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🎥 | "Love You as the World Ends" Season 2 New preview video has arrived! Season3 production decision!


"Love You as the World Ends" Season 2 New Preview Video Arrives! Season3 production decision!

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At that time, Todoroki (Sho Kasamatsu), who escaped from the confinement place, was trying to escape from the confinement place with Kanae (Marie Iitoyo) while losing his left hand ...!

Season 2 of the zombie survival drama "Love You as the World Ends" starring Ryoma Takeuchi has reached its final episode, and Seaso ... → Continue reading


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Marie Iide

Marie Iide(Maybe good, Marie1998(10)May 1 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model[2],Gravure model[3].. Oldstage nameAnd real name:Marie Iitoyo(Read the same)[4].

ChibaChibaBackground[5].Avex ManagementBelongs.


As a model

2008In September,alan"Chorus [Nostalgic future ~ longing future ~]As a backing choruspromotion videoTo appear in.

On October 2008, 10, "avex kids x Nico ☆ Puchi Public Model Audition" was selected from a total of about 12 applicants and won the Grand Prix.[6][7].. 『Nico☆Petit』(Shinchosha Co., Ltd.) Published in the magazine in the April 2009 issue and adopted as the cover in the August issue[Note 1].. 2011年2月に芸名をStage name in February XNUMXMarie IideRenamed to "" in the June issue.Nico☆Petit』\ I finished the exclusive model.表紙掲載回数は当時最多で歴代3位の6回であったThe number of times the cover was posted was the highest at that time, XNUMX times, the third highest in history.[Source required].

From the June 2011 issue, the sister magazine "Nico ☆ Puchi"nicola』(Shinchosha) transferred to serve as an exclusive model, overseas in the July issueLocation shootingParticipated in (location) for the first time[Note 2],In SeptemberBest Jeanist Award JapanParticipated in the 2012st qualifying round of the general rookie category in 1 and won the 1st place in the general vote, but did not win the final match scheduled for 2012.[8].. 2012年6月(7月号)で初めて『nicola』の表紙に採用されるFirst adopted on the cover of "nicola" in June XNUMX (July issue)[Note 3].. 9月号でIn the September issueMaria Fuji,Wakaba Tanaka,Kana NakagawaAnd formed a new unit "Nikola Excitement Corps" to participate in the "NEXT Nicomo Unit General Election!"[Note 4].. In the November issue, we announced that we were ranked number one in the popularity announcement of the project, solicited unit names from readers, and decided on the unit name as "TiFN ★" in the December issue. 11年1月号で12度目の海外ロケに参加したParticipated in the second overseas location in the July 2013 issue[Note 5].. 2013年は表紙に9回採用され、2014年1月号は単独で表紙に採用されたIn XNUMX, it was adopted on the cover nine times, and in the January XNUMX issue, it was adopted on the cover alone.[7].. In the May 2014 issue, the exclusive use of "nicola" was completed.表紙掲載回数は5回(内単独回数12回)であったThe number of times the cover was posted was 1 times (including XNUMX time alone).[9].

Released on August 2014, 8Seventeen』(Shueisha) On July 9st, it will be an exclusive model from the September issue.BlogSpelled in[10][11]

"Weekly Young Jump(Shueisha) In the issue released on December 2014, 12, wearing a swimsuit for the first timeGravure picturesPublish,Gravure idolAct as[12][3].. Released on January 2018, 1 ``Weekly playboy』Published on the cover and top gravure photo in issue 3 & 4 (Shueisha)[13], The first photo book "NO GAZPACHO" including cuts of swimwear and underwear was released on January 1th, 5th birthday.[14].

The exclusive model was discontinued in the July issue of "Seventeen" released on June 2018, 6.[15].

Released on August 2018, 6Today』(Shogakukan) Became a regular model from the August issue[16], Will be an exclusive model from the May 3 issue released on March 28[17].

As an actress

Broadcast in April 2012 "A strange story '12 Spring Special Edition』(Fuji Television Network, IncSystem), for the first timeactressAct as[7].

2013 yearsSpecial effects program"Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger』(TV AsahiSystem) From the 21st episode, he will appear as Yayoi Urshade / Kyoryu Violet.

In 2014S-The Last Cop-』(TBSAppear in[7][18].

In October 2016There is a favorite person"(Fuji TV)Due by March 9thAppeared in the frame for the first time[19]To do.

The movie released on May 2017, 4Dark girls"soFumika ShimizuStarring in the movie for the first time[20][21].. In the fiscal year ending July 2017,I'm seriously sailing.』(TBS system)Rena TakedaPlayed the leading role with and starred in the serial drama for the first time[22],Izakaya Fuji』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.System) appears as a heroine[23].

