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🎥 | Suzu Hirose x Sho Sakurai W starring drama "Nemesis", more enjoyable mystery verification with added public scenes "Special Edition" ...


Suzu Hirose x Sho Sakurai W starring drama "Nemesis", "Special Edition" where you can enjoy the mystery verification with the addition of public scenes ...

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[General Director] Yu Irie ("Memoirs of a Murderer in the 22nd Year-" "SR Saitama No Rapper" Series)
In charge of episodes 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, and 10
[Director] Kenji Katagiri ("What did you eat yesterday?"

A special edition will be broadcast on Hulu from the drama "Nemesis" broadcast every Sunday from 10:30 on NTV. → Continue reading


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Kenji Katagiri

Kenji Katagiri(Kenji Katagiri,1979May 6 -) isJapan OfFilm director.OsakaI'm from


June 1979, 6 Osaka PrefectureSakai Citybirth. Started making 8mm films while in high school, and won a prize in "ice cream" at the Kanagawa Video Contest in 1997. After graduating from high school in Osaka prefecture, moved to France in 2000,Francois TruffautStudied for 3 years to be known for editing. After returning to Japan in 2003, after free editing of music videos, event videos, etc., he switched to the production department. Since then, he has studied under Toshiaki Toyoda, Eiichiro Hasumi, and Ryuichi Hiroki. 2015 Obtained the semi-grand prix at the XNUMXst TSUTAYA CREATORS'PROGRAM[1].. Debuted as a theater director with the award-winning work "Room Laundering" (released on July 2018, 7). It will be screened at numerous overseas film festivals. After that, it became a TV drama,Jun HanyunWas made into a cartoon by.



外部 リンク

SR Saitamano Rapper

"SR Saitamano RapperIs2009Release,Yu IrieDirector'sJapanese movie.. 2009th in 19Yubari International Fantastic Film FestivalWon the Grand Prix in the Off Theater Competition category, 13thBucheon International Fantastic Film FestivalWon the NETPAC AWARD (Best Asian Film Award) at the 50thDirectors Guild of Japan Newcomer AwardWas won.

SaitamaFukayaAs a modelSuburbSet in the town ofRapperIt depicts the depression of young people who spend dull days dreaming of.

Normal,WrapWhen shooting PV such as, cuts are split according to the music, edited and combined, but in this work it is shot in one scene / one cut[1]..It is possible to express the painfulness of the characters on the spot, and in a good way it has succeeded in increasing the tension of the performers and the scene.[1]..This one-scene / one-cut style will be carried over to the second and third movies and the TV drama version.[1].


ス タ ッ フ

  • Director / Screenplay / Editing- Yu Irie
  • Production-Tatsuro Hatanaka, Mizue Kunimi, Koichi Yamazaki, Tomomichi Kitao
  • Producer- Yu Irie, Endo Hitoshi
  • Cooperating Producers-Takatoshi Naoi, Yuki Tsuboya, Kaori Sakano
  • Production Manager-Yasuhiro Masaoka
  • Line Producer-Keiichiro Sato
  • musics - Taisei Iwasaki
  • Rap charge-Hakushu Ue Suzuki, Takahiro Ue Suzuki
  • photograph - Kazuhiro Mimura
  • Lighting-Ryo Saito
  • Sound adjustment-Takaaki Yamamoto
  • Recording-Nobuyuki Shimada
  • Art-Kikuo Ota
  • Assistant Director-Chihiro Marutani
  • Costume-Reiko Mitani
  • Hair and Makeup Artist-Rumi Terazawa
  • Production Production- Amuse, Norainu film
  • Production cooperation-Double Dee


TV drama

2017May 4(May 4From midnight)May 6(May 6Until midnight)Drama 25In the frame (Saturday 0:52 --1:23 <Friday midnight>), "SR Saitama No Rapper ~MicrophoneIt was broadcast as "No Hosomichi". IKKU, TOM, MIGHTY's SHO-GUNGTohoku regionWith a road movie tailoring to visit, I will draw a dream that I have pursued for a long time and a way to make a difference with youth[2].

For shootingPanasonic Of4K cinemaThe video camera Panasonic VariCam LT is used, and the lens is for still images.Canon EF mountThe lens is used.For this reason, it became possible to shoot in low light without using lighting equipment like normal movie shooting, and it became an image creation that inherited the mobility and the independent style of the movie version.[1]..The first movie is Panasonic AG-HVX1, the second movie isSONY PMW-EX3, the third workCanon EOS 7DIs being taken in[1].

The one-scene / one-cut style is also used in the TV drama version, and there is also a one-scene / one-cut scene from the end of the commercial to the next commercial.[1].

Cast (drama)

Staff (drama)


Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast period / day / time
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
[Production Bureau]
TV Tokyo seriesMay 2017-June 4, 8Saturday 0:52-1:23 (Friday midnight)
HokkaidoTV Hokkaido
OsakaTV Osaka
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
AichiTV Aichi
FukushimaFukushima TVFuji TV seriesOctober 2017, 6-Wednesday 1:25-1:55 (Tuesday midnight)
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Drama 25
Previous programProgram nameNext show
(Before establishment of frame)
SR Saitama No Rapper
~ Mic No Hosomichi ~
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Saturday 0:52 --1:23 (Friday midnight) frame
SR Saitama No Rapper
~ Mic No Hosomichi ~
Dead Stock-Challenge to the Unknown-


  • March 2009, 3 Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa sets a record for mobilization on the first day of the late show
  • For the stage greeting after the screening on March 2009, 3,YOU THE ROCK ★Appeared.After that, he performed live with the performers.
  • Broadcast on July 2009, 3RHYMESTER-UtamaruRadio "Lime Star Utamaru Weekend ShuffleWas featured in the movie criticism section of "The Cinema Hassler," which is famous for its dry criticism, and received acclaim along with "Crying Main!" For the second time in the history of this radio.
  • Of December 2009 broadcastRHYMESTER-UtamaruRadio "Lime Star Utamaru Weekend Shuffle』Won the first place in the annual ranking.
  • Commemorating the publication of The Cinema Husler on February 2010, 2!Tamaful Film Festival! @ Shinjuku Baltic 26

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外部 リンク


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