimited Edition·DigipackSpec.
VMAN-14Normal Edition
1st2016May 11XNUMX degreesCDTECG-25116Takumi Note134 bitMajor debut album.
ミ ニ2017May 7It's hot epCDTECG-17119Takumi Note164 bit

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注 釈

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  3. ^ This collaboration was realized by Higuchi, a fan of the history group, offering directly through the history group's homepage.The jacket is designed with a manga drawn based on the lyrics of the song "Someone's happiness is my unhappiness".


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