2019, TV animation "Pokemon』Inaugurated as an official supporter.Appeared as a guest voice actor in the first episode.

In 2020, he became a new MC in place of Natsuko Yokosawa, who was on maternity leave on AbemaTV "Don't be fooled by the moon and the wolf."


  • One childIs[24].
  • Tina TamakiWas a high school classmate who was aiming to co-star in a movie after graduating from high school.Then actually, "Dark girls』[25].
  • 2018May 10broadcast"Ame Talk, a talk show of the Death After the Rain!''(TV Asahi) Planning, "The 6th EntertainerDraft meeting]Ogi and Hagi-Yahagi assistantNominated in 6th place as a frame.指名した理由を「出で立ちがおしゃれね。(他に指名したメンバーが関西の芸人ばかりなので)おしゃれな感じにしたいでしょ」とした一方、「これがなんとすごいちゃんと喋れんのね」「アドリブ力もあって」とトーク力を絶賛、また「今後、本当にThe reason for the nomination was "It's fashionable to stand out. (Because the other members nominated are only entertainers in Kansai) I want to make it look fashionable." He praised his talk power and said, "In the future, reallyBeckyAndSqueezeIt's okay to be in (position), "he also highly evaluated the future possibilities.[26].



  • Nostalgic future ~ longing future ~ (July 2008, 7,avex trax) --Back chorus



  • Fukuoka Collection 2010 "DoFamily" (2010)
  • point spring collection
    • point spring collection 2012 (February 2012, 2)
    • point spring collection 2013 (February 2013, 2)
  • Girls Award
    • Girls Award 2012 AUTUMN / WINTER (2012)
    • Girls Award 2013 AUTUMN / WINTER (2013)
    • Girls Award 2015 SPRING / SUMMER (2015)[27]
    • Girls Award 2017 SPRING / SUMMER (2017)
  • Tokyo Girls Collection
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 SPRING/SUMMER (2013)
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 AUTUMN/WINTER (2013)
    • Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 SPRING/SUMMER (2017)
  • a-nation x Girls Award island collection (August 2013, 8,Yoyogi First GymnasiumPrevious)
  • Cinderella Festival Vol.2 (April 2015, 4,Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium)[28]
  • Kansai Collection 2015 SPRING / SUMMER (2015)[29]


TV drama

Delivery drama


Short film

Television Animation

Theater animation


Information program

  • Mega Digi(April 2009, 3-September 23, TBS)
  • Super solution! "Sugo Iku" SP to learn with celebrity parents and children (November 2009, 11,Nippon TV)
  • Nico ☆ Puchi JS Girls Collection (July 2011th, 7st, 24, etc.)Kids station)
  • Mezamashi TV "Imadoki(2014-2016, Fuji TV)-Imadoki Girl
  • Nijiiro Gene(April 2017, 7-April 1, 2020, Kansai Television)[117]
  • ZIP!(February 2021th, 2st-5th, NTV)-Friday Monthly Personality[118]


  • Shunji Iwai's MOVIE Lab Season 2 (February-March 2016,NHK E Tele)-Assistant[119]
  • Are you happy now?(April 2016-September, TV Asahi)-Narration
  • Adhesion! Emergency Animal Hospital-The story of the bond between people and pets- (August 2018, 8,BS-TBS)-Narrative
  • Porori Memorial Hall (September 2019, 9, TV Asahi) --Narration

Entertainment shows


Online delivery

Music video


  • Tokyo actor market Spring 2010 Episode 2 "Hitokakera" (April 2010, 4-May 30, 5)-Mizuki Kishida
  • Tokyo Actor Market 2011 Winter Episode 3 "Warabi" (December 2011-12, 7) --Momo
  • 東京 03 FROLIC A HOLIC "I still don't know what's cool." (February 2018, 2,Japan Youth HallHall)-The role of Kotone
  • Takfes7th "Shooting Star" (October-December 2019)

Catalog leaflet


original video


Magazine serialization

Newspaper serialization

newspaper article

  • Father's Sena "Travel together even if the personality is opposite" "Asahi Shimbun" February 2018, 2 morning edition [education] page 23


Photo album


  • Marie Iitoyo 2017 Calendar Wall Hanging (2016, Tri-X)
  • Marie Iitoyo 2018 Calendar Wall Hanging (2017, Tri-X)
  • Marie Iitoyo 2020.4 --2021.3 Calendar (February 2020, 2, Waku Waku Seisakusho)[141]


  • Attended the preview event of the short film "CAST:" on July 2019, 7.Like the role played in this work, he confessed that his thin face was a complex.


